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                                                             (Tracking Thread)






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Greetings fellow Vikings! I’m

Greetings fellow Vikings!

I’m Lissafish. I sailed into Berk about six months ago. I made some great friends, usually while racing, and explored the many lands of the Archipelago. I have dragons, and dragons… and more dragons. And lots of chickens.

While I was snooping around Berk (and I KNOW I’m not the only one who does that) I discovered a diary. A diary of fantastic proportions. A diary that belongs to a person none of us ever would have imagined having a diary.

Well, here is that diary, and the amazing tale within. I warn you though, when the owner of this diary finds out it has been posted, we all better run for our lives. So enjoy but read fast!


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Warning and Notes:

There is some romance and some violence.

*Spoiler alert* There will be other nightfuries. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. XD *Spoiler alert*

All events of the both tv series and movies are in the past.

To those blue blooded HTTYD fans, this is a sort of collage with my own spin to it. Bits and pieces of the original stories by Cressida Cowell will the blended with the tv series and the movies


One MAJOR character, from tv series Defenders of Berk, will be re-written in. The character was far better in the book series and so I will represent them as such. It will be like they never existed up to this point.




Reader interaction:

I want to incorporate Sod Vikings into this story! So if you and your favorite dragon would like to apply, leave a comment and a little something that your Viking likes to do. You may find yourself in the story!



“What is going to happen next?” ~Lissafish

Lissafish is a dragon hoarder. But don’t worry! She takes good care of her many, many, many… dragons. Sea Cucumber is her trusty Shockjaw




I am first an artist then a writer. I will make typos and grammar mistakes. Maybe lots of them. Probably right now

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Please do not comment on typos and grammar mistakes because I’m doing this in my spare time and I’d rather move on with the story than go back and edit.

Lastly, please leave polite comments. If you don’t care for the story that’s fine, but don’t spoil it for others. Instead, I encourage you to write your own story! Everyone should write; it’s a freeing, creative exercise that teaches us a paramount skill: communication. Plus it’s just plain fun! :D


Alright, I think that’s everything! I hope you enjoy!


Yours truly,

~LissaFish the ever so slightly Eccentric~

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Sorry guys for all the goofy posts I'm new to fan fic writing!

Here is the link to 




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Reply and Track here Thank

Reply and Track here

Thank you!

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-Insert Subject Here-

Tracking! :)


Above painting of Frytha with my BF, Kylie, (a.k.a. Werewolfgirl1253) by the amazing Pixel! Thank you!!! <3


Art of my Viking, Frytha, and my Sand Wraith, Sapphire, by the talented Duckei! :D


Sapphire, drawn (left) by the talented Alicornbrodie, (right) by the fantastic DatOneTrumpet! Thank you!!!!! :D <3


Sapphire and Wintergreen blinkies by Nessie. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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Coldsnap and Frytha by the fantastic Varku ! Thanks!!!! :D


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Opal ate my subject.

Violetta Rosemary (me) and Opal would love to be in the story!

She loves to train with her axe and ride Opal the razorwhip. Opal likes to tease Rosemary and play tricks.


                         Welcome to my Signature

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Thanks a MILLION to Arrowalker for a AW-MAZING Pic of Rosemary!


request  by Dragnolia-returns


Thanks to jada for making me these pic's of my Oc, Rosemary.


Rosemary is hiccups sister, she is normally a very outspoken person who does not like strangers. She is shy around few people and loves to talk. she got her dragon when she went to her favorite cave when she saw the egg was hatching she looked over the edge of the cave where she was watching and fell down, the egg hatched and they bonded quickly. Now they soar the skies together with another freind they found injured. Shadow. They found her after escaping the hunters, she come up to them with a hurt leg they took her in and Shadow has been with them ever since.



This is Tearsa, my Muddycri, thanks chameishida!

Name: Tearsa

Breed: Muddycri

Backstory: TBD






Wolf made by Wherewolfgirl


Thanks to ScarfyWings for the Hyeagle Owl, LaughingNight.


Thanks to ScarfyWings for my AWESOME Ratigator, ScurrySnapper


Thanks To scarfy for my Foxret, SlyClimber

Thanks to Scarfywings for my Impatypus, StickLeaper


Thanks to Lulu6161 for this Splashwing named Oceana


Name: Oceana

Breed: Splashwing

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Thanks to Lulu6161 for this drawing of Desert Beauty

Thanks to Lulu6161 for this sketch of Opal

Vesupa adoptable named: OceanSwirl

Credit to Bravelly, Thanks sooooo much Bravelly

Name: OceanSwirl

breed: Vesupa

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Thanks to Zikta for this amazing pic of my Razorwip Opal
Thanks to ScarfyWings For a pic of Opal, My RazorWhip
Thanks to Scarfy Wings for a pic of a now-Titan Opal



Smasher, Serious as always
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Really? Turkey, You are seriously taking a nap on picture day? Ehh, oh well.
Name: Turkey
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AmberFreeze is looking at a Giant eel offscreen, it was the only way to get her to let me take her picture.
Name: AmberFreeze
Breed: Death song
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Mudpool is staring at my hand, wanting to be pet.
Name: MudPool
Breed: Mudrake
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Amora is happily eyeing my helmet, "AMORA! I already said don't use my helmet as your armour!"
Name: Amora
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Jem is being cooperative, YAY!
Name: Jem
Breed: Shock jaw
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Desert Beauty


Desert Beauty is happily staring at the water, just offscreen.
Name: Desert Beauty
Breed: Sand wraith
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Flama is having a "Nightmare-nap" though she is having sweet dreams!
Name: Flama
Breed: Monstrous Nightmare
Backstory: TBD

Streak is the first dragon I ever had on this game, she is happily posing for her picture.

Name: Streak

breed: Deadly Nadder

Backstory: TBD



Hedgby is happy doing anything I want, as long as she takes me there
Fire Starter

Fire Starter is ready for our walk, but, I said picture or no walk, She complied.


Ju Jitsu

Ju Jitsu has been wrestling me so I had to get ALL, yes all, the Riders to help me for this picture.



Me and IceSheild wading near the gyeser, IceSheild loves this spot.


Lava Blast

This gentle giant will do anything you want as long as you are a freind if not... well, she WILL be stubborn.


Tsunami and Monsoon

The twin "Natural Disasters" of my dragons, wherever they are disaster soon happens. today we have to rebuild the school, the blew it up... oops XD


Sharp Shot

Don't let the looks fool you, this is a dangourous rock crushing macheine, She burrowed under the school causing it to collapse, rebuilding time! yay...



Speedy is thinking of speeding off into the wilderness, So we snap and she runs.



Toothless has had a long day being the Alpha, I facepalm, he fell asleep literally right before the picture, timing am I right?



Tingles is playful as usual, looking at the ladybug just offscreen.



Whisper is sticking her tounge out at the cameraman, that little trickster!


Me and my bro

Me and Hiccup




Opal is a kind dragon with a will of steel. She likes pictures and target practise. She recently just Titaned up, YAY!

Violetta Rosemary

By the people who made Sod. xD
This is me and a few members of the wulf Pack!
My Art
If i ever get a Triple Stryke I am going to name it Patience! XD!
Shadow and my Oc, Rosemary, drawn by me
My little sister's Oc, Violet Unknown and her Sand Wraith Shimmer Shores, Drawn by me
My sand wraith, Desert Beauty (As a baby), Drawn by me
My sand Wraith Desert beauty, drawn by me
(Yes I know, It's not great)
My Edits

Tar the Terrible Terror (Credit to Xbox-ds-gameboy for the base)


Ocean Waters



Ocean Waters is a kind, majestic dragon that loves to give. She will help anyone no matter how small.


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definetly tracking : D

definetly tracking : D






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                                               species:  jotun (norse mythology)


Hello, i am an active user who loves to read the Bible,mountain bike,ski, draw, and  BE OUT DOORS IN NATURE!!!!!! ( if im not playing this game im proabely skipping school to be in the mountains)...


i am also notorious for racing neon dragons-so dont be almared-its not a hack





Personality Description


                                                        Hannah is a wise person (trys to be anyway) who is kind-hearted,helpful, and understanding girl who is an eager and quick learner, but also has a over enthusiastic temperment and be a bit of a nutcase at times- and she enjoys pushing limits to the very farthest  (like exploiting the neon glitch)...Hannah LOVES animals and nature and works as one of the top biologists in the school. her secondary job (spy) doesnt bring a lot of income so she doesnt do it a lot. (shes also english accented)

  she spends a good-deal of time racing at thunderdrum racing usually racing her snow wraith in the winter and her night fury in the summer. 

   Her only other sibling at the school(in real life)is the infamous LilyStark (cerrial killler to be correct) who is usually causing a lot of trouble.





                  The Tesseract Holder



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Thanks! It will be a few chapters in before I introduce fellow vikings, but they're coming! 


Also, cool that your sisters with LilyStark. I'm friends with both you guys! :D My sister is Rena Ericcson. She doesn't play as much these days but we have fun when she does.

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Why Am I Subjected to a Subject?

Tracking! I LOVED the first chapter, it's hilarious and I adore how you added my vikings and made them background. Also loved reading this story in Astrid's perspective. :) Really enjoying this so far!



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