Epic Catastrophe Quest Hunter Weapones bug

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Recently I have been experiencing a very annoying bug on School of Dragons. It occurred about a week ago when I was trying to complete the Epic Catastrophe quest and it is when you have to collect 6 dragon hunter weapons. I am fairly sure I only collected 4 weapons but then the quest instructions changed and said to return the weapons to Hiccup. I returned to Hiccup but it said I have to give him 6 dragon weapons when I only had 4. I went back to Dark Deep to try to find the rest of the weapons but they were not there. I have returned to Dark Deep a number of times now to try and find the rest of the weapons but they are not there. I have also logged off and restarted the computer to try to get rid of the bug but it did not work either.  I play school of dragons on a Acer aspire5930 and the operating system is Windows 10. I play the downloadable version.

My accaunt is : Coki0803

Player name : FlashAnes


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Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue. We will pass this information on to our team so they can take a look into this issue. We will keep you updated as soon as new information becomes available. Thank you!