Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 5: Borgar and The Crew

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Slight case of writer's block, the internet went down for the majority of last night, and my alarms did not wake me up this morning when I wanted to get up.  They did wake me up late, but not when I needed them to.


So, sorry for the delay in posting, but here you go.


There will not be a picture for this chapter, however, that doesn't mean I won't do one.  I am working on the drawing for the first chapter.  It is a drawing of my character in new attire for the aged characters in Race to the Edge.


That being said, if any of you that are reading have characters in my story, I would like you to submit what you would like your character to look like if there were in Race to the Edge.  My character has a combination of a basic outfit like Hiccup mixed with armor from the School of Dragon's store.  This drawing will take a little more time as it is bigger and I am putting a little more detail in it.

Take in-game screenshots of your characters of the every day close and armor you want them to have.  Also if you want what pose the in-game characters do while standing still, do that too.

To get a better angle of the pose for my character, I went to my journal and opened up the customization tab.  Here I could get a closer and better angle of my character to draw from.  Also, quickly change the look from regular to battle ready.


I hope you guys enjoy this chapter! :)


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The Secret Symbol


Chapter 5


Borgar and The Crew


         Since I already had the high ground, I made my own path through the trees.  The outpost is surrounded on the northside by trees, so I should be able to get a great vantage point at any number of places.

         The higher branches, in the trees, are stronger, bigger, and thicker.  No need to fear of falling unless I get too hasty and take a misstep.  But I am treading swiftly through the forest: Balancing on branches with my arms and legs, jumping from one tree branch to the next branch on a different tree.  When I reach the main part of the tree, I could either hug the tree and stretch my legs around to a branch on the other side, or step my way around on some branches to continue on my path back.  I am also having to duck under branches, step over some, and move around some of the outstretched branches coming from another tree nearby.

         A couple times I needed to grab a branch that I could face forward on, hang down, and then swing over to another branch.  Fairly easy to do if you have the strength, but the roughness of the branches between your hands will get old.  Starting from the first branch, I just bend my wrists while keeping my hands in place.  It is when I have to grab on to the next branch for my landing that my hands feel the most burn; both from the rubbing of the branch of grabbing onto it, but also the burn from the full weight of my body coming down on my hands.  High stamina is needed to do this kind of grip strength activity.  However, keeping your momentum going will allow you to not zap your grip strength, not to mention the burn when you hang down from your hands will not be as long if you keep moving.

         It took me ten minutes to get back to the outpost.  I got as far as I could back but one tree back to keep myself concealed.  Crouching down on the branch, I am able to see practically the whole outpost.  The harbor is obscured from the second level and the Clubhouse, but I would not think that the Speed Stingers would be down there.  One thing is for sure, this place is literally crawling with Speed Stingers.  Just a rough estimate from a quick count, I count twenty or twenty-five.  There could be more, yet I may have counted a few twice.

         “Now, what are they after?” I said in a hushed tone.  “Something is different about these Speed Stingers.  I can’t place it, yet.  What did these Speed Stingers come here for?”

         A voice returned an answer, “I don’t know.”

         I gasped, looked up, and then sighed.

         “Hey,” came the voice.  “Get your own tree, I was here first.”

         I replied, “But I own this bottom area of the tree… Annabeth.”

         She dropped down to my branch and said, “I thought we all shared this island equally.”

         I sarcastically replied as I pointed out this area of the tree, “Not this particular tree.  You see this?  You see all this?  This is mine.”

         “Okay,” chuckled Annabeth.  “How come you get more sarcastic when we are in perilous situations?”

         “I don’t know,” I replied.  “I guess so I can lighten up the situation, so the solution comes more naturally and easier so it won’t get any worse.”

         “That felt positive of a negative situation,” Annabeth stated.  “Does that cancel out though?”

         “Even that confuses me,” said I.  “And I talk that way a lot.”

         “You do,” Annabeth added.

         I then asked, “Do you know if there is anyone else stung by the Stingers?”

         “No,” Annabeth answered.  “All I know is after I herded all of our dragons into the stable and fed them, I walk out and see down below me the outpost overrun by Speed Stingers.  I see you had a similar idea of trying to figure out a plan for the situation.  Do you have a plan?”

         “Yes,” I affirmed.

         Annabeth pointed her right finger at me, “You better not say, ‘Not to get stung.’”

         “Oh,” I returned, smiling.

         Annabeth rolled her eyes, I then thought, “First Asvord, then Elsa, now Annabeth… who wants to be next?  Who wants to be the fourth.”

         Annabeth rhetorically questioned, “Why do I like you again?”

         Knowing she is being sarcastic, I more seriously said, “I do actually have a plan… wait until dark.”

         “I liked your other plan better,” Annabeth retorted.  “You do know that Speed Stingers are a nocturnal dragon.  So, why would you want to wait until night when they are at their prime?”

         “Let me ask you this,” I countered.  “If they are a nocturnal dragon… why are they out during the day?”

         Annabeth started to open her mouth, but stopped.

         “Ah, see,” I pointed out.  “If it runs like a Speed Stinger, stings like a Speed Stinger, and talks like a Speed Stinger, it must be a Speed Stinger.  Right?  Then if it is like any other average dragon, is it the same breed of Speed Stingers we know?  Could there possibly be Speed Stingers that are awake during the day and asleep at night?”

         Annabeth nodded, “You have a point.  I guess we will see, won’t we?”

         I agreed.

         Several hours later, still sitting in the same tree, the sun started to set.

         I had already put my left arm around Annabeth, about a half hour ago, with her head leaning up on my left shoulder; our legs were dangling off the branch as we sat there.

         I sighed and said…, “Isn’t this romantic,” I pause.  “Sun is setting.  It’s just you and me.  The gleaming sound sparkling off the water… is so beautiful when you pair it with the rustling noise of Speed Stinger feet.”

         As I started, I knew she started to smile, even though I did not look.  When I said that last bit of my previous statement, she probably closed her eyes as she muffled a snorting laugh.

         I continued now trying to get a response from Annabeth, “Isn’t this romantic?”

         Annabeth up-played it, “Oh, yes, yes, yes.  This is so romantic.  You know just where to take a girl.”

         About another hour and the sun has nearly set all the way.

         “Ugg,” said Annabeth.  “I’m getting bored.”

         I looked at her blankly and raised my left eyebrow.

         “Uh,” she quickly said.  “I mean sitting here with you is great, but, we need to get down there and help our friends.”

         I nodded, “Yes, we do.  I just wanted to be sure the Speed Stingers were worn down or had gone to sleep.”

         “Though we are not even sure they are asleep right now,” Annabeth added.

         “True,” I replied.  “You only live once,” I said as I climbed down.

         Climbing down first, I then reached back to help Annabeth down.  We both snuck our way back over to where I climbed up the cliff face and Clubhouse.  To get back to level ground with our friends, Annabeth and I climbed down the same way I climbed up.  I went first to make sure the coast was clear.  Annabeth followed suit, having no trouble doing the same as I.

         With myself in the lead, Annabeth followed me.  Edging our way around to the corner of the building on the east side, we peaked around the corner.  What we saw came to us as a surprise.

         All the Speed Stingers are curled up, yet not asleep.  They look terrified of something.

         “What is wrong with them?” asked Annabeth.

         “I don’t know,” I answered.

         At first I was hesitant, but I committed to walking out in the open.  Annabeth at first tried to call me back, but then she noticed it too.  The Speed Stingers are still awake and alert, but they are not attacking us.  Whatever they could find to hide under, they did so.

         There is a Speed Stinger curled up under one of the benches in front of the Clubhouse; easing my way over, I gently stuck out my hand, “It’s okay.  It’s alright.”

         With the shadow of the bench, I could not see the dragon very well.  But when it started to stick its head out and look at my hand, it jerked back and looked up, fearfully.  Before the dragon jerked back, the dragon looked like it was going to touch my hand.

         Annabeth spoke, “Something is wrong.  For a Speed Stinger to be out during the day, curled up in a hiding spot, not attacking us when we came into its pack territory, and afraid of something or someone, something is clearly wrong.”

         “For a Speed Stinger to be afraid,” I said standing up.  “I believe you are right.  Go get our dragons and meet me back here.”

         Annabeth ran off to the stables.  With this strange development, there is now an uneasy feel of tension in the air… like we are being watched.  Not by the Speed Stingers, by something else.

         I rushed into the Clubhouse to find even more Speed Stingers in corners, under tables, or in other hiding places.  Going over to Asvord’s room, I unlocked the door and entered it.  Asvord is still laying in the same position I had put her in previously.  Walking to her bed side, I felt her.  She no longer felt cold to the touch, but still she could not talk or move.  Only her eyes talked to me.

         Asvord looked relieved to see me, yet, the relief to see me quickly turned back fear as she knew something was still out there and she feared for my safety.  I heard some faint noises coming from her mouth, but even bending down my ear to hear, I could not make out what she is saying.

         I grabbed her right hand with both of mine, “I will be alright, Asvord.  I will keep you safe.”

         I stood up and exited the room, again looking the door behind me.  Entering Elsa’s room, she too is in the same place I left her.  She is not as bad as Asvord, but still Elsa could not move.  The only thing different between her and Asvord is she could move or left leg.

         I told the same thing to her as I did Asvord as I grabbed Elsa’s hand.  When I stood up to walk away, Elsa somehow stretched out her right arm to have her right hand brushed my leg.  Her hand was still numb, but it looks like her arm is nearly free.  Looking back at my little sister, I saw her lips barely move.

         Kneeling down and putting my right ear to her lips, I heard, “Speed… Stinger… attack.”

         “I know, but now they are all curled up hiding from something,” I replied.

         “No… Different… Speed Stinger… Bigger… Faster… Stronger,” whispered Elsa.  “King Speed Stinger… Titan.”

         My eyes widened in shock and also amazement, I repeated, “A Titan Speed Stinger?”

         Looking at Elsa, she nodded her head.

         Things just got twice as serious.

         I assured Elsa everything is going to be alright, but we both knew, we are in deep danger.

         A regular Speed Stinger is bad enough and predictable in its unpredictability.  What are you supposed to do when you meet a Titan Speed Stinger?  All of its attributes at least doubled let alone its smarts is probably way beyond its subordinates.  Why?  If the leader of the pack is already the smart one, what happens when the leader and the smart one turn out to be a Titan?  What then?

         I exited her room and locked the door behind me.  Looking at the Speed Stingers in the room, I felt the need to help them.

         I started to speak, “I know you guys may not understand what I am saying, but I want to help.  You guys are acting very much out of character, and by what I hear, for good reason.  Before today, you may have never even thought of looking to a human for help, but a close friend of mine changed the hearts of many.  He helped dragons out when they were not asking for help.  It turned out that you did need help but did not know where to turn.  He saw what dragons really are.  They are the same as us, yet reptile in nature.  When you see someone in need, how can you turn them down?  Well… I am here now.  I want to help.  But I don’t think I can do this without your help.  Why are you afraid of the Titan King?  Sure, he is a Titan and a king…,” then said under my breath, “Not sure how this is helping,” before continuing, “But your pack is your home.  Are you just going to let him speed in here and take over?  You don’t have to listen to him.  Your pack isn’t just your pack, it is your family.  Us vikings would do anything for family, I believe you guys would too.”

         I paused and just looked around the now dimly lit Clubhouse.

         “Who am I kidding?” I said.  “You guys probably didn’t understand a word I was saying.”

         Starting to walk off towards the front door, I heard a noise behind me.  Freezing in my tracks, I stopped.  Slowly turning slightly back around to my right, I looked behind me.

         It is the one Speed Stinger that did not attack me earlier!

         Taking in a deep breath, I closed my eyes, and stretched out my right hand with my hand out.

         Only doing this once before, I still do not know what to do.  Before it was a little different.  Now, the situation is completely different.

         Silence rang throughout the Clubhouse until…

         I felt the scales of the Speed Stinger’s head rest on my right hand.  Opening my eyes, I saw the Speed Stinger.  His eyes closed and gently purring.

         One would think any viking would be nervous around a Speed Stinger, for some reason, that is the furthest feeling from me.  I started to gently rub and pet my newfound friend.  The Speed Stinger walked forward a few steps and lowered his head.

         Surprised, I answered, “You want me to get on you?”

         Imagination or not, but I sure thought he just nodded.

         Mounting my new friend, the front door of the Clubhouse opened.  It is Annabeth and Cazi.

         “Cazi?” I said, astonished to see her.  “You’re unharmed.”

         “And…,” Cazi began but instead said, “You are riding a Speed Stinger.”

         “Yes, that I am,” I replied.

         Riding my new friend out of the club house, I am greeted by Meen and Hattori, along with all the present riders’ dragons.  Fredrick is a bit amazed to see me on a Speed Stinger, yet so are the other riders.

         Hattori asks, ignoring the yak in the room, “So, what is the plan?”

         “Have you guys ever seen a Speed Stinger Titan?” I questioned.

         “No,” Meen, Hattori, and Annabeth answered.  “Why?”

         “Between thinking about it all day, putting subtle clues here and there together, and one big one which clinched it for me from Elsa,” I summarized.  “I believe we are up against a Titan Speed Stinger… King.”

         If me riding a Speed Stinger did not make everybody’s mouths drop, my last statement did.

         “With the help of my new friends,” I said, as the rest of the pack of Speed Stingers came out of hiding.  “I believe we can stand up to this king, take back this Speed Stinger’s pack, and chase this king away.”

         Cazi is a part from the group, but then asked, “How big would you say a Speed Stinger King is?”

         I replied, “Oh, probably little bit bigger than an average Stinger.”

         Cazi added, “Maybe about eight feet tall, four feet wide, bigger and muscular build than an average…?”

         Cazi trailed off her question as I answered a tentative, “Yes.”

         “Same color as most Speed Stingers, has a ton of red markings on him to signify his dominance…,” Cazi continued as I knew where she is going.  “Has a scar across his right eye… light blue left eye… orange right eye…”
         “Oh, let me guess,” I tilted my head
backwards in disgust.

         Cazi guessed for me, “The Speed Stinger King is here!”

         With the twilight sun, we all could see once we turned around or look up to face south, the king walking up the gang plank from the lower level.  The king stayed on his side and stood in the middle looking at me and or the Speed Stinger I am on.  My Stinger looked back at me.  I figured what he was going to do, and so I nodded my head in approval.

         Although I did say yes to approaching the king, I did not expect my Stinger to just jump off the edge and come down onto the second level, instantly.  I actually had to look up to see the King Speed Stinger.  Hearing some wing flapping behind me, I look and the rest of the dragons who came with us to the outpost, landed down on level above us.  My Speed Stinger then called out.  Moments later all the Speed Stingers came out of hiding to rally around the Speed Stinger I am on.

         Expecting that there is going to be a fight of some kind, the two Speed Stingers slowly started to circle each other, clockwise.  Circling each other several times, we ended up back in the same spots.

         I spoke out, “You want to take over the pack?  You think you are the king of the pack?  If you want to have others follow you, you must treat them with respect, honor, and how you want to be treated.  If you don’t, sooner or later whether you are a king or… or titan… you do not deserve to be the leader.”

         The moment I finished, my Speed Stinger roared.  Then he readied his stance for a fight.  I kind of second guessed getting on the Speed Stinger at this point, but then something strange happened.

         The Speed Stinger King just up and left.  He lowered his head, yelled out to the rest of his pack, and retreated with his pack.  Some of the king’s pack stayed behind though.

         Dismounting, I watched as the king and the rest of his pack scampered off… on the water.

         Surprised, I nodded my head back and forth as I just noticed the Speed Stingers have webbed feet.

         Turning back to my Stinger, I said, “So, I guess you are the chief of the pack now.  You can go now.”

         The dragon just stood there and looked at me.  Instead of running off, the Stinger walked over to me.  Holding out my hand again, the Stinger walked over, closing his eyes again, rubbed his head into my hand.  Shocked by this, I did not know what to do.  The rest of the dragons along with those who were not affected by the Stingers who overran the outpost earlier, came down as well.

         Hattori said astoundingly, “I do not believe it.  Not to mention seeing a Speed Stinger Titan for the first time, a turf war between two packs, there tradition of handing off the chief status… but seeing a Speed Stinger submitting to a viking?  Goes to show you that any dragon can truly be trained.”

         Lowering my hand from the Speed Stinger, who in turn wagged his tail and seemingly smiled, “Maybe ‘submitting’ is the right word for it.  Trusting, may be the best word.  This Speed Stinger trusted me that I am not a threat but wanted to help.  I trusted the Speed Stinger by letting him make the right decision with myself and possible injury on the line.  Trust is a big thing and can go both ways.  If you can get one to truly understand you want to help them, they will trust you and protect you.”

         A moment of silence came before Cazi walked over, “So now what?  Why aren’t these Speed Stingers leaving too?  It isn’t like this is their home?”

         It dawned on me, “Maybe this is their home.  Previously scouting this island, I saw no signs of dragon life on the island itself.  But with its dense forests and possible hidden caves, perfect places for Speed Stingers to nest, maybe these Speed Stingers do live here and we are the ones who took over their home.”

         Annabeth spoke up, “That might be why they initially attacked the outpost and everyone in it.  Yet, I bet they attacked more because that king titan dragon wanted them too.  The way your Speed Stinger is acting, his first instinct is not to attack, but to protect.  After all, a leader protects his own.  So, when you showed him you are not a threat but wanted to help, after they probably thought you stole their home, they saw you for the leader you are.”

         I smiled back at Annabeth.

         Meen chimed in, “But the question still needs to be asked:  What are we going to do with a pack of Speed Stingers?”

         I grinned and looked at my friends, “Are you thinking what I am thinking?”

         The only one that could have guess what I was going to do next is Annabeth.


         The rest of the late evening and night is spent making sure everyone is okay and cleaning up the outpost.  Garth and Hyrith were able to escape along with Ashley a different way, but they were cornered by the Titan Speed Stinger’s pack.  My friends told me after they had been keeping an eye on them for the whole day, they up and left at twilight.  When I recounted what happened with me, the moment the Titan King yelled out, the other Speed Stinger left and let my friends be.

         Those who were left on the outpost were in fact stung by a Speed Stinger.  By late in the night, the paralysis had worn off completely for everyone.  With a late supper in the Clubhouse, fixed by Asvord and Annabeth, I told the story of the day.

         That night and now the next day, everyone is still uneasy about letting the Speed Stingers stay on Mystery.  But after getting up early in the morning and working until lunch, I brought everyone up to the cliff overlooking the Clubhouse and the entire outpost.

         “Thank you for coming,” I began.  “After telling you all about what transpired yesterday with me and the Speed Stingers, I asked you guys if you were thinking what I was thinking.  All last night and late this morning, none of you figured out what I was doing.  Well, this is what I am thinking.”

         I pointed to a tarp covered object of some kind in the center of the overhang.  Uncovering it, I reveal a nook.

         “After being away from Mystery for many days, back on Berk I began to think.  Once we got back to Mystery’s Edge and found that it looked like our outpost was attacked, I knew what I needed to do,” I spoke.  “Knowing that we cannot be everywhere at once and protect our home when we all need to be elsewhere for something important, we need a failsafe to protect our home when we cannot.  I introduce our version of the Night Terror Security System… the Speed Stinger Detection Defense.”

         On that cue, my Speed Stinger ran inside the nook and took a stance as if he was guarding something.  He looked very funny.

         Everyone kind of went, “Oh,” and also applauded my idea.  Everyone immediately voiced their approval and said, “This is a great idea.”


         Having a Speed Stinger defense for Mystery is probably one of the most unique ideas I have had yet.  If I do say so myself, Borgar and the crew is better than Smittvarg and the gang.  Granted, Speed Stingers cannot fly, but can Night Terror’s sting their foe, buying us time to return?

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Subject do I need why Hmm? Above them can be a Jedi Master, No?

Here are the screenshots I am using for my drawing, btw, so you can see what I am saying about how to get the screenshots:





I am going to combine all these looks for an average day look.

The ones with the shoulder pads and helmet, I will add on later for the armor/battle ready look.

I got all of these screenshots from the customization screen and just cropped the part of my character out so I could view the character bigger so I can get the most details out of it when I look at it to draw.


I will try to have a drawing out for every chapter.  And each drawing will be something important about a certain character, characters, objects, moments, clues, or action sequences.

I keep wanting to add things to make my chapters more enjoyable, and I hope doing drawings are a welcome addition.

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After the security was put in, I feel that Icer is gonna be in the next chapter.


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