Ecliptic's Night Fury Adoptables! :P

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These are some simple Night Fury adoptables I'll be doing. All of the poses, believe it or not, come from Pikachu poses in both the show and Super Smash Bros media. Here are the five poses I will start out with. These Toothless ones are free for everyone to use, but I must be credited upon usage. (You don't need to ask since I already gave the OK.)





1) This is my adoption and my adoptables, so I choose how everything goes (Form requirements mainly)

2) Each adoptable may have different requirements than another, so pay attention

3) Other than the Toothless blinkies like the ones above, NO ADOPTABLES ARE TO BE USED. PERIOD.

4) First come, first serve

5) Be polite to everyone, and maintain appropriate behavior.

6) Don't bug me if I don't get adoptables out quickly, as they take time and I still have other things to do IRL.

7) I must be credited when placing adoptables in signatures

8) After adopting a Fury, PLEASE ask me before you use it anywhere other than the SoD Forum

9) No complaining and whatevs. Don't like it, then leave.

And ultimately.....


I can't stress this one enough


I guess that's it! Please refrain from replying to this topic until I get all DNR posts up. Give me a few minutes. ^.^



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YouTube: Ecliptic Animations

Deviantart: EclipticAnimations

Twitter: @EclipticArtist






Credits (Top to Bottom; Left to Right)

Skylo by Krazykira24

Dragon Moon by DuskDaybreak

Alpha Starlight by puppyllover

Pixelated Shadowstriker by Twistedclaw

Twilight and Starlight by Pixel

Hylari by Chameishida

ZipZap by toothlesnightfury

Dragon Moon by Kimbenoso

Violetta by WolfLight

Pikachu Edits by nightfuryatom4

Epic Shadowstriker Edit by WolfLight (THANKS SO MUCH!!! OwO)

Shadowstriker by puppyllover

Melorita by mesaprncss & Xbox-DS-Gameboy

Lullaby by Stiger23

Sonata & Rhapsody by NightmareRebuff

Malderra by Inthetardis

Echo by goldenfury360


A HUGE thanks to everyone that I have received edits, adoptables, etc. from! You are all amazing!!!!

(If I didn't include something you gave me, let me know. I have a lot of topics to go through to get these.)


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DO NOT REPLY - The Basic Batch


I AM NO LONGER DOING THIS THREAD! I haven't made these in forever and frankly, I don't wish to do them anymore atm. I kinda just want to get rid of these last two, so if you want them, just pm me and I'll give them to you straight away with no requirements to meet. First come, first serve!


1) Forest adopted by Violetta Rosemary




3) Aurum adopted by HollyLovePl


4) Nuclear adopted by ShiroKageFox


5) Wolf adopted by Wraithskrill


6) Raider adopted by Wutend Bonfire


7) RedFox adopted by SingingRedFox




9) Fireball adpopted by Mcrour


10) StarrySkies (Starry) adopted by Lululu6161


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DO NOT REPLY - Unknown Batch


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DO NOT REPLY - Unknown Batch


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DO NOT REPLY - Unknown Batch


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DO NOT REPLY - Unknown Batch


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DO NOT REPLY - Unknown Batch


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DO NOT REPLY - Unknown Batch


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There we go! You may now reply. Let the adoptions begin! ^.^/

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Save 4 please! Thank you so much.


Oh! I didn’t see you there. Welcome to my signature!

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My favorite dragons are Skrills, Slithersongs, Sand Wraiths, and Gronckles.


My favorite class is the strike class, and I love intellegent dragons the most. My second favorite class is the boulder class, because I love a dragon with a warm heart.


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Beni with RedSand


Lives for justice, a soldier at heart, strong, and kind

13 years old

(Beni and Redsand drawn by me.)


Code: E6GKU4




Balefire with Eira and Nuclear


Sweet, kindhearted, artistic, and quiet

30 years old

(Balefire and Eira, by the talented Arrowalker. Thank you so much!)

(Drawn by the ever so festive redhoodjason7, thank you!)

(Nuclear adopted from the unique Ecliptic. Thank you so much!)


Code: EDEXF2




Hey! Look at you! You made it to the end. Good work. You deserve a thumbs up.

Now have a fine day!

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Sorry, but I won't do

Sorry, but I won't do reservations

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Save spot for number 4 pls


(Edit- I meant four, sorry!)




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Sorry, but I won't do

Sorry, but I won't do reservations

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Name: Nuclear

Gender: Male

Personality: He's outgoing and silly. He loves to hang out in the forest and he's very verbal to those he loves. He's loyal and gentle, and doesnt like to kill when possible. Although, he is very intelligent and knows how to outthink any hunters when he's in the forest. He's very clever and is great with deception. Although, he is overconfident and anyone can use that against him.

Short backstory: Nuclear was born on an island full of night furies. He had strange markings since birth and was usually teased for it. His mother took care of him, holding him close to her heart. When he grew older, he was still optimistic to the other night furies, even after being tormented. He eventually left the island with his mother, to look for his father that went missing. They both found themselves at an island full of hunters. Nuclear was still a young night fury and knew he couldn't take on anyone. His mother knew this, and turned away from the island. But it was too late, the hunters saw her. They sent a net up, and in order to save Nuclear, she pushed him forward, getting captured by the net. She insisted him to leave and get help, and he listened, flying off to find anyone to help. Days, he searched, and still saw no one. He was sure his mother was dead or sold by now, and he felt it was all his fault. He found an island and landed to rest. He saw a girl with the lightest blonde hair and watched her with curiosity. He followed her as she flew around on her gronckle, laughing as if she had no regrets in her life. He admired this girl and eventually, he approached her. She was afraid, he smelled it, but she didn't show it. She held out her hand towards him, a fish she recently caught in it. He sniffed the fish and took it hesitantly. He looks to her with big eyes, begging for more. She laughed and fished for him more. Eventually, he allowed her to ride him, and he immediately flew to the hunter island. She was confused but complied. He saw many cages, but the scent of his mother is long gone. Sadly, he turned back and went back to her island. He landed, and she holds her hand fish, friendship instead. He brushed his face against her hand, and she hugged him. "It's okay, Nuclear. I'll be your family...we will, right Eira?" The gronckle growls in happy agreement.

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This was a very interesting

This was a very interesting read! I never would've thought that such a silly little guy would've gone through that! But one thing I would like to point out for future reference. These furies are small. They aren't babies, but they will never grow to a full-sized Night Fury. They are a little larger than Pikachu, being able to fully sit on heads and shoulders with ease. Their little bodies would not be able to carry human weight. That was my mistake, not yours. ;)



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Oh, that's alright! We'll just assume they took Eira and Nuclear led them. They knew they couldn't take on the hunters...because they're small.

Thanks for letting me know and thank you so much for Nuclear. :D

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Name: Forest

Gender: Female

Personality: Forest likes quiet and solitude, she does not often make noise. She is kind, compassionate and loving to those she trusts, otherwise she will attack them. She trusts almost no one. She is very shy around other dragons.


I found this beautiful Fury when I was out on a walk in the woods out behind my hut, I had decided to go exploring and started out into the forest. I had not gone far when a slight russling of leaves met my ears, I spun around to see the Night Fury Staring at me angrily. “Oh no” I murmered as I ran away—to no avail, the fury caught me and was about to shoot, I rolled out of the way and took out a fish, it paused for a second and I got close, stuck my hand near it’s snout and turned my head away. I felt it’s warm muzzle on my hand, I turned around and smiled at it. “I’ll call you Forest.” I said, Forest gave me a look of approval and I smiled. She has been with me ever since.

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Just want to make sure... Number 1 is really the one you want? I just want to make sure because earlier you wanted 4, and you want the name Forest. :)

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Violetta Rosemary
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I actually wanted number 4 but it was already taken, so I just went with number 1, if two or more people can get one adoptable, then that is ok, but otherwise 1 is good.

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Just wanted to make sure! :)

Just wanted to make sure! :) Congratulations!

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Name: Aurum

Gender: Female

Personality: Curious of everything she sees, Aurum is a type of the dragons that wants to know and see EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. She likes adventures and plays with friends. Sometimes she gets into trouble because of her curiosity. She likes both dragons and vikings, but is too naive and trustful.

Short backstory: Found somewhere in the forest, Aurum was playing a some sort of catch-the-light play. When she saw Frytha, the viking who found her, she realized it can be a great companion when playing. Aurum then started to encourage Frytha to play, until she joined her. The two spend the whole day at it and when Frytha went back home Aurum followed her there, deciding they will became the best friends. They are unsepparable since then and do everything in pair.



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Sasha- Titan Deadly nadder

Nuko- Titan Gronckle

Whispey- Titan Whisperind death

Holly- Titan Flighmare

Ghost- Adult Flightmare

Bolt- Adult Shockjaw

Heydy- Adult Hobblegrunt

Pearl- Adult Devilish dervish

Snowflake- Adult Wolly howl

Roni- Adult Wolly howl

Jessie- Adult Sand wraith

Starflight- Adult Sand wraith

Pysia- Titan Thunderdrum

Sonia- Adult Raincutter

Shadow wing- Titan Monstruous nightmare

Speedy- Adult Speed stinger

Jackie- Adult Mouldruffle

Spotty- Adult Snafflefang

Darkmist- Adult Snafflefang

Moonrock- Adult Snafflefang

Mandy and Jack- Titan Hideous zippleback

Jane- Titan Razorwhip

Kate- Adult Death song

Glory- Adult Death song

Smoky- Adult Smothering smokebreath

Sharp claw- Adult Groncicle

Steelsword- Adult Armorwing

Firey- Adult Slither song

Skully- Adult Rumblehorn

Amore- Adult Scuttleclaw

Tsunami- Adult Sliquifier

Sunny- Adult Fireworm queen

Fala- Adult Tide glider

Screamy- Titan Sreaming death

Storm- Titan Skrill

Caroline- Adult Singetail

Asteroid- Adult Eruptodon

Slasher- Adult Timberjack

Omnihre- Adult Shovelhelm

Assasin- Adult Night terror

Amber- Adult Boneknapper

Aurora- Adult Snow wraith

Sunlight- Adult Windwalker

Clay- Adult Hotburple

Akhira- Titan Stormcutter

Galaxy- Baby Stormcutter

Misty flyers- Adult Snaptrapper

Onora- Adult Grapple grounder

Honey- Adult Sweet death

Auoni- Adult Mudraker

Toothless- Adult Night Fury

Soraka- Titan Terrilbe terror (She is fixed, yey, but I can't name her Tori...)

Peril- Adult Typhoomerang

Spike- Adult Prickleboogle

Acidtonque- Adult Flame Whipper

Valkyrie- Adult Silver Phantom






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The beautiful picture of Kate, made by the amazing donnala! thank you soo much!

Another beautiful picture of Kate made by the great InfinityGalaxyy! Thank you! :D

Another beautiful picture of Kate made by dogloven! Thank you soo much! she is perfect! :D

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This is Mist and Wave, Glithed mudraker adopted from Ladybrasa


Ocean Zap and Electro, my Oceanic SeaSongs adopted from Adopto66.


This is Dozia, Albaraptor adopted from Megaboltphoenix.

,,She is always one step ahead. She knows what her opponent does before they do it. Always plans ahead. She will do waht you say and become good companion, possibally she help you plan things. She is also dreamer, she wishes she was much more than herself. But she is willing to be the best she can be.'' Megaboltphoenix.


This is Amethyst, the jellie-looking thing adopted fron xXPhinaXx.


This is Scar, Shivertooth adopted from Buddyfan.


This is Arial, my Noelani dragon adopted from hootowllighbulb.

Flabungosses adopted fromLinkWolf. I will name them Lily and Sandy.

Mewdepedli called Meowsie and Aquabungos called Tryi, once more adopted from LinkWolf.

Asha and Alkia the Slitherin HornLeg adopted from Ladybrassa.

Snowstorm, my Icecrusher adopted from the amazing Chameishida!

Terra, my Muddicry, adopted once more from the amazing Chameishida!


Aurum the adorable baby Night Fury adopted from The Eclipitic Eight!

Phantom, the SLackerish SLuggish adopted once again from the awesome chameishida!

Once again a dragon adopted from the amazing chameishida: Mist the SInistruous Woodreaper

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I always imagined this Fury chasing reflections and lights XD Congratulations!

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Thanks! :D

Thanks! :D

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Tracking :)


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  2. -

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  4. - Thou shalt maketh a poem for thy Master, containing the spleling of her loyalist of servants.

  5. -

  6. -

  7. -Thou shalt weareth thy Master's ‘Master Musk’ scent

  8. -

  9. - All bleach must be holy bleach. All bleach must be prior blessed by a priest. It is decreed.

  10. -

  11. -

  12. -

  13. -Thou shalt call the color blue by thy true name of ble, for the Master sayeth it is so. One who refuses shalt be a fool.

  14. -

  15. -

  16. -

  17. -

  18. -

  19. - Note, thy Master does not condone nor accept bribes and/or threats. But things magic may happen if either one or the other is used.

  20. -

  21. -

  22. -

  23. -

  24. -

  25. -

  26. -

  27. -

  28. -Thou shalt always quest for the answers. Quessing

  29. -

  30. -

  31. -

  32. -

  33. -

  34. -

  35. -

  36. -

  37. -#catastrophicallyandawkwardlylate: When thou art late to a Master's party, it shalt be catastrophic and awkward.

  38. -When one shalt arrive #catastrophicallyandawkwardlylate, and find all party goers have become waiting ghosts, then thou shalt ascend to fairy-hood to bringeth thy swift ghosts back to thy living.

  39. - Thou must pass gas once in the presence of master, so she knoweth of thy presence

  40. - Master Chan is kawaii af

  41. - Thou shalt not be greedy while receiving highly demanded, not so demanded, gifts. Thou shalt also not be greedy in any other aspect of one's life. Tis unbecoming.

  42. - Only Master can assume (be it the assumption of genders)

  43. - Thou shalt give with abundance to those who are less fortunate AND more fortunate than thyself.

  44. -

  45. -

  46. -

  47. -

-Koda Penndragon-

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(made by me)               (made by Victoriae350)               (made by me)

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Other Art and Adoptables!


Cobblestone (made by Defy), Uther, and Kiwi (both made by chameishida)

This is Milky Way, Asteria, and Cosmos (all Galaxyfurys created by bubbles5498)

Timber (made by blockEdragon) Tony Stark and Black Widow (Both made by AniuRavenwolf)

Lycaon(made by Twistedclaw),Tauriel(made by Mariella), Sable(made by kelcyk123), Arya+Gormogon (made by snowflake12298)


Swift (made by TildenWolfGirl)  Sandies (made by Witcherforever)


Petrichor (made by Bavelly)

Toothless (first 2 made by NightmareRebuffLycaon and Swift! (second 2 made by carmine)


I Love My Babies

Cora (rip), Bella, Kisha (rip), Abby (rip), and Cuddles

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Number 5

Is it ok if a could have number 5?


the nightfury's name is Wolf



Personality- silly and clumsy and love so to play. Is very shy to people she doesn't know. Loves company. 

Backstory- was found in forest as an egg and was alone. I tried to search for the mother or any other night fury to look after it. There was nothing for miles round but trees and rocks. I took the egg home to see if it was ok as it was night and I couldn't see well. I brought her home and the egg hatched to reveal a little fury. She immediately ran to hide under my bed when she noticed my whispering death baby there. She then ran around hiding in all sorts of places when my sandwraith, Alpha, came to help her. From then on she only trusted me and Alpha and turned out to be a little trickster and total handful. She kept falling over so as sandwraiths and nightfurys look alike, Alpha taught he to walk properly and fly. She is know friendly to all my dragons (mostly) and loves to play jokes. She spends most of her time outside my house door.

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The requirements state that

The requirements state that the personality must be in COMPLETE SENTENCES. Your personality does not contain such as there is no subject. Also,  these adoptables clearly are not eggs. As you can see, they are hatched and have already began to grow. Try again, if you please. :)

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Ok I'll try again!

Number 5

The nightfurys name is Wolf. 


personality- Wolf is very shy and doesn't get along well with other dragons. She can be clumsy and can't really fly or walk properly. She is ,despite being shy, a very loyal dragon who loves her friend. She has a wierd dislike of mushrooms and when sees one runs in the opposite direction. 

backstory- Wolf was found on a cold winter night in the forest, she was curled in a ball shivering and sad. She wouldn't let me approach at first but after a while, as I showed I was not a threat, she calmed down a bit and let me come to help her. I braught her back to my small house with my other dragons. as we walked the wolves in the forest howled to the full moon. Hence her name, Wolf. 

When we arrived Wolf wouldn't go near anyone or most of my other dragons. Except Alpha, my sandwraith, she seemed to feel more comfortable with Alpha so I let them be. Wolf now has a very strong and loyal bond with Alpha and they are an inseparable pair. They sleep, eat and play together and Alpha even taught Wolf how to fly in a straight line. They have a never ending friendship.


hope this one is better:) I changed the story to fit the requirements. Hope you like it!

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That's better! :) Congrats!

That's better! :) Congrats!

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Could I please get 10?


Requirements: Name, Gender, Personality with full sentances AND examples of any trait chosen, Some of their likes and dislikes (foods, places, people, etc.), Short backstory with full sentences and few spelling or punctuation mistakes


Name: StarrySkies (Starry for short)

Gender: Female

Personality: StarrySkies is cute, and she knows it. She will often use her cuteness against people, especially when it comes to food. Whenever someone has food, StarrySkies looks at them with her big eyes, and the people always give her their food.- if they don't, she will steal it anyway, when they aren't expecting it. She does this because she is always hungry, even though she is well fed.

When she isn't trying to pinch people's food, Starry is actually quiet, and abit shy. She is often lurking in the shadows, unnoticed. She loves VexyLu (my Viking) and isn't as quiet around her.

Starry is quick, and really strategic, often applying this skill when stealing  food, then getting away.

Likes: all food, darkness, the night sky, VexyLu

Dislikes: a lot of people at once, too much brightness, people who won't give her their food.

Backstory: VexyLu rode her dragon, BreezeHopper, (a Stormcutter), through the clouds at the ship graveyard. The pair loved exploring everywhere, even if the places were abit spooky.

It was night time, and the full moon illuminated the ocean, and the broken skeletons of the ships.

VexyLu looked down. There was no one here, just her and BreezeHopper.

VexyLu looked out to the horizon, and saw thick fog creepy towards the ship graveyard.

Soon, this place would be covered in fog, and it would be extremely difficult to see even a meter ahead.

"We better get out of here soon," said VexyLu, to BreezeHopper.

BreezeHopper made a noise of agreement.

VexyLu turned BreezeHopper around, and got ready to fly back to Berk.

"Come on, let's go," she said.

VexyLu let BreezeHopper dive down, then glide up, over a large rock they were about to crash into.

The pair loved doing tricks like this, and BreezeHopper was the perfect dragon to do it with, as she had four wings, that helped with sharp turns.

VexyLu looked at the water below, and saw something on the surface of the water. It was too hard to see what it was as the fog was getting thicker.

"BreezeHopper, down!" Called VexyLu.

BreezeHopper obeyed her rider, and spiralled down, towards it.

When they got closer, VexyLu saw that it was a small boat.

BreezeHopper stopped above the boat.

It was way too small for her to land on it.

"Wait here!" Yelled VexyLu as she jumped off BreezeHopper's back.

Just before she It the water, VexyLu spread her arms, and glided above the surface of the water, and landed on the deck of the boat.

It rocked slightly when she landed.

The boat appeared deserted with no signs of life.

What was it doing out here?

VexyLu looked around the deck.

It was completely empty, expect for a small box, at the front of the ship.

How did this get here?

Who put it here?

What happened to them?

BreezeHopper looked down, watching her rider, making sure she was safe.

VexyLu approached the box, slowly.

She wondered if she should open it or not.

She inspected the box.

The box was made out of wood, and it had a lid hinged onto the top of it. The box was about 50cm long, wide and high.

It looked old, and kind of dusty.

VexyLu wondered how long it had been here.

Should she open it?

What was inside?

VexyLu picked up the box, carefully.

It was surprisingly light, but it felt like there was something in it.

VexyLu placed the box back on the floor, and called BreezeHopper, down closer to the boat.

BreezeHopper obeyed, and flew right up to the boat.

VexyLu was prepared to make a quick get away, if there was something dangerous in there.

The box had no lock, so it should be easy to open.

VexyLu took a step away from the box, so she was closer to BreezeHopper.

"On the count of three," she said, "one, two, three!"

VexyLu took a deep breath, lunged forward and lifted the lid open, easily.

Within a second, VexyLu kept onto BreezeHopper's back, and got ready to attack/ fly away.

Everything went silent, and VexyLu didn't move, neither did anything in the box.

VexyLu steered BreezeHopper closer to the ship, and she jumped down back onto the deck, rocking the boat slightly.

VexyLu approached the box, carefully, ready to move quickly, if danger was prensent.

Cautiously, VexyLu peered over the sides of the box, and looked into the box.

Inside, was the cutest thing she every saw. It was a tiny night fury.

"BreezeHopper! Look, it's a small night fury!" She said.

BreezeHopper flew even closer, to get a better look.

VexyLu crouched down, and peered into the box.

Tiny eyes stared back at her.

"Aw, she so cute!" Said VexyLu to BreezeHopper. BreezeHopper snorted as a reply.

VexyLu reached into the box and picked up the dragon.

She was decorated in weird patterns, unlike toothless.

"Do you think she's a baby, or just really small?" VexyLu asked BreezeHopper, as she cradled the small night fury.

BreezeHopper looked down at the pair, then looked away in jealousy.

"Come on you big sook," teased VexyLu, as she looked at the night fury, "I'm going to name you StarrySkies," she said, whilst looking at the dragon's unique pattern.

The small dragon looked at her, then started sniffing the air.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

She wiggled out of VexyLu 's arms, and walked over to where BreezeHopper was hovering.

"That's BreezeHopper!" VexyLu explained.

The small night fury gazed up at BreezeHopper.

With her small wings, she flew up landed on BreezeHopper's back.

BreezeHopper freaked out for a second, then watched the night fury closely, turning her head around.

"Aw, what are you doing?" VexyLu asked the night fury, "You like BreezeHopper?"

The small nightfury sniffed the air again, then grabbed VexyLu 's bag that was attached to BreezeHopper's saddle.

"Hey! ...What are you doing?" VexyLu asked.

The nightfury reached into the bag, and took out a fish. They nightfury put it in her mouth, and swallowed it whole.

"Aw, you're hungry!" Said VexyLu, "We getter get back to Berk, before the fog rolls in. There'll be plenty of fish there! Let's go!"

VexyLu jumped on BreezeHopper's back, and the three rode off, toward Berk.

-One month later-

VexyLu rode through the sky, on BreezeHopper. Following close behind, was the small night fury.

Many of these night furies had been discovered by Vikings all over Berk. They were still a mystery, but VexyLu hopped they would find out more about them soon.




Sorry I have been so slow, I am still doing requests/trades, I've just been busy. Thank you for understanding.




WELCOME TO MY SIGNATURE- *signature banner will go here*


My Viking:

*Backstory will go here*

Art of VexyLu by others:


By FireFlash

By TosiLohi


By TosiLohi

By Bluemoon20523

By Werewolfgirl1253


By BoomBox74


By DuskDayBreak


By the ecliptic eight


By Arrowalker


By FireNightStar


By ScarfyWings







Sandwraith- Nibbles

Nibbles is my first dragon.

It was my first day at school of dragons, when Viking hunters were attacking Berk.

With the help of Toothless, and the other riders, we were successfully able to stop them, but not before they captured a few dragons.

With my axe, and brain, I managed to unlock Nibbles from the cage she had been trapped in.

We bonded then, and were set to start our journey at the school, together.

Since then, Nibbles has become a ruby crystal sandwraith.

by LayKary

by Durgonhunter


Groncicle- Vexy

Trader Johann was late for his arrival at Berk one day, so I was sent to look for him.

I found his ship, destroyed and covered in ice, near Berk, in the ocean.

On the shore was Johann, explaining what had happened.- a little dragon had hopped on his ship.

I named her Vexy.

I helped Vexy find her way home, back to her family.

I watched her grow, and as she did we bonded.

By ShiroKageFox


•Groncicle- IceWind

IceWind is Vexy's little sister, who I rescued when Mildew through her, and her other silblings off the edge of a cliff, and into the water.

Vexy and her mother where so thankful, they let me keep one.


Nadder- Lulu

I got Lulu out of the hatchery's collection of eggs. 

 By FloofQueen


Death song- Melody

I rescued Melody from her mum's nest, after she was abandoned by her. 


Armorwing- Armor

I saved Armor from dragon hunters and she bonded with me. 

By FireNightSky


Smokebreath- Smog 

Smog is the second smoke breath I got. I won him in battle. 


Smokebreath- Skyfog

Skyfog is the first smokebreath I got. I also won her in battle.

By Nightfuryatom4


Whispering death- Groundwhisper

I got groundwhisper after finding her egg in the tunnels under Berk. 


Whispering death- Groundquake

I won groundquake in battle. 


Whispering death- Groundshake

I also won Groundshake in battle. 


Whispering death- GroundBurrow

I won GroundBurrow in battle.


•Whispering death- GroundSmasher

I won GroundSmasher in battle.


•Screaming death- Screech

I won Screech in battle. 


•Razorwhip- Cut

I found Cut's egg in an abandoned ship. 


Razorwhip- Snip

I won Snip in battle. 

By Vospader


Hotburple- Grunt

I won Grunt in battle. 


Snafflefang- Fangsnaffle

I won Fangsnaffle in battle. 

by dogloven


Snafflefang- Fangsnaffle Jr

I won fangsnaffle in battle.

By FroztWulf


Flightmare- Frightmare

I won Frightmare in battle. 

by Scarfywings (animated by mrizky)


Moldruffle- Mold

I won Mold in battle.

by Umbreon27


Speed stinger- Sting

I won sting in battle. 

By Okamisusi


•Speed stinger- Goldie

I won Gol hidein battle.


Fireworm queen- Helios

I won Helios in battle. 

By Scarfywings


•Shockjaw- Helpfulwarrior

I won Helpful warrior in battle. I named her after one of my friends.


•Hobblegrunt- Wobbles

I won wobbles in battle.


Eruptadon- Flare

I needed help, and didn't have a dragon that could fly into the depths of a volcano, so I got Flare's help.


Singetail- Frizzle

I saved Fizzle from being auctioned by dragon hunters.

by Arrowalker


•Flamewhipper- Firelash

Firelash stowed away on my dragon, after my journey on impossible island.


Snowwraith- Blizzard

Blizzard is my racing dragon.

by TosiLohi


•Typhoomerang- BurntSwirl

I won BurntSwirl in battle.


Titan Stormcutter- BreezeHopper

BreezeHopper is my fast storm cutter 

By Arrowalker


•Silver Phantom- Soar

Soar is my teen Phantom


•Raincutter- Splash

I won Splash in battle


•Triple stryke- Amethyst 

I was given Amethyst from her mother, for saving her.

By Wutend Bonfire


•Grapple grounder- *currently hatching*



1x Groncicle

1x Sandwraith

1x Triple stryke 











*Im working on including names, etc


Scenseredshocked, my Shellfire, by Bluemoon20523


Hibiscus, my Sequin Wing, by Flowercrystal


Amethyst, a FriendFriend draggo, by 1flower


Stormrider, a Stormchaser, by Scarfywings


Sunfly, a Gardendigger, by Scarfywings


Galaxywhip, a Vesupa, by Bavelly


Peach, an Infertide, by Alicornbrodie


DeathSky, a baby nightfury, by Nightfuryatom4


Mysterystripes, a Marshtiger, by themasterplan47


PurpleFuzz, a Woolly Howl, by Wutend Bonfire


GreyShell, a Shelleye, by GoldenWraith


Issie, a Mountain Jackoat, by Scarfywings


Kiki, a Hyeagle owl, by Scarfywings


Ziggy, a Ratagator, by Scarfywings


Keja, a Foxret, by Scarfywings


Eza, an Impatypus, by Scarfywings


Rei, a dingorse, by ScarfyWings


Deathsky, and another nightfury, by Wutend Bonfire


GreySky, a Muddicry, by chameishida


VioletWraith, a White Mamba, by Megaboltphoenix


WinterBreeze, a Svalbard Howl, by Okamisusi






Thank you to all the amazing artists who have done art for me!


Wutend Bonfire
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 08/25/2014

Name: Raider

Gender: Male

Personality: Creative and without shame or a stable moral compass, Raider earned his name through many questionable 'expeditions' and a burning desire to collect colourful things (they bring out his patterns). A tad vain and prideful, he protects his hoard with ferocity. Raiders’ tiny, high-pitched snarls and hisses do little to intimidate others, though- a poor choice made by most.

His Story:

(okay this was a *bit* later than intended cause I started over like five times but I finally committed to a plot)

After all these years, all of his labour, and for what!? Some dirt-faced, two-clawed Triple Stryke hatchling to have a censored at his hoard when his back was turned. Scorpio had been a thorn in Raider’s side for weeks now, but this had gone too far- his vibrant blue and gold carapace would be a fine addition to his collection. Well, maybe he didn’t need to go that far for a youngster.

Tracking down Scorpio was easy. He left a glittering trail of coins, gems and scales in his wake, leading straight to his riverside hideout. Sure enough the three-tailed dragon was crouched in a patch of dirt, counting his loot with greed. Inexperienced, distracted, overconfident, and self-absorbed. An easy opponent.

Raider leapt onto a smooth, moss-covered rock and shoved his nose in front of Scorpio’s face, snarling.

Scorpio jumped back a step in surprise, but defiantly hissed back. “You don’t scare me, Fury!”

“Really? Bold decision” Raider mocked.

“You’re just a weak little hatchling! I’m bigger than you!” he cried.

Ah, yes. The ‘hatchling’ insult- a common mistake, and gave him the benefit of surprise. “You think I am new from shell, do you?” Raider mused.

His size was certainly similar to that of a normal Night Fury baby, but even with his pygmy size, the cunning and practice of an aged soul glinted behind his emerald eyes. He flexed his claws against the stone, putting a touch of concern on Scorpio’s face. “Just try to take them back!” he yelled before lashing out with his tails.

Raider didn’t even flinch- bad decision on his behalf, because the Stryke wasn’t a big of a coward as he thought. One stinger made contact with his nose, surprising Raider, and sending him into a panic. He fell off the rock clutching the tiny wound, bowling Scorpio over in the process. He too, panicked, clearly surprised by the success of the attack.

Raider waited for muscle-locking venom to take hold, or for swirls to appear in his vision, maybe even waves of hot pain from the sting.

But nothing. It was dry, nothing more than how a brambles thorn would feel. No venom, no pain.

Not that Scorpio knew, apparently, for he was still fretting over Raider’s form, who was gripped by false agony, yelling all kinds of incoherent nonsense that might have been something along the lines of ‘I didn’t mean to!’.

Another moment of acting lured Scorpio in a little closer for him to grab at, and without warning he sprang back onto his feet, one paw locked onto Scorpio’s horn. There was no retaliation this time. “Touch my treasures again” Raider growled into his ear, “and you may just find yourself lacking one of those someday”

Releasing his grip, Scorpio huddled fearfully before him. “Now, go and put those back, and maybe I will consider no harm done”

“Y-yes sir!”

He collected up some of the trinkets once more, picking up the trail as he went, and scurried back to Raider’s den. Finally- the respect he deserved.


Migrated to new account: ZestyDragonWing

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Interesting backstory... I

Interesting backstory... I like it! Congrats!

Wutend Bonfire
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Can i get number 7?

Name: RedFox
Gender: Female


Personality: Redfox is a prankster who likes playing pranks on her friends. She is very clever, but often gets in trouble. She is a bit tough but still young at heart.


The Backstory: I was flying with my beloved Timberjack, Hunter. We were exploring new islands, like always. We landed on an island no one has seen before.
-Hey, look, Hunter! A new island! I shouted.

We landed on the island, it was a very beautiful place. It was autumn, our favourite season. The trees were beautifully covered in red leaves.

-Hunter, maybe there are some new dragons! Let's explore! I said.

-Yeah, whatever. What if there are dangerous dragons who EAT ME A ALIVE? Hunter screamed.

-Come on Hunter! You are a Timberjack! The biggest of 'em all!

We walked and we heard loud growling from a tree, someone looked at us. It has got to be a dragon! But Hunter growled in fear. That means thing aren't alright.

-Hunter, U OK?

Hunter growled louder looking at the tree, and -SLASH- Hunter broke the tree with his wings in two parts. A small dragon fell out of the tree.

-Ummm, what is that? I asked.

It was a tiny dragon. It looked like a..

-NIGHT FURY? I screamed.

But the dragon looked different than other furies. She was red-black-white.

-RUN! Hunter yelled

-NO! I think she is just a baby. She wont harm us.. I said

She seemed a bit afraid of us.

-Shh, easy, little dragon. I whispered and putted my hand on her face. She calmed down immidately. And wagged her tail.

-We cant leave her here, right? I said

-Yeah. Hunter whispered while the Night Fury tried to play with him.

-I wish we could..well..if you think its OK...we..

-I know what youre gonna say, TAKE HER, HOP ON AND OFF TO BERK! Hunter said.

So, we went back to Berk with the Night Fury.

-Im gonna name you, RedFox. I said. And RedFox roared happily.

The End

Edit: It's a bit boring, but i hope its OK :)


Howdy! I'm


but on other media, I'm known as


Main Viking Name: HaileyTheHowler

Birthday: 10/30

Clan: Wulf Pack (Elder)

Friend Code: E41KF4

Main Dragons: Hunter & Skogvarg

Player since: 5/5/2017


Ravenclaw Hunter by SouloftheFoxy!

Profile picture by me


Recent information:

-Been kind of inactive lately :(

-I've had a very busy summer while at camp etc

-Just saw Spider-Man: Far From Home!

-I'm still always open to talk! ^w^

-Also, I'm an artist (yeah right) and I'd need practice in drawing dragons! I don't have a request thread on here, but if you'd like me to draw your OC perhaps, feel free to ask!


Main in-game Dragon Squad

(Not all of my in-game dragons)

1. Hunter - Male Timberjack (Main Dragon)

2. Skogvarg - Male Night Terror (2nd Main Dragon)

3. Willow - Female Woolly Howl (3rd Main Dragon)

4. Firetooth - Male Monstrous Nightmare (Starter Dragon)

5. Stardust - Male Flightmare (2nd Main Racing Dragon, Starter Dragon)

6. Stormbreaker Male Skrill (3rd Main Racing Dragon)

7. Comet - Female Moldruffle

8. Dewdrop - Female (Tinytooth) Mudraker

9. Northwind - Female Snow Wraith (Main Racing Dragon)

10. Saltwater - Male (Tinytooth) Sand Wraith 

11. Earthtwister - Female Whispering Death

12. Hviskevind - Female Stormcutter

13. Sprucetwig - Female Prickleboggle (Main Battle Dragon, Seedling Prickleboggle stand-in)

14. Spellbound "Scraps"  - Male Boneknapper 



Rusty/Red | she | finnish/dutch intj | artist

ravenclaw great grey owl patronus ebony + unicorn hair core wand





Art by others




(language warning lol)



(in need of an update!)


Hailey the Howler

Garth the Great

Saga the Stonehard









The Foreverwing






Other Vikings


Hunter of the Wilderness

 (Hunter's backstory)

 (Re-written by my awesome friend, Oda)


 Other OCs 

 (Coming Soon)



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Sorry for the super long wait XD Here!

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Its OK! Thank you so much!

Its OK! Thank you so much! This goes into my siggy, when it start building it soon :P

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Number 9 please

Name. Fireball


Personality. Playful and aggressive always playing a joke while being serious 

backstory. Terrible terrors singing on the roof top dragons and Vikings cheering its snoggletog!

all of a sudden I here a thump on the door no one was there so I closed the door again another thump I looked no one a thump again I look behind me no one and at the door a baby night,fury that was smoking literally and he set my house on fire! I looked all of berk was on fire it was time to get that guy out of trouble. I chased him into the forest yelling at him chasing him into a dead end and poof he's gone. Gone to the ,roof tops he was flying. I saw a change wing grab the little guy I chased that changewing down and he grabbed me as well I happened to distract the dragon to let little fireball ever since he bin following, me and making me look silly he's always joking all over me


                                                     My siggy is a work in progress, so when you venture watch out for gas and spark


                       Hi I'm mcrour call me MC game 


Name Benjamin The Dragon


Rider. Enjoy the siggy




                                                                                 Made by AngNadder


                                              Warning I have and will use my death song if I catch you 

                               Stealing and if my protectors find you first your lucky





                                      Proud Leader Of

                       Dragon Tamers Of The Sky And Clouds

                                                                 Photo will be added soon                                                           

                                       (Btw alpha means leader of my dragons)



                                                                            Zipple and Wipple.                                

                                                                     Level (30).                                                               Widow

                                                                      Form (Alpha,Titan).                                               Little but tuff

                                                                   Species  (zipple back).                                      Species. Ferocity 

                                                               Personality (Loyal,playful,loving).                       Gender. Female            

                                                                    Gender  (Male).                                          Drawn by. Datonetrumpet

                                                  Hatched   (08/22/2015)

                                                               My thoughts    (Zipple and Wipple are my best friends what I would do if

                                                                                      They weren't with me is like asking what would I do with no    

                                                                                       Head I wanted a nightmare but from distance I stared at the

                                                                                       Zippleback egg it froze me I had to choose between 500 lbs

                                                                                       Of muscle and fire or my two headed friend,I knew I made

                                                                                        The right choice when I picked up that egg)  


                                                                              Made by the amazing, Neverendingsilverstorm.


                                                                        Level (30)

                                                                          Form (none)

                                                                      Species (Whispering death)

                                                                Personality  (aggressive,protective)

                                                                      Gender  (Male)

                                                                     Hatched  (09/02/2015

                                                                   My thoughts (Spooker my most protective dragon, he turned out to be a

                                                                                        Survivalist since he was a hatchling. Being hatched in the

                                                                                         Middle of the ocean really convinced him to protect every

                                                                                          Thing he had even his egg shell which he floated in. One

                                                                                           Day hiccup sent me on a patrol how boring it was because

                                                                                           Zipple and wipple were banned from flight after setting

                                                                                           The great hall on fire oops,spookers was going to be ran 

                                                                                            Over by are ship but I saw him and took care of him and

                                                                                              Gained trust,but now he thinks he needs to protect me

                                                                                              With his life)


                                                                           Level (19)

                                                                             Form (none)

                                                                        Species   (Whispering death)

                                                                    Personality  (playful)

                                                                           Gender (male)

                                                                       Hatched    (09/04/2015)

                                                                     My thoughts (ready for play time well spooks the dragon for the job and 

                                                                                          Never stops doing it spooks my most playful dragon ever

                                                                                           He's ready for non stop fun he is the exact opposite of his

                                                                                            Brother spooker.spooker keeps trying to teach spooks but

                                                                                             It's no use censored,is spooks no one can change that)

       I have way more dragons just waiting to have the time to list them

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Sorry for the long wait. I honestly forgot this adoptable page was a thing and I haven't worked on any in months! I only read one of your pm's a few days ago. I can't tell you how sorry I am! :( Here's Fireball, though!