The Empty Inn | A Short Story by Flitt

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—Part one: The Empty Inn—
He stood at the inn door, with his hand on the handle, hearing singing and laughter coming from inside the inn. He pushed the door open and stepped in. A long, dim corridor greeted him, a heavy looking door sat at the far end. He closed the door quietly behind him and slowly, cautiously, crept down the corridor. The walls were cracked and the grey paint flaked away  at his touch, his footprints trailed behind him in the dust. He was close to the door now, the voices louder, more raucous. He put his hand on the handle, just like he had a few minutes before. Silence. Not a sound from behind the door. Then a voice said, 'come in, we're open,' and the chatter, the laughter and shouts started up again. He turned the handle and pushed the door wide open. Darkness faced him. Darkness that sucked him in. 
            Or is it?
       *  *  *
—Part two: Inside the Inn—
He was falling into darkness, the light from the doorway getting smaller and further away. He landed with a thump onto something squishy and springy, something, he thought, like a mattress. He lay there winded for a few seconds, staring up into darkness, then got to his feet, and stood on something hard. It rolled under his foot and he fell back, landing on something else hard. He grabbed it. It felt like a torch. He found the switch and turned it on, a beam of light shot from the end, straight into his eyes. He lowered the torch and, blinking, looked around. He was in some sort of cellar that tapered down towards the far end. He got up and headed to the end of the cellar, the only possible escape route, and yet another door faced him.
* * *
— Part three: Just Another Door—
Stepping through the cellar through from the cellar, he was faced with not just one door now, but five, ten, twenty, more, constantly moving, appearing and disappearing. His eyes couldn't keep up, by time he had seen one it had gone, to be replaced by another. Solid oak doors and metal doors and ones with glass in them, all shifting position. He grabbed at a handle, but it vanished just before his fingers touched it. He grabbed at another and another, frantically charging about and grabbing at them, and didn't notice until he had finally got hold of one that it was the only one left. He shone the torch on the walls but it was just dark grey stone with strange faces and gargoyles carved into it, their lifeless eyes stared at him, as if daring him to open the fourth door. He took the dare and opened the door, stepping through into what seemed to be nothing.
—Part four: Dark in the Light—
Instead of darkness, there was light. Blindingly bright light. He couldn't see a thing. He put his hands out in front of him to feel where he was, yet his fingers touched nothing. But in doing so he dropped the torch. A beam of darkness came from it, in it he could see the shapes of things. He reached down to where the torch must be and picked it up. He looked round, he could see a lot more now. Fuzzy shapes of tables and chairs loomed out of the dark. Ghostlike figures moved around him, not seeing him. And everything was eerily silent, even his footsteps made no sound. Then he saw it. A white double door, ornately carved with mythical creatures and faces. He walked over to it and stretched his arm out to push it open, but it would not move. He leaned all his weight against it, but there was nothing until one of the faces moved and spoke.
     'Many do not get this far,' it said, in a quiet, scratchy voice. 'And you may not pass without answering three riddles correctly.'
     He let his arm drop to his side and nodded.
     The face twisted into what must have been a smile. 'Answer me this,' it said.
'What always runs but never walks,
Often murmurs, but never talks,
Has a mouth but never eats,
Has a bed but never sleeps?'
He got it straight away, but when he tried to say the answer no sound came out. It's a river, he thought, and the face said,' correct.' Water started to trickle out of a hole in the door. 'Next riddle.'
' hidewithout me, never thank me.
Walk right through, me never feel me.
Always watching, never speaking.
Always lurking, never seen.'
     This one took longer, but he eventually got it. Air, he thought, and the face said, 'correct.' A gale started to blow and the trickling water turned into a stream. 'Last riddle.'
'What force and strength cannot get
Through I with a gentle touch can 
Do, and many in the street would
Stand, were I not a friend at hand.'
     He was stumped. A—a friend?
     'Wrong,' the face said, smiling triumphantly. 'Two goes left.'
     He was struggling with this one. A door?
     'Wrong,' the water was coming faster and the gale became stronger. What force and strength?... And then he got it. He had used force and strength but not got through, half the answer was staring him in the face. This door must be locked, and a lock needed a key. It's a key! He thought, and the face said, 'correct.' Its mouth opened into an O to reveal a keyhole. The water and the gale slowed to a stop and he felt a key in his hand. He put the key in the lock and turned it. The door swung open to reveal the next room.
* * *
—Part five: The Last Room—
     He stepped through the doorway and into an inn. There was a bar at one end, window seats and chairs surrounded tables. It was full, yet there was something very strange about the people. They were as still as statues, not one of them moved, yet there was chatter and singing in the room, like there was in the corridor. He walked to the bar and leaned on the counter, staring at the statue of the barman, which stared back at him with empty, glazed eyes. Then suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder. He spun round and came face to face with a statue, its arm raised. He backed away from it and crashed into another one. More and more appeared around him, surrounding him. The chatter turned to chanting, rhythmic and powerful. He was backed up to the wall, advancing statues getting closer, somehow moving and not moving at once. Then they stilled, every one of them stopped, their chanting ceased. A figure in a blue cape wove through them, touching each one as she passed, turning them to dust. Once the statues had gone, the figure stood in front of him, gazing at him with deep blue eyes.
     'You are lucky to get this far, stranger,' she said. 'Most pick the wrong door, or answer a riddle wrongly. How you did it, I do not know.
     'But now, you have reached the last of the rooms, and I think, just maybe, I will let you go,' she clapped her hands and the room dissolved around him, and he found himself at the front door of the inn. He blinked and shook his head, wondering where he was and why he was there. There was no light in the windows of the inn and no sound either. He turned his back on the door and walked away, looking back only once, with a puzzled expression and a faint, dreamlike memory. As he got further away the door opened and the figure looked out, watching him go.
This Time.
* * *

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So intriguing! Keep it up!


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Look, I'll be honest, my mind can not wrap around what just happened.  I can not tell if this is a scary story, or if the main character is d.ead, or if it was some wizard trap.




It was well written and I liked it.  I will be pondering it the rest of the day.  The theme of it was really intriguing.  And I loved the riddles.  I knew the first one and the second one was a decent, and correct, guess on my part.  But that third one really tripped me up.  I was thinking a pen.


I must ask, what inspired you to write it?


Keep up the good writing.




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Doors are useful

To be honest, I've no idea why I wrote it XD I wrote the first bit because, I think, I thought of the title and wanted to know what happened. Then it just kept going.


It was meant to be confusing, (autocorrect just put endless :/) so readers, aka, you, didn't know what happened and have to make something up. Hmm, a wizard trap, I didn't think of that.

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  Ah... So you just wrote it


Ah... So you just wrote it for fun.  That can create some of the best writing.  


I have been reading a ding a lot of short stories recently with hidden meanings that need much thought to find, so the fact that this was just for fun and wasn't written to make the reader ask deep questions on the meaning of existence is making me slightly uncomfortable.  From what you said, this story is like an ink blot test.  The ending is whatever the reader perceives it to be.  Very interesting.



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What was it again....?

Hey Flitt!

I didn't know you wrote stories, and if I did, well then I must have been that guy walking out of that inn, with only a faint memory of the writer hiding inside...


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