Every bug I've encountered in 1st month playing

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Multiplied eggs in mystery chest glitch:


After exiting my stables, I purchased five mystery boxes for 1000 gems, opened the first box, picked the first card on top right corner, and the first egg I selected multiplied times five, and all my boxes were gone from my inventory.


It happened in the school of dragons map, and after receiving said egg from the one chest of the five I bought, an odd message from hiccup appeared congratulating me on my first egg, when I had at least 8 new eggs in my inventory to begin with.


Dragons reverting from adult back to teen:


This has happend to me on multiple occasions, but I will list the most recent and describe in detail on how and when it happened.


I did a battle event with my adult windwaker and when I logged out and back in couple hours later it was back to a teen dragon. (i've had it happen just from logging out so battle has nothing to do with it)


One of the reasons why I'm not spending 500 gems on a titan, and I've also read a few threads here and there about titans reverting back to adult.


Also, gems are non refundable so why risk it.


Battle event message saying no rewards are available at this time:


This is a common one I'm sure, but there are some issues that happen after you log out after said message appears on screen after the battle.


When you log out and back in sometimes the UDT rank will glitch out(stars will be floating off the bubble) on your character at the play game page, and if you happen to log in all of your dragon will be back to level one. This is scary at first, but if you log out, wait a while, then go back in everything will be back to normal.


Farming 131:


This job freezes the game. I have nothing more to say here.


Snotlout twin bee glitch:


You can not move on in the quest because there are two snotlout stuck inside each other on the section where you need to lead snotlout to phelgma.


Afer you try clicking on snotlout, nothing happens and the two snotlouts are stuck there.  "The quest is honey, I stung snotlout!"


My recommedations: 


Don't buy mystery dragon egg chests on school of dragons map

All the others are unavoidable, sadly.




I have not experienced any of these glitches on a server error, or server overload/domain lost. These were all experienced playing the game on a day with no crashesI am aware of rollback occuring after a crash, as it had happened to me during a few quests while playing this game.


I play the game on the downloaded version which is the best and quickest way to play school of dragons.


Hope this helps







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I wouldn't recommend buying several mystery egg chests anywhere. I've heard of others who have bought several mystery egg chests at once and the same thing happened to them. You're better off to buy one, open it, pick a card, and then repeat the process how many ever times you want.


If you really want titans I wouldn't worry about the "reverting back to adult" glitch. While this has happened to some people, they've pmed Brynjolf, an admin, about it and it eventually gets fixed. I've personally never had this issue. I always wait until my dragon is level 20 and then go to Titan Island and click on the big circle by the lava and use my titan runes if I have enough or gems to make them a titan and I've never had one go back to being an adult. I don't know if this has anything to do with it but that's how I've always done it and I haven't experienced this glitch yet.


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Help me pls :<

How many titans runas do you need to become a one titan dragon? I'm only 30 runas titans
I need scauldron titan :c



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alot T.T

Unfortunately, 50 titan runes total ._.

In my opinion, you're better off getting the gems than waiting for like, a year (it took me over a year to get a titan with titan runes no joke .-. )


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the same happens to me
I bought like 3 boxes of mysterious eggs (200 gems)
and I had about 4 eggs of MONSTROUS NIGHTMARE
(the same happened to me with more dragons)

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Age Ups

I have encountered glitches where my adult dragon became a titan then reverted to adult, same with teen and adult. Usually there would be an age-up to the specific growth-stage if the game glitched, usually that works for me, if it doesn’t work, try DM’ing one of the admins.