Experience NEW Flight Animations with the SNOW WRAITH!

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Word was that Vikings have been itchin' for the SoD team to revisit a certain Strike Class dragon accustomed to these colder climates. If you've been craving a more wintry setting for your next adventure, strike now because the Snow Wraith is back with new ANIMATION UPDATES!



With the speed and a fierce attitude of a true stealthmaster, the Snow Wraith knows how to use its icy surroundings to its advantage. And now it's adapted to campus with a flurry of revamped animations fit for this highly-esteemed member of the winter wonderlands! Taking effect immediately as all incredible updates have before, this release has already captured the attention of Vikings all around with its ability to maneuver the skies or stalk across campus eager for its next adventure!


Haven't gotten around to experiencing the loyalty of this primal Strike Class dragon? Well you definitely don't want to miss out on this latest release, so hurry onto campus now! And just as before, these animation updates won't stop with the Snow Wraith, so keep an eye out for the next dragon release that has the campus going wild for! http://smarturl.it/SnowWraithUpdate

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Absolutely love the animations! Thanks so much admins!


Also, what is this qa.schoolofdragons.com website? I've seen some stuff about it and I'm curious. I sent you a pm about it and also some things about farming and the tournament, just waiting for a reply! Thanks!


What happened to over level 20? Is that only for members?

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Glad you're enjoying the animations...

Glad you're enjoying the animations, ellisonn!


As for your other question, this question seems to pop up a couple times so allow me to explain here: while the website you found is indeed our testing site, it is NOT for public use. So we don't actually have users beta-testing any products through that website. We appreciate your interest and curiosity about this, however this is simply not the type of information we make readily available to our fans because our testing sites are not actually available for public use.


Also the level 20+ issue was actually a glitch and shouldn't have happen. Sorry for the confusion there!

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Thank you

Thank you for the answer Brynjolf, sorry curiosity killed the cat xD


Anyways I kinda liked having my level up but ah well, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks again so much for the reponse!

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The egg

I like how the Snow Wraith is looking right at the egg :)




Enough with the SPAM

for oh for, dragon not found.




Don't make Toothless angry

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Great observation!

That's a great observation you made, BarkingGhost! I agree, I like it a lot too!

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♫ Breakaway ♫

Yayyyyyyy, the Snow Wraith has a new animation! I can't wait to see it :D

Of course, I don't have one, but I'm sure I'll see a lot on campus XD

Thanks SoD team, you're the best! :)

c̡͎̞̝̞͗̏ ̸̘A̡̿̽ͤͤ̿̅ ̷̠͈͉ͪ̓̀ͫT͍͔͒ ̹͎̳͔͉ͨ͌ͨ̚Ị̯͆̌ͦ ̯̠̂Ẹ̰̯̿̈́̎̽̒͜ ̬̜̼͖͓͊ͪ͒̓͊?̹̖̹̇̂̒͆
A gif of Deceit from Thomas Sanders's Sanders Sides YouTube series. The caption in the gif is of Deceit saying "Who's she? Never heard of her."
aka i moved accounts and this one is d.ead af
rip in hecking pieces
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animations are great but

animations are great

but thunder run races are still very broken because of them 

they are grossly Overpowered and need a good downgrade in the performence

i know its more accurate to have it be overpowerdly fast but if toothlesss where accurate he would have almost 10 in every stat and that would unbalence the game

the snow wraith is super broken and needs a downgrade to even out the playing feild for other dragons because TRR is basicly ruined unless you are willing to use one of these


dont make them terrible or anything but take a whack at that accelration will ya?


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this awesome picture of my flying speed stinger by Ren Roar


63002 - 4chan Discord Hubble




my main oc moonstorm

template by http://Xbox-DS-Gameboy



Abyss, I like the color black, it looks pretty, your arguement is invalid

SAND WRAITH adopted from Midnight

Nightstorm my super pretty dragon, with my favorite color scheme and STARS, his style is absolutely perfect for my tastes!

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I love the new animations for the Snow Wraith! Though, I do have to say the current hovering animation doesn't suit the Snow Wraith that well. The Skrill hovering animation was better.


Also, is the SoD team working on a fix for the Time Stable Missions bug? I would really like that to be fixed because it is such a pain having to reload every time you complete a quest and hit the "claim" button for your reward and then not being able to do anything.


~ Raelgil


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Eluitholel (Faithful) - Female Timberjack



Thurkiitu (Twilight) - Female Stormcutter



Edar (Earth) - Male Grapple Grounder



Vaess (Arrow) - Male Speed Stinger



Thrae (Wind) - Female Deadly Nadder



Svant (Sky) Female Deadly Nadder



Stormfly - Female Deadly Nadder



Wurunwa (Dream) Female Deadly Nadder Titan



Korinth (Rage) - Male Typhoomerang



Rasvim (Treasure) - Female Fireworm Princess



Ibafarshan (Flame) - Female Monstrous Nightmare Titan



Hookfang - Male Monstrous Nightmare



Marfedelom (Death) - Male Whispering Death Titan



Rimem (Chief) - Male Rumblehorn



Ner (Spear) - Male Armorwing



Vriwhulth (Reaper) - Male Boneknapper



Vornsby (Tornado) - Male Thunderdrum



Shochraos (Lightning) - Male Skrill



Tiichir (Blessing) - Female Tide Glider



Kluurok (Thunderclap) - Female Skrill Titan



Ternesj (Stone) - Female Gronckle (to be titan)



Meatlug - Female Gronckle



Lirkim (Golem) - Male Snafflefang



Ordah (Ground) - Male Hotburple



Vyth (Steel) - Female Razorwhip



Kovgam (Metal) - Male Razorwhip Titan



Disise (Scourge) - Male Death Song



Miirik (Song) - Female Death Song



Veditoa (Frigid) - Male Snow Wraith



Vilzriquathtor (Frozen) - Male Groncicle



Drasonameko (Abyss) - Female Smothering Smokebreath



Aurix & Orn (Gold & Silver) - Male Hideous Zippleback Titan



Charir & Achuak (Red & Green) - Male Hideous Zippleback



Hatob (Dart) - Male Hobblegrunt



Diwhafup (Funny) - Female Devilish Dervish



Malrunwa (Nightmare) - Female Flightmare



Irisvar (Healer) - Female Prickleboggle



Vrevel (Talon) - Male Shivertooth



Anon (Flower) - Female Scauldron



Reelojawar (Dominator) - Male Shock Jaw





Congrats on reaching then End of my Siggy! :D


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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The names of my dragons are in Draconic and can be found on this website:



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Nice job on the animation

Nice job on the animation update, I actually like these dragons now. Will eggs go on sale to celebrate?


Almost Always Under Construction




All dragons represented in artworks belong to me unless credited otherwise





Quote: Anne McCaffrey, Dragonsong   Dragon: Windchaser, Male Titan Deadly Nadder



Quote: Robert Wyndham, Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes   Dragon: Fleetfoot, Female Speed Stinger



Quote: John Poweel and Jonsi, How to Train Your Dragon 2   Dragon: Dreamdancer, Female Scuttleclaw



Quote: Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks   Dragon: Silverstrike, Female Skrill



Quote: John Poweel and Jonsi, How to Train Your Dragon 2   Dragon: Skywake, Female Titan Razorwhip






Line art of my Male Timberjack Yggdrasil



(I have more, but the colos won't post correctly. Trying to find a better hosting site.)




Silly Story about my Female Titan Whispering Death, Tunnelwave












Artwork by others


My Windwalkers: Skymaw (Blue Female) and Seaspray (Green Male)

Done by Witcherforever - Thank you so much!


Sandstreak my Female Sand Wraith

She's playing with a yarn ball because this dragon was created in the memory of my cat Streak

Also by Witcherforever - Many Thanks!





"Windsong, you need to sit still!"

"I want to see the picture!"


Thanks to WutendBonfire for the image



             Daydream the Black Sand Wraith

                Blinkie made by Nessie - Thank you!




Coldfire the Monstrous Nightmare

Credit to WolfLight




Adopted Forum Dragons




Mistfall (Gas Head) and Cold Snap (Spark Head) the Albino Zippleback

Gender: Female

Adopted from: dragonrider34



Forest Heart the Thornridge

Gender: Female

Adopted from: ladybrasa





Dragons Owned in Game:


Kit and Kaboodle - Male Hideous Zippleback * Earthshake - Male Whispering Death *

Rockbiter - Female Gronkle * Firenado - Female Typhoomerang *

Frostflame - Female Deadly Nadder * Hollyberry - Female Changewing *

Danger and Beauty - Female Hideous Zippleback * Freefall - Female Devilish Dervish*

Coldfire - Male Monstrous Nightmare * QuickFlash - Female Ground Grappler *

Mudtwister - Female Mudraker * Sky shaker - Male Thunderdrum *

Solstice - Female Typhoomerang * Yggdrasil - Male Timberjack *

Winterlight - Female Groncicle * Thunderheart - Male Rumblehorn *

Hoarfrost - Male Groncicle * Firestriker - Female Screaming Death *

Soulforge - Male Razorwhip * Galdr - Female Death Song *

Frostflurry - Female Wooly Howl * Stonebiter - Male Snafflefang *

Volundr - Male Armorwing * Dappledleaf - Female Hobblegrunt *

Snip Snap Trip Trap - Female Snaptrapper * Frostlight - Female Groncicle *

Frostflare - Male Shivertooth * Sandstreak - Female Sand Wraith *

Swiftspring - Female Shockjaw * Boneshaker - Male Boneknapper *

HearthGlow - Female Fireworm Queen * Maelstrom - Male Scauldron *

Firestar - Male Moldruffle * Fleetfoot - Female Speed Stinger *

SingSing - Male Death Song * Mjolnir - Male Armorwing *

Ravenwing - Female Silthersong * SmokyMirror - Female Smothering Smokebreath *

GeriFreki - Male Death Song * Mistbloom - Female Flightmare *

Frostbane - Male Flightmare * Silverstrike - Female Skrill *

Nottdreki - Female Night Terror * Frostfall - Female Snow Wraith *

Frostflight - Female Wooly Howl * Windchaser - Male Deadly Nadder (Titan) *

Fire and Fly - Female Hideous Zippleback  (Titan) *

Firesong - Female Monstrous Nightmare  (Titan) *

Boulderdash - Male Gronkle (Titan) * Loki's Charm - Male Changewing

Dreamdancer - Female Scuttleclaw * Constrictor - Ground Grappler

Barnacle - Female Scauldron * Frostflower - Female Shivertooth

Cinnamon - Female Sweet Death * Wildwater - Male Shockjaw

Nightwind - Female Stormcutter * WildScout - Male Night Terror

Skywake - Female Razorwhip (Titan) * Tunnelwave - Female Whispering Death (Titan) *

Bramble - Female Prickleboggle * Sea Slicer - Male Sliquifier *

Windsong - Female Death Song * Mudblup - Male Hotburple *

Sandshark - Male Sand Wraith * Thundershock - Male Skrill (Titan) *

Razorwing - Female Timberjack * Rainpelt - Female Raincutter *

Firesoul - Female Singetail * Stonemaw - Male Eruptodon *

Sea Scream - Female Thunderdrum (Titan) * Wavedancer - Female Tide Glider *

Steelskull - Male Shovelhelm * Skymaw - Female Windwalker *

Bouldersmash - Male Quaken * Dustgrinder - Female Thunderpede *

Seaspray - Male Windwalker





Death Song flag made by AngNadder

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I LOVE! the new animations! it fits the snow wraith perfectly, me and Frostwing -my Snow wraith- say thank you. :3


IM CHANGING MY SIG AS ITS WAY TOO LONG! -So work in progress- -name poems from http://www.wishafriend.com/photo/namepoem/



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-I can't do nothin about the bottom sorry. :(- Idk why i like it. -shrugs- maybe because i picked Piplup when i started playing the series? maybe? idk. :P Fun fact: Back in platinum i called it Be. XD


Yo-kai watch -MY FAVORITE FANDOM! :O...i mean ya my favorite-: ya...i play the game and MAYBE.... im addicted to it... OH GOD HELP ME -falls into a pit-


hm? Whats my favorite yo-kai you ask? well....

Remember when i said i was going to watch episode 23?...well i managed to get a gif out of it! THANKS GIFCAM! :D

Oh...and if you didn't know, robonyan is my favorite. -derp-


Now i'd love to stay and chat about my favorite game but....i have more fandoms to talk about so I'LL BE RIGHT BACK TO TALK ABOUT THIS! :D

-that's a thumbs up FYI-


-I credit the Anime for everything, oh also Level 5 for giving us this!-


-awaits haters. :3-


HTTYD-one of my favorite fandoms-: DUH!-everyone knows my favorite dragon i think..-


-More coming soon-










I am now forever loyal to the original Gaurdians.








HEY Y'ALL! it is i, the one and only creeperpower! My main dragon is a flightmare named glowy, my  goal is to get all the dragons in the game. -and only have one of each type so there all special-




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Linda -the comic character :P-

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Appearance:-with Fire spark photo bombing XD



Fire spark!-main riding dragon-


Type of dragon:Typhoomerang



-she's a common color of thyphoomerang. :P-


-edit by your one and only.- -it stinks. :P-


Bond level: 7 -she only got her a few months ago.- -well...she is her first dragon anyway.-




Other main dragon -and when i mean main i mean that one person who follows you for no reason-




Type of dragon:Night terror


Why do they follow Linda?:As she saved his life, and being the person that he is, he is greatful and will forever be by her side.




Bond level: 6 -He thinks its a 20 though....poor guy-







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name: flare i will remember you i promise an one day i will see you again







name:sharp its hard remembering you with your lucky going personality 



name:bone you were the most hunted dragon i seen an i thank you for being in my life

R.I.P freedom i miss you

made by the faboulous hjonard thank you :3


a cute pitcture of sky an X-wing
made by the wonderful mesaprnss of sky an hiccup photobombing XD


a awsome sky picture made by the awesome sunny visions




sky bouncie made by reiraku





you are always there for me there for me thank you 



HEY LOOK ITS SKY-made by arkeyla



hi sky....why are you looking at me like that? made by the one and only...meh

​ugh oh...its sky's evil side eris!


​ugh.....sky?-made by meh




oh god...made by the incredible paymae thanks again :D



sky now has a license :D made by the fabulous Elsa II thanks again :D



type: night fury

color: white with blue eyes

gender: female

personality:is sweet an kind but has a dark secert witch she has a bad side to her witch she calls kaos an hates it when her evil side hurts someone


best friend:censoreda nyota





you are so cute

HEY LOOK ITS HERSHEY'S or hershey-made by arkeyla


aww poor hershey's D: made by the incredible fariy :D



appearnce:[shown above]

 personality:is incredibly sweet [budum tiss] an is protetive of his mate sky an rider though the red stuff on his tail is unknown though can get mad at times




best friend:boom [even though how much he makes him crazy



made by stellamontague thank  you




new nightfury!


made by me (this is so old omg)


meet censoreda nyota




personality:she is quit a happy go lucky person but  has a very bad rage so her an sky are the bestest of friends



best friend:sky



extra:is a swap fury [witch means she has 2 colors in one][also i think i putted so much blue on her]






meet comet




personality:he is a prankster an a expert at flying an is a sore loser but amethyst tries to calm him down at times when he looks like he is gonna burst into flame


best friend:yang [thouh he hates it when yin tries to ruin the fun :P]






meet amethyst



​just becuse im neon doesn't mean im bad....right? ;-; made by meh





personality:she loves fashion an fancy words but is quit kind an caring to her close friends an tries to cool down comet when he goes super mad


best friend:flare the nadder




  meet arcobaleno the albino nightfury adoptable and hopfully new oc made by mesaprncss


personality:she is a party type of girl trying to make everyone have a good time but when she sees sombody bored she keeps following the person until they say stop or if there having fun..... though she may seem to be a fun loving person she actually has a dark past making her have a depression she tries to hide




best friend:unknown




go here if you want to adopt your own albino nightfury http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/special-albino-night-fury-adoption :)


-the la Glowy the flightmare post-the post that deals with my main viking character/oc main dragon Glowy!


Name:glowy(aka the most original name for a female flightmare ever...i was being sarcastic)




Personality:she is alway's sarcastic and angered easily,she can also be a tomboy at times and look fabulous while doing it (Glowy:-sigh- its true)


Crush:none yet 


Extra:she never learned how to glow(Glowy:that is sad but true...)


Made by the fabulous Pyrelyth thank you :3


made by me...I guess this was Glowy's first design. nun




















meet shooting star


personaity: is extremly loyal to her friends an family 


back story: i was flying with bone when i saw a bone napper egg it had a star on it so i took it home where it can hatch when it hatched it was a bonenapper it saw bone it walked all over him ''bone looks like your a dad'' i laughed


my new nightfury miseltoe made by the awesome skrillfan



meet dollor the male night fury made by the awesome http://amerissa2890



meet rainbow this livly stoemcutter was made by the incredible adutiok im amiding it im in the object





free fall




meet rainbow speed this little guy might seem slow without wings but he is incredibly fast an caring to his friends

adopted by http://kelcyk123 thank you :)


meet quartz made by the wondeful breeders thank you :)


meet icy the beatiful tundra dragon made by sephira






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Is anyway to fix my account?

Is anyway to fix my account? My account got hacked for some reason. I pmed you back.





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Smokey- Brown Big-Wing Stoker

Shadow- Black-Shadow Mystery

Crunchy - Baby Big-Wing Stoker


Stompy - Big-Wing - Stoker


Destructor - Evil Big-Wing Stoker

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Spiky & Sparks - Male Hidous Zippleback

Blue and Buzz -Female Zippleback



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New animation, warrior paint or saddle for the Whoolly Howl!!! you always ignore the poor guy :(



sience 30/03/2014


In freedom we live, as one we cry out.

Meet the Bandits


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searching for a home.




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Dragon Lvl - 30

Trophies - 5500



".. and when I woke up in that cave, I wasn't alone anymore, wasn't cold anymore, Tier was with me."


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its my fav dragon