Fan-Fic Fridays: "On the Edge of Mystery" Chapter 8: An Eye and a Symbol

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This chapter should be fun as you'll see the references to "Eye of the Beholder, Parts 1 and 2"


This probably could have been posted a little sooner than now, but I studied up and refreshed my memory on Race to the Edge so I would get the references down good.  So I hope you enjoy them.  There are plenty more in stock for the upcoming chapters.


Mystery wise, things will really start to pick up, as you'll see at the end of this chapter.


When I answer a question, I ask an even bigger on in the mystery.  The bigger one in question is on the last paragraph.

Tell me what you think is the impact of the connection.


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On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 8


An Eye and a Symbol


          “I didn’t want to go all the way to Gothi’s,” Adam spoke as my whole family ran out the door; Dagmar had been awakened by Adam’s knock, and so she came too.  “I feared it would take too long going there and coming back.  So as I had found my sister and checked her over as best I could, I saw that you guys must have gotten back because I saw your fireplace was lit.  So I came over as soon as I saw the light.”

          Adam was about ready to take the normal path around to their house.  But since time is of the essence, I led them a different way.  We had run down the rest of the way past the row of houses my family’s house is and came to the part where Adam wanted to take.  My family’s house is on one of the middle, shall we say, “house floors” of Berk.  The Thorvald’s house is on the lowest “floor”, not including the docks.

          We came to edge and I explained while showing them at the same time, “Jump onto of the house….. Slide off the roof….. and round the bend.”

          Everybody else followed suit.  Once on this lower level, we went to the right, under the one walkway bridge, ran across the waterfall bridge, rounded the corner, and entered the Thorvald’s house.

          “She’s in her room,” Adam pointed upstairs.  “Vemund is with her.”

          Father and mother told me and my sisters to wait down here.  Father and mother have said they have studied medicine off and on throughout their lives and especially on their travels abroad; because out on the sea one might have to do several different jobs such as Healer, Sheriff, and Protector.  Mother has studied it more under Gothi, so she knows a little bit more than father, but they are both pretty good.

          My sisters, Dagmar, and I are tired because we were getting ready to sleep, even more so after running, but we were in no mood to sleep now.

          After sitting on some chairs and staring at random things while waiting; staring at things mainly to keep awake, even though I did not feel like going to sleep. The others finally came downstairs with the news.

          Asvord was the first to say, “How is she?”

          “She will be fine,” mother responded.  “All she needs is rest.”

          “I can rest after I tell you guys what happened,” came Annett from behind; Vemund is helping her down the stairs and to chair to sit down.  Annett needed a minute before starting.

          Asvord questioned, “By what you saw, what happened to Annett?”

          Father answered, “She does have bumps and bruises and cuts, but I can say this: She was not attacked.  How was she when she first came to the house, besides the obvious?”

          Adam came from behind as he was the last to come downstairs, “Vemund was already at the house, I was just about ready to come in the door when I saw Annett coming in from the side.  She slumped against the side of the house as I rushed to help her into the house.  I told Vemund to take care of her while I went and got you.  Seeing your family return from your quest, I knew I could come to you right away and request your help.  Like I said before, it would have taken too long to get Gothi as Annett needed immediate assistance.  I ran to get you and we came back.”

          Knowing that Annett was alright, I started to get up and walk over to what I had been staring at the whole time: Annett’s blue amulet.  Pebbles must have been laying nearby, as he also got up when I got up and walked over with me.  I studied what she had on her desk.  Jewels jumped on the desk and sat, wanting me to pet her.

          Pebbles is Adam’s cat Annett gave him before he left their home island, because of what happened with Vemund.  Pebbles is what I believe to be a Calico color, by what my mom says on the color markings for cats.  Pebbles has orange eyes and the markings of black of the other two Calico colors, browns and tans and of course white, look like “pebbles” laying on him, hence why Adam called him that.  Jewels is Annett’s cat, which is much older than Pebbles.  Jewels is all gray with rich, deep, blue eyes; also why Annett named her Jewels.  Pebbles came from Jewels’ litter.  Even though young in age, Pebbles is bigger than Jewels.  Pebbles must have had big paws as a kitten; mother says this is a sign for animals like these that they are going to be big when full grown adults.

          Since it was so late at night, my mind could not process much at the same time.  So between thinking and studying Annett’s desk, I only got bits and parts of what Annett said when she explained what had happened to her.

          While Annett talked and I petted Jewels, noticed something peculiar.  Jewels rubbed on some of Annett’s books, on her desk, which were leaned up against the corner of the wall.  No, that is not what I thought was peculiar, it is the symbol on one of the book’s binding.  It was a blue book and the symbol on the binding reminded me of something.  Something I had recently seen, but my tired brain just could not remember.  So I logged it away while I looked in the book.  Reading a few excerpts out of the book, I realized the book is a diary.  A diary of the Thorvald’s time on their home island before that whole thing happened with Vemund turning to the dark side and Adam being banished from the Thorvalds’ main island.  The rest of that story is already known.

          I was going to ask her about the diary later, but first I wanted to ask her about the blue amulet.  Stepping back from the desk, I still studied the amulet.  The natural beauty of the gem is mesmerizing to look at.  Each time you tilt it, the light sparkles and shines off of it.

          Annett finished her story.  So piecing together what I heard, this is what happened in-a-nutshell:  Annett goes fishing.  Annett is done fishing.  Annett hears what sounds like a cry for help.  Investigating the noise, it leads her inside a cave.  Searching for a few minutes, suddenly thunder can be heard.  Cave-in imminent, Annett tries to escape, but trips, falls, hits her head, and she is out cold.  She awoke to find it night outside as she could tell she was close to the cave’s entrance.  Thankfully, some of the support beams of the cave had stopped the cave-in from coming down completely on her legs.  Annett was able to pry herself from under the beam, which had landed on her, and escaped.  Once out from under the beam, the rest of the cave-in caved in.  Annett worked her way back to Berk before Adam found her at their house.

          There was a short pause, after Annett was done, someone was probably about to say, “Goodnight,” or something, but I asked, “What’s this?”

          Annett stood up, though with help from her brother Adam, walked over to the stairs, I met her over there, and she said, “Oh that.  The blue amulet holds quite an adventure under, the sparkles that it shines.  But it is getting quite late for any of us to be up, so I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

          I chuckled, “Now you got me thinking about what the adventure might be.”

          “That’s why I said it,” Annett smiled.

          Though I chuckled at her remark, it went away rather quickly at how Annett was walking.  She must have really injured herself or she is very sore.

          My family and I all said, “Goodnight,” to the Thorvalds and wished Annett to be feeling better and heal soon.

          As we started back to our house, I declared, “I’m so tired right now, I could probably run home, get in bed, and still fall asleep.”

          Asvord, Elsa, and I were in front of father, mother, and Dagmar.  I glanced over at Asvord and Elsa on my left, they glanced back at me.  We stared… and then bolted off towards the house.  We told our parents and Dagmar, “Goodnight,” before we took off.

          If this was earlier in the night or in the day, I would have gotten a little more creative in how I got back to our house.  I am too tired and sleepy to boot.  Asvord won the footrace back to the house, Elsa got second, and me third.  I probably would have said some witty remark, but the only thing on my mind is: SLEEP.

          Going up stairs, taking off my tunic, I fell into bed.  I probably went right to sleep the moment my head hit the pillow… which is probably because the hit knocked me unconscious; though being as sleepy as I was, probably helped matters.

          The last thing I remember is Asvord saying, “I would do tha-.”

          She was probably thinking of the previous times I did the same thing.


          The next morning started like most any other morning.  Got up, got my normal attire for the day: Yellow-gold sleeveless shirt with belt, brown-gold pants, my normal brown bracers though still with a Tidal Class symbol on them, and my brown boots.  I ate breakfast with the rest of the family.  Father went to go check on the farm and feed the animals, mother and Dagmar cleaned up the house some before starting on some sewing, Asvord and Elsa came with me when I went off to work at Gobber’s shop.  We took our dragons with us, though Spiker and Meatballs would roam around some and play with each other or Meatballs would find a rock or stone good for munching.  Fredrick… well he just napped the entire time.  I wanted to do the same, but he does this even when he is well rested!

          Though the one thing that is on all our minds:  Are the Academy riders okay?

          The only thing I could do, so time would pass, was work.  Work on the catapults, repair the one I had broke, and also a few others that were more mechanical problems.

          My work was off to the eastside next to the shop in which Gobber is working.  Asvord and Elsa just sat on some crates outside the shop and watched me work.  Being the sisters that they are, tried to give me some advice on how to fix some of the catapults, “Who is the one that has the job and was put in charge of fixing these catapults?”  Though one case, Asvord told me not to do something, I did not heed her warning as “I knew what I was doing”, yet the hammer brushed the edge of the nail and hit left thumb.

          “I told you not to hold the nail like that,” Asvord stated.  “You weren’t doing that before?”

          “I’ve asked around Berk why men have the most accidents, and I couldn’t find an answer,” I said.  “Now I know why.”

          I smirked at my sister… she just stuck her tongue out at me.

          I then stated as I stood up to take a breath, though still trying to shake the pain out of my thumb, “It is now nearly lunch and the Aca-.”

          Elsa then hopped down and pointed up in the sky, “Look!  Here they come now.”

          Asvord remarked to me and knocked on the back of my head, “Lunch is several hours off.  The clock in your noggin’ is just off because you haven’t had a lot of sleep.”

          I turned and saw them coming, yet Hiccup was not with them.

          They landed in front of Gobber’s shop and dismounted.

          “I’m glad you kids are all right,” Gobber said coming out of his shop; my sisters and I came from this side of the shop to meet them.

          “Me too,” I replied.  “I gathered up a posse the moment I spoke to Trader Johann that there were Giant Eels at The Ship Graveyard.  Obviously we did not make it there in time to warn you about the eels because the Trader forgot another important detail again.”

          “Tell me about,” Snotlout interjected.

          I continued, “We made it to a ship graveyard, but I really don’t think it was ‘The’ Ship Graveyard.”

          Elsa asked the burning question to Astrid, “So what happened?”

          Before she started, Snotlout chimed in, “Why does everybody ask Astrid about everything when Hiccup isn’t around?  Why don’t they come to me?  Shouldn’t they know of the brave warrior that I am?”

          Snotlout struck a pose, but Astrid brought his head “out of the clouds” by replying, “Because if they asked you, they would get the exaggerated truth.”

          “Yeah,” added Ruffnut.  “If everybody asked you what we were up to, then nobody would ever get the truth.”

          Snotlout just crossed his arms and mutter some things under his breath.

          “And if everybody asked you two,” Astrid pointed at the Twins.  “They wouldn’t even get the exaggerated truth.  You guys don’t even remember what you did five minutes ago let alone what happened last night.  At least Fishlegs would at least give you the facts, though sometimes too many.”

          “What?!” Tuffnut said as if in shock.  “Huh, I know when I’ve been insulted!  I know when I’ve-,” Ruffnut gave him a shove.  “When ‘we’ have been insulted… wait.  What were we talking about?”

          Astrid rolled her eyes and recalled the events that happened.  Astrid said they were searching the ships when they reached The Graveyard for the thing Trader Johann had hidden and the thing Dagur is after.  Hiccup and Toothless searched on The Reaper.  Astrid mentioned that the graveyard my family and friends went to last night is probably a few hours closer to Berk as the actual trip to The Ship Graveyard took them a few hours short of daybreak.  Astrid said they searched the ships for anything, but only had jewels and gold and treasure… which Dagur ended up with.

          “The Giant Eels scared off our dragons,” Astrid continued.  “So we were left stranded on the one ship while Hiccup went on Toothless to search The Reaper.  Unfortunately while Hiccup had been gone for nearly an hour, Dagur had snuck in unnoticed, and got the drop on the rest of us.  Without our dragons, we were defenseless and were overwhelmed and captured.  Then Dagur took us over to The Reaper to wait for Hiccup.  No one told him where to look, Dagur just figured it out.  When Hiccup came up out of The Reaper, Dagur greeted him and took the treasure Trader Johann must have been talking about.  Dagur had all of us locked inside a green-metal cage, that by all dragon standards with Toothless being the best, the cage is dragon-shot-proof.”

          My sister gasped, and Astrid finished the story, “Dagur retreated with the treasure in hand.  Hiccup stopped to try and get us out of the cage, but we told him to go get that thing.  Again, Dagur, one step ahead of us, fired a catapult rock at Hiccup; but, Dagur was aiming for The Reaper.  The impact of the rock cause the ship to start sinking and tilting up.  The Giant Eels didn’t help matters either; they started pulling the ship down.  Dagur made Hiccup choose, and of course Hiccup came back for us.  This is when we found out that no matter how many times Toothless fired at the cage, the blasts from Toothless didn’t even leave a scratch.  We called out to our dragons, and they finally came back.  The eels started to attack, but our dragons rescued us.  Once we were safe, Hiccup went after Dagur, while we came back here.  Hiccup, for all intensive purposes, should be right behind us.”

          While Astrid talked to Gobber about what the cages looked like and Fishlegs what they could be made out of, I could not help think about the similarities between their situation and what happened to my party last night.

          I thought to myself, “If the graveyard we visited last night was not ‘The’ Ship Graveyard, which encountering no eels is also an indicator to support that, then why in the whole archepelogo would the Berserkers send a small portion of the fleet to converge and find this treasure?  What so important in this ship graveyard?  Why send a fleet there to find a treasure Dagur knew to be somewhere else?”

          As I was finishing my thoughts, Hiccup did arrive back on Berk… with the treasure in hand.  It looks like a cylindrical device; something I for sure have never seen.

          Not more than a minute after Hiccup got back, did Annabeth fly over to meet us.  Hiccup had already gone into the shop to show Gobber the device.

          Annebeth dismounted, but looked worried, “What’s wrong?” I inquired.

          “It’s Sirena,” Annabeth said.  “She has disappeared.”

          “What?!” Elsa remarked.

          I questioned, “When did this happen?”

          “Well,” Annabeth answered.  “She actually disappeared a few weeks ago.  But she often did so because she is so free spirited, plus I took your advice because she is a free dragon, although I have been raising her and feeding her.  Sirena often went away for a few days or a few weeks, but she would always come back to the certain places I kept for her, off Berk, that I fed her.”

          “Why tell us now?” asked Asvord.  “Maybe she is just on an extended trip.”

          Annabeth nodded, “That is what I thought first for these last few weeks.  But when I checked back today at one of her certain spots, I knew right then something is wrong.  I had checked yesterday too, so when I checked today as well, I saw new tracks, dragon footprints that were not there before and have never been there before.  So I worry that another dragon is involved and Sirena is possibly in danger.”

          I then stated, “Well then we will go and see.  Hiccup will probably want Gobber to help with opening the new mysterious device and I’m about done with my work here anyway, so I’ll tell him I’m stopping for the day and we can go.”

          When I walked back into the shop, Gobber was trying to “open” the device.  I told Hiccup, I was glad to see, but needed to talk to him when I got back.  He said thanks and would do so.  While walking back to the other side of the shop, I over head Hiccup call the device the “Dragon Eye.”

          “Hmm, catchy name,” I thought.  “The name that you would remember, even if you forgot it.”

          That did not make any sense, but made me remember something I did forget.

          “Wait,” I thought again, while my sisters and I followed Annabeth to the southwest.  “That symbol on the side of Annett’s diary… it is the exact same symbol one those ships in that ship graveyard we went to!  Are the Thorvalds connected to those people… or… or even the Dragon Eye?”

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anyway,I wonder if that they are conected.

Also,i need a recap on who Sirena is,sadly,to see if she is conected to one of my other dragons.


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When I woke, somthing was close to my face, and as I turned to look at was it was, I almost jumpted 10 feet into the sky. ​'A dragon...but why? Why was it sleeping next to me...?' As soon as I woke, the dragon woke too. It started to try to weive around my legs, what seemed to be purring all the while. So, hoping that this thing could understand me, I spoke to it, "Hey, bud, can you please ​get off me?"

The thing just looked up at me, tilting it's head and making a face like,​ what did you say?

​'Great, this thing can even speak Dragonese! Sigh...gotta do chirades again...'

​Motioning for it to seperate from my legs, it finnaly got the jist of the situation. It seperated from my legs, frilling it's spine all the while. Fealing sorry for it, I decided to bring it with me. After all, was this a new species? Believe so. After waking my dragons, who groweled at the newcomer(except Undyne. She probibly though, ​'Mud + Dragon = Tidal Class dragon'​), we took the Muddicry with us, and reported the situation to Hiccup, including the Muddicry. He allowed the dragon with us, because we had a Tidal Class dragon with us. I named it Starslip, after it's coloring, and trained the Muddicry.


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Me(Skylar) and three of my dragons, Blac Star the Screaming Death, LuCiel the Sliquifier, and my new companion, Starslip the Muddicry, were on a fishing trip sent from the School. We had to bring back a boatload of fish in a few days for all the new baby dragons that were hatching, which is a lot.

I was riding on LuCiel, with Blac Star and Starslip following behind, through the Ship Graveyard, when LuCiel suddenly roared. Silence followed, and Starslip suddenly dove, spitting hot mud on a oval-ish black shape. It was the dead of night, and dragons don't react this was for nothing, so I quickly landed LuCiel on a nearby seastack and approached the shape.

"Shhh, I won't hurt you, stay calm, ok?" I said, and while I got a closer look at it, I realized that he was a young male, of an unidentified species of dragon. The dragon was shaking his head, trying to clear the mud off, and looking promptly annoyed because it got dirty. Once he noticed me, I stopped walking to him, and got on one knee, showing that I ment no harm. The male was watching me as I slowly cupped both of my hands and filled them with water from the ocean, and I ever so slowly extended the water to the dragon, who looked at me with seemed to be a slight grin and splashed some of the water on me with his snout, to which I yelp with surprise.


After he splashed me, the dragon took off in the direction of the ships, and instinctively I tried to grab his tail, to which he turns around and tries to snap at me. We both are face-to-face, and looking a second more, we both start laughing. I knew that you don't pick the dragon, the dragon picks you, and that is what happened here. "Kaito is your name while i'm still living, ok?" I said to the new dragon in dragoneese, and he warbled a small yes. So, taking him back with me, we developed a strong bond(through shiny things and a lot of brushing).


Name: Arrow

Species: Sinistrous Woodreaper(Made by chameishida)

How We Met:

( Arrow's PoV )
I was resting in a high part of a pine tree, focusing my mind on where my pack had gone. They had left fot the south, and I was left behind, as usual, and I would catch up to them soon, if the winds were in my favor. I was still a young Woodreaper, a year or so out of adolecence to young adulthood, and we had to fend for ourselves now in the pack. Ruby and Augest were my siblings, Frost was my mother, and Redwind was my father, the leader of our pack. He controlled where our group went, and how the prey was divided among the clan's youngest and oldest. He was our leader, and the leader's word is law.

I slithered out of the tree I was in, being careful not to break any branches, and swiftly landed on the ground. Sniffing around, I picked up an...intresting smell, like molted stone and metal, sort of like a StoneHummer(Groncle in our terms)'s lava blast. I traced the smell back to a clearing, and saw a StingRunner(Speed Stinger in our terms), their leg caught in a toothy metal trap. The StingRunner was crying out, begging for the others of it's pack to come help, but I was the only dragon there. And so, I finished off it's life with a quick snap to the back of the neck, letting it lie on the smooth icy grass in a lifeless state.


Some time passed, and I had grown older. Maybe by a few months, but I had grown older, traveling between islands and such. My pack still hasen't come back for me yet, and they probibly never will, by this point.

I was walking with both my front and rear legs, slithering along the forest floor. My mouth was iluminated a bit, so that I can see where I was going, and I was currently sniffing out my prey, a small doe. I approched a large clearing with daisys, and slowly removed the ilumanation from my mouth as I walked across the clearing.

Suddenly, a sudden sharp pain like a bite or stab erupted in my back leg, and as I turned around to snap at the thing that bit or stabbed me, I saw blood. More speficialy, on the leg where the pain was comming from, and I saw a toothy, metal trap imbeaded into the limb, like the StingRunner from those months ago. My yellow eyes widened, and I enstincevly yelped in fear. Blood was running out of my leg, and staining the daisys a deep red. For a couple hours, which felt like an etirnety, I tried to get the trap off of my leg, and each time I did so, more blood gushed out, staining more daisys red. After all the atempts I could do, I curlled around my bleeding leg, whimpering and wishing my pack was here...


A couple days passed, and I was half-sarved to death. The trap was still imbeduded into my leg, but it wasen't bleeding anymore. I was gratefull about that for once. But the wimpering hasen't stopped, and I hope that someone, anyone could hear me.

A blurry sillouette was above me, flying through the deap blue cloudless sky. Suddenly it stopped, hovered in midair for a few seconds, and then driffted down to the edge of the clearing. I didn't really care what it was, I just kept wimpering in pain, and a smaller sillouette got off the bigger sillouette and slowly approched me.


As it got close, It pulled off somthing around it's mouth and set it aside, and I watched the small scavenger investigate me from a distance. The bigger sillouette slowly approched me too, behind the scavenger, and I could see that the bigger sillouette was a SharpTail(Razorwhip in our terms), and it was sniffing my body for any injuries. Soon, they found where the trap was, and the scavenger quicky grabbed the edges of the trap and pryed it apart untill a small click was heard.

"Stupid Dragon Hunters...setting up traps like this to catch dragons for their own profit..." I heard the scavenger say in Dragonesse, which was a small suprise on my part, as I didn't know that some scavengers could speak Dragonesse. But I was too tired to care right now, and I layed my head on the ground before I blacked out from exaustion.


Long story short, I woke up to me in a stable with multiple dragons around me and a bandaged leg. I followed the scavenger wherever they went while my leg was healing, and genually like the frendlyness of the scavengers and the dragons that took care of me. When my leg finally healed, I stuck around for a bit before moving to another one of the islands close to Berk, but I still kept my distance from the scavengers. I opened my heart to one, but none of the others after I left Berk, but I was curious about the scavenger that saved me. I believe her name was...Skylar?


​~Other Things~



-Fandom trash

-Watches anime and cries over beloved characters

-Is a total nerd

-Wishes that I could go into video games

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She is my death song that is

She is my death song that is probably a short wing by now also awesome chapter drums!
























Dragonist Hellen






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Annabeth and Anora made by Archery and Dragons

~Made by Frythra





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Trixxie made by kimbenoso



                                                        Links to my first story the New Frontier

      A New Frontier Prolouge       New Frontier Chapter one       A New Frontier Chapter Two  A New Frontier Chapter Three  New Frontier: Chapter Four: Training Time

New Frontier: Chapter Six: Finding answers and Mysterious Visitor's

 New Frontier: Chapter Seven: The Journey Begins    New Frontier: Chapter 8: Keep your Friends Close but your Enemies Closer New Frontier: Chapter 9: Uncovered Secrets New Frontier: Chapter 10: The Storm that came from nowhere, Strange Dragons, and Disappearances  New Frontier: Chapter 11: The Mysterious Tunnels and the Not so Mysterious Vikings

Should be able to post every Friday or Saturday

Diamond wing




Personality: Exuberant, optimistic, spontaneous, and sweet

Likes: Windy days, racing, and going on adventures

Dislikes: Being stuck inside and being bored

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Name:Grape soda


Personality: Loves going on adventures and very loyal to her rider


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Stryka made by Donnala




All About My Viking and Dragon:

Viking Name:Annabeth Everdean
Viking Age: 19
Viking Tribe: (Berkian, Outcast, Beserker, Dragon Hunter) Outcast/Berkian
Viking Personality: (at least three sentences)Annabeth is the daughter of Alvin the Treacherous and is just like him, maybe worse. She can get the job done no matter how hard the task is. incredibly spooky and stealthy she can sneak up on you when you least expect it. She has trust issues so don't expect her to trust you when you first meet her. Anabeth really only trust her Razorwhip Anora since she saved her from a berserker attack.
Viking Appearence:ab.png
Eye Color:Lavender
Dragon Name: Anora
Dragon Age: 3 1/2 (Really mature for her age) 
Dragon Personality: Anora is really protective, Agressive, yet fun to be around once she knows she can trust you or other dragons 
Dragon Appearence:nxvzx2.png
Backstory on how Viking Name found/trained Dragon Name: Anna and Anora found each other on Dragon Island or really Anora found Annabeth.Anora found Annabeth On Dragon Island with her family she studied Annabeth's family really closely and took a shine to her. When Ana was one she started to slowly reveal herself like coming in at night, when her mom saw the dragon she screamed causing her to accidently scratch her cheek. Alvin then came in seeing that his wife was about to k.ill the dragon he stopped her and told her to look what Anna was doing which was gently petting Anora's horn. On her second birthday Alvin said that they could keep her.  A year afterward they were attacked by Berserkers and Alvin told Anora to do what ever it took to take care of her. (This was before Riders or Berk)  






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Thanks.  :)

Thanks.  :)

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I love it! Mystery Mystery OI OI OI




It would be great if we could sell our items to the store and get half price back, because we have so much stuff we bought and won't use, it would be nice.






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My name is AngNadder but you may call me Angie

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here are some stuff about me:

My favorite shows are: HTTYD(Including everything HTTYD), MARVEL!!(the movies, not much o a comic booker), TrollHunters (great show! If you wanna talk about it click here: (Spoilers obviously) Star Wars, Stranger Things, Harry Potter.

My favorite books: The Blackwell Pages and Michael Vey.

I studied a bit in Norse Mythology, sooooo yeah! It's messed up!

I'm a crafter and Artist

I love horses and I collect model horses.

Heres my Youtube channel:

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Angie ThunderStryke

I make movies out of model horses and sometimes dragons

(I have no idea who made this and I don't take credit for myself)

Me and my Favorite dragons!

Banner by Frytha

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My Dragons!

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I'm planning on taking more photos soon


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Nina also also by Siren

this is PlasmaClaw,  By Siren-Spirit


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Ok I made this, but I was inspired by Whisper the Wolf

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