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First time I'm playing SWTOR in about 2 months because I wanna see what's new. After 2 hours of updating (Even longer to set up my new X-box 1) I finally got it started and currently playing. I did notice some new features like the balance between the dark and the light side, new expansion, and AMAZING new cinematic trailer (Betrayed) and AWESOME new cover art for their new Knights of the Eternal Throne.

Anyway, drifting back into subject, I recently found that there is no longer a max cap of 200,000 credits, so all of my credits that are hidden in my credits escrow has been in my "buyable" credits leading me up to.... 1,984,847 credits which I can make up easily, just need to do heroic quests and warzones.

I used 90% of those credits to expand my stronghold which is what I ALWAYS wanted to do in this game (Other then most of the stuff you can only get if you pay a subscription to this game). So, I'm wondering what I can do with it.

My new empty stronghold room. This is not the only room I bought, that door over there leads to a stairway leading to a smaller room.

All I need is an idea on how I'm going to decorate it. I still have around 200,000 credits. I don't have much decorations to place anywhere yet, but thats where I need suggestions on how I'm going to fill-it.


I already have a bedroom, companion room, a main hall, and a place where by robot guards are (The entrance area)



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Whooooops, there it goes...

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