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I just really wanted to use one specific character again....

I'm not going to apologize for that...

Let's get the party started! 


Many years ago, a king ruled with his two sons. They were strong, powerful, he molded them into weapons of mass desctruction for his own goals. But, there was a third child, a daughter, whose powers even the father was afraid of, and so she was sent away. The king ruled with a strict and firm hand, unforgiving and cruel to his subjects. The two brothers grew fearful, and so planned to destroy their father as he did to them. But the daughter had returned at this point. Their mother, blending well and watching from the sidelines, had attempted a daring rescue mission, begging her children to defect with her, but the children, especially the daughter, refused. The daughter, shaken by the rescue attempt, withdrew into her madness, k.illing one of her brothers by accident, and permentantly damaged the second. The father had no quarrel with this, preferring his children fight among themselves. The remaining brother, angry with his father, k.illed him, and fled. The daughter, confused and wanting vengence, took over the kingdom the brother left behind. But the kingdom was unhappy, it did not want the daughter, who was said to be worse than her father, on the throne. So some split, and allied with the remaining brother, who set up his own warring kingdom. Now, we catch up to today, where the daughter, Verlin, and the brother, Rekan, rule with iron fists, like their father beforehand. The people are unhappy, and so, like any story, a rebellion grew. 

The two kingdoms, Verlin's keeping the orginal name of 'Eternal Throne' and Rekan's, taking the name of 'Zakuul', are fundamentally different than each other. Verlin's harsher kingdom became infused with tech, it's side become more advanced and so were dubbed "Techies" by Zakuulians. 

Rekan, seeing the destruction that the tech could bring, sought a less destructive way. His kingdom became more feral, preferring more organic ways, however, still having tech like weapons with an organic touch. They were dubbed "Primals" by the people of the Eternal Throne. 

Techies vs Primals

The Techies, like I stated above, are more dependant on their technology than  most civilizations. They will usually have chrome plated armor, and other such items on their body. They have different divisions, and follow a strict order and heirachy. You can have any weapon from any sort of sci-fi movie/expanded universe you can think of (however I will be reviewing and will leave some reference links for weapons). The techies don't have a lot of organic mounts, and so use speeders, jet packs, or other means. Some, like Verlin and her Knights, have organic ground mounts, but nothing more (I will leave a list of mounts). Their soldiers are mostly human, some genetically modified to peak perfection, but almost very little are of alien species. The Primals have a distict almost sort of hatred and bias towards non-humans. 

The Primals are less dependent on their technology than the Techies. They usually have animal fur lined with parts of chrome armor, usually around the weak points of the body. They don't have different divisions, and follow a less than strict order and heirachy. You either fight, heal, or you don't. Weapons from the Primals resemble the weapons of old (think crossbows, bows, etc) with tech upgrades made to suit breaking the armor of Techies. The Primals often use organic mounts (so yeah, you can have dragons. No NFs or other dragons of that sort. I will be reviewing these as well)  that they have outfitted to use in the air, sky, and sometimes water. Their soldiers are mostly a mixed bunch, ranging from alien, human, or hybrid. However, there is still a bias towards non-humans. 

The Rebellion

Nicknamed the 'Eternal Alliance' this rebellion is a mix of both Techies and Primals who seek to end the corruption of Verlin and Rekan, but yet have no clear plan on how to end it. They are struggling to survive, and mostly get their troops from defecting members of the two kingdoms. They have no set weapons, only a base for status and leader ship, and the only mounts they get are what others make, or bring with them. There is no bias towards non-humans.

But the Alliance is soon going to get what it wishes. 

The Characters

In this rp you are either defected Techie, or Primal. You can be alien or human, or hybrid. You are a unqiue character who is sick of both the Eternal Throne and Zakuul, and wish to see the kingdom united under one banner again. 

The Classes

For Techie you have:

Agent -

Specialized in deception and trickery. Usually the most equipped of the Techie soldiers. They can range from Healer, Concealment, or Sniper. 

Saber Warrior -

The front liner in the war front, but often the most dangerous. The Saber Warrior uses different kinds of tech advanced swords and techniques to gain the upperhand in any battle. The can range from a Marauder, a Saber Warrior who can weild two swords, or Juggernaut, a powerful and defensive Saber Warrior who can rip apart soldiers on looks alone. 

Inquisitor -

Often times the Inquisitor is Verlin's right hand Warriors, going into battle with her and her alone. They can overwhelm their targets with powerful lightning strikes (or other powers) and weild an advanced two sided sword or staff. They range from Sorcerers, more magic adept users that can also be used to heal allies, or Assassins, sneaking in close to finish off targets or defending Verlin. 

For Primal you have:

Trooper -

Both the front liner and the most equipped of the Primal soldiers, the Trooper are the most heavily armored  and supplied soldier in the war. They engage the field of battle with heavy blaster rifles and a versatile array of ammunition. They can range from Commando, attacking enemies from a distance, Field Medic, healing their teammates with ease, or Vanguard, devastating groups of enemies at close range. 

Primal Knight -

Zakuul's primary defenders and protectors. They charge into the frey without a second thought, employing unmatched weapon prowess and a tatical use of almost any weapon they specialize in. They range from Sentinel, a Primal Knight that specializes in the duel weilding of swords or staffs, or Guardian, equipped with either a single sword or staff (sometimes a crossbow) who protect allies. 

Consular -

Like the Inquisitor, the Consular are usually Rekan's right hand protectors, adept in using magic to their advantage. They can range from Sages, Consular's primary adept in healing and utilizing their magic to the fullest advantage, or Shadow, Consular's trained with doubled sided swords or staffs, and are used to bolster defenses. 

Neutral Classes: 

Smuggler -

Smugglers are cunning, lucky, and are able to utilize any sort of blaster like weapon that enter their hands. They could be either a Gunslinger, who weild two blasters and are adept at attacking from cover, or a Scoundrel, a Smuggler who uses dirty tricks and don't plan a fair fight. Scoundrels weild only one blaster but instead opt for close range abilities like a punch or dirty kick. Smugglers can either be with Techie or Primal, but could easily be bought off for another side or defect. It is rare for a Smuggler to defect to the Rebellion without being paid to do so. 

Bounty Hunter -

Known as the scum of the war, the Bounty Hunters are well equipped and relentless trackers, utilizing an array of weapons from both sides. They range from being a Mercenary, a BH specializing in range attacks with two blasters. The Mercenary has the largest arsenal, enjoying heat seeking missiles or even healing allies when working as a body guard. Or the BH could be a Powertech, finding leverage on using the latest technologies, allowing them to draw groups of targets in with grapples or burn them down with flamethrowers. Powertechs enjoy an upclose and personal fight that allows use of everything they have. Their armor is usually very durrable, using a mix of both Primal and Techie armor. Like the Smuggler, they can commit to one side, but can be paid off very easily. It is rare for a Bounty Hunter to defect to the Rebellion without being paid to do so. 

Weapons and Mounts: 

Since Techies use advanced weapons, think of weapons from Star Wars and Star Trek (or other Sci-fi shows). Weapons could include stuff like Lightsabers and an assortment of Blasters and guns. 

For both Techie and Primal mounts i recommend looking at THIS list, or if you have any other mounts, don't be afraid to submit one in for reviewing! 

Primals also use blasters, however they don't use lightsabers or anything like that. For classes like Primal Knight and Consular, they would have something more akin to a vibrosword/staff or a Darksaber


I have no doubt in my mind most of you will pick human, but for those of you who don't want to play as a human, I recommend taking a look at THIS site and THIS site for canon Star War's ones, or other speices (I'm not all familar on Star Trek) that I'm not aware of. Remember, your character's reason for defecting from either side can boil down to "they were mean to me because I'm not human so I didn't want to be apart of that". 


1. Normal rp rules apply

2. Follow the Character form please, I will do my best to make it as easy to follow as possible

3. One class. I don't want to see you be a Primal Knight, but you also have the skills of an Agent. 

4. Personality must be more than listed traits 

5. Weaknesses are not for you character weaknesses, they are for your power weaknesses

6. Keep this rp PG-13

7. Violence is allowed, but like I stated in rule 6, keep it PG-13

8. Romance is allowed. If you think a character of yours should be with another character, don't be afraid to ask the other person. 

9. None of our characters know each other. They can have inkings of who they are, or if they see them, but we're not friends yet. 

10. Please put Red will be gone tomorrow, sorry about that in your subject bar if you have read the rules

11. Rushed forms that were only made to save a spot will not be accepted. I will only accept and save half filled out forms. 

12. Have fun! And please, don't be afraid to ask me for anything! 

Character Form:


Species (if human, state "human" if not human, state what species they are):


Defected From: 




Powers (you can have as many powers as you want but you must have a weakness for every power):






Also: Four Techie Spots, Four Primal Spots. Two of the techie spots are already taken. 




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Tracking List Please DNR


1. Me ~Teeva'verva, Agent

2. Squiid ~ Adel, Smuggler 

3. Chameishida ~ Orion Grey, Inquisitor 

4. Mechfighter ~  Zero, Bounty Hunter


1. GeyserBug ~ Kozack , Bounty Hunter

2. SkyHunter22 ~ Hikarih Nightwalker, Primal Knight

3. Wolf and Star ~ Ligeia, Bounty Hunter


My Form: 

Name: Teeva'vera/Roma (depending on what form she is in and how she introduces herself)

Nickname: Cipher Nine 

Species: Twi'lek, though first appears as human. 

Gender: Female

Defected From: Techies

Class: Agent


Teeva is a natural-born leader, full of charisma and passion. She has a natural confidence that is easily infectious and takes a great deal of pride in her successful assassinations or missions. Radiating authenticity, concern, and altruism, she is unafraid to stand up for something or say what she feels needs to be said.  She finds it easy to get a person to spill their guts to her, tell her classified information, all in a way that doesn't feel forced or unnatural. She can easily see through people and find hidden underlined motives through events, facts, or raw emotions. She's become so intuitive that its almost easy for her to find someone lying through tone of voice alone. Once in her life, Teeva was trusting, far too trusting. Enough that she closed herself off and refused to spend time conversing with people and rejected building connections. But she has problems withholding her optimism, her altruism and authenticity. Basically, Teeva has a hard time trusting others, and doesn't like to get invested with them, for fear she'll be hurt again. It now takes a lot for someone to get her to trust them. 

Teeva is also at fault for another snare as well: she has a tremendous capacity for reflecting on and analyzing her own feelings, but if too caught up in another's plight, she'll begin to develop some sort of emotional hypochondria, seeing other's problems in herself, trying to fix something that isn't her problem nor fault. If it gets to the point where she is held back by limitations someone else is experiencing, it hinders her ability to help at all. When this happens, it's important for her to realize it's not her fault and bounce back, and use that self-reflection to distinguish what she really feels. 

She is a passionate altruist, almost to a fault, and is unlikely to be afraid even in the face of d.eath. She will sacrifice herself for those she learns to trust, even if it means she won't get out of it. Teeva is deathly patient, listening with a calm quietness that it's a wonder she's an extrovert at all. She's incredibly charismatic, holding a natural charm that is very hard to resist. She instinctively knows how to capture an audience with ease, and pick up on social cues very easily, and usually is followed with a quick snark or quip. Whatever the situation calls for, she will know how to shift her tone and manner to reflect the needs of the mission, knowing exactly what to say and how to say it. 

But, Teeva is overly idealistic, and can sometimes earn the repudiation of naivete. She's also sometimes too sensitive, but will she ever show it, no, not really, but its there, and she ends up having a fluctuating self esteem because of it. 

To really understand Teeva, one must know what had happened to her. Teeva has a complex PTSD, relating to the fact that she was tortured by the Eternal Alliance for suspecting treachery. She does not like to be near electronics of any kind, and has a problem not being in control of her situation. She will exhibit behavioral difficulties such as random aggression, or self-destructive actions. Intense rage, panic, fragmented thoughts, and so forth. 

Even with this, Teeva is highly untrusting now, quiet, and just tries to not be around people for as long as he can. But, there is a person under there, a person who wants to be with other people and help them out, it just a long rode to recovery. 




Armor set


Teeva is proficient in stealth and accuracy, priding herself as both a master of being able to snipe people from very far distances, and knifeplay. She enables the use of both healing tatictics, different kinds of lethal toxins, and different knife techniques. She prides herself on being able to rid of a target quickly and quietly, or slowly and painfully. 

Teeva has the following abilities-

Shiv/Sever Tendon

Lethal Strike/Debilitate 

Corrosive/Sleep Dart

Fragmentation/Corrosive Grenade

Toxic Blast/Haze

Corrosive Assault/Noxious Knives

Teeva also carries multiple flash bangs that can blind targets in case the situation gets rough. Along her belt and in her cybernetics lie overload generators to both her stealth generator and healing probes. In her generator lies two options, one to overload and extend the stealth or healing fields to apply to anyone she chooses, or to blow it up and enter stealth immediately and boost her speed. Adrenaline probes, healing probes, and defense probes are also in her arsenal. 

She is also a proficient contortionist, and is very agile in both air and ground, being trained in almost every martial art (she was made to be perfect after all).


Her PTSD can sometimes hinder herself, and she has trouble making an important decision and is often times not reliable to shoot something if she doesn't feel like it. 

Teeva carries only her Vibroblade, and Blaster Rifle, thats it. She does carry a small blaster pistol but its unreliable. She has limited darts and grenades, and sometimes she forgets her allies are not immune to the toxic blasts. Limited probes. Overloading her generators is a last stitch effort if she needs to escape. If she overloads her generators it is a great strain on her body. She is left almost defenseless in this state. 

Those with a heightened awareness or great sense of perception can sense her in stealth.


Hyrotii YH-33

Hyrotti YH-33 Side


DC-15 Blaster Rifle Carbine

Image result for swtor veteran outlanders targeter's blaster rifle

Custom-Built Vibroblade

Related image

On her boots are two small jet propulsers for large jumps. It has a low power reserve and while she can fly with it, she would rather not. On her gloves are sticky pads but she could just take them off and just use her hands. 


Teeva, or Subject TV-3348 as she was known as, was part of a special program dubbed as "Special Agent" program. She was genetically modified to be perfect and flawless in every way, her body honed as a weapon since she could leave a test tube. What they didn't expect was her to accidentally become a Twi'lek. To combat this, they inserted a mass maze of cybernetics that she has on the underside of her wrist that reaches almost to her elbow. This mess of cybernetics allows her to change into any form she wishes, be it people she's already k.illed or creatures from the wildlife. She has taken the form of many people, but usually goes in the form of a young black haired woman, and named herself "Roma'nerva", and this is usually how she introduces herself to people. However, if she stays in her forms for too long she can become her forms, basically forgetting her true form. 

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Red will be gone tomorrow, sorry about that ;(

I wasn't sure if it's okay to save spot since there's no rule state otherwise but there is one talking about not rushing form to save a if it's allowed, please save techie spot. Perhaps inquisiter

i normally go through my rooster to see if there's any char that would fit the plot but like you this time i have one specific in mine and might have to squeeze him until he fit into the rule, therefore i might need some/lot of help in making the form ;v;

got first question though, is it require to have a mount? Or at least a personal mount? Can my char like just ride whatever present at the moment for public use or not ride anything at all?


UPDATE!!  Chameishida's Book of Fan dragons Thread  UPDATE!!

(click the icons bellow for the customizable)


(grey means closed)



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Le bloop

(I’ll be saving you a spot since you asked me about this, and i know you spend a great deal of time developing your characters.) 

no it is not require you have a mount, i placed that there in case someone wanted to have one. You don’t have to have a personal mount at all :)

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Red will be gone tomorrow, sorry about that

Name: Zero (Jester, Silence, Inquiry)

Species: human

Gender: male

Defected From: Techie

Class: Bounty Hunter


Since he has Multiple Personality Disorder he has four distinct personas

Jester: a mad man and a comedian. he is the dumbest of the bunch and easily outwitted. however his erratic attacks makes him an unpredictable melee fighter. He can only use melee weapons

Silence: he never speaks and is the most dangerous of the four. Most likely to kill a person outright. long range rifles only. third smartest but about double the brains of Jester. seen the least

Zero: is his original/central persona, easiest to deal with. Laid back and calm but has a drive to finish what he starts and always out for himself. shotguns and ars only

Inquiry: the most curious and brightest of the four, speaks more than Silence and plans ahead a great deal and makes many contingency plans. most likely to spare you. can't use any weapons unless it is some sort of trap


Armor is a mix of green, black, and silver colors

Powers :

capable with with most weapons (though weapon type is specific to persona and does not cross over(ex. Jester is very good with melee but Silence is not))

above average reflexes (tied to cybernetics)


hot potato: can pick up thrown grenades and throw them back

armor fuser: when under heavy fire, Zero's armor will fuse in many places, making him more heavily armored (physical projectiles and weapons (like swords) will also fuse to his armor)

Weaknesses: plain old human


head is very vulnerable without helmet

armor fuser: when active, all joints except leg and arm joints in his armor will freeze up, leg and arm joint movement are also heavly impeded. requires 5-10 minutes in cover to unlock joints however, extra metal that is fused to his armor in battle can cause problems in movement

jet pack: if hit enough, it can explode

Mount: jet pack

jet pack from this pic

designed for long, slower flights but can be used to for short bursts of great speed in flight (~5 miles) or running (~1 mile)


"Acquired" arc trooper blaster


a special rifle that fires a thin high powered beam that can pierce most armor that is not highly resistant to light sabers, powered by Kyber crystal shards. rather long and looks like a tube with a stock and a grip with a scope, all black

(similar to this)

"acquired" Vibroblade

(weak to electricity)

it glows a light blue when ignited



when he was twenty (roughly 10 years ago in RP) he was exposed to a chemical that destroyed most of his face and his right arm completely. This happened because he got caught in the crossfire between the kingdoms. the chemical messed with his syce, giving him MPD. He wares a helmet to hide his scars and keep his damaged face safe for it is still healing.


latest edit: various places, pesonality, mount, powers...


Looking forward to the holiday times :)


Hello to all who wish to read my Signature

My name is mechfighter, but you already know that

I go by that or you can call me Rukath

enjoy what you find below, some of which is mine and others are made by others from around the forum, Enjoy.


How my past few years have felt

(all poetry/what-ever-you-might-call-it below is made by me)


you watch the couples with a light eye

happy that they are happy and like a ghost you move on

your the good friend that all can trust with their emotions

but rarely ever express your own

stay strong for others and always be there for them

but the lonlyness always sits there in your heart

like a sleeping dragon

you want to wake it to learn and experiance

but you let it sleep for you don't know how to, or can't, wake it

you also fear retaliation or rejection for waking the sleeping dragon

family helps but it can't wake the dragon fully

so it just falls back into its deep sleep

the dragon requires a special person to wake it

and not some helpless damsle

the girl who will wake my heart will come one day

but till then my heart will allways have a dragon of lonelyness sitting on it


respect is due when respect is earned

and respest is earned though action, knowledge, and deed

not position, word, and greed


everyone who lives under these gray skies

learns to love the rain's soft lullabies

it pitter patters upon the roof

like the constant drumming of a thousand fingers

it dribbles down the window

in constant snake like patterns

slithering down the window

it can be harsh

ruining every ones plans for the once sunny day

but then it can be creative

sculpting a mountain with it's thousands of fingers

and the patience of a million years

let it's colorful nature never stop falling from its grey origins


one might ask "what is the most dangerous thing on the planet?"

and the simple answer is "man"

we are a cruel and evil species

we attack each other for petty reasons

we ruin the place where we live

and then we wipe out other creatures with our constant demands for our petty lives

but we are not all bad

we can change and evolve

we can fix some of the wrongs we have done to this world

we can control ourselves

we can make this planet better

but first

before we can do any of that

we must change ourselves


life is a constant circle

where one ends another begins

it is also the most unpredictable thing on this planet

but we love it for that

for life's curve balls keeps away the repetition

you could take it both hands an lead it by the nose in you preferred direction

or you could let it take its course and see what happens

life is also cruel and unforgiving at times

but we must take the good with the bad

to give up on it is not an option

for it is up to you to change your life and make it better

but in truth life is a gray fog

but all it takes is a little sun and everything becomes visible


Fire, Fire, where's your light?

Have thy embers turned to ash?

Has the air gone to thin for you to breath?

Will you light again brighter than before?

To warm the souls of others

To chase away the cold that creeps into bones

Fire, Fire burn so bright

Signle to others to gather around your warmth

And that you are reborn


Είμαι μέσα σε κάθε πλάσμα και το φυτό, είμαι πολύ περίπλοκη, αλλά μπορώ να κάνω απλά πράγματα, είμαι όλοι γύρω από σας, αλλά υπάρχουν μερικές θέσεις όπου δεν υπάρχουν. Τι είμαι εγώ;


To say that you are normal is a lie, there is no such thing

To say you are better is a lie, we are all the same

To say that you are worse is a lie, no one's perfect

We are just different

We are all perfect in our own way

And no one can change that

These are the lessons of life

And we must learn them




My Viking

Name: Rukath

Main dragon: Dubstep (Death Song)

Star level: Single Solid Platinum (400k)

Clan: Star Weyr (status:Leader)

Clan Status: Open, 50 spots

Trophy Count: 12000+

Friend Code: PM me if you want it

Dragon Count: 55 dragons, 12 eggs

6/9 sharp

7/11 mystery

7/11 bolder

8/9 stoker

3/3 tracker

3/3 strike

6/7 tidal


Reader of the

Dragonriders of Pern series

Pernese OC

Rider: Fa'lan

Dragon: Bronze Rukath

Weyr: Fort Weyr, Star Weyr

(found these on the internet, not mine)



Misfit made by Livy SoD ^

Rukath (the bronze Pern dragon) in his many forms

made by me 

made by themasterplan47

Soular the Skyvern

made by -Pyrelyth-

link to his backstory

Rommer the Timberjack by themaserplan

skies edge my Mained Stratofier (Made by me)

Sun Spot the Noelani dragon (by hootowllighbulb))

Gaoth the Rocky Mountian Davus (by MegaBoltPhoenix)

Kailo the Male Vesupas by Bavelly


Listar the Sadow caster (By secret santa)

My Viking OC

Name: Rukath Soular

age: 17

Back story:

Seven years previous Rukath was found in the woods by Hiccup and the gang while they were out on patrol; he lay in a clearing, the ground was soaked with his blood, close to death, breath shallow. He was cut and bruised all over; his cloths were torn to complete shreds, his face had a massive slash across his right eye, and patch of scalp was bloodied at the back of his head where some one had tried to bludgeon his head in. A few bloodied weapons lay strewn about the clearing as if some one left in great haste, which suggested that Hiccup and company had scared off the attackers just in time. With Rukath being carried by Toothless, the gang flew off back to Berk where they took Rukath straight to Gothi who said that Rukath had a very slim chance of living, but none the less she started the healing process. 

After a few days had passed Rukath woke up, he was scared of all he did not know. Gothi had Hiccup and Stoick fly up to her hut so that they could talk to Rukath; they asked where he had come from and who had attacked him, but all Rukath could say was that he did not know, the only reason he had a name was because that was what was carved into a stone pendant that hung around his neck, it was the only thing that was not destroyed or ruined in any way, unlike his cloths, after getting nowhere with Rukath, who seemed to have no memory, Gothi pulled Stoick and Hiccup outside and told them what she thought and knew of Rukath, she said that he seemed to be about the age of ten and had no memory due to his close encounter with death, she then told Stoick what was on the boy's left shoulder, a black Skrill tattoo, all knew that that was the symbol of the Berserker tribe; this confused Stoick and Hiccup who decided to keep that part about the boy secret from the tribe.

Time passed slowly for Rukath, he was treated as a bit of an outsider, but there were a few that he had befriended. Rukath spent a lot of time reading up on dragons and studying them as well as creating several things that showed a resemblance to things that Hiccup built but with a different flare, this was a way to not interact with others. Many people treated Ruakth with little interest for the first year Rukath had been on the island, some still remembering what happened when they last brought an unknown person into their midst, this mostly changed when Rukath got into the Dragon training academy.

While at the Academy Rukath tried many different dragons, all of which didn't work for him for one reason or more, the main of which was that the dragons did not "connect" with him. He spent two years in the Academy, dragonless, this did not help the ridicule that he sometimes got. On the day that Hiccup announced that Dragon's Edge was open to the other trainers Rukath managed to hitch a ride on one of his friends dragons to the magnificent place. Once there Rukath found that there was not much to do when you did not have a dragon to ride. On a clear night with a strong wind, Rukath "borrowed" a small, one man, sailing ship, loaded it up with some supplies, and took off into the night to see what he could see, and maybe, just maybe, find the right dragon for himself. He spent several hours out at sea but it was not long before Rukath found himself in a massive storm which blew him way off course, though he did not have much of one to begin with.

Once the storm had passed Rukath found himself in the vicinity of an island that he did not recognize with mast that was shattered in half. Rukath managed to paddle the dilapidated craft to the shore of the island and beach it so that he could do repairs on the thing, he found out quickly that there was no way of fixing the craft's mast with out some metal sheets and some nails, with that on his mind, Rukath decided to explore the island that he had landed, it did not take long before he heard a sort of draconic mewling. Following the sound, it was not long before Rukath found a baby dragon trapped in a metal dragon hunters net, thinking quickly he cut the rope holding the net in the tree and lowered the baby dragon to the ground, removing the heavy and rusted net, Rukath found that he could not identify the small creature, he reveled at the dragonet whereupon it mewled again and Rukath realized that the creature was half starved, with a deft movement he brought out a piece of fish from his satchel and gave it to the baby dragon who snapped it up quickly, Rukath produced another fish from his satchel and gave it to the baby who once again snapped it up again and after the second fish the baby seemed sated and happy, he patted the dragonet and gave it a loving scratch, which caused the dragonet to hum a in a manner that was very pleasing to the ears, and stood up and began to walk back to his boat and the dragonet began to follow him; he was about to tell it to go find its mother but he thought that if the poor creature had been here this long with out help from its parentals that he figured it was parentless.

Sighing Rukath waited for the dragonet to catch up and he continued back towards the boat, when Rukath reached it he sighed and began to continue work on it, trying to fix it so that he could get back to the Edge. After a probable hour he gave up with the mast balanced precariously where it should go, he sat down and put his head in his hands, the dragonet looked at Rukath and then the mast and then the little dragon stood up and shot a small blob of amber onto the spot where the mast was broken and with that the mast was fixed, or at least repaired to usefulness. Rukath looked at the mast then the dragon, he now knew the golden colored baby dragon was a Death Song, and then stood up, took the Death Song in his arms and spun him around in elation that the Death Song and saved them both; after a few minutes of that Rukath put the suitably smug Death Song on the bench of the boat and again thanked the little creature, Rukath thought that the dragon needed a name, he named the little creature Dubstep and with that they set sail back towards the Edge.

Rukath was thoroughly scolded by Hiccup and the others when he got back but he did not care for he had a dragon that no one else had. Once back on Berk Rukath and Dubstep were given a house to live in for none had fostered him and none wanted to share a house with a dragon that every dragon feared. The old house sat on the side of the mountain that was topped by Gothi's hut. He took the rickety old house with gratitude and after time fixed it up with the help of Dubstep's amber and made the house there own.



In colaberation with Kcrockett, Rukath and Anikay are husband and wife in a PM RP that we have been doing

pic.c of the couple

(done by the talented Pixel, we thank you greatly for taking your time to do this)

(done by Krockett herself)

This is Dubstep my golden goofball

By Wuntend Bonfire (thanks a million Wuntend)

(done by Brownie14)^

(base by Megaboltphoenix, colored by me)^

(by Tosilohi for harvest haunt)^

(by my talented secret Santa, MajaPercuilum)^

(Dubstep dragon symbol done by Okamisusi)

made by FireNightStar

another pic by the lovely Arrowalker

by ScarfyWings

Rukath and Dubstep


(this amazing of picture if Rukath and Dyubstep was done by Witcherforever)^

(done by me "Night Comes")

(done by the ever skilled DatOneTumpet)

these are the many different pictures that I have drawn of My OC Viking

this is the first iteration

this is the second iteration

this is number three

Number four

Art of Rukath Soular

(Done by the new but incredibly talented Arrowalker)

this is his weapon (I call it a Swax)

his other weapon is the duel crossbow shown above

his shield is on his left arm and shown above

(it is a combo weapon, it is both a sword, an axe, and a hook)

Dragon in many different languages

Greek: Δράκος

Arabic: التنين

Russian: Дракон


Hebrew: דרקון

Korean: 용

give me suggestions for other languages

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*breaks into your house* can I pet your dog

Woah, this looks supremely awesome. Tracking to see where this goes!


Important: FlyingFury’s cousin here! The owner of this account is currently unable to log in on her own time, so I will be checking in periodically to make sure that this account does not get deactivated. 


'Ello, it's FlyingFury here! My dragons and I hope you'll enjoy your stay in our humble Signature. 



About Me:


I am a girl

I am a Libra

I am sleepy

My favorite color is blue

My favorite animals are dragons (big surprise)

I enjoy singing, listening to music, writing, drawing, and reading

I listen to classical/soundtrack music, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Disney, and much more

I like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, the Avengers, Star Wars, Transformers, Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more

I love flying, going fast, and rollercoasters

My Current (but often changing) Obsession Is: Skyrim! ;)

I have a wonderful mutt named Bailey, and I love her to death :3

I play(ed) other games as well, such as Skyrim, Drakan, and a couple of Wii games. Feel free to hit me up in my message box if you play any of these games, I'd love to talk about them! :D



About My Viking:


My Viking's Name is Chaoze.

Chaoze has mid-back length obnoxious brown hair usually in some sort of braid, dark brown eyes, and typically wears white war paint on her face. She can and will fight with anything she can get her hands on (mostly because she isn't good at fighting in the first place), but prefers to use swords above anything else.

My main dragon is my white and blue Sand Wraith named Opal.

[Character Backstories Currently Under Work]

I have many other dragons that I'm too lazy to list. :P

I am a member of Dark Fury Night Racers.

I currently have 2 Platinum Stars.



Some Art And Stuff:


^Opal, drawn by the talented Arrowalker. Thank you!^


“A rustle of trees

A flock of birds rising

The beat of large wings

A dragon is flying

On her back is a rider

Brown hair streaming out behind her

Golden light seeps through the trees

The sky in the west is burning

The strength of the day is wavering

Taking to the sky

Upwards they fly

They burst through the clouds

Gone are all sounds

Their speed slowing

The feel of floating

Amber light on silver-blue wings

Here gliding, the heart seems to sing

The fiery sky pulses it's last light

The sky now a blanket of stillness




A swirl of shining beads scattered in the sky

Dragon and rider to home now fly

Depending from the starry night

Upon a towns’ sleepy blinking light

Dragon and rider now asleep in their beds

And so it seems our story ends

But this is wrong

For their hearts for adventure still long

For dragon and rider adventure has only begun

Dragon and rider together

As one”

^A lovely poem by my mysterious 2018 Secret Santa. You know who you are - thank you!^

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Actually I'm probably going to be too inactive so I'll just be tracking 



I love this man 




Thomas Sanders, a summary:


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I'll take a spot.

Unfortunately, I am not that creative in sci-fi terms, so this probably won't fit in very well.


Name: Kozack


Species Human


Gender: Male


Defected From: Primal


Class: Bounty Hunter


Personality: Cunning, always goes for the money in things, but occasionally chooses a side for a little time. He trusts no one, and no one trusts him. Not afraid to back-stab, but he has a few small morals (even when he sometimes ignores them), so he prefers to take on others face to face.


Appearance: Black haired, red eyed, and black clothed. A 16 year-old rouge. Quick as a snake, and deadly as a cobra. His eyes are menacing and hypnotizing. They seem to stare into your very soul.


Powers: He can speed himself up to 150%, strengthen himself to stab through armor, and regenerate himself almost instantly. However, this overpowered state only lasts 5 seconds, and takes 5 seconds to recharge.


Weaknesses: His size and age often are weaknesses


Mount: A Savanna Kybuck, or a Desler Turbo, depending on the curcumstance.


Weapon(s):He wields a tech-bow, which has different types of arrows. What he uses mostly are stun-arrows, net-arrows (which explode into a net that envelopes his target), and electricity arrows (Instantly kills). But along with the bow, he has a long, energy sword that in colision with something that another is wielding, it sends electricity up the wielded item and has the effects of a tazor when it reaches the victim's arm.


Extra: None


I hope that this counts as a form.







Stars: 1 Silver


Dragons: only three :(


Flightmare: Bluebeck


Deadly nadder: Starmidst


Groncicicle: Spikeclaw

(dragon pictures will be updated)


LOVE WoF, HTTYD, Harry Potter, Ashtown Burials, Outlaws of Time, LOTR, Spirit Animals


Greetings to you all from the land of magic and utter oblivion




Zalmach was 14 when he found himself on Algea Island. Why, he kept asking himself, and he kept answering himself also. Because the Dragon Hunters had put him there to prove his training. He wasn't like the others, big, buffy, absolutely dumb. He was short, not buffed, and the smartest one besides Vigo. When his parents first saw him, they were overjoyed to have a child that wasn't a big bowling ball with arms and legs. But the headmaster of the Dragon Hunters was not. Right when he was three, he started getting hard training alongside the others. The head-hunter bullied, teased, and told his parents it was for his own good. Zalmach grew stronger and faster that way, not like the Dragon Hunters, who grew in size along with strength, he was still skinny, but muscles knotted up his arms and legs. Then, at the age of 10, he had the chance to prove himself. A monsterous nightmare was released into the training grounds. Men were thrown aside, and burned by the heat. But Zalmach, when he lept on, wasn't thrown of like the others. he clung to the horns as he was thrown around. Then he started throwing the monstorous nightmare around. Slaming its head on walls and the floor. As the nightmare was tireing out, he reached down and squeezed the side of its neck. The creature fell down flat, purring. Soon, Vigo sent for him, and had him trained as his apprentice, in planning and finding dragon, and rider, weaknesses. Then, four years later, he had the final test, at the age of 14 no less. To find and bring a Flightmare all the way to a ship that was three miles out from the island. Zalmach found one, crouching behind a rock, stalking him. He jumped to the side as the stunning spray flew out of behind the rock. The flightmare jumped in front of him, growling. Zalmach ran the Flightmare's weaknesses through his head. He jumped, flipping onto the flightmare's back. The beast threw him off, easily. Zalmach was suprised by the beast's strength. So he tried something else. Doging another blast, he lept behind the flightmare and pulled a tranquilizer crossbow. Then he noticed that the back leg and wing were injured. The flightmare couldnt turn to face him because a dragon-hunter trap pierced both leg and wing, A long chain ran from both parts of the trap into the bushes. The flightmare turned as far as it could, the chain holding it from turning farther. Zalmach felt pity for this creature. All his life, he had been told that it dragons were only like pigs and cows, dumb beasts. But this one was looking at him with an almost sorrowful expression. He knew what would meet this dragon if he brought it to the hunters. Imprisonment and auctioning, or even dragon-fighting would be in store for this wounded beast. Not even knowing why he did it. Zalmach reached down and used a gronkle-iron dagger to cut the metal trap. The flightmare bounded out with a roar, and kicked the trap off it. It turned towards Zalmach, sniffing him over and over, apparently not liking his scent. Zalmach closed his eyed, and waited. Nothing happened. He opened his eyes and the flightmare was gone. Zalmach cursed himself all the way to where he knew there would be another flightmare, and there was. The same flightmare stood in front of him. It seemed to be looking with affection. A minute later, Zalmach and the flightmare took off, headed in the opposite direction of the dragon-hunters. He changed his name to ArchDrake, and avoided the dragon hunters, leaving Vigo to wonder what happened to his one-time apprentice. Eventually he made his way to Berk, and joined them in fighting against the dragon hunters.

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Red Will be gone tomorrow, sorry about that

Character Form:

Name: Hikarih Nightwalker

Species (if human, state "human" if not human, state what species they are): Cathar

Gender: Female

Defected From: Eternal Throne to join the Rebellion after the loss of her village in the Endless Swamp

Class: Primal Knight

Personality: Not one to pursue combat situations, this tiger Cathar won't hesitate to protect those she considers allies. She knows how to analyze as well as fight by instinct when needed. When it comes to a "cat fight", this girl is the exemplification of that. DO NOT make her your enemy. You WILL regret it. She may have a Jedi type personality, being cool, calm and collected when she's on her own, but she's a top predator in her territory. The Force may be strong with Jedi, but instincts are stronger in this feline.


Powers (you can have as many powers as you want but you must have a weakness for every power): animal connection, Jungle Sense (basically the tracking ability of a tiger), healing factor - not as high as Deadpool's or Wolverine's but she can heal certain injuries in herself or others 

Weaknesses: cannot communicate with animals when enraged or under someone else's control, strong scents and some drugs can mess up her tracking or incapacitate her, drugs can screw up her ability here too - if she has used them recently or someone else has, her power has no effect 

Mount: Jewelled Orobird named Virsa (means song in Ryl) 

Weapon(s): blue bladed Darksaber type blade 

Extra: has a special fondness for her Jewelled Orobird since she's had Virsa since she was a kid - she can sometimes be a bit of a turnip when it comes to tech and tech terms (being a turnip meaning she has no idea how a piece of tech works or what a techie term means) 


Warning: Long signature of dragon images

List of current dragons in game and fan based (blue = in game dragons, green = fan dragons, orange = dinosaurs, black (default) = Dragon Cave animals, purple = pet based dragons)

Dragon Cave Dragons(Please help these darlings hatch! Feel free to PM me name ideas for my dragon cave buddies when they hatch!)

HTTYD Dragons (Both fan and in game)

  1. Garenth = Deadly Nadder, Male
  2. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  3. Jambu = Changewing, Male
  4. Darksteel = Whispering Death, male
  5. Cliffjumper = Hobblegrunt, Male
  6. Wrecker = Hobblegrunt, male
  7. Penguin = Groncile, male
  8. Phesant = Gronkle, male
  9. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  10. Zephyr = Grapple Grounder, male
  11. Starburst = Speed Stinger, female
  12. Moonracer = Flightmare, female
  13. Violet = Skrill, female
  14. Navi = Stormcutter, female
  15. Elsa = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  16. Topaz = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  17. Toothless = Night Fury, Male (borrowed from Hiccup)
  18. Aurma = Razorwhip, female
  19. Cobalt = Razorwhip, male
  20. Bruiser = Rumblehorn, male
  21. Coen and Broderick = Night Terrors, male
  22. Twister = Typhoomerang, male
  23. Holly and Coral = Seashocker, female (holiday dragon, not yet hatched in game)
  24. Aran = Armorwing, Male
  25. Lyall = Terrible Terror, male
  26. Blue = Terrible Terror, female  
  27. Koyi = Oriental Serpentfang, female
  28. Winter = Frost Fury, female
  29. Astrea = Oceanic Seasong, female
  30. Sky-Strike = Oceanic Seasong, male
  31. Cordula = Noelani, female
  32. Panther = Noelani, male
  33. Daesha = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, female
  34. Dinek = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, male
  35. Storm Chaser = Storm Fury, male
  36. Naritha Moon (Narith) = Storm Fury, female
  37. Saber = Sabertoothed Horntail, male
  38. Aurora = Spike Roller, female
  39. Echo = Screaming Death, female
  40. Makani = Starring Deciever, female
  41. Starchaser = Stingtailed Flamethrower, male
  42. Gamma = Armored Midnight Fear Stalker, male 
  43. Aquamarine = Spotted Mistwalker, female
  44. Moonstone = Spotted Mistwalker, male
  45. Jadewing = Whispering Whisp, female
  46. Chiheru Bronze = Woolly Fury, female
  47. Tiba Emerald = Woolly Fury, female
  48. Spectra Violet = Wooolly Fury, female
  49. Moondancer = Night Fury, female
  50. Skyfighter = Night Fury, female
  51. Swiftwind = Night Fury, female
  52. Anzu Autumn = River Fury, male
  53. Shakka = Prisim Fury, male
  54. Icefall = Cammo Fury, female
  55. Iris = Greater Banded Geckus, female
  56. Thrush = Greater Banded Geckus, male
  57. Delta = Tri-Horned Dragon, female
  58. Charlie = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  59. Nitidus = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  60. Beau = Racing Dragon Gold-Star Class, male (borrowed from Artha Penn in Dragon City)
  61. Goldwing = Racing Dragon Silver-Star Class, female
  62. Jin-hoh = Sand Wraith, male
  63. Melody = Psyche Keeper, female
  64. Argentum (Argen) = Psyche Keeper, male
  65. Fjord = Psyche Keeper, male
  66. Hersche = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  67. Persei/Percy = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  68. Zenith = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  69. Riaryth = Spacial Beauty Dragon, female
  70. Isis = Spacial/Egyptian Beauty Dragon, female
  71. Bluestar = Spacial Beauty, female
  72. Bluebell = Spacial Beauty, female
  73. Avatre = Masked Ridgewing, female
  74. Sky Dancer = Royal Flashbang, female
  75. Heru = Sky Valkerie, male
  76. Hecate = Haunted Hallows, female
  77. Undine = Haunted Hallows, female
  78. Marina  = Wavestroker, Female
  79. Snowfall = Horned Flight Fury, female
  80. August = Horned Flight Fury, male
  81. Artemis = Banded Featherlure, female
  82. Verdentus = ShimmeringSeascale, male
  83. Mesi = Dilowyrm, female
  84. Vetra = Jabberjaw, female
  85. Silver = Light Fury, female
  86. Borealis = Light Fury, male
  87. Flurry = Grapple Fury, male
  88. Gambit = Albino Night Fury, male
  89. Skull Stalker = Skull Screamer, male
  90. Ghost Whisper = Skull Screamer, female
  91. Puru = Ominous Storm Rider, male
  92. Moana = Mystic Wave Rider, female
  93. Serefina = Gallant Flashfire, female
  94. Frey = Forest Wanderer, male
  95. Jinhai = Cursedfire Wyvern, female
  96. Ayano = Skyvern, female
  97. Aqua Rainbow  = Thornridge, female
  98. Thunderwing = Thunderthief, male
  99. Ivinna = Field Sprinter, female
  100. Asia = Velociraptor, female
  101. Artemis = Velociraptor, female
  102. Sniper = Bearded Dragon Fury, female
  103. Abalone = SeaWing, Female (Wings of Fire OC)
  104. Amber = MudWing, female (Wings of Fire OC)
  105. Mariah = gold Fire Lizard, female
  106. Nitidus = Blue fire lizard, male
  107. Garenth = Bronze Pernese dragon, male
  108. Viper = gold and purple ikran, male

My art and adoptables (along with a few special dragons from other artists): 

Flurry The Grapple Fury    Me and Garenth, done by Scorpio Kardia

  Flurry Kimbenoso          Flurry Revamp Nightmarerebuff

Flurry the bouncie Grapple Fury (Nessie)

Coen and Broderick version 2 courtesy of Iron Man 2000

I am a member of the SOD forum Fan Fiction Club!

These guys are available for adoption! Flurry here is my pride and joy! Check them out on my adoption thread "Introducing the Grapple Fury!"

DuskDaybreak's Art

   Veritas the Utahraptor      Asia the Velociraptor         

Me and Chiheru Bronze                                 Tiba says Happy Halloween!

Haunted Hallows

          Hecate                         Undine

Character Furies

        Optimus Prime               Bumblebee               Captain America            Smokescreen 1


        Smokescreen 2                Arcee                White Tiger/Ava Ayala

Other dragons and art (including the new Velociraptor Draconis!)

       Gamma                             Jadewing                 Birthday Raptor            Razor Hunter


Dragon Bouncies

  Speed Stinger   Garenth           Starburst         Wrecker

  Cliffjumper          Naga           Darksteel         Elsa

     Topaz         Moonracer 1       Moonracer 2           Beau

   Beau 2           Goldwing

Pern Art by Mechfighter



Garenth the Bronze Dragon Mariah the Gold Fire-Lizard



Nitidus the Blue Fire Lizard

Other Artists (nothing personal guys, but a lot of my art comes from Duskdaybreak)

Me and Aran at Sunset on Halloween - thanks to ToshiLoshi!


Astrea and Sky-Strike the Oceanic Seasong (Adopto66)


Artemis and Faore the Banded Featherlure (Amberleaf)

Field Sprinter egg (Valoris620)


Ivinna the Field Sprinter hatchling (Valoris620)

Ivinna the Field Sprinter (Valoris620)

Cordula and Panther the Noelani (hootowllighbulb)

Team Mystic Banner Nightfuryatom4

Aqua Rainbow The Thornridge(ladybrasa)

Cliffjumper  and Wrecker the Hobblegrunt (Dorina the Dragon Trainer)

Viper the Ikran/Forest banshee (Kimbenoso)

Jinhai the Cursedfire Wyvern gif (Kimbenoso)


Charizard Gif courtesy of Pyrelyth

Holly and Coral the holiday Seashocker (WingsofValor)

Frey the Forest Wanderer (chimchim24)

Moonracer the Flightmare (Dorina the Dragon Trainer)Makani the Starring Deciever (chimchim24)



Serefina the Gallant Flashfire (Golden Scarlet) Twister the Typhoomerang (Bow Ie)


Abalone the SeaWing (EpicShadows) Amber the MudWing (EpicShadows)


Skull Stalker the Skull Screamer (Golden Scarlet) Ghost Whisper the Skull Screamer (Golden Scarlet)

 Me and my Charizard Charlie (Sky and Ocean)

Dragon License (Nessie)

Toothless and Smidvarg's Gang (courtesy of Dreamworks and Smidvarg)


Crystal the Dewmist (Cerebellum) Puru the Ominous Storm Rider (Golden Scarlet)


 Koyi the Oriental Serpentfang (NightmareRebuff) Harper the Paranoid Sandskitter


 Winter the Frost Fury and Queen Elsa (StellaMontague) Winter the Frost Fury - as an actual Night Fury! (Toothlessnightfury)

Icefall the Camo Fury  and Shakka the Prisim Fury Sniper the bearded dragon lizard as a Night Fury(Toothlessnightfury)

Saber the Sabertoothed Horntail (Fury of the Night)

Moondancer the Night Fury and Saber the Sabertoothed Horntail (Fury of the Night)

Moondancer the Night Fury (LinkWolf)

glitter text done by fury of the night

Clan Banner 1 and 2 Shadow Hunters of Berk (Amerissa)

Pokédex  and Ashley Kashu and Dragonite (Sky and Ocean)

Auruma the Razorwhip (Colress)

Me and Garenth (edit done by the fabulosly talented AniuRavenWolf)


Snowfall and August the Horned Flight Furies (babybrothers3)


Silver, and Borealis the Light Fury (mesaprncss)

Siamese Night Fury (xxHallaxx)Calico Night Fury (xxHallaxx)

 Heru the Sky Valkerie (Scobidous)

Garenth (Beareptilelover)Artemis Beareptilelover)

Bruiser version 1 (Beareptilelover) Bruiser version 2 (Beareptilelover)

  White Tiger bouncie Fury (Twistedclaw)  Wrecker Banner (Autum5467)


Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (Black saphir) Baby Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (Stiger23)

 Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (hrepetti)


Daesha and Dinek the Wolf-Faced Desert Runner and Thundwing the Thunderthief Avatre the Masked Ridgewing (Wutend Bonfire)

Navi the Stormcutter (Slyga) Navi the Stormcutter bouncie (mesaprncss = color,  Xabox-DS-Gameboy = base)

Marina the Wavestroker and Mesi the Dilowyrm and Sky Dancer the Royal/Siren Flashbang (Goldenfury360)


Icefall the Camo Fury, Gambit the Albino Night Fury, Vetra the Jabberjaw (The Ecliptic Eight)


Asia the Velociraptor (Elsa II)


Verdentus the Shimmering Seascale (Coolerthandragons) Violet the Skrill (Zero the Ruthless)

 Glory the Vinenecked JungleClaw (Skyler Smile)

Echo the Screaming Death (Candyblast)


Iris the Greater Banded Geckus  Thrush the Greater Banded Geckus (TheMasterPlan47)


 Aurora the Spike Roller (blackpanther0211)

Starchaser the Stingtailed Flamethrower (dragonlover0204)

Lyall and Blue the Terrible Terrors (Snowflake12298 and Basrolo)

Delta, Charlie and Nitidus the Tri-Horned Dragons (EloraTm)


Skyfighter the Night Fury (Frytha) Swiftwind the Night Fury (Frytha)

Jin-hoh the Sand Wraith (Flaming Husky)


Jewelsong and Moonsong the Deathsong (Stiger23)


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Red will be gone tomorrow, sorry about that

Save me a spot for Bounty Hunter or smuggler. I want to see if I can RP a bounty hunter that isn't edgy. *cracks nuckles*. I have a few questions though, since the Bounty Hunter Defects, does that mean I have to pick a set side? You said they can be paid off easily. Also, if I wish my character to be an alien, can I create my own species? Or course I will go over the capabilities with you in detail, I have been having this idea that was inspired by Sirens. I chose Bounty Hunter because I feel the job compliments the most with this characters array of abilities.


Edit: write me down for primal



Welcome To My Signature

"If you live among wolves, you have to act like a wolf" -Khrushchev

In Game Name (IGN): WolfandStar

Friend Code: Not Accepting


(By Arrow)






 Art was done by Fireflash

Wolf is my in-game character. Her full name is 'Wolf and Star'. She takes on my own personality, which is quite similar to that of Lynx. During quests, Wolf loves to muck around and try to break the system by utilizing glitches- just for laughs, but she always produces reliable results. She is a fair Viking and she never uses glitches for her own personal gain. Some of my profile info will be listed below:.............


In Game Name:  Wolf and Star..............

Friend Code: Not Accepting...................

Clan: The Phantom Lords......................

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 Art was done by DuskDayBreak

Lynx is bold and loud. She is like Luna Lovegood in the sense that she is rather... odd. Loud, shameless and weird. She is more animal-like than human. Lynx enjoys being flashy, showing off her skills. Once she sets her mind to something, she is naturally good at it. The problem is that she loses focus easy and doesn't like setting herself to standards. She craves adventure and can grow bored easily. She is particularly fast on her feet but has low stamina levels. She is strong and tall for her age. Lynx is stubborn and laid-back most of the time. She does not like to follow orders. Some of her skills include: being double jointed, the ability to be able to climb almost any surface, very good at mimicking animal sounds and is EXTREMELY good at sneaking around. However, there is a side to Lynx that she does not show very often. She is very lazy and selfish at times, mainly because she lacks compassion towards humankind, caring more about dragons and animals more so than humans. This tendency causes her to be merciless in the face of battle.




 .....................Art was done by Marg The Loony and Chameishida

Lyra is very sheltered and shy. She suppressed her emotion and looks down on those who do are emotional. Lyra can be rudely sarcastic at times and accidentally offend someone. Don't expect a public display of remorse. This does not mean she is feelingless though, she feels emotion, but, she is just very insecure about it. She does not like showing weakness or personal attachment, more insecurity, and less sociopathy. Though in fights, she doesn't appear to have a sense of honor and isn't afraid to fight dirty. Lyra is willing to do anything to ensure her well being, and the well being of her mother. Which could be a weakness. She values her self-preservation. She usually has her hood masking her pale delicate face, which sunburns easily and long hair.





 Art was done by DuskDayBreak

One of Nyx's most defining traits is her brash and sarcastic attitude towards everything that breathes. She is the type of girl who does not have to do much to stand apart from the crowd. However, Nyx is no way an extrovert, the reason why she puts herself in social situations is purely one of two reasons, the first one being is that she wants to go people watching. Where she sits in some corner and watches people, how they react and their social cues. She just observes them, untangles their motives and finds their interests. The second reason is that she wants to show up the competition, along with being stubborn, Nyx is a show-off. The problem is, natural talent can only get you so far. Because of her years from people watching, she has become very keen on observations. Smarter than the average person, she is able to look at any given Viking and deduce a thing or two about them. Sort of like Sherlock Holmes but not nearly as skilled. With her great intelligence, comes social anxiety. Nyx buried this under layers of brashness but, this insecurity can be sorted out by the way she avoids social and emotional get-togethers. Due to her inability to express her social anxiety, Nyx finds herself at a lack of friends. She usually plays this off as her not wanting any friends but sometimes, when a dragon is your only friend, you can get lonely. The result, she makes a lot of enemies. Usually because of her showoff-ness and Brash attitude, and sarcasm. In reality, Nyx wants some friends, but she sees this as a weakness and as part of her insecurities which she buries deep inside of her and does not let anyone see. She's not edgy, she's just misguided.









 Art was done by Tosilohi

Aeryn also has a sense of show-off-ness, an over-the-top, dramatic character. She takes any given situation, brandishes it with a flare of sarcasm and performs, drawing attention to herself all the while managing to act edgy or sweet, or however she wanted to be perceived. This need of hers to put on a show made her invaluable to the man while she was on his side. Like the theatre kid she should be, Aeryn has expertly crafted this skill of taking on different personas, and she isn't afraid to add in some cliche drama to her dialogue and actions. Constantly referencing pop-culture, Aeryn is interesting, but the tiring person to be around. The problem with her extroverted, boldness is that few get to witness the actual Aeryn, not one of her many characters. In a sense, it is quite similar to the multifaceted personality disorder, only, Aeryn recognizes her many personas. She chooses not to show anyone her true colors due to some insecurities. These different personalities are the shields she has put up for emotional protection. With Aeryn, you never know if her reactions are genuine or just part of the show.























...............................................................................................................................Edits were done by Rebell and Cocopuppy








......................................................................................................................Edits were done by Archer and Zikta.................  ..................................................................................

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Hey thanks! ^^ Done, but still please refrain from replying directly in case I need changing feel free to correct me if something need changing.

Name: Orion Gray

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Defected From: Eternel throne(Techie)

Class: Inquisitor

Personality: Generally He would fit in the common trait of the impassive calm and cold one with hidden insecurity and soft-heartness. He's soft and polite spoken even toward his enemy but still managed to give the air of someone with authority or know what they're doing. Though those are partially a well put facade, beneth the surface, he's just a scared kid who deeply want to do the right thing. Orion mostly hold on to moral. While he genuiely want an end game to be good for everyone, he's not perfect in doing or showing so.

In battle, he range from calm to ruthless.

There's a thin line between a noble selfless bravery and self-preservation cowardice Orion stands on. It might result in some inconsistensy but truely it was his define trait; haphazard and indecisive that's easy to be manipulated.

Appearance: A combination of Rouge one's Krennic's look and If what Kylo Ren wears in TLJ is all white----hey that's essentially the same look XD! Well you get the idea, the big clean white cape, the uniform that's a mixture of military officer and prince-y look.

Orion is someone you'd put as neat and young, well he IS young but somehow managed to stand tall and look both impassive and intimidate amoung the throne room. He got pale fair skin, neat black hair, with chin-length side bang, thin face, pale navy blue eyes that hidden beneath the thin rim glasses.

Powers: Wind manipulation, he's specialize in technique called Wind solification or Glass formation; making the thin air crystalized into a tiny shard of glass.

Lightning - as you state that most inquisitor are capable of, he can genrate one shot of lightning from his palm

Weaknesses: Glass sword is well, glass, no almost like glass, it's sharper than normal glass but also more fragile. meaning that it provide 0 defense and SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT USE TO BLOCK. 

when form, they're started from tiny shard and have to be put together to form somthing, while it can be put togther quickly this might could as a weakness.

Normal Wind manipulation while mostly used similarly to ehh 'the force'(just more windy), they're wind so they can't do what enhanced wind couldn't, mostly uses to lift/push stuff but not destroy.

He's fairly new to the lightning strike technique and can only do one per hours(likely half a day). it took a lot out of him and usually fried his palm afterward. Like the hand blaster, he mostly use it as his last ditch effort.

Mount: None, or at least not his personal mount. or he could have it but it has already clash and burn.

Weapon(s): Glass AKA his power, since it can provide either deadly sharp slice of wind or materializing swords/arrow out of thin air, as mentioned above it's the weakest but also sharpest material, can't block but mainly use to pierce and cut. With right use of edge and angle it can even penetrate a spaceship. They look like something made of thin glass, clear, barely visible, see through.

Lightsaber - His secondary weapon, probably more practical than glass but he still only use it as secondary weapon. It's his only mean form of defense. The light's blue. Unlike Star wars' lightsaber Orion's thin with sharp edge and not a thick round...pipe/glowing stick like. But it do come with sick cross guard!! :D

Hand blaster - the small personal blaster stapped on his belt with the size of pistol, with limited shot, and normal fire power, it's not his choice of weapon and would only used when he has nothing else to work with.

Extra: Out of the inquisitor varients, he's the one that close to Verlin's side and defending her, however from day one he's never have true loyalty toward her and only there out of obligation, fear and hope to compromised at close ranged, the later has never gone through for he being too soft and reluctant.

He's only 17 ((I know XD, I normally prefer to use older character for rp like this but I just want to use this edgy emo boi this time XD))

Fight a lot but never ki,ll, not directly anyway.

Family are all gone.


edit: Lightsaber, last name, personality, explaining more about normal wind manipulation in the weakness section.

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Red will be gone tomorrow, and so will I

trrrrrrrrrrrrracking because its late and im lazy




EDIT: I did it!!


Character Form:


(Former) Captain Adelaidia Mentell





Defected From:





Adelaidia is charismatic, sarcastic, and full of good quips and humor. She is daring and reckless, unafraid to dive headfirst into situations, and often acting before thinking. She’s spunky and imaginative, always having a good joke to crack at all the wrong moments. She’s semi-easy to win trust with but hard to impress, and she’s a very rough-and-tumble person, and she makes sure people don’t slack. (Even though she herself can be a slacker sometimes.) Fond of relaxation but never afraid to get her hands dirty, Adelaidia knows how to get to business, but knows just when to back out when things are getting too deep in the water for her. She’s a firm lover of freedom, as that is her greatest prize, and hates to see slavery or prisoners. Free-spirited and classy, Adelaidia takes pride in protecting the weak, but never turns down some cash if she makes it while working.



-Adelaidia has spent years with a gun, and she guides it with a firm hand and a sure shot. It’s very hard to get her to miss.

-She was a champion quickdraw artist in her homeworld, and can draw her blaster from its holster in a matter of sheer milliseconds and fire before anyone was the wiser.

-Adelaidia is quite good at persuasion, and can talk her way out of things if she is so inclined.

-Can use a medpac (healing supplies) relatively well, but not professionally.

-Can walk into the heat of battle and remain calm, often joking around and purposefully aggravate her enemies with sarcastic and snide comments.

-Very hard to rile up. Aggravating her usually ends in her smiling and laughing, and often spitting back her own comments. However, she’s easy to get in a fight, as she’s eager to throw down some moves. (That may be a term for dancing but I kid you not, that’s something she’d say.)


-Adelaidia has ZERO skills with any close-range combat, so basically, if you hand her a vibrosword/saber/anything of the sort, she’ll stare at you like you’ve gone mad.

-Adelaidia is very reckless, and though she may be hard to rile up, she’s also very daring and bold, and will take risks quite often.

-Going alongside her recklessness, Adelaidia will not consider the consequences before acting, and often get herself into trouble when she takes risks without realizing what may happen when she takes said risks.

-While she is moderately good at persuasion and has somewhat a skill in lying, if she becomes nervous she can run her mouth, making her seem suspicious. If she’s lazy about it, her lies are often half-a**ed and easy to see through. This also happens if she’s in a rush.

-Adelaidia is very much a team fighter, and requires at least one person by her side to keep her alive in a battle. She can do things on her own, but not by any means easily. The most she can do is a stealth mission by herself, or handle a cantina fight; anything else, and Adelaidia needs team members. On her own in a large-scale battle could prove very bad for her.

-Her defense is rather poor, as Adelaidia is more a “shoot ‘em in the face and get out” styled fighter, by no means a tank. She can take a few hits, but she’ll need assistance as it wears on.


A Prairie Kybuk, who Adelaidia fondly calls “Chomper” since he likes to eat her possessions. He’s dopey and rather selfish when it comes to eating furniture. (He wants all of the furniture to himself. Possibly why they get along so well.


Adelaidia owns this blaster, won in a quickdraw competition. (It may or may not be named Shiny.)


Adelaidia was once a smuggler captain among the Techies, before she defected. When she defected, her ship was confiscated from her, and she’s still quite salty about this. Despite being without a ship OR a rank, she still clings with great effort to her title of “Captain”.


There's a super-secret code hidden (well, not really hidden) somewhere in my signature. PM me if you solved it and tell me what it says, and we'll see about a prize! ;)


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@geyser bug

Form is rejected seeing as the topic bar doesn't have the rules set, and your form has no powers (seeing as I said the bounty hunter has the biggest aresenal) and the mount is not from any sci-fi movie/tv show that I've seen. 


Form is rejected because Primals are not the Republic The Primal Knight has aspects of a Jedi Knight but they are not Jedi. They don't have lightsabers, as I had said in my original post "Primals also use blasters, however they don't use lightsabers or anything like that. For classes like Primal Knight and Consular, they would have something more akin to a vibrosword/staff or a Darksaber" The Primal Knight in this case are not Force Users, the only one that comes close to that are the Inquisitor and Consular respectively. 

@Wolf and Star 

Yes your bounty hunter will have come from one side, Techie or Primal. They defected without being paid, thats why I included that "its rare for a bounty huner/smuggler to defect without pay." I would check the list of species that I left, I cannot remember which notable species in Star Wars is a like a siren, I'll have to look it up for you. 

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I didn't know that you had to pick a mount from Star Wars. Or have to have a enourmous arsenal. I thought that it was optional.

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I'll go ahead and change it then.

I'll go ahead and change it then.

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A wild post appeared!!!

So I have to choosE an alien from the star wars universe? I cannot create my own?

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Le bloop

I also said from any other space opera I’m not aware of. Star Wars has thousands of human like species and I’m sure one can fit the kind of alien that you want. It’s not only a reference for me but for the other people rping. Most of the species listed has art of them that you can use and manipulate. You could even change up the powers for said alien with the explanation of “its a hybrid of X and X species” (because god knows how often the EU did that already.

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Le bloop

Just a quick google search of “Star wars siren species” led me to these



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Le bloop

Mech fighter gets the last Techie spot! 


Primals have their kingdom set up on a grassland, i recommend looking at the architecture of Naboo for reference.

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A wild post appeared!!!

I am so mad right now... this is my 3rd time writing out this super long form... I need a wall to bang my head into! Curently trying really hard not to punch a hole into this crashy, glitchy, laggy computer.. *sobs*

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le bloop

have you tried copy pasting into a google doc so as to not lose it?

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A wild post appeared!!!

Yes, but its been crashing right before I get to copy-paste.

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le bloop

Try mobile

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Red is gone tomorrow, sorry about that

Alright, I have cooled off and will try again. *takes a deep breath*

Character Form

Name: Ligeia


Species: Half human half Maelibus


Gender: Female


Defected From: Primal


Class: SMuggler



Ligeia is seductive and manipulative. She can be quite vexing and she knows it, embraces it and loves it. She uses her playful personality to achieve her goals or to entertain herself, usually harming others in the process. Still, she carries around this wide-eyed, bushy-taiked, innocent, cute persona around in otherwise dark situations. She uses this persona to hide the deeper intelligence she has, to hide the  way she silently breaks down the people around her and pushes just the right buttons to get under their skin, thus vexing. She is quite tough and pathologically fearless.This is because she, for the most part, possesses an obviousness to fear and intimidation, causing her to become reckless, however, a few things do manage to scare her. One of those things in her own death. To maintain this seductive, innocent facade, she is an expert deciever and maintains her body to keep in peak physical condition, she is an able gymnast, able to perform acrobatics and other tricks as well as an expert combatant.



The horns are real, her hands should be covered in golden scales, leading to sharp talons. From her knee-cap down is also covered in scale. All down her back is also golden scale. She has pointed animalistic ears and slitted golen eyes. The tips of her shoulders are also covered in dragon-scale and a small bit of scales make their way just at the base of her ears.



Ligeia is a Sirin. She has the ability influence emotions with her alluring song and appearance. I'll explain her powers further. *Cough*

-Ligeia can also use wordless songs to inflict emotions with a considerably weaker result.

-She can only slightly modify emotions, just enough to make someone more reckless

-When she attempts to allure someone with song her eyes turn blue and her pupils dialate, the smaller they are the more power she is putting into her song. If they disappear completely that means she is on full power.

-Ligeia can sing a song to coax allies into war and make them faster, stronger or smarter. She can also sing a song to coax the body into healing faster.

-just as singing others songs hold power, so does singing her own. If she sings her own, Ligeia can increase her power in any given circumstance.

-Enhanced Senses



-She cannot influence someone she and just met. She cannot sing some random old song at them and expect them to fall under her spell. It has to be a song they can connect with, relate to, a theme song of you will, she calls this a Heartsong.

-ligeia cannot make anyone feel or do something they wouldn't already do

-if you cannot hear her, her song does not work on you

-to avoid powerplay, I will tell you what my character is trying to achieve and it is up to you to determine whether or not it works.

-She will only be able to control the actions of my own characters or side-characters does by me.

-She has her own theme song and if sing from the lips of someone else, they will be able to influence her as she can them. Ligeia keeps her song locked away.

 -faster does not mean she can work miracles. She cannot bring back the dead or recover a man from paralysis.

-She can get to be very animalistic at times due to her Maelibus half. Although she doesn't eat humans, she eats a lot of meats, most raw.



Because she is more animalistic in nature, Ligeia finds it easy to bond with many different creatures.


Combined primal and techie gear, this arm band with heat-censors can release a bullet as well as sniping capabilities due to the scope on top

Mostly primal tech

(Doubles as a cross bow on the top of wrist.)

Mostly primal collaspeable sword which can double as a machette. Wears this along her back

Her most technological advanced item is her force-field Although it can only be maintained for short periods of time



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le bloop

(bounty hunters won't have stealth. That relates only to the Agent class) 

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A wild post appeared!!!

There are a lot of bounty hunters... I almost want to switch for diversity however, I am not sure what other class could fit Kigeia's skill set. Also, a bounty hunter is a person who pursues a criminal or fugitive for whom a reward is offered. I thought that there would be a stealth side to that job, kidnapping the target in a van without making a huge scene. If the Target is a mob-boss and is constantly surrounded by body guards, sneak into his base without being spotted, silently take out the guards and sneak out with the target. Any other method would get you surrounded and killed. That was what my train of thought was when I put the cloaking device.

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sounds like she could be a rather good agent

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A wild post appeared!!!

All techies are taken, I had originally reserved for Techie but no one seemed to notice it, mech, you got the last spot, even after I reserved it, frankly, I did not really care so I switched the reserve to primal.

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Le bloop

He did have his form filled out before yours. That’s why i gave it to him. Stop making such a fuss. Bounty hunter doesn’t get stealth generator because they can k.ill from far away. People hire bounty hunters to make a scene, this is why a lot of them are snipers and use explosives and usually cover their face. I’m sorry your bounty hunter can’t have stealth but if i gave everyone stealth it would be over powered. There would be no diversity. I’m already seeing it with the sheer amount of bounty hunters we already have. 

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A wild post appeared!!!

I do not care whether I'm primal or techie. Meh suggested Agent, I simply told them why that wasn't possible. If I came across as shiny i do sincerely apologize. I would prefer to stay on your good side. I to have noticed the Amount of Bounty Hunters and have offered to switch classes for diversity purppses. I can edit a few things in my forum but I still need the go-ahead from you.

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le bloop

You haven't made me annoyed at all or angry, sorry if it came off that way. I'm gonna give you the go ahead to change up ur character. I like the hybird alien concept though. 

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A wild post appeared!!!

Can i switch to smuggler? And, do you know of any Doll Divines that can get me something similar to what I showed?

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le bloop

Yeah sure. 
I would honestly look up fantasy character maker, or just make a character with the doll, and then describe add on features you cannot get. 

This might help

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Le bloop

I know what a bounty hunter is dear. Have you ever heard of the bounty hunters that are snipers? That’s usually what bounty hunters are these days. Snipers. These bounty hunters have an Arsenal like missiles and flamethrowers that they don’t k.ill individuals, they k.ill groups. Plus, bounty hunters never show their face. 

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A wild post appeared!!!

I see, you and I have completely different ideas about Bounty Hunters. Although Both are technically right. This makes more sense, thank you. I don't know if you intended it to be so but, I read your post to be scarcastic, so I apologize if I said something that made you mad.

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Le bloop

Hoping we can start the rp tomorrow after we get one more Primal and a couple forms are updated.

Cheers to having a good rp!

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le bloop

First post should be out around 10 PM CST 

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Le bloop

Out of the literal blue i got a headache. If it doesn’t clear up by 01200, I’m postponing the rp till tomorrow 

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(All of our starting posts are us defecting from our previous factions) 

(I forgot to mention, the Techies live in an area similar to this and the Primals live in an area similar to this)

Teeva felt the heat of the blaster bolt as it whizzed by, almost burning her skin. The mask upon her face felt heavy, her breath suffocating. She felt blood drip beneath her outfit, previous wounds from the higher ups. Her bloody footsteps would be a dead giveaway, even in stealth. A pipeline loomed up ahead, her lunging forward and gripping it tightly, swinging herself upward with momentum. She gripped a ledge as she ascended, the wound on the underside of her arm tearing again, drops dripping down on the pavement, on the white of the soldiers, who cast a bewildered look at the sky, saw her, and began shooting again. Teeva gritted her teeth and spun around, lifting her self up onto the roof and started running. She heard the jets come to life behind her as the soldiers flew up to catch her, the rough scratching of boots landing on the roof behind her.

She was so close, almost there. She hurdled over another building, her boots almost tripping on the rails that covered. Citizens and non soldiers covered the top this building, yelling all kinds of profanity her way as she pushed and shoved her way through the crowd. It was a shame really, this used to be her favorite cantina after all. No matter, time to get out. She ducked and slid forward into an air vent pipe, sliding down into a garage. Her speeder glinted fiercely as she hopped onto it, revving it up quickly. Shouts sounded once more, along with blaster fire as she sped off. Her hood flew off her head, allowing the ebony hair ontop her head to shine. Soldiers on their own speeders shot back at her. One managed to cut into the open wound on her outfit, Teeva crying out as she swerved her bike into a ditch. The speeder landed heavily, zooming straight into a pipe that would lead her out of the city, into contested ground, near the rebellion, where her contact would be waiting. She just needed to not get caught and not bleed her guts out onto the streets.

She heard rumbling above her head, where she knew droids would be building, tanks supplied and shipped out. War speeders preparing to be tested and driven. It was sickening. It was all sickening. She unclipped the rifle at her side and started to fire back, hitting one of the interconnecting pipes. Oil flooded the area behind her, knocking one of the soldiers off their bike, slamming back into another. Two more still chased her. Two more wanted her head. Light screamed at her from the otherside, taunting her, welcoming her at the same time. New hope flooded into her skin, the pain in her side became a dull throb. Blaster shots rained behide her, never faltering. They were all trained the same way, her, just a little bit extra. She unhooked a corrosive grenade and threw it back. She knew that her underground partner would continue supplying her weapons, just like he always did. Using the other weapons weren't a problem when you were one. Toxic air seeped into the soldiers masks, unaffecting her's. Not like it would do much, it wouldn't even affect her even if she breathed it. That was the most painful of her experiments, she remembered. The two soldiers went down, Teeva heard them coughing and sputtering behind her, but she busted out of the pipeline without a second thought. The material on her mask dimmed to adjust, allowing her to take into view the area of contested ground, where the Rebels were hiding down below in interconnecting tunnels, leading to each side of the fields. 

Many to Zakuul, and just as much leading back to the Eternal Throne. The bright gleaming city that Verlin always preached they would take over soon gleamed back at her. She had been sent over many times, in so many forms. No matter how high up her target was, nothing seemed to stop those animals. They kept coming back. It had to end. 

The contested ground was bare and useless, a stark from the grand city gates of the Throne, and the lush hills of Zakuul. Dust swirled around in the wind, in the distance Teeva caught an explosion on both sides. Spurts of grass could still be found, but no wildlife. She had no memories of a former, united Zakuul. She was not a citizen after all. Created, in a test tube. That was all she had. Her eyes scanned the barren ground for signs of her contact, and there, waving through the dust storm, they were. Covered head to toe in wraps, they had an air of wildness to them. Teeva knew they were a formal Primal. 
"I presume you're our new defected Cipher Nine? Can't say we've had any of those stuffies come down. There's what, eight of you freaks?" her contact joked, opening up a dirt covered hatch. Teeva snarled and said nothing. Her new 'rebel ally' saw this was a conversation that needed to be continued. "Though you're not like the rest of them, right? You're that agent that gave the troopers up in Zakuul trouble, I recognize you on our datapads down here," he continued sliding down a ladder that led to the tunnels. 

Teeva climbed down after him, jumping off the ladder and gripping her contact's large scarf, pushing him against the tunnel wall. Teeva stared up at him, malice in her eyes. "If you knew anything about me, about what I could do. About what my sisters and brothers could do, you'd shut up," she threatened, dropping him. The man dusted himself off, shaking slightly. "Just, go down straight, you'll find the base. I gotta wait for some more defectors," he huffed, climbing back up. 

Teeva let out a grunt and continued down the path. The tunnel felt airy, and had a heavy dampness to it she couldn't place. She picked up voices through the walls, and dragged her hands against the side to feel the vibrations. Some hideout this is. The noises from the main room filled her ears, reminding her so much of home. But it wasn't home. This was filled with laughter and love and things she never felt. She so wanted to feel it again, so she took a step forward. And the laughter stopped. A blond head caught her eye, the saber at her hilt was clenched in her hand. An Inquisitor, she recognized the eyes. But the Inquisitors back at home held no love for her either, so she was right to assume this one wouldn't either. 

"Cipher Nine, we hear a lot about you here," the blond woman spoke slowly. Teeva eyed her through the mask, hand clutching her side weakly. The Inquisitor's eyes flickered down, and with a wave of her hand medical droids appeared behind her. She refused to remove her hand. 

"We hear a lot about you up there Lana. I remember distinctly one of my targets was you at one point," she replied, finally, lifting her arm up for the droids to treat her wound. She recoiled as the bacta was placed under her arm, growling at the droid who ignored her. 

"You were still in training when I left, joined the rebellion." Teeva scanned her face, she was young. Barely older than her. But Verlin liked some of her Inquisitors young, easier to corrupt. "Welcome to the rebellion, Cipher Nine, or, what else should we call you?" Lana inquired, starting to pace around the room. Testing her. 

"Roma'nerva, though I would like to keep my professional title," she said, sighing as the bandages were wrapped around her waist and the droids left. She'd have to fix her suit later, but for now, it would make due. Lana clapped her hands and motioned a spot beside her. Teeva knew she wasn't the only one expected to show up. And that was fine. She worked on teams before. If it ended quickly she could leave and disappear once the war ended. 


(I forgot to mention, the Techies live in an area similar to this and the Primals live in an area similar to this)

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Hikarih Nightwalker

Hikarih moved with the stealth of a predator on the hunt through the small Primal city Zakuul was her home, but ever since she lost her village to the Eternal Throne, she'd joined the Rebellion to help them. But of course they found out. The Cathar stuck to the shadows, ducking patrols and heading for the nearest safe house. In the Primal City, there were no Skytroopers, thank Bast, but she had been hurt. She'd managed to grab a scarf from a grubby looking stand and used it to tie off her wound. She had her jeweled orobird, Virsa with her. The bird honked anxiously, her bright feathers covered by a black blanket she'd managed to snag and tie into her saddle. "I know Virsa, I know. We need to keep moving. But we can't risk someone recognizing those overbright feathers of yours." She reminded the bird, earning an affectionate nip from the 6 ft plus animal. They'd been together since they were children - Hikarih had raised the bird since she was an egg. Virsa kept quiet as the speeders zoomed past, searching for her no doubt. She swung back up into the bird's saddle and urged her forward. The bird honked and darted out into the next alley. THAT was when they got busted. "HALT!" A trooper called, aiming his weapon at them. "Oh karabast." Hikarih groaned, throwing off the black blanket so the bird would have free movement. "MOVE VIRSA!" the bird honked in response and ran over the cobblestones of the Primal city. They barely managed to escape and reach their destination without being followed. "Oh thank Bast..." Hikarih sighed in relief when she saw the Rebellion symbol. Both she and the massive flightless bird were panting hard. Virsa gave a tired honk as she knocked on the door. Her contact would be waiting inside. She slid off the Orobird and leaned on her for support. 

(quick question: do you control Lana and the others or do we control them as needed?)   

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Kozack watched as his pursuers crept around trees and through the bush, combing everything. His grip on his bow tightened. Notching an arrow to the string, he sighted one of his pursuers looking into the trees away from him. He needed a distraction, so he loosed the arrow at the trooper. the arrow pierced its armour and struck skin. Electricity ran up and down the trooper, humming and crackling along with his screams. The trooper arched its back, and collapsed, twitching in a pile of burned leaves. The other troopers ran to him, leaving Kozack safe. He double-checked that there was no one looking at him, and ran. The distraction worked, for a few seconds. One of the troopers turned, saw Kozack running away, and fired a blaster at him. All of the other troopers turned and fired their weapons as well. Among the shouts, and flying blaster-bullets. He dodged as well as he could, ducking behind trees and fallen rocks. Several troopers shot crossbows at him, piercing his arm and shoulder. Kozack held a scream of pain as the arrows started heating up, spreading fire through his body. Kozack jerked the arrows out before they could burst into flames. 

The troopers ran after him, firing and cursing. He turned, fired another arrow, and burst into his sprint again, leaving three troopers tangled in a net. Another flaming crossbow-bolt shattered on the rocks next to his feet, and scattered sparks into the leaves. "Gotta get out of here," he muttered to himself. His Desler was left in the dunes, but he had a lift that would get him where he needed, somewhere, if they had actually given him a specific location, other than, "Just outside of the woods, around the northern area." Or something like that. Kozack launched another arrow, leaving a trooper screaming, with electricity running around him. He received a blaster-bullet in his leg in return. Kozack almost collapsed. He wished that his mind would unscramble itself so that he could concentrate on healing. Slowly, his wounds filled in, the skin bearing no marks other than a white scar. His breathing became less ragged, and he flew through the woods faster than ever. He was a blur, a smear that spread in a line through the trees, leaving scattered leaves behind him. The troopers flew into the distance, and he smiled. Then, the speed stopped, suddenly, his legs buckled under him, and he almost fell. Then he saw it, The trees thinned and disappeared, and beyond it, a silver ship lay, its guns, wings, and rotating turrets all were shining with the reflected light of everything around it. Then he heard speeders behind him. He caught his breath, and lunged forward. HIs speed increasing until it was almost what it was before. He stopped right in front of the ship. HIs legs flew out of under him, and he half-crawled forward. Then blasters hit him. The grass around him exploded. Streams of pain flew under his skin and entered his brain in a roar. Blood pooled around him and drenched the grass. He saw shapes above him, returning fire on the speeders, and then blackness filled his mind. He didn't notice being carried off the ground and into the ship, or the humming of the engines as it launched. Not even pain reached his conciousness.

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le bloop

(we all can control Lana or I can control her, its up to everyone else) 

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le bloop

(also yes, presume our mounts are left outside and then dragged down by a lift designed to look like the barren land around us)

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Meet a dude. Go down a tunnel. Meet other people. Rebel. Drinks all around.

In action, her straightforward mission had not been so straightforward.

Her day, actually previous week, had already gone from bad right to worse. There was still a twinge of regret for rebelling, especially because her beloved spacecraft had been confiscated (STOLEN!) from her. Over and over she told herself it was for the greater good. But it sure didn't feel like it was. After all, she was currently strolling through a warzone. A desert. A borderline no man's land. 

Getting out of Zakuul had been quite the trip, but now that she was riding her Kybuck, picked up after her escape from Zakuul, towards where she was supposed to meet her contact. She clung to him like a lifeline, for once grateful for the destructive goat-horse-thing. 

Suddenly, she saw a shape in the desert, barely noticeable but still there; a man, or at least shaped like a man, and clearly her contact. Urging Chomper on, he trotted up to the man, who greeted her with, "Another defector."

"I guess," Adelaidia replied, pulling on the reins to bring him to a halt. She watched him warily as he opened up a hatch in the ground; a small lift, but it would most likely fit her and her Kybuck, which she was quite thankful for. After losing her ship, she wasn't up for losing anything else, even if it was her annoying mount.

"So, you're neutral?" he asked, as the former captain dismounted and took the reins, leading him up to the lift. Adelaidia shrugged. 

"Sure, whatever people want to think. I'm just here to make sure people don't get killed. I dunno about the rest of everybody down there, but no city deserves...whatever Zakuul's got."

He nodded along, though Adelaidia could tell he wasn't super interested. "Alright. Go on, down the lift. You'll find your defector friends waiting."

Adelaidia scrutinized him, and then looked at the lift. Chomper had finally settled down and looked willing to step on it. So with one last look at the contact, then back at the lift, she led him onto it.

The instant she did, the lift began to lower.

The ride was okay, even though it was damp. When they reached what Adelaidia assumed was the bottom, she stepped off the lift and walked down into the tunnel, her mount following her. The two hurried down the tunnel, and as they progressed, they began to hear the sounds of...laughter?

Sounded like her kind of place.

Of course, before she could see the room, the laughter died. Adelaidia wanted to know who the party crasher was.

Finally, the tunnel widened and led into the room. There were figures scattered throughout it, some with animals, and various types of aliens that she hadn't seen before, and several humans. Adelaidia looked at them all warily, before loosening up and stepping fully inside.

It'd work out.

It always worked out for her.

Classic dumb luck of a smuggler.

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Teeva had sat down after Lana had dismissed her, letting the conversations buzz absentmindedly as she watched her speeder be brought down from above. She knew someone was being carried in. She spotted the med vac being deployed on the holo, the red dot speeding away. She also knew that two Primals showed up. Teeva could tell from the way they smelled, oh, and a Techie. And the Techie, based on the sound of the foot prints, was about to step in right about now. 

Teeva turned around and met the Smuggler, her mask on full view and hood up. The wound on her side pulsed angrily at the sudden jolt of movement. She paid it no mind, her outfit was self healing itself anyway, the bandages were peaking out still, but not for long. Her breath was loud through the modular, everyone turned to the Smuggler, mostly because Teeva herself did. She did not recognize this one. Polite conversation perhaps, small talk would be best, she decided. 

"Cipher Nine, nice to make your acquaintance." 

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Zero (Jester, Silence, Inquirey)-Boutny Hunter

Life is strange, especially in the middle of a war. Plenty of people killing other people, grunts verses grunts, bows verses blasters, but there are still people on all three sides that want another dead. Debt collectors and owners, people of ones grudges, adversaries in life, undesirables and political targets; they were all the same, one person hated another and someone di,es and not always the one who deserved it.

It was their favorite thing to do, ridding the world of the problematic people that actually meant something, without them things fall apart from the top down. The four sides of Zero knew this. When he was younger Zero had been whole in his syce and was a grunt, a special grunt.. a recon (sniper), but still property of the monarchy. He had been twenty when the satellite base he had been stationed at was attacked, the techies pinned the blame on the primals. The officers were killed first and all order was lost. A vat of a nasty waste acid that was used in purifying the special metal that armor the higher end troopers, had been hit and Zero was one of the few survivors who was exposed.

They fixed him up, replacing his right arm and legs below the middle of his shins along with a couple of his organs but he was to mentally unstable to put back into service. Zero had been given a small apartment to live his days out and he had stayed their until his four sides stabilized, after which he took off and began a new life.


Zero snapped back from his reminiscing and focussed back on his escaped. Zero had several warrants on their head on both sides of the fight, all with high bounties and putting their punishment at death, that still did not stop people in high places from hiring them. Blaster fire whizzed past him and troopers came after him, he had taken out an officer who had been suspected of treachery by a fellow officer. Zero had been offered a place in the rebellion after a previous job, he had declined at the time but now he need things to calm down a bit about him. One of his rebellion contacts knew of Zero's coming, he just needed to get out of the The Eternal Throne or at least to an open area in it.

Green and red bolts of energy flew past him, Zero turned in his run, pulling out his arc trooper rifle, set it to its modded fully auto setting and sprayed the the troopers that were coming after him, many fell and many more were stalled in their pursuit, perfect. The time it took the troopers the start coming after him was enough for Zero to engage his jet pack and fly through a hole in the city.

A small pursuit ship came after him as he flew out towards the no man's land between the kingdoms. Silence took over the control of their shared body and pulled out his military issue recon rifle, the thing was capable of hitting a target with ease from three klicks out. Silence charged up a large burst shot and aimed at the crafts air intake. The ship fired a short burst of its fire power as Silence blew out its engine. It blew off one of his shoulder pads and bruised him a bit underneath but all in all he was able to get out mostly unscathed.


Zero took control once more and flew out to a less seen area of no man's land. Sure enough, his contact was waiting for him next to an open hatch that led deep into the ground, safe from most ordinance and explosives that might be dropped on them. "You are a tad late" the man wrapped in cloth said to Zero, "was caught up by a number of troopers" Zero replied ((his voice sounds like a light Irish)) with light chuckle, his voice was pretty clear even if it came out of a speaker, most of his world was filtered; sound coming in and going out was filtered, air was filtered, visuals were filtered, his helmet and suit sealed his less than strong skin that still remained. He had had a number of skin transplants that replaced a good portion of his skin with a scale like version of skin ((same texture and color as skin but it is put on in diamond shapes, making it look like scales but it is tougher than normal skin)), however it could not be place on his head so it had to heal on its own and it was still healing even after 10 years.

Zero nodded to his contact and took the ladder down. When he hit the bottom his suite clinked, sending echoes down the hall. As he walked down the hall his helmet picked up sounds of conversations and laughter, something Jester would not mind taking part in. He arrived in the area that the sounds were coming from and looked over the people and aliens in the sort of gathering area.

Zero's HUD scanned some faces and features of the people in the room, the four blue LED bars that were his helmets "eyes" and cameras glowed lightly, some of them finding matches. Not everyone payed Zero with money, some times he was payed in information, a bounty hunter could not have to much dirt and intel on people. His suite picked up the name Cipher Nine as it was said by the owner and a tab popped up in Zero's HUD, listing events that were possible linked to the person, nothing was solid and really reliable, as was most things about dangerous people.

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The hiss and burn of cybernetics made her shiver slightly. A man stepped into the hallway not long after the Smuggler had, and he was looking right at her. Or at least she thought he did. It was very hard to tell with his helmet in the way. But she too was guilty of this. Who was she to judge anyone, based on what she had did for the Throne, for her brothers and sisters. It was hard to trust someone with a mask, she concluded. By this point her suit had stitched itself together, and a ring on her wrist made her aware that her order of weapons would be delivered soon, not now, of course, but later. Teeva pulled back her suit sleeve, looking around and making sure no one saw the cybernetics on the underside of her arm. The feeling of wrongness threatened to envelop her, as it always did when she looked at it. She knew the input command by heart, but now was not the time, nor place. All she wanted to do was silence the beeping, and get back to the silent conversation with the Bounty Hunter and Smuggler. The least she could do was end the silence. 

"Cipher Nine, as you already know, Bounty Hunter," she said smoothly. Lana had noticed the other two joined them, greeting them with a brisk nod. "I'm expecting more," Lana admitted, placing her hands behind her back and standing up straight. How intimidating she must seem to those who have never stared an Inquisitor in the eye. 

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Zero (Jester, Silence, Inquirey)-Boutny Hunter

Cipher turned to him and spoke, she to wore a mask but it was a thing he was used to. "Indeed I do know" Zero said, his voice having the minor buz of a speaker but still holding the note of knowing more than just her name. Zero turned his head towards the defected inquisitor as she mentioned that more were on their way. Zero had delt with her once before, she had been one of his many employers.

Zero turned his attention back to cipher and the other person, who was listed by Zero's HUD as known smuggler Captain Adelaidia Mentell. "So what brings you two here?" Zero questioned the two females, his HUD and onboard computer was having a hard time identifing what Cipher is and he figured having her talk a little more might help on a ID.

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A wild post appeared!!!

((I'm here!))

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Le bloop

(@mechfighter are you implying that Zero knows Teeva is not in her proper form? Because information like that would have been very secure and she would have to tell people that. Basically, information regarding her making, true form, and cybernetics are kept heavily classified. I doubt that would be on the holonet XD)

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((no. I am implying that Zero is trying to figure out what she is (ie. agent, inquisitor, etc). his database is rather large so he will know roughly what her line of work was))