Fan-Fic Fridays: "On the Edge of Mystery" Chapter 12: First Annett, Now Annabeth

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Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.  I was busy with graduation stuff and was worn out last night.  So that is what the dealy was for.


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On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 12


First Annett, Now Annabeth


          Rushing home on Fredrick, I dismounted to hurry into the house.  I ran upstairs to grab my helmet, putting it on, and my Gronckle Iron bow and quiver on my belt and over my shoulder, respectively.

          Rushing back downstairs and out of the house, I leapt on Fredrick and said, “Let’s go Fredrick.”

          We both raced after Cazi who is already on her way.  Eventually catching up to her, I wanted Cazi to catch me up on the details.

          “That’s it,” Cazi replied as we flew side by side at full speed.  “All I know is that Annabeth did not come home last night after looking for Sirena and did not show up this morning for breakfast either.  It isn’t like Annabeth to miss breakfast and be gone the whole morning and we starting into afternoon with her still not back.  Sure, Annabeth has been gone nights before, but she always came back before or after breakfast.  Also, even Star Scream is gone.  He must have sensed his rider not returning on Anora, that he himself went out to look earlier this morning.”

          “Where should we even start looking?” I asked.  “We have no idea where she could be, no idea which direction she went after leaving Sirena’s island…”

          “But we have to try,” Cazi said slightly pleading.

          I assured as we could see Sirena Island, as we now call it, in the distance, “I know we do and I didn’t say that we were going to turn back.  After we’ve searched for while, meet back at Sirena Island.  Maybe while we are out looking for her, Annabeth is on her way back and at Berk already.”

          We split up.  Cazi went to the west of Sirena Island and then north while I went to the east and then north.

          After what seemed like several hours but in reality was probably only about an hour and a half to at maximum two, I met Cazi back at Sirena Island.  We both said the same thing that neither of us saw Annabeth or Anora or even Star Scream; those two dragons could not be confused with any other dragon, they are too unique to do so.

          “Let’s double back to Berk and take a wide arc back to Berk,” I said as I flew over top as Cazi was down on the island below.

          Doubling back, I still did not see my friend or her dragons.  I then had another gut feeling: Maybe she’s back on Berk by now.

          This is what I was hoping when Berk came into view.  Cazi and I headed straight for the Olson’s house.

          Thoughts kept ringing in my head when I landed and jumped off Fredrick to go into the house, “Is Annabeth still out there?  Is she alright?  Did somebody kidnap her?  Was she-.”

          I was cut off by seeing Annabeth lying on the couch.  In her left hand she has a block of ice which she is holding on her head

          No words came from my mouth, but Cazi was able to say what I was thinking, “Annabeth!  What happened to you?”

          “Hi guys,” she replied back a little weak.

          Mrs. Olson then said, “Now she just got back and is still weak, she needs rests, don’t stay long.”

          I nodded as Cazi and I approached Annabeth, finally finding the words to speak, I said, “Are you okay, Annabeth?”

          Kneeling besides the couch and then sitting on the lower table next to it, Annabeth grabbed my hand, “I’m alright Jarl.”  She paused to smile.

          Cazi then questioned, “Did you find Sirena?”

          Annabeth’s smile dissipated slightly, “That’s just it I did.”

          “But why aren’t you happy?” I wondered.

          Taking the block from her left hand, setting it on the table next to me, and then leaning on her right arm to sit up slightly, “When I found Sirena late last night, she was alone on a far southern island.  I had gone as far south I have gone, since coming to Berk.  I’m not sure how far I went, all I know it was late at night last night with the moon shinning down.”

          “Coming up behind Sirena, I startled her.  That hadn’t happened since I first got her when I was training her.  She seemed like a totally different dragon… she seemed like a wild dragon,” Annabeth said now sounding sad with her eyes “glassing” over.  “I found out why… there was a much larger, much older dragon just like Sirena there.  Sirena’s eyes looked very different.  I barely escaped with life as the bigger dragon saw me as a threat and… and…”

          Annabeth then fell back starting to cry, not being able to finish what she was going to say.

          I had a good idea what she was going to say next, and then said softly to Cazi, “Sirena acted like a wild dragon towards Annabeth and Anora.  They both had to escape.”

          Annabeth then sitting up all the way, collecting herself, she concluded, “I did suffer a few injuries in escaping.  The bigger dragon thought that I was trying to hurt Sirena and fired several of its amber blasts at me.  Trying to avoid those blasts is how I injured myself; while trying to dodge several of its blasts, I tripped and my back fell into a tree.  Anora grabbed me and put me on her saddle.  However, Sirena went as far as to grab my foot to drag me back… and… Anora had to fire back at Sirena knocking her back.”

          Cazi then stated, “Since you got put back on your dragon, you could have easily gotten back before breakfast, even if you did go that far south.”

          “One would think,” Annabeth said.  “But after getting on Anora, we set back down on a island further north so that we could catch our breath; but later after resting, I blacked out.  I woke up to the daylight bearing down on me and more injuries than I thought I had.  Anora also seemed to be on edge when she woke up; that was probably just because of what happened with Sirena and the other dragon.”

          Mrs. Olson came back in and said we should leave and let Annabeth rest.  I agreed, told Annabeth to get some rest, and then gave her a hug; although as light as I could as she is still sore.

          Walking out of the house, Cazi said, relieved, “Well at least she is alright; though her moral could use a boost.”

          “Yeah,” I affirmed.  “Well, see you later.”

          I waved back at Cazi as Fredrick and I walked down the path from the Olson’s house.

          “First Annett, now Annabeth,” I kept thinking.  “But those were two different circumstances with two different motives for the girls to be gone… yet both return with injuries and both have no clue on why they blacked out.”

          Walking now past The Great Hall, I then noticed the long line of vikings going up to Gothi’s hut.

          “Hmm,” I stopped, putting my fists on my sides.  “Line seems longer than usual.”

          Something was gleaming in the road.  Coming over to it, it was an old dragon trap.
          “What is this doing here?” I wondered.

          Just than a viking came pushing themselves down the steps and started to run towards me; he started to yell, “Gobber’s dangerous, don’t go up there,” among other things.

          “Woah, Magnus,” I grabbed him by the arms as he was too concerned with getting away from Gobber, Magnus nearly ran through me.  “Calm down.  What’s the matter?”

          Switching on a dime from fear to irritation, “Wat’s the matter?  It’s Gobber.  He’s a mad man trying to work Gothi’s shift for the day.”

          “Oh yeah,” I thought.  “Gothi and the Academy riders are at Glacier Island,” then speaking out loud, “Oh he can’t be too bad… can he?”

          “Bad?!” Magnus nearly shouted.  “Pfft, he literally tried to burn my leg off.  Hmph.  The burning means it’s working, my foot… eh bucket.”

          I then relayed to Magnus, “Stop by my house on your way home and ask for some help there as mother could give you some ointment to put on your wound there.”

          Magnus changed his tone and thanked me.

          Getting back on Fredrick, I then flew up to Gothi’s hut.  Gobber is all set up for his victi-… I mean patients; although he is making more of a mess than treating his patients.

          “How’s it going, Gobber?” I asked, as Fredrick let me jump off and onto Gothi’s porch while Fredrick flew down slightly to a ledge to rest.

          “Couldn’t be better,” he replied, as he just sent Agnar off with a “potion” to drink.

          Gobber looked like he could use a hand, but before I could say anything, “Ah, before you go any further, I doo-not need any help.”

          Another viking came over and sat on a stool.  It sounded like Gobber was going to ask for help but then backed out.

          “Don’t want the people of Berk to think ‘ol Gobber can’t handle one… little… ‘ol day of being a healer.  I’ve seen Gothi work a million times.  I ‘know’ how to make her potions like the back of my hand,” Gobber showed me his right hand, but then he noticed something.  “Oh wait, that’s new.  I have a new mole on my hand; hadn’t noticed that before.”

          I stifled a chuckle as Gobber said he knew Gothi’s work like the back of his hand, yet he just found something new on his hand which he did not know about.

          The viking, in question this time, only had a dislocated shoulder.  Gobber quickly took care of that and got it relocated.  Although, one would think Gobber was fighting a Berserker soldier the way he “popped” it back into joint.

          I thought, “I guess Gobber isn’t completely helpless.  He can do some things.”

          “Let me just rub some of this ointment on your shoulder to relieve the pain,” Gobber said.

          The viking the screamed, “Oh, ah, eee!  It stings, it stings.”

          “Bah, the sting means it working,” Gobber replied.  “Come again, Borgar.”

          I then thought, “Okay, maybe not.”

          Bidding Gobber adieu, I whistled at Fredrick to wake up, he perked up, flew up next to me, and I hopped on.

          At first, I was going to go back to the house and draw or something, but I saw Magnus coming back from my house.  He is in a direction opposite mood he was in when I talked to him before.

          “Did my mother help you?” I asked.

          “Did she help me,” he echoed.  “She did more than that.  She made the pain all but go away.”  Magnus then yelled at those who were coming back down from Gothi’s, “Yeah.  Jarl told me to go to his mother’s after visiting Gobber.  I got wonderful treatment.  Jarl told me to go there and get fixed up.  Come on, you guys can come too.”

          Those who were coming down the steps from Gothi’s started to run in the direction of my house.  I just wanted to turn invisible right now.

          “Maybe if I don’t move, they won’t see me?” I wondered.

          I then am like, “Okay… I’ma just gonna get back on my dragon.  Vikings rushing my way, you just go on by, I’m not here anymore because I am there.  I’ll just fly away and we’ll pretend I was never here.”

          I decided on taking a lap around Berk to clear my mind.  I took a full lap and a fourth around the island, and then found myself on Berk’s middle-western shore resting on the beach.  I sat down on the sand and leaned my back up against a rock.  Fredrick sat or laid next to me, sometimes it is difficult to tell sitting from lying down with a Thunderdrum; their legs are so short it can basically look like the same thing.

          From being used to working with Gobber and the Berk Guard for the past months, getting to the point where all you do know is inspect, repair, and replace.  Nothing big has happened yet, on that front anyway.  I wanted a mystery, well I got one now brother.

          The whole point was to clear my head, but the more I tried, the more I thought.

          For the next several minutes - which turned into hours - I thought constantly about the mystery or mysteries to this point.  Completely zoning out thinking about things, I finally realized the sun going down.

          “Oh, it’s almost sunset,” I said.  “I better get back to Berk.”

          I flew back to Berk and saw the Academy Riders had indeed arrived back on Berk.  Landing Fredrick short of them, so I could walk up to wait on welcoming them back as it looked like they were still doing something with the Dragon Eye.  Agnar went past raving about how Gobber’s potion made his hair, singular not plural; start to grow back… although Agnar threw up on the way.  Gothi looked to be taking him back to take care of the part of being a healer that he left out… the healing part where you are supposed to give medicine.

          The rest of the Academy riders dispersed to go back to their huts, but Hiccup stayed where he was, trying to open the Dragon Eye.

          Walking over now I got a whiff of something, “Ooo… what is that smell?”

          “Oh that?” Hiccup said.  “Compliments of Gobber’s potion to Agnar:  One of the site-effects.  But one seems to get used to it, though even I still smell it.”

          Hiccup, getting a little frustrated with the Dragon Eye, then briefly clued me in on their adventure on Glacier Island.

          “That was a dangerous mission,” I responded.  “You said one day you would go further north than Icestorm.”

          Hiccup nodded his head.  “Yeah.  It was a dangerous adventure… but I turned the key and nothing happened.”

          “Hmm,” I tapped my chin a couple of times.

          Hiccup handed me the device.  At first I was not going to take it until Hiccup let me hold it.

          “Heavier than I thought,” I replied.

          Hiccup said, “Yeah.  I can’t seem to figure out how to open it.”

          Now looking at the Dragon Eye, I wonder what it could be that several people would want with it.  While giving it a quick once over, I noticed the part of the Dragon Eye that looked like a dragon’s head and there looked to be a gem of some kind in the front of it.  But trying to actually active the thing is another thing entirely.

          “Well,” I said handing the Dragon Eye back to him.  “You’ll figure it out eventually, maybe by tonight even.”

          “Hopefully,” he responded. “I’m very eager to see what secrets it holds.”

          Hiccup went off, walking with Toothless, back towards his house and I too back towards my house with my dragon Fredrick.

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