error in botany mission 101

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good afternoon I want to communicate for the third time that I have a problem in the game and you did not solve it I did all the processes to try to solve the error and it did not work at all, I am asking you to solve the problem that gave in my account the name of vinking and vaxtto I am with error in the mission botaninca 101 when it clicks on the astrid the game is locked and I can do nothing and with this error is disturbing me with several missaos different I am having this problem will make 1 year to solve please my account I have already spent a lot of money in her

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I am in the same situation.

I am in the same situation. Need to be fixed soon!

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Hello,I have the same


I have the same problem on my guest account AnnikaBlu and my one login account called CloudyHoney4. I tried this mission (Botany 101) on both accounts and when I have to give Astrid 5x corn, sunflowers and dragon nip - even though it's in my inventory and on my quest diary Phlegma shows there are enough things - Astrid doesn't take them. The picture doesn't move at all, and just shows her with a question mark above her head. Then, I can't do anything anymore and have to close and restart the game over again.

I tried to give her the things on various islands and even changed from mobile phone to PC, but I'm not able to complete this quest.

Now I bought some World Expansion Packs, but at some time there is always a quest, where I have to start by questioning Astrid. But when I tippen on her, there is always this picture with her and the question mark. I can't continue doing anymore quests and it's really annoying me.

Please fix is as soon as possible!

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Hello, I had the same


I had the same problem. The support told me, to choose (for this Quest) the english language.

This trick worked.

I needed to do this later again, when similar bug occured with Snotlout.

Hope it helps?



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Hello, I'm having problems


I'm having problems with the "Astrid bug" and can't complete the quest Botanic 101 nor take Astrid quests. I reinstalled the game and it didn't fix the problem. I'm already playing in english (I'm french but nearly bilingual). Is there a way to fix this bug ? My account name is "cheshicat02" and my viking is "Cheshicat".