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Chapter 1: Wind

    You may have never heard my name before, or even my dragon’s name, but we have done what no other had managed. We did something that we hadn’t even planned to do. Actually… it was more of an “I” at the beginning. It started under a full moon, the slivers of silvery moonlight striking through the trees. I stood in a grassy clearing, looking up at the endless bands of snow colored stars.

    Through my thin, worn boots I felt the wet dew covered tips of the grass. Trees circled around the clearing, with a rare hoot of an owl. My hands went to my belt, and I pulled a small object out of a pouch. The green orb distorted the moon, shooting a dim green glow past my shoulders. I turned, and traced the pattern with my eyes. I had been right all along.

    No! Not now! Give me more time, just a little more time! I thought furiously, as I heard the chanting and shouting of my pursuers. Then I saw the first glow of the torch light up along the trees. I took for a run, stuffing the green sphere into my pouch as I took off.

    “There he is! After him!” I heard someone with a deep voice that sounded like sandpaper. I heard the footsteps quicken, and I knew that my only chance of escape was more dangerous than I had planned.

    I ran, my feet flying behind me. Well, obviously not literally, but you know what I mean. Now, I know that in all the movies and whatnot they just keep running straight. That doesn’t work in real life, trust me. What you actually have to do, is lose them. If you’re just running in a straight line, that doesn’t work.

    I dived off to the side, crashing into the bushes and trees. That made a loud sound, therefore I wasn’t done yet. I ran through the brush and found exactly what I needed. A cliff. Now, I’m not going to dive off. Sorry to disappoint you. Instead, I latched my hands onto the ledge. With my fingers gripping protruding rocks, I started to climb down. After climbing down a few feet, I made my way off to the side. I managed to make

it to a larger ledge a few yards away. If that hadn’t been there… well let us just say that it wouldn’t have ended very well.

    I leaned against the wall, trying not to look down. I rested there for a few minutes, waiting for the sounds of the hunters to quiet.

    Quiet, finally. I checked above me, making sure that the area was clear. I reached up, and pulled myself up to a small rock coming out of the cliff face. After a short climb, I had made it to the top. I snuck through the woods, knowing that I’d have to sketch down the image that the Emerald Eye projected. The problem was, obviously, the hunters. They infested these woods, and these woods were the only place in which the eye could show the right picture.

    Where were the dragon riders when you needed them? Oh, no help for poor Isaac Henderson. I pulled a rope out of a pouch attached to the back of my belt. I walked up to the small cliff face, and threw the rope over a small tree stump at the top. Well, no I didn’t do it on the first try. Actually, it took ten tries to get it over. Yeah, you’re not looking at a professional rope thrower. I reached up to grab the other end of the rope, so I had both ends in my hands.

    With a quick tug, I made sure that the rope was tight. I tied the ends together, and started to climb up the rope. It actually was more difficult than you might imagine. It took me a whole fifteen tries to get up the five foot cliff. After climbing up, I pulled the rope to me. I didn’t take the time to untie the knot, and just placed it back in its pouch. I climbed to the top of the hill, and took out the Emerald Eye. By placing it in front of the moon, I recreated the image. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I knew what it meant. In the image, created from a green light, was an outline of a dragon.


Hey, I'm writing a re-make of "Thunder Cast Skies" called "Elido." While they seem like two very different stories at the moment, I'm just taking on the story from a different point of view this time. It'll get to the point I left off on in Thunder Cast Skies soon enough. Anyways, hope you enjoy!


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Definetly tracking, this is really interesting. ;3


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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Thunder Crack

    I quickly tucked the gem into my pouch, and turned to escape these infested woods. As I started off, I felt a rush of wind past my ear. Shouting burst throughout the woods, and I knew they had found me. I ducked behind a bush, and quickly went over my options. This was an island, so I only had one way of escape. They had probably already found my boat, though.

    They must have boats on this island! How else would they be able to transport their “goods” to the Auction Island? Ah, but I didn’t have much time to plan my escape. Thunderous voices burst through the woods once again, and the footsteps neared. I got ready to pounce.

    The man, in a thick leather tunic and blue cloth pants. His helmet had two ram horns coming out of either side, and chainmail draped over his shoulders. His forked blade was held low by his right hand. I gave him no chance to find me.

    There are some things that the dragon riders, like Hiccup, didn’t even have the slightest clue about. I knew enough to write an entirely new book. Hideous Zippleback gas burst through the woods, and exploded in a rush of flame.

    With the hunter unconscious, I was on with my escape plan. I knew one thing though, just by the hunter’s armor and symbol. This wasn’t just the average band of hunters you would come across. These were the Snake Eye Hunters. Now, I knew that this next plan would risk the second most valuable object dealing with dragons, but the riders would thank me later.

    The Snake Eye Hunters always set up their camp in a similar manner, with their enslaved dragons set in a flower pattern throughout the base. Yes, you heard me right. Enslaved dragons. They forced dragons to hunt other dragons for them.

    I would have to enter through the main gates or the dragons might attack. I’m not really the dragon charmer, so it just wouldn’t work out. I whipped out a knife, and cut a branch off of a tree beside me. It lit on fire in seconds. How? Well, I have my… methods.

    I knew this would make me easy to see, and that was the point. Obviously I couldn’t let myself get captured, because these hunters would know who I was. What did that mean? Well, that wouldn’t take me as a prisoner and they couldn’t let me leave. You get what I mean, right?

    I ran through the dark green grass, and raised my torch high above my head. The smoke sent clouds of gray flying through the night sky. I could tell that the hunters could see me. I dug a quick hole, and planted the torch in the grass. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. No, I didn’t expect the torch to grow into a tree.

    I ran as quickly as I could away from that position, and made my way to the gate. How to get in? Well, it was actually pretty easy. You see, their protection for the actual entrances was mostly based off of fear. Why waste supplies and money on building something you probably won’t actually need? Sadly, I knew them much better than some.

    I found the key hidden behind a misplaced stone and unlocked the door. Like, seriously guys, that isn’t original at all! Anyways, I just walked in. After that, though, it wasn’t so easy. They had guards patrolling everywhere, and they knew I wasn’t part of them anymore. Wait. I didn’t tell you that part of the story yet? Oh, well. I used to be a spy for the riders. Actually, even before that…. Never mind.

    I looked down, hoping my thick hair would hide my face. I also smiled. Why? It probably would hide me as good as any mask. I hung to the walls, and headed to the captain’s cabin. Sure, the actual command center was in the middle but they were to smart to put their plans in someplace so obvious. In my spying career, I had figured that out. The captain’s cabin looked like any other, but it was placed so carefully that it looked like the least likely of them all. It was right in front of the landfill. Yes, they had a landfill in these bases. They were meant to be self sufficient.

    I dashed across the road, but I was pretty sure that I heard someone yell, “Henderson!”

    I opened the door quickly, and pushed it closed behind me. The dimly lit room was haunted with only one thing of interest. A full map of Berk and the surrounding areas.

    I turned my attention away from that, and found the thing I was looking for. A map of the Dragon Hunter’s real base. Not all the small bases they all get caught up about. This was where it all started, and would hopefully end.

    When I left, the cabin was burning. Again, I used my… methods. The guards had seen me by now, and I was suddenly the center of attention. I ran towards the gate, the guards closing in front of me and behind me. I knew that I still had a chance, though. A very good chance. Suddenly, a blast of  white lightning jetted out of a Skrill’s mouth and shot across the land before me. I dodged around the sudden outbreak, and through the gate. A call echoed across the island, and a Deadly Nadder picked me off of the ground and dropped me by the boats.

    Yeah, I know you are going to yell, “You liar!” at me right now. I said I wasn’t a dragon charmer. The truth is, what happened there is only what they saw. What I saw was me just walking through the crowds and watching them scream. Then I just made my way to the docks. How can this happen? My methods that I’m so proud of. Oh, I’ll probably explain them later on. There’s a perfectly logical explanation for all of this.

    I untied a boat, and pushed it off shore. No, I wasn’t planning on rowing back to Berk on a rowboat. I wasn’t even based on Berk. I had my ways. I set off the the setting moon, and the rising sun.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Decoding the Eye

    The sun rose over the horizon as I sat on the sandy shore of a small island. The hunter’s boat lay beside me, as I sketched a map into the cold sand. I tried to replicate the dragon I had seen in the Emerald Eye on the ground, but my memory was already fading. From what I remembered, it had large wings. Unless, of course, it was Terrible Terror sized. I had seen, in the image, lightning curling out of its mouth. I compared it to other dragons I knew of, and tried to determine where it might be.

    It had similar features to a Skrill, but also to a Silver Phantom. I took out my map of the known world, and looked for the dragons.

    The Skrill resided by Wreck Reef, but I couldn’t locate the Silver Phantom. Of course, they always stayed in the clouds. Who knows where they nest? I took out my copy of the Book of Dragons, and turned to the Silver Phantom.

    I remembered the island, Itchy Armpit. I had heard reports of Silver Phantoms being seen landing there, and it made sense. The cliffs were higher than most, and they were rare dragons. The hunters probably made a fort there because of this. Dragons like the Timberjack and Typhoomerang also resided near there, and looked similar to the Silver Phantom.

    Seeing that the Skrill didn’t live near any other dragons of a similar look or behavior, my best bet was over at Itchy Armpit. I would locate a Silver Phantom and from there look for the dragon I had seen in the Emerald Eye.

    No, I wouldn’t ask for help from the riders. After delivering the map of the hunter’s base, I would head straight to Itchy Armpit as fast as I could. This was my quest, not theirs. Wait. I needed to think this through.

    The dragon seemed to be some sort of hybrid from the Silver Phantom and the Skrill, but those two lived on opposite sides of the world. The dragon could be anywhere in between. Unless….

    I pulled out my notes on the different islands. OK, they weren’t all mine. I had stolen some from the hunters and from the riders. Look at the Triple Stryke. It lives near Thunderclaw island, but looks nothing like any other dragons there. My theory was that there were islands between Thunderclaw island and Valka’s Mountain. There was even proof! An island near Whispering Death island was cut off, and hadn’t been finished exploring. The Skrill looked a lot different from other dragons around it, and it was close enough that it could have originated from those islands. Could it be possible?

    I knew that this was an outlandish theory, but it needed to be pursued. What dragon could be so important that they would keep record of it in such a hidden way as the Emerald Eye? What if this was a new leviathan class? Sure, it didn’t look like one, but who knew?

    I would set off to Berk soon, and then I would get supplies and set off.

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Fanfiction re-make coming out soon!

Hey guys! sorry for the break in the story. I had a lot come up in my life really quickly, but with the summer approaching I'm preparing a re-make for the story. I have a much better idea of the story this time 'round and I'm hoping to get through the entire story I've been looking to tell.

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Hey guys, finally finished the first section of my remake of Thunder Cast Skies. I'm starting it out a bit different, but I hope you enjoy!