Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 26: Escaped and Captured

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Had some writer's block the other day but thought about it and worked on it today and here it is to post.


Hope you guys enjoy the chapter!


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The Secret Symbol


Chapter 26


Escaped and Captured


         As Vixxen started to talk, I did not for a moment put down my bow; I kept my aim at her, “You have played your part well, Jarl,” Vixxen replied.  “You have played it quite well.  In fact, I’m impressed.”

         If I could care less, I answered, “Glad you approve.  If you are impressed to this point, would you care to drop your weapon belt?”

         “So soon to take me captive?” she said while continuing to walk up not more than five feet in front of me; Fredrick growled as if to say, “That’s far close enough.”

         Vixxen added, “I thought we might get to talk a little more.”

         As if it was “not” a bother, I asked, “Oh, what did you have in mind?”

         “Nothing to important,” she downplayed.  “Just say a Dragon Eye lens.”

         I tried not to have a reaction to that statement, but Vixxen must be very good at seeing even the subtle of reactions because I must have done something for her to say, “Yes, I have heard of the Dragon Eye,” Vixxen began to take a few steps to her right while looking down, “In fact, I know of the lens Hiccup and his friends have been getting…,” she paused and looked up to me.  “Even the ones you and your friends have been getting.  Those other lenses are fine in all, but, the ones you have found and I have found are even more intriguing.”

         “You have found?” I echoed.

         “Did I say, ‘I found,’?” Vixxen said as if she made a mistake; I know that she did not.

         I replied, “Don’t play dumb with me.  You are a red head, not a blonde.  Though maybe your roots may be blonde.  Say, did you have your hair dyed red?”

         Vixxen’s expression changed from playing innocent to dead serious, “You are good, Jarl.  Maybe too good for your own good.  I think of all the ‘business’ acquaintances I have met, you are one of my most difficult to contend with.  It makes for a most exhilarating experience.”

         “You talk quite well,” I spoke.  “For a Dragon Hunter.  Did you read this in a book?  Oh, I assume you do know how to read, correct?”

         Did not know I could get on her nerves, but Vixxen did a reaction I even noticed: Her shoulders dropped slightly and her eyes narrowed at my remark.

         “Like I said, too good for your own good,” Vixxen responded.  “Have you heard of what is at the end of that tunnel?”

         “What tunnel?” I simply stated.

         “Oh, come on, Jarl,” Vixxen irritatingly said.  “If I can’t play dumb with you, don’t play dumb with me.”

         I defended my answer, “That was a legitimate answer and I was being serious.  What tunnel?  There are like a million tunnels out there.  Big and small, deep and wide.  For me to answer that question you’ll have to be more specific.”

         Vixxen just rolled her eyes, “The tunnel.  I meant the tunnel that all of these lenses are leading us to.”

         “Leading who to?” I said, trying not to smile.

         “You fully know who,” she angrily said.

         “Okay,” I replied.  “When you are in a group of more than one, especially when those in the group are on opposite sides, you need to be more specific and define the word ‘us’ here.”

         Getting tired of my statements, she simply replied, “You, me, my men, your friends… us.”

         “Oh, that us,” I nodded.  “Why didn’t you say that in the first place?”
Vixxen started but stopped and moved on.  “I thought you were better than this.  I didn’t realize you were this dumb.”

         “If you now think I am this dumb,” I said.  “But I am one of your most formidable foes, you must not be very bright yourself seeing how I am ‘so’ difficult.”

         Vixxen sighed, changing the subject, “You are a difficult viking to pull wool over your eyes.  But in thi-.”

         I interrupted, “Why would I have wool over my eyes?  Those are called eyebrows.  They’re hair, not wool.  I guess unless I have a wool cap on or something, but why would I wear one in the summer.”

         Vixxen went on, “But in this-,” yet I interjected again, “Granted, sometimes even in a viking summer can get cold, but then again that is only depending on what part of the archipelago you are from.”

         Vixxen noticeably is irritated and began again, “But in-,” but I interrupted her yet again, “On the other hand, why would I bring a wool cap into battle?  That would not be smart.  I am truly not that dumb.  You would need your gear on like this gold helmet I wear.  Or these shoulder pads or bracers.  Though, why do they call them shoulder pads?  They are not that confortable to be wearing all the time.  Unless you put padding underneath them, then they would be pads.  Tell me, Vixxen, do you think that is where they got the name shoulder pads?”

         Vixxen folded her arms and just stood there.

         “Oh, I am sorry,” I fake ap0logized.  “Were you going to say something?”

         “I-,” she said… but I interrupted.  “It isn’t how I normally treat people, but for you, I’ll be glad to make an exception.”

         I did end but there came a few moments of silence, “Oh are you done talking?  I assumed you were going to keep talking.  Or can you stop talking?  Or do you know how to stop talking.”

         “I could say the same for you right now,” I quipped.

         Vixxen was about to say something else but she stopped, closed her eyes, unfolded her arms, took a deep breath, and her demeanor went back to the old Vixxen I know; or at least I think I know.

         “Are you having trouble remembering what you were going to say?” I questioned.  “I believe it went something like, ‘But in this -blank-,’.  Were you going to say, ‘But in this case,’?”

         “Yes,” Vixxen replied.  “It does not make any sense now to say that.  But I was going to say after that: smoke.”

         “Smoke,” I repeated.  “Why smoke?”

         Vixxen quickly answered, “Because,” and drew something out her right sleeve, dropping it into her hand, and then throwing whatever it is onto the ground.

         I had zero time to react while a white cloud exploded from the object, filling the room, disorienting me, made me start to cough, and my eyes water.  Vixxen would have had to push past me to get out the front door, not to mention Fredrick is right here so he would for sure lash out at her even with the smoke.  So, I deducted there is a back door and Vixxen is heading that way.  Aiming at nothing in particular except the back wall, I shot blindly into the smoke.  After doing so, I took my bow in my left hand while I raised my right arm up to my eyes to shield them from the smoke.  I took a split second gather myself and then ran back to the back wall.

         Because I shot blind, I thought for sure I could find my arrow in the back of the wall.  I did not.

         I found the back door and opened it while thinking, “Did I hit her?”

         Looking out the back I did not see a sign of Vixxen; I said under my breath, “She could not have just vanished into thin air.  You can vanish from smoke, but not when it is broad daylight.”

         The thought occurred to me I should have asked Vixxen about the Snow Wraith creating the diversion for her vikings to escape that I had captured.  Then this thought sparked another thought.  Without hesitating to dwell on the thought, I leapt on Fredrick and pushed our way outside the door to fly into the air.

         Seeing nothing in front of us or above us, I turned Fredrick around to see Thorgunna Vixxen flying away on the Snow Wraith!

         Shocked, but not surprised, Fredrick and I went after her.  Fredrick did not even need a nudge cue to fly after her; he launched on his own.

         Not a minute after I did, Vixxen turned around on her saddle to salute me with two fingers.

         “Oh, no you don’t,” I exclaimed.  “I ain’t going to see you later.”

         That is until I saw her next move.  There is a sea stack in her path.  Thinking that she would just maneuver around it, she instead took her dragon at full speed in a turn back into the sea stack.  The sea stack must have been rigged as even a Snow Wraith would not be able to… knock over a large sea stack!

         I did not see the meaning of this until I looked at what was below it.

         “Annabeth!” I screamed.

         I pulled the reins of Fredrick to get his attention off of the Snow Wraith and onto the falling sea stack.  I made Fredrick fly directly at the sea stack.  Just before coming to the sea stack, I reached forward, and tapped Fredrick’s one broken spike.


         Fredrick launched his sonic boom blast into the sea stack at point blank range.  Such a blast caused the sea stack to crack and internally explode as the soundwaves made their way around the stack.  Annabeth below is shielded by Anora who took several chunks of stone and rock to the body and wings.  With Anora’s armor, she should be okay.

         Looking back to where Vixxen was heading, I saw her fly towards the clouds to the northwest.  I nudged Fredrick to fly straight up and get above the rest clouds’ level to the northwest to see if Vixxen would stay on that heading.  I then nudged Fredrick to fly after her.  Fredrick slowly came up to full speed, but at the moment he did, I realized Fredrick’s speed is no match for that of a Snow Wraith.  That, or Vixxen just had too much of a head startedVixxen bobbed up and down through the clouds a few times until she and the Snow Wraith did in fact vanish.  Shocked, I flew a little farther to see if she would reappear.  She did not.  Thinking Vixxen had hid in the clouds, I double back while flying through the clouds.  However, they are so think that I could fly right by her and would not even know she was there.

         “Where’d she go, Fredrick?” I asked my dragon.

         He just shook his head to show he is baffled too.

         As much as it pains me to do it, I will let Vixxen go.  No doubt, we will meet again sometime.  But more important at this moment, I need to see if Annabeth is okay.  Secondly, to capture any of Vixxen’s Vikings or Heather’s Hunters we can.  I have the sinking feeling that I flew right past Vixxen and I did not even know it.  Too late now to go back.

         Arriving back at the island, I see that everything is pretty much wrapped up.  Finding Annabeth, I fly Fredrick down and land next to Anora.

         Annabeth first said, “Did you get Vixxen?”

         “More importantly,” I countered.  “Are you okay?”

         “I’m fine,” she replied. “Thanks to Anora.  She is also okay.”

         “That’s good,” I answered.

         Annabeth asked again, “Did you get Vixxen?”

         “No,” I responded.  “She got away.”

         Cazi came over, pushing two of Vixxen’s men in front of her down to the ground, “Did I see what I think I saw?  Was that Vixxen riding a Snow Wraith?”

         “You saw what you saw, you are correct,” I replied.  “I see you guys back here have everything well in hand.”

         Cazi added, “Having two extra dragons helped.  While they created the distraction, we cleaned it up.”

         “Where’s Heather?” I asked.

         “After you flew off,” Annabeth said.  “I saw her fly back and go into the storehouse over there.”

         I look around and I only see Cazi and Annabeth around.  Wondering where the rest of my friends went, I see Heather coming our way with some of her vikings.

         Annabeth questions as Heather comes over, “What are you doing?”

         Heather did not answer until Annabeth repeated her question in a more concerned tone.

         All Heather said is, “I’m sorry it has to be this way.”

         One of Heather’s Vikings shot a dart at Heather.

         Annabeth is surprised and shocked at what Heather let happen that she tried to ask her, “Why?” before she started to fall back.  I reached out and caught Annabeth as she fell back.  A second later, darts hit both Anora and Fredrick and they went down.  I turn back around, infuriated with what is happen, cover or no cover.

         I duck as I figured one of them had aimed to shoot me, and I landed a right cross on the Hunter, next to Heather’s right, before someone shot me and I lost consciousness as I went after Heather!