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Chapter 1 Well it is a few

Chapter 1

Well it is a few months since Sand Furies were recognised as a new species. If only more Night Furies were found! I'm feeling bad for Toothless. He lives his live, not knowing that there's no other Night Fury. Only he. He is living with Hiccup for 5 years now. Toothless is the most loyal dragon I've ever seen! He is adorable. No wonder that he is the most desired dragon.

I was hanging out with my best friend Sandstorm, the Sand Wraith. We were cloudflying above the Edge. What a graphic view! The sunsetting sky, the coloured clouds we were shooting and the endless sea.


Sandstorm and I flew towards the School. I have a small hut there. I stay there to not lose the lessons. The school's pretty far from Berk. On the way I lied on Sandstorm's back and watched the clouds. Storm was coming. We couldn't go further so we stopped in the Wilderness. It was raining a little. I had to make or find a shelter before it got worse. I knew a place, so I left my things there and took my axe to cut some wood. Of course Sandstorm came with me, even I told him to stay in the shelter. I cut some wood and as I was leaving, I sat on a rock. I was feeling really sad for some reason. I'm feeling homesick? I remembered the dragon I was made to kill years earlier? A tear flowed on my cheek. Sandstorm noticed it and let his head on my knees. I petted him and hugged him. I felt much better. Sandstorm always makes me feel better when I'm feeling down. He is my best friend, and I can say that he knows me better than anyone else.

- Thanks, Sandstorm. I needed it, I told as I was cleaning my eyes.

I went to fish in advance and Sandstorm was fishing for himself. As we were returning to our shelter, we heard a sound, pleading for help. I couldn't resist to not to help a helpless dragon. I ran to the source of the sound. It was coming from a cave, near the coast outside the walls of the Wilderness. The cave was burned and dead bodies where lying inside. They were Sand Furies. My heart shattered into hundreds of pieces. Who could have done something like this? Dragon hunters? Other dragons?

However they weren't all dead. One Sand Fury was still moving slightly and it was making the sound. I approached it. It was a ready-to- hidefemale Sand Fury. Her burns were too severe to be healed. I could do nothing to save her.

She looked at me in despair. The Sand Fury weakly lifted her wing. We saw a black orb, an egg. She looked at me again, like she was saying. "Take it. I'm too weak to take care of it.". I carefully picked up the egg and put it in a case on Sandstorm's saddle. I didn't want to leave the Sand Fury pass her last moments alone. So I sat next to her. She didn't seem to panick. I checked her burns. I know that dragons have fireresistant scales. What could be that strong to burn the Sand Furies like this? I went to see the other Sand Furies. There was a adult male, 3 young cubs and another adult dragon which didn't seem to be a Sand Fury but it was too burned to identify what species was it. I returned to the female dragon. I petted her under the chin. She closed her eyes, and took an expression like a smile.

As the rain began to get stronger, I understood that it was time to leave. Anyway there was nothing to do for the injured Sand Fury. As I left the cave , she gave me a glance full of thankfulness. Then her head fell on the ground and stopped moving. She was dead. Sandstorm went and smelled the dragon. A tear flowed, but I tried to push through it. I mounted on Sandstorm and flew to the shelter.

Back to the shelter, we lighted up some fire and cooked fish. I put out the egg and covered it with some cloth to keep it warm. Outside the storm was raging with lightnings. Fortunately no trees were burned.

When I looked at the egg, I thought about what happened with that Sand Fury and I started to cry. Who could have done that savage? Sandstorm came next to me. He saw that I was crying and let his head on me. I lied down and my dragon comforted me. I continued crying a little and then I closed my eyes.


I saw something horrible. I was in the Wilderness in front of many dragons. Between them Sand Furies,Deadly Nadders, Gronckles, Stormcutters, Timberjacks, Hobblegrunts, Slithersongs, Devilish Dervishes, even Toothless and Sandstorm, my best friend! Then one by one, began to disappear, Sand Furies first. Then I saw in freak all the other dragons dying and disappearing. Soon more and more dragons species were disappearing. "No! No! Don't go!", I shouted trying to save them. Then when all were gone, Toothless disappeared too. " Toothless! No!", I shouted as I ran towards him. Then I quickly went to Sandstorm. As I grabbed him, he started to faint away. "Sandstorm, no, no! Don't leave!", I cried. But when he completely disappeared, I fell on the ground. "Sandstorm... Nooooooo!". And then everything disappeared.


" No!" I shouted as I opened my eyes. I was still in our shelter, the egg was still there and Sandstorm was sleeping next to me.

It was just a nightmare. Just a nightmare, I whispered.

I got up and walked to the entrance. The sky was blue with a few clouds. It seems that the storm stopped during the night. I cooked a fish for breakfast and when Sandstorm woke up, I gave him a fish. We sat a little more and watched the beautiful view of the Wilderness.

Later we had to leave. I put the egg in the case on Sandstorm's saddle and I let him practiced his wings. I looked at the Sand Wraith and then I remembered the nightmare I had. He was sitting and looking at me curiously. I smiled and ran towards him to hug him. I wanted to get sure that I wasn't dreaming anymore. Then I mounted him and flew away from the Wilderness.


Chapter 2

I couldn't get out of my mind what happened yesterday. It was awful. I had to tell. Sandstorm and I flew to the School. A few students around.

I went to find Hiccup. He was in front of the School taking care of Toothless. I hesitantly approached him. He seemed ready to leave.


-Yes, what is it, he says as turns and sees me. Quickly, because I have to go to Berk.

-I don't think it can wait, it is really important. I think it is dragon hunters...

-If it is really dragon hunters, it can't wait.

-I'm not very sure, it might be other dragons.  Once you know about dragons better than me, you can tell if it is dragons or something else.

-Hm... Ok, take me there.

-It is in the Wilderness. Follow me, I said as I mounted Sandstorm. He also mounted Toothless and flew after me. In less than a half hour, we were in the Wilderness, on the coast. We dismounted our dragons and walked along the coast.

-Yesterday, Sandstorm and I found a scorched cave with dead Sand Furies. It is somewhere... Here!, I say as I point the cave. I ran there and took a look. I was surprised. Hiccup came too.

- Umm... I don't think that there is anything in here

-Hiccup I promise, here were dead dragons, Sand Furies! I don't know how did they disappear! But as you see the place is scorched. Can you recognise which dragon or what caused it?

He went further in the cave. He touched the ash, and gave a better look.

-It isn't human made fire. Dragon made it.

-But why a dragon to burn another?

-Territory, maybe. But if you look how the fire has spread, it is like someone controled it for where to shoot. As for the species, it isn't something I have seen before. If it was really controlled by humans, it is really considered as a very serious threat for all dragons. We will have our eye on such incidents. Thank you for informing me. But now I have to go.

-Ok, I'm sorry for spending your time.

-Don't worry, this is excused. If you notice anything strange, tell us, Hiccup says as he mounts Toothless and leaves. I looked again at the cave and shivered. I'd prefer to not remember it. Sandstorm didn't seem to be bothered, but he walked in the cave, smelling around. I watched him as I tried to turn from the other side, to shield my eyes. I couldn't, I was stuck there. Even the Sand Furies weren't there anymore, I was still seeing the female, ready to hideSand Fury, next to her already dead family.

I called Sandstorm and went to the School. I still would make it for the first hour. I ran into the classroom and as I opened the door, my classmates looked at me. I slowly walked in.

-Hi guys. Sorry I'm late. I had a job to do.


The next week, five burnt dragon nests were found scorched. Nadder on the furthest rock of Berk. Hobblegrunt on Hobblegrunt Island. Shivertooth on the Glacier Island. Scuttleclaw on the Scuttleclaw Island, even the Speed Stingers on the Icestorm Island. I have the sense that my dream will come true. If all dragons become extinct?

Fortunately, no important decrease in the population happened. Good, the dragons are safe, at least for now. I'm now wondering: if the dragons of the Riders become a target? That dragon might begin with wild dragons and go on with the tamed. Even Toothless might be under threat.

I promised to myself that I would do whatever it takes to protect the dragons, and find what is threating them.


Later that day. It is about 2 hours after midnight. Like always, Sandstorm is sleeping next to my bed, and now and then, half of him sleeps on me, leaving me almost breathless.

Suddenly a sound woke me up. I thought that it was Sandstorm who was snoring, but he also seemed upset, from the sound. I looked at the other side of the room, were the incubator was. The black egg wasn't in its place, but on the floor. I was watching shocked as the egg was moving and spinning here and there, when a crack appeared. It was time for the hatch.


Chapter 3

I watched shocked as the black egg moved and spinned here and there on the floor. Then a crack appeared. Then another one. More and more appeared filling the up side of the egg.

Sandstorm approached the small thing, and when a small claw appeared, he ran towards me. I standed next to him and saw the hatch of the small dragon. After the claw, a black paw started to break the shell. The other paw broke the shell more. Finally the head pushed the broken eggshell and the hatchling walked out from the orb, stretching. I came a little closer. The small winged creature stood still and watched me. It shook its head and flunged the eggshell piece on it and looked at me again.

The baby dragon was grayish black, on its head were small, rounded plates. Behind its hind legs, there were small "additional" wings. On its back there were small, rounded spikes and it had tailfins. It couldn't be a Sand Fury, it wasn't that spiky. Then I remembered the unknown dragon in the cave. It must have been a Night Fury! So and the hatchling.

I walked towards the baby Night Fury. I kneed in front of it. It slowly walked towards me and opened its eyes. They were green to golden shade. So beautiful! I couldn't take my sight of the hatchling. I sat there and looked at the cub.

The atmosphere filled with a sense of magic, and forgot about almost everything in the world. For how much was I sitting and looking the baby Night Fury? A few minutes? Hours? I had no idea.

Then I pulled myself together and gave a glance at Sandstorm. This glance was saying "It won't bother you?" and I got a reply with his glance. It was like he was saying "No, feel free to pet the cub". I nodded at him and turned to the baby dragon.

It was still looking at me. I tended my hand towards it. It slowly came to me. I thought it was going to bite me, as a baby it is. But it stretched its neck to reach me. It came closer and touched its snout on my hand. Then it walked like a cat and rubbed at me. I gently petted it and got it in my hug. It was purring and at the same time it was wondering about the sound it making. I gave a better look. It is almost identical to Toothless. It really is a Night Fury. It was a female. Good news.

We sat on my bed, and I continued to pet her on the belly. It fell asleep really quickly. I knew that this tiny fragile creature is under my protection. Sandstorm looked at the baby curiously. I smiled.

-You can see her, I told him.

He approached and smelled the Night Fury. It was sleeping so peacefully. All my negative thoughts were now gone. About one hour passed. Sandstorm already was asleep. I was still petting the hatchling, while I was looking outside the window. The sky was clear and the stars bright. The endless sea was shining from the moon. Soon I also sleeped, always having the baby Night Fury in my hug.

Now I was relieved to know that Toothless isn't the only one out there.


Chapter 4

The next morning. The sun rays fell on my face, waking me up. The baby Night Fury was still sleeping in my hug. Sandstorm was looking at me. He was waiting for our daily morning flight. I standed and carefully left the baby on the bed. She didn't seem to notice. She is so cute!

I gave Sandstorm a fish and before leaving, I closed firmly the windows and the door. I wanted to be sure that she didn't ran away, while I was missing. I walked out and looked at Sandstorm. He was really impatient. I sighed and told him, "Ok,Sandstorm. But only for a little. I have and a Night Fury to take care of.". And we had our flight.




I walked inside the hut. I was a little wet

"Sandstorm! I can't believe that you dived into the river, while I was mounting you!", I almost shouted. Sandstorm sat down and cleaned him self. He didn't seem to be aware of his mistake. Actually he was ignoring me. "Do you hear me Sandstorm? Ah... Never mind. Forget it.", and went to my bed. The Night Fury was still sleeping.

When I sat next to her, she slowly woke up and stretched, like a cat. Then her green to golden eyes fell on me. I helped her to the floor and watched her as she explored the house. Everything was so big to the cub! Then she returned to the main room. I sat down and watched her "encounter" with Sandstorm. The Sand Wraith smelled the hatchling. She tried to stand up to the big dragon, but his sigh like sound scared her and ran to me. Sandstorm looked at me miffed. Obviously, he was jealous. I walked away and in a little, I return with a fish, cut in pieces. The baby Night Fury sat near me. I left a piece of fish. She approached it and after smelling it, she ate it. I gave her some more, until she didn't want. I gave the last piece to Sandstorm, who accepted with pleasure.

I took the baby in my hug and sat on my bed. She had a playful mood. I looked at her and told:

"You need a name. I will call you... Raisa. What do you think? ".

She looked at me and let some smoke from her nostrils. She seemed happy.

"Ok. Raisa then.".

And in this way, I met my Night Fury Raisa.

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