Eclipse Chapter Seven: Seagull Droppings Isand

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Chapter Seven


Seagull Droppings Island






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chapter seven

Thanking the Bob-Burglars for their hospitality, we headed out. Bertha upon learning Hiccup was taken, tried to marry Snotlout to Camicazi. He couldn’t shake the dust of Bob Burglar Island off his feet fast enough.

“What’s the matter, Snotlout?” I teased. “Scared of a girl?”

“Who’s NOT scared of that girl? I don’t want to marry someone that would steal my dragon and kill me in my sleep!” He shot back, twitching. “Hookfang, watch out!” Snotlout threw himself sideways to turn his dragon, avoiding a collision with Barf and Belch.

Hookfang was still in shock after an unauthorized trip around the island with Camicazi. She was heavy on the reigns and Monstrous Nightmares are very sensitive flyers. Needless to say they crashed. A lot.

“You okay, Hookfang?” Toothless and Hiccup slowed. Hookfang snorted and shook his head. His eyes were wide.

“Of course he’s not okay a crazy person dragonnapped him! he’s been traumatized!”

“Calm down, Snotlout,” Fishlegs and Meatlug came alongside. “You’ll only make him more upset. What he needs is a calm, quiet friend to come along and help him out.”

Meatlug panted like a dog. She got right up next to Hookfang and licked him.

Hookfang narrowed his eyes and spat a fireball at her.

“Meatlug stop! Stop we just ate whaaa!” Fishlegs screamed as she reeled back, spiraling out of control.

The Monstrous Nightmare snickered.

“Ha ha ha! You were right Fishface! That did cheer him up!”

“But why? Oh, why?” Tuffnut was bemoaning our departure. Pretty much the only one. “I was just getting to know Olga, with her massive braids and size twelve boots. She’s the village doctor. I tell you, she is my match, made in Valhalla itself. She even had a mace named Macey she uses for surgery! Alas, my life has in one fleeting moment slipped me by, and I shall live out the end of my days a miserable old maid.”

“Old maids are girls, Tuffnut.”

“You understand my meaning.”

“If you really like her that much just write her Terror mail,” I turned in my saddle.

“He’s afraid of Terrors,” Ruffnut said. “To many times getting his face chewed up or some sad excuse like that.”

“Who got their face chewed up?”

“Yikes!” Hiccup ducked. Dagur was riding backwards and upside down on Sleuther. He stared expectantly, arms crossed.

“Hey where’d you come from?” Ruffnut demanded.

“WE came from Berk.” Heather brought Windshear alongside Meatlug. “I got your message, Fishlegs.”

“I’m so happy you were able to make it!” The Ingerman beamed.

“That’s great. But I’m still waiting for an answer, Hiccup. Who got their face chewed and how? It sounds awesome.”

“Guilty,” Tuffnut raised a hand.

“Dagur, how are you guys doing that?”

“Doing what?”

“Flying upside down like that!”

Dagur shrugged. “We just are.”

“It’s amazing,” Hiccup watched Viking and Dragon in awe. “Toothless and I can glide upside down, for a while but Sleuther, he’s traveling that way, maintaining elevation and speed. It’s incredible!”

“Cool right? Really throws dragon hunters for a loop and that’s a blast. Hey Ruffnut where can I find Terrors that will bite my face?”

“I’m Ruffnut! He’s Tuffnut.”

“I thought Ruffnut was the girl.”


“Okay, cool. Still want to know where these temple tearing terrors are.”

“And, done!” Fishlegs finished scribbling in his journal. “Got that all written down, Hiccup!”

“Where to find temple tearing terrors?”

“No. That the Triple Stryke can travel upside down, even with a Viking on it’s back. I wonder how this is beneficial to them? Probably for a surprise attack, or maybe it’s easier for long distance flights... or perhaps to protect their sensitive unshielded belly when divebombing. The secrets we’re going to learn from you, Sleuther!”

Sleuther held his head up… or down, however you want to look at it, and proudly spun his tails.

“Welcome back to the gang, guys.” Hiccup said. “It’s good to fly with you again!”

“Same here! Where are we headed?”

“Seagull Droppings Island.”

“Well that’s a bummer.” Dagur was not impressed.


Seagull Dropping Island is as Seagull Dropping Island does. A nasty sort of place where seagulls flocked in the millions. No one knows why, they don’t court or nest there, just flock. Only our dragons liked to visit the place, because to them it was an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Fun fact, Dagur is an angry seagull beacon. The moment we were in range they attacked relentlessly.

On the eastern side of the island was a cave, and if you traveled far enough in, no droppings. This is where we stayed.

Safely in I had Stormfly start a fire. We let our dragons loose to have at it with the birds. Joyful hisses and grunts saw them running toward the light.

“Not you, bud,” Hiccup held his dragon back. He took the false tail off.

Toothless made a sad cooing.

“Sorry, but you and I are sticking together twenty-four seven, at least until we figure out what’s going on.”

The Nightfury wagged his long tail and made circles around Hiccup. Hiccup got one of the fish he stowed away for the trip and threw it. Toothless caught and swallowed it, then spat the head out at Hiccups feet. They enjoyed this weird version of fetch for some time.

“Man I hate seagulls.” Dagur lay down stiffly. “Rats with wings and meaner.”

“I know just the thing to get your mind off excruciating pain. Works for me every time. We should role play as humans in the future living their daily lives.” Ruffnut suggested. “Last time, I was an edgy adolescent who would rather spend her time drawing on her tablet in her cave than going out with her cavemates.”

“Eh. I have to be in the right mood. You know, to really get the right spin on it.”

“How about pin the leg on the Hiccup?” Tuffnut grinned.

“What no.” Hiccup scowled. “And for the record that sounds weird and inappropriate.”

“Cool how do you play?”

“It’s really easy. You just come up with leg jokes. Here I’ll start. Hiccup only has half a dragon army. Now you ask me why, Dagur.”


“Why does Hiccup have only half a dragon army?”

“Because it costs an arm and a leg to feed a whole one.”


“Okay okay I’ve got one!” Snotlout chipped in. “What is Hiccups least favorite game?”

“Guys, come on. This is ridiculous.”

“The hoki poki. Put your left foot in, you put your left foot… oh.”

“Hiccup is a dreamer, but this can make it hard in the real world.”


“Because dreamers can’t keep both feet on the ground.”

“Alright.” I caved and joined the fun. “This is a true story, too. Gobber, who as you all know has problems telling left from right sometimes, made Hiccup a special leg for Borkweek’s highland dance.  My usually spry suitor was the worst dance partner on the floor that night.”


“Because he had two right feet.”

Hiccup crossed his arms. “Betrayal!” He snorted, looking to me.

Heather chuckled.

“Gee, Hiccup, as the first dragon trainer and the chief of Berk, it’s gotta be a real balancing act trying to keep a foot in both worlds.” Fishlegs piped up.

“Alright that’s it. As your commander and chief I order you to stop.”

“Aw, come on, we’re just pulling your leg!” Dagur roared. “Gotta keep you on your toes or at least the ones that are left!”

“You’re not our commander you’re our friend. And as for “chief” you’re on vacation. All chiefly orders will be duly noted and ignored.”  I laughed.

A faint smile spread across Hiccups face. He listened to the terrible puns, Toothless at his side, and a heavy load seemed to lift off his shoulders. It was like the years just melted away. We were young again, marveling at our world, filled with dreams, so certain of where we’d be and what we would be doing by this very time, making light of everything. He humored the teasers by feigning offence and spouting a joke or two of his own. He was once again among friends.


Our dragons returned, each one with an offering in their mouth for the alpha. Toothless accepted this with nods… and squinty eyes for Hookfang.  His was half eaten. We called it a night and went to sleep.



In the first morning hours I woke, and couldn’t say why, but something didn’t feel right. I looked around.

Everyone was asleep.

Stormfly chattered softly, raising her spikes and spines. Sleuther was awake, too. Both were looking toward mouth of the cave.

Straining to listen, I heard the wind, the waves, some chattering from seagulls and what sounded like a terrible terror. Couldn’t be sure on the last one though, it was so soft and muddled.

I looked over at Hiccup, who was sleeping soundly, and saw two enormous green eyes, staring, like the others, at the head of the cave.

Toothless slinked out from under his boy and stalked to the entrance. Wriggling, he made a dash pounced.

Something took off. Something much bigger than a seagull or terrible terror.

Birds squawked and flew in every direction. Toothless just stood there, looking up.

Overwhelmed with curiosity Stormfly and I sneaked out and joined him.

There was no moon that crystal clear night. The stars shimmered beautifully, and the world felt small as I looked up at them.

We stood, me between the Nadder and Nightfury for a good ten minutes. Their noses working and my eyes.


At last we returned to the cave and drifted off sleep.



The next time I opened my eyes it was dawn, an aroma of roasted chicken wafting through the cave.

“Morning my sweet,”

“Morning,” I yawned, sat up and wrapped my blanket around me. “Smells wonderful. Where’d you get chicken?”

“I didn’t get it, Stormfly did, and it’s not chicken.”

“Awww, you got this for me, girl?”

My Nadder preened my messy hair.

Hiccup took the bird off the spit. Beside it was a pot of boiling water.

“Seagull al la carte. Hope the seasonings cover some of the gamy taste.”

Eight dragons watched with hungry eyes as I took a bite.

Hiccup threw a couple pieces to each one.

“Now go on, guys. You know where to get your own.”

They slinked, slithered and stalked outside. Only Toothless remained.

“Not bad,” I said, surprised at the flavor. “I can’t believe you brought seasonings, you dork,”

“Oh you think that’s bad?” He laughed. “I brought tea.”

“You didn’t.”

“I did. It’s what I’m making with the hot water.”

“Ugh! Gross!”

“What’s gross?” Heather crawled up to the fire. She was wrapped in her blanket as well.


“It’s not really,” Hiccup defended as he poured two mugs. “You should try it, Heather. You might like it.”

“But you won’t.”

“Hey, if it’s made with hot water, I’m game.” She shivered.

Hiccup got his pouch out, sprinkled a pinch of herbs into each mug and let it steep.

“Morning, guys,” Fishlegs joined us. “Oh, nice! I thought I smelled Hiccup’s cooking.”

“Help yourself, Fishlegs.”

“Don’t mind if I do,”

He made sure to serve Heather first.

“Did you guys hear anything last night?” I asked.

“What, you mean other than Dagur’s snoring?”

“Yeah aside from that.”

“No. Did you?” Hiccup looked at me intently.

I shrugged. “No. But I woke up in the middle of the night and the dragons seemed agitated.”

“Hey. Where did they all go anyway?” the twins just realized the enormous reptiles were missing.

“I sent them off to get breakfast- Agh Hey!”

“FOOOOOOOD,” Dagur suddenly appeared behind Hiccup, snatching a piece of seagull.

“Would you stop that?!?” Hiccup snapped, moving away from the Berserker.

“Sorry old habits. He munched on the bird. “Mmmmmm.”

“Forgive his table manners,” Heather scowled. “They’re usually better when Mala’s around.”

“Hunger changes a man, sister. But a wife that can kyll will too. So where are we headed today, brother? The Isle of Great Britanglos? Ship graveyard? BlasterShadder Island? The Boredwalk?”

“Boredwalk? What’s the Boredwalk?”

“Duh. The island where we get bored of walking because we have dragons and can fly.”

“…Right. Actually we’re headed to our neighbors, the Meatheads.”

Toothless lifted his head and sniffed the air. He wandered the cave following a scent, walking over Snotlout in the process.

“Stupid reptile!” The Jorgenson snorted, half awake.

“Hey Snotlout, think you might join the living before noon?”

Snotlout growled and pulled his blanket over his head.

“Meatheads. K. Their all right, not enough happening in the noggin, if you know what I mean.” Dagur shrugged. “Don’t get me wrong; I love a good bludgeoning, but there has to be some brains involved. Where else are we going?”

“Well, if things go smoothly, we’ll head to the Bashem Oiks, rest at Dragons Edge, and then check in with the Defender’s of the Wing.”

“You make weird flight pattern decisions.”

“How do you figure?”

“Well the Bashem Oiks are much closer to Berk than the Bob Burglars. Why didn’t you go there first?”

“Because the Bashem Oiks are less likely to burn Berk to the ground over a misunderstanding.” Hiccup stirred the tea and pulled the loose leaves out. “I think that about does it. Here you are, Heather.”

“Thank you, this smells good,” She took the cup and warmed her hands.

“Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a place on one’s way to the grindstone where every morning one could get delicious hot beverages that were made with beans?” Tuffnut spouted one of his crazy ideas. “A place with drinks so energizing that you felt you could reach for the stars and buck like a wild boar all day. We could call it… Celestial Body Leaps. And charge outrageous prices.”

“Eeeeewwww. Who would drink something made with beans?” Ruffnut cringed.

“Do you even know what a grindstone is?” I asked the lazy Thorston.

“Something to be avoided at all costs.”

Hiccup laughed. “Energy in a cup? Pretty crazy, Tuffnut. But hey if it happened I’d be the first in line.”


Just as Hiccup was taking a sip Toothless’ big paw came smashing down.

With a yell Hiccup jumped up, burning hot tea seeping into his clothes. 

The dragon’s eyes were narrow slits, his teeth barred. He swat at Heather, who jumped back and dropped her cup. He flung himself all around. His tail hit the pot, water went everywhere and doused the fire.

“WHAT are you doing?!?”

Nose twitching furiously, Hiccup’s dragon threw him to the ground and sniffed all over his face, making worried grunts.

“I’m fine, Toothless,” Hiccup sat up, pushing him off. “Or I was until you spilled boiling hot water all over me!”

The Nightfury snorted and paced, scolding in dragonnese.

“Oh! Heather! Are you alright?” Fishlegs was helping her up in an instant.

“Yes I’m fine. But really Hiccup, what has gotten into your poor dragon?”

“I wish I knew.”

Toothless stopped scolding. His ears perked and his eyes grew wide.

The seagulls were in an uproar, but even over them we could hear the sound of dragon fire.

Snotlout sat up like a board. “That was Hookfang,” He said, pulling the blanket off his face. “That was Hookfang and it was not friendly.”

“I bet he’s hogging all the seagulls to himself,” Fishlegs muttered.

“Ooo. Like he could on this island, Judgeface.”

Toothless’s brisk trot was matched by his urgency as he turned and beckoned Hiccup to follow.

Hiccup shook out his clothes. With a sigh, he gave up on the current mess and focused on the new one. “Let’s go break it up.”

Dagur groaned. “I’m bringing my shield.”


Outside we trudged through the unpleasantries of the islands namesake, dodging bombs as they fell. Dagur had to get his sword out to keep the seagulls at bay.

The Nightfury was on a mission and he couldn’t stop making Nightfury noises. He held his head high. His ears and flaps vibrated, his nostrils were flared. Once in a while he trilled.

Toothless led us deeper into the island, less occupied by birds and protected from their droppings by trees. He first went one way, then another, zig-zagging all through the small forest.

“Okay. It’s official Hiccup, your dragon has gone crazy.” Snotlout snorted through heavy breaths. “This is a wild boar chase!”

“Every time you’ve said that you’ve been wrong,” Hiccup shot back, trying to keep up with his enthusiastic friend.

He wasn’t the only one having trouble Toothless was really moving.

We came across an area covered with mossy rocks; the base of the island’s mountain. There we found Hookfang, Meatlug, Shattermaster, Windshear, Sleuther, Stormfly, and Barf and Belch. Not making a sound.

“Somethings not right,” Fishlegs said nervously.

An eerie feeling crept over all of us.

“What are you guys doing out here?” Hiccup wondered aloud.

They stared at him, then away, all at once, in the same direction.

Toothless followed their gaze. He walked right past them. They squawked and snorted and grunted. He went around some of the boulders and stopped. There he waited for us, wriggling impatiently and panting.

We turned the corner…






And there she was.