Every Glitch We Know About: Dreadfall Edition

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Welcome to ATGWKA, where we go over every glitch we know about.

Lets get started


Name: Gold Rush

Positive or Negative

Explanation: When I say "Gold Rush", I don't mean a gold glitch where you get infinite cash. Gold Rush is the 8th episode of the 4th season of "How To Train Your Dragon: Race to the Edge." Basically, it's about the dragon riders trying to recieve Berk's gold. However, they get captured by dragon hunters. When Fishlegs, Heather, and Dagur try to take down the fleet, they learn that the ships are dragon-proof. See where I'm going with this? Yeah. The ships are Dragon-proof. You can't take them down.

Causes: Unknown


Name: The Unfortunate Tale of Hardcore Levelling Warrior

Positive or Negative

Explanation: Hardcore Levelling Warrior is a webcomic about a person who, when playing a video game, died and lost all of their levels. Similar to the comic, there is a Dragon Tactics glitch going around that does practically the same. Except instead of losing all of their levels, they only loose a few, luckily.

Causes: Unknown


Name: Quicksand

Positive or Negative

Explanation: Well, not exactly negative, per say. It's annoying, so that's the basic reason. Sometimes, when a player is walking (No dragon) they seem to fall through the floor. It can be annoying during quests. Also, if you fly your dragon into certain spots, you can foy through the floor.

Causes: Unknown


Name: Still not ready

Positive or Negative

Explanation: Another dragon tactics glitch. I just overall recommend staying away from dragon tactics in general. Basically, when you try to do the dragon tactics levels, it will say you need to complete the tutorial. You could do it over and over and it still wouldn't work. Fun fact: this is the only glitch that hasn't happened to me yet.

Causes: Not fully known, but I'm hypothesizing that it would happen if you haven't done the quest from Astrid giving you the walkthrough.

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Another one

Oof. I've been hit with the level bug (went from level 50 to level 10), and experienced the map hole in New Berk. Had to fly above Gobber just to talk to him.


I have another one I've unfortunately encountered.


Name: Enemy Popsicle

Positive or Negative

Explaination: Sometimes when doing an Dreadfall dragon tactics level for the first time, the game will freeze on an enemy's turn. There's no way to fix this, just have to close out of the game, and get back on the level. Hopefully the level bug will not have gotten you so you can retry the level and hopefully there's no "server call timed out/you've been logged out" nonsense going on.

Causes: Don't know


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oh shoot youre right that

oh shoot youre right that happened to me too

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SpOoKy SeAsOn

Guess everyone is losing levels 


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The frozen enemy glitch

I was examining this glitch in particular, and I found out that it happens whenever:


- An enemy spawns (mid-game) at any of the 4 corners of the map

- An enemy that was already at one corner of the map detects your dragon and move/attack.


So you can avoid this glitch as long you manage to finish the level before any enemy spawns during mid-game at any of the corners, which can be either impossible for a low level character, or pretty much makes it NECCESSARY to use a speed role or long range dragon (personally I like to use flightmares, skrills and speed stingers).




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Enemies that don't spawn in corners have this issue as well. I feel like this is a pathing issue.

The best workaround for now is to keep one dragon on your team close to where you know enemies will spawn so the enemies have a path to the dragon.


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SpOoKy SeAsOn

Now that you mention staying away from dragon tactics I'm starting to think dragon tactics glitched me from adventure level 50 to 9. I was still level 50 before I tried dragon tactics and it froze then crashed the game.

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Same here. My Viking was

Same here. My Viking was level 40something and after a crash in dragon tactics some minutes ago he got to level 10


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Interesting err....  descriptions.

Some of these are bugs rather than glitches methinks.


 The leveling one is especially nasty. I lost over 40 levels due to it. :(


The ship one is weird as I did a battle, but the ship spawned with an interesting amount of health.



We did manage to take it down, well, we all fired like mad until the ship's route ended, then we got the win. However not all of us got the win, though, according to the chat. Seems like only a part of people who do battle events get the win. I wonder if there's just a limit to player tagging?


There's also a bug in the third(?) level of the dreadfall tactics level where, depending on the objectives, once it's the enemies' turn they won't do anything, essentially forcing you to restart the game. 

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Re: Still not ready

The "Still not ready" glitch can be remedied.


The description that you need to do the tutorial is wrong.

The new Dragon Tactics levels can be accessed by playing the new Dreadfall quests which begin with Valka. During the second quest, you play the first new tactics level.


The other bugs are quite real though, and helluva annoying.


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Wait... there´s more

Still more glitches/bugs:


Name: No pumpkin today

Positive or Negative

Explanation: White pumpkin seeds used to be available during October each year.

This year, however, the white pumpkins themselves can be bought (for gems, obviously), but not the seeds.

Added to this, the daily quest "Little Lost Dragon" demands that you hand over 8 white pumpkins to Fishlegs...

Is this a curious oversight from the admins, a strange coincidence... or intentional?


Name: Sync it up

Positive or Negative

Explanation: When you receive the third quest in the new Dreadfall line from Fishlegs, you get a "game can´t synchronize with the servers" error which does not go away if you retry and sooner or later crashes the game.

If you quit the game and restart, you might get lucky, but you have to retry often (for me, it worked on the fifth attempt with MMO mode turned off).

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There's no white pumpkin seeds?! Glad I had the forsight to buy a TON of them last year. I have 546 white pumpkins in my invetory as a result. Still, I feel sorry for those that won't be able to finish the quest.

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Ahh, so it's at least a tiny

Ahh, so it's at least a tiny bit possible to get past the out of sync thing with the Fishlegs quest ...


EDIT: Worked for me after three CONSECUTIVE tries with MMO turned off - thanks! Had tried plenty before but not right in a row.


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 Hyacinth the Smothering Smokebreath  

Skullcap the Boneknapper 

Yarrow the Shivertooth

Mullein the Shockjaw

Hepatica the Snafflefang

Rue the Speed Stinger

Redbud the Groncicle

Avens the Groncicle

Mazus the Groncicle

Spurge the Moldruffle

Witchazel the Stormcutter

Jimson the Mudraker

Gaura the Hotburple

Cohosh the Grapple Grounder

Agrimony the Snow Wraith

Parsley the Sliquifier

Fern the Prickleboggle

Ironweed the Devilish Dervish

Twayblade the Razorwhip

Bellflower the Deathsong

Tephrosia the Snaptrapper

Puccoon the Catastrophic Quaken

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Thanks to everyone putting in other glitches and bugs, it's a big help.

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Another one...

Name: What A Drag

Positive or Negative

Explanation: Drag and drop function broken. Means you can't store stuff you win in Dragon Tactics, can't use the Fuse function at the anvil on New Berk, and (maybe most importantly at the moment) can't use the Dreadfall Cauldron to exchange items for candies.

Causes: Unknown


Thanks SentinelSoul! Oh, and we are recruiting - visit our clan thread or search for us in-game!


OK, I'm officially addicted! Please help me raise my eggs and hatchlings by clicking on them!


Meet the adults here: http://dragcave.net/user/tallyra

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You can double-click to loot/remove the tactics items and fuse them. It's also possible to drag things to the caudron by clicking and holding for a bit before dragging.

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The Buff Overflow

Name: Buff Overflow


Positive AND Negative

Explanation: Buffer overflow is the name of a known exploit in computer science where the ammount of information is too much for a computer program to handle, and the slurpus ammount is alocated in a way it can be exploited. Although the bug itself isn't related to a giant ammount of data, but the ingame buffs (as in the buffs given by the racing gear for maximum speed, pitch turn, etc). In a few words, the buffs are ridiculously high and instead of a 5% increase in walking speed, for example, your walking speed more than triples the vanilla speed.


Causes: Any racing gear and saddles that you equip are giving WAY MORE BUFFS. So pretty much ALL OF THE DRAGON ARMOR SETS AND NON-NOVICE SADDLES ARE GLITCHED. Just unequip any armor that gives buffs and you should be fine.



The reason why it's both positive and negative is:


It's negative because it makes dragons insanely hard to control, and as this glitch only seems to be affecting a few players (I hypothetise it's only for those who use the Steam client version of the game)


And the reason why it's positive...? well... Finally I can swim with my thunderdrum with their proper speed... And running with the speed stinger is pretty fun too!

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Worth noting

Okay, it´s not a glitch, it´s obviously intentional, but I still thought I´d mention it here:


Name: Gemless world

Positive or Catastrophically Negative

Explanation: Except for miniscule amounts via Dragon Tactics, there are no ways to get gems for non-members during Dreadfall event. No daily rewards, no battle chests, no gem quests, not even Incredible Machine gems. Simply nothing, period. Check this topic.


Causes: Greed by admins/developers.

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DO the gem stable quests still appear? It's my only means of getting gems. Don't need another personally.

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Is there a way to fix the

Is there a way to fix the de-levelling glitch? I went from level 49 to level 10 and I can't feasibly complete the dragon tactics levels.

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For some reason, the dreadfall tactics levels are laughably easy-- no worries, you'll be able to do them even without a leveled viking, as long as you have some high level dragons to carry them.

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Name: No Costumes for

Name: No Costumes for you

Positive or Negative

Explanation: Finally got the Hobgobbler bones costume! However, when trying to put it on my Hobgobbler, got a message saying the "Hobgobbler costume is not compatible with your Hobgobbler". Umm ...

Not sure if this has anything to do with my Hobgobbler being the one from the Expansion? Though the exclusive one and the regular one are nearly identical (haven't hatched my regular one yet).

Causes: Unknown

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Name: Procrastinating Sheep

Positive or Negative

Explanation: Dreadfall sheep take 19 minutes to produce 1 candy when in the store it states the sheep should take 15 minutes. 

Causes: Dev oversight?


Just a small glitch, nothing you can do to fix it, just gotta hope devs fix it, as with it you can only get 3 candy per hour instead of 4. 


World's Okayest Trans Guy


Photobucket ruined my signature so I don't have one anymore yeehaw

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Cannot do the maze

I have one, and it's been really bothering me, since the start of Dreadfall.

Name: Crashing Maze

Positive or Negative

Explanation: Whenever I try to do the Fright of Passage, my game just ends up crashing, whenever I try and go through the first door. Like, I go through the maze fine, but as soon as I touch the door at the end, my game will freeze and just crash.

Causes: Unknown

I don't know if anybody else has been experiancing this, but I have, and I hate it! I really want to be able to do the maze, especially with how many candies it gives, but because of this glitch, I don't have the option of doing the maze, to get my candies.



Viking Name: MagicDragonMaster



Shockfang (Skrill) (Male) - LV 20 -

Toothless (Night Fury) (Male)- LV 40
Spiny (Wooly Howl) (Male) - LV 23-
Camoscale (Changewing) (Male) - LV 43

Glowy (Flightmare) (Female) - LV 19 -

Chompy (Whispering Death) (Female) - LV 20 -

Moody (Hobblegrunt) (Male) - LV 15

Thunderwing (Thunder Drum) (Male) - LV 15 -

Grima (Groncicle) (Male) - LV 16

Rocktail (Gronckle) (Male) - LV 12 -

Syren (Death Song) (Male) - LV 14 -

Bite and Chomp (Hiddeous Zippleback) (Male) - LV 11 -

Smokey (Smothering Smokebreath) (Male) - LV 17
Wave (Sand Wraith) (Female) - LV 13 -

Flamey (Fireworm Queen) (Female) - 12

Tidal (Tide Glider) (Female) - LV 23

Sharpfang (Speed Stinger) (Male) - LV 11 -

RazorBack (Razorwhip) (Male) - LV 10 -
Scaulder (Scauldron) (Male) - LV 14 -
Razortooth (Razorwhip) (Female) - LV 10 -

Nattvarg (NightTerror) (Male) - LV 11

Light Fury (Light Fury) (Female) - LV 11

Rustning (Armorwing) (Male) - LV 9

Eldavel (Singetail) (Male) - LV 12

Vulkanen (Eruptodon) (Male) - LV 10



Spiketail (Deadly Nadder) (Female) - LV 11 -

Torch (Typhoonmerang) (Male) - LV 10

SharpRain (Raincutter) (Male) - LV 10

Rainer (Raincutter) (Female) - LV 10


Burpy (Hotburple) (Male) - LV 10
Skull (Bone Knapper) (Male) - LV 11 -

Breeze (Stormcutter) (Female) - LV 11 -


Trickey (Shivertooth) (Female) - LV 13

Hakirai (Grapple Grounder) (Male) - LV 10


Quake (Thunderpede) (Male) - LV 10


Cinderwing (Monstrous Nightmare) (Female) - Lv 7 -

Heilari (Prickleboggle) (Female) - Lv 6



Scorchfang (Monstrous Nightmare) (Male) - LV 10 -

Scrappy (Scuttleclaw) (Female) - LV 10 -

Screecher (Screaming Death) (Male) - LV 12 -

Sweety (Sweet Death) (Female) - LV 10

Icy (Groncicle) (Female) - LV 1

Tiny (Terrible Terror) (Male) - LV 10 -

Liten (Terrible Terror) (Female) - LV 10 - 

Litill (Terrible Terror) (Male) - LV 10 -

Mudwave (Mudraker) (Male) - LV 11

Drakey (Dramillion) (Male) - LV 10 -
Flekko (Flame Whipper) (Female) - LV 11

Hreindýr (Crimson Goregutter) (Female) - Lv 6

Skullshocker (Skrillnapper) (Female) - Lv 5


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Fresh from today   Name: You

Fresh from today


Name: You too, Eret?

Positive or Negative

Explanation: I tried the daily quest "Say No to Dragon Hunting", where you join Eret in dismantling a DH base. One step requires you to find a DeathSong, and when I try to approach her (because the arrow points to her), I wil get a sync error. 

Already tried 4-5 times, and it's still there (I still have the Fishlegs bug too)


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Another one...unfortunatly.


Name: He's dead, Jim.

Positive or Negative

Explaination: In a Prickle is broken. After you get Fishleg's cards back, you try to click on him and you get "progress failed to sync".

When looking at the journal entry, it says YOU are the quest giver and there's no text for the quest.

Causes: Broken quest


Name: No repeat for you!

Positive or Negative

Explaination: Trying to do a previous daily quest that worked just fine the first time gets you "progress failed to sync", making progress impossible.

Causes: The game's unstable connection issues

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I guess daily quests are

I guess daily quests are broken today. I moved to another of my dailies, after reloading the game for nearly 10 times didn't solved my problem with the Deathsong, and I'm getting sync error with that too!

So today I'll miss the daily quest reward, with 2 out of 3 broken. I don't even want to start the third one

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Looks like it...I have two quests that worked fine for me previously (papers and deathsong), that aren't working. Plus the broken prickleboggle quest today, too. Guess it's back to the farm for candy...

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Update: I went to the maze,

Update: I went to the maze, and at the very end, when it's time to take the reward chest, I got sync failed error! 

So today no candies from the maze, no candies from the dailies (100 candies !!!).

I won't try Dragon Tactics for the bugs about frozen enemies and losing your Viking levels.

Yeah, the farm is the only one working right now.



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I just did the maze last night, so if you are having trouble with it, I'll probably have trouble, too.

I just did DT again, got logged out.

Thank goodness for the farm (when the game will actually let you in)!

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My Death Song covered the subject on amber

Those DT levels are unlocked once ypu fight the skrillknapper in old berk, where you have to play the first level.



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Name: Untouchable

Name: Untouchable floor
Explanation: when you touch certain places floor or when you stand still for a while, specially after changing zones, your character will drop down through the floor, forcing you to use your dragon to go back up or in case this isn't possible, changing zones.
Causes: no clear causes

Joined: 06/15/2017
My Death Song covered the subject on amber

Name: Untouchable floor
Explanation: when you touch certain places floor or when you stand still for a while, specially after changing zones, your character will drop down through the floor, forcing you to use your dragon to go back up or in case this isn't possible, changing zones.
Causes: no clear causes

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My Levels

Dude! I was just playing some normal dragon tactics, and just the 1st Icestorm Island level, and I just noticed in the current round I'm in, that my viking level went from 50 to 9. So it's not just the Dreadfall levels that are affected by the glitch, but all Dragon Tactics levels.

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There's also an issue with the quest that has you find Flightmare scarecrows in the maze. The scarecrows IN the maze are not the ones for the quest, however the arrow points to the part where they are located. I got a scarecrow in the platforming part without noticing it beforehand, seemed like it had no model. Then my game started hanging and the sync error appeared.


ETA: god this must be the most bug-ridden update they ever pushed though. And this one has a timer, too, which makes it all even worse.

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Positive or Negative

Explanation: So, I was just about to face the Skrillnapper for the quest, and I was about to feed my dragon, to get him at full energy, but when I go to feed him, I don't have any food. So I go to check my inventory, and EVERYTHING THAT I HAD IN THERE IS GONE! THE ONLY THING THAT IS LEFT IS THE ITEMS THAT I RECENTLY GOT FOR A QUEST THAT I FINALLY FINISHED LAST NIGHT! EVEN ALL MY DRAGON EGGS, WHICH I SPEND A LOT OF GEMS ON, ARE GONE!

Causes: Unknown




Update 2: Ok, I just tried going to my farm, and that seems to fix the problem.