Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 22: Mystery Upon Mystery

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Sorry, this chapter took a little longer.


Combined with writer's block and a busy Saturday afternoon and my internet acting up all week, I did not work on it a whole lot.  And even if I were able to post at certain times, I could even because my internet was out.  Dealing with that made me go out of the mood to do a lot of things.


But, I got the chapter done.


Hope you guys enjoy it.


I really enjoy all of your comments you post, in pm and post! :D


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         Knowing we need to act rather fast, I quickly came up with a plan, “Okay, once Vixxen and her men are leaving, we’ll sneak out to the north, get clear enough of this settlement, and then fly back south over them and fight them.  Some of you guys wanted a fight, well you got one now.”

         Dawn asked, “Why not just sneak around them and just go home?  We’ve found what we are looking for.”

         “We could do that,” I said.  “But I believe Vixxen is looking for the same thing we are looking for.  So, by flying from the north back to the south and ‘running’ into them, Vixxen will think that we were up in the north for something.  Hopefully, that will confuse her enough that we can finally get a step ahead of her.”

         Hiccup wondered, “Who’s Vixxen?”

         Dawn opened her mouth, but I knew she would rant about her, so I said instead, “In a nutshell, she is unlike anything I have seen.  She is ruthless, gets what she wants, and does not care who gets hurt, viking or dragon.”

         “Well,” Hiccup’s face changed at the sound of ‘dragon.’  “If she is only a little bit of what you say, she needs to be stopped.”

         “I agree,” I countered.  “But every time we have gone up against her, we out number her in firepower, but she always has with her the man power to overwhelm us.  So, don’t think you can take her out on your first try.  She also seems to know quite a bit about us.”

         Cazi suggested, “Less talk.  More fighting?”

         I walked over to Cazi, who is at the door, and patted her left shoulder, “It’s okay.  There’ll be fighting soon enough.”

         When I looked out the door, I could see Vixxen’s Dragon Hunters swarming the settlement.  There is always a pair of vikings roaming about, looking for something.  Each time they would pass by the building we are in, we would step back into the shadows to make sure we would not be seen.  Thinking they would actually search this building, I am wondering if we would have to fight our way out of here.  But every time a patrol or search party pair would go by, that is all they would do; just go by.

         After about ten minutes, the patrols got fewer and fewer until after an additional five minutes, there were none that went by.  I motioned to everyone to stay back while I go check to see if the coast is clear.

         Keeping to the left side of the room, in the shadows still, I snuck my way up to the door and peered out.  All the activity is done near the harbor.  There are torches lit, some shouts and cries, and someone speaking.  If I had to guess it would be Vixxen as the shouts were more or less cheers for the speaker.

         “I hope they haven’t found something else,” I thought.  “Is it too much to ask to actually be one step ahead of Vixxen?”

         I waved back to everyone to come up.  All of us at the door now, I waited for another minute or two, just in case, before letting everyone mount their dragons and fly into the air towards the north.

         Now, closer to the other side of the island, I told the group, “Let’s fly out over the ocean some to make sure it looks like we came from somewhere other than here.  If we can, capture their leader, whomever it may be.  If their numbers are too high, then make as much damage as we can and leave.  Since we don’t know what we are up against, be ready for quick orders of what to do.”

         Once we flew out over the ocean a mile or two, we turned around and made a beeline to the harbor of the previous island.

         A moment passed and then Hiccup asked a question for Dawn, “I’ve been caught up a little bit with the whole Night Fury connection, that I haven’t had the chance to ask where you got her dragon, Dawn.”

         Dawn briefly explained how she got Fire.

         “Wow,” Hiccup replied.  “For a dragon to bond quickly with a viking, is nearly unheard.  Though we may have just seen that with the Quaken and Jarl, however, the Quaken more or less bounded with Undyne and Fredrick more than their riders themselves.  But, Fire’s tale is very unique; it nearly looks like a Nadder’s.”

         “That’s because it basically is.  Fire is a Sand Wraith the some of the abilities of a Deadly Nadder,” Dawn replied.  “You’re the ‘great’ dragon conqueror, aren’t you?  Couldn’t you tell?  Fire can shoot spines at will from her tail.  And if Will has any brains, he will get out of the way.”

         “Ooo,” I smiled.  “Dawn made funny de joke.”

         Dawn disgustingly rolled her eyes.

         “I think Dawn is starting to loosen up a little and be friendlier,” I thought.  “But do we need or can we handle a perkier Dawn?”

         Shortly thereafter we started to come upon the harbor.  We had taken enough time all the ships are now at to sea, which is nice.  Bigger targets to hit, their grouped together, and we have the high ground… or high sky in this case.

         What we see before us is only five ships.  Granted that still is a large number to take on, but this is half as many as we faced the last time.  Lead ship has full weaponry -archers, catapults, net and grappling launchers- and is the battleship.  The two flanking ships look to be scouts with just archers aboard.  The two remaining ships flanking the scouts on their left and right sides, respectfully, are cruisers; your average ordinary ships with archers and the run of the mill boulder launchers.

         I called out orders, “Hiccup, Cazi, Angie.  Keep the lead ship occupied.  Disable their weapons if you can.  Garth, Annabeth, Dawn.  Take out the rear gunners and disable their ships.  Ali, you and I will take out the scouts so they cannot run for reinforcements.  This is a capture mission, so do not disable their ships to the point they cannot be used.  At the very least, we will force them to retreat back to their waters.  When they spot us, move out; give support to those you think need it cover each other’s backs.”

         It was not a moment after I said that until they spotted us.  Each one who I assigned a task, they immediately flew to perform.

         “Ali,” I said to her.  “Get behind me and follow.  As I draw their attention, fire!”

         I flew over the left scout ship and called out, “Thunderdrum vs. small ship.  Who will win?”

         “Us!” came the yells of the archers, of whom I had to dodge a few volleys.

         Ali came right in behind me and Undyne blasted their ship in two, sinking it.

         I yelled back, “Oh, did I forget to mention there were two Thunderdrums?  My bad.”

         The sheer power one Thunderdrum taking out a scout ship struck fear into the hearts of those on the other scout ship.  How would I know this?  When Ali and I flew over to do the same thing, everyone had jumped ship and started swimming to the surrounding ships.  So, Ali and I had Undyne and Fredrick just obliterate the other scout ship; pieces and shards of wood went flying everywhere.

         As much as Dawn probably wanted to take everyone out, Annabeth made sure to keep her focused on the task at hand.  Anora could have sliced every single mast on these ships, but for us to capture and take them, we need to be able to actually use them.

         Annabeth and Dawn work well together, besides the obvious reasons of knowing each other.  Dawn is still Dawn and has a lot to learn about dragons.  But do not we all?

         Between Riptide’s strength, Anora’s elusive ability, and Fire’s spine shots, just the three of them and their riders were able to knock over or destroy all the catapults on the two rear ships.  By the time, Ali and I were done with our two ships, Garth, Annabeth, and Dawn are already onto the second of the two ships.

         It is nice to have a Night Fury once and a while.  These kinds of battle engagements only last a little while, unless there were more of the enemy.  Today, there is not… which is strange, but maybe that is just me.

         Toothless always seems a bit hesitant around Electic, Sparklebolt, and even Skybolt, but because the Skrills are on our side, he always warms up to them and here, now, to fight with them.

         Ali and I flew over to give them support, but we are now basically the cleanup crew as the crew of the lead ship was either too “shocked” to speak viking or had no weapon to use because Toothless had destroyed them.

         “Do you guys want to surrender now?” called out Cazi.  “Or do you guys want to continue your shock therapy?”

         Hiccup added, “I would heed her advice.  A Night Fury, two Skrills, Two Thunderdrums, a Sand Wraith you guys probably know well, a Tide Glider, and a Razorwhip, who by the way could take out one ship on their own, if they wanted too,” Hiccup shook his head.  “Not good odds.”

         With Garth, Annabeth, and Dawn now finished and coming up from the rear, me and Fredrick on the left, Ali and Undyne on the right, Hiccup and Cazi and Angie in front, the enemy is now surrounded.

         Angie called out, “There is the shock therapy, but my personal favorite is a nice, soothing, Thunderdrum blast massage.  Would any of you like to try?”

         “Ah,” I said.  “Good one, I might try that one time.  While we’re on the subject ‘gentlemen’, a special only good for tonight… Two Thunderdrums for the price of one.  But hurry up on deciding, this deal will not last long.”  At the end of my sentence, Fredrick gave a loud growl with a slight thunder noise in his belly.

         The Dragon Hunters’ First Mate gave a sigh and reluctantly agreed to the surrender.

         “Hold your fire, boys,” said the mate and then asked, “Who is the leader of your group?”

         “Jarl is,” Hiccup announced.

         “Well, Jarl,” the guy made sure to enunciate Jarl.  “Come down below to the captain’s quarters to discuss surrender terms.”

         “Annabeth, Cazi,” I said, dismounting my dragons.  “Come with me.  The rest of you keep an eye on everybody.”

         Annabeth and Cazi dismounted their dragons and followed me down behind the First Mate.  The hull of the ship was dark, damp, and old.

         “Man,” remarked Cazi.  “This ship has seen better days.”

         The First Mate led us down the corridor leading to the door of the captain’s quarters.  I was about to continue walking to open the door, but the first mate stopped me.

         “Sorry,” he said.  “Only the leaders are allowed in this room.”

         Cazi and Annabeth were about to protest, but I said it was alright.

         I put my hand the door handle and looked at the First Mate; he is standing outside the door like he would be on guard or something, “You coming?”

         “Didn’t you hear what I just said?” he asked as if I am stupid.  “I said, only leaders are allowed in there.  Do I look like a leader?”

         I squinted my eyes and looked at him, “Hmm… No, come to think of it, you don’t look like a leader.”

         “What?” he questioned but then understood.  “Oh.”

         It looked like he was trying to hold back from hitting me.  So, he just stood there and fidgeted some.

         I then opened the door and remarked, “Are your leaders accustomed to retreating?”

         “Absolutely not,” came his reply.  “They would never leave a battle when the terms of surrender are about to be discussed.”

         “If that is true,” I said.  “Then I think you guys forgot something from where ever you guys came from, because there is no one in this room.”

         “What?” the mate said surprised.

         At first, he did not want to look, let alone step into the room, but curiosity got the better of him and he entered the quarters; Cazi and Annabeth followed.  I walked around the desk in front of me to see if anything was left behind.

         While searching the desk, I questioned Annabeth, “I thought you said you saw Vixxen.”

         “I did,” came her answer.  “No one could ever miss that dark outfit and shiny belt buckle, even in the dark.”

         “I believe you,” I spoke.  “Just wanted to clarify that is what you said.”  I then pointed my next question to the First Mate, “So, who was leading these ships?”

         The mate folded his arms and quipped, “The many Hunters who were fighting and the one that is leading.”

         I then said quickly, a bit under my breath but enough to be heard, “I walked into that one, but I guess that is what a lot of Dragon Hunter leaders do.  The lead from the shadows and let the rest do all the work, take the blame, or get caught.”

         Offended, the First Mate tried to come at me, but Cazi stepped in the way, holding out her right hand, and stopping his forward movement, “I don’t think you want to test me.  I’ve been waiting for someone to punch in the face; you’ll do just fine.”

         At that threat, the mate begrudgingly stepped back.  By now, I found something.  A note.

         I read the note out loud, “Hello Jarl.  Knew you would capture these ships and be out this way.  Sorry, could not stay and have a nice chat with you, but I did not want to get captured either.  Tell Klarp he played his part well, but I don’t need him anymore.  See you soon.  Vixxen.”

         “You Klarp, I assume?” I asked.

         He just nodded like that name is supposed to mean something to me.  One might also think that upon hearing what I just read out loud about your commanding officer basically throwing you under the yak cart, one would get angry and upset.  Klarp did the exact opposite.

         But something else is puzzling more besides that and why there is no commander of these ships present, I began thinking, “What does Vixxen mean by ‘part’?  Part of what?”