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By LissaFish, the ever so slightly Eccentric







This is Berk. If anyone thinks it’s cold we’ll they’re just a wimp. Our village. She’s been through a lot but none the worse for the wear, why, she’s even better than before I think. Starting from ashes every year is a good thing; cleans up all the unwanted guests and does wonders to our gardens.

Berk is awesome. We have fishing, and hunting, and weapons galore, and best of all, our trusty mounts, the Dragons. Vikings travel around the world just to get a glimpse of Berk and her fabled Dragons. Some gawk and soon find axes flying their way, but there are some who dodge the axes, fight back, and become sound members of the community. It’s pretty great.

Everyone hears of the war stories of our great Chief; how he slayed the terrible Red Death, and bested Drago Bloodfist and his Bewilderbeast. Everyone wants to see him soaring through the sky, riding his Night Fury to glorious battle.

But they won’t. because Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third doesn’t have a life.



I’m Astrid. And this is Toothless. Valka and I take turns riding him in circles around the Archipelago because Hiccup doesn’t have the time to go on long flights. Things can get messy if Toothless isn’t exercised. He causes all sorts of mischief. One time Valka thought I was going to ride him and I thought that she was, so of course he didn’t get ridden and the whole town suffered. Why? Because Toothless went and found Hookfang and together they played tag. In the middle of the night. In the middle of the village. And on fire. Yeah.


Anyway, thanks to Hiccup everything’s been fixed, replaced and painted. No one would know that five thousand pounds of flaming muscle had come through.




“Knock it off Stormfly!” I called back, “Jealousy does not become you.”

Toothless glanced back at my gorgeous sky blue Nadder, and stuck his tongue out. She glared back with narrowed eyes but didn’t do anything. He was after all, the Alpha.

“Ugh you two. There’s got to be an easier way to do this.”

I used my Hiccup voice “Well sure there is, Astrid! I just need to ride my own dragon! I mean, after all, he is my best friend so it just makes sense that he would cause trouble if I don’t spend enough time with him!”

“O Hiccup you’re so wise.”

 “Sure am! That’s why you married me!”

“But terrible at flirting.”

“Yeah. Yeah I’ll work on it.”

I studied the ring on my finger. He made it himself; it was a Nadder; the wings wrapped around my finger and the tail curve out like a cork screw

Toothless heaved a sad sigh. I patted him on the neck, then fondled my beautiful ring. “Me too, pal.”



I returned to the stables to find Valka… where she always was.

She and Cloudjumper both cocked their heads. “You… had a good time?” She asked; knowing I didn’t seem happy but unable to find the words she was looking for.

“It was alright. Stormfly is getting more and more irritated about it though. She doesn’t like ponying.”

“Yes,” she approached Stormfly and scratched her head, looking into her eyes. “Yes.”

“Do you know where Hiccup is?”

“I think at the docks. There’s rumor another ship of Vikings are coming in.”

“Alright. Gorf!”

The stable boy, Gorf the Great, walked out of the nearest stable.

I glanced at Valka. “He’s been there listening the whole time?”

Valka smiled and nodded. “Isn’t he good with the dragons?”

“Uhhh… yeah. Good job… Gorf. Hey would you go get Toothless’s free-style tail?”

Without a word, Gorf backed into the stable again.

“Don’t worry he’s getting it,” Valka answered my concerned look.

That kid was weird.



At the docks we were met by the usual ceremony; Vikings throwing axes in mostly fun at each other and welcoming new Vikings to Berk. And in the throng of it all were Johann and Hiccup.

“Five hundred! Johann we bargained for three fifty! And what’s all this other stuff??”

“Well this,” Johann proudly held up a very strange looking horn. “This is nothing but the infamous Death Song Call! Just watch,”

“No, no! Let’s not be swarmed by every dragon on the island...” He looked at the thing more closely. “Johann where did you get this?”

“Ha ha, I traded it with my bo- well, Chief, that is! One Death Song horn for a mere-”

“Whoa Lissafish! -Excuse me, Johann- What are you doing?”

Lissafish shrugged sheepishly. “Nothing,”

“You’re looking for dragon eggs aren’t you?”

“And I’ve got one or two of them to sell!” Johann chirped.

“Not helping. Put that back where you found it you don’t need any more dragons. This is really becoming a problem for you!”

“Just one…”

“No! You have too many as it is!”

“But I need it.”

“No, you don’t. Now Put it back before my patience runs out!”

“Aww, come now master Hiccup, it’s just a little shock jaw,”

“I need another Shockjaw.”



“Having fun, sweetheart?” I called from behind the entertaining scene.

“Hey! Astrid! You’re a sight for sore eyes!”

Hiccup turned to me. Lissafish and Johann made a quick swap and Lissafish sneaked stealthily, if not bulky and awkwardly, off the trade ship.

We clasped hands and gave each other a peck. His Night Fury ring latched tails with my Nadder ring and their noses touched.

“And Toothless! What’s up bud?”

Toothless pushed his way through. “How’s my best pal? You and Astrid conquering the skies out there? I see you’re wearing your free-style tail.”

“Stormfly was getting a little jealous so I thought I better ride her down here instead. He’s really getting the hang of flying on his own again.”

“That he has, Lass! Why, I’ve seen him hop clear over three Islands, once!” Johann chimed in.

“Flying solo again,” Hiccup rubbed Toothless’ jaw, “Bet you’re just loving that.”

Toothless seemed to be in Dragon Valhalla, soaking up Hiccups attention. He waged his tail.

“Oh Astrid I want you to meet some new Vikings who didn’t run from the welcoming ceremony. This is Ziva of Isle of Rael, Rena and Stellan Ericcson, Alvin, a poor but honest farmer, David the Tennant, and Gilbert the-”

“AWESOME!” the white-haired boy in the back shouted.

“I’m a doctor, actually,” said David the Tennant, he held a small device in his hand.

“What’s that?”

“A clicker. It’s to train dragons.”

“Wow his voice sounds just like Spitelout,” I muttered to Hiccup.

“I know. Anyway, they got the clans stamp of approval and will be moving in with us.”

“Our tryer of true grit. Proven to get us only the bravest of Vikings,” I said with pride. “I know you don’t really understand it, but I’m so glad you didn’t make us stop testing the newcomers.”

“Well you know it’s sort of like trading. I’ve got to let some things go if I really want others to change.”

“And speaking of trading-”

“Four hundred Johann and not a penny more. You’re going to throw in that Death Song horn, too.”

“But that valuable item cost me a lot! I couldn’t possibly-”

Hiccup held out the four hundred and Johann snatched it from his hands. “Done!”

“Hey Hicstrid! Look what I found!”

Snotlout came strutting out of the mess of stuff with an enormous helmet. It was gold colored with horns that looked like the horns of an Ibex. “A crown fitting for a Jorgenson.”

“If by that you mean hard headed and empty brained, sure!” I yelled back.

“YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT!” The twins appeared out of nowhere and attacked Snotlout.

“Get off!” He tussled with them.

“That is the helmet of our beloved villain, Loki! We would rather hidethan see it on your face!” Ruffnut yelled.

“We would rather hidethan see your face just in general,” Toughnut added.

“Let go I found it first!”

“Johann, did you find any new books out there on dragons?” Fishlegs inquired.

“No but I did find a strange scroll with some funny looking dragon sketches. Thought of you immediately!”

“Hiccup look at these!” Fishlegs opened the scroll. Behind him the twins and Snotlout toppled off the boat into the sea.

“Sorry Fishlegs I have to stop the twins from drowning Snotlout.”

Hiccup jumped over the side.

“I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!” I yelled over Thorston war cries.

Hiccup pealed the twins off of Snotlout who came up choking for air.

“You two go that way, Snotlout, you go that way and the helmet stays here with Johann because we don’t need this kind of trouble in Berk. And if I hear either of you are at it again you’re all spending the night in the training ring!” Hiccup barked.

I could see Snotlout thinking up one of his smart remarks, but he didn’t say anything. Hiccup was Chief now, and, surprisingly, Snotlout respected that. Most of the time.

 “Now,” Hiccup looked up at me, drenched in salt water. “What did you want to talk about?”

“HICCUP!” Bellowed beefy one-armed, one-legged Gobber. “There you are I’ve turned Berk upside down looking for you! Why aren’t you at the Great Hall?”

“Oh, crud. The crop census and layout I forgot. How long have they been waiting??”

“Long enough to start throwing farm animals at each other.”

Toothless lowered his tail into the water and helped Hiccup back aboard. “Thanks, pal. Astrid, I’m really sorry but I’ve got to go,”

I sighed. “I know. Just, come home early, to dinner? So you’re not so wiped out you fall asleep before I can say anything?”

“Okay. Come one Toothless to the great hall!”



That night we had smoked fish for dinner. Like pretty much every night. I’d rather swing an ax than cook a meal is there a problem with that?

Hiccup came home, a little earlier, but in the same condition, exhausted. Toothless went straight to his stone bed and sat their looking dejected. Stormfly stared at him through the window. She was still mad that he stuck his tongue out at her earlier, and was hoping for an apology.

“I think you need to spend some more time with Toothless,”

“What are you talking about? Toothless and I were together half the day.”

“Yeah, but look at him. He needs more of your attention.”

“He has my attention. Every spare second of attention I can get. Astrid, Berk is growing, and I am her Chief. This is- is a huge responsibility.”

“I know that. And I’m here to help you. We all are, if you would only let us.”

“I let you guys help; Gobber gives me advice, Fishlegs and my mother always tell me when fire worms are migrating or when the speed stinger pack is getting close, and you and Snotlout take care of the defenses against hostile viking ships.”

“But you never take a break, Hiccup! You haven’t left Berk since Drago, not once.”

“I can’t just leave. These people, and these dragons, are my people and my dragons. What kind of a leader leaves his people to- to fly off into the sunset?!? Or, explore new worlds? Discover new species of dragons, feel the wind in his hair, touch the moon and the stars…”

A wet nose nudged Hiccups hand. Toothless had slowly wandered up to the table.

Hiccup pat the dragon on his forehead.

“You need to be able to rely on us to take care of Berk, even when you’re not here to oversee it. I think between me, your mom, and Gobber, we could totally keep things under control.”

Hiccup laughed.

“What’s so funny?” I snapped.

“I’m sorry… it’s just that combination. I mean, you know how my mom is, and then you and Gobber have always been ones to hand out axes in heated arguments.”

“Give us a little more credit, Hiccup, three years ago you and Toothless would have flown away if you dad sat you down and handed this job over. Don’t you think we can change too? Look at how much your mom is trying. All she wants is to make amends with you for not being there. She’s learning how to live with people again for you.”

“I’m so sorry Astrid. I didn’t mean that you guys aren’t good enough. You are. I’m just… I’m just not the same person I was I guess. I can’t leave because I would be worrying about Berk the whole time I was gone.”

“Because your dad isn’t here to keep it safe.”

He was quite for a time.

“I have to take care of Berk. Nobody else can fill his shoes,”

“Maybe his shoes aren’t meant to be filled.”

Hiccup looked wounded. “Maybe. But I can sure try. Listen, I’m wiped out and I have to be up before dawn, maybe we can talk about this another time.”



I stared at the ceiling, listening to Hiccup toss and turn, yelling orders, telling people to stop. Toothless got up and wandered the house aimlessly. Sometime late in the night he stopped and stared out the window into the night sky.

My boys. What was I going to do with them?


Finally I drifted off to sleep, and never heard the Night Fury hop out the window, and with his special new tail, take to the sky.