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Well, I just found out about a new PERMANENT forum feature: Not being able to edit posts.


Siren (SoD admin):

"Hi 3angels6225, unfortunately there is no option for users to be able to edit their posts. We implemented this to reduce the spamming on our forum.. We hope you understand that this is a permanent fixture on the forum. "


source: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/trouble-editing-posts-admins-plz-read


My main reasons for editing posts:

Clan pages

art threads

rp threads

voting threads

story pages

typo's, spelling errors, moving topics


I'd honestly rather have spamming then to not edit my pages.



All who want to keep the ability to edit their own threads, please say so!

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   Personality: Loving and caring



Age: 23

  Relationship Status: Married to Shadow

  Personality: Very competitive, a great warrior, uses brawn before brain in battle, but uses great battle tactics.

  Other: Spends most of the time in the training arena. Got expelled from school for murder.

Main Dragon: Comet

   Species: Monstrous Nightmare

   Personality: Stubborn, loves training.




Age: 19

  Relationship Status: Widow - Tragically lost her love

  Personality: Athletic, loving, caring, stands up for her friends always. Takes the lead, but is polite and respectful to others

  Other: Adopted by the Sorethon’s after her parents died. At that time Ashley was best friends with Rashel, and thought of the Sorethon’s of her “second family"

Main Dragon: Megan

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Loves speed flying and chicken eggs. Leader of Ashley’s dragons. Married to Sharpflame with 3 kids



Rashel (My Main Viking)

Age: 19

  Personality:  Loves and cares for everyone, very cheerful, loves art, a bit cautious, but loves exploring,

  Other: Job:  Crafts/Invents furniture and other housefly items

Main Dragon: Ultra Violet

   Species: Night Fury

   Personality: Loves to help, always at Rashel’s side. Not picky or stubborn, and has a great sense of humor and love



  Age: 12

  Personality: Loves to explore, draw, and hang out with friends.

Main Dragon: Mya

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Loves to have fun, and pretty protective of anyone that encounters Viky. Of coarse, with the exception of her friends.



  Age: 9

  Personality: Loves to map and create charts of the ocean. Can be a troublemaker at times.

  Other: Her parent’s were killed in a Dagur ambush, and was adopted by the Sorethons

Main Dragon: Anna

   Species: Thunderdrum

   Personality: Loves flying, never wants to touch the ground.



Age: 36

  Relationship Status:  Married - Married to Kate

  Personality: Very stubborn and strict, expects everyone to put forth their best

  Other: Is next in line to rule over the Sorethon Clan

Main Dragon: Der & Rick 

   Species: Zippleback

   Personality: Stubborn but a hard worker if they put their minds together




  Age: 34

  Relationship Status: Married -  Married to Samuel

  Personality: After she lost one of her twins daughters, she dedicated her life to the practice of healing

  Other: Head Healer of Sorethon dragons and vikings 

Main Dragon: Ericka

   Species: Hobblegrunt

   Personality: Helps everyone and loves everyone




  Age: 14

  Relationship Status:  Currently dating a recently found, long lost best friend, Iris Kayline

  Personality: Sensitive, loves to sketch and spend time outside in the woods, doesn’t try in school, and is a bit lazy

  Other: Spends a lot of time with Iris at the Isle of Night

Main Dragon: Dalin

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Lazy, but very alert and protective when it comes to caring for Kent



  Age: 12

  Personality: Born for pranking. Takes part in the Trouble Makers Clan, makes a great team with her twin sister.

  Other: Found her thought to be dead, twin sister and her chagewing, they got together and saw how great of a team they are. But Maybelle wanted to stay away from Berk, and stay back with her Changewing pack. 

Main Dragon: Kora

   Species: Thunderdrum 

   Personality: Really quiet and agile for a thunderdrum. Really good at pulling away Maybel from the scene of action.



  Age: 12

  Personality: Was very sick at birth, and was stolen by a Changewing, leaving everyone to think she died at birth. She was found by her twin Maybel and together makes great pranks. Only a few people know she’s alive. 

  Other: Lives on a classified island with the Changewings that raised her, stays invisible in Berk, never being seen, but in the few cases she has, she looks just like her twin.

Main Dragon: Marissa

   Species: Changewing

   Personality: Very caring, knew what was wrong with baby Maybelle and took her and raised her as her own.




  Age: 8

  Personality: Wants to be a grown up, tries her best to prove herself.

Main Dragon: Zac

   Species: Gronckle

   Personality: loves to play and explore with Maggie



  Age: 15

  Personality: Happy and outgoing, spends all her time exploring with her one and only adorable Nadder.

Main Dragon: Wyler

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Extremely adorable behavior, loves and obsesses over shiny things, the only way to draw him away is with brown trout. 


  Age: 13

  Personality: Dark and violent. Loves spending time in Whispering Death Tunnels. Prefers to be alone.

  Other: Very good at training Whispering Deaths

Main Dragon: Viper

   Species: Whispering Death   Personality: Stays and protects Sage


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I love edit photos!!! So yes

I love edit photos!!! So yes I want to keep the ability to edit photos!



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Hm. Wouldn't being able to


Wouldn't being able to edit REDUCE spam, because there would be less need to create new posts to keep your information current and visible?

Being able to edit is a pretty essential forum feature...


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My thoughts exactly!

My thoughts exactly!


t1CK t0ck 8r8k H34DS honk HONK



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I don't understand that too. How is this going to help reduce spam? Somebody...explanation?



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- Insert Title Here -

I know! Plus, when someone puts something in say General Announcements when it's supposed to be in General Discussion they can't move it!




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JDaisy wrote:


Wouldn't being able to edit REDUCE spam, because there would be less need to create new posts to keep your information current and visible?

Being able to edit is a pretty essential forum feature...


When a petsim I go on every now and then implemented the edit option to their forums, communications became cleaner.


forget flipping the table

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but never forget the reverse




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gronkle latinum,

deal with it

Sixth is a male Thunderdrum named Enabran.


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I completely agree. Spam vs

I completely agree. Spam vs being forced to create new threads ALL THE TIME to update clan pages... I'll take the spam! Clan pages would, in and of themselves, become spam if this really is true!


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Please give us the edit button back! 




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Amazing gif by Nessie

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This is so difficult for

This is so difficult for people who love making roleplays like me we cant say if the roleplay is closed and if you want to add something to a post you have to make a WHOLE NOTHER POST I mean its just annoying.....


Let's get right to buisness, with...

My Dragon Cave



"Are you, are you.

Coming to the tree

Where they stung up a man, they say he murdered three

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree.


Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Where the dead man called out for his love to flee

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree


Are you, are you

coming to the tree

Where I told you to run, so we'd both be free

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree


Are you, are you

coming to the tree

Wear a necklace of rope, side by side with me

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree"

When a math quiz is announced.

And then I get the paper back and I'm all like.

And my friends are all like

And the teacher's all like



Since the first three of these seven dragons have been stolen, I'm leaving Anduril (Drawn by The Ecliptic Eight) to watch them.

Natt Mord the Hypnotic Night Catcher adopted from Golden Scarlet. I wrote my butt of trying to adopt this, so there will be salt if this get's stolen.

Same for Advarsel. Except she's an Ominous Storm Rider, still from Golden Scarlet. Again, if she get's stolen, it will be Saltageddon 2015.

Vindfjaer by Goldenfury360! PS. It's a Windsong ;)

Simon the Screeching Hunchback by Chameishida! He's so adorably deadly, ain't he?

Canopy the Spacial Beauty adopted from KrazyKira. His nickname is the Einstein dragon.

Aang the Legendary Air Jabberjaw adopted from The Ecliptic Eight. Wow that's a mouthful!

 Sirius the Star Fury adopted from goldfish50!

 Electrifier spore-ized, made by BeaReptileLover!

Don't Eat My Back/Yellow Snow/ Sub-Zero adopted from Iron Man 2000! And I bet you can guess where I got all those names from!

 Darude the Paranoid Sandskritter made by NightmareRebuff



You made it to the end! You get a cake!






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yea no hate on the admins

no hate on the admins there awesome people but this was a bad idea because you cant delete posts either

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10/10 best service ever. They also make great lighting 



8/10 I thought their service was awesome! Then again I'm a berserker so maybe I just liked seeing the skrill

although it did try to eat my cat...and my friends...and anyone who made eye contact



Skrill electrician's are the best! I called them over to Mildew's house a few days ago after he complained about customer service, they fixed every single one of the problems over there! The old man's quieter, sleeping quite peacefully, and he never complains about anything now! Absolutely wonderful job for the price! 10/10 Skrill electricians will really bring you an electrifying solution!


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but these electrician are perfect.
I'm not really sure what an electrician is or what they do, and my own Skrill doesn't either, so we sent Terror Mail to the Electrician Skrill, seeing as it's a highly recommended service. Only took two days to get here, which is speedy for customer service lately, and set right to work. The charred and blasted walls make my hut look a lot nicer than it did before, and the big storm caused by the electrician got rid of all my unfriendly neighbors. And, oddly enough, it seems that my own Skrill has been blessed with children only a few weeks after the electrician's visit. All in all, definitely a great service!
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I don't remember calling one but he did come.

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I got a bonus too!! Mildew is now too scared to call my dragon stupid again so that's a plus! Thank you skrill electritian!!




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PM me your review if it makes me laugh i will copy paste it in here


being a nurse can be very stressful

.....when you don't have fingers

this isnt mine, as we all know

spinning chairs is a very important part of making that mod API!

oh gogle search results, how you entertain me!

this awesome picture of my flying speed stinger by Ren Roar


63002 - 4chan Discord Hubble




my main oc moonstorm

template by http://Xbox-DS-Gameboy



Abyss, I like the color black, it looks pretty, your arguement is invalid

SAND WRAITH adopted from Midnight

Nightstorm my super pretty dragon, with my favorite color scheme and STARS, his style is absolutely perfect for my tastes!

adopted from Flyleaf Homes



and best for last


this is the best gift anyone online has ever given me 

THANKYOU ORCAWAVE THANKYOU SO MUCH, your awesome drawing gets the place of honor 


its a awesome drawing of my first fan dragon the toxic trench stinger 




man the humor in that ad for skrills kinda juvinile...oh well its too signature for me to remove sooooo WHATHEVES!

anyway whats wrong with a little juvinile humor for the ad anyway!

the reviews seem to like it! so it stays!

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Say goodbye to fixing typos.


I mean, this is probably the most stupid thing I have ever seen on a forum. I might leave because of it.


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Echo ~ Male ~ Thunderdrum 

Aurora ~ Female ~ Flightmare 

Reptar ~ Male ~ Hobblegrunt 

Haze ~ Male ~ Smothering Smokebreath

Mikasa ~ Female ~ Typhoomerang

Necromancer ~ Male ~ Boneknapper

Omega ~ Male ~ Stormcutter

Snoot ~ Male ~ Speed Stinger

Elliott ~ Male ~ Sand Wraith

Clan: Dragos Army

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Jennifer Fire
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I totally agree! this is

I totally agree! this is dumb!

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Yeah, bring it back please,

Yeah, bring it back please, this will just cause even more spam! I'm incharge of an RP and need to edit the main post. Also MY ART THREAD NOOOO!

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Diamond Racer
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I completely agree! I can't

I completely agree! I can't edit my art thread to add my latest art to it. :/

And I also have a problem with thinking of better wording just after I have hit the send button, or I suddenly notice really bad typos that I have made, and it is too late to do anything because I have already sent it. :/


I am the founder of Diamond Storm but have now stepped down from leadership.

Artemiaz is the new leader. :)




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{I have been playing SoD for 1 year from 12/12/2014}


Took part in the Race To Dawn Tournament with the wonderful Phantom Lords! :)




{Diamond Racer Artwork made by me} 


{Anti hacking banners wonderfully made by Nessie!}


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Position in clan: Leader

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{Smoke dragon art created by Nessie!}

V My dragons V


{Credit for this amazing collage goes to Skyler Smile!}






{Absolutely amazing photo edits by NightFuryLover!}


{Absolutely amazing Hobblegrunt Banner and Nadder bouncy (above) by Rae Didgeridoo!}


{Smokey banner made by me}


{credit for this fantastic whispering death signature goes to Asvald Veleif!}


{Amazing Smokebreath and Whispering Death bouncies briliantly done by Hattori!}


{Diamond Storm banner made by me}



{Diamond Storm emblems made by me} {This really cool Diamond Storm GIF was made by Meen}


Gift from The Phantom Lords! :)

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Very disappointed in this

Very disappointed in this game right now. All I can say is Facebook, twitter, blogs and so on. Voice your displeasure loud


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agree i need to edit mine topics 



im from anti hacking team!












dont worry toothless :)

leave him alone :-)





my oc nightfury : ( still think in a name )






mad by the best : defy



















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Hey everyone! Big John is comin'!

How does being unable to edit posts make it harder to spam the forum? I would really like the ability to edit my posts back.


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Main Dragon Type: Changewing


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If you are curious to hear who/what Big John is read the story at this link http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/big-john


A list of fun game threads that I have joined or plan on joining:


















My favorite quotes are these:


"When you're starving, you become sad. And when you're sad, you become hungry." ― Wendell


"A planned life is a closed life, it can be endured, but it cannot be lived." ― Hsien Chang of Yang Cheng from the movie "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness"


Things I feel are important to remember:


"It is important to be an immovable wall against bullying, but one should be careful that they don't become the bullier."


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No one wants to wade through

No one wants to wade through the messages of a thread to see if an update to the original has been posted, specifically in the clan threads where you are looking through many pages of messages in the hopes that you'll find the ONE that says "recruiting is open/closed" or an update to the original post---maybe lowered requirements, etc.

If they can't edit that, then EVERY time a clan needs to update their recruitment status, or requirements, without editing, they'll have two options:

The first option is that the original poster will have to repeat themselves 100x for those who don't feel like wading through multiple pages of responses and looking for that one post, or who CAN'T do it well because they're on mobile.  Those people will be fielding "are you recruiting?" messages all day long and that will get annoying, which will lead to utilization of the next option...

The second option is to create a new thread for your recruitment (or whatever else you are doing) every time you change something, put a date in the title, and create a new thread for each open/closed recruiting, policy change, etc.  Which would create a LOT of additional posts, as the more active clans strive to keep their information easily accessible.
I've been moderating and running forums sites for 13 years, some of them with larger communities than even SoD, and while I understand the need to do what you can do help avoid spamming, this seems counterintuitive to that goal.  With the forums being the only real way to communicate with other players, the added hassle of creating new threads or wading through the others will have a detrimental effect on the social aspect of the game.

Other suggestions to combat spamming (I'll post these in suggestions forums as well:

  • Limit on how many new threads can be started by an individual within a given time period-like, 1-2 threads an hour.  Most people don't need to create multiple new threads at once.
  • Don't let new forum accounts start new threads for x amount of hours after creation (but allow them to reply immediately, since most people do not set up their forum accounts to create a new thread but to respond to existing threads).   
  • Create some sort of strike system for accounts-if that account has been marked for spamming, initiate a 3 strikes rule before the account is banned from the forums.  It doesn't stop the problem of new forum accounts being made, but the other checks would help curb the spamming.

    **PLEASE don't take away the ability to edit our posts and fix our typos and keep our information up to date and readily accessible to viewers.

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^and being able to edit as

^and being able to edit as long as no one has posted after you or replied doesn't count!

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I dont think the three

I dont think the three strikes is the best........ cause sometimes I click the save button and it makes multiple posts when i dont remember saving multiple times :(

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WHAT!? NO! Editing my posts is crucial to me. Having typos is one of my pet peeves, and I only seem to find them after I hit send. This is going to drive me nuts. I like adding things in too, like I just did now, with this! :D


I also have this really weird pet peeve about my Skrill and I keep being unhappy with the colors and changing them. I have problems.


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(No Subject)

Yeah, I have and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Aswell; I need to have proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. So I literally freak out if I post something with a mistake, and can't fix it.


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Editing posts is an essential

Editing posts is an essential feature.  Without it, more spam will be created because people can't edit posts to fix typos and edit topics.


This means people will have to make additional posts to correct their previous posts.


And sometimes, lazy people don't bother to read entire threads and read just the first post. If the first post isn't current and up to date, then those who read just the first post could mistakenly sign up for a closed roleplay, or request art from someone who's not accepting requests any longer, or try to join a closed clan, etc.


I know I'll really miss this feature. =( I'm always making typos, and I'll be embarrassed if I can't fix them.


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-Insert subject here-

I appreciate how the admins are trying to make SoD a better place and reduce spam, but I'm not quite sure how not being able to edit will help. :( I definitely think that we should be able to edit our posts.



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This is the dumbest thing

This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. How does not being able to edit reduce spam? And now clan, art, fanfiction, RP etc. threads are going to have a MAJOR problem.


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I am against this as well.

I am against this as well. You won't reduce spam by making us unable to edit. And punishing the other members who do right isn't the right way to do anything. It'll probably create even more spam since users will need to repost to edit. Here are some other solutions:


  • Make a post limit (4 per hour for new accounts)
  • Assign forum moderators
  • Make new posts need to be approved.


This is seriously not the way to do it. I'll be messaging on the FB wall as well, since the opinions there seem to make the most difference.

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I completely agree!

I completely agree! This new feature is outrageous! Honestly, I don't see how being unable to edit our exisiting posts will reduce spam, but rather increase it, as it forces players to create new posts and topics. One of my top pet peeves is also typos, as previously mentioned by another player, and I never seem to notice them until I submit my reply. To add to the growing frustration, this also creates many difficult situations for players who are responsible for maintaining a clan page, role play, or art thread. Overall, I believe that this new feature is unnecessary, and is not going to reduce the amount of spam posted on the School of Dragons forum.







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Please, Admins, Save the

Please, Admins, Save the forums by giving us back editing..

Sirenemoon (not verified)
How in the world does....

How in the world does being able to edit a post reduce spam?

I LOVED the edit feature.  I could fix my typos (very handy when you are trying to type something half asleep, lol), could go back in to say I made a mistake and don't need something from the post I had made, etc.  

I'm sorry, but this is not a good decision.  I know they are doing their best to help, but edit is a necessary, key feature of these forums.  All this is going to do is create MORE posts.

Please SOD, there is a lot that needs fixing on this game, but the ability to edit posts on the forum is NOT one of them.  Don't fix that which is not broken.



edit: See, I just had to come back to this post to re-word something I had written.  I would have had to make a whole new post to fix my message if I hadn't had access to the edit button. 

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Editing is a must

Any good writer knows the crucial importance of editing.  Especially if I have an additional thought or agree with a replier, it actually reduces the length of threads if you can continue adding to your thoughts without having to reply and reply and reply to different posts.  Talk about reducing spam and redundant posts.  Please don't get rid of editing!


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*Psst... What is a subject?*

Okay... Let me get this straight. Somehow, letting me NOT edit my posts will reduce spam? I don't think so.
Did any of you guys stop to think that maybe they're not doing this to "reduce spam"? That there's another reason?




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We need the edit button back! >:(


How are people supposed to edit their artp ages? Just make new ones? 

How are clans supposed to edit clan pages? Just make a dozen new ones?!


If anything this will add to the spam. Insted of maintaining a single clan page, we will have to create a dozen more!

I'd rather have spam >.<


Please give us the edit button back! Admins please listen!

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What? Noooo. Put it back :( I make typos almost every post. And i edit my pictures too. 



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Oh, look the spam is

Oh, look the spam is back.


Great job removing the edit button, it really helps.

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Lol, the spammer is on our side. 



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And he/she came just in time for the protest XD

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Admins, Wrong Think Wrong Way

Admins, Wrong Think Wrong Way




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%100 with you on this. Changing this feature was a bad choice.


I believe it adds to spam. Now we have to make 20 Clan pages since it constantly requires changing

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Insted of editing a clan page I'm just gonan make a new one everytime we have an update. 


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That is the only option

That is the only option

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do Vikings eat spam?

Please bring back the edit button

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I see what you did there XD 


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Has anybody sent a Pm to the admin about this? If not I'm going to :p

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I have... they responded with

I have... they responded with "Thank you for sharing your input."

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Yes this is a very stupid

Yes this is a very stupid idea.  Removing the Edit button will only add to the spam, because now I have to make a million art threads instead of just one.  Also every Clan has to make a new thread every time their status changes--which is constantly.  Quite frankly this doesn't make a lick of sense in part of the admins.  How exactly is this preventing spam?  And is spam really that much of a problem on these forums?  Well it's going to be now that the Edit button is gone, that's for sure.




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Removing the edit button

Removing the edit button almost makes these boards unusable for active clan, art, and RP boards. All modern forums should have the edit functionality. I'm afraid everyone may start reaching out to other sites or a fan site forum in order to even continue properly communicating. And that takes away from us players being active and in direct contact with the admins.



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-Ginger Clancy Now, how does

-Ginger Clancy

Now, how does editing posts let people spam?


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