Fan-Fiction Contest: Entry #4 - The Partnership

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"A little more, a little more.. a-a-nd THERE!" Jack uttered to his black furred Woolly Howl, Saber, who placed a home-made sign declaring 'Jack's Hut Of Awesomeness' right on top of the roof of his riders hut as instructed. Saber met up with his rider at the bottom and they both looked on proudly at the one of a kind sign. "Hmph, now that's a sign," The red-head remarked, placing both his hands on his waist. "I've couldn't have done it better myself." His woolly howl frowned and swiftly slapped his rider on the back of his head with his tail, "Ow!" Jack rubbed the back of his head indignantly before correcting himself. "Fine, WE couldn't have done it better ourselves. Happy?" The black woolly howl grinned and began to nuzzle his rider but Jack pushed him away, not willing to forgive so easily.
Suddenly, a distant grunting and squeaking caught the riders attention. Gazing up into the sky, he caught sight of a small green blob flying towards them. As the small green blob grew closer, Jack was able to identify it more clearly; it was nothing but a terrible terror. The red-head couldn't help but glare at the creature with distaste.
Those little rascals are nothing but trouble, everyone gets fooled by their cute looks but o-o-h not me no sir.
In his younger years, Jack had a not-so-good experience with terrible terrors and chooses not to talk about it. When you ask him why, he simply ignores you and switches the subject.. so there's no point in trying. Within minutes of realizing that its indeed a terrible terror, the little terror soon lands gracefully in front of the viking. The terrible terror gazes up at Jack innocently and begins to squeak in a form of a 'Hello' but Jack didn't bother to greet the dragon from its flight to reach him. The terror, not fazed by the lack of greetings, lowered its head and took off a little capsule that was tied to its front-left leg and laid it on the ground in front of Jack before it turned away and flew off.
Leaning down, Jack snatched up the small capsule from the Earth and held it up. "Its Terror mail," The red-head said practically to himself as he fiddled the capsule in his hand. "I wonder who sent it." Jack popped the lid of the capsule and carefully took out the mail that's rolled up. Saber, rather curious, drew his head close to his riders hands and sniffed as his rider unrolled the piece of paper. Within last than a second, the viking's eyes widened in pure astonishment. "Its from Hiccup!" Jack exclaimed to his woolly howl. "Here's what is says," The red-head briefly cleared his throat and read out loud the message:
Greetings, Jack.
I've written to you today to inform you that I've chosen you to carry out an important scouting mission for me. Please meet me at my hut at Berk, so that we can discuss farther more about the mission.
Jack looks over at his dragon and smirks smugly. "Seems like Hiccup has finally realized my potential, hmph.. it was about time," The rider commented with dignity. "Come, let's head over there." The red-head tucked the capsule and paper into his pocket and mounted his dragon. Saber gave out a cheerful roar, one that involved hopping and tail swishing before he took to the sky's with puppy-like excitement.
Ultimately, after being airborne for fifteen minutes, they finally arrived at Berk. Vikings laid all over the place as usual. Talking to one another, buying stuff, selling stuff etc. Berk simply is the main hub for anything and everything. Both rider and dragon searched through the crowd from above for the legendary rider that tamed a nightfury and soon they spotted him along with his nightfury near his hut below the steps that lead to the great hall. Saber descended down and angled his wings back to slow himself down and landed smoothly on the ground, just feets away from the chief and nightfury. Jack dismounted from his woolly howl and began to walk over to Hiccup with his dragon close behind. As he neared, Jack caught sight of someone nearby that briefly caught his attention; he looked over casually and examined the viking.
The viking weared a unique set of clothes, one that's a mix of hunter and screaming death. The viking seemed female in shape but Jack couldn't verify for sure because the viking in question is wearing a censored.od and mask. So he looked over at the viking's dragon, usually the type of dragon and color of the dragon could tell you a lot about its rider. The dragon is no other than a razorwhip, a titan razorwhip to be precise, its main color is purple with white and turquoise detailing and Jack wasn't too impressed. Vikings consider titan dragons to be impressive and out of this world but in Jack's eyes, titan stage is nothing more but just upgraded looks. After brief consideration, the red-head determined that both rider and dragon are females and shifts his eyes away in time to see and hear Hiccup greet him.
"Hello Jack, nice to see that you came."
"Of course, I wouldn't miss an opportunity like this," The red-head replied, stopping in front of him. "So, what's the details about this mission?"
"Well, me and Toothless found an island thirty miles south from Impossible Island. Its a decent-sized island with much resources, a place prefect for dragons to live and survive in. But when we checked it out, we found possible signs of dragon hunters taking residence there but we were unable to investigate further because bad weather forced us to leave. Ever since getting back home, I've wanted to head back over there but with me being chief I simply don't have time too," Hiccup explained. "That's why I've chosen you and someone else to further investigate the island for any possible dragon hunter camps-"
"O-o-h! Thank you so much Hiccup, I wouldn't... wait.. someone else? What do you mean someone else?!" The red-head inquired bewilderingly with his joy beginning to seep away.
"Jack, let me introduce you to AF Mandy," Hiccup beckoned for the rider to come over and to the red-head's surprise, the rider turned out to be the viking he examined just moments ago!
The viking lowered her censored.od and took off her mask, revealing her face. Her eyes were light blue almost like sapphire and around her right eye laid red warpaint and her brown hair was tied up into a looseness ponytail.
"Hi there, it's nice to meet you."
Jack's eyes shifted back and forth from her to Hiccup in both disbelief and disapproval. "Hold up a sec! Hiccup, you never mentioned a partner whatsoever in your message!" The red-head exclaimed crossly. Hiccup took a breathe, "I know.. I did it intentionally." The red-head huffed and crossed his arms, "Why didn't you tell me that I was going to be having a partner?! I thought you only choose me to go on this mission, I-I thought you finally realized my potential."
"Jack, I've always known your potential but.. sometimes.. somebody has to keep an eye on you because your ego always manages to get you in trouble. That's why AF Mandy is going to be with you to keep you in check besides she's a good asset, she's done scouting missions in the past so she's not new to this."
"Ok fine, but why her? You could've partnered me up with somebody else besides a girl, look.. she even looks like a dragon hunter. How could I trust her?" Offended by the remark, AF Mandy bridled, she thought about saying something back but decided to hold her tongue. "Jack, I trust her and so should you. Now, I wouldn't tolerate your ill-manner behavior towards her.. apologize now!" The red-head signs and looks over at the girl, "...sorry..."
"I forgive you." The brunette accepted half-heartedly, lifting her censored.od up over her head. "Good, it's settled." He turns away and mounts his woolly howl, "Pack up your stuff Mandy, we're leaving today." With that, he departed from their mist. "I already see this partnership not going so well," The girl muttered silently to herself before mounting her razorwhip and taking to the sky's.
• • •
An hour or so has passed since meeting his partner that now, Jack couldn't stop blabbering about how unfair this whole partnership is. He paced back and forth throughout his room, snatching clothing and gear and tossing them onto his bed, where a tan colored bag laid empty. "Argh! I still can't believe that Hiccup partnered me up with that, that girl!" The red-head voiced mindlessly, tossing yet another pair of pants onto the bed. Saber sat in the middle of his riders room, watching attentively as his rider threw his tantrum, pacing here over there and back again. "Come on, man! Partnering me with a girl, really?! I don't need a girl to keep me in check, what am I? A child?" The red-head goes over to his bed and finally begins placing all his stuff into his empty bag. "I'm fully capable of doing this mission by myself but n-o-o, Hiccup had to partner me up with a goody two shoes.
Suddenly, someone appears at Jack's front door and leans on the doorframe. Though Jack, unaware of the guest at the door, continues on. "Hmph, if you ask me that girl isn't an asset but just another liability. Her and her titan razorwhip, blah!" Saber, who spotted the guest at the door in the moment they appeared, stood up and grunted more than once to warn his rider but to no avail. "I'll tell you one thing, Saber, that girl may wear tough looking armor but under all that armor she's nothing but a cute face-"
"Well, now I see how you view me," A feminine voice said in a unfriendly tone of voice. Jack spun around startled rendered speechless. "You know, Jack, I'm a lot of things but being just a 'cute face' isn't one of them..." What happened next was nothing but a war of words at its best.