Elido - Part I

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Chapter 1


River's eyes flashed upwards, the shadowed sky speckled with blinding stars. Shouts around him, rope tied around his wrists. Someone shoved him forward, and he almost stumbled over his feet. The thick smoke choked his lungs, as he let out a rasping cough. Another shove, almost a threat. River dragged his sore legs forward, the soldiers behind him urging him to continue. The world was a blur around him, the sounds faded. Thought was a mix with reality, a swirling pool.

The pain was gone now, fading into a numbness. A silence. He was lying, face covered in dust and dirt. Alone. Had they left? When, how long? His eyes blink, slowly. They close, fading into darkness.


Shaela closed her eyes, breathing deeply. She was beside it all again, her mother lay dieing in her bed. Tears leaking out, like waterfalls. Her screams, pain. All she could feel now was a numbness and a pit in her stomach. Waiting in a cold room, frost biting at her face. The door opened, softly.

"Your Majesty? They are ready for you." a soldier beckons her into the following room.

Her hair sets gently on her shoulders, her bare feet against the cold tile. The room was lit brightly, light bouncing off of the almost reflective walls. The floor cut off around six feet ahead, leading into a saphire water. Three figures stood, facing her. They wore blue robes made of a smooth fabric. Their faces were covered in silver masks that covered below the nose.

One of them, a woman, looked at her, "Welcome, Princess."

"We must make haste. The moon is setting." Another, a man, told her as he turned to the water.

The third motions her forward. The second begins to mumble something, the water seeming to ripple with his words. A mark appeared on  its surface, what looked like two time pieces separated by a diagonal line.

"Place your hand in the water." The first whispered, urgnetly.

Shaela placed her hand gently on the surface, barely touching. The water explodes with light, erupting from her hand. Something punctures her hand, a scarlet tint entering the water. She pulled her hand back in shock, but the wound seemed to have already healed.


Alan's jaw dropped open. He closed it slowly, a smile forming upon his lips. He whispered the words under his breath, "You have been accepted into The Academia." He would be leaving the next day, and he knew from that moment on, that nothing would ever be the same.


Sand scraped against her cheek, salt water tangled through her hair. Miredel opened her eyes, burning as if on fire. Her right knee throbbed more than everything else, but she felt too weak to even give it a glance. Flames.


Hey guys! I'm coming back to the forum soon, as school is ending. Sorry to all those that I kinda just left hanging, my life just got really complicated really fast and it was hard to get free time I hadn't already booked for something else. If that makes any sense. I'm probably not going to get much involved in rps or anything right away, but I'm planning on throwing out some fan fiction pretty soon. Ya'll should be prepared for a re-make of Thunder Cast Skies. I haven't decided on a name for the re-make, but I have a much better idea of the story I want to describe now. So yeah, hope you all enjoy.