Fan-Fiction Contest Entry #9: Tavern Tales: In the Shadows They Wait

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An unfamiliar person was roaming through their forest. He, and they knew it was male from the look of the physique and the baritone voice, had been searching around this speck of the woods for a long time, and stopping every so often to speak to his black dragon. They had never seen that dragon before. The pride had only known the dragons on their island, from the long legged bird like dragon to the two headed spotted one. But, none had known what that one was. Or, what the boy was searching for.

The black dragon pawed at a shrub in front of him, Meinsha held her breath. This was the furthest the two of them had dared to reach. Each day, they returned and marked a tree or bush, and she would promptly remove it, but, she had neglected to take in mind the dragon's intelligence, for it seemed a great deal smarter than the other dragons. But, if he and his dragon weren't going to leave anytime soon, she might as well not squander in suspense momentarily and just inquire about the state of his search. She reached up from where she was squatting behind a thicket full of blueberries, clawing the tree truck above her, a dull drumming resonating from it. Her companion, a male russet short furred Cathar named Aric, moved swiftly next to her, eyeing the two with obvious distaste. The dragon at this point had stopped patting the bush and raised its head, alerting the boy to the sound of her claws. He mumbled something to it and motioned towards the area Meinsha and Aric were in. Aric let out a low hiss, his ears back and one hand on his knife.

Meinsha jumped out of the thicket, a loud yowl on her lips as she landed on the back of the dragon, her feet landing on some sort of leather contraption that almost made her slip. She let out her claws and dug into the sensitive scales behind the dragon's neck, the dragon roared and bucked around, trying to fling her off. The man screamed reaching into a pocket that revealed a sword, and she heard a low click of a button, and the sword was on fire. Aric was behind him, supporting his knife in one hand and a net in the other. He ducked under the boy's sword, tripping him with a swing of his leg. Once he came up, he hurled the net to Meinsha, who was losing her grip on the dragon's back.

"Wait wait please! I just want to talk, just please don't hurt Toothless!" he cried out as Aric pounced on him, tackling him to the ground. The dragon below her let out a savage howl as the net was thrown onto him, but, she paused in her efforts. The dragon, according to what the boy had called him, stopped trying to unseat Meinsha, so, she retracted her claws, but made no intent to remove the net from its maw.

"Please, I just want to talk," he grunted, his sword deactivating.


He noticed how wiry the female was almost instantly, how her grey tunic fell in waves along her darker brown body, her lithe form a stark contrast to her thicker set companion. Hiccup took note of the pointed ears and elongated fangs of the female as she removed the ruined net from Toothless and placed it back in the pouches along her waist.

"You aren't going to throw it out?" he asked carefully, smoothing over his words as best he could, seeing as the male had only just let him up. The female scoffed, the male let out a small chortle.

"Why waste something one can fix?" she asked him. Hiccup decided that a contemplation about why that was a good idea would make the male choke him again, for, no reason than the male just giving him dirty looks, as much as they were trying to hide it.  

Once the female removed the net from Toothless, his dragon bounded over to him in a single leap, shoving the male away roughly. The male let out a low growl, but the growling ceased as she raised a hand. He trudged over to her slowly, muttering under his breath. Hiccup coughed slightly and turned his eyes away from the two larger..humans? Felines? Humanoids? He'd never seen or recorded the species of these two. Heck, he didn't even know they were on the Edge until they jumped him! Twi'leks were as common as Vikings now, even hybrids walked around Berk like they owned the place, but never had he seen any sort of wild cat humans. He knew for a fact some Vikings favored animal wears and furs but these guys were literal animals.

When he raised his eyes back up, he caught her eyes tracing his form as she took advantage of his pause. Curiously, she took a small step forward on those spindly legs of her's. Up close Hiccup could catch the subtle hints of lighter brown, the darker brown that made up her freckle like markings, even to the hypnotizing shades of orange flecks in her eyes. Her bark brown hair loose and billowing up behind her like a dust cloud.

“What are you doing?” he asked cautiously, shuffling backwards into Toothless. She lunged towards him with ease, lifting him up like he was nothing and moving him to the right. The woman crouched down in front of his snarling dragon as she peered into Toothless’ green eyes as if she was testing him. She reached up with a paw and patted his head, Toothless' mouth opening, and his startled growl of surprise made Hiccup cringe. The woman stuck her head into his mouth as if it was nothing, running her paw along the upper ridges of his mouth, eyes narrowed; she was studying his dragon! "Curious creature, we've never met one of his kind," she mentioned casually, like it was something they did on a normal basis. She removed her head and paw from Toothless' mouth and patted his snout again to close his mouth. Toothless vaulted up into the air, returning to his spot behind Hiccup, growing at the woman, who only smiled in response. "What do you call him? We're only familiar with the two headed beasts, the fat rock ones, and the spiked one."

Hiccup formed an 'o' with his mouth in shock. Where these guys primitive? He could tell they had no outside contact with the other islands but she just perfectly described Zipplebacks, Gronkles, and Nadders, common dragons on the Edge. She tapped her foot, waiting for his response. Hiccup's brows raised, he muttered to himself before responding. "His name is Toothless, my... Night Fury," he answered slowly, sounding out every word. She snickered, "I can understand you, and you don't need to sound out your words." Hiccup let out a sigh of relief, and visibly sagged a bit.

"Adding onto that, we've never seen a human of your..stature. We're used to the brutal wear and spiked headwear of the heavy weighted others."

"You mean the hunters?" She nodded. "You've encountered the hunters before?" Hiccup grasped her forearms without an inking of his thoughtless actions. The woman shoved him off her with a forceful palm strike to the chest. Hiccup let out a surprised 'oof', recovering seconds later to wince. "I'm sorry," he mumbled, looking away, I don't know what came over me."

She wrinkled her nose, revealing yellow stained teeth. "It's quite obvious to me that you've had...encounters with these hunters, am I correct?" Her companion's gaze flickered to the shoreline for a brief moment, where, when Hiccup strained his neck to observe, he noticed wreckage littering the sand. He gave her a brisk nod. "We've lost half our territory to those beasts. Our tools are not as advanced as yours," she noted, gesturing to the sword on his belt. The male placed a hungry gaze on it, and a sense of pride filled Hiccup's chest like a strangling hug from Gobber. He glanced back at her ruined net, thinking for a moment. "With a net like that, made of steel, we could ruin the hunters' own traps!" He slammed a fist onto his palm. "I'd like to bring you both back to Berk, get you fitted up for a dragon, and integrate your species with the tribe!" Hiccup decided, nodding to himself. The two felines turned to each other, whispering in hushed tones that his ears couldn't pick up. Finally, they pivoted back towards him, the female's set gaze searching him. "How would we bring our tribe over the water?" She spit out the word 'water' like it was a poison.

"I'd send a transport for both know how to write, right?" he asked. Once again, they nodded. "Great! I'll grab Astrid and we'll get going!" The two let out simultaneous booming laughs that sent birds up into the sky. "What's so funny?" Hiccup inquired, worry creeping up, sticking its ugly fingers into his spine that sent shivers across his body.

"My boy, we don't even know your name."


Meinsha flipped her eyes through Hiccup and Aric with joy. New home, new beasts, how exciting. Her heart raced at the thought, beating so fast she punched Aric in the shoulder. The much taller Cathar glanced down at her, his ears flattened, and warning growl slipped out of his throat, but she ignored her companion with a wave of her paw. Aric was stern, but he wouldn't do anything to her unless it was out of respect or duty. Hiccup was explaining the directions to her, but she only heard the small parts of the conversation. This boy talked a lot! Half the things he said she never heard before. What is an Astrid or steel anyway?

" -and then just turn right and you're there," Hiccup finished as he hopped onto his dragon, Toothless, she had learned. Aric smiled and bolted towards one of the sturdier oak trees, gripping it tightly with long claws before jumping onto the next one. Apparently, he had been listening. Meinsha let out a yowl and dropped onto her paws before launching herself at the same tree Aric was on moments before. Below, she could pick up Toothless breathing hard and Hiccup muttering something under his breath as she ricocheted from tree to tree, Aric always a tail length in front of her. The dragon and his rider gained speed, her ears picked up the gears and trinkets attached to the Night Fury's tail as they took off into the air into an easy slow glide. Meinsha snatched a branch with her paws and flung herself onto Aric before kicking off his chest, just like they practiced. Her companion started to caterwaul, swiping at the vacant air that just held her body as she twisted in the air to grip another branch, a good distance away from Aric now. As she continued along the path the trees laid out for her, she spotted Hiccup racing ahead on Toothless, and for a couple of brief seconds, she wondered what flying on one of those dragons would be like. The rider and his dragon drifted lightly to the ground in front of an opening made up of two trees. There, a female rider, hair as pale as the midday sun, atop her azure cobalt Nadder sat cross legged, giving Hiccup a stern but kind stare. She had not yet noticed the two panting Cathar in the treetops.

"Where have you been!" the blond female's tone shifted from how she looked, varying from hints of worry to noticeable slight hiccups of anger in her voice. Meinsha tried to hide her howl of laughter by swallowing the lump in her throat that threatened to burst. Hiccup clasped both the blond's hand in his own, talking in low whispers and pointing upward into the trees. Meinsha's ear flicked, her bewilderment found in the hair that raised off her arm. He can't be serious. We just met him, and we tried to kill him..if he tells her that he wants to bring us to his home with him...

The blond followed his hand, narrowing her eyes into the thicket, searching for them until her eyes caught Meinsha's.

"Well don't stay up there too long, I'd like to meet Hiccup's new friends!" The girl sounded overly cheerful, but for some reason Meinsha felt she was being sized up by her, a trait she was ready to meet head on. Meinsha grasped the trunk and slid down easily, bounding over to Hiccup and sizing up the girl as she did to her. The blond girl was brave, she'll give her that, and not many would continue to hold eye contact with her as long as this one did. Aric came up from behind, silent as a fox, and the girl broke eye contact with her to stare at him.

"You're fond of staring, aren't you?" Meinsha asked, squatting down onto her haunches to reach eye level with her. The girl returned her jest with a grin. Meinsha liked her already. Hiccup wrapped his arm around the girl's waist and they shared a knowing look. She got the vibe the two were together from how tightly he held her, but that was beside the point.

"One has to do the judging around here. Hiccup is fond of letting those wander in and out of the Edge. We've had an influx of new students start homes here and some have become...unfavorable," she replied with an all too bored shrug. "I'm Astrid," she added, holding out her hand. Meinsha clasped the girls forearm and gave her a toothy smile. Astrid let go of her arm quickly. "Meinsha," she told the smaller female. She gave Hiccup I wide eye stare, then looked back at the Cathar.

"They may not shake hands the way we greet our pride," Aric whispered into her ear. She almost jumped out of her fur, instead taking a couple steps back. He'd been so quiet, very much himself, that she had forgotten he was there. Astrid noticed this too, recovering from the unfamiliar handshake Meinsha had given her. "What's with dark furry and brooding over there?" she asked, nodding her head in Aric's direction.  

Meinsha fumbled with her tunic, sparing her companion a fond glance. He caught her eyes, returning it for a few scant seconds. "He's the prides best warrior. He protects all of us, but, me most of all," she softly joked, laying a hand on his arm. Astrid nodded, though, Meinsha knew she wanted to know more. "Aric is quiet, gruff, but, he'll hidefor his friends. I do know that." Aric let out an agreed huff, dragging her closer to him and keeping a wary eye on Astrid.

"Well then, welcome to Dragon's Edge! You came at a good time, most of the students are out in the forest, like Chief over here wasn't supposed to be." Astrid punches Hiccup in the arm, who proceeded to let out a whimpering laugh.  

"Dragon's Edge?" Meinsha inquired, regarding the two humans with confusion. Hiccup motioned with a wave of his hand for them to follow him through the trees. The two felines followed, treading the ground lightly and dispensing vigilant eyes on the surrounding area for traps. Once they breached the trees, the two were greeted with the crackling of bright fire, heaving its heavenly embers into the falling sky that rained with low orange. Squeals of red eyed boars filling their ears, Meinsha licked her lips hungrily. The territory the pride had never known was so close to them was bewitching. Tents made out of wood were colored decoratively, ranging from blues to shades of pine green. Spread across the hillside and raised with trunk like pieces of cut wood. Dragons she recognized and dragons she didn't flew in the sky, some with humans, she could only guess where students, on their backs. Roars and howls of joy rang out, the sudden rush to join them was almost overpowering. Hiccup caught them staring.  "Hiccup, what does flying feel like?" she asked, examining the sky filled with darting dragons with a beaming stare that rivaled a child's. Hiccup let out a sigh, smiling at Astrid and joining Meinsha's dragon gazing. "It's like running so fast you don't even know you're flying. Breathless, exhilarating. Once you bond with your dragon and you're in the air, nothing else matters," he said, giving Toothless a pat on his head. A Monstrous Nightmare zoomed over their heads in a flaming display of power, diving and looping into a lazy glide. Aric let out a gasp, the first she had heard from him today. "It reminds me of the day we learned to tree climb," he commented in his rough voice, and she nodded in agreement.  

She remembered the feeling, clear as day. Everyone in the pride learned it, for their safety, for their survival, but as a young kit, she had never felt so free. Aric, and she knew this, felt the same. Though different, it wasn't hard to tell they shared a kindred spirit. The group moved onto the stables and continued the tour, and when they reached the top, Meinsha scrunched her nose up at the smells. Leather hide and old hay reeked from the entryway, her ears flattened against her head in annoyance.

"Sorry about that," Hiccup said, opening the stable door and grabbing two small bags from inside. He threw one to Astrid effortlessly. "We needed supplies before we head out. It isn't a long flight to Berk, but the dragons get hungry." He reached into the back and pulled out a brown textured chicken appendage. Her eyes dilated and shifted, she licked her lips with anticipation. Hiccup, having no clue of his mistake, tossed it into the air for Toothless to catch. Instead, a dark brown blur soared through the air and caught it with her paws, landing neatly on her haunches as her mass of hair bundled around her. Toothless let out a small whine and stepped towards her. Meinsha let out a low hiss. He gave her a low warble in response. Letting out a sigh through her nose, she gave the chicken appendage back to the dragon. Hiccup chuckled.

"What are you laughing at?" she challenged, sitting up from her squatted position. Hiccup withdrew another chicken appendage and gave it to her. She caught it, turning it around in her hands and tossing it. Aric swiped it from her with a deft claw. Meinsha crouched low and bounced around him, letting out kitten mewls and clawing her paws in the air. Her companion snickered and cut the appendage in half, giving the other to Meinsha, who seized it and landed in a roll. The two humans were laughing behind them, and the two felines couldn't help but join in as they ate. When she let out a large burp the two almost doubled over in laughter.

"If you two are done, we'll get going before the sky turns dark, some students like to come out around that time and we'd rather not have them pester you with questions. Meinsha, you'll ride with Stormfly and me." Astrid whistled for the turquoise Nadder she had been sitting atop of early, who bounded over to them. Meinsha held out her hand to the Nadder, as she had done to others of its kind. The dragon sniffed her hand eagerly, swiping off the leftover chicken from her paw. "Such an exquisite dragon," she commented, running her hand under the Nadder's jaw and scratching its chin.

"Stormfly and I have been together for years, I couldn't ever replace her," she replied as she climbed up the dragon. Astrid flipped around and offered a hand for Meinsha to grab, which she took as the other woman lifted her up. The saddle felt uncomfortable underneath her, and the arched sitting position hurt her back. She would have to have a talk with Hiccup about possibly finding a new riding style if this was the one they taught. Aric hopped onto the back of Toothless, who seemed fine about the extra weight, and Hiccup appeared as if he was profoundly sweating. "Onto Berk!" he called, launching up into the sky. Astrid followed suit, and with one stroke of Stormfly's wings they were in the air. A couple of powerstrokes and they were gliding. Meinsha's heart stopped beating in her chest, adrenaline coursed like fire through her veins. She let out a lions roar that was deafened by the wind as the soared upwards into the sky. Her hair caught the fading clouds, collecting the soft watery wisps in the strands. Astrid dipped and dived with her dragon, skimming over the water. Meinsha dipped her paw in, watching in wonder as the droplets flew by. Aric looked back behind him and gave her a grin, she had never seen him so excited. In return she gave him a thumbs up.

Soon as the moon began to rise, they reached Berk. As they lightly drifted down, Meinsha could hear the whispers of those still awake, though their eyes weren't as fit for night as hers was. Fire crackled in small bowls as Hiccup led them through Berk on silent feet, the grass stirred with dragon snores as they 'stood' guard outside what Meinsha could only assume was advanced tents. Hiccup brought them to a hut next to a large stone building, opening the door and quickly ushering them inside. Once in the hut, Hiccup brought them blankets as they chatted by the fire.

"Tomorrow, we take you out to the School to pick out a dragon egg, and give you some money to get saddles and armor," Hiccup said, looking excited at the new prospect of new, exotic looking students.  

"Pick out an egg? Surely you let your students capture dragons?" Meinsha asked, disappointment clear in her voice. Hiccup sighed and gave Astrid a look that screamed 'we're going to have to let them or they're going to do it anyway.'

"Alright, new plan, we'll let you go out to the territory around Berk to select a dragon. But first, we'll need to give you some money to get out of those overclothes." Hiccup made a vague gesture at her tunic, which, after a quick sniff, she couldn't help but agree with him. Aric nudged her in the waist, hiding his smirk behind is blasé features. She returned his nudge with a teasing hiss. Hiccup, feeling awkward, bid his goodbyes and went upstairs. The pair stayed up until the fire dimmed to low embers, whispering about the events that led up to this, and what would happen.

"Would the pride accept this new way of life?" Meinsha asked as she curled up against Aric's broad chest, her claws catching the loose fabrics that tied his shirt together. Aric, away from the two humans and everyone else, sighed loudly, running his own claws through her now untied hair. "I...I don't have the answer for that. It's confusing to me too. Would we even accept this way of life?" he replied slowly. Meinsha blinked up at him, removing her arms from his shirt to around his waist, burying her head in between his neck. "Flying Aric, we can fly," she murmured softly, closing her eyes as she felt herself drifting off. Seconds later, she felt Aric do the same, his shallow breaths mixing with her almost fathomless expiration for air.


Toothless almost woke them up at dawn. The pitch black dragon bounced around on the floor, the boards creaking under the weight, his happy movement accumulated with equally joyful yips. Aric was up almost immediately, gripping his knife securely with his paw and the other wrapped tightly around Meinsha, whose head bolted upwards so fast she narrowly avoid contact with Aric’s. Sunlight cracked through the aged windows, casting a warm orange hue across the room. Birds chirped noisily outside, singing a chorus accompanied with the spit of early fire and the snap of tongs against steel.

“Sounds like Gobber is already awake, right bud?” Hiccup quickly stepped down the stairs and rubbed his dragon on the head with a firm hand. Aric, letting out a relieved sigh, put his knife away with some nudging from Meinsha, who, at that point, had accepted her fate and woken up. She raised her arms and yawned, twin fangs glowing faintly crimson in the light. Fur prickled off her back as she arched, savoring the long pop of bones clicking as she moved across the floor on all fours. Aric cracked his knuckles loudly, competing with the noises outside.

“What’s a Gobber?” Meinsha yawned after removing herself from the floor.  

“Gobber is our blacksmith, he makes saddles to armor to even new dragon teeth!” Hiccup exclaimed proudly, nodding to himself.

“Sounds costly, are you sure you want to…” Meinsha looked downwards at her tunic, which swaying loose against her frame, almost baggy and showed its age by the small tears and stitching on the fabric. “Never mind, but please don’t spend too much on us. We could never repay you,” she exclaimed, fidgeting with her britches.

“Nonsense, I’m the chief!” Hiccup countered, doing his best to sway her over.

“If you’re the chief, respect a student’s wishes,” commented Aric, who fixed Hiccup a stern look. The boy set a downcast look on the floor, muttering to himself.

“I’m sorry. I get that from my father, you both are right. Here,” he tossed them a pouch of gold coins, which landed in Meinsha’s paws with a dainty ‘click’. A second was tossed to Aric. “Meet me at the docks when you’re done getting fitted. Astrid is waiting outside to… basically protect you,” he added albeit a bit slowly.

Meinsha’s ears flipped back. “Protect us, why? You have other non human species with you, correct?”

“Yes...but you’re new and some students tend to over react,” he said, looking at Toothless with a distant gaze. It dawned on her as she flicked her eyes back and forth from the dragon to Hiccup. Her mouth formed an ‘o’ shape as she began to understand.

“Thank you for everything Hiccup, we’ll meet you at the docks,” Meinsha replied, bidding him goodbye. A familiar azure dragon stood outside with her trainer, who was talking to passing students and Vikings. As soon as the students had left, they stepped outside the hut. Astrid greeted them quickly, apparently more excited than Meinsha was herself.

“Oooo I’m so excited to help both of you out. Come now, Gobber’s forge is only a quick walk this way,” she started, already making her way down a hill towards a building with smoke billowed on top of a long wooden tower. From this distance, the building appeared to be almost run down, from its slanted side and almost broken looking planks of wood. Meinsha began to doubt this...Gobber person.

As they traveled down the pathway, students began to flock like birds behind them, whispering to themselves as a starling would do. They didn't approach her as much as they created a herd of sheep, oohing and aahing at their figures and forms, pointing at Aric with hearts in their eyes. By the time they reached Gobber an entire mob had formed, presenting Astrid a challenge to push them all back while Meinsha and Aric filled out their requests. As the blond girl and her dragon handled the mob, Meinsha knocked on one of the buildings wooden railings.

"Um, hello?" she called out at the stock man who had his back to her. He was tending a fire, and the first thing she noticed was the long braided beard and loss of pegleg and hand. He whistled a merry tune to a fat bump covered dragon next to him, who lolled its tongue to the beat. "Hold up for a second just gotta reach in-Oh!" Gobber shouted, dropping the ember colored tongs onto the ground. She cringed, crinkling up her nose ever so slightly. Gobber rushed over, peering at her with a closed eye clicking the metal tooth that stuck out of his mouth. "Well, what do we got here? New humanoid Hiccup found? Offer'd ye to become students eh?" he asked with mirth. Meinsha smiled and nodded. "Well he sent you to the right place! Got anything in mind?" She thought for a moment, turning back behind her to look at the students that followed. Some wore light leather armor that was dyed different colors, from light blue to black hoods with goggles. Some preferred the heavy leathers it seemed, with students having light amounts of gold along their shoulders.

"You work with metals, right?" Gobber nodded. "Would it be possible to create a leather breastplate, shoulderpads, and cuffs that look like metal but is actually leather?" Like her, he took a second to think, and nodded once more. She removed almost half her coin pouch and showed it to him. "Would this compensate for the gear?" she asked hopefully. She had never been given gold before, and she was desperate to keep as much as she could. "Of course lass! Now, onto that companion of yours," he replied, shouldering her away with his hook hand to talk to Aric. Surprisingly, Aric was similar, though he wanted his to cover his entire body, an outfit that reminded her of Hiccup. While Stormfly dealt with the students, Astrid reached into her saddlebag and threw Meinsha and Aric two dark grey tunics that almost matched Meinsha's fur. She stared down at the fabric in her hands, running her thumb over it gently. It wasn't resistant to her claws of course, but it felt warmer than the one she wore. In full view of everyone, she proceeded to remove her shirt. Aric coughed loudly and rushed in front of her to protect her from peering eyes. "You are a minx you know that?" he growled, trying to avoid eye contact with her chest. She smirked up at him as she shrugged on the shirt. "You know you like it. I wouldn't mind if you took a peek," she replied smoothly, rubbing out the creases casually. He sighed, tearing off his own ruined tunic. Meinsha let out a hum of appreciation, as did several of the female and male students behind them. "I'm starting to think you're getting used to the attention as well. I look forward to seeing you compare biceps with the others," she commented. Aric gave her a teasing glare as the new shirt did nothing to hide his form. "We should be getting to Hiccup now. We've spent enough time talking about clothes. I'd like to get things done and bring the pride back," he sternly told her. Meinsha beamed up at him, bouncing on her toes. "Don't worry Aric! We'll be able to fly soon enough!" She twirled around rushing towards Astrid and asking, well, almost demanding, to take them to the docks. As the three of them climbed up on Stormfly, Meinsha bid Gobber goodbye as they took off, gliding towards the lower clefts of Berk, where, if she leaned off the edge and peaked, she could spot boats. Hiccup waved up at Astrid from above, Toothless sitting up on his back legs and roaring.  Astrid waved down at him as they spiraled into a decent, landing softly with a beat of the Nadder's wings. As she prepared to hop off the dragon, Astrid held out her arm. "Aric is going with Hiccup, we're heading towards the Wilderness behind the School." Meinsha glanced back at Aric and gave him a soft smile, before pushing him off Stormfly. Aric swiped at her as he dropped almost colliding with the ground as he balanced on a paw. Hiccup held back a laugh and motioned for him to get on his dragon. Toothless lowered himself to the ground easily as the two slid on him, bolting into the air quickly, Meinsha wrapping her arms around Astrid for a brief second as a surprise launch proceeded to happen. Astrid whooped loudly throwing a fist into the air as they soared over stone mountains. Vikings with dragons climbing the perilous peak noticed them and shouted back, chanting something that the wind had buffeted. The ground below was filled with dark pine trees that began to mess into one, becoming a sea of green that threw her in a loop. Astrid dodged a tall redwood with a spiral, Meinsha gripping Astrid harder as she yelled out her adrenaline into the sky. Spiral tailspins proceeded to follow as the ground loomed ever closer. Stormfly, at the last heart wrenching second pulled up into a quick glide, cawing loudly and setting ground animals running with them.

Warmer air drafts swirled around them, lifting the Nadder's open wings above the trees, following suit of Hiccup, who remained ahead no matter how much speed Astrid pulled off. The air drafts soared the trio to the tips of the trees, where a clearing could be seen above. Already camps were set up, along with a flowing river that students could be seen happily fishing with their dragons. Stormfly and Toothless landed on a large circular platform in the middle of the clearing, sliding off with newfound gusto. The river below was a clarity of a treasure Meinsha had never had the pleasure of finding back on the Edge. Filled with the sounds of a roaring waterfall and sparkling salmon leaping over its top, scales flashing and wiggling with strength as some were caught on the poles of students below. Younglings rode on shortwinged dragons as they made the formidable jump to the platform they were currently standing on. They applauded the students that made the trip and encouraged others. Not all, she noted, were human. Some were the different colored Twi'leks, and some, surprisingly, were hybrids. However, they were engrossed in their lessons and challenges and did not heed the felines, which, for once, she was glad. Meinsha did not want to deal with younglings. The young kits of her pride were annoying enough. Once her curiosity was settled, Hiccup waved her over.

"Now, you won't find any dragons here, but, along the edges of the forest, if one wanders in, they could find dragons. Caves could also be found hosting one as well, so I would remain cautious. Astrid and I will be watching from a safe distance above, but within range to quickly come to your aid if need be," he said, reaching into his bag and pulling out a small pouch with a faint sea salt smell. The soaked bottom gave Meinsha the impression that fish were what the bag held. He pulled out another and gave the two the pouches. "Inside these two pouches are things one might need to tame the dragons inside the forest. Though, we are unsure of the other dragons that have no been recorded are out today," he told them as the pair inspected the bags. Meinsha went with Astrid down to the east side of the forest, where the sky was the clearest, and Hiccup took Aric to the warmer, more cave filled drop. Astrid bid her goodbye and took off, leaving her alone.

The forest felt clear under the paws as she felt herself melt, her body becoming one with the earth. A sigh escaped her lips as she felt the air stir slowly, biding its time, waiting for her movements. Eyes become slits as she raced forward on four legs, scenting fallen leaves and the dull roar of the waterfall behind her. The forest melded into one one as she pounced onto one tree and proceeded to jump to the next and the next until everything was a blur of motion and sights. One jump however, she felt her claws brush on blinding silver scales that rushed up, her body slipping and twisting. Her feet flipped her over, and she landed on her four paws, whirling around and panting heavily. The air above her stirred with the wingbeats of a dragon lifting above her. When she searched the sky, she found nothing, but she knew something was there, watching. She felt the breeze on the back of her neck fur, tossing her lengthy hair into the dragon made breeze. One of her paws reached into the pouch equipped to her waist, pulling out a fish. With the paw holding out by the tail, and the other reached out in caution, she waited, back arched and fur prickling, for the dragon to land. Not even heartbeats later, it did. No, she did. From the graceful arching neck, the elongated horns, and the diamond shaped snout, Meinsha knew this dragon was female. As the dragon fluttered down, she was able to get a better look at it. The female’s eyes were a bright and blazing yellow that stared deep at her, anticipating. She was covered in almost translucent like silver scales along her body, and ghost like flecks of pale, almost ice colored blue littered her wingtips and underbelly. Cloud like apparitions were coated onto the dragon’s extended wings. Tatters could be found on the ends of the wings, jagged tears. Either a warrior, or a ghost, she noted. The female drew closer to her, Meinsha starting to sidestep with the dragon. A game, the female was playing with her. She remained unusually calm for a dragon, allowing Meinsha to compete in the battle to be her rider. The snow ghost let out an ethereal, almost chilling growl and opened up her mouth, a blue almost heavenly muted hush created a trance she wanted to fall into. Heat made her fur feel uncomfortable, and the female was so close, so close to the fish. Meinsha closed her eyes and smirked at the dragon, turning on her heel and dropping the fish. Her arm came up behind the dragon’s neck, wrapping her arm around the female’s spindly neck and through sheer momentum, she was able to get the dragon onto her back. The dragon flared her wings up in surprise, believing to have won the game, only to be thwarted by a ‘Viking’ she had never encountered. Meinsha brought up the fish, removing herself from the dragon and dusting herself off. As the dragon stood up, she sliced the fish neatly with a claw. She tossed a slice to the dragon and shoved the other piece in her mouth, sitting down next to the female as they ate. Surprisingly, the dragon did not run away, instead, nudging Meinsha with her head. A sign she took as acceptance. As she began to rise, the female ducked her head under her legs and almost forced the Cathar onto her back. Taken back by the dragon’s actions, she shifted her feet on the dragon. Her paws found the joints between the dragon’s shoulders, her back slightly raised and arched, a pose she remembered to be like Astrid’s, except she did not have her body on the dragon at all. For a temporary fix, Meinsha grasped the females horns. She did not seem to mind, and took off into the sky with a mighty flap of her wings. Wind did not rush into her face like it had on Stormfly, instead, it formed around her like a vacuum. She noticed the blue Nadder below as the dragon climbed ever higher into the sky. As she evened out, the dragon fanned out her wings and sped forward, faster than she remembered going on land or on Stormfly. It was exhilarating. Astrid loomed under her, a good distance away. As the clearing neared, she was able to wriggle control from the female and have her lightly land on the platform, where Hiccup was waiting. As she dismounted her new dragon, Astrid landed seconds later, Stormfly almost hyperventilating. “A Silver Phantom!” Hiccup exclaimed, examining her mount with a strange amount of engrossment in her ghostly dragon. “Where’s Aric?” Meinsha asked, almost vibrating with untapped energy as the adrenaline had yet to wear itself off. Hiccup gave her a big grin and pointed up to the sky. Meinsha shielded her eyes with a paw from the moving sun, but she saw the picture clear enough. Aric was blazing through the sky on the largest Monstrous Nightmare she had ever laid eyes on. Ablaze with a deeper crimson coloration with rich gold highlights, she thought he was riding the most regal dragon in the world. The Nightmare landed heavily, hoisting itself up, a prideful beast. It surveyed Meinsha and her Silver Phantom with curious gold-green eyes. Whether it was adrenaline or some other rush, Meinsha ran to Aric and place a chaste kiss on his lips, hugging him tightly. Aric spun her around joyfully, foreheads touching as they laughed. The four dragons on the platform roared their joy into the sky. Fireworks exploded in Meinsha’s heart as joyous tears leaked from her eyes. The Phantom and Nightmare spun around their new riders merrily, launching shots of fire in the dawning sky.


Snowflake shot through the sky like a cannonball, firing her beryl colored fire at the dragon traps. Meinsha fought below her, slashing at hunters with quick striking claws, a maniac grin set on her face. Aric and about several other Cathar on dragons crash landed on boats, his golden leather gleaming on top his dragon, shining and crashing like a fallen star. Her own earth colored riding leathers matched the boat behind her as she ducked and twisted to avoid axes, flipping back to land on her dragons back. A saddle had been fastened to her Phantom, which she named Snowflake. Her paws stuck to the edges of it, her front paws grasped securely on the handle bar on Snowflake’s neck. She let out a keening yowl as her dragon blasted a ship to pieces. The other mounted Cathar howling in delight as the hunters retreated. Hiccup and Astrid flew in a spiral above her as she reached Aric, gliding slowly next to him as she held hands across the wings of their dragons. An older female Cathar watched them with hope in her eyes and Meinsha landed and rushed over to her. The female held out her arms and passed her a small kit with pale sandy fur. Meinsha held the kit tightly in her own arms, gazing at Aric softly as he came up and kissed her forehead.

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