~ Elemental Winged Wolf RP ~ (All places have been taken)

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"I don't know. I don't know what I did..." I replied to Vixen. Moonwatcher wouldn't let me near her, wouldn't let me comfort her, which made my heart grow heavy. She still looked at me with those eyes, filled with nothing but horror and fear.

"Moonwatcher, I'm sorry." I said as I extended a paw towards her, my voice soft. I didn't want to hurt her. I could never hurt her... could I?

The closer my paw came to her, the more her body shook in fear of me. I felt completely and utterly heartbroken.


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I was shaking.  it cant be. not Kyzer.  yes it is.... you know it very well.   i growled to myself. Kyzer kept trying to comfort me. but i couldnt control my fear.   "I dont know.... i don't know what i did..."  he said.  i looked back at him.  "When my village was destroyed, i ran for my life. hunters were after me. once i escaped them i ran into another winged wolf. he was pure black. and his eyes... they were exactly the same as yours." i took in a shaky breath. "I decided it would be safer if i would stick to him. but... i didnt know how he would treat me later on. that was the worst month of my life."  i remembered the last time he attacked me. that was the worst.    "I dont know how it could be you. but i just know it. the reason i stuck with that jerk for so long is because i knew he wasnt being himself. his eyes were full of fear. i thought i could help him but....." i started crying again.    i knew that somthing must've happened for Kyzer to act that way, but i still couldnt help taking a few steps back when Kyzer came near me.

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