Fan-Fic Fridays: "On the Edge of Mystery" Chapter 23: Another Piece to the Puzzle

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This chapter is jammed pack of stuff.  It is big enough that it does have a lot it in, but just a little under I can't put it into two chapters... which you would be happy either way.


This chapter has a lot of mystery compents to it, so Jarl and his friends are one step closer to solving the mystery.  But in the next chapter, there will be... battle action going on from the get go.


So like I've said before, things are really going to pick up and have already picked up... and I'm just getting started. :)


I hope you enjoy the chapter and please leave a comment below, I love reading them. :D


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On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 23


Another Piece to the Puzzle


          Oh the anger I felt the rest of the afternoon.  I had gone back to my hut and then returned to Annabeth’s and sat by her bed side.  By what Asvord said, she was going to be fine, just pretty sore.

          “I’m sore too,” I thought.  “Seeing Annabeth like that basically feels like whoever did this, did this to me too.”

          The whole afternoon, I sat on a chair on Annabeth’s left side.  She slept very quiet.

          When the sun was about a fourth of the way from sunset, I heard Toothless’ whistling sound he makes when he flies through the air.  Cazi and Asvord had been taking care of Annabeth all day and were replacing cold rags on Annabeth’s forehead and keeping the cuts clean.

          Cazi suggested, “Why don’t you go, meet Hiccup, and find out about the Dragon Eye lens.  All you have been doing all day is sitting and staring.  You’d be better suited elsewhere to get things done.”

          I sighed, not wanting to go but knowing she is right, “I’ve also been thinking all day too,” I said as I stood up.  “Thinking what I’m going to do to the person that did this to Annabeth.”

          As I walked out Annabeth’s hut, I shot a glance back at the girls and saw my sister almost look terrified at what I just said.  Probably because what I had said was dark and no one has ever seen that side of me.  What I have been thinking has been dark too.  It actually scared me, some of the thoughts I was thinking and what I said.

          Only expecting Hiccup and Toothless to come, I actually saw Astrid and Stormfly as well.

          “Welcome Hiccup,” I announced.

          Hiccup and Astrid landed their dragons in the “parking” stalls next to the clubhouse.  Their dragons followed us into the clubhouse.  The clubhouse is large enough for dragons to come in as my sisters and I have individual rooms in the back of the club house; plenty of space and room in the front and middle for dragons and vikings alike.

          “Didn’t expect to see you, Astrid,” I added.

          She replied, “You never know when I might show up; surprise, key to any battle, even if it is just a friendly visit to a friend.”

          Hiccup stated admiringly, “Nice outpost.  Almost as good as Dragon’s Edge, I’m impressed.  Good design, great layout, and I’m sure Astrid can agree, well defendable.”

          “I have to admit,” Astrid nodded.  “This is a great outpost.”

          Hiccup then asked as he revealed from a pouch in Toothless’ saddlebag the Dragon Eye, “Getting down to the business of why we came, where’s your lens?”

          “Just a second and I’ll get it,” I responded.

          Walking to my room in the back, I grabbed the pouch I kept the artifact in.  My room is the one on the right, Elsa is in the middle, and Asvord’s is on the left.  I returned to Hiccup and Astrid and revealed my Dragon Eye lens.

          In a good way, they both breathed gasps as they realized it is in fact a Dragon Eye lens.

          Hiccup released the lens in the Eye at the moment and held up mine and his next to each other.

          “They’re nearly identical,” confirmed Hiccup.  “The only thing different is Jarl’s has a sea blue gem in it while mine has a different gem.”

          “Nice,” I stated.  “So how does the dragon eye work?”

          Hiccup explained the Dragon Eye works when a dragon lights a low fire and directs the light towards the Dragon Eye.  The Eye then emits a projection in front of it.

          “The trick is,” Astrid said.  “Is to find the right dragon and flame for the Dragon Eye lens.  Not every dragon can make a single lens work.  Sometimes a different dragon from a different class is needed to make the lens work.”

          “Well,” Hiccup recommended. “How about we find out what Jarl’s lens does?”

          We all walked over, dragons following, to the wall on the right, my right and their left.  Astrid drew her two daggers and stuck them in the top of the table in a “V” formation.  Hiccup swapped out his lens for mine and propped the Dragon Eye up onto the two daggers.

          “Here goes nothing,” Hiccup said.  “Toothless?  Low flame.”

          Toothless nodded.  He pointed his flame into the Dragon Eye.

          “Woah,” declared Astrid.

          “This is, unexpected,” Hiccup countered.

          “I know right,” I answered.  “Your Dragon Eye… does not work.  Nothing happened.  Rather anti-climatic, if you ask me.”

          Hiccup thought aloud, “Well, as Astrid said, sometimes it takes a different dragon’s fire light to work in the dragon eye.  Though, we could try a different combination of the gears and buttons on the bottom.”

          Hiccup took the Dragon Eye and made several systematical changes to the Dragon Eye while allowing Toothless to show his plasma light for each try.

          Nothing… Nothing… and still nothing.

          “This is harder than I thought it was going to be,” replied Hiccup.

          Astrid had a slight smile, “Now let’s try Stormfly.  Light your fire, but easy girl.”

          Stormfly practically pushed Toothless out of the way as the Night Fury almost looked perturbed his flame did not work.  Stormfly came over and lit her flame, Hiccup changed the Dragon Eye for a Sharp Class dragon, and the Nadder’s flame shown through the Dragon Eye, but with the same result.  Toothless seemed to smirk at Stormfly and Stormfly gave a snort and turned away from him.

          “That’s odd,” Hiccup remarked.  “Usually at least something would shine through and project on to the wall, even if it was the same thing as the other image with the other dragon.”

          Astrid folded her left arm while she grabbed her chin with her right hand, “Very puzzling.  Even the basic image that led us in the direction of Dragon’s Edge would still be similar to the image Stormfly’s flame would get.”

          The glow from Stormfly’s flame is still present in the chamber as Hiccup stepped back to also think.  Toothless made his way back over to the Dragon Eye.

          I said, “Seems like Toothless has an idea of his own… to show up Stormfly if anything else.”

          To that remark, Astrid subtly put her hands on her hips.

          “Go ahead,” Hiccup relayed to his dragon.

          Toothless opened his mouth to shine his flame through.

          Lo and behold it worked.

          I commended, “Toothless, for the win.  High five… or four in your case.”

          I raised my right hand and Toothless slapped it with his right, front paw.

          What is projected onto the wall is one fifth of something in the shape of a circle.  By the looks of it, it looks like a gear of some kind.  Yet, the circle piece may actually be a map of some kind.

          “Amazing,” Hiccup astounded.

          “It’s incredible,” replied Astrid, lowering her arms slowly.  “By combining Toothless’ and Stormfly’s light from their flame, they triggered the lens to produce the image.  Do you suppose other dragon flames are needed to produce the full image?”

          Hiccup responded first, “It would seem that way; another great discovery from the Dragon Eye.  Jarl, I can take your lens back with me and have Fishlegs make notes of the image.”

          “That would be awesome,” I said.  “Oh, did you leave Fishlegs, Snotlout, and the Twins alone on Dragon’s Edge?  The latter three are a dangerous combo.”

          Hiccup shook his head, “No, they are back on Berk for the next couple of days, taking back with them a few things and restocking our food reserves.  And Stoick, Gobber, and your father went out to make sure the Edge’s defenses are ready as they are doing one final test to make she they are.  Although, I would stop to think before leaving them all alone on Dragon’s Edge; but I have faith in Fishlegs he would do good.  Maybe I’ll do that sometime to see.”

          Hiccup returned the Dragon Eye to Toothless’ saddlebag.  All three of us began to walk back outside.

          Astrid said slowly to start and picked up, “Jarl?  Are… you okay?  You seem preoccupied right now.  Is something wrong?”

          Letting out a big sigh, “Frankly, no I’m not.  I hoped that discovering what the lens had would ‘cheer’ me up, but seeing it is only a piece was kind of a letdown.  Guess I was expecting too much all at once because of what happened.”

          “Please tell us,” Hiccup stopped me as we just exited the clubhouse.

          I stopped and told them what happened with Annabeth.  First I could only look in the direction of Annabeth’s hut, but then I finished looking at Hiccup and Astrid.

          “That’s horrible!” Astrid said, now getting angry herself.  “Who would do such a thing to a viking, let alone both her and a dragon?”

          “I don’t know,” Hiccup answered.  “But Annabeth saying, ‘Dragon Hunters’ has me worried.  That can’t be good.”

          I relayed, “I sent out a scout team to search the area where Annabeth came from to make sure she was not followed back to Mystery.  But since they aren’t back yet, there is probably no immediate threat, which is good.”

          “Good thinking,” Hiccup said.  “Their intel might prove useful if they find anybody station out there that might be remotely connected to the attack on Annabeth and the kidnapping of Sirena.”

          Astrid then asked, “Could we go see Annabeth now?”

          “I don’t see why not,” I replied.

          Arriving at Annabeth’s hut, Asvord walked out before we could open the door.

          “Oh, hey,” Asvord said.  “I was just coming over to get you.”

          I swiftly asked, “How is she?”

          “She’s fine and alert now,” my sister answered; me, Hiccup, and Astrid all breathed a little easier now.  “That’s why I was coming over.  She is asking for you.”

          Quickly going into the hut after we told our dragons to stay outside, I hurriedly walked over to Annabeth’s bed; Asvord, Cazi, Hiccup, and Astrid are right behind me.  Annabeth is now sitting up.

          “You sent for me?” I asked Annabeth.

          “Yes I did,” she said much stronger now, still a little weak though.  “I’m sure you’re wanting to know what in blue blazes happened.”

          “That would be a good start,” I smiled.

          She chuckled and began, “By the way, hi Hiccup and Astrid.  I knew you were coming, but nice to see you Astrid,” they both nodded as Annabeth continued.  “You two may not know, but Sirena has been traveling out on her own for quite a while now after Berk started seeing her in a different light… something that isn’t true.  Anyway, I decided to follow Sirena this time to see where she had been going.  I got up this morning when she would usually leave, gave her a slight head start, and me and Anora tailed her.  We spent a good part of the morning doing so.  Starting out from Mystery we headed northwest.  We went over that weird fog bank and it is huge, massive; a lot bigger than I previously thought.  But we continued on until I noticed we were now heading into unknown lands.  Sure there marked on Hiccup’s map, but with no name and no way of knowing what’s out there, I started to feel very uneasy.”

          “But I thought I’d go a little further and turn back and wait for Sirena to come home,” Annabeth paused as she breathed and closed her eyes for a second before moving on.  “When I did turn back, that is when it happened.”

          I answered, “When you were attacked.”

          “Yes,” she said.  “But it was not until I turned back and neared the fog bank.  Arrows and catapults with net launchers started flying every which way.  I had no target to fire at, because they were all in the fog.  And when I flew in the fog, I could not see worth anything so that did not help.  Suddenly something shot at me like a large chain with a hook at the end, but if I could not see where it came from.  It was basically a grappling hook.  Thankfully, Anora saw it before I did or we truly would have been captured.  Knowing that I could not take all them all at once, I had to retreat.  It would not have done you and the guys any good for me to get captured and not know where I had gone.”

          I nodded my head, “Yes.  Why didn’t you tell anybody?”

          “Sirena left earlier than I thought, and if I wanted to follower her, I had to leave right then without hesitating,” Annabeth replied.  “Even though I did just a little.  But it isn’t like I was planning on getting captured.  Moving on, I kept flying back the way I came, dodging projectiles of rock or metal as I went.  I thought we were in the clear until… until Anora flew into a tree.”

          “What?!” I and the others said startled.

          She continued, “Yes.  That fog is so blasted thick, even Anora got to the point she couldn’t tell where she was going.  The fog up there is as thick as Yak-No-,” Annabeth stopped short because she realized Astrid is standing right here. “Uh, Yak milk when it has set out for a long time.”

          I thought to myself, “Otherwise known as Yak-Nog.”

          “I didn’t even know we were over land,” said Annabeth.  “It seemed like we hit tree after tree.  By even just the first hit, Anora was out of control.  The tree came up so suddenly it probably dazed her enough as we came in pretty fast as we were trying to escape; both of us were just along for the ride.  I think we hit like four trees before I was separated from Anora.  We both came in for a very rough landing.  The landing is where I got the bruises from, the scratches from the branches.  Both me and my dragon had the wind knocked out of us from the fall.  I must have also blacked out because when I came to, my eyes flickered open to see Anora and I being dragged into the island further.  Even in the dense forest, the fog still penetrated to the ground and visibility is very poor.  The viking soldiers are some I had never seen before, although I understood what they were saying… or at least what I could make out.”

          Annabeth went on, “The vikings stopped dragging me and Anora for a bit, probably to rest, and stepped away to talk to each other.  They probably thought I was still out as they did not walk out of earshot, but I wasn’t.  So I played ‘possum’ to hear what they had to say.  What I was able to make out was something about ‘a map’, ‘pieces to the puzzle’, and… and…”

          A tear streaked down her left cheek as she closed her eyes, probably wishing it was not so, “I heard them talk about a Death Song, that they had captured it at last, and their boss would be most pleased they had found it.  While they were still talking, I knew I had to make a break for it.  But when I moved, I become conscious of my injuries and had a difficult time moving.  Yet, I knew I had to escape.  Crawling over to Anora, making as little noise as I could, I woke my dragon up.  She too became aware of her injuries.  However, in the situation we were in, our injuries had to be put aside if we were to get out of there.  So I urged her up, mounted her, and flew off.  Though, not without firing a blast at the five vikings first as they didn’t know I was not unconscious.  We escaped and obviously made it back here.  I was so exhausted from the whole ordeal that I probably collapsed as soon as we got back; Anora especially.”

          Hiccup then stated, “I’m glad you are alright and were able to escape.  This news about a strange group of vikings capturing Sirena along with temporarily you and Anora is quite alarming.  From what Hiccup told me you said when you got back, these could very well be Dragon Hunters; for they have no respect for dragons let alone the fact other vikings associated with them.”

          Astrid added, “I’d like to get my hands on those… those vikings.  Oh, I hate vikings who try to exploit dragons just for money and riches.”

          Cazi responded, “Hold on, Astrid.  Get in line.  There are already several here who have dibs first.”

          “Don’t worry,” she replied.  “I’ll wait my turn.”

          I said under my breath, “If there is anything left with the person responsible, after I’m done with them.”

          Almost an awkward silence before Annabeth broke it, “I know you are probably already planning a mission to track these guys down, Jarl.  I really want to come with you.”

          “No way,” I quickly returned.  “You are in no condition to fight.”

          “No condition to fight?” she said as she swung her legs over and stood up, although grunted in the process.  “They wouldn’t know what to do with all… this.”
          I sighed and just looked at Annabeth, she said then as she saw the look on my face, “Jarl, believe me, I’m fine.  Just… a little bruised is all.”

          Shaking my head and then reluctantly saying, “You aren’t going to take no for an answer, are you?”

          “Nope,” she answered.

          “Okay,” I said, but quickly added before she could get excited or say something, “You stay on your dragon.  If it comes to getting in close and personally with these vikings, hand-to-hand combat, then you stay on your dragon and at least cover our flanks.”

          “Alright,” she replied, sitting down; a little disappointed she would not get to be in the fight if it got to that point, yet a little relieved as you can tell her face, she is still in pain.  “To let Anora rest up and heal from her injuries or bruises she has no doubt, I’ll take Star Scream instead.”

          I then spoke and said that I was surprised Annabeth did not demand she go after Sirena as soon as she woke up.

          Asvord chuckled in the way to say, “Oh… she did alright.”  Asvord actually then said, “When she woke up, she was demanding that alright.  But with the help of Cazi, we kept her from going.  When she stopped and thought about it, devising a plan so she wouldn’t get caught off guard again would be the better option, instead of just going in half-cocked.”

          I turned to Hiccup and Astrid, “Are you two game for a recon-battle mission?”

          Astrid smacked her right fist into her left palm, “I was born ready.  Just point me or Stormfly in the direction, and we’ll take them out.”

          “You can count me and Toothless in for sure,” agreed Hiccup.  “They won’t be counting on a Night Fury coming.”

          Cazi then retorted, “Who is?”

          “That’s true,” Hiccup said.

          Cazi and Asvord stayed with Annabeth to help her get ready as I said there is still enough daylight left for the recon part of the mission.  The rest of us walked outside.

          “What’s your plan?” questioned Hiccup.

          “At this stage,” I answered.  “I’m not sure.  I’ve got bits and parts nailed down, but nothing solid.  And-.”

          Abruptly, I was cut off by a Thuderdrum roar… but not Fredrick’s.  It came from above and back to the northwest.  Turning around I saw Hyrith, Ali, Angie, and Sapphire coming back from their trip.  All four of them came in fast and did not slow down until they were about ready to land near the club house.  Hiccup, Astrid, and I ran over to them just as they landed.  Instinctively I held up my hands to help steady Moonstone while Hyrith got off, whom Hyrith started to ride more than Sun Rose though she is here at Mystery too, and I helped steady Seabreez as Sapphire got off.

          I hurriedly asked, “What’s up?  Looks like you have been riding hard.”

          “Yes,” answered Sapphire.  “We barely got away ourselves?”

          Hiccup assumed, “The Dragon Hunters?”

          “No,” replied Hyrith.  “Berserkers, and close too.

          “What?!” Hiccup, Astrid, and I said in unison.  Hiccup added, “I didn’t know they would come this far north; although Dagur is in the neighborhood of Dragon’s Edge, so not too surprised.”

          Hyrith added, “They’re just off the eastern side of the fog bank.  We high tailed it back here not only to warn you but so we weren’t seen.”

          Now being forced to devise a plan, I told the four that just got back to stay here on Mystery to be ready to defend it while the rest of us would go out to draw them away from Mystery as well as to see what they want.

          Angie, of the four, protested the most, but Hiccup said, “If these really are Berserkers and they see your Skrill, they are going to stop at nothing to capture Nina.”

          I supplemented Hiccup’s statement, “He’s right.  When I go tell the others, I will tell Cazi the same thing.  So you’re not alone.”

          Angie unwillingly agreed with me and said before I ran off to tell the others, “I need a different dragon.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Nina, but a Skrill is just too rare a dragon to some people that they will come after me more than the others…”

          She rather trailed off at the end there as she and Ali flew off to ready Mystery’s weapons, in case it came to that point.

          “Be ready to go, Hiccup and Astrid,” told the two of them.  “We’ll leave as soon as I get back.  Your experience with dragon-to-ship battle will be greatly appreciated.”

          I ran off to tell my sisters, Cazi, and Annabeth; and then my other friends about the situation.  It only took a few minutes as I used Fredrick to fly to my other friends’ huts to tell them.  When I arrived back at the clubhouse, Annabeth, Asvord, Elsa, Explod, Meen, Hiccup, and Astrid were ready to go.  I rushed to the clubhouse and opened the door enough to grab my Gronckle Iron bow with my quiver and arrows, which I kept by the door, and returned to Fredrick to mount him again.  We all went ahead and started in the direction Hyrith pointed out to us.  Since Garth is the last one I told, within the next couple of minutes, he caught up with us.

          When we had just left the waters of Mystery, we could see off in the far distance three ships coming out from around the fog bank.  They indeed had Berserker symbols on their masts.

          I am having a mix of emotions right now.  I know this will be fun -as long as no one gets hurts- as we do not often get to fight alongside Hiccup, not to mention both he and Astrid, but I am also feeling anger still boiling inside of me.

          No one had to tell me this, as I have been telling myself ever since Annabeth got back: “Don’t let your angry control you.  You control yourself.  If you don’t, you will do something you will regret.”

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awesome chapter again bro

awesome chapter again bro





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Viking Personality: (at least three sentences)Annabeth is the daughter of Alvin the Treacherous and is just like him, maybe worse. She can get the job done no matter how hard the task is. incredibly spooky and stealthy she can sneak up on you when you least expect it. She has trust issues so don't expect her to trust you when you first meet her. Anabeth really only trust her Razorwhip Anora since she saved her from a berserker attack.
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Dragon Name: Anora
Dragon Age: 3 1/2 (Really mature for her age) 
Dragon Personality: Anora is really protective, Agressive, yet fun to be around once she knows she can trust you or other dragons 
Dragon Appearence:nxvzx2.png
Backstory on how Viking Name found/trained Dragon Name: Anna and Anora found each other on Dragon Island or really Anora found Annabeth.Anora found Annabeth On Dragon Island with her family she studied Annabeth's family really closely and took a shine to her. When Ana was one she started to slowly reveal herself like coming in at night, when her mom saw the dragon she screamed causing her to accidently scratch her cheek. Alvin then came in seeing that his wife was about to k.ill the dragon he stopped her and told her to look what Anna was doing which was gently petting Anora's horn. On her second birthday Alvin said that they could keep her.  A year afterward they were attacked by Berserkers and Alvin told Anora to do what ever it took to take care of her. (This was before Riders or Berk)  






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I love you Star War related

I love you Star War related subjects. XD. 

"Edit did I just,hmm?"



i love the I need to get another dragon part  :)




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Caught up finally posting links 2 chapters no longer am I behind