Experience NEW Flight Animations with the RAINCUTTER!

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Watch out from below and check out the latest ANIMATION UPDATES that will have many Vikings express adoration for a certain resident of the rainforests, the Raincutter! As a big token of appreciation to friends of this dorky Sharp Class dragon, the SoD Team has taken the feedback we've received to give this dragon a new polish!
A loyal companion to the everyday Viking, the Raincutter displays a unique set of animations with 25 NEW updates created to let you see how this surprisingly lithe dragon maneuvers the skies or scurries across campus! And just like in previous releases, Vikings will find these wonderful updates taking effect immediately whether you already have this dragon resting at your stables or not.
Curious about seeing these wonderful updates for this Sharp Class dragon yourself? Interested in making room in your stables to train the Raincutter? Well now would be the perfect opportunity to pick up an egg at Trader Johann's for 50% off regular prices, limited time offer only! And as always, the updates won't be stopping here as we continue to listen to what dragon Vikings are looking to see new updates about, so stay tuned! http://smarturl.it/RaincutterUpdate
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I saw that and some things are pretty nice and some are not so good as I expected (diving and flying to be exact. Oh, Im talking like Fishlegs XD)

Anyway It is better than a lot of dragons with ONE animation.

And, please, add numbers like 1  2 3...and one two three...to the chat!

And one more thing...Im first in the comments!


Welcome to msssssignature

to very long one XD

(actually it isnt very long yet-_-)

lets bet that you wont be able to read it to the end XD


My viking: 

  • Name:Astra
  • Age:14
  • Gender: Female
  • Clan: Swift Champions
  • Main dragonChangewing ARTHAS
  • Trophies: 2600+
  • Dragon training Level:35 
  • Fishing Level: 30
  • Farming Level: 18
  • UDT: 1 gold star (13000+)

​My Facebook: Astra Changewing

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My forum name:KrasivaAstra

My in-game name: KrasivaAstra

My OC`s name: Astra Swiftson

My Chatzy name: Ch@ngeAstr@ da LOVE CHAMPION3


1. Monstrous Nightmare RIFE male adult

2. Whispering Deah MOLEY female adult

3. Stormcutter CALCEFER male adult

4. Whispering Death BLIDAPOGANKA female baby

5. Changewing ARTHAS male adult

6. Groncicle AURORA female adult

7. Sand Wraith ZAMIS male adult

8. Scuttleclaw OPHELIA female adult

9. Smoking Smokebreath SIRKO male adult

10. Razorwhip  SILVERMOON female adult

11. Typhoomerang FERRARI female adult

12.Fireworm Queen CHRYSAN the MUM female adult

13. Rumblehorn MR CHAFER adult

14. Speed Stinger BLUE teen

15. Tide Glider PEARL female adult

16.   Flightmare VEGA female adult

17. Screaming Death GENOQUEEN female teen

18. Shockjaw SPARKY male baby

19.Singetail CAMILA female adult

How many female dragons >.< xD)
















Astra Swiftson - my main oc viking. I will add her photo later.

She lives on Berk with her family. Father - Olex

ander TheBravest (his surname was Windson but vikings named him TheBravest for his bravery in the battles) and mother Leanore Windson. Their farm is very interesting and unusual. Because it is a Fireworm Farm! They make honey for themselves or sell it.

Astra was born when hiccup was at the age of 5. Astra reached this age when Hiccup trained Toothless and now when Hiccup is at the age of 20, Astra has 15 years)))))

Astra loves speed and extreme, adventures and dangerous journeys. Her hobby is traveling but it isnt the only thing she goes in for. Her life is very various and interesting, i think. After her training a changewing her favourite thing became racing. Oh, it is the best thing ever! Flight, wind, sky, speed, clouds...

That was general information which is still under a construction)))...

And now a story of training Artas - Astra`s dragon!

If you want to have dragon you have to pass an exame about dragons and only after it you will get a permission to train a dragon.

Astra wanted a night fury, of course, but noone knows where they live. One boy, Clawet to be exact, hasnt passed the exam but Astra has. He met Astra near her house and said:

- Astra, Im glad that you have won!

- Oh, thank you, Clawet! You had good results, too...

- I have a very interesting deal for you. It is about night furies...

- Really?

- I was walking around Hiccup's house and...Well, I have stolen THIS.

- Looks like a map. You have STOLEN it!!!

- I want to train a night fury but I havent passed the test! And I hoped that you would help me...

- Ok, What do you mean?

- I will give you a map and you will train the night fury...

- !!!

- ...and than you will take me with you and I`ll train my one ,too.

- It`s great but how can I even find night furies...

- You have a map of the Night Isle! It is in your hands now.Ok,I have to go! Goood bye, good luck!

Astra got up very early. She took a map, a rope, a little copy of the book of dragons and one fireworm...Astra became a bit worried and a bit afraid.

Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, Snotlout came and said to go to the arena. "It starts in 30 mins" - they said. Astra nodded and took her bag. It was scary to leave her home... Maybe it is the last time she is here, in her house.

There were very many people, the whole village, maybe. Astra sat on Toothles with Hiccup and they flew to theDragon Isle. Hiccup told me the rules:

- We will land on the Dragon Isle. Astrid and I will fly over and around the island. If something happends to you call us. You can spend here at much a week. You can go fishing or hunting. Be very careful because you will be among WILD dragons. You can took your weapons but it isnt allowed to shot at dragons without a reason. Only for a protection, OK?


It was really great feeling that you will soon have your own night fury...

- Dont be afraid, I believe that you will manage! - said Astrid when she landed after Toothless.

Astra nodded and run to the forest. There were so many different scary sounds! Astra became really afraid...She had a plan (the plan is to train a random dragon and then to fly to the night isle) and she had to catch some fish. After that Astra climed a tree and saw a deadly nadder not far from her. Astra got down and run to the place where she saw that nadder.

...Nadder attacked by jumping on Astra but the girl rowed and found herself near a large pine-tree. She climed but the nadder fired the tree and it was about to fall. 

- It is my chance!

Astra jumped from the pine on nadder`s back. Deadly Nadder was suprised and disappointed. Astra gave the nadder a fish and "trained it with her hand".

Hiccup landed to congratulate Astra but she was GONE!!!

Astra flew on her first trained dragon to the Night Isle. She hoped to train a night fury besides she had some expeirence after a nadder))). 

- Come on, Poppy ( she named her nadder this way)! I think that's it, I think.

And really there was an island on the sea line. Suddenly the little smokebreath appeared. There were a lot of different weapons in his jaw. It flew above Astra when one of its axes fell down and hit Poppy's head. She fell uncouncious and stoped flying.

- Oh,Thor...POPPY!!!!!!!!

...First thing she could saw after her falling was a blue-blue sky. "Im probably dead" - thought Astra. But then she could see some pines, stones. She realized thet her arms, legs and practically the whole body had hurt very much.

- Ehm...Well, Im not dead if I still fell pain but where am I? Is it the Night Isle?

Astra made a fire and took some fish from her bag (it is impssible but after the falling it remaind near Astra XD >.<). Fried salmon without salt, sauces and etc wasnt very tasty but there was nothing else. Astra hasnt seen any night furies, she has heard only some scary sounds like "Shooh-shooh-shooh". It was getting dark and Astra fell asleep under a large pine-tree...

...Warm sunlight woke up her. Astra felt great! She looked around and realized that she had found herself in a stone cave. She came to the enter of the cave and looked out. The cave was situated very high on the mountain and pine-trees were so small down on the ground. Suddenly she heard a swish. Something invinsible (try to guess what it is)))) landed. Astra closed her eyes becouse of fright and was ready to meet her death...

But nothing happended. She opened one eye and saw THE CHANGEWING looking at her.

- Oh, my Thor! - whispered Astra, - Arent you going to kill me?

The changewing looked quite kind and Astra tried to train it. And what do you think? The whole her arm remained and the changewing wasnt going to attack.


Im very lazy XD XD 

What story do you want next? 





I cant believe but you have read it all! And as a reward here are some gifs!









by NarixuZen

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-insert subject here-

There is still an issue with the diving animation. I wonder why the developers didnt look into it while they made a new animation for the dragon.


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Thank you!

These animations suit the dragon perfectly!

Maybe you could do the Razorwhip next?

It doesn't have a flapping animation.



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Its awesome and I want try it but I can't Bc I'M HACKEDD HELP


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First, I suppose I don't know

First, I suppose I don't know a whole lot about Raincutters but...


what is happening here

U ok raincutter?



The sitting animation is really adorable though


But I'm not sure how I feel about this

The tail being up that much while running is kind of weird


There seems to still be no "dive"/ downward flying animation still, same with the flightmare

The head is really jerky while flying fast too (while pressing spacebar)

It like snaps upwards?

It's like a really fast inchworm (not the neck though, just the head)

Just pull the camera to see a side view of the dragon while flying with spacebar held


The "brakes"/stopping animation is pretty nice

Seems to do a number on his neck though haha

but that's ok







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-insert subject here-

The walking animation reminds me of a duck. I named mine Duck.

It is so unique and funny.

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For extra effect, lower your Raincutter's happiness and then run around on it. It looks so silly.


Thanks, team! I love it. I'll be sure to take my ol' Snippy out for a ride more often!



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So this is why i saw a bunch of Raincutters running around last night. I have no reference for how they looked beforehand, but these look quite nice from what I could tell.

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Treasure spined my subject to a wall.

Why the Raincutter, I thought it would be the Razorwhip... :(


I'm relatively new in the forum, so don't expect much from my signature xD


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I am an european girl of 12 to 15 years and a huge dragon fan (obviously xD) and my favorite dragons are Death Songs, Flightmares, Nadders, Stormcutters, Razorwhips, Zipplebacks, Typhoomerangs and the complete Strike Class :-)

Oh, and Rumblehorns! *-*


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More info on my dragons still in progress!


Two of the names... well, whoever figures out the references gets a cookie :)

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Given that the Raincutter wasn't an option in the recent poll I'm guessing that this update was already in the works.

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This animation is amazing :0 Thank you very mautch! Raincutter is very cool dragon now!






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Great! i love it! its so cute ^-^



i love leopard geckos. :3





so cute >w<




Smile :3














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Hi Brynjolf could you read this post. Thanks

Looks great though the head seems a little too jerky in flight so like the Deathsong and the wing problem smooth it out a little bit and it will look a whole lot better. Another suggestion is that I think the tail should be lower when running so more like a duck like in this video.

Minor fixes so I hope you read this and liked my suggestion! :)








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Im sorry, but.. 


WHAT ON EARTH makes you guys think that this new Raincutter animation is perfect for a Raincutter or maybe ANY dragon.. -_-

Its neck is broken when their slowing down, when they run their legs are doing the splits, and why would they be flying with their head moving like that, its like their struggling - its flying is definetely worst than toothless animation when their flying upwards >.<


Okay, seriously though, I need someone to explain to me how is this animation fitting for the Raincutter!? its nothing turkey or duck like..

tbh, I never really think that the Raincutter should really have a new animation, its perfect with the Hobblegrunt animation, instead of the Raincutter maybe pick something else similar, like the Shivertooth. :|


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-insert subject here-

It would not fit the shivertooth AT ALL.

I always saw the raincutter as a more... chubby and duck-like dragon. I think the running animation is comical and awesome. Maybe the tail needs to be lowered just a tad bit but otherwise it does suit the dragon and its build.


I think the neck movements are nice -minus the broken neck when slowing down- as not all dragons can fly smoothly upwards or forward. I personally think smooth flight only suits some dragons, like Toothless but I feel it is too smooth at the Stormcutter. Too smooth flying can look too artificial and unrealistic. The neck movement makes it somewhat real.


Plus you need to realize that the Raincutter is not a thin or aerodynamic dragon. It will not be able to pull up flying like the more streamlined dragons.

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First of all, Im really sorry if you misunderstood what I meant..

I DIDN'T MEAN THAT the Shivertooth would be a better pick to have the new Raincutter animation. NO, there is definetely no way that is gonna work out, I know how the Shivertooth should appearance should be like.. If the Shivertooth was the one with the Raincutter new animation right now it'll be something even worse..

I was saying that instead of picking the Raincutter to get fixed animations, I suggest they should pick a dragon similar but has a totally wrong appearance, which was the Shivertooth.. I meant that they should change the Shivertooth animation >.<


Back to the Raincutter..

Its just what really bothers me the most is the neck movements and the legs.. >.< 

I mean, Is it really necassary to get their legs so splited when they run?  Its looks so "overreacting", and wouldn't it hurt?

and their neck movements when their flying fast.. Like I said it looks like their struggling while doing what dragons are suppose to be able to do, flying.. They look like their suffering, having a hard time carrying its body.

Their neck movements when they fly dont like anything like the nature of turkeys or ducks, the Raincutter looks like their having a hard time pulling heavy loads :/ Won't its neck hurt if it keeps doing that..


I think the hovering is better with their old Hobblegrunt animation, they hover similar like zipplebacks now, which was not right to me :/

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-insert subject here-

Look at the Raincutter when it walks. You can see that its enormous belly is placed forward now, which means, that it cannot push its legs forward like it did with the scauldron's animation. Now it needs to move its legs sideways and forward to move. How else could it move? I think the walking is quite realistic and logical for such a chubby dragon as this.


As for the neck movement, maybe it can be reduced a little bit to make it more subtle yet keeping it. Make it more like the Scauldron's hovering neck movement. That isnt too strong, neither is it unnatural. And to be honest... you cannot truly compare dragons and real life animals. While they are based off of them and the flying is similar too but ducks or turkeys are far lighter and have a lighter body in comparison to their wing-power. The Raincutter clearly has a far bigger and heavier body compared to its wing-power. Hence why it will find a bit harder to fly, unlike Toothless or a Stormcutter. This doesnt mean it is struggling, only that it need to bring a bit more swing and momentum into its flight.

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Shiverthoth doesnt...

the shivertooth doesnt walk in two legs it is supussed to walk in four legs like a lizard or a crocodile



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ones thing about Raincutter

ones thing about this dragon


running look weird like duck

neck broke off when brake

tail blocking the screen


i like Raincutter but new animations look weird

i like shivertooth and hobblegrunt and Prickleboggle because both look like brother animations






Skrill is my most fav :)


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Credit Artis: Nessie (TalonClaw Gif ^_^)



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Credit Artist: RedHoodJason (wow)

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Credit Artist: RedHoodJason (love it!)

Credit Artist: Dogloven (look so cool!)

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