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I guess big fixes are what's going on right now... I hope to the GODS that they are fixing the issue with the Woolly Howl Saddles.... My Fliger and Sapphire Crescendo are NOT happy.... As well as my other Viking's Woolly. And he has quite the temper... How is you day going guys?


Hello, my name is NadderMeGood.

Isn't this gif just the MimiKYUTEST?!?!?!

I welcome you all to my signature.

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Keira Knightly in Imitation Game:

"I think that sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine."

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"Please.. Live for her.. Like I live for the one I love."


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Yes, tis sad, but do not worry! There will be more later!

But for now, I hope you enjoyed your stay! ^w^

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The eggs... EXPLODE? O.O

Bug fixes* oops 

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Well, so far so good - a

Well, so far so good - a terrible headache in the morning, finding a cool YouTube channel in the afternoon and [trying to make] a new sig in the evening
And yours? :)