Exactly a year ago today... - Happy Birthday Mercury

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Doesn't time fly past? This year time's gone round faster than ever. Whether that's my age affecting it, or what, I don't know but it's now officially been a year since I first published "Mercury- Estowick's Last Word."


The FanFiction that was meant to mark the end of my writing career, which, in turn, sparked off spin-offs and reboots and all sorts. A year ago today, I was able to begin the ending of an age-old story arc which began in my worst years of writing (Seriously, I just dug this up. Go on, read it, I dare you. You will immediately feel better about your writing), and then was meant to end there, but I carried it on, nonetheless.


One year ago today, on the 23rd of February, 2017, at somewhere around 7.30pm, a boy sat in a bath. And after dropping the soap into the untouched waters, he came up with an idea. An idea that would change his life for a while. Then he came up with the first line. He said the words: "If we don't get the Mercury over to Berk's Docking Systems soon enough," and it continued. And this was the first line of my only fully completed book.


That boy was me. And since then, I think I've learnt the art of writing. Show, don't tell. Suspense. Save the best till last. Only put it in if you have to. I actually learnt what a character arc is! And I use it now. All the time. 


So, Happy Aniversary to the writing of Mercury. If you didn't know already, I am now starting a new series with a new series arc and new characters and everything, so I hope I can finish that. I hope to finish everything I started one day. One day everything I've ever written will come to a neat close and I've just had a fantastic idea, got to go now. ByeBye.


Anyway, please read my new work: "Tenébris," and the grand release of the Synopsis is tonight, find the tracking thread below. 


Thank you all, please read Mercury, and everything else I've ever written (except the early stuff, err).



Thank you all, Nighty-Night.


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