Eggs Are Disappearing All Over!

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So, as most of you know....Peoples dragon eggs have been disappearing.....There are so many people out there that are having this happen to them! I am one of them....I had a dragon egg ready to hatch (I wasn't on the game for awhile) I went to the stables and there was no Dragon egg on the thing ready to be hatched! From what I know the only way to not have this happen is by placing the egg down and when it hatches assign it to a stable at that moment, this means you'll most likely need to speed up the egg hatch time! But for those who can't then your egg is gone at that point.....I have seen others post about this and even talk about it in the game and I'm very sad about this....Hopefully this glitch is fixed and for those who lost their Dragon eggs, they get them back.

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That is... well, Odd with a capital "O"

I knew the game was still very glitchy, but I didn't think it would go that far. I haven't checked yet, but I wouldn't mind if one of my 24 eggs had disappeared because I already have all of the current dragons in-game at this point and time. However, this better be fixed before a new dragon appears, or I will be a very angered dragon rider. Hope that you can find your egg.



"I am the one who made a home within


Scuttleclaw Island... I am the one who


protects this Island and its


inhabitants... my name... Jyharri,


Jyharri Arowdur!"




Name: Jyharri U. Arowdur



 Age: 17



 Height: 5' 2"



 Weight: 110 lbs



 Gender: Male



 Weapon of Choice: Barbaric Rupture





 Apex/Lead Dragon: Blitzkrieg, the





Clan: None



A Little About Myself -- My Lineage


 Many centuries ago, the Arowdur family started hunting a

group of dragons known as the Shinglewing, as a species, for their skins

and meat... however, news has spread from my family's clan in the deep,

deep south of Berk's Archipelago that Hiccup and the dragon riders had defeated

Drago's army in order to save dragons. My family, and my former civilization, had all

disapproved of the truce between dragosn and humans, and continued to 

hunt down the Shinglewing dragons to near extinction. But thanks to a few

bruises, planning, and some knowhow about dragons, I had actually learned

how to domesticate a Shinglespike, the male of the species. With its help,

and a few Shinglescales for backup, I escaped the grasp of my murderous

family, and escaped to Berk's Archipelago.


When I first reached it, I had noticed that the Shinglespike didn't want to

travel further into Berk's Archipelago, but it did let me jump off of his back

when we reached a nearby island. I had waved goodbye to the Shinglespike

and Shinglescales as they traveled out of my sight, with me hoping they

would be alright. Before the Shinglespike departed, I documented as much as I could of his stats...




After makeshift building a hut on Scuttleclaw Island, out of view from any

other people, I have tried to stay out of the way of all the new and

mysterious dragons on this island, eventually co-existing with them after a year. However, by some strange coincidence, a message from my parents made its way to me via Terror Mail.


I read it and I knew I had to visit Berk. As soon as I arrived to the Berk

Docks, I was surprised by a chain of events going to pass at that time. I took

a wild ride on the fabled Night Fury, Toothless and eventually rescued my

first ever trained dragon, a Sand Wraith which I named Sandstreak.


Well, that's my dragon riding start (officially at least). My only passion now

is to grow as a strong, effective dragon rider in order to someday return to

my homeland, train the Shinglewings in front of my civilization and demand

my family not to hunt these amazing creatures... if not, then I may have to

end their twisted tradition myself.




Stable Shoutouts!








Species: Psudoskrill, one of two of


her kind 


Gender: Female


Age: 18 years old (dragon years)


Length: 42 feet (dragon form), 18 feet


(humanoid form)


Height: 10 feet (dragon form), 8 feet


(humanoid form)


Wingspan: 38 feet (both forms)


Weight: 700 lbs (dragon form), 150 lbs


(humanoid form)


Fire Type: Redirected Lightning


Special Ability: Stormbomb


Personality: Aggressive, Tsundere-ish,


 Protective and Loyal to the bitter end.






Species: Shovelhelm


Gender: Male


Age: 7 years old


Length: 36 feet


Height: 6 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 38 feet


Weight: 2000 lbs


Fire Type: Brighty Colored Fire


Special Ability: Rampage


Personality: Rampant, Tough, and Itching


for a drawn out fight!







Species: Grim Gnasher (oroshi)


Gender: Male


Age: 5 years old


Length: 20 feet


Height: 3 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 12 feet


Weight: 110 lbs


Fire Type: Frost-ridden Teeth Shards


Special Ability: n/a


Personality: Peaceful, Agro when challenged, yet


a strong, Loyal dragon.







Species: Stormcutter


Gender: Female


Age: 17 years old


Length: 42 feet


Height: 12 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 52 feet


Weight: 660 lbs


Fire Type: Valed Tornadic Flamethrower


Special Ability: Wind Clap


Personality: Wise, Intelligent, and has a strong


Understanding of the wind and sky.








Species: Razorwhip (golden)


Gender: Female


Age: 3 years old


Length: 47 feet


Height: 8 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 54 feet


Weight: 675 lbs


Fire Type: Blazing White Hot


Special Ability: Shimmer


Personality: Proud, Elegant, and loves to Display


her scales to male dragons!








Species: Speed Stinger


Gender: Male


Age: 1 year old


Length: 8 feet


Height: 4 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: n/a


Weight: 75 lbs


Fire Type: Venomous Tail


Special Ability: Intimidate


Personality: Secretive, Vicious even at best times,


and willing to challenge flying dragons...







Species: Deadly Nadder (Titan Ivor-Gold)


Gender: Male


Age: 8 years old


Length: 32 feet


Height: 12 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 30 feet


Weight: 500 lbs


Fire Type: Magnesium Sparks


Special Ability: Spineclone


Personality: Energetic, Playful and always full of


a Spark of energy!







Species: Singetail


Gender: Female


Age: 25 years old


Length: 48 feet


Height: 7 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 35 feet (small), 56 feet (large)


Weight: 880 lbs


Fire Type: Semi-explosive Flame Missiles


Special Ability: Rapid Fire


Personality: Ravenous when hungry, Orderly over


the Stoker Class dragons in my care, yet remains


extremely loyal to me.







Species: Cavern Wraith


Gender: Female


Age: 17 years old


Length: 40 feet


Height: 6 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 32 feet


Weight: 220 lbs


Fire Type: Mix of Snow/Dirt Combo


Special Ability: Swift Digging


Personality: Shy, Weary of vikings and dragons, but


will defend herself savagely if necessary...







Species: Silver Phantom (Iced)


Gender: Male


Age: 6 years old


Length: 52 feet


Height: 3 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 58 feet


Weight: 180 lbs


Fire Type: Bluish Oxygen Formed Firewaves


Special Ability: Ice Dance


Personality: Graceful in the air, able to Manage the


well-being of many of my dragons, yet is especially


Territorial with Rathalos (Monstrous Nightmare).








Species: Skrill (Titan Green-Thunder)


Gender: Male


Age: 12 years old


Length: 50 feet


Height: 8 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 60 feet


Weight: 720 lbs


Fire Type: Greenish Lighting


Special Ability: Thunderblade


Personality: Hyper-aggressive than most, able to


state Dominance over his territory, as well as


having Rivalries with many of my dragons.




Vaal Hazak



Species: Boneknapper (Soulkeeper)


Gender: Female


Age: Unknown


Length: 65 feet


Height: 14 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 48 feet


Weight: 1200 lbs


Fire Type: Effluvious Fire Burst


Special Ability: Corpse Shield


Personality: Mindless wanderer, able to Sense the


presence of an attacker, yet always being a Neutral






Screenshots, Images, and DRAGON Gallery!



"Below is a gallery of all the things I've seen or noticed within my dragon riding career, including dragons known to Berk's Archipelago, non-Archipelago dragons, as well as a few dragons I've documented in my homeland..."




Thanks for Viewing My Signature!



If anyone has any questions, concerns, or just want to know a little

more about me, then message me via SoD Forum and I'll happily

reply with a smile!


Even though School of Dragons needs MANY improvements to

gameplay... it is still a good game and the best Dragon Riding Game

for HTTYD fans to DATE!


That's all from me... Jyharri Arowdur, the rogue dragon rider. Until

we next meet...


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Same here

Yeah, this happened to me as well.

I got a Hideous Zippleback egg from a chest, which was pretty cool since I didn't yet have a Hideous Zippleback. I put it in the incubator and left the game on the 27th. I haven't had the chance to play until today, and when I logged on the egg had disappeared. However, when clicking on my character to view my list of dragons, there is an empty icon for a hideous zippleback with a randomly generated name. Clicking "visit" or "make active" doesn't do anything.


The game seems to register that I have a new dragon, however the game is glitching out because that dragon was never hatched.

I'm not too overly upset, as this wasn't a dragon I bought or anything and I can live without it, but it's frustrating because this isn't the first time that this has happened to me. When I first bought my skrill, the egg disapeared. I wasn't recompensated for it until months later when I had already bought another one (I didn't get the gems back, the egg just magically reappeared months later. And I don't really like to have doubles...yippee).


Honestly it's frustrating how glitchy SOD is. You think all these major glitches would be fixed by now. XD

I still love the game, but like I's frustrating.

Especially to those who spent real money to get these dragons that have been vanishing left and right.

I hope everyone gets their eggs back soon.



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The sad thing for me is that

The sad thing for me is that it's the Triple Styrke Egg I got from the Rise of Stormheart expansion pack! I had set it hatch like.............back in august I think and I never went back to the game after that until a few days ago. Couldn't play the game because the game was being glitchy, had to uninstall it and reinstall it over and over agian, and I only have 84 gems at the moment, I can't buy more gems, and I can't get membership right now either and a Triple Stryke Egg costs 750 Gems, so it'd be nice if the glitch was fixed and I get my Triple Stryke Egg back. I messaged Brynjolf about it and he replyed. Hopefully things are fixed soon.

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Same... I want my Screaming Death egg back!

I'm also having these missing egg issues... I PM Brynjolf about this too, and he asked for my username and in-game viking name. I hope with that he might be able to get the devs to make my egg visible, since I can see my dragon with a random generated name in my profile. Fingers crossed!






                      Forever Under Construction!! 


Username: xXNightValorXx




Proud elder of WARZONE


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Number of Friends: 35, always looking forward to making more!


Hobbies in SoD: Hanging around Training Grounds, battles, racing, flying, taking screenshots of my beautiful dragons, and hanging out with friends. You can usually find me in the Training Grounds though.


Main dragons:

NightSky- Pure black with white spots titan Sand Wraith 

Storm- Mettalic silver, royal blue and pastel green titan Razorwhip 

Amethyst- Royal purple, purplish pinkish, and magenta titan Stormcutter

WaveDancer- Light blue, purple, and pink Scauldron

AtlantisDreams- Light blue and royal blue with white tipped wings titan Flightmare

Toothless- Night Fury

PixieDust- Royal purple, light purple, and light pink Smothering Smokebreath

EverWing- Royal purple, light blueish purple, and magenta Woolly Howl


Dragons: 34



                                     By: TheSmokeyDragon   


                          Screenshots of some of my dragons!!   






                                           Art Section!!


WinterAurora by: AndreaEaston


ShadowRider by: AndreaEaston


MischievousAngel by: AndreaEaston


StormChaser dragon ballon by: AndreaEaston


EchoSong dragon ballon by: AndreaEaston


BlizzardStrike by: AndreaEaston

Sakura by: AndreaEaston

MoonAura as a baby by: Chameishida


MoonAura as an adult by: Chameishida


FlashyFlash as a baby by: Chameishida


FlashyFlash as an adult by: Chameishida



FlashyFlash as a titan by: Chameishida


StormRunner as a baby by: Chameishida


StormRunner as an adult by: Chameishida


NightValor and Nightsky by: DyliehIdol1214


Amethyst by: DyliehIdol1214


AuroraStrike by: ImDerpySheylaYT


Andromeda by: ImDerpySheylaYT


FireFlake by: ImDerpySheylaYT


NightWing by: ImDerpySheylaYT


AtlantisHope by: ImDerpySheylaYT


WinterAurora and AuroraStrike by: ImDerpySheyla


Valience by: KasaneLover


WinterChaser by: LilyStark


WinterAurora by: LissaFish


Pluvia by LissaFish




 NightSlasher by: Megaboltphoenix


NightValor and Nightsky by: RedHoodJason


WinterAurora by RedHoodJason


NightCosmo by: RedHoodJason


Inferno by: Rutvi123123


WinterAurora as a human by: ZestyDragonWing


GoldIvory by: ZestyDragonWing


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It happened to me as well !! I was incubating a Sweet Death egg and I was extremely STOCKED (mainly because I've always wanted one and needed it for a gas type dragon quest).


Then, when the twelve hours were up, IT WAS GONE. 


I really hope that the admins see this, because apparently I talked to two other Vikings and they suffered the same.


Hullo!! My name is EmeraldGemHuntress, but most people in game call me either Emerald or Gem. Whichever you want is fine with me :). I’ve been on SoD since 2016, but got my account hacked so I had to start from scratch (hence the making of this acc!!). I wanted to let you guys of a few facts about myself, without leaking much info for privacy reasons:




















































































CLANThe Light Fury Racers

CLAN POSITION: proud Leader of my TLFR family :)

DATE JOINED: January 2017

TROPHIES: +3,000 (and counting ;)


FAVOURITE DRAGON IN GAME: between Sand Wraith and Typhoomerang.



FAVOURITE HOBBIES: music, reading and writing.


FAVOURITE FOOD: (idk if this counts as food) CHOCOLATE !!

MAIN DRAGON(S) IN GAMEJackpot (Sand Wraith), Nightmare (Flightmare), Paralia (Sand Wraith), IceStrike (Snow Wraith), Thunderstorm (Skrill).


FAVOURITE PASTIME IN GAME: Flying around, adventuring, meeting up with new Vikings, TDR and battling!




I think I leaked more information that I anticipated LOL. But thank you for reading my long siggy! :)

If you want to check them out, here are all of my in-game dragons:



Stonemuncher - Gronckle (male)

Izikhali - Gronckle (female)

Gama - Eruptodon (male)

Boulder - Eruptodon (male)

Stonewild - W. Death (male)

Spineminer - W. Death (male)

Spinfire - W.Death (female)

EarthShock - G. Grounder (male)

Zeme - G. Grounder (female)

EchoSonar - Sentinel (male)

Rockfang - Snafflefang (male)

Rockblast - Hotburple (male)

Shiverfoot - Groncicle (male)

Stalactaurus - Groncicle (male)

Steinene . Groncicle (female)

Wildburst - Screaming Death (male)



FlapJack - H. Zippleback (male)

TrickSly - H. Zippleback (female)

FireKiller - Death Song (male)

Nightmare - Flightmare (male)

Metalwing - Armorwing (male)

Wobble & Trouble - S. Smokebreath (male)

Nebulah - S. Smokebreath (female)

Veil - Changewing (female)

Boneknight - Boneknapper (male)

Nalla - Boneknapper (female)

Idliso - Sweet Death (male)

Stingtail - Deathgripper (male)

Millionheat - Dramillion (male)



Frostpike - Shiverfoot (male)

Elurra - Shiverfoot (female)

Krystalla - Shiverfoot (female)

Zipline - S. Stinger (male)

Nevara - S. Stinger (female)

MistSlicer - Raincutter (male)

RipperSky - Stormcutter (male)

GoldenCloud - Stormcutter (female)

Helixwing . Stormcutter (male)

Wingclaw - Scuttleclaw (female)

MagnaBlade - Razorwhip (female)

Blindheal - Prickleboggle (male)

Grimmborn - Grim Gnasher (male)

Timberslice - Timberjack (male)



Magmus - M. Nightmare (male)

Ignia - M. Nightmare (female)

Fireshot - Hobblegrunt (male)

Stormblaze - Typhoomerang (male)

Whiplash - Singetail (male)

LavaWave - Flame Whipper (male)

Emberfly - Fireworm Queen (female)

PyreHorn - Moldruffle (male)

Sunset - Night Terror (female)

Phantasma - Silver Phantom (male)



ShadowHowler - Woolly Howl (male)

Blizzard - Woolly Howl (female)

Snowstorm - Woolly Howl (male)

ScorpionStryke - Triple Stryke (male)

Thunderstorm - Skrill (male)

Elektra - Skrill (female)

IceStrike - Snow Wraith (male)

Eira - Snow Wraith (female)



Jackpot - Sand Wraith (male)

Waverider - Sand Wraith (male)

Paralia - Sand Wraith (female)

PoisonSpring - Scauldron (male)

SeaBurst - Thunderdrum (male)

Watertail - Thunderdrum (male)

Cyclone - Sliquifier (male)



Sharpshot - D. Nadder (female)

Neospike - D. Nadder (male)

Landrake - Mudraker (male)

Tinderhull - Rumblehorn (male)

*dragons in bold are Titans !!*

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It happened to me as well !! I was incubating a Sweet Death egg and I was extremely STOCKED (mainly because I've always wanted one and needed it for a gas type dragon quest).


Then, when the twelve hours were up, IT WAS GONE. 


I really hope that the admins see this, because apparently I talked to two other Vikings and they suffered the same.

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Well guess I'm never hatching my eggs again...



By the incredible ToshiLoshi, thank you so much :D

Wonderful edits of Tsunami and my Razorwhips by nathanviking!

Thanks to HummerTruck for taking these pics of me and Tsunami!



Random stuff about me! (In real life XD)


~ I enjoy writing, drawing, guitar and reading. I love all colours, but if I had to pick one, it would be blue. My favourite book series is Wings Of Fire! (I’m obsessed XD) ~


~ My favourite Movie/T.V shows are HTTYD one and two, Race to the edge, Gravity Falls and James Cameron's Avatar. ~


~ My favourite dragons species (in no particular order) are Skrill, Scauldron, Stormcutter, Deadly Nadder, Deathsong, Slithersong, Razorwhip, Light Fury, Seashocker, Dramillion, Flightmare, Hobblegrunt, Razorwhip ~


Have some cute, baby dragons! :D


Viking stuff...


Name: Embalathedragonhatcher (Just Embala for short!)

Title: Senior Scauldron Whisperer

Clan: The Dragon Racers

Occupation: Huntress, artist, and amature healer  

Trophies: 397 (lol I need to race more often)

Member?: Not usually, but just for the next three months!

Trainer points: 134334

Stars: 2 and a half gold stars

Adventurer level: 40 something? I forgot...

Dragons: 28

Favourite activities: Flying, racing, battles, taking screenshots of my dragons, farming…

Friend code: EZCTZF Friend me!


Embala OceanHeart is a young, dragon loving viking, who currently resides in Berk. She also has a hideout on a small tropical island, where she often travels to study wild dragons. Embala taught herself the art of tracking and has quickly become become an advanced dragonologist. She bonded with her first dragon Tsunami after the scauldron rescued her from a huge tidal wave. Soon after travelling to Berk and defeating a rogue hunters ship, she rescued Volcanus. An adult male sand wraith whos sand fire had been used to fire up the hunter’s ship’s engine and make glass for the ships weapon hoard. Many more dragons were to join her team after, and more dragons are to come!



My dragons (Organised by class)

Blazewing - Male Monstrous nightmare (Brother to Duskflap)

Duskflap - Female Monstrous nightmare (Sister to Blazewing)

Embershot - Male Singetail


Geode - Male Gronckle

Amethyst - Female Gronckle

Groundsplitter - Male Whispering death

Brittlespine - Female Whispering death

Tunneltwister - Male Whispering Death

Snowberry - Female Groncicle

Lava Chaser - Male Eruptodon

Kilauea - Female Eruptodon


Lavender - Female Deadly nadder

Sharpthorns - Female Deadly nadder

Thistle - Female Deadly nadder

Rosebud - Female Deadly nadder

Porcupine - Female Deadly nadder


Fuchsia and Violet - Female Hideous zippleback

Rhythm - Female Deathsong


Tsunami - Female Scauldron (Best battle dragon)

Volcanus - Male Sand wraith (Best racing dragon)

Echo - Male Thunder drum

Lagoon - Female Thunderdrum


Skydancer - Female Razorwhip (Nickname Sky)

Sunburst - Female Stormcutter

Swordtail - Male Razorwhip


Nightshade - Female Triple stryke

Vespa - Female Triple stryke

Indigo - Female Skrill



Fanspecies/oc dragons (Not ingame)

Auklet - Female Scauldron (Daughter to Tsunami)

Prickle - Female Deathgripper

Jaguar - Female Night fury

Moonflower - Female Light fury


Heliconia - Female Plume tail (Fan species by me)

Butternut - Female Harvest hunter (Fan species by me)

Kumquat - Male Harvest hunter (Fan species by me)

Kingfisher - Male Storm tail (Fan species by Wild Vanity)

Cuckoo - Female Gluespit (Fan species by Chameishida)

Quartz - Female Crystalize (Fan species by ImDerpySheylaYT)

Tinsel - Female Cristmas wreath (Fan species by AndreaEaston)




Photobombed by a yodeling eruptodon XD

Exploring the forgotten dragon nest (spooky!)

Unlocking the secrets of the dragon eye...

Indigo exploring the majesty of the mountains

Baby Sunburst and Lavachaser (Idk what else to put lol)



Welcome to the Art Corner!

Big thanks to all the artists who made me the fantastic art below :D

Secret Santa gift by RedHoodJason, thanks so much and Merry Christmas!


My first ever dragon ingame, Volcanus, by LissaFish!


Tinsel the Christmas Wreath by AndreaEaston!


Awesome pic by RedHoodJason! (Just had to put this here again!)

This adorable derpy edit of Tsunami and Embala is by X Katerina Pettrova X

My nadders, Lavender and sharpthorns by the absolutely amazing Mistyshadowz!

Credit to Zikta for this beautiful portrayl of my viking Embala!

Kingfisher the Stormtail by Wildvanity!


Tsunami the Scauldron and Prickle the Deathgripper both done by ImDerpySheylaYT!

Thankyou to Chameishida for Cuckoo the Gluespit, in adult and titan form!


Jadetalon the Jewel Spinner by DyliehIdol1214! Thankyou so much!

Quartz the Crystalize by ImDerpySheylaYT! (Seriously, your art is awesome!)

It's Prickle again! Credit goes to Andrea Easton for this amazing drawing!

Sharpthorns by Purple Holking! (Aka The Blobfish Queen!)

Jaguar the Night fury by LisaFish!





(And don't return!)


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disappearing eggs

I have now lost the last 3 eggs that have been put up to hatch  Wheres the fix and how do we get our eggs back

Joined: 07/04/2015
disappearing eggs

I have now lost the last 3 eggs that have been put up to hatch  Wheres the fix and how do we get our eggs back

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Mobile STRIKES again!

It would seem this is a problem ( HUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!) I hatched a skrill,watched it though the night, and on December 2 at 5:00 AM Storm Eye the Skrill ( Male) was born , a bit skitish , but healthy . The worst thing wrong with him is an agresion problem towards my Monsterous Night mare.


i hatched him on mobile with no problems.


love from XxxDarkElfxxxXTheReaper ( the "gods" hate me XD I was a nooby okay?)


Siggy is a WIP.

Age: .. okkkaaayy I don't know why you would want to know....creepy.

gender: she.

fav color: grey,black,red,some blues.

fav dragon: stormcutter\timberjack\skrill\raincutter\windwalker\silverphantom\bone knapper. Not in that exact order.

animals in real life: not quite enough horses, 5 cats... And numerous critters in the woods about me.

hobbys: painting , digital art, horseback riding ( do you even bareback?) Imma lonley bean, reading, spray painting , sketching (one day I will create an Etsy account).

dreams: I hope to one dday train horses for a living.

Devaintart user: pipthedarklord


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Deathsong ate the subject. Run!!

Try on mobile. I heard the eggs don't disappear when you hatch them there. Maybe start putting an egg in the stable on mobile and then hatch it on mobile.



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The Great Egg Hunt

Brynjolf is aware of the issue. I reported it several days ago.

The issue is with the PC update of the game. The IOS version (and probably the Android) works. I had two eggs disappear on my desktop version, so I loaded the game onto my iPad and when I checked in, the first egg was ready to hatch. I put it in the stable, visited a stable and when I went back, the second one was there, so no lost dragons.

I now use the IOS version of the game to hatch and stable my baby dragons until the team fixes the issue. I still use the desktop version for everything else. I prefer a 29' screen to play the game instead of the tiny mobile screens.


Act my age? I'm too young to be THAT old!


Viking: Patjade

Friend code: AP6N4S

Win10/Stand-alone/Windows App/iPad (I Switch between them) *BRING BACK THE BROWSER APP!*


Insani Clan - Creator (hopefully Leader again) You don't have to be crazy to join, but it helps! We're what you get when Berserkers go over the edge.


Dragons (got overrun, too many to list):

Deadly Nadder - Plessi, Natalie

Whispering Death - Drillbit

Skrill - Taela

Flightmare - Corynne

Smothering Smokebreath - Myst

Typhoomerang - StormLash

Boneknapper - Striker

Gronkle - Spuds, Tater

Hotburple - Spitfire

Hideous Zippleback - Yinanyang

Monstrous Nightmare - Fyresyne, Fangnessa

Thunderdrum - Tsunami

Stormcutter - Vorticity

Snafflefang - Geodetta

Raincutter - Squall

Rumblehorn - Thundarra

Scauldron - Teapot, Kettle

Changewing - Phlyngwyng

Fireworm Queen - Glowwyrm

Screaming Death - Hammerdrill

Tide Glider - SeaSpray

Hobblegrunt - Ridgette

Scuttleclaw - Fleetwing

Sand Wraith - SaharaWind

Groncicle - Frostbyte, Icedagger, Eycebyrg

Shivertooth - Arctic Wind

Shockjaw - Fuse Breaker

Sweet Death - Honeybear

Woolly Howl - Wolfbane

Mudraker - Fungusamungus

Speed Stinger - Fastndeadly

Grapple Grounder - Grabngo

Moldruffle - Imafungi

Snow Wraith - Blizzard Breath

Razorwhip - Whipslash

Sliquifier - SlipnSlide

Deathsong - Cantor Mortis

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God! I must try that now.

God! I must try that now. Thanks!




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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE INFO! I NOW HAVE MY NEW FEMALE TRIPLE STRYKE NAMED "Poisonmiss" Poison-miss...the dragons's a female...YOU GET THE POINT! Anyways, thanks for the help!

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Glad to hear some players are

Glad to hear some players are finding their eggs when they use mobile. Good news for players, and the news might make it easier for SOD to determine the needed fix for this specfic PC glitch. Of course, I might be guessing; but I hope it might simplify finding the problem on the PC Update. Fingers crossed and prayer rising heavenward.


I use PC desktop, so I will be waiting till glitch is fixed to hatch new babies.


I have plenty of dragons to level up for different Stable Quests, and others to take through Dragon Tactics training, so I will stay busy. 


 Lace Firewind, Player Name; CoalBright, ID name


 View of New Berk 


 View of New Berk from above  


Hidden World



                                                                  Hidden World with Rainstorm

 Lace Firewind, Player Name; CoalBright, ID name

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I have a Scuttleclaw egg (my very first of this species) that's been effected by this glitch. Unfortunatly, I don't have a mobile phone, so I have to use an emulator.  Still trying to download the game atm on that. I feel sorry for those who are unable to use a phone or emulator to work around this bug.


! ! ! !                   ! ! ! !

! ! ! !                   ! ! ! !



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Deniz- male Titan Scauldron (50)

Halvard- male Titan Whispering Death (50) ll Terra- female Adult Whispering Death (32) ll Azibo- male Adult Whispering Death (14) ll Rosey- female Adult Whispering Death (12)

Glacia- female Adult Groncicle (40) ll Icelee- male Adult Groncicle (34) ll Frostbite- female Adult Groncicle (16) ll Iceland- male Adult Groncicle (13)

Hagedorn- male Titan Deadly Nadder (50) ll Tuija- female Adult Deadly Nadder (18) ll Eiche- male Adult Deadly Nadder (13) ll
Buckthorn- female Adult Deady Nadder (10)

Rain and Cloud- female Titan Hideous Zippleback (42) ll Thump and Wallop- male Adult Hideous Zippleback (18) ll Twist and Turn- female Adult Hideous Zippleback (13) ll Snare and Trap- male Adult Hideous Zippleback (13)

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Toothless (3-month skin) (50)

Hestia- female Adult Singetail  (32)

Corentine- female Adult Typhoomerang (31)

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Nereus- male Adult Tide Glider (35) ll Tethys- female Adult Tide Glider (21)

Algar- male Adult Armorwing (17)

Sigrdrifa- female Adult Deathsong (50)

Lagi- male Titan Razorwhip (33)

Flugurite- female Adult Skrill (35)

Taima- female Adult Thunderdrum (32) ll Donar- male Adult Thunderdrum (10) ll Esen- female Baby Thunderdrum (1)

Morana- female Titan Boneknapper (39) ll Undertaker- male Baby Boneknapper (3)

Hoshi- female Adult Flightmare (29) ll Toshi- male Adult Flightmare (15)

Datura- female Adult Flame Whipper (28)

Yamanu- male Adult Changwing (21)

Elysia- female Adult Shockjaw (28)

Oseye- male Adult Hobblegrunt (27)

Sana- female Adult Fireworm Queen (13)
Beowulf- male Adult  Sweet Death (12)
Gavina- female Adult Smothering Smokebreath (12)

Horus- male Adult Sand Wraith (19) ll Bast- female Adult Sand Wraith (10)
Elfriede- female Adult Scuttleclaw (10)

Vilhelm- male Adult Triple Stryke (10) ll Alfdis- female Adult Triple Stryke (10)

Gerda- female Adult Elder Sentinel (9)

Cahal- male Adult Raincutter (10) ll Yanyu- female Teen Raincutter (5)
Light Fury (7)
Thanatos- male Adult Deathgripper (8)

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What is an emulator?  And,

What is an emulator?  And, what does it do?

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An emulator is used as a sort of simulation on the computer. There's emulators for the Android, which allows you to play apps you otherwise couldn't, like you have no room on your own phone or don't have a phone period. Since the only way around this egg bug atm is to use the SoD mobile version, I used an emulator to download and play the app to hatch my Scuttleclaw egg, since eggs disappear on the PC version of SoD.

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OK, I understand what you are

OK, I understand what you are doing, now. I play on a Windows 10, Desktop PC. So would an emulator work on my PC? Is there certain type of emulator I need to use? Sorry, I'm not that knowledgeable about the technical side of computers, especially in using apps; member of the baby boomer generation. . . XD 


P.S. I have an XBOX account, but don't use it except for word games. Would I be able to find and use an emulator from this account on my PC?