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Yup another great fic in the works. Just gonna say this one is directed at a older audience at least 16+. But feel free to read it but don't complain If you don't like some of the stuff.


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Here we go!

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Of Silver and Gold


“Catch me if you can!” A silver haired girl of six years shouted gleefully as she ran from her older brother. Bolting a crossed Dragonstone’s rose enclosed courtyard.


“I will catch you and when I do you’ll regret it!” The boy who pursued the young girl shouted back, his silvery blonde hair falling about his face forcing him to slow his chase.

Having lost sight of his sister the boy retreated from the courtyard. He smiled when he looked up to see his older brother watching over them from a high balcony, their older brother and the former crown Prince, Rhaegar Targaryen.

Perhaps it would be wise to clarify the matter of events taking place in this point of time. The young girl of six would be none other than Princess Daenerys Targaryen, and the young boy Prince Viserys Targaryen five-and-ten at the start of this story. After the Battle at the Trident. - Prince Rhaegar Targaryen having slain the usurper Robert Baratheon found himself in quite the unsavory predicament. The Throne was not saved and nor was Rhaegar’s wife, Elli Martell and their two children Aegon and Rhaenys.

Forced to beg for the life of his remaining family Rhaegar took his young brother and pregnant mother to Dragonstone. Where the now King Tywin Lannister declares that the Targaryen’s are outcasts and exiles. Now with the death of his mother and birth of his sister Rhaegar as relinquished the throne and his life to a solemn and nameless life on Dragonstone. Something to the outside world, say a few loyal friends, seemed to not bother the prince at all.

Rhaegar who now turned his eyes to the Princess who had picked up running through the rose gardens, smiled at her happiness and then frowned. For she would never quite understand their families difficult position nor their impending doom, as labeled outcasts and exiles, the former royals had few allies a number that dwindled by the day.

Rhaegar’s thoughts were swiftly shattered by the sound of Daenerys’ crying. For she had tumbled over an up rooted rose bush and was curled up on the ground crying, Rhaegar rushed to bid her aid.

It was in this moment of time that perhaps by fate or naught that both the former royals and the Realm would forever be changed. For when the Princess Daenerys fell no one cared to help the tearful child, say but a young servant girl with long silver hair and sapphire eyes who held a pale silver rose.

“Hush now little Princess such sorrowful sounds you make.” The young Maiden knelt beside the fallen princess handing her a pale silver rose in full bloom. The young girl looked up at the servant girl and whipped the tears from her eyes.


“Why thank you miss. Umm…” The Princess hesitated for second throwing her arms around the lady smiling wildly. A worried voice rang out causing Daenerys to release the servant girl and spin around to face her brother who called out her name in worried love.


“Daenerys!” Rhaegar jogged up to where Daenerys was, placing his hand on her shoulders and kneeling to check her over insuring she was not injured. When Rhaegar looked up to thank the girl who had helped his sister, she had all but vanished.


“Where did the pretty lady go?” Daenerys asked her silver haired brother inquisitively her big lilac eyes looking at his dark amethyst ones.


“I don’t know little flower.” Rhaegar responded as his eyes scanned the courtyard for the mysterious girl. “Come on let’s go find your brother.” Rhaegar reached down to pick his baby sister up hoisting her unto his shoulders.


The girl giggling a squeaking with joy cried out to her brother and anyone within earshot.


“Look at this pretty silver rose she gave to me! That pretty lady made me feel all better, if only she was a Knight in Shining armor then it would be just like the fairytales!” Daenerys paused and spoke more quietly. “Right big brother?” Daenerys’ smile faltered when her brother did not share her enthusiasm. Pouting and tugging on Rhaegar’s braided hair she, spoke again in a more commanding tone. “Right big brother?”  Daenerys waited for an answer.


Rhaegar placed Daenerys down on the ground and smiled kindly to her.


“Yes, Daenerys just like the fairytales.”  Rhaegar watched as his little sister ran up the stairs from the courtyard that lead into the library, having caught sight of her other brother Viserys. Rhaegar than retired to his chambers for the remainder of the night.


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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

              Of Roses and Their Thorns            


After Rhaegar enter his chamber he removed his daily clothes, the leather vest the red shirt leaving nothing but a sheer undershirt and his trousers on his body. It wasn’t long before there came a soft knocking at the door. Rhaegar walked to the window on the eastern part his chambers peering out at the forest below. The knocking came again this time loud followed by a women’s voice.


“Milord, may I enter?” The voice belonged to Rhaegar’s handmaiden Alarya although it was rare and frowned upon by many great lords in Westeros to have a woman in the common service of a man, Rhaegar simply did not care. As Alarya entered the room the prince did not greet her with his usual smile and hello as he would do almost daily. Instead his face remained stern and in deep thought.


“Alarya?”  Rhaegar finally broke the silence between them.


“Yes Milord?” Alarya spoke pushing her long curly black hair out of her face. Her emerald eyes watching Rhaegar’s actions closely.


“Daenerys fell in the gardens today.” Rhaegar spoke watching as Alarya poured him a glass of wine and drew the water for is bath.


“Is she alright milord?” Alarya asked the prince.


“Yes, but it was strange I heard her crying and I saw her fall. But When I got there she was not crying but smiling and with her was a young servant girl, long silver hair and blue eyes. She gave Daenerys a silver rose then vanished.” Rhaegar sat himself on his bed and, sipped his wine. Alarya pondered.


“And did you get this girls name?”  Alarya asked Rhaegar as she cleaned out his basket of dirty clothes and fluffed up the couches pillows.


“No, she just vanished.” He paused before continuing to speak. “If I were to see this girl again. Where might I look for her?” Rhaegar knew that Alarya knew a respectable number of people and perhaps knew where this girl worked.


“You said she gave your sister a silver rose.” Alarya clarified the princes prior statement.


“Yes.” Rhaegar answered distractedly.

“Then if It’s not too bold to say I would suggest you go walking in the rose gardens tomorrow.” And with that Alarya left the prince to ponder over the day’s events.


Alarya rushed quickly to her own chambers to get to sleep early before yet another early day.


As the sun rose and the dew on the trees sparkled and gleamed. Prince Rhaegar was up and ready to ‘walking’ in the rose gardens. He wanted to personally thank the young lady who has help is sister the prior evening. Heading for the door Rhaegar pause thinking to himself ‘Would she even be there this early in the morning?’ Ignoring his thoughts Rhaegar opened the door and headed for the gardens a slight bounce in his step.


Which did baffle his guards and the common folk as he passed them by with a smile and wave of good will.  Rhaegar slowed his pace and lost his bounce upon reaching the rose gardens. Walking more static. His eyes taking in everything. Rhaegar scanned the gardens his hand in the hilt of his sword, walking boldly yet calmly through the gardens. His eyes caught the sight of flowy silver hair and he followed in pursuit.


Earlier that morning before the sun had risen above the horizon. Alarya awoke to hear her roommate and best friend shuffling through papers and parchment. She seemed quite vexed and distracted. Yawning Alarya questioned her friend as to why she was awake so early.


“Why are you up so early and what are you doing?” Alarya asked her friend who only looked her with annoyance.


“I can’t find my copy of Aegon’s Conquest.” The girl finally responded. She had long silver hair and blue eyes her face was somewhat narrow and her body not all that curvy, yet she was still very pretty and not just in looks but in heart as well.


“Oh? Aegon’s Conquest?” Alarya said disinterested as if concealing her knowledge of the text.


Irritated and aware of Alarya’s attempted deceitfulness about the whereabouts of the papers the silver haired girl responded with like words.


“Alarya, where is it?” The servant girl questioned rather darkly.


“Where’s what? I have no idea what you’re talking about, Rhaemera.” Alarya stated sarcastically and slid her hand under her pillow and pulled out old and somewhat worn papers titled ‘Aegon’s Conquest’ Alarya then smirked and spoke again. “This wouldn’t happen to be what you're looking for? Would it?”

Let out a huff of annoyance mix with a bit of amusement Rhaemera walked over and snatched the papers from her friend.


“What’s your problem, Rhaemera?”  Alarya now irritated with her friend’s sour mood asked abruptly. “You’re not usually like this.” Alarya prodded at Rhaemera’s feelings.


“It’s nothing.” Rhaemera said solemnly.


“Of course, it’s nothing.” Alarya sated back in a rather sarcastic tone. Rolling her eyes at Rhaemera.


“It is!” Rhaemera snapped.


“Whatever...” Alarya pause then swiftly changed the subject. “The prince is going to be in the rose gardens today.” Alarya stated as she got dressed and brushed her readying for the day.


“Oh, is he now.” Rhaemera replied with failed disinterest.


Alarya smirked making the key connection between her friend’s attitude and the prince’s description of the mystery girl.


“Yes, he said something about where to find this girl should he want to see her again. She did help his little sister when she tumbled and fell.” Alarya puckered her lips and headed for the door without even giving Rhaemera a chance to reply.

“Alarya wait!” Rhaemera never finished what she was going to say. Not that would have matter anyway. She would simply avoid the common walkways in the garden. Rhaemera had no interest in being associated with Royals. On the Throne or not.


The Prince followed the whips of silver only to lose track of them. Sighing he headed back toward the palace. As Rhaegar walked somewhat saddened by his inability to find the mysterious girl. It’s not like he need to know where she was or who she was. He simply wanted to thank her. Rhaegar glanced down the rows of Red roses and yellow, pink and white.

Until he came to the rows of silver roses, and rearranging the blooms of the roses was none other than the silver haired servant girl Rhaegar had seen the day before. He then proceeded to approach her. Something the girl was completely blind to.


“A coat of gold a coat of red the lion still has claws…” Rhaemera mumbled the words of a song she knew all too well. Although a saddened song of a houses destruction by the Lannister’s it did have lovely melodies. Rhaemera did not see the prince approaching nor did she hear his footfalls. She did however he his voice and when he spoke her finger caught the thorn of a rose.


“The Rains of Castamere…such a sorrowful song to be singing on such a lovely day.” Rhaegar spoke and he saw how he clearly startled the young lady.


“Oh my! My lord!” Rhaemera bowing swiftly and wincing at her improper addressment of the prince.


“Did I startle you?” Rhaegar ignoring the slip asked her.

“No, Milord” Rhaemera replied keeping her head low. Her thoughts were racing.


“Good.” The prince paused and then continued. “I wanted to thank you for helping my sister the other day.”  Rhaegar’s words were both charming and intrigued.


“Thank you, Milord, only doing what anyone would have done.” Rhaemera continued to work with the roses.


“What is your name?” Rhaegar asked the silver haired maiden.


Stuttering and hesitating Rhaemera spoke. “My name is Rhaemera, Milord.”  Rhaemera turned her eyes away from his and rearranged some of the roses that were already arranged properly.


“Rhaemera? R-A-Y or R-H-A-E?” Rhaegar’s question shocked Rhaemera. Was the prince assuming she knew how to read and spell? He wasn’t wrong Rhaemera knew how to do all the things nobles and royals did. Still the question baffled her.


“My mother never said, but I have always spelled is R-H-A-E ever since I was little, My Lord.” Rhaemera once again slipped up on her addressment of the prince, but she didn’t care. Rhaemera already had a sense that Rhaegar knew she was not a low-born.


“Ah, I see, and you love music as well?” Rhaegar asked Rhaemera as he reached up to touch one of the silver roses, his finger nicked their thorns.


“Yes, I love music, the harp, the cello, viola, although I am most fond of the violin.” Rhaemera smiled at her words, oh how she loved the violin.


“The violin?” Rhaegar smiled at her. “Why that is a man’s instrument.” Rhaegar watch as her own smile faded, and her head drop again.


“I suppose it is Milord.” Rhaemera spoke as she prepared to take her leave from the prince. When Rhaegar shocked her with a kind but strange gesture.


“Walk with me.” Rhaegar gestured holding out his arm so that she might link hers with his.


“Oh, I mustn’t milord there is much work to do and I-” She was gently cut of when their eyes met. Blue sapphires locked with deep amethyst.


“I really must insist, walk with me.” Rhaegar’s words came out charming and sweet a soft smile graced his face. But behind those words was the slightest amount of curiosity and interest. This unnerved Rhaemera but only for a second as she linked arms with him and walked through the beautiful roses gardens continuing their conversation in earnest.


Meanwhile in the prince’s chambers, Alarya who was finished cleaning most of Prince’s room stared out of the western window that overlooked Dragonstone Rose garden courtyard, entirely shocked at what she saw unfolding in the gardens. Her friend her quite and free-spirited friend, walking arm in arm with Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. Shocked she was but not in the least bit jealous.

In fact, the sight made her want to squeal with joy something she was about to do, when Ser Larcas Kingsworth- Rhaegar’s closest friend in arms, came into the room. Larcas and Alarya, well, the knew each other quite well Rhaemera was also acquainted with Larcas as well.


“Alarya what are you-” Larcas was swiftly hushed.


“Shhh.” Alarya’s face was lit with happiness as she pointed towards her friend walking with the prince in the gardens. Larcas walked over and he to stared in awe.


“Well I’ll be damned…Is that Rhaemera?” Larcas asked with astonishment on his voice. For Rhaemera seemed like the last person to catch Rhaegar’s eye.


“That it would seem.” Alarya answered Larcas. The two stood and watch as the pair in the gardens walked and talked with smiles on their faces.


“So, a Violin is only to be placed by a man?” Rhaemera poked at Rhaegar’s prior statement. A small laugh on her voice she was smiling ear to ear.


“Well if you must know I play the harp.” Rhaegar dodged her trap of words only to be caught by another.


“The harp! Why that is a women’s instrument.” Rhaemera looked at Rhaegar who smiled at her a chuckled escaping his mouth admitting his defeat.  Rhaemera only smiled back.


“Aye that it is.” Rhaegar released Rhaemera’s arm and bowed to her and Rhaemera curtsied in return. A rather sloppy one Rhaegar noted to himself.

“Farewell My Prince.” Rhaemera bid him a proper farewell.


Rhaegar reach for her hand, and placed a kiss her figures, bidding her a good day.


“Farewell My Lady” Rhaegar looked at Rhaemera’s sapphire eyes and she at his amethyst eyes. With that they went their separate ways.

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WELL I have 6 chapters of this done but not yet typed. I hope you guys will enjoy this story as well. Please please leave a reveiw!!!

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Also still need to go through and edit


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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Coincidental Circumstances  


After the walk in the gardens. The prince and his mysterious maiden would not see each other for many days. But neither would be forgetting the other.

“She was more than just pretty she was smart, and she had a good heart.” Rhaegar smiled and sighed flopping onto his bed his hands behind his head.


“And would this girl happen to have a name?” It was Ser Larcas who spoke to Rhaegar. His deep brown hair falling about his face as he removed his helmet. Larcas was tall and heavily built, unlike Rhaegar who was lean but strong. They were both tall yet Larcas was taller yet.

“Rhaemera Her name is Rhaemera.” Rhaegar breathed out the words with hardly any weight to them.

“You fancy her?” Larcas said snickering playfully at Rhaegar’s mystical attitude.

“I do not.” Rhaegar said assertively “She may be interesting and, pretty but, I don't fancy her.” Rhaegar was quite admit about his position dismissing Larcas’s foolish idea. After all he was a prince, and she was a servant girl such things are impossible and Rhaegar was not the only person think the same thing.

“It was amazing! I don’t think I have ever felt what's the word?” Rhaemera was at a loss for words after several days of  badgering from Alarya., Rhaemera finally told her friend about her little encounter with the prince.

“Unbelievable?” Alarya finished for Rhaemera.

“No.” Rhaemera corrected

“Wonderful?” Alarya questioned.

“Yes… but not the word I was looking for.” Rhaemera smiled as she thought of Rhaegar's amethyst eyes. A slight blush crept upon her cheeks.

“Romantic?” Alarya blurted out frantically a wide smile on her face.

“No and yes!” Rhaemera  teased.

“Unbelievably wonderfully romantic?!” Alarya screeched out excitedly.

“Yes! It was wonderful, romantic and, unbelievable.” Rhaemera looked at Alarya who started back her. A silence grew between them silencing the happiness that was just a large. Rhaemera sighed and sat down on a small couch in their small room. Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

“You like him.” Alarya spoke enthusiastically.

“I do not.” Rhaemera denied.

“Lies.” Alarya called out definitely.

“Oh, Alarya he is handsome and kind charming and romantic.” Rhaemera’s words trailed off and she got up off the couch twirled around thrice.

“And a prince!” Alarya spoke with livid happiness Rhaemera’s lost it’s glow and she sat back down. Alarya joined her.

“That’s the catch Alarya. He’s a prince. Rhaemera’s words spoke many levels of truth. He was a prince and she was just a servant girl but there lives would forever be intertwined.

Later in the day when the sun had risen to its highest point, and the girls were left alone to do as they wish. And the prince lingered in his chamber trying to decide whether or not to visit the library. Alarya and Rhaemera found themselves going to the library something they did not get too do very often.

“Alarya, look at this one, Legends and Myths of Dragonstone by King Aneys the first.” Rhaemera whispered hushedly to Alarya who had her nose in a book about the greatest battles in Westeros and the tactics that won them. Something Alarya loved almost as much as she loved teasing Rhaemera about Rhaegar which was becoming a daily practice for her.

“Oh yeah yeah cool. Look at this Rhay, at the field of fire Aegon took his men and marched them down hill in crescent formation to avoid the oncoming dragon fire from Vhagar.” Alarya dismissed Rhaemera’s comment and went on to share her own more ‘interesting’ one. Which Rhaemera dutifully ignored and wandered off to find some books on dragons.

“Dareon I the II Destruction of Harrenhal...Dorne Against the Dragons Dragonstone, Dragons in the Dance, Dragons of Aegon and his Sisters….Dragons of Valerya what's known whats not…” Rhaemera whispered the names of the many book regarding dragons. Mindless of anyone around once again spacing out mindless of anyone around her. Oblivious to the person approaching who also had his nose in a book.

Rhaemera reaching for Dorne against the Dragons found her hand captured but the approaching strangers hand who was less a stranger and more of a familiar face. Rhaemera spoke out in the most improper way.

“Rhaegar!” The startled girl quickly retraced her hand a swift bow following suit.

“Guilty as charged.” Rhaegar Replied in his charming tone a chuckle on his voice.

“I’m sorry I didn’t see  you there.” Rhaemera still bowing proclaimed.

“Nonsense It was eye who did not see you.” Rhaegar smiled at her bidding her a quick farewell noramly he would stay to talk but today, today was simply not the day. He bid her a quick farewell. Leaving Rhaemera with a sparkling book of Dorne Against the Dragons.

Over the course of the next few days The prince and Rhaemera would find themselves interacting on a number of coincidental circumstances.

Walking swiftly through the castle corridors Rhaegar rushed to meet Ser Larcas about a raven scroll that had come during the night. As Rhaegar rounded a corner he slammed into a unexpecting Rhaemera who had her nose in a book, again. Recognizing her almost instantly Rhaegar helped her regain her bearings.

“Are you alright I’m so sorry I did not see you.” Rhaegar apologize to the stumbling girl. Who simply smiled shyly and responded kindly.

“I’m quite alright just a little shaken-My lord?” Rhaemera paused looking at the Prince “Are you alright?” Rhaemera asked looking at Rhaegar's nervous expression. Rhaemera’s eyes fell to his hand which was holding a raven scroll rather tightly.

“Yes yes, I’m good.” Rhaegar sighed and spoke again. “We really need to stop meeting like this.”  Rhaegar relaxed an gathered his composer. “There is a small gathering in the coming days-” Rhaegar was cut of quite quickly by Rhaemera.

“I'd love too my lord. But please such an offer is reserved for nobility.” Rhaemera than quickly took her leave from the prince who went back too clutching the raven scroll for more reasons than one.

“The prince just asked me to a nobles gathering!!”  Rhaemera screeched out angrily as she tossed the shiny book the prince left her on the table. Alarya stared at Rhaemera quite amused.

“I take it your not pleased?” Alarya spoke with a small laugh!

“Obviously not, I mean...I don't know what it was like in Kings Landing but from what I know, if your a serving girl, you don't go off with royalty to a gathering!” Rhaemera’s face contorted and than relaxed.

“Maybe he likes you. A mysterious pretty girl like you. If I was Rhaegar I'd want to be with you. You are sweet and kind.” Alarya said as she walked over to give her friend a reassuring hug.

“What do I do now?” Rhaemera paused sighing deeply “I cut him off mid speech” Rhaemera admitted to Alarya.

“If I know the prince which I do, I think knowing him he will try to ask you again. In a more proper way. I think you'd be wise to say yes. It can't hurt to accompany him to one dinner. With one other family. You wouldn't have to say much.” Alarya looked at Rhaemera who smiled back at her convinced that her friend knew what she way saying.

“Don't worry about it Rhaegar, she is a serving girl you probably scared the daylights out of her.”  Larcas spoke sately as he patted the prince on the back in a mocking sense. He spoke again. “Plenty of fish in the sea.”

“Larcas.” Rhaegar glared at his friend catching the meaning behind his words.

“My prince.” Larcas snickered nodding his head at Rhaegar and taking an exaggerated bow.

Sighing Rhaegar opened the Raven scroll he had been carrying around all day and began to read it aloud to Larcas a stern frown quickly fell upon the knights face.

“In light of recent events such as the death of our Princess Ellia Martell and your house exaltation from the Kingdoms. We can no longer support House Targaryen in any future or current endeavors. And so by decision of Lord Trebor Jordayne, House Jordayne with draws all support to house Targaryen.” Rhaegar sight and sat back in his chair.

“Thats it than the last of our Dornish allies.” Larcas sat down in the chair across from where Rhaegar was seated.  “And after you married their princess.” Larcas was swifty hushed by a sharp glare from Rhaegar.

“Their Princess, who I failed to protect, my wife, my children. If were them I would've done the same.” Rhaegar sighed again deeply running his hands through his hair.

“No one could have predicted the Lannister would turn like that. No one.” Larcas attempted to reassure his prince. But in the end he felt worse.

“How long until they come and finish the job?” Rhaegar spoke his voice dark and cold.

“There is still hope.” Larcas comment swiftly, “If faith is still strong with house Tyrell.”

“If.”  Rhaegar spoke quietly, walking to the window he watched as a ship with a golden rose upon the sails, sailed into the harbor.

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So Thats chapter 2!! Hope you guys like it I some evil plot twist planned for the future some which will begin to unfold in the coming chapters be warned no one is safe in a game of thornes and that never changes here! MAHAHAHAHAHHA