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Ok I have 2 suggestions for SOD. First of all theres the egg problem. We should be able to feed our dragons eggs especially that the spring is coming. Also by not using the eggs as food I find myself spending less time in my farm, losing interest in it and most of the time is spent fishing. Less time in the farm is less purchases for the farm.

Second suggestion is farm gifts. When a member goes visiting somebody else's farm there should be an option to leave or give the farmer a gift (clothes, helmets, seeds and so on). This would be great especially during the holidays. I think these ideas would generate more money for SOD. Which they could use to fix all these cliches.


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Gifts, gifts... I loved your

Gifts, gifts... I loved your idea! 




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i'm in

Love the idea and i hope they fix the gliches fast ,realy fast 

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No translation -.-

This ↓ don't have translation :) 

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the egg thing is super

the egg thing is super annoying, especially it being the midle of the tournament. i had a whole bunch of eggs and now i cant use them. the gift idea is great, they should implement it. many people have mentioned it but still its never happened.


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I really want them to put the gift feature in the game ><

I've met so many cool people and I have no idea how to repay XD

And they really should fix the egg problem for other players though I only feed my dragon salmon.


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Gifts is cool

Your ideas are great.  It would be awesome if they would do this.  


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Eggs are back

The eggs are back.   We have our easter eggs back to feed our dragons.  Our eggs are back in our feeding baskets.  

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good to know

Its good to know we can feed eggs again thanks for sharing Storm 

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Yep, I've been able to feed eggs again too.  Glad they fixed this!


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This has been fixed...

Thanks for checking back into the game. To confirm, the eggs have been added back as one of the options you have for feeding your dragon. If you have any other issues with this feature, just let us know!