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I am a little confused. I signed up for the school of dragons on facebook because that is where I first saw it. In trying to use the DVD code I ended up signing up on the main site as well. I read on here that you are supposed to sign up here first to connect both accounts. Does that mean I have two accounts now? I checked and I still have the character I started with on facebook and a diffrent new on on here. Is there a way to connect them? Even if I have to delete the one of facebook? Will I get in trouble for having two accounts? Please let me know! Thanks!

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facebook account

yeah i registered first over Facebook too. And i would love to continue to play with that character instead of creating a new one here.  I'm pretty far already and don't want to delete my Facebook character.


So is it possible to move the Facebook one to this page?

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Facebook Accounts

Hi - Sorry for the confusion! To authorize the account that you created through Facebook, please start by trying to use our chat features in the game. Before you are able to send your message you will be prompted to authorize your account and a pop up will appear allowing you to register an email address with us. Once you receive the authorization email, use the included link to authorize your account and subsequently name your Viking and dragon. Give this a shot and let our team know if you have any other problems completing this process!