Fan-Fic Fridays: "On the Edge of Mystery" Chapter 18: Dragon Dispute

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Sorry for the late post as well.  It seemed like every time I sat down to work on my chapter, a parent called me to do something or something else came up.  That happens somtimes.


Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the chapter as always.


This is the first timeI believe, I have used a dragon as bad dragon and Jarl or his friends having to figure out a way to fix things.  So it was a nice challenge to write.


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On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 18


Dragon Dispute


          “But how in the world are we going to fight a Snaptrapper?” asked Elsa as we were flying further into the island following the other three dragons; I did not answer yet.

          When we reached a clearing where the Snaptrapper, green Death Song, and Sirena are, the green Death Song took a couple of pot shots at us as we flew by; I then said, “Better yet, how are we going to combat that green Death Song?”

          We started circling the area, from above, to devise a plan.  The bright moon shone done enough light that we could see all that is happening

          Explod question and dodged a shot as the Death Song still kept shooting at us, “Which… is the right side?

          Annabeth immediately said, “Sirena is the right side!  Jarl, we gotta defend and protect her.”

          “I know,” I replied as I thought of a plan.  “Okay.  Explod, Hyrith, and Angie, draw the Snaptrapper away from the Death Songs.  Basically make it start coming after you.”

          “Thanks,” quipped Explod.

          “You’re welcome and then double back to regroup with us and get off this island.” I answered as they split off to deal with the Snaptrapper.  “Asvord, Elsa, back them up to be sure to keep the dragon away from the Death Songs.  The rest of us will deal with these two dragons.”

          My sisters broke out of our circle flight pattern as Explod, Hyrith, and Angie were already getting the attention of the Snaptrapper.  Cazi, Annabeth, Ali, Meen, and I turned our attention to the Death Songs.

          Ali questioned, “What’s the plan?”

          Responding, I said, “Rescue Sirena and resolve the dispute between the other two dragons.”

          Annabeth added back, “That’s the obvious.  How are we going to get it done?’

          “I was hoping you would have some insight,” I replied.  “You’re the Death Song expert.”

          “Yes,” she answered.  “But with a trained dragon from almost birth; not a wild dragon.”

          “Fair point,” I said.  “Annabeth, go in and get your dragon.  Cazi, Ali, Meen, and I will divert Greenie’s attention over here while you go in.  Greenie seems as interested in beating the Snaptrapper as it is keeping Sirena close.”

          Ali put forth the question, “How do we do that?”

          Meen chuckled, “Channel your inner Thorston… your ‘Twinsanity’ so to speak.”

          “Your what?” wondered Ali.
          “Best you don’t know,” Cazi grinned.  “If ya knew, you might catch it.  Just be a ‘thorn’ in its side… without getting yourself shot or killed for that matter.”

          “Thanks for the boost of confidence,” Ali added.

          “It would be messy if you did the latter,” Meen smiled.  “Best if you stay away from that orange stuff it shoots; seems to harden as soon as it hits something.”

          “No kidding,” responded Ali.  “I was going to wait here while it tried to shoot and trap me-.”  The Death Song interrupted by shooting at Ali and Undyne; the shot nearly hit its mark.  “Okay, that was too close.”

          While Annabeth flew down to get Sirena, the three of us started heading towards Greenie.  Ali and I used our Thunderdrums to knock Greenie away from Sirena and Annabeth.  Cazi came in on Electic for a shocking blast.  Meen used Spined’s spines to try and make the dragon stumble over his own feet and also used her Nadder’s fire blasts to shoot.  The look now on Greenie’s face looked like Astrid’s when Hiccup won Dragon Training.

          “Well, we got what we wanted,” I said.

          “Maybe for you,” Ali stated.  “Greenie looks like a hornet now coming out of a stirred nest.”

          Cazi came in and Electic blasted Greenie with another irritating blast that made him start to fly after us.  Still dodging the Death Song’s orange shots, I looked back and saw Annabeth leading her light purple Death Song away.

          “Haha,” I said.  “We are leading the Death Song away.”

          “Yeah,” Cazi replied now on Ali’s side.  “But it is coming after us and it ain’t happy, happy, happy.”

          Fredrick ducking as one of Greenie’s amber shots came extremely close to my head, “I see your point.  And-.”

          I looked back to now see Greenie going back for where Sirena had been down in the clearing.  Thankfully, Sirena is already flying up with Annabeth and Sirena.  So Cazi, Ali, Meen, and I flew back around to Annabeth as my sisters, Hyrith, Angie, and Explod were returning.  Explod mentioned they had led the Snaptrapper away by out maneuvering it.  That is one thing about that dragon, even though it has four heads, the maneuvering of a Snaptrapper is limited.  If Barf and Belch can barely manage with just two heads, I cannot imagine the fights a Snaptrapper must have with its other heads.

          We were starting to fly back north away from Nepenthe Island until a very loud sound started blaring.  It is so loud I have to cover my ears.  Nearly at the same time Fredrick began to falter in his flying and not go where I wanted him to go.  However, Fredrick and Undyne are not having as much trouble as the other dragons were.  To them it is more of an irritating noise, to the rest of the dragons it is more of a disorienting and distracting blaring sound.

          “Sirena, NO!” yelled Annabeth from her Razorwhip as Sirena turned back to fly back to Greenie; although it seemed like Sirena did not want to go but went anyway.

          Annabeth did not hesitate turning her dragon around and flying back towards Sirena… and Greenie.

          “Annabeth, don’t,” I said.  She could not hear me anyway as I thought about what I was going to say, “The green Death Song wants you to come back.”

          I too turned my dragon around and nudged Fredrick to fly full speed.  But Annabeth already had a head start, plus a Razorwhip can accelerate that much faster than a Thunderdrum, yet we are not that far away from the clearing anyway.

          Seeing Annabeth trying to stop her Death Song from getting any closer to the bigger green one, I had to get Annabeth out of there.  Greenie kept blaring his song…

          “That’s it,” I said to myself.  “Its song… that is what’s drawing in the dragons.”

          Steaming full speed ahead I headed right towards the green Death Song.

          I yelled, though it probably cannot even hear me, “You like sound?  You like a song?  Well, try this tune on for size!  Fredrick, sonic blast!”

          Because of the noise and a Thunderdrum’s hard-of-hearing-ness, I gentle tapped with my right hand Fredrick’s one spine which had the broken tip.  That is his spine when if touched he does his sonic blast.  When the situation comes about when Fredrick cannot hear my command, I tap this spine to make sure the blast is fired.

          And that it did, it completely knocked over the Death Song and the noise stopped.

          “Yeah!  That’s what I’m talking about,” I cheered as I flew around to the left.

          Suddenly the song started up again, but intensified!

          “Oh come on,” I called out as the green Death Song was madder than ever.

          Everybody else’s dragon could not withstand the sound and flew back towards the island.  Flying back towards the Death Song, I saw that it finally realized Annabeth is right next to Sirena trying to push her away.  The Death Song is about ready to fire and all the yelling at Annabeth would not get her to move.  I swooped in, jumping off my dragon, and dove for Annabeth as the Death Song fired.  I shoved Annabeth out of the way as I was shot by its blast.  Tumbling over my left shoulder and using my hands to slow my momentum on the ground and then rolling back over, the orange liquid quickly hardened and I could not move.  My right arm was free as it was out when I rolled over, but the now amber-like substance froze me in the position I am in.

          Not more than a second after it got me did the Death Song entrap all my other friends with the same stuff.  Some of the amber shot by the Death Song split off and got Anora.  As with the rest of us, we could not move.

          While the Death Song was occupied with shooting down my friends, I yelled at Annabeth as she was not moving, “Are you alright?!”

          She stirred, shook her head, and ran back over to me, “Why did you do that for?”

          I looked at her and said quickly, “Because I hate you… What did you think I did it for?  Anyway, take Fredrick and get out of here!”

          “What?” Annabeth asked as she grabbed her knife to try and pick away at the amber.  “And leave you after wha-.”

          Interrupting her, I said with a shove from my right hand, “Don’t argue.  Just take my dragon and get out of here!”

          For a second she hesitated but then retreated on my dragon as she saw Greenie finishing up with Meen and Explod.  Fredrick had looped back and landed as Annabeth ran to him to get on.  Fredrick also hesitated as he saw me, but I waved him on.

          Once Annabeth and flown away, the noise from the Death Song finally stopped.  It looked like Greenie is proud of himself as he watched as Annabeth flew away going to the southeast.  The Death Song started walking back towards the center of the clearing out of ear shot of my friends and me.  Sirena went with Greenie, though still not wanting to go with him.  It almost looked like the Death Songs are now going to sleep as they curled up.

          I whispered to myself, “I guess it just wanted to capture, quiet down, or chase away the intruders so it could get some shut eye.”  I then called back to my friends who were about ten, fifteen yards to my left and slightly behind me, “Are you guys alright?”

          They all sounded off to say there were all here.

          Ali and her Thunderdrum were unfortunately trapped as well, she said, “Make the Death Song follow us, he says.  Make the Death Song angry he says.  Make the Death Song as mad as a hornet, he says.  Make the Death Song trap us by going back towards its island, he says!”

          She did have a point as my plan did really work, “I’m sorry.  I guess the only part of my plan that worked was getting Greenie mad.  And for the record, I did not say that last thing.”

          Ali responded, “Oh, I’m sorry too.  I should have said it was implied then.”

          Angie then corrected, “Well we did not have much of a choice in the matter to go back.  The Death Song lives up to its name.  The dragon let’s out its ‘song’, you come near it, and your dead.  All of our dragons were overtaken by the noise and were drawn in.”

          “That is true,” Ali agreed.  “Though Undyne did not seem too much bothered by the song.  I bet because of a Thunderdrum’s hear discrepancy as opposed to other dragons.  If I had not been behind someone’s dragon, Explod, I would be free right now.”

          “You’re right on that, Ali,” I declared.  “But even with the hearing trouble, if you get shot by its amber, you are as good as dea… done.”

          Asvord then replied, “Thanks Jarl, for that cheery thought.”

          Hyrith asked, “Now what?”

          “Oh I know,” Explod answered.  “We stay here, wait ‘til morning, and be served -as- breakfast.”

          “We could do that,” I spoke.  “Or we could wait.”

          Cazi then said, “Isn’t that the same thing?”

          “Technically yes,” I responded.  “But if we wait, we won’t be here for breakfast.”

          Elsa then whispered, but intentionally loud enough so I could hear it, “I think Jarl hit his head on a rock.  He could probably add that rock to his collection… in his head.”

          “Okay,” I stated.  “We all sounded off to say we are all here… Who isn’t here?”

          A moment later Cazi replied, “Annabeth isn’t here!”

          “Keep it down, please,” I said.  “We don’t won’t to wake ‘Sleeping Beauty’ over there; but, yes, Annabeth did escape.”

          Several minutes and moments went by without out a sound out of anybody… which would make sense as none of us could move.  I could move my right arm and head, but that is all.

          All of a sudden I smelled something… something glorious… something…

          “Is that chocolate I smell?” Angie wondered out loud.  “That would mean that…”

          I finished, “…the Snaptrapper is nearby.  Keep it down and wait for Greenie to be drawn in by the Snaptrapper.”

          The smell of chocolate truly is enticing.  However, the want to get out of this amber overpowered the want for chocolate.  Though the girls, including my sister, started to talk about chocolate as if it were a long, lost friend and how it is making them very hungry to have some.

          I rolled my eyes, “Girls and their chocolate.  But don’t say that in front of them or else you’ll be wishing you had rather told Astrid how she makes terrible Yaknog.”

          “Shh!  Pipe down,” I ordered.  “I need quiet.”
          Asvord whispered a quip, “Oh he needs quiet now.  Big man who got us shot down.  Oh h-o, excuse me.”

          “Shh!” I repeated.  Knowing Asvord, she is just kidding so I ignored her remark.

          Titling up my head to see if the Snaptrapper took the bait or not, I spotted that he did and Sirena stood up looking confused at what is happening; Sirena just stood in the middle and looking the likes of Sirena again.

          “Sirena,” I announced louder than my normal voice but not a yell.  “Sirena.  Come here, girl.”

          Sirena perked her head up and started walking over towards me.  She finally made over to me.  When she saw me in my cocoon, she immediately tried to bite into it to get me out.  I saw in her eyes the wider pupils different than what they were before.

          I thought as she began to chip away at the amber, “Can other Death Songs trap or practically ‘enslave’ other Death Songs?  That would explain why Sirena kept looking like she was struggling with staying with Greenie.”

          Sounds of fire and trees toppling over could be heard in the direction the Death Song and Snaptrapper had gone.

          “Jarl, hold your ears,” came a voice from behind me.

          Before I could say, “What?” a thunderous blast came from behind me.  The blast knocked me up off the ground and bounced me around a few times.

          “Okay,” Annabeth said.  “Mark shooting the cocoon open off the list.”

          “What?!” I yelled.

          It then sounded like Fredrick laughed as he finally got to shoot me; I then replied back, “I heard that!”

          I could barely hear it, but Asvord said, “Oh so he gets to yell now.”

          Shaking my head to get the ringing out of my ears, Explod responded, “I got an idea, come here Annabeth.”

          Annabeth got off my dragon and went over to Explod.  She came back a couple of minutes later with a clay vase and smeared it over the amber on me.

          She said something to me but all I could make out was, “This… sting…”

          “What?!” I demanded.

          Annabeth left a trail of the green slime back to Explod; he then yelled, “Fire in the hole!”

          I saw him looking at his dragon… then I looked at the slime… putting two and two together… I braced for what was about to happen.


          The force of the explosion by the slime made me jump up.  All my other friends and their dragons did as well.  Explod then patted Hazor’s and Sparko’s heads.  He must have had Sparko light up the slime and it set it on fire, freeing everybody for their amber cocoons.

          I then told everybody they should get on their dragons and start heading back to Berk.  Asvord told me I did not have to yell anymore.  So I said the rest in a whisper that to them was probably my normal tone.  I told them I was going to go back and help the Snaptrapper out.  Of course they all said I am crazy, but they did not argue as they wanted to get away from there as soon as possible.  Annabeth made sure Sirena would go with Cazi and Electic.  Once they were off, Annabeth came back to me and said she will help me.

          We mounted our dragons and flew further into the island.

          I stated after a bit, “With a dragon as big and bad and mean as the green Death Song, you would think by who he entraps dragons there would be a ton of dragon bones around.”

          “But there isn’t,” Annabeth added.

          “No,” I said.  “And by what I can gather by its colors and markings by the light of the moon, the Death Song is a dark, lush green with lighter greens for its highlights and markings.  Taking a stab at this in the dark… both figuratively and literally… I bet the Death Song is a leaf eater.”

          “But Sirena,” Annabeth replied.  “Eats meat like the rest of the dragons do.”

          “That is true,” I agreed.  “But if a dragon is born and raised in a new environment to what environment it is supposed to be in, the dragon has to adapt.  It could have hatched here under the protection of this lush with rich vegetation island and the egg absorbed all the green light reflecting off the plants surrounding it thus making the dragon inside the egg, after it hatched, dark green.  Then also because there is only this Death Song around, it needs a companion or friend to help it survive.  Since it might have been born outside of what this species is supposed to be, it did not know how to be a Death Song, so it then mimicked what is around it.  So this particular Death Song might eat both plants and meat, but it prefers plants as that was the first thing it saw when it was born.  Without the right surroundings and guidance the dragon could not do what a Death Song is supposed to do.”

          Annabeth got the picture, “So when Sirena happened along and them both being the same type dragon, Greenie lured Sirena in and made her do his bidding and teach it to be a Death Song.  Knowing Sirena would not have hesitated to help, but if she did not want to help to a certain point, she would leave.”
          I finished, “So when Sirena tried to leave, Greenie used the Death Song’s call to keep Sirena with him and basically take control of her.  So when you found her the first time, that is why she was so aggressive then: Greenie was controlling her to do his bidding and protect him because he did not know how to as a Death Song.  It would also explain somewhat why Greenie shot us down a little bit ago, but did not bother checking us or eating us as it did not learn that from Sirena.”

          Annabeth then asked me why we were going back to help this dragon, so I explained that with a little help from the right place the Death Song and the Snaptrapper could be the right dragons for each other.

          By now the affects of Fredrick shooting at me were wearing off.

          After finally finding the two dragons I told Annabeth to find a Boar and bring it back.  The Death Song and Snaptrapper were locked in battle, but not in a battle to win.  Like I noticed before, they seemed to be arguing more than actually fighting.  Fredrick took over a little as he flew in between the two dragons and roared very loud.  So loud he basically demanded the attention of both dragons.  The green Death Song tried to shoot, but it looked like he is out.  As far as I know, a Snaptrapper has no actual fire blast.  But with each dragons ability, the one can protect and serve the other.  If the Death Song would have wanted to eat the Snaptrapper, it would have done so by now; same with the Snaptrapper.

          Annabeth came back with a boar and set it down in front of both the dragons.  Annabeth had already hunted the boar, with her bow and arrows she brought.  Both dragons seemed uninterested in the boar.  But when Fredrick landed and roared up looking at both dragons, they turned to face each other.  The two seemed to converse a little through roars.

          Fredrick gave a short roar to Anora.  She nodded.  Fredrick fired at the boar and Anora shot it back to him.  They did that a couple of times before Fredrick stopped and looked at the other two dragons.  I figured out that Fredrick is trying to get the two of them to do something together and help the other out the other one.

          “I think we got them working together,” I told Annabeth.  “Let’s get out of here before they change their minds.”

          We left to let them get used to each other and cook the boar if they wanted it.  The Snaptrapper looked like it blew on the boar and then sparked it up lighting it on fire.  So I think that is that.

          Annabeth and I now flying back together, Annabeth said after a while, “Thanks for pushing me out of the way… really actually… thank you for the encouraging words earlier.”

          “You’re welcome, and thank you for coming back as well… and shooting me,” I smiled.

          “Hey,” she swiftly answered back.  “That was more Fredrick’s idea than mine.  I landed him and he fired.”

          “Okay,” I grinned.  “Those words, by the way, took a lot out of me to find them and now getting shot and then the amber exploding off of me… but it wasn’t all bad… I mean I did get a kiss out of it.”

          Annabeth rolled her eyes and shook her head as we headed home.

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