Ever wanted to fly on a "dragon"?

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I've wanted to post this for a while but never got around to it. 

This thread is about a dragon lovers dream...

What would it feel like to ride a dragon?


Well if you ever get to travel to Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando Florida, you're one step closer to finding out.


I am, of course, talking about one of Disney Worlds newest attraction...

AVATAR: Flight of Passage.

A breath taking journey on the back of a Ikran/Banshee.

If you have watched the videos for this attraction you've only had a small taste of what the ride is actually like.


For my first writing assignment I had to write about a special moment in my life.

So I decided to write about my experience of this amazing ride.



WARNING: Following content contains spoilers for the AVATAR: Flight of Passage Atraction, as well as horrid writing skills.



              I was flying, really flying! I felt my ride breathe and move underneath me as we soared through gigantic, old forests and around floating mountains. I gasped, trying to catch my breath. The sounds, colors, smells, and even the wind on my face seemed too good to be true. But here I was, flying on the back of a magnificent beast. I never wanted it to end.


           After clearing the mountains, we swooped down close to the ground and flew over a herd of what looked like cattle. I could smell the fresh dirt as we raced along the valley. Suddenly, two of the cattle tripped in front of us, causing us to fly skywards to avoid a collision.


           We soared over the ocean, just skimming the water. I could feel the mist on my face and inhaled the salty smell of the sea. It was almost like magic. As a huge wave started to come towards us, I tried to get my mount to fly out of the way, but it refused. I closed my eyes expecting to get drenched in water--but nothing happened. I opened my eyes to see that we were flying alongside the wave! The wave was starting to curve over us. As I urged my ride faster, we cleared the wave before it crashed on the shore. Out of breath, my mount landed on a large tree branch near the sea. I looked out at the sunset and hoped this would never end.    


         I will never forget my grand adventure on my banshee, and I’m counting down the days until I return to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and ride again.


If you wish to contact me please do so without the use of privet messageing. Thank you. :)

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Did you get FastPass? If so...

how? o.o

We live here and we've been trying to get FastPasses for FoP ever since we got to do the Passholder preview. Unfortunately, by the time we can schedule them, there's none there. And MY GOD I NEED TO GO BACK X'D


And idk how true it is, but apparently Universal wants to do a HTTYD themed... land? I guess. And my dad said there'd be a ride there like FoP, so naturally I'm freaking out (if it's true) XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


Also kinda off topic, but did you get one of the banshees at the gift shop? The ones that sit on your shoulder? If so, how much were they? I reaaaaaaaaally want one but when we got there there was no obvious price so we left. :( People were buying them, though, so they were for sale. Just no visible price. Hmmm... :/


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We used a fast pass... well a family friends fast pass. They were staying at a resort so they got to book their fast passes sooner then most people.

They had to cancel their trip so they let us use their fast passes for both Pandora attractions. Although you can't do that anymore as Disney changed the fast passes so that the person's band/card must be active in the park to use the fast pass.


Umm, I don't know about anything Universal as I have never been there and I don't plan to. (I'm Disney spoiled XD )


Also, no I did not get one of the Ikran/Banshee toys. We couldn't even get in the gift shop.(we went on it's opening month)

Although I think their price range is $20-$40.... hold on let me check.....  humm not available in the Disney store web site...  okay it's about $50 full price and the only place you can buy it (in which Disney makes the profit) is in Pandora: the world of Avatar.