EXPLANATION: Trouble With Completing Quests/Moving On To Next Stage

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I've noticed some people have had this issue so I wanted to make a proper post about it, where I can update you all on what support says is the best way forward. Not only will it save you time, but it'll also save support time because they won't have to deal with the the same issue over and over again (providing your issue is the same as mine).


I've been in contact with support (still am) about an issue I've been having where I accept a quest and, when I go to click on something/someone with a question mark above their head, it'll just show the character with no speech and won't advance me to the next stage. In order to trigger it, I have to travel to the Stables (I have, however, heard the travelling to the Hall in the School works as well). There, the speech will come up as soon as I enter and the next stage of the quest will begin.


Support have no issue completing quests on my account their end, which made me believe originally that it was my computer. However, I've fully updated my macbook and I've reinstalled the game three times, but I still have the same issue. There are no error messages, the game works fine in every other aspect.


If you've found a solution, PLEASE SHARE! :)


All I'd ask of people is that they please be patient. Support have been very quick on the mark with this for me, Samantha (who is dealing with my request) is being as helpful as I imagine possible, being thorough, we will find a solution to this, but don't go waving your fists yet. I understand you want to play, so do I! This issue has stopped me from properly taking part in Dreadfall, because it's been almost too frustrating to play, so I've missed out on some incredible dragons... I've also been unable to take full advantage of a subscription I've bought myself, with money I rarely actually have spare to spend. Yes, it sucks, but you'll only make it worse by going off. So stay calm :) it'll be over before you know it. 





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