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Welcome to the Earthguard's How to Train Your Dragon and School of Dragons themed roleplay! This is, for the time-being, an Earthguard Clan-Member only roleplay (but one day we may invite others to join). It is open-world and free-plotted, meaning that you may be anywhere in the cannon world of HTTYD movies, shorts, TV shows, and SoD, and that the roleplay is driven by its members (not restricted to a plot). I may nudge the roleplay along with various missions or events to keep it going as necessary. 



The roleplay takes place before How to Train Your Dragon 2, and up to Race to the Edge episode 'Defenders of the Wing Part 1." Hiccup and his friends are older and have built the Edge and are currently searching for Viggo. The Defenders of the Wing are recognized but not familiar to students at the School.


The roleplay begins with Earthguard clan members meeting at a post-Snoggletog meeting as they prepare for the coming of spring. Having rescued the School’s baby dragons from Viggo’s clutches, the clan looks to explore Eira’s Island in hopes of building a base there.


Once signed up, you may jump right into the Roleplay. As a part of Earthguard, we might fight wildfires, rescue lost Vikings or injured dragons, battle poachers and trappers, fend off a Red Death, help Vikings with wild or feral dragon or animal problems, or even just plant trees, protest the use of dragon skin clothing, or explore the land. Some days are dangerous and full of excitement and some days are more relaxed and involve celebrations, sports, or daily life at the School. Where will you take your story?


(If you are not an Earthguard Clan member but would like to be, please check out our Clan Information and send me a PM here on the forum.


Roleplay Rules:

·You must be an Earthguard member to participate

·All Forum and Clan Rules Apply

·Please do not reply to DO NOT REPLY posts. Thank you!

·Please do not reply to anybody's Roleplay posts or Viking Profiles directly, in case these posts need to be edited for any reason. You may reply to regular Out of Character posts.


Roleplaying Format:

Please follow these guidelines for a consistant, easy reading experience.

· Write in third person. 

· Use behaviors, vocalizations, and non-spoken prose to convey dragon thoughts and desires.

· Please do not make dragons "speak" in English, Norse, or Dragonese, even to each other.

· Use "quotation marks" for speech. 

· Italicize for inner thoughts. 

· Use CAPS for loud noise or speech. 

· Use ((double parenthesis)) for Out of Character (OOC) discussion/posts once the roleplay has started. 

· Check for spelling and grammar before posting.

· Try to post at least a paragraph at a time when roleplaying.


Roleplaying Content:

· No Godmodding (Controlling other people's characters, never letting attacks hit your character(s), etc)

· Any experienced roleplayer can control NPCs such as Hiccup, Astrid, and Stoick, but only if they stay true to the character. Control of these characters should be kept to a minimum.

· Remember what time period HTTYD takes place in. This is the Viking age, there is no electricity, there are no toilets (they use cesspits), and they didn't have modern medicine.

· Magic is allowed, but only to the extent that movies and games show. Gothi, for example, can read bones and prophesize the future.  Most Vikings believed in Norse mythology and shamanism, some Christianity. 

· Romance and gore is allowed, but please keep it PG-13.


Creating Your Characters:

· To join our role play, please use the form to write your Viking profile using these guidelines below. 

· You may start the role play with or without dragons or eggs. 

· Try to make your character realistic -- nobody is perfect. 

· Have no more than one Screaming Death per Viking.

· "Borrow" Toothless as little as possible, Only one person may "borrow" Toothless at a time.

· List all major characters (Viking, Dragon, or Pet) in your Viking Profile.

· Refrain from having Titan Class species or Night Furies. These dragons should only appear during Events.

· Refrain from starting with Titan Stage Dragons, unless they have a major weakness or developed story. Dragons may mature to Titan-wing stage, but only after serious training, adventuring for runes, and/or age. 

· Refrain from having immediate relationships to cannon characters (Brother, sister, mother, father, etc.) 


· You may reserve a certain font color for your character. This is completely optional, but helps tell two characters apart from each other. Example: The Berserker Warrior menacingly stood over her, posed to attack. "Prepare to meet your Fate, Dragon Rider." Mariella trembled on her knees, dazed. A drop of sweat ran down her forehead. Is this really the end? she wondered, closing her eyes. SWOOSH! The Berserker's blade slashed towards her heart.  CRACK! Astonished, Mariella opened her eyes, which grew wide and teary. "JASPER! You found me!" There he was, Jasper the Gronckle in all his glory, growling low with the sword clutched between strong jaws. 

· We’ve been reserving bold text for enemy NPC’s, and bold grey for friendly NPC’s.


Going Inactive:

If you expect to be away from the forum for an extended period of time, you should either give myself or others permission to control your character(s) or else remove your character(s) yourself from contact with other roleplayers pior to leaving. For example, you could make them "come down sick with a cold" and stay home. 


Timeline Summary

You may use this timeline to help you figure out how old you or your dragons would be in relationship to major events in the franchise. For example, I wanted to have my character to be 24 years old and have a 10 year old dragon that I hatched. For me, this means that my character and dragon grew up before Vikings and Dragons were peaceable. Keep in mind that you don't have to hatch your dragon; you may tame or purchase dragon of any age.


Year 0 - Hiccup (age 15) trains Toothless in HTTYD. Gift of the Night Fury, Legend of the Boneknapper, and Book of Dragons Shorts take place.

Year 1 - Hiccup (Age 16) forms the Dragon Training Academy and Flight Club. He is captured by Alvin and the Outcasts but manages to escape. (Riders of Berk)

Year 2 - Hiccup (Age 17) and friends defend Berk against the Whispering Deaths and Screaming Death unleashed by the Outcasts. They make a truce/alliance with the Outcasts (Defenders of Berk). Dawn of the Dragon Racers takes place. The School of Dragons is founded. 

Year 3 - Hiccup (age 18) and the gang build the Edge (Race to the Edge Season 1). Icestorm Island, Deathsong Island and other SoD locations are discovered in SOD.

The Present

Year 4 - Hiccup (age 19) and friends continue their adventures. RTTE takes place up until the Defenders of the Wings Part 2. Between year 4 and 5 is when our Roleplay is taking place. 

The Future:

Year 5  - Hiccup (age 20) and Toothless defeat Drago and the Bewilderbeast in HTTYD2. Hiccup is made Chief. 


Dragon Aging and Development

We know very little about the aging process and life expectancy of dragons. What we do know is that Toothless is 20 years old. I believe it is a safe assumption to say that dragons reach full maturity faster than humans, but age slower after maturity. (Dragons are said to live hundreds of years). Smaller animals tend to age faster, so Terrible Terror, Fireworm (workers), and Night Terrors may have shorter life expectancy. 


Like birds and other flying animal species, many dragons can fly right from or soon after birth. Some species may require observation learning while others know how to fly instinctively or may be "naturals" or "prodigy."


Some exceptionally large or strong hatchlings may be able to fly with riders soon after birth (like the Scuttleclaw from HTTYD2), but others may need time to develop their wing and body muscles to carry riders and heavy burdens.  Additionally, some dragons may remain physically too small to ride until late in development (Titan Terrible Terror for example.)


Individuals may grow and develop at different rates, just as humans do. You may have quick learners, slow learners, early developers or late bloomers. In the end, just do whatever seems right for you and your dragon.


Viking Runes

Viking runes are mysterious stones and stone tablets with mystical powers. They are found throughout the Viking realm, usually near ancient sites like the temple on Icestorm Island and Deathsong Island, but may be found anywhere. Dragons are drawn to these stones and have a knack for finding them and they tend to 'find you' as you need them.


Titan Runes- Collect 50 and be arranged in a circle with dragon in the middle to age a fully-grown dragon to its titan form.

Elder Runes-  Any dragon which touches one will grow older by one stage, but no older than Broadwing.

Eternal Runes- Any dragon which touches one will become more youthful or grow no older for a period of time.

Class Runes- These mysterious runes have class symbols of dragons drawn on them. We don't know what they do.



My OC, Eslig. Meet him in the Earthguard RP! Credit to umbreon27 for the amazing picture.

My two main dragons, Ambolt (pink) and Septimus (blue-green).


Eslig and Ambolt!


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Character sheet


Creating your Character(s):

Before you begin roleplaying, please read the rules and then fill out your Character Application (below). If you plan on having two Vikings, fill out the form for each Viking. If you do not plan on having a Pet, you may remove that section. If you plan on having multiple dragons at start, then copy and fill out the dragon section for each. You may have as many dragons as you like or can comfortably handle and are welcome to update your form as you acquire additional dragons or pets throughout the course of the RP. If you feel the need to add additional information you may do so (such as a section for relatives, any special items or weapons your character has, etc). I will link your form to the list above once I have read over your profile. If there's anything wrong I will let you know via PM before adding your character's name to the list.


​Please be as through and specific as possible when describing your characters. A well-thought out character with both strengths and weaknesses makes for an interesting character.


Inserting Pictures: To insert your picture, the first thing you need to do is to upload your photo to an image hosting website, such as photobucket or tinypic. Once that's done you can copy the link provided and then, back at the forum, select the icon that looks like a painting of a house. You will get a dialog with a preview box full of Latin text. Paste the link from the image-hosting website into the URL field.  If you wish to resize your image you can edit the width and height, and you can also choose how the image will be aligned within text. Hit OK when you're done and it should be all set!



[Picture goes Here.]






















Do you want to reserve a color for your Viking? If Yes, what color?



[Picture Here]






















Pet:. (if any)

[Picture Here]






















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Characters & Summary (DNR)
(Earthguard Members)
(non-Earthguard Members)
Retired Vikings
Namika Rose
Calder Abels
What has happened so far....
After having dreamt about this for a long time, Mariella (Mar) decided to start her own clan. She and her Gronckle Jasper went out and distributed invitations to their new clan “Earthguard” around the School of Dragons. They were excited when the first six interested Vikings showed up to their Earthguard information party - Herze, Tallyra (Tally), Lady Brasa (Brasa), Eslig, Namika Rose, and Rubinesse (Rue). While Vikings and dragons were getting to know each other better over a festive dinner at Mar’s farm plot, the sudden noise of the school’s alarm interrupted the party. The newly formed clan already had to help out as some battleships with Outcast and Berserker sails unexpectedly attacked the Training Grounds. It was the first time Earthguard had to work as a team and to learn how to handle themselves and their dragons in a dangerous situation. Slightly injured, they all survived their first battle and from the shared treasure that was found on the enemie’s ships some of them obtained dragon eggs which all turned into new dragon comrades during the next few weeks.
After some time of recovery and finding back to everyday life, the clan met again at the big Snoggletog feast in the Great Hall. Nihtclaw and her two dragons joined the clan. The headmaster raised the concern that by now it seemed like the Outcast and Berserker sails during the attack had only been a disguise. The real attackers were unknown but apparently had tried to lure Berk into a war with their allies. While Hiccup and the original riders went out, trying to find out more, Earthguard prepared for a trip to Healer’s island in order to help Berk stock up again on healing herbs. 
Krystal joined the clan. They were allowed to borrow Phlegma’s ship, the Salty Cabbage, and so they sailed to Healer’s island. Landing on the island, the clan mates had to fight against Grimora that suddenly infected some of the dragons and the group had to split up. They managed to find a cure against the Grimora but discovered three dragon hunter ships at the other side of the island. They encountered the fierce female dragon hunter Maudine for the first time who was working for Viggo’s assistant Amanda. But Earthguard was able to trick the hunters so that they were able to fight them off. They learned that the hunters had been breeding Grimora in order to use infested dragons in their fight against Berk and Earthguard planned on returning to Healer’s island soon in order to cleanse the infestation completely. They returned to Berk not only with healing herbs and newfound dragon friends but also with a captured dragon hunter ship in which they found dragon hunter sails that had been repainted with the crests of the Berserkers, Hairy Hooligans, Outcasts and some unknown crest (Defenders of the Wing – which aren’t known in Berk by then).
Back home, the clan members engaged in different School classes and activities, at which point the RP did a time-jump to autumn. Eira, who had been shipwrecked and was living solitarily with her two dragons on an island (which will be referred to as “Eira’s island” for now), was attacked by the sudden appearance of dragon hunters. Mariella had been to Dragon’s edge in the meantime and was now on a journey with Krystal, Eslig and Tally in order to look for an island to build Earthguard’s headquarters on. They met Eira while she was escaping on her Timberjack Driftwood from the hunters and they helped her to get back her captured dragon, Haelstrom. As the battle between the dragon riders and the hunters went on, they sent Eslig’s dragon Ambolt for reinforcements and Brasa, Rue, Hiccup and his gang came to help them. With the incoming help and also the help of some Changewings Maudine and her crew were overwhelmed and Eira gave Hiccup the dragon eye lens that the hunters had been looking for. In the end, Eira decided to join Earthguard and her and her dragons moved with them to Berk while Maudine swore revenge on Berk and on Earthguard in particular.
Back home again, the clan members settled down and some got one or more new dragons. They all came together for a Dreadfall party at Tally’s which was interrupted after a while by Styggy, the leader of the clan “The Endless Nightmares”, showing up uninvitedly. Since Mar had watched him kicking a baby Zippleback off a rock earlier and Earthguard had tried their best to nurse the heavily injured baby back to health, Styggy was not welcome and was kicked out of her property by Tally. When Ambolt, Eslig's dragon, who held a personal grudge against Styggy, lost his temper and went after him, the whole clan was lured into a fight with the bullies of “The Endless Nightmares” clan. While the fight was stopped by the original riders and the headmaster and both clans were finally released without punishment, the hostilities continued during the next few weeks. For example, The Endless Nightmares destroyed the cave entrance to Sigyn’s shrine so that Rue had to rebuild it again after having it restored almost completely after her dragons accidentally had broken it the first time. (The RP does a time-jump to Snoggletog.)
The “Snoggletog trader” turned out to be Eslig’s grandma Hilde who had been looking for him in the whole archipelago. Hilde decided to stay with them at the School from now on and so she donated her ship to Earthguard, which will be named Freyja later on. The Snoggletog party in the Great Hall was even more pepped up by a mistletoe incident between Eslig and his not so secret admirer, Leende, a food-fight, presents and the return of the dragons and their newborn babies. Yuzara (Zara) joined the RP.
The morning after Snoggletog, Eslig’s baby dragons suddenly were gone and he found a message from Styggy which lead Earthguard into the forest. They learned that Styggy had been cooperating with the dragon hunters who had stolen many small and baby dragons all around Berk and the School during the night, also Eslig’s and Mar’s baby dragons. Then a big dragon fight started after Styggy, riding on a Gronckle, dropped Dragon root between their dragons. The morning after, Earthguard started out to sea with the Freyja and grandma Hilde while Hiccup and his gang were trying to fly after the hunters. Reluctantly, they also let Styggy on board after he assured them that he felt kind of sorry, that he had been betrayed by his ‘allies’ the dragon hunters as well and that his dragon Midnight also had been taken. They decided to go to Auction Island first.
Disguised as slaves and traders, they infiltrated Auction Island and split up in teams to gather information. Eslig and Eira were caught by dragon hunters and brought to the arena where dragon fights were held.  Rue learned about a big dragon sale coming up on Armourwing Island from two other slaves. Tally freed some dragons from their cages which started to cause chaos on the island. Their cover was finally blown when they all rushed to free Eslig and Eira from the arena. While they escaped to the ship because of hordes of dragon hunters rushing in and the dragon’s fire spreading all around, they had to leave Eslig behind in the deep tunnels behind the arena.
Mourning Eslig’s possible death and feeling bad for leaving him behind, they planned on going to Armourwing Island nevertheless. During the passage, they met the ship of Captain Hake, a slave trader with his ‘cargo’. They freed the slaves who were only slowly getting used to having dragons around but they were willing to help Earthguard on Armourwing Island (the main characters of the slaves are Karl, Irina and Ivan). Hiccup and his gang joined Earthguard on the Freyja. Meanwhile, Eslig had survived the fire and was tortured by Viggo until he finally agreed to turn on his friends and became a dragon hunter, or at least acted as though he did.
The day of the big dragon sale, Earthguard infiltrated the island through tunnels that they had their Whispering Deaths dig for the last few days. While the original riders distracted the hunters and traders from the air, Mar and her team were able to free most of the captured dragons and bring them to safety. In the big fight that was unfolding between dragon hunters and dragon riders, Eslig, who had been held captive on a hunter ship, was freed. Hiccup offered Viggo to talk but the head of the hunters disappeared with Eslig’s baby dragons into the vast tunnel system. The hunters escaped through the tunnels while the riders flew around the island to cut them off and saved Eslig’s dragons from sinking to the ocean floor in a dragon cage. Hiccup and his friends went after the hunters but Earthguard had to return home with their reclaimed dragons to recover. The slaves and some of the freed and now homeless dragons decided to come home with them to Berk.

((clan banner by Sentinel Soul))


((clan card by ladybrasa))




[ Viking Name ]

Eira "Ylva" Wolfeye, the Changeling

[ In-game Name ]


[ Age ]


[ Hair ]

Auburn, Long and unruly

[ Eyes ]

Right eye: Golden Yellow

Left eye: Green

[ Build ]

Short and scrawny 

[ Personality ]

Headstrong, fiercely loyal, abrupt, introspective, introvert

 [ Attire ]

Scraps of leathers, furs, and dragon scales, hood and mask, braided leather headband

[ Equipment ]

Dragon spine daggers, spear, composite recurve bow, gemshorn (dragon horn ocarina)







..:: EIRA'S DRAGONS ::..


[ Name ]


[ Species ]


[ Gender ]


[ Color ]

Olive and reddish brown

[ Personality ]

Pragmatic, passive, protective





[woolly howl base by megaboltphoenix, coloring by me]

[ Name ]


[ Species ]

Woolly Howl

[ Gender ]


[ Color ]

Dark Brown, light tan

[ Personality ]

Grumpy, ornery, mistrusting




[ Name ]


[ Species ]

Silver Phantom

[ Gender ]


[ Color ]

Blue, white, silver





[ Name ]


[ Species ]

Terrible Terror

[ Gender ]


[ Color ]

Brown, red, white




(( I am an RPer and always up for RP in-game or on the forums! ^^ ))

(( If you see me flying around in-game, feel free to join in. ^^ ))

(( PM for Friend Code ))

((All art by me unless otherwise specified))


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Eslig and Ambolt Character Sheet




((Image coming, one in signature))


Name: Eslig

Nicknames/Title: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Residence: A small, isolated farm a few miles away from the School


Personality: Eslig is slowly maturing from a hot-headed youth into a slightly less hot-headed youth. He tends to wear his heart on his sleeve and often lets his emotions guide his actions. For the most part he is level-headed, but in times of danger or strife he often acts first and thinks second. While he enjoys talking to people, especially those he considers close friends, he can be shy when meeting someone new and it may take some time before he opens up to them. Once his friendship is gained, however, Eslig is loyal to a fault. His first obligation is to his dragon, Ambolt, his second to his friends and clanmates, and then himself. He has experienced a lot of strife in his short life, and his tendency to run from past problems rather than addressing them can have unforseen consequences later down the road.


History: Eslig is slowly piecing together his history. His earliest memories are of his grandmother Hilde scraping a life from a tiny island. He was enslaved by Dragon Hunters for several years (approximately age 7-17) until he managed to escape by riding a Deadly Nadder named Ambolt to the School.


Likes: Deadly Nadders, freedom, and comradeship


Dislikes: Bullies, slavery, Dragon Hunters, people hurting his friends


Appearance: Lean but fit, with flaming red hair and an easy smile. There is a small scar across the bridge of his nose.


Do you want to reserve a color for your Viking? Red



Name: Ambolt

Gender: Male

Species: Deadly Nadder

Age: 10

Residence: Wherever Eslig is


Personality: Ambolt, like his rider Eslig, is still in the process of maturing. He is completely devoted to Eslig and will do anything to protect him. Like most Nadders, Ambolt is prideful of his appearance and his status in the eyes of other dragons. He wants to be seen as capable and fit for any challenge that might come his way. 


History: Ambolt was hatched in captivity by Dragon Hunters, and bonded with Eslig during their time there. When forced to fight against Eslig for sport, the two escaped together from the arena and flew an exhausting flight to the School.


Likes: Salmon, showing off, being with Eslig, freedom


Dislikes: Monstrous Nightmares, Dragon Hunters, chains, not being able to fly


Appearance: Pink scales with light geen plummage/spines and a white chest



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Reply HERE to track

Are you from another clan, but want to follow our roleplay anyway? Or (if you are a member) do you want to join but aren't ready to fill out the form or start roleplaying? Feel free to reply to this post so as to not disrupt our roleplay.


(Clan Banner by Sentinel Soul)



(Thanks to Lady Brasa for the beautiful clan member card! :-)



My in game name is also: Rubinesse




My dragons:


Kleiner Clown - Monstrous Nightmare

Gothic - Whispering death

Pfefferminze - Gronckle

Cindarella - Gronckle

Cindy - Sand Wraith

Störtebeker and Flint - Zippleback

Feuersturm - Typhoomerang

Beppi - Snafflefang

Rex - Armorwing

Selestine - Stormcutter

Donnerhall - Thunderdrum

Fönix - Whoolly Howl

Kristallklar - Groncicle

Stella - Sliquifier

Sven - Hotburple

Tinkerbell - Death Song

Winora - Whooly Howl

Komet - Moldruffle

Surprise - Titan Nadder

Traumtänzer ("Jonathan") - Shivertooth

Yellow Submarine - Scauldron

Bonnie - Singetail

Vulcano - Eruptodon

Laura - Monstrous Nightmare

Reah - Razorwhip

Willow - Groncicle

Night - Snow Wraith




Some of my favorite moments in SoD:


**** Stella catching her first fish **** Touching the swirls of light **** Baby Tinkerbell making friends with Selestine **** Spending time with the dragon with which I have the closest bond: Winnie **** Finding ourselves in a glitchy winter wonderland in Berk :-) ****


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Sorry, just tracking for now

Sorry, just tracking for now ...


Visit the Earthguard Clan Forum Thread!



~ OC HTTYD Characters and their Adopted Fan-Dragon Species ~


* VISIT: Hertha the Honey-Maid and her HoneyBumble Littl-Rus

(Honeybumble dragons created by SpaceyQueen)

and her Pygmy Dragon Rosehip

(Pygmy Dragons created by Selethesis)

*VISIT: Storsik Fiskrspordr and his Shadowing Wyvern KnotFish

(Shadowing Wyverns created by Spy GIrl)

*VISIT: Bogbert Margrkind and his Swamp Scrape Quagmire

(Swamp Scrape species created by Grumpyforlife2)

*VISIT: Solfrid the Splendid and her GlowWorm Foxfire

(GlowWorm dragons created by mesaprncss)

*VISIT: Ichor the Impossible and his Septic Fury Mid-Mon

(Septic Furies are created by Buddyfan1)

*VISIT: Marit the Mother and her Oceanic SeaSong Lyric

(Oceanic Seasong species created by Adopto66)

*VISIT: Finngeirr Margrkind and his Gill Grunter Gilly

(Gill Grunters created by Infinity12356 and drawn by 1Flower)

*VISIT: Tawnylda the Dyesmith and her Noelani Dragon WeldWing

(Noelani Dragon species created by Hootowlighbulb)

*VISIT: Wilfred the Wacko and his Scuttling Twin Stinger Zippy

(Scuttling Twin Stingers created by GrumpyForLife2)

*VISIT: Bulljorn Burlyboots and his Hopeless Deathtrail BrendleBlood

(Hopeless Deathtrails created by Snowflake12298)

*VISIT: Beita Thorstabitur and her Thorn Devil Hvasseggr

(Thorn Devil dragons created by Shataikislayer)

*VISIT: Fjara Thorstabitur and her Lullaby WaveWhisper BlueFin

(Lullaby WaveWhispers created by WitcherForever)

*VISIT: Blasik Fiskrspordr and his Thunderthief SeaTrick

(ThunderThief Dragons created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Scampr Scrimpskull and his Shivertooth Shivers

(Artwork by Witcherforever, for a player-sponsored Hideout Competition)

*VISIT: Molda Fungisteinn and her Cave Raider FilchFlame

(Cave Raider dragons created by Valoris620)

*VISIT: Leikny Hrindasnaer and her Icecrusher SnowMunch

(Icecrusher species created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Tarvald the Trader and his Thorny Sea Hound Arni

(Thorny Sea Hounds created by WitcherForever)

*VISIT: Jofast the Jokers' Help and her Field Sprinter Hornswoggle

(Field Sprinter dragons created by Valoris620)

*VISIT: Skammel the Stonesmith and his StoneScale Hunter Pumpkin

(StoneScale Hunters created by WitcherForever)

*VISIT: Birgr the Brash and his Cave Runner DappleLeaf

(Cave Runners created by Selethesis)

*VISIT: Diggr Margrkind and his Spike Roller SmashSnout

(Spike Rollers created by BlackPanther0211. Lineart by NightmareRebuff)

*VISIT: Qiajuk the Wanderer and her Gribtuk WolfWings

(Gribtuk Dragons created by Bavelly)

*VISIT: Ongull Oltorsk and his Sawback RidgeRump

(Sawback dragons created by Buddyfan1)

*VISIT: Gerta the Grandmother and her Armorhead Jordbaer

(Armorhead Dragons created by FloofQueen)

*VISIT: Nauma Margrkind and her WebHead dragon BoarBreath

(WebHeads created by dragon34611)

and her Signal Fire dragon FlashFlare

(Signal Fires created by donnala)

*VISIT: Bera Brawnyboots and her Mistwhirl ShadeShift

(Mistwhirl dragons created by Zitka)

*VISIT: Herbjert Svellheim and his Whirlpool dragon Naught-Eye

(Whirlpools created by DatOneTrumpet)

*VISIT: Ketiley Margrkind and her Feathered Fan Wing Tatters

(Feathered Fan Wings created by ScarfyWings)

*VISIT: Gaukr Gullbatr and his Singing Fin Wing Yodel

(Singing Fin Wings created by ScarfyWings)

*VISIT: Ylva Yammertung and her Solarflare Skrill Scar-Light

(Solarflare Skrills created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Snotra Snozzlestein and her Glowy Cave Lizard Candle

(Glowy Cave Lizards created by ScarfyWings)

and her Clicking Claw Scuttles

(Clicking Claw Dragons created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Barnakarl Thorstabitur and his Dwarf Death SlobberClod

(Dwarf Deaths created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Dillweed Dullum and his Skyworm BilgeBug

(Skyworms created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Shuckr Grimgrange and his Cryaotic Popcorn

(Cryaotics created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Buggi the Beetle and his Marsh Tiger FireStripe

(Marsh Tigers are a Book species drawn by Themasterplan47)

*VISIT: Flaemingr the Fidget and his Deepfisher GlimmerGills

(Deepfishers created by Hootowllighbulb)

*VISIT: Unna Undrdaug and her Dawnknapper AmberEye

(Dawnknappers created by AndreaEaston)

*VISIT: Jackdaw Hagismalr and the Sinistrous Woodreaper SheepSnatcher

(Sinistrous Woodreapers created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Alfny Aldertoes and her Howlian PuppyScale

(Howlians created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Snorre the Still and his Nightsealer Spearrow

(Nightsealers created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Panik the Lost and her Coalskin ShadowSnow

(Coalskins created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Rannow the Reckless and her Jewel Spinner Citrine

(Jewel Spinners created by DyliehIdol1214)

and her Wacky Jabberjaw Brambles

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This is Zitkana, the Rocky Mountain Davus Dragon. ----->

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<---- SharkBeard the Spectral Leviathan 

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<---------------- This shocking lady is Static,

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This fellow is a Perilous Pollen-Puffer,  ------------>

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A Shelleye at left and a Boomerwing at right,

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Lady Brasa's BLUE-SCALE Stables

Selected Dragons:


Bluet the Deadly Nadder

Aster the Tide Glider

Teasel the Flightmare

Thistle the Scuttleclaw

Tigerlily the Monstrous Nightmare

Trillium the Fireworm Queen

Chicory the Hobblegrunt

Laurel the Gronckle

Henbit the Screaming Death

Foxglove the Sand Wraith

Salsify the Scauldron

Skullcap the Typhoomerang

Maypop the Thunderdrum

Nettle the Screaming Death

Honeysuckle the Changewing

                         Germander the Hideous Zippleback                       

Violet the Skrill

Periwinkle the Raincutter

Bergamot the Sweet Death

Clover the Rumblehorn

Vervain the Woolly Howl

Hyacinth the Smothering Smokebreath 

Skullcap the Boneknapper

Yarrow the Shivertooth

Mullein the Shockjaw

Hepatica the Snafflefang

Rue the Speed Stinger

Redbud the Groncicle

Avens the Groncicle

Mazus the Groncicle

Spurge the Moldruffle

Witchazel the Stormcutter

Jimson the Mudraker

Gaura the Hotburple

Cohosh the Grapple Grounder

Agrimony the Snow Wraith

Parsley the Sliquifier

Fern the Prickleboggle

Ironweed th

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Rue Charakter sheet

((DNR please, it's a work in progress :-)



Name: Rubinesse

Nicknames/Title: Rue

Gender: female

Age: 27

Personality: sensitive und rather calm, but can be quite communicative and lively when in the right mood. She’s spiritual and feels deeply connected to nature. She likes to be around warm-hearted people and she’s a reliable friend.

Residence: 44 farmlands, 10 000 Berk. Rue's small house is over the big bridge, near Svens farm. I imagine the land to be a bit less mountainous than it is in the game, so you can walk up the path to the left after the bridge and find a few houses there. Rue's house is the last one in the row, right before the forest starts.



Rubinesse has grown up on Berk. She comes from a family that had lost members during a big tribe war against the Berserkers many many years ago. This was before Oswald the Agreeable, Dagur’s peaceloving father, had become chief of the Berserkers. The horror of war has been like a shadow on Rubinesse’s rather sensitive, artistic-talented ancestors and has passed on from generation to generation. Growing up, Rubinesse’s life hasn’t always been easy. Her parents loved her only child but there had often been conflicts in the family because everybody was struggeling with themselves. So as a child Rubinesse had been shy and sometimes feeling lonely she developed a strong connection to nature which feels like a home to her. From time to time she would wander off for hours, walking through the woods, lying in the grass and watching animals.

She also watched dragons in the wilderness and was interested in how they behaved with each other but she was also frightened of them so she always made sure to hide well. Despite she turned out to be a good fighter at school she prefers not to fight with other Vikings or dragons. So she never fought actively in the dragon raids on Berk. She rather used to hide anxiously inside the house, hoping it wouldn’t go up in flames. When she became an adult she decided that she wanted to live on her own and so she moved to a tiny hut in Berk with a garden where she grows different kinds of vegetables and herbs. As a child she had visited Gothi every now and then, had tried to learn about bone reading and mixing potions and with time, Rue became something like Gothis apprentice.

But Rubinesses’ respectful fear of dragons was the reason why she stayed without one for some time even when more and more Berkians got their own dragons and after Hiccup had trained Toothless. She actually wanted her own dragon, but first she waited and watched the other vikings train their dragons. And then one day… ((See dragon history))



Do you want to reserve a color for your Viking?   Yes, pink  (colour no: #ff0099)



Dragon 1:

Name: Gothic (because his colours reminded me of Gothic culture :-)

Gender: male

Species: Whispering Death

Age: about 5 years

Personality: spiky, moody, headstrong and a bit clumsy in human environment.


History: Long story short: When collecting herbs for Gothi and running into a pair of huge white eyes with long teeth in a cave close to Berk, Rue realized that one of the Whispering Death eggs must have gotten lost when the Outcasts planted them underneath Berk. The Whisper apparently had survived and had grown up all on his own in this cave. But he was injured after a fight with some other dragon, so Rue anxiously and cautiosly, started to take care of him. Training Gothic and taking him to Berk sometimes has always been a handful and it still is, but Rue and Gothic have become quite a good team with time. And even though Gothic would never admit it, he has quite a strong bond with Rue, their small dragon-family and their friends.


Likes: Halibut!, destroying things (especially wooden furniture), his dark cave, swimming

Dislikes: Snoggletog, Toothless

Appearance/Picture: Black and purple with a tiny bit yellow, a bit smaller in size than the average adult Whispering Death.




Dragon 2:

Name: Winora (Winnie)

Gender: female

Species: Wooly Howl

Age: 4 years (Rue and her are still learning how to fly together)

Personality: strong, loyal and caring, doesn't like competition very much



One day when Johan returned to Berk, Rubinesse went to his ship to look for some strange fruits he had brought with him the last time he was there, called "Bananas" or something. Most of the vikings didn't want to taste this fruits back then because they didn't trust him that it wasn't poisonous but Rue (and Gothic) really liked those things.

But unfortunately, this time Johan didn't have any "Bananas" with him. Rue was about to leave the ship when a box with two oval-shaped stones caught her eye. "Johan, she said, are these two dragon eggs??" "Oh noo, that are no dragon eggs, Miss Rubinesse! These are special stones that a tribe on a remote nordic island far from here uses as decoration against bad curses. They put these in their gardens, you know? Their king almost killed me when he found out I had traded them in for..." Rubinesse didn't listen any more to Johan's story. She felt strangely attracted to these stones. Like they were holding a secret and she wanted to know more about it. So she traded one of the stones for a bunch of spikes and teeth Gothic had lost. Back at home she placed it in her garden as according to Johan the people of the nordic tribe do. She just liked this mysterious decoration in her frontyard.

The next morning, she had just got up and was preparing breakfast, when the warm summer morning sun rised. It reached around the corner of Rue's hut and lightened up the garden. Suddenly, a huge explosion outside made the walls tremble. Shocked, Rubinesse dropped her bread and yakmilk. She ran outside and saw what she had almost expected."Arrg Johan! I knew that was a dragon egg! Why did I believe you that it was a stone?"  Excitedly but slowly she walked towards the burst dragon egg shell. In the middle of her (now almost completely destroyed) vegetable garden was sitting the cutest baby dragon she had ever seen.

Even though her decoration stone had turned out to be a dragon she chose to keep it, especially since the little female dragon sometimes made her almost tear up with her cuteness. She named her Winora, but calls her Winnie. Whooly Howls weren't known in Berk so far but Winnies intelligent and friendly nature towards vikings and other dragons even made Gothic accept her. His bond with Rue had never been that close that he felt left out, now that there was an other dragon that even lived in Rue's hut. And Rubinesse always tried to make sure not to favor one dragon over the other. By the way, someone else in Berk had bought the other "garden stone" which became a strong male Whooly Howl calles Phoenix. Winnie and him have always been close and it seems they even have fallen a bit in love with each other lately.

Appearance/Picture: Black wth gold-brown "mane" and white belly. She's of average size for a Whooly Howl.



Dragon 3:

Name: Donnerhall (Donni)

Gender: male

Species: Titan Thunderdrum

Age: unknown, must be over 30 years.

Personality: loyal, gentle and likes to be around vikings. A strong dragon but he suffers from a chronic disease that makes him have the hiccups frequently when he gets nervous or annoyed. Rue's anti-stress-therapy seems to work though, his hiccups have become very rare :-)


History: Donni has been found by Rue in the forest and he stayed with her and her other two dragons after they partly healed his hiccuping. For the whole story see post #703, season 1 of the RP.

Appearance/Picture: Purple, white Titan stripes on the wings and white belly and lower side of the wings.



Dragon 4:

[no pictures yet]

Name: Redvarg

Gender: male

Species: Night Terror

Age: unknown, adult

Personality: sunny personality and eager to please, he enjoyes to be around Rue and her dragons, his new self-chosen family, and their friends. He has lot's of energy, so he proudly accepts his new duty as Rue's mail carrier.


History: Redvarg is Rue's newest dragon. He joined her only recently in Earthguard's latest adventure. After an unknown period of time in dragon hunter capitivity, he was freed by Earthguard and would not stop follow Rue around the ship until she accepted to take him home to Berk. For the whole story see post #1084, season 1 of the RP.

Appearance/Picture: Red body and wings, white belly. A picture will be added as soon as I have enough gems in game to actually get this little guy and to take a picture :-)


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Eira's Character Sheet





Name: Eira Wolfeye; officially Eira Iversdottr (Ahlgren, Nylund, Holt, Lofgren, Nordskov)

Nicknames/Title: Ylva Wolfeye the Changeling

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Residence: Howling Hollow - A large, ancient hollow oak with gnarled roots grown over a small gully on an unnamed island. In School of Dragons - An abandoned, collapsed dragon stable overlooking the wilderness.


Personality: Eira is fierce, headstrong, bold, determined, and blunt. She means well, but sometimes her intensity can be a little unnerving, and this can make her appear callous and aloof. It doesn't help that her own isolation and awkwardness around people makes her uncomfortable and socially inept, especially in crowds and social gatherings. She feels far more comfortable in the open wilderness, in the presence of animals, nature, even dragons than she does humans. Her candid sensibilities can land her into trouble, especially when she acts without thinking, which she does more often than not. But her heart is always in the right place, with a burning desire to help others and do what's right, and the capacity to emphathize with those who may be deemed rejects of society or misunderstood.


Likes: Dragons, climbing, trees, flying, playing music, competition


Dislikes: Bullies, dragon hunters, crowds, deep waters, slavery, storms (especially while out at sea)


Appearance: Unlike most of her kind, Eira is a bit on the scrawny side of the spectrum, born a twig and growing up in a gangly, petite body. But where she lacks in stature, she gains in hair. Lots and lots of hair. Tangles of wild, unruly auburn locks spill errantly about her pale face and shoulders with several messy braids erratically plaited throughout. Sometimes she will have it more neatly braided back. Freckles spray abundantly across her round cheeks and the bridge of her small button nose. Bushy eyebrows frame uniquely colored eyes: her right is a bright golden yellow and her left a dazzling green. She will often adorn facepaint around her eyes and dashed across her cheeks.


Eira is almost always seen wearing browns and greys with some green and black mixed in. Her attire mostly consists of a hodgepodge of leathers and furs with some dragon scales woven throughout; comfortable, functional, light and easy to move in yet offering some measure of protection. It bares the appearance of being cobbled together, frequently patched and repatched by untrained hands. Her tunic is wrapped and patched in many places, reinforced with woolly howl scales, with a sleeve on her left arm and bare on her right. She has straps and wrappings going up both arms, with fingerless long gloves on both hands and wraps around each. Sometimes these will be reinforced with arm bracers made out of woolly howl scales. Patched leather and dragon scales, lined with fur, hugs her hips and falls down one side of her leg while her pants are mostly wrapped and stitched pieces together. Like the rest of her, her boots are sometimes adorned with fur for added protection, strapped and wrapped together. She'll often have a hood and cowl pulled up over her head and lower half of her face, obscuring most of her features with errant locks spilling out. The dark brown cowl is always wrapped around her shoulders and capable of being pulled up as a hood and face mask, but sometimes let to hang loosely down her back like a mini cape. Sometimes fur accompanies the cowl. The hood is often pulled low to hide her eyes, though when they are visible, they radiate out like a wolf's in the dark. The hood and cowl also serves a functional purpose as it protects her face while flying. Taking a page out of the dragons' book, most of her weapons and gear are shaped out of discarded or spent dragon spines and horns that are strapped about her person, with short and long daggers and knives, a spear, and a bow and quiver full of arrows. She's fashioned some of the spines into her clothing as well, such as claw like protrusions from her armguards and a horned helm. There is also another curious horn attached to her belt that looks like it may have come from a timberjack, with various different sized holes carved into it. She wears a pendant made of leather tied to an arrowhead around her neck and a leather braided band around her forehead.


HistoryEira was born with heterochromia. Unfortunately, in the days of the Vikings, such scientific understanding was beyond them and her tribesmen were a particularly superstitious lot. When Eira was born, she was thought to be the spawn of the demon Fenrir, for she had one golden yellow eye like that of a wolf. Some even thought she was a dragon child. Encouraged by their tribe’s elder to be rid of the changeling child and make a sacrifice to the gods, her mother bravely and defiantly refused. “We will name you Eira,” Frida cooed boldly, “for mercy and protection. May the gods deliver you from evil.” Unfortunately, her mother succumbed to illness shortly after, which was believed to be punishment from the gods for their reluctance to do away with the changeling. Her father, Iver, continued to honor his wife’s wishes and kept and loved the child despite the condemnation he received. Though they were ostracized from the rest of the village, they lived a humble and happy life, in a small hut on the outskirts of the village where her father hunted and foraged for food, and sold furs to the villagers. He taught her to hunt and respect the earth and its bounty even as they took from it, and told her stories of her mother by the hearth. Then a freak accident claimed his life as well when Eira was eight years old, as lightning struck their home during a bad storm and set it ablaze with Iver inside. The incident only furthered the villagers' beliefs that the gods were angry. They shunned her from society and she learned to live off their scraps and what the woods had to offer. Though they barely tolerated her prescence in town, they avoided her like the plague, treating her poorly as children whispered and snickered about her. They named her Ylva Wolfeye, the she-wolf, stripping her of her family clan and name. She didn't begrudge them any of it, believing that they were right about her. She took to the woods surrounding their village, where she spent a good part of her days just exploring, hunting, climbing high into the trees and swaying with the wind, watching distant dragons fly past and dreaming of one day taking flight herself. There, she felt free and whole and accepted, the way she felt with her father. She developed a kindred with the woods and the trees and nature, feeling more a part of them than her own people. The trees, the wind, and the animals didn't shun her as they did, and she began to garner a reputation as a wild child, often returning with twigs and leaves in her hair and sap stains on her hands and face, which only served to further the villagers’ opinions of her. She began to own it, taking from it a measure of pride and joy. She even started spooking the other children with growls and snarls, and they would tell tales of the wild demon child living in the woods.


One day, when Eira was twelve, a trading ship sailed into sight. That day, the port was a buzz of excitement and festivities, as they rarely saw traders from the northern islands. The villagers flocked to the docks, eagerly trading for exotic trinkets and hungering for fantastical tales of fiersome battles and heroic dragon hunts; for these traders were also raiders and dragon hunters, trading in dragons, their hides, and other ill-gotten goods. Amidst the chaos of the excitement, the village elders seized the opportunity and stashed a bound and gagged Eira aboard the trading vessel, happy to be finally rid of their accursed changeling. One night while out at sea, Eira managed to wriggle free of her restraints and ventured out in search of food, hoping most would be asleep or out on deck manning the ship. What she found instead startled her out of her wits. While sneaking about in the dark, she came across a strange looking cage. As she ventured closer, a snarling, vicious maw suddenly lunged out at her, large fangs snapping wildly against a muzzle and wicked talons clawing at her through the bars that separated them. From the dark, two indigo eyes glared at her with wild hatred. She fell back in fear… right into the bulk of a Viking, who grabbed her by the collar and yanked her up. At first, the men debated over whether they should throw her overboard or feed her to the dragon. But in the end, they decided to keep her on as slave labor and possibly a profit at their next stop. When she wasn't being worked near to the bone, she shared a cage next to the dragon, who wasn't too happy about his newly acquired cellmate. Despite her utter terror of him, she studied him in fascination and a measure of sympathy. They were both captives now, helpless to the whims of their captors. She had never seen a dragon like him before. Her island was located further south than the rest of the archipelago and though they had their share of dragon troubles, the raids occurred more infrequently than others and most of their knowledge was from tales abroad. This dragon seemed to have what appeared to be fur, with a dark brown mane and lighter colored body. He was marred by multiple wounds and scars, and there was a wild venom in his strangely colored eyes whenever he caught her staring. There were some long nights where she feared to sleep, cowering in the corner of her cage as visions of that slavering maw lurked in the shadows. As much as she feared the woolly howl, she grew to pity it as she watched the treatment it endured at the hands of the raiders. They may not have been allies, but they shared a common understanding. They were both in the same boat - figuratively and literally.


After several weeks at sea, the winds were about to shift again. With a storm brewing on the horizon, the Vikings caught sight of some fun sport and started using a distant timberjack for target practice. Eira was appalled as she watched helplessly, admiring the magnificent creature and feeling an ache in her heart as it plummeted to the sea, unable to be retrieved by the hunters. Miffed by the missed opportunity, with the offending crewmates getting scolded, it wasn't long before a second one appeared. Eira watched in horror as her taskmasters snagged it out of the sky and brought it low to the deck. The men scrambled to secure it down, tossing ropes and nets and working in unison against the deadly flailing wings.


“Watch the wings!” they cried.

“They're sharp!”

“Keep that line secure or it'll break free!”


Eira ducked under a thrashing tail and stumbled back, pushed around by the commotion as the waves grew choppier and tossed the ship. She caught sight of the anchoring line, now abandoned as the viking who had been manning it had been knocked to the side. Without thinking, she snagged a nearby knife and darted for the rope, sawing as quickly as she could until it snapped. The boat lurched as the timberjack broke free, but the Vikings were on her just as quickly, fuming angrily at her sabotage. Suddenly, a great shadow dropped around her. Eira fell to her knees and ducked for cover as she realized in fear that the timberjack had pounced on her. But when she ventured a look, she realized she was protectively encased in its wings, with the rest of the Vikings caught on the dangerous end of the angry dragon. She could hear the roars of the dragon and the sounds of fighting. It was putting up a valiant effort on her behalf! But she could tell the timberjack was weakening fast. The ship pitched again and in the blink of an eye, the Vikings gained the upperhand against the vengeful timberjack. It went down with a loud thud and Eira was hauled off her feet and tossed back into her cage, tears welling in her eyes at the sight of the brave timberjack’s fate. But she had little time to mourn as suddenly the ship began to pitch and roll violently. The storm was upon them, and with the damage caused by the timberjack, the Vikings were having a tough time keeping above the waves. In his cage, the woolly howl raged against his restraints. Eira cowered in the corner at the sounds of shouting and the thunderous clap of waves against the boat, jumping at every boom. Somewhere on the ship, a large CRRAAACK reverberated through the hull and both prisoners and jailers alike were thrown off their feet as their world skewed off kilter. The deck above them caved down with a loud crash and in a moment of horror, Eira realized her feet were growing colder and wetter. In violent gushes, the frigid sea water rushed in, knocking her off her feet again. Carefully, the Vikings picked themselves up… only to find themselves face to face with a very angry dragon. In the chaos and damage, the woolly howl had busted out of his restraints and burst out of his broken cage, staring now with a cool, collected glare at his long time tormentors. A hushed moment passed where Thor himself seemed to hold back the lightning in anticipation. Then both jailers came to the same realization at once. The dragon was free! They scrambled for their weapons but it was too late. Tail, wings, claws, and ice went flying about the hold as the ship pitched further and the water gushed in renewed vigor. In the chaos of the battle and the continuous breakup of the ship, Eira's cage was tossed aside. A whack of a tail bent the bars as Eira fell into the now waist deep salt water. In that instant, the ship fell apart around her. Her world tumbled end over end as a tumultuous maelstrom raged around her, the waves dragging her under only to be coughed back up again, gagging for air. Blurry images of ship pieces and Vikings flashed all around her in the murky dark, floating, falling, rising. She gasped for air above the raging waters, sputtering and gagging on salt water. As she was pulled back under the waves yet again, she caught sight of the woolly howl being pulled down into the depths, tail caught in the remains of the sinking ship. With the last moments of consciousness, she freed the dragon from a watery tomb. Then darkness took her.


When Eira awoke, she found herself lying face down on a sandy beach, the gentle waves lapping over her. Her chest burned as she coughed and spluttered out seawater, taking in ragged, painful gulps of air. All around her, planks and debris drifted back and forth, but there were no signs of any other survivors, only strange tracks that lead away from the beach. The storm had cleared and she found herself stranded on an unknown island. For the next four years, she watched and learned how to survive from the dragons on the island, using their own natural defenses as her own, forming weapons from their discarded spines and horns, making herself appear and smell almost dragon-like herself. She learned how to deal with the more aggressive ones and respect the boundaries and territories of others. Her biggest adversary, however, was the woolly howl, who had also made it to the island. At first, the two seemed to be enemies, but Eira started to notice that the woolly howl never aggressively attacked out of spite. Their precarious standoff developed into a rivalry of sorts, a contest of wills, each testing and challenging the other over territory and resources. They slowly came to a unique understanding, neither friend nor foe. She called him Haelstrom, for the maelstrom of hail, tooth, and claw he could become. The woolly howl crinkled his nose at the demeaning thought of being named by a human.


Then one day while Eira was exploring, she came across a pool of clear fresh water and saw a curious object floating in it. At first mistaking the baby dragon for driftwood, Eira quickly realized it wasn’t and waded in to fish it out. She cradled the baby timberjack in her arms as it slowly came to and took him back to her camp, nursing him back to health. Driftwood bonded to her quickly and would attach himself to her back during their adventures together, hanging over her shoulders with a curious head peaking out. This oddity piqued Haelstrom’s curiosity, who began to see the strange Viking through different eyes. Their standoff grew to become far more when their survival forced them to work together to stay alive. The two grew to trust and rely on each other, though Eira would never claim to have “tamed” him.






Name: Driftwood (Drift or Drifter for short)

Gender: Male

Species: Timberjack

Age: 4 years (16 in dragon age)


AppearanceDriftwood is currently smaller than most timberjacks since he is still just a juvenile, but he is growing into his wings and getting bigger every day. The upper side of his wings and body are an olive green-brown that transitions into a more reddish brown at the tips of the wings, with brown speckles splattered throughout. He greatly resembles an autumn leaf and a mossy piece of driftwood, for which he is named. His underside is a softer, more lively green like that of a newly sprouted sapling, with spines and horns appearing rather bark like. His chin frills are short and wispy and his snout is more beak like than crocodilian, less toothy than his brethren with an overbite instead of an underbite.


PersonalityDespite his age, Driftwood has an old soul feel about him. His golden, amber eyes seem to have a wisdom and intelligence beyond his years. Though he is a gentle spirit and shares his rider's affinity for nature and all its living creatures, there is a glint of something wilder in his amber gaze. He is extremely protective of Eira and those he feels is part of the family, and has a strong bond with her. Despite his usual peaceful demeanor, Driftwood can become riled up and fierce when his friends are in danger or he sees some injustice being done. He will fight and defend vehemently for what he deems a worthy cause, despite being relatively passive. He shares his rider's immense love for flying. Though he is typically pragmatic, there is a fun loving, child-like side to him.


HistoryBefore Driftwood was even hatched, tragedy befell him. While his mother tended to their cliffside nest, the other females of the flock went out to hunt. But when none returned, she was forced to leave her eggs and hunt for herself. But she ran afoul of dragon hunters, who shot her down and the timberjack landed censored the deck of their ship, entangled in their ropes and nets. She fought fiercely and even managed to damage their vessel some with her flailing wings, but her energy was swiftly dwindling. A small figure among the burly Vikings caught her attention then, flitting between the barbaric brutes. Moments later, an anchoring rope snapped loose, giving her the opportunity to break free. As she was gaining altitude from her enemies, she glanced back and saw that same small creature now being assaulted by the hunters. Instincts kicked in and she twisted in the air, tucked in her wings, and dove back down to the deck of the ship, landing practically on top of the child, encasing her in her protective wings and knocking back the attacking Vikings with fire and the lash of her tail. She roared fiercely and defiantly, but the Vikings outnumbered her. Soon, she was overwhelmed, and try as she may, she could not escape their lethal blows a second time. She fought bravely to the very end, and cried mournfully at the thought of her helpless hatchlings now abandoned in their cliffside nest.


Now completely unprotected, the timberjack nest was assailed by hungry predators. Most of the eggs became another creature's meal, but one tumbled out of the nest and landed safely from the prying eyes of prowlers, albeit a little damaged. Some time later, the egg began to crack and the little baby timberjack tumbled out. He cried his little squeaks but no one answered. All alone, the baby timberjack could not fend for himself and wandered precariously away from his hatching spot. He was easy prey for predators and soon was assaulted. Attempting to escape on undeveloped wings, the timberjack tumbled out of reach of fang and claw and plummeted into the icy waters of a rushing river. He was swept away helplessly, his energy spent as he struggled to fight the rapids. Nearly drowned, he drifted into calmer waters, floating along on the gentle currents as darkness took him… until small, nimble hands plucked him out of the abyss.







Name: Haelstrom (Hael or Hail)

Gender: Male

Species: Woolly Howl

Age: Very old (nearing titan stage)



Appearance: Haelstrom, like all his kind, is covered in scales that are fine, soft and supple like fur. His hide and belly are a very light creamy beige while his scruffy mane is a very dark brown. His wings and tail fin are also speckled dark brown. Unlike the rest of his kind, Hael's eyes are more of an indigo than purple or violet, his tongue dark enough to be mistaken as black. There are several scars marring his hide and wings that show the hard, rough life he's had, with a rather nasty one on his right wing limb that marks an obvious debilitating injury.


PersonalityHaelstrom is foul tempered and extremely ornery, jaded, and cynical. He has little trust of humans, and even a disdain for them. He’s highly impatient and short tempered, stubborn and thick headed. He takes a long time to come around to a new idea or way of thinking, but once his mind is set on something, there is no deterring him. He has a sardonic, cheeky personality and humor. He doesn’t like enclosed spaces or crowds, and doesn’t get along well with other dragons. However, despite all of this, there is a softer side beneath all that gruff exterior and posturing. When he does get to the point of trusting another, he is fiercely and ferociously loyal and will fight to the death to protect those he cares for. Even if he doesn’t show that he really cares at all. In rare vulnerable moments, however, he will display a tenderness that he would much prefer to pretend doesn’t exist.


HistoryHaelstrom’s beginnings started out humble and happy, born one of many in a pack of woolly howls much further southeast from the archipelago. He romped and played with his clutch-mates and learned to hunt and fly, not a care in the world other than survival and the joys of flying. When he was old enough, he started to venture further and further away from his birth home, striking out on his own, a curiosity and an appetite to explore and see new lands. He had many adventures and mishaps until finally coming to the barbaric archipelago. There, he chanced upon a female woolly howl who caught his fancy. Their mating flight sealed their bond and the two settled down together to have a clutch. When his hatchlings were still very young, Haelstrom went out to bring them back some food. Unfortunately, he traveled far enough to get caught in the web of the Red Death’s control, forced to remain in her nest and hunt for her with the knowledge that he may never return to his family. For years, he fought and raided. On one particular raid, Haelstrom was caught by Vikings and forced to battle their warriors on a daily basis, enduring repeated mistreatment at their mercy. From there he was shipped and sold from place to place until he ended up in a gladiatorial arena of sorts, forced to fight other dragons for sport. There, he suffered an injury that would render his right wing nearly useless, unable to support much weight or sustained flight. Battered and spent, the woolly howl was deemed worthless and sold off for his hide. He ended up on a raiding ship destined for disaster and a chance encounter with a very different kind of Viking. While the two were both prisoners aboard the vessel, a nasty storm tore apart the ship and allowed them to escape. But the swells of the sea and the wreckage nearly pulled him under when the little human did something wholly unexpected. She saved his life! Unsure how to feel about this, but feeling a sense of obligation to return the favor, Haelstrom pulled her from the depths and carried her to shore, where he dumped her unceremoniously on the beach. There. His debt was paid. The rest of her survival was up to her. Unfortunately, the two continued to encounter each other as they battled over wits and resources, neither really gaining the upperhand, to which Haelstrom had to respect her tenacity. Unable to fly away, the island became his new prison and he tried to make the best of it, eventually realizing he and the human were stuck with each other and had a better chance of surviving together. Eventually, the two came to an understanding, and even began to trust each other, until Haelstrom came to claim the human as his own.





Name: Windsong

Gender: Female

Species: Silver Phantom

Age: Broadwing



Appearance: Windsong has silvery white and blue scales that shimmer and almost glow in the sunlight, allowing her to disappear into the sky and clouds with the flicker of a silvery streak. (more to come...)














Name: Orvar (meaning arrow)

Gender: Male

Species: Terrible Terror

Age: Hatchling



Appearance: Orvar is a dark, brownish red Terrible Terror with a creamy white stripe running from the back of his head and all the way down his back to the tip of his tail. His big, round eyes are a golden yellow that matches a big, round head. His tiny horns and spines are a dark brown, along with his talons. His scrawny little body is rather gangly and knobbish, comically contrasting with his big head and eyes. His tiny little wings don't look like they can carry him very far, but somehow he makes due. Most likely the runt of a clutch, Orvar is exceptionally small even for a Terrible Terror hatchling and he probably won't be getting much bigger.


Personality: Orvar is a big dragon in a little dragon's body. Much like how a Chihuahua might act like a big dog. But unlike his brethren, Orvar is far more mellow and laid back. He isn't quite the terrible terror his brothers and sisters are, though his curiosity can land him into trouble from time to time.


History: Eira doesn't really know where Orvar came from or how he wound up in the clutches of Viggo's dragon hunters, but he was one of several other baby and small dragons that had been kidnapped. It was assumed that he came from Berk or the school like most of the other dragons, but no owner or family was ever found. One thing's for sure, that wherever he came from, he was the runt of the litter, for he is a very small Terror. After being rescued, Orvar took to Eira and her dragons, even grumpy Haelstrom, and has clung to them since.





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((I loved reading through your character descriptions. They were both incredibly detailed! I think I've got some work to do on Eslig's just to match your level! 


Do we want to begin the RP? I know we only have three people, but I'd like to get this up and running- it's easy enough to add more RPers as we go along. If we do begin, when in the year do we want to pick up? I suggest spring, because it would give Earthguard an excuse to go explore Eira's Island now that things are beginning to thaw.))

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My character app

Character/Viking Name: Rachel


Gender: Female


Age: 19


Residence: She is clanless but has two places she calls home:


1. A small, isolted house a few miles away from the School of Dragons (after joining Earthguard)


2. A hidden, confusing cave system overlooking the Wilderness (This is used when she wants a secret place)


Personality: Rachel feels more comfortable in the presence of animals, nature and dragons than she does humans. But when she does let others in she is fiercly loyal and determined. She loves dangerous situations and enjoys the thrill of combat. She has a very dry sense of humour as well as a blunt, 'straight to the point' mentality. If you ever get the chance to talk to her she will seem like the 'I work alone' type and will sometimes refuse help that is given to her, but on the inside she actually wants a reliable human companion to accompany her on her journey. Someone she can talk to and share the good times with.


History: Rachel's mother died to illness shortly after birth. Her father raised her in the village among the other children. Her skinny apperance cemented the belief that she was not 'one of them' since she did not conform to the ideal 'Viking image'. Women were exprected to stay at home and look after the children. Her tribe was prone to internallised sexist tendacies, to put it lightly. In comparison to the other tribes, Rachel's tribe was just slightly extreme in their ideology.


Rachel took to the woods surrounding their villiage to find solitude, climbing the tallest of trees until she could see all around her like a bird and crouching in the damp earth to observe the natural world. This gave her a reputation as "unfeminine". She made a point of staying close to the men when they talked about hunting knowlege, gleaning information. Through trial and error she learned to hunt and track.


When Rachel was twelve, a trading ship came into port. The night before the traders were due to leave her villiage gave the traders a lavish feast. The tribe said it was to thank the traders for visiting but the more cynical suspected it was to encourage them to return. As it turned out, the chief didn't need to worry about the traders returning. The crew killed half the villagers in their sleep after the feast, and took the rest into slavery. Rachel was one of the lucky – or misfortunate – survivours. The Vikings traded in dragons, their skins, people and other valubles. She was kept chained below deck with the charming smell of vomit, corpses and prisoners to keep her company. She never communicated with the other prisoners since they seemed unlikely to survive the journey.


After four months at sea the ship entered Auction Island, where the "goods" were unloaded and sold off. Fate must hate her, Rachel decided, for she was sold to a gladitoral arena of sorts, along with several other dragons. After a month of grueling training she was sent into the arena "for glory and gold!" and such. Rachel managed to stay in the middle. She ran in the middle, she killed in the middle and she attacked in the middle. She never stuck out as a budding prodigy so she wasn't the one who fought the most dangerous dragons, yet she didn't lag behind so much that she was fed to the favourite dragons (which was the first thing a new recruit witnessed – it was supposed to break their spirits but it only made Rachel more determined to survive the arena). Those who wanted to show off and win, or the ones who gave up, were the ones with the shortest life expectancy.


When Rachel wasn't mulling over each dragons' weaknesses and forming she studied them in an fasination and sympathy. She was drawn to them like a moth a flame, eager to fullfil her curiousity. These observations challenged her veiws that dragons were mindless animals. She and the dragons understood each other: they were both captives, helpless at the whims of their hndlers. One dragon stood out the most prominently: a Skrill. The reason being she caught the Skrill studying her with the same intelligent observation. Some of these dragons were not like the mindless, bloodthirsty animals she'd grown up to belive. It seemed acciedental but Rachel observed the Skrill, admiring the dragon for her grim, silent skirmish for survival. Throughout her period of time in Hel, Rachel felt herself lose weight and gain muscles and callus from hours of fighting. Before the next show she planned her fighting technique which was how she survived.


One day the large arena doors groaned open. Rachel watched from the gate as she waited to be sent to the bloodstained sands, analising her opponent. Or to be more precice opponents.A familiar Skrill was against the bloodstained wall. A chain was clamped around its left back leg, undoubtedly to keep it from flying out of the arena should it blast a hole in the wire-linked dome. The second opponent was an infamous, vicious Monstrous Nightmare. He was a well-fed dragon aptly named "Titus", or "the King". The Monstrous Nightmare immedietly attacked the Skrill over and over again, ignoring the whistle to back off, until it had a new chew toy: Rachel. Titus' gaze turned towards her as the Monstrous Nightmare regarded his prey. She unsheathed her sword and the dragon lunged. Rachel spun to avoid the salivating maw but her sword caught the dragon's tail, wrenching it from her grasp. Both human and sword went flying towards the wall.


Darkness embraced her. Rachel looked up to see the Skrill hovering over her. Titus growled at the Skrill in a wordless command to stand aside. The Skrill returned the challenge in a low snarl. They may not be friends but they understood each other: they both wanted to kill Titus. They were allies for now.


As Titus roared his final warning Rachel darted for the sword behind her. Titus darted for her. She pivoted and brought her sword down on the iron chain restraining the Skrill's leg. The newly freed Skrill tackled Titus in a maelstrom of claws, fangs and wings. The Skrill was half Titus' size so the fight was very one-sided. No one would bet on the Skrill. When the two dragons paused and then launched themselves at each other again, Rachel did something foolish. Instead of letting the beasts fight it out and then kill the winner, the woman darted towards the fray and sliced her sword through Titus' tail. The stump sent her flying backwards but through half-closed eyes she saw the Skrill's teeth close around her opponent's throat. It was over.


The Skrill stared at Rachel with a cool, collected glare at her temporary ally. Their eyes met but the dragon's emotions were unreadable. Then it fired a bolt of crackling lightning upward towards the metal cage. In less than a heartbeat there was a gaping hole in the chain-link dome. The Skrill then launched herself into the air like an ebony demon from Hel, picking up Rachel as she did so. The human barely felt the sensation of movement as the Skrill tucked its wings in and darted through the hole. Then darkness claimed her as the adrenaline rush faded.


When Rachel woke up she was lying amongst a pile of rocks by a lake, with the grass gently swaying in the breeze. She survived by recycling the dragons' natural weapons for her own use. The Skrill, who also stayed on the island, made its mission in life to become her rival. It set about this with a vengence, continuously challenging the girl over territory and resources; to which she responded with equal ferocity. Yet Rachel sensed that the Skrill secretly enjoyed the challenge.


Phantom, she decided to call the Skrill, for the way she could move through the darkness like her namesake.


Their relationship deepened when Phantom was caught in a dragon trap and unable to defend herself with an injured leg. Thus she was forced to rely on Rachel and cooperate with the human (again) to stay alive. When her leg healed, Phantom stayed with Rachel after their bond evolved from a rivalry to friendship and they began to trust and rely on each other. The dragon started laughing at Rachel's jokes and even sleeping beside her... though the Skrill pretends not to care. After two months Rachel made a saddle for Phantom (after a lot of trial and error) and they flew off the island.


Likes: Dragons, bird-watching, dragon-watching, flying, climbing trees, sparring


Dislikes: Dragon hunters, slavers, people who think they are entitled to respect despite doing nothing to deserve it, bullies, people who hurt Phantom, chains, people who hurt dragons


Appearence: Rachel is on the scrawney side with dark-coloured freckles scattered across her nose, cheeks and forehead. Her muscles are not pronounced but they are visible, especially without her jacket, gained after hours of lifting heavy objects and fighting. Dark brown hair with hues of gold and auburn is plaited into a braid behind that reaches down her shoulder-blades. Her skin is pale in colour with a sharp, large nose that is slightly crooked to the left, along with hazel eyes flecked with gold. Brushy eyebrows frame her face, sometimes called "brown slugs", which is not an innacurate term.


She wears a dark green cloth tunic, simple dark purple pants, a sturdy brown belt and a thin, hooded black jacket that falls down to her thighs, all of which are mixed with Skrill scales. These scales conduct the electricity that Phantom produces that would otherwise electrocute Rachel accidentally. She wears soft, black leather boots made for running with a narrow flexible rubber sole and a tread through. Her dark clothing enables her to camoflauge better at night and in the shadows. She has two daggers tucked into either boot and another within her pack, with a fourth sheathed at her hip in her belt. In the winter she has another set of clothing lined with rabbit fur for warmph.


Rachel wears a necklace made from grass and around it hangs a roughly carved wooden star, a good luck charm of her tribe.





Name: Phantom


Gender: Female


Species: Skrill


Age: 4 years (16 in human years)


Residence: Wherever Rachel is


Personality: Phantom is a cynical lone wolf who has little trust of humans with Rachel as the exception. However, despite her usual uncaring demenour, when she does get to the point of trusting another she is fiercely loyal and will fight to the death to protect those she cares for. This extends to Rachel and anyone she considers to be friends. She has a sardonic, cheeky sense of humour and shares her rider's joy of nature and flying. She hates enclosed spaces and crowds.


History: Phantom was born as the last of her nest and the smallest out of her siblings. Despite this she was happy with hunting and the joys of flying... Until she decided to explore the rest of the Barbaric Archipelago, where she was promptly caught in the Red Death's web of control and forced to hunt and raid for her Queen. After years of raiding Phantom was caught by the Murderous Tribe and sold off to a gladitoral arena to fight other dragons and Vikings while entitled humans paid to watch her blood spilled. During her "arena days" Phantom met a human who seemed different to the other gladiators. So she found herself watching it with frank curiousity.


There was one dragon whom Phantom loathed with a passion: Titus. He was a brute who delighted in pain and torture. If she could, she would have spat in disgust. So when she met that human on the sands she used to opportunity to take down the King. That was when she hit a snag: the human saved her life. Having an obligation to pay the life debt, Phantom freed both herself and the human and brought them to an island far away from the arena; where she placed the girl by a nearby lake among the rocks. She couldn't have the human hideof a cracked skull after going to such an effort to save the scrawny creature. But the two continued to encounter each other as they challenged each other over resources, where Phantom gave the human grudging admirance for her tenacity. She slowly realised that she and the human had a better chance of surviving together. Eventually, Phantom grew to trust and rely on the human... as a friend.


Likes: Rachel, flying, freedom, listening to music, competition


Dislikes: Dragon hunters, sadists, male dragons who don't know the meaning of the word "no", slavers, chains, whips


Appearence: Phantom is covered in hard scales that are void-black in colour with silver highlights and markings. Her belly is a dark, creamy beige. She is marred by multiple wounds and scars that are a testimony to the rough life she's had. Her left eye including the left side of her head is horribly scarred and chunks are missing from her lips after a fight from her arena days. She is half the size of the average Skrill and will never acheive her species' full size.


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Hello everyone. I am Skrillrider11, as you may have guessed, but you may call me whatever you like.


Anyway, now that's out of the way, let's learn a little bit about me, shall we?


I consider myself an amature writer. I absolutely love writing and creating stories and characters. I am an avid reader and book lover. I have an entire room, shelf upon shelf, dedicated to books but there are also several large book piles in my small room. Thus Richard Adams and Gerald Durrell rub shoulders with George R.R. Martin.


Beside that, I am also a nature and animal lover. I love studying animals, birdwatching and nature. I love animals even though I don't have one of my own. There is a kestrel pair in my area and I watch them whenever they come by. I watch the magpies and wood pidgeons (or wood puddings) in my garden, and the fox family that live nearby.


I also love music, particually from the 40's, 60's, 70's and 80's. I have a vairied range of songs that will never grow old.







Here Be Skrills


(As if you need me to tell you that)



Artwork of my Skrill, Phantom




Credit goes to XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

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The great thaw



Eslig snapped awake, his heart pounding. He ran a hand through his sleep-tousled hair, brushing it out of his face, and jumped again as a loud sound cut through the silence.




Although he regretted leaving the warmth and comfort of his bed, Eslig dressed quickly and checked quickly on his baby dragons. Smash and Grab, the Zippleback twins, Brant, the blue-grey Razorwhip, Tritone, the Death Song, and Septimus, a mischevious Deadly Nadder, were all fast asleep. Not for the first time, Eslig marveled at the ability of baby dragons to sleep through Ragnarok.


Ambolt, Eslig's primary dragon, was nowhere to be seen. The pink-and-green Deadly Nadder had begun rising early and helping Grandma Hilde in the mornings, although Eslig suspected that Ambolt's good intentions rarely made things easier for his grandma. Still, she welcomed the Nadder's company and the heat he generated when the weather was especially wintery.


So far it had been a record winter for Berk and the School, one that even the elders called 'The worst I've seen since I learned to swing an axe". Bucket in particular had experienced a rough winter, with storms and blizzards hammering Berk almost daily. However, days were growing longer and despite the chill in the air there was the hope that spring would soon arrive.




Eslig jumped for the third time, finally deciding to bundle up and head outside to see what the noise was coming from. He pulled on his winter boots, coat, gloves, and a hat: all warm and dry after a night adjacent to the hearth. Eslig opened the door and stepped outside, squinting against the bright morning sun.




Eslig was promptly buried under a large pile of heavy, wet snow. Spluttering and gasping, he began digging until the sun warmed his face again. Waist deep in melting snow, he glanced up just in time to catch another pile of snow in the face. This time, he knew the culprit.


"Ambolt!" Eslig yelled as he dug himself out once again. The pink Nadder made a chuffing sound that Eslig had come to associate with laughter, before firing off a bright green spine at the frozen waterfall that cut through the rocky cliff that marked the edge of Eslig's small homestead. The spine lodged in a crack in the ice, and with a loud protest the ice fell off the side of the cliff face and crashed to the ground.


Eslig finally understood the reason for his Nadder's playfulness. All around him, trees were shrugging off snow, their heavy boughs finally releived of their winter-long burdens. From the forest behind his house he could hear birdsong, and the sun warmed his face for the first time in months.


"It's spring!" he shouted, and Ambolt roared in agreement.


"And not too soon, either" said Grandma Hilde, standing in the doorway behind him. "Come, let's get you some breakfast. You should get back in touch with your friends in Earthguard. It's been too long since you've seen them"


Eslig nodded in agreement, his excitement growing. The winter had been a boring one, even the Snoggletog feast had to be postponed for a week due to weather. With little to do and too much time on their hands, Trader Johann had even found himself with a captive and wlling audience for the first time in his life as Vikings searched for new ways to combat boredom. Eslig had hardly left his homestead in months, as his little house/barn combo had been snowed in on a regular basis. Simply put, he was ready to go out and do something.


After a nourishing breakfast of eggs and smoked yak jerky, Eslig saddled Ambolt in the front yard, slipping an egg to each of his baby dragons on his way out the door. He swung up onto Ambolt, who stretched his wings before taking off into the crisp spring air. Eslig carried with him a short list of supplies to buy in Berk, as well as several dark brown watch caps that Grandma Hilde had knitted for his clanmates- each emblazoned with Earthguard's logo in a pleasing sping green.


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Rue woke up with the soft tickle of a sunray on her face. She didn't have to open her eyes to know that the very first spring day finally had arrived. She could hear the waterdrops from the melting snow fall from the roof of her hut. And from the forest behind her house, she could hear the birds sing for the first time in months. She breathed deep and held still for some more minutes, her eyes closed. As if she was afraid that a single movement could scare off the precious springtime.


Since they had returned from their last adventure on Armourwing island, winter had hit Berk and the School of Dragons very hard. Blizzards and lots of snow had shaken the village for over two months. Rue didn't know how she would have managed it without her dragons. Donni had caught them fresh fish almost every day and Winnie, Gothic and Redvark had helped Rue to remove snow around the house. The little hut had almost been completely buried under the snow a couple of times and quite a few newly fixed wooden planks reminded of the stormy wind that had ripped holes into the walls.


Because she was cold, Rue finally decided to get up. Her four dragons knew how to open the door and get in and out as they pleased but they had not got the idea of closing a door behind oneself yet. Shivering, Rue hopped to the door and closed it. Then she looked around the small house. It looked so empty at once. But that was good. So good. Right now, Rue was relieved to be on her own for a few minutes. They all had started to get on each others nerves after a while, stuck in that tiny place. For Gothic this had been especially hard, so he had decided to move back to his cave and come to visit them every other day.


Rue streched and then put on warm clothes. Her dark brown hair had grown long and had started to turn into thin dreadlocks. But she realized that she liked it that way so she left it like this. When she stepped outside and the sun warmed her face for the first time in months, she could feel new vitality rush through her body. With a cry of joy, she started to jump her way through the still knee deep snow. Winnie came fluttering around the house as soon as she heard her. The Woolly's purple eyes were shining as well. She made a prompting roar and gave Rue just enough time to get hold on the scaly mane before she spread her wings and they both climbed up into the sky.

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Running into Rue

Eslig held on tight as Ambolt put himself through several spirals and loops, the pink Nadder relishing in the bright morning and the feeling of freedom after being cooped up indoors for most of the winter. Ambolt huffed and puffed after his exercise, and Eslig realized that the Nadder was slightly out of shape. While Ambolt's physique was the same, perhaps a little thinner, the endurance that Eslig had so come to admire was noticably lacking.


After a brief stop to readjust Ambolt's saddle (the Nadder would never admit to being tired), the two were airborne again. Eslig decided to have mercy on Ambolt, so they only circled Berk once instead of their normal three times. There was plenty of time in the spring to get back into the swing of things and Eslig didn't want to push Ambolt too far.


As for himself, Eslig had spent much of the winter shoveling the copious amounts of snow that had blocked the doorway to his house. While it would've been easier (and faster) to have Ambolt helping, Eslig enjoyed the distraction from the usual monotony and took to the chore with gusto. The regular shoveling had served to keep him in pretty good shape, and while no one would mistake him for Stoick the Vast, his frame had a couple extra pounds of muscle that hadn't been present in the fall.


As Ambolt and Eslig finished their lap of the island, a beautiful Wooly Howl rocketed by with a Viking clinging to its mane. Ambolt screetched to a stop in surprise, sharing a bemused glance with his rider before following the Wooly Howl as it frolicked about in the air. "It's Winnie and Rue!" exclaimed Eslig in excitement, watching the two enjoy the fine day.


To Eslig's horror, Rue lost her grip and tumbled off WInnie's back. Ambolt immediately went into a steep dive, but Eslig could tell that Rue was headed for an icy bath in the waters next to Berk. Eslig winced in empathy just as a dark shape rocketed past, catching Rue just before she hit the water. 


Winnie deposited Rue by the "Sven's Farm" sign, and Eslig landed a few moments later on Ambolt.


"Happy spring!" he greeted her, extending a forearm in overture. "WInnie is fast- that was an amazing catch!"


Ambolt huffed and strutted a few paces away. "Oh, stop that. I know you didn't have chicken this morning." Eslig chided the Nadder, then turned his attention back to Rue. "How are you?"

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Looking for RP-ers

((Not Earthguard but interested in joining this RP? Please PM me- the more, the merrier!))

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Hi, could I join in? However, I'm starting school again next week and my laptop doesn't want to connect to the internet (on my tablet here), so would it be okay if I posted my forms sometime later next week? 

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((Another human! If you're interested in joining, I'm sure we can find a way to work you in! Are you currently in/interested in joining Earthguard? It's not a requirement, but it'd be fun to connect in-game as well as on the forums here))

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Dance of the Dragons



The exuberant cry was drowned out in an instant in a tumult of stinging air, but it did little to diminish the energy behind it, nor damper the spirits of its crier. A shrill screech split the whipping winds almost immediately after, echoing its counterpart's declaration of joy. Dragon and rider flipped and rolled and dove, zipping through the biting crisp air in abandon. The pent up energy from months of being cooped up and grounded in their cave home reverberated through them and exploded outwards in a burst of speed. Like many others, Eira and her dragons had started to go stir crazy, driving each other mad, or just simply bored to death. The newly minted rider trainee did what she could to pass the time in training and lessons, playing her gemshorn, and getting to know the new addition of the family. But there was only so much one could do when the school and Berk were constantly bombarded with storm after storm, rendering the dragon riders grounded for the majority of the winter, and more often than not snowed in. But that morning, as the first thaw shattered the bitter embrace of winter, dragon and rider waisted no time taking to the sky.


Now, Eira and Driftwood screamed through the fresh spring air, letting it all out. After leveling out from a series of crazy loops and manuevers, Eira sat up straight in Drift's saddle, stretching her arms out to either side as her wide, grinning face reached up to meet the first warm rays of spring. She took a deep breath of the still crisp cold air and let it out in a great, big, satisfied sigh. It felt so good to be flying again. Driftwood's great, billowing wings soared above the glistening blue sea as they drifted on the air currents. The young Timberjack had grown in considerable size over the winter months. And though he was still young and not yet fully grown, he was already an impressive sight to see. The subtle hues of reds, oranges, and browns intermingled in the moss green of his scales had grown more noticeable across the expanded surface area of his wings, making him live up to his name as he appeared like a drifting piece of wood, a leaf on the wind.


Eira sat back with a sigh, feeling the gentle rumble and warmth of her dragon beneath her. As she reached into a saddlebag to pull out her breakfast, an insistent chirp rang in her ear. She giggled as Orvar tickled her ear, the little terror wrapped around her shoulders and clinging on. As the terrible terror had insisted on claiming her shoulders as his new home, Eira had to adjust her wardrobe a bit to accomodate, adding some extra leather protection for his claws, which also gave the little hatchling more purchase. The insistent cry tickled her ear again and she broke off a piece of her fish sandwich, tossing it to the little guy, who snatched it out of the air in an instant. Orvar rumbled a happy purr. Shortly after they had returned all the stolen dragons to everyone, Eira had gone on a mission to find the little terror's family. But none had been found, and the little guy seemed happy enough to stick with her, so she accepted him with open arms. Not all of the Wolfeye clan were as eager to invite the new addition, but Eira knew Haelstrom's grumblings would eventually let up. Afterall, when it reallly came down to it, the old grump was a sucker for baby dragons. Even when he didn't want to admit to it.


Another pleading cry reverberated in the air, but this time it didn't seem to come from her shoulder. Driftwood craned his neck back to look at her and Eira sighed with an overexaggerated exasperation. "Fine, you get some, too, you big pout." The Timberjack trilled happily as he snatched his own morsel out of the air. The three sat in contented silence as they sailed over the sparkling blue and munched away.


Their relaxing morning was suddenly shattered as a shimmering silver-blue streak dove down in front of them from out of the clouds above, forcing Driftwood to pull up short to avoid collision. As soon as it had come, the streak vanished back into the cloud cover. Eira lost the remainder of her breakfast as she quickly snatched out to grab hold of the handle bar on her saddle, clinging on as Drift jerked up. Orvar screeched a protest from her shoulder as he fluttered into the air for a brief moment and alighted back on his perch. Eira's nerves tingled on edge as she searched the sky, but her dragon's search was more frantic as Driftwood whipped his head back and forth, wildly looking for whatever that was. A moment later, there was a melodic chirrup reverberating through the clouds, followed soon after by a gentle whistling in the wind. A blue, triangular head popped out from the wispy puffs, face to face with Driftwood. The Timberjack reeled his head back in surprise at the other dragon.


Eira blinked in surprise as recognition dawned on her. "It's you!" She remembered the dragon now, the one they had faced in the arena that had helped them escape. The silvery blue dragon's big eyes gazed on at them curiously. There didn't seem to be a shard of fear or aggression in them. Eira marveled at the magnificent blue dragon. She was gorgeous, with her silvery scales, slender body, elegant horns, and diamond shaped tapered wings. She seemed similar in structure to Driftwood at first, with her forelimbs incorporated into her wings, long body and tail and small head. Though she was somewhat smaller compared to her timberjack, with a pair of hindlegs that were not attached to the wings. The blue dragon chirruped again with a friendly lilt and Eira started to slowly reach forward over Driftwood's neck, fingers stretched out towards her.


The blue dragon suddenly recoiled and wheeled around, taking off in a burst of remarkable speed. Eira was too entranced in the marvel of the dragon to notice the subtle cues from her own dragon. She suddenly found herself nearly deposed from her saddle and clinging for dear life as Driftwood jolted forward in pursuit. "Drift!" her words were snatched away by the whipping wind, and her frantic dragon didn't seem to hear her, anyway. The two gave chase, and the blue dragon continually looked back as though making sure they were still following. She seemed to be enjoying it. Suddenly, the silvery dragon made a dizzying ninety degree turn upward, and Driftwood followed suit as best he could. Eira clung on tight, sitting low to his neck as she squinted against the stinging air.


The two dragons spiraled upward, twirling around each other in a kind of dance. It was exuberating, the energy between them as tangible and lively as Thor's spears. They came together and pulled apart in a fantastical display of aerobatics, looping and diving in perfect unison, the two dragons and rider harmoniously in sync. The confines of the world peeled away from them and the sky opened up, welcoming them and them alone into its vast, magnificent embrace. Eira huffed and puffed at the exertion as she rode through perhaps some of the most difficult flying manuevers she had ever attempted. The electricity she felt from her dragon was intoxicating, and though there were a few moments were she felt darkness creeping at the edge of her vision or the very air stolen from her aching lungs, she never wanted it to end. But end it finally did, as the two finally came to a stop. Eira heaved in utter exhaustion over Driftwood's neck as the timberjack tentatively reached out his nose towards the silvery girl. She seemed to regard him curiously before she spun away again and bolted off. In a frantic jolt, Driftwood burst forward again, catching his rider off guard a second time as she nearly lost her grip. Driftwood dove and beat his wings desparately, but no matter how much thrust his large wings provided, the blue streak ahead of them continued to dwingle further and further away, until eventually she could no longer be distinguishable from the silvery clouds and blue sky.


Driftwood pulled up short and frantically looked about, then started darting about here and there in a frenzied panic. Eira did her best to hold on during his erratic flight patterns. "Drift-" she yelped, another jolt yanking the words away from her lips. "Drifter!" Eira tried to pull her dragon around or calm him down, but he seemed unable to hear her. "She's gone, buddy!" She desparately reached out to her dragon, finally getting through to him as they slammed into the side of a sea stack, Drift's wing talons hooking on as they came to a rest against it. The timberjack still seemed to look around frantically for the blue dragon, his chest heaving in large gasps beneath her legs. "Easy, easy..." Eira scanned the sky as well, but there was still no sign of the marvelous creature. A pang of sadness swept through her. "Maybe we'll see her again sometime, buddy. For now, let's head back home. I think you outdid yourself." There was a quavering cheep from within a saddlebag and Eira scooped up a cowering terror, cradling him in her arms. "That's where you scurried off to, huh?" She smiled at him and tucked him back on her shoulder before the trio glided back into flight, turning towards the direction of home.


The three drifted back home at a much more relaxed, and subdued, pace than they had started out on. As Driftwood circled widely around Berk, he chirped an alert back to his rider. Eira leaned over the saddle, eyes squinting down at the ground. Her eyes widened at the two figures below as a grin spread across her face. "I see them. Let's say hi!" Eira directed her dragon into a wide downward spiral as they slowly descended upon her clanmates, great downward thrusts bringing them into a soft landing. Driftwood chirruped happily out to them as Eira jumped off his back, Terror in tow, as she raced across to meet her friends. Though her wobbly legs from the crazy flight gave way beneath her and she stumbled forward clumsily towards them.


"Whoops... Haha. Hi." she greeted sheepishly.

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((Hey Reindeer! Welcome again

((Hey Reindeer! Welcome again to the clan and you are more than welcome to join in! We are currently just about on Berk, it seems, so feel free to have your character drop in whenever. And you can get your character form up when you get the chance. We could have you meet up with us and roleplay out your joining, or say you are already a member, if you like. Up to you!))

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First spring-day flight

((Welcome to the RP, Reindeer! :-) ))


As soon as Winnie and Rue rose above the forest and did a large turn back towards Berk, one could see that they weren't the only ones enjoying the frist spring day. There were a few dragonriders spinning around in the air and racing each other. But also on the ground, vikings had started coming out of their homes. Some were cleaning their houses or gardens but most of them were chatting and catching up on the news. Rue waved at some of her neighbors as she flew by. In some distance she could even spot two vikings grappeling over ... something. Rue could not tell because Winnie was now speeding up her pace.

"Yeeeyy" Rue yelled as they gained more and more speed. The Woolly Howl had grown during the winter and her new power and speed took Rue's breath away. She was even struggeling to cling onto the furry scales. In the rush to finally get outside, she had not thought about equipping Winnie's saddle.


While passing his farm, she could see that Sven was celerating spring by dancing with one of his sheep!?

Winnie and Rue were now dashing towards the big bridge that connected the land where Rue lived with Berk village. Winnie and her had practised spinning around the thick wooden beams in autumn, but this time they were coming in way to fast.

"Winnie, slow down!" Rue squeeked as they darted through the beams, not more than a hand away from the wood. The Woolly Howl took a sudden turn in order to slow down but wasn't used to her new speed either, especially combined with the weight of a rider. For a moment, she lost her balance and they both bolted upwards in chaotic spins. Rue could not hold on any longer. She lost grip and fell down, mentally preparing herself for a morning bath in the ice cold sea. But just in time, Winnie regained control over her wings and picked her up, only a second before Rue hit the water.


Winnie put Rue down next to Svens farm and the young viking took a second to catch her breath and to calm the adrenalin in her blood. "Thanks for catching me... I see, we have to practise this..." Rue coughed and gave her dragon an amused look. What a first flight - and oh...!

"Happy spring!" It took Rue a second to realize the familiar faces. "WInnie is fast- that was an amazing catch!"

"Eslig! Ambolt! Haha, it's good to see you! It's been so long." Due to her still shaking knees, Rue wobbled over to them. It felt so good to see her friends after this long winter. 

"How are you?"

"At the moment, I'm glad to be dry" Rue answered and laughed, taking a short glimpse down the cliff. "What about you? What are you guys up to?"


Some minutes later, their conversation was interrupted by a large Timberjack landing next to them and... "Eira! Heyy!" Rue beamed and waved her over.

Seeing her friend wobble over to them, Rue laughed out sympathetically. "First spring-day flight this year, huh?"




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A sheepish grin spread widely

A sheepish grin spread widely across Eira's face as her two toned eyes twinkled, rushed breath coming out in little puffs. "You wouldn't believe it! This dragon came out of nowhere. She was GORGEOUS. I've never seen one like her before! We flew with her like I've never flown before! It was... exhausting... but AMAZING!" Eira emphatically told the story with wide gestures of her hands as her grin widened at the memory, still reeling from the euphoric experience. A spent Driftwood huffed out a little puff of smoke sheepishly as he flopped to the ground.

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((Edit: Changed detail to better reflect time))


Eslig reached out a hand to support Eira as she stumbled off Driftwood, the girl understandably a little wobbly after what Rue deemed a "First spring-day flight". Standing with Rue and Eira again, Eslig felt joy bubbling up inside him as he realized how much he had missed his friends and clanmates. In particular, he found his heart beating a little faster whenever Eira looked his way- it normally did, as the two shared a complicated past, but this time Eslig felt no fear, only excitement.


Eslig smiled from the beginning of Eira's story to the end, reflecting on how much had changed since Earthguard had found Eira last fall*. Her eyes danced with a new light in them as she described her encounter with the strange, beautiful dragon. In the background, Drift puffed every once in a while to help emphasize a point- or maybe to catch his breath.


Eira wasn't the only one who had changed. Rue's hair had grown over the winter and now she sported thin dreadlocks. She laughed at something Eira said and Eslig joined in, basking in the glow of freindships rekindled.


To that end, Eslig had news to share. "I got a letter from Mar over the winter- her father is sick and she is taking care of him. She's probably not going to be able to join us this summer. Lady Brasa also is being kept busy with Gothi, and I haven't heard from Tally." He paused, letting his words sink in. Earthguard might look very different this year, he thought.


For the first time, he considered his own position in the clan. He wasn't the most senior member, but he figured that any new recruits would consider him an experienced clan member- maybe even a leader of sorts. For a moment he stood in silence, once again appreciating the leaders of Berk- Stoick and Hiccup made things look so easy. But a quick glance at Eira and Rue were enough to convince him that he was not alone in this. For better or for worse, it was a team effort to get Earthguard back on its feet.


"What do you suppose we do? Maybe we hang up posters like Mar did, or something..." he trailed off. 



*((Edited so not as much time has passed, assuming that the Auction Island adventure took place during the winter that's just passed)) 

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((a year sounds about right I

((a year sounds about right I think.


actually scratch that and refer to my PM :P also I'll get a post up soonish, like later tonight possibly))

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Eira blushed ever so slightly

Eira blushed ever so slightly as Eslig caught her, pulling back quickly with a sheepish grin. After her frantic illustrations of her magical flight, her mood seemed to temper at Eslig's news. Just at that moment, Orvar decided to pop his big head out through Eira's tangled mess of red hair, big bright eyes blinking and looking at the two riders and their dragons curiously. The rest of him was draped around Eira's shoulders, his dark reddish brown body coiled tightly around her, contrasting with the creamy dorsal stripe that ran from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. His overly large eyes and head in comparison to his tiny body was adorably comical, complete with his tiny horns that had not yet fully grown in. Even for a Terrible Terror hatchling, he was rather on the smaller side.


Eira giggled at his movement, readjusting a few claws. "Orvar, that tickles." She scratched his head, eliciting a little draconic pur and turned back to Eslig, more somberly. "I hope they will all be okay... I do miss everyone." She scratched under Orvar's chin as she paused in a moment of thought. "Yeah we can do that. I also wanted to head back to my island for a visit. Haelstrom decided to spend most of the winter there, so I'd need to check on him, and possibly bring him back." She paused again in thought. "Oh, maybe we can... um, hold some sort of adoption drive? I heard quite a few of the dragons we brought back still don't have homes. Maybe, uh... we can spread word of the clan that way, too? Like, you know, sort of... showing what we're about? Helping dragons, and all." At the end of her stuttered speech, she holds Orvar up a bit as emphasis to her point. The little Terror didn't seem to mind the man handling much, flicking his forked tongue out to the crisp spring air.

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Restructuring the clan

"I got a letter from Mar over the winter- her father is sick and she is taking care of him. She's probably not going to be able to join us this summer. Lady Brasa also is being kept busy with Gothi, and I haven't heard from Tally."

Rue let the news sink in for a moment. Mar would not be able to lead them the way she had before. Things were going to be different... They were used to having a leader. Not having a leader was possible but it made decisions more complicated. How would they handle this new situation?

Rue looked around, scanning their little group of vikings and dragons. Many other Earthguard members were also busy with other important projects so that they could not join in on new adventures at the moment.

"I hope they will all be okay... I do miss everyone."

 "As far as I know, Krystal is still on her journey trying to find out more about her past. She won't come back to Berk any time soon I guess. I hope that she's fine... Also, I got a Terror Mail from Tally about two weeks ago. She's pretty busy with some other things but she wants to stay in touch with us so that she can join us whenever she is ready."

She sighed silently and looked at Eira, "I miss them, too... Looks like it's only the three of us for now..."


They agreed on hanging up posters on the school grounds in order to maybe find some new clan members to join their adventures.

Rue nodded excitedly to Eira's next suggestion. "Brilliant idea! The possibilities... You mean, we could bring the homeless dragons to some safe place and even build a sanctuary of some sort? We also wanted to find a place for Earthguard's headquarters, remember? So maybe we can create it at the new sanctuary. Uhh, that sounds exciting!"

It would not be easy to do this on their own without Mar and the rest of their friends but she felt confident that they would be able to do it.

Winnie purred her agreement and then went over to Eira in order to curiously sniff on the cute little Terrible Terror in her hands.



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On the watch

Rue wasn't the only one excited about exploring Eira's Island and relocating some of the homeless dragons rescued from the Dragon Hunters. While Eslig would've liked to see all of them get adopted, many had an (understandably) deep mistrust of humans and would fare better in the wild. Unfortunately, with space already limited on Berk and its surrounding islands, wild dragons didn't have the territory they needed to thrive. Besides, an island with headquarters would go a long way in putting Earthguard on the map.


Eslig stroked Orvar on his comically misproportioned head, pondering his next words. "We could do it with the three of us, but it would be a lot easier with one or two more. Let's not forget that Earthguard started with just one member- it can survive for a bit with three. Ooh, before I forget- Grandma Hilde knitted these for the clan." he said, handing a watch cap to both Eira and Rue.


The caps were warm and comfortable, knitted out of an earthy brown and sporting Earthguard's logo on the front. Eslig wasn't sure if one would fit over Eira's hair, but Orvar immediately disappeared into the cap, much to Eslig's amusement.


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"Oh that's good to know. I'm

"Oh that's good to know. I'm glad to hear they're doing alright, at least," Eira replied to Rue's news of Krystal and Tally. Orvar licked the air with a flick of his tongue, inadvertently getting Winnie on the nose in the process. The little forked tongue continued upward on its course, licking one large eyeball as the little Terror quirked his head this way and that at the Woolly Howl. He squirmed out of Eira's grasp and fluttered on top of Winora, plopping down on top of her head for a moment before flitting back to Eira's shoulder on his vestigial wings, where he promptly disappeared into the cap. Eira giggled as she pulled it back to see the little Terror's eyes before wrangling it over her hair. She beamed a grin at Eslig. "I love it! And so does Orvar." She petted the hatchling as he circled around her shoulders before finding the best position again. "So, where should we get started?"

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"Cool, thank you!" Rue's eyes lit up as she accepted her own Earthguard cap. "Tell grandma Hilde that they are awsome, please." she added while pulling the warm cloth over her head.

Meanwhile, Winnie tried to have a look at the little Terrible Terror that had plopped down on her head and purred at him. When he fluttered back to Eira and disappeared into the new cap, the Woolly Howl did a playful little hop, wagging her long tail and stirring up fine clouds of snow.


"So, where should we get started?"

"We could wait for one more week or so and try to find new clan members before we head out to your island. That way we also have some time for planning. For example, how to we get the baby dragons there? It's a long distance flight for a not fully-grown dragon. Maybe it's best to take the Frejya?"

"And I could go and visit Mar. I think she once said that she has some of the old Earthguard posters left that she hung up at the School..."


((I think Mar is okay with us controlling her charakter a little. Would you two be okay with that as well? I would keep the interaction with her to a minimum, I'd just get the posters and hang them up at Berk and the School. But we can also find other ways like creating new posters etc.))

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Eira looked thoughtful for a

Eira looked thoughtful for a moment as she tugged at her comfy cap that tamed her unruly hair, marveling at it. "Some of them can ride with us on Driftwood," she started to say as she picked up Orvar, who was having fun imitating Winnie and glanced over to Drift for his input. The Timberjack didn't seem to notice in his distraction as he scanned the skies. Eira pursed her lips, but turned back to her clanmates. "But yeah... I think taking the Freyja is a better idea. And that way we can bring Haelstrom back, if he wants to."


Then she got a twinkle in her eye. "Mind if I come along? I'd love to see Mariella again. Then we can put flyers up and see about rounding up the homeless dragons."


((I like the idea of going to see Mar and I'm fine with it, for sure.))

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Eslig nodded as Rue suggested using the Freya​. The ship was large enough to comfortably house any dragons not up for the flight to Eira's Island. "It'll be a few weeks before the ice clears and the ​Freya​ is seaworthy again, but that should give us time to scout the island and begin building a base. I'm sure Eira can show us around when we get there, but I'm not sure how much of the isalnd you frequented. It's pretty spacious." he said.


As Rue and Eira planned to visit Mar, Ambolt nudged his rider. "Wha-? Oh, yeah, I've got errands to run for Grandma Hilde. Say hi to Mar for me!" Eslig called, swinging up into the saddle. A few seconds later Ambolt was soaring through the air on the way towards the markets found in and around Berk.

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Eira beamed with excitement,

Eira beamed with excitement, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "I'd love to! I guess last time we were all there, you didn't get much a chance to look around," she admitted sheepishly. "I'm not sure how big it is, but I explored as much of the parts as I could reach. There's a lot of it that's hard to get to." Behind her, Driftwood chirped and ruffled his wings smugly and she smirked back at him. "Well, maybe by dragon back. But you could barely fly back then!" At that, the Timberjack huffed out a puff of smoke indignantly.


Then Eira stepped over to Ambolt, giving him a little scratch as Eslig jumped on and the two bolted off, waving to them. "Will do!" she called after them. Then she turned back to Rue, Winnie, and Driftwood, launching herself onto her own dragon's back and settling in. "Ready?" At her shoulder, Orvar chirruped his own readiness.


((So, I kinda left a lot of the island structure vague, only really detailing Eira's tree and the one cove you can safely port in at. My idea of it was that it's an island that is heavily defensible and not easy to get to other than flying. So not really any beaches, a lot of unscalable cliffs, mountainous. Something that'd make it to where no one bothered settling there and no one would bother taking port there, so that Eira was mostly isolated and unrescueable. And also be a great haven for dragons that would be relatively safe from humans and dragon hunters. But I wanted everyone to sort of have their own hand in designing the island, too. So we could all put in our own creations into it, as well as build their own personal outpost or whatever, like at Dragon's Edge. I wanna make a map of it once we do have it all figured out, too.


Also, I know we don't really rp in game, but since Eira ICly doesn't have a farm or traditional home or dragon stables at the school or Berk, I've been using my in game farms, hideout, and stables as stand ins for things like Eira's tree on her island. So for example, I use my small farm as though it was the inside of Eira's tree, and my hideout as though it was the actual treehouse she will eventually have in that tree (also doubling as her cave home in the wilderness at the school). And my big beach side farm I was gonna have it be the hidden cove on the island. I also have the flightmare stable and the dream stable, which I both love, and I'm partially using the flightmare stable as a sort of stand in for the inside of her tree. But I loooove the dream stable, and I was thinking it would make a perfect clan hall they could have and use for the island.))

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((Eira: A map could be very

((Eira: A map could be very useful later on - if you want to do that, that'd be awesome :-)

And I like the Dream stable as well, it's so cozy with the fireplace in the middle. Even though, somehow, I always step inside the firepit when I want to look up the dragon quests :-D ))


"Mind if I come along? I'd love to see Mariella again. Then we can put flyers up and see about rounding up the homeless dragons."

"Not at all" Rue smiled. "I'm happy to see Mar again as well."


"Yep, sounds good!" she added when they decided to scout out Eira's island soon. To discover new lands sounded like a conventient adventure after the long winter. And besides a few Changewings, the remainings of Eira's tree and the hidden cove, Rue had not seen much of the island yet.

"See you! Let's keep in touch via Terror mail!" she waved after Eslig and Ambolt when they started into the sky.



Rue had to make a jump in order to climb onto Winnie's back because the Woolly Howl was dancing and bouncing like an excited horse. "Try to keep calm this time - please", she whispered into the dragon's ear.

She made sure to hold on tight to the brown furry scales and then looked up to Eira who was sitting higher than her because of Drift's size. "Okay, let's go! To the farmlands."


Besides a few crazy spins, they had a nice, calm flight over to the School's island. Soon, they could make out the familiar farm plot that Mar and her dragons lived on. Rue had just guessed that Mar could be found there - she wouldn't have known where to find Randulf's, Mar's father's, house exactly. But it turned out that they had been right. A tired looking Jasper welcomed them with his big typical Gronckle grin and the equally tired looking Mar followed behind.


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Eira and Driftwood slowly

Eira and Driftwood slowly circled Mar's farm a few times before coming down for a landing, seemingly reluctant to be tethered to the earth any longer. Driftwood chirped out a greeting as he swooped down and Eira waved vigorously as she hopped from his back, Orvar in tow coiled around her shoulders like a dragon shawl, his big little face tucked into the warmth of her neck and hair. "Mari!" Eira exclaimed, overjoyed to see their leader again. She trotted up to Jasper and knelt down beside the Gronkle to give him a loving scritch.


Orvar peeked his head out, stuck his tongue out at Jasper, and shoved it back in.


((I don't feel confident and comfortable controlling Mar, so I'll leave that to you, Rue :P))

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News from an old friend

Mar's eyes lit up when Rue and Eira jumped off their dragons and came over to her and Jasper.

"Eira! Drift! Rue! Winnie!" A happy laughter spread over her tired face. "It feels so good to see you again! How is everybody doing?" 

Rue stopped for a moment to give Jasper a scratch behind the ears before she went on to greet Mar.

"Mar, I'm so glad to see you, too. It's been such a long winter and Eslig just told us that you are busy taking care of your father. How are things going?"


The three of them started chatting about what had been going on during the last few months and exchanged the latest news. It became clear that bringing her little dragon family, her sick father and herself through the winter had been harsh on Mar. Jasper and Rosemary had helped her a lot but taking care about her sick and therefore grumpy father was a handful. Only a few minutes after Rue and Eira had arrived, Mar announced:

"I'm really sorry that I can't talk to you longer but we still have so much to do..." Her eyes wandered around the garden where the first vegetable patches started to appear under the melting snow.

"We could help you! If we had known earlier that you were having such a hard time, we could have tried to help you, maybe even despite the blizzards and snow..."

But their leader only waved her hands and assured them that she would be fine. Either Rue nor Eira could persuade her to accept their help.

"Listen. I'm really sorry to say that but I can't take care of the clan right now, so you will have to do that. Go out and find Earthguard's new headquarters. Leading the clan is up to you now and I know all of you good enough to know that you can do it." She gave them an encouraging smile. "Recruiting new members sounds like a good plan to me. Wait here - I still gotta have some of these posters..."


Rue stood still while Mar hurried inside to look for the posters. Not having her with them on their clan adventures and maybe even clan festivities made her sad - even though it already had been clear that it would probably be like that. She finally looked up from the snowy ground and shared an unhappy look with Eira.


((I didn't feel a 100% comfortable controlling her either, so I kept it rather short :-) ))


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A note

((I think you did fine, Rue! I myself will be limited for the next week and a half or so as I go through another production week. I'll be as active as I can, but my posts will be brief.))



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Eira enjoyed spending time

Eira enjoyed spending time and chatting with Mariella, but she grew more somber as their leader detailed the harshness of her winter. She vigorously nodded her head in agreement with Rue. "Yes, we can help. That's what a clan is for." She looked around the garden and farm at all that needed to be done to care for dragons and a sick father, growing more and more concerned for her friend. She knew what it was like to worry for a parent, and it made her heart ache a little for her own. But as Mari shot down their offers of help and took off to fetch the flyers, Eira frowned sullenly, exchanging the look with Rue.


Once Mariella returned with the posters, they said their goodbyes (with another reminder that they would always be there for her if she needed them), and the two riders hopped back on their dragons and took off. The flight away from Mar's farm was much more solemn than the flight in. Eira nudged Driftwood closer to Winnie. "She is still our leader, she always will be. We can help her by keeping this clan together and building it up for her until she can return to it. That is our duty."

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Terror mail

Eslig and Ambolt found Berk alive and bustling with newfound energy now that Spring had (mostly) arrived. Hatchlings played underfoot whilst dragons and their trainers hurried to and fro, rushing to register for various classes at the School of Dragons, chasing down wayward sheep, or just enjoying the fine day. The first trading ships of the season were pulling into Berk's port, and eager Berkies were already lining up to trade for the goods that would soon be available.


Eslig waited in line, slightly impatient, as the traders set up and began to do business. Some sold strange foods, others works of art and craft, and still others materials of all kinds. It was hard not to become distracted amongst the hustle and bustle and bright colors of the marketplace. Eslig was pretty sure he saw an Earthguard poster here and there, but saw no sign of his friends- not surprising given the amount of vikings and dragons all congregating in one place.


At long last, Eslig was able to obtain the supplies he needed: animal feed, flour, some Monstrous Nightmare gel, and baking soda. The last item on the list was a direct result of having an excitable Death Song hatchling at home. While the dragon's amber had come in handy for stopping leaks in the roof, Eslig wanted to remove some of the excess amber that now coated several items in his house, including his favorite pair of boots, Grandma Hilde's rocking chair, and the underside of the table.


Ambolt's saddlebags a little heavier and Eslig's pockets a little lighter, Eslig returned to his house and began mixing up a large batch of AmberBeGone, Snotlout's name for his (totally original) method of removing Death Song amber. By the time that was done and all the excess amber removed, the sun was beginning to set outside. Eslig frowned, knowing that he wouldn't be able to see his friends again that day as he'd hoped.


With this in mind, Eslig set out a Terror mail message, one each to both Rue and Eira. It read,


"Him it's Eslig. Sorry I couldn't help you hang posters today. Errands took longer than I'd thought. See you tomorrow at the sign to Sven's farm!"


To Eira's note he added, "Would you like to go for a morning flight with Ambolt and me?"


Releasing a pent up breath he hadn't realized he was holding in, Eslig released the Terrible Terror into the fading light of the evening sky. For the enxt few hours he tossed and turned, wishing that he could call the Terror back but also glad he had let it go.



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New optimism

After wishing Mar all the best and promising her to be there for her whenever she would need them, Rue and Eira returned to their dragons. Rue sighed "So, if hanging up the posters is the only thing that we can do right now, then let's get to it..." Each one of them took one half of the pile of posters and they mounted their dragons. 


While they flew from the Lookout to the School, from the School to the Training Grounds and from there over to Berk, hanging up posters everywhere, their flight and their conversation was calmer than earlier.

"She is still our leader, she always will be. We can help her by keeping this clan together and building it up for her until she can return to it. That is our duty."

"You're right." Rue nodded. "But it's going to be different than we are used to. And maybe a little more difficult to plan things in case we all three disagree on how something should be done." Rue frowned, but then added after a few seconds:

"But I'm sure we'll be fine" For the first time since they had left Mar's farm, Rue laughed out optimistically, amused by the thought of them fighting over silly little things but overcoming the difficulties like they always had so far.

"And even though I really miss Mar and our other clan members, I'm starting looking forward to our next trip to your island! What's the north side of the island like? Isn't there a small valley of some sort? I thought I've seen one from the air..."

By chatting about Eira's island and hanging up the remaining posters time went by fast and soon, Rue and Eira said their goodbyes for the day.


Rue decided to walk home at first but Berk was so crouded all of a sudden with all the vikings coming out of their huts and rushing over to the first traders, that she and Winnie finally escaped with an - this time - elegant swing through the wooden bars of the big bridge.

They both were greeted by the calmness of their home and by an overjoyed Thunderdrum. Donni grunted happily when he saw them arrive and came waddling over. With his large body, he had flattened most of the snow in the garden - if by accident or on purpose, Rue could not tell, but she thanked him anyway by tickling him under his big chin. Thankfully, he had spared the areas where Rue's beds of herbs and vegetables were resting under the snow.

While preparing dinner for them with some of the goods that she had been able to buy in Berk, a yellow Terrible Terror swept through the open door. "Ah, it's from Eslig! We'll meet tomorrow. You wanna join me?" The big purple Thunderdrum sniffed the letter and gave her a happy roar, his long tail wagging and almost smashing into a cupboard.


((edit: The picture of Orvar in your charakter sheet, Eira, is so cute by the way :-) ))

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Eira started to forget about

Eira started to forget about the troubling aspects of having to run the clan themselves as Rue brought up her island, and she grew more and more excited at the prospect of exploring it and settling in. They chatted as they flew and hung up posters, Eira telling Rue all about her past adventures on the island and what she had so far explored. She was eager to explore more of it, as well, now that she had a dragon to reach all the unreachable parts. But swifter than she had realized, the day came to an end and she waved her goodbyes to Rue and Winnie before heading home herself.


After a nice twilit flight, Driftwood swooped into the outcropping that led to their cave home in the wilderness. Eira had had all winter long to spruce the place up further, and it was now just as cozy as any of the other homes at the school or Berk. She had her own bed, in addition to the large bowl shaped into the stone floor for the dragons to curl up in, a table, some shelves, and even a curtain hanging up to give her further privacy - the tree branches and roots hanging over the opening of the cave could only do so much. A door of sorts was built at the back of the cave that led to the tunnels that connected to the rest of the island's stables and hatchery. As soon as Driftwood touched down, Eira tumbled off his back and plopped down into the bowl just as Drift collapsed to the stone floor in a heap of wings and an exhausted huff of smoke.


"You said it, big guy. Who knew flying so much and posting flyers could be so exhausting." From his cozy saddlebag on the Timberjack's saddle, Orvar squirmed his way out with a squack and fluttered over to Eira, dropping down in his own huff of exhaustion. Eira frowned down at him. "Oh, so tiring for you from your coooozy bag, huh?" Orvar looked up at her with a mock hurt expression and curled up on her chest, his rapid breathing rumbling with a purr. After a moment, Eira's expression lightened up and she rubbed at his scales under his chin affectionately. "Everytime," she chided jokingly with a wry smirk. The cute little dragon gave a smug look - he knew what he was doing.


From where his head had plopped, Driftwood looked up with a small, tired trill. "Yeah, winter's made us soft. We need to work ourselves back into it- Oh!" She quickly stood up from the bowl, unceremoniously dumping a startled Terror onto the floor as she grabbed up their dinner for the night and fed them. While Driftwood ate, she unlatched his saddle and set it aside, then ate her own meager meal (she was too tired to cook) and settled back into the comfy bowl. "I hope Hael is doing alright over there. We get to see him again soo- ooooaaawh!" her words trailed off into a big yawn. Both dragons perked their heads up to look strangely at her.


Just then, the flutter of small wings grew louder as a Terrible Terror messenger came crashing in. Orvar jumped and scrambled up onto Eira's head, growling at the bigger Terror. The messenger only stared and licked an eye as he delivered his message. Eira laughed as she took the note. "Easy, Orv, he's just delivering a message! You can do that some day, too, if you like." Orvar eyed the bigger dragon, head cocked to the side as he attempted to make himself look bigger and stronger, a smug look on his face. Eira smiled at her dragon as she unrolled the note and read.


"Hey it's Eslig. Sorry I couldn't help you hang posters today. Errands took longer than I'd thought. See you tomorrow at the sign to Sven's farm!


Would you like to go for a morning flight with Ambolt and me?"


Eira's cheeks started to glow with an unknown warmth as her pulse steadily increased while she stared at the note for a long moment, reading and rereading it over and over, the Terror messenger waiting patiently. Orvar climbed back down to her shoulder to take a look himself, not that he could read it. After another moment, Eira barked out an awkward laugh. "He just means, like, together, as a clan. Right? I mean, he probably sent out one to both of us..... Right?" She looked up imploringly to her two dragons. Driftwood gave her a confused look as Orvar decided to voice his opinion on the matter with little chirps and growls, thinking himself very clever at discerning her meaning. "Right..." Eira sunk further into her comfy bowl in trepidation. "What should I do? Should I go? Should I not go? It's just a flight, right?" Again, Driftwood just stared blankly at her while Orvar trilled excitedly. Eira humphed, glowering at them. "You two are a lot of help."


Grabbing a piece of parchment and charcoal, Eira fretted over a return letter for a long, long time. Finally grasping the gravity of the situation, Driftwood wrapped himself around her reassuringly, giving her a gentle, encouraging chirrup. Eira nibbled on the end of her writing charcoal as she wrote and rewrote several responses.


"I'd love to-"


"A flight sounds great!"


"You're right, we can use the practice..."


"Oh! A clan flight? What an excellent idea!"


"Ambolt was looking a little chubby today. I'd be happy to help you out with excersising."


"Ugh!" Eira tossed the last one away and flopped back into her Timberjack pillow. Driftwood whined softly to her, winding his head around and lightly nudging her in the chest. "You're right...."


Quickly and nervously, Eira scrawled out a prompt reply and handed it and a fish to the Terror messenger, sending him off. She flopped back down and curled up into her dragon pile, drawing the purring, sleepy Orvar into a hug. "So much for sleep..." she muttered as she settled in for a restless night.


The Terror flapped into the night on his way back to Eslig's with his message. The note read:




((Thanks! I just finished it the other day, but I may make a few tweaks to it. I started on one for Windsong, too. Just got the sketch going so far.))

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Awaiting (im)patiently

((That was a beautifully written post, Eira.


Rue- It'll be fun with Donni along. I've always enjoyed that character))


Try as he might, Eslig couldn't fall asleep. He tossed and turned, burrowed under his pillows, and even stared at a transcribed Trader Johann story that left out none of the details from the trader's last "adventure"- but nothing quelled Eslig's churning stomach or put his mind at ease. Ambolt, sleepily snesing that not all was right with his rider, offered a wing to sleep under. Usually that was enough to calm whatever fears Eslig had, but not tonight.


Had the Terrible Terror made it to Eira with the message? Perhaps it had been eaten by a Death Song en route. Or perhaps the Terror had made it but the message had not? Eslig tried in vain to recall which knot he had tied the messages with, hoping that it would hold through the Terror's long flight.


Worse still was the fear that Eira would decline, and in doing so make tomorrow's clan meeting incredibly awkward, indeed. Finally deciding that "my pencil slipped as I was writing, I didn't really mean that" wasn't a valid explanation, Eslig decided to go outside to clear his head. Normally, this meant a late-night solo flight with Ambolt, but the Nadder was sleeping soundly after a long day so Eslig decided to go on a walk instead.


Eslig pulled on his boots and winter clothes, dry from an evening in front of the fire. Doing his best to not make any noise he quietly slipped out the door, hearing it latch behind him with a click.


Freed from the crushing enclosure of his house and alone under the majesty of the stars, Eslig set off down the path leading away from his house. His breath steamed in the cold night air, the onset of spring momentarily frozen now that the sun had set. His head darted up now and then to make sure he was still on the path, but other than that it remained focused on his feet as he channeled all his focus into the act of walking- lest his thoughts catch up with him and interrupt his momentary peace.


Unlike many problems in a viking's life, these feelings weren't something he could run from, hide from, or try to fight. Eslig stopped suddenly, turning around to gaze upon the tracks he had made in the snow- a single set of tracks going back as far as he could see.


The moment was interrupted by a flutter of wings as a Terrible Terror flapped its way through the night, down the path that Eslig was walking on.


"Wait!" Eslig yelled, recognizing the Terror as the same one he had sent out earlier that evening. "Come back, I'm right here!"


The Terror, intent on its goal, continued onward despite the shouts of the viking behind it. Still shouting in vain, Eslig broke into a run, frantically chasing the Terror back towards his house.


Barely managing to keep the Terror in sight, Eslig raced back, losing a mitten in the process but not stoppig to pick it up. Eslig crashed through the door, causing Ambolt to start in sleepy surprise and waking Septimus, who had cheekily snuck onto Eslig's bed in his absence.


Barely remembering to close the door behind him, Eslig tracked snow all over the floor as he scrabled towards where the Terror was calmly roosting on its perch, a note clearly visible in it's pouch. One perch was traded for another, and with shaking hands Eslig opened the note from Eira.


"So much for sleep..." he said to no one in particular.







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About a door

((Eslig: Will our charakters be going to Eira's island already or are they just meeting for some other clan activity? I can change my post still.

=> edit 02/18/18: Changed it :-) ))


Rue woke up around 7:30 in the morning and felt well rested. Her heart started pounding: Today, their next clan meeting was about to happen! Maybe even concrete planning for their first trip to Eira's island!

With a little "Yey!" she jumped out of the bed, waking Redvark, the red Night Terror, who had been sleeping next to her slippers. He yawned and rolled over so that Rue could scratch his white belly. His happy smile followed her when she finally got up and prepared breakfast.


A loud scratch on the door announced Winnie who had learned to open it with her front claws. When the Woolly Howl came in, Rue went over and closed the door behind her. Just after she had returned to preparing breakfast, the door sprung open again and Donni came waddeling in. "Guys, remember to close the door, please," Rue noted while walking over and closing it.

The Thunderdrum proudly presented his catch of fish which made Winnie and Redvark surround him immediately. As soon as she had engulfed some salmon, Winnie decided to spend the rest of the morning outside (she felt more comfortable in the snow than next to the warm hearthfire). Leaving the door open, she jumped outside, making Rue walk over and closing it for the third time this morning.

While she saved two salmon from Donni's catch for herself and started to roast them over the fire, Rue thought aloud: "Eslig didn't indicate when he wanted to meet at the sign to Sven's farm exactly. I guess he meant around the same time as we met there yesterday... That was late morning. So we still should have more than 2 hours to work in the garden. But how do we know for sure?"

Redvark fluttered onto the table, landing dangerously close to Rue's plate. He smiled his typical Night Terror smile and bounced up and down. Rue frowned at him for a moment while she put her plate to savety. But then she understood. "You want to guard the sign to Sven's farm and tell me when the others arrive? Great idea!"

Redvark wagged his tail, gulped one more piece of raw fish and disappeared through the door - leaving it open behind him.

"Oh, come on..." Rue murmured.


After she had closed the door and got dressed, she eyed Donni's wounds from one of the last adventures. But they had healed well and he seemed in good shape to go on a trip. And when she looked at him, she knew that he had been eager to once be the one dragon to come with her on a big adventure for a long time. So maybe she could even bring him to Eira's island?

Only one thing was concerning her still.

"You know, let's see how it goes today and during the next few days, okay? I know you want to come with me to Eira's island. But we could run into dragon hunters or aggressive Changewings there, so stressful situations will not be avoidable." Even though the Thunderdrum snorted assuringly, she went on "Your hiccupping has almost been gone for 2 months now, but I don't know how it will be if you're under too much pressure..."

Cautiously, because of the small size of the hut, the big Thunderdrum turned around and grabbed with his teeth his brown leather saddle from the wall. With a big smile and puppy eyes he looked up to Rue. She laughed. Puppy eyes looked kind of crazy on a titan thunderdrum... She caressed his scaly back and, with a little rest of concern, she decided: "Okay, big boy. Let's try it."

Excited, the old Thunderdrum stormed outside as soon as Rue had fixed the saddle. "Close the d..." But he was already gone.

Rue sighed. The next two hours passed with her, instead of working in the garden, creating a construction out of ropes and a stone that made the door close automatically.


It was about ten o'clock when Redvark swept in and signaled her to follow him to Sven's farm...

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Driftwood tilted his head one

Driftwood tilted his head one way, then the other, snorting out a dissastisfied grunt. His voluminous wingspan filled most of the opening to the cave and the first morning rays were filtering in behind him in a soft glow. From his perch, Orvar echoed the sentiment with a squawk and the two exchanged a dubious glance.




The Timberjack's head swiftly shifted up and down and met her gaze.


Eira looked down, then back up at the hodgepodge patchwork of wool, leather, and dragon scales, huffing in exasperation. "What's wrong with this? I wear this all the time! I wore it all the time on the island!"


The cant to Driftwood's head spoke volumes as the dragon eyed his rider dryly. Eira grumbled and stomped off, disappearing behind a curtain. "Fine. You two are insufferable, you know. Why does it matter what I wear? It's not like its a date!" At that, her head poked out and pinned both of them with a glare, to which each dragon looked innocently. Moments later, she reemerged, wearing a warm winter tunic and newly hemmed pants with a warm, yak fur skirt secured around it. "Can I go now?"


Driftwood canted his head again and stared at her, his gaze trailing up to the top of her head. Eira's hands immediately went for the tangle of curls that framed her face. "What's wrong with my hair?" Her dragon just gave her the same dry look again and she stalked off to the wash bin, grumbling. "No one ever cared how I looked before..."


As she leaned over the bowl, her reflection rippled in the water, unruly red curls abounding in all directions, animalistic face paint making her look like some sort of savage child, and her two different colored eyes staring back up at her. Her fingers paused in their fumbling with her rebellious hair as she regarded the person looking back. She closed first the gold eye, then the green, the mirror image mimicking her motions obediently. She had never considered her appearance to be anything than what it was, had grown accustomed to accepting her uniqueness, even owning it, and perhaps that was why she tried so hard to look like the savage beast most people thought she was. With the wild hair, fierce face paint, and bewitching golden eye, how could they not. But with one green eye open, for a moment, she looked normal. Memories and emotions flooded back to her from her life back on her home island, faces and looks of scorn, fear. Whispers as she walked by, thrown food and insults. The image reflecting back looked at her mockingly and she swung a fist into the water, dashing away the reflection and splashing waves onto the floor. Storming to her feet, she flung herself onto her bed, wrapping a pillow around her head.


"I'm not going!" her muffled voice called out stubbornly.


Driftwood and Orvar exchanged a look, then dragged her back out and set her down before the wash bin. They watched her as she finished tying her hair back in braids (the only real way to tame it) and plucked out as many of the twigs and leaves as she could. Then she splashed some water on her face and washed off the face paint. Without the strong constrasting dark paint around her eyes, they didn't stand out as much anymore. Eira then turned to her dragons uncertainly.


Driftwood chirruped happily and scrabbled out onto the landing, trilling eagerly at her. Eira laughed nervously as she saddled him up, fingers fumbling with the straps. "Okay, okay, we're going! Stand still." Orvar climbed into his saddle bag and Eira grabbed a fur cowl, pausing hesitantly at Drift's side. Sensing her hesitation, Driftwood snaked his head back and wrapped around her reassuringly. She hugged his head tightly, a grateful smile on her lips. After several steadying breaths she hopped on, pulling hood and mask up as Driftwood pushed off from the ledge. With a massive woosh of his wings, they were airborn and soaring off over the island, Eira trying her hardest not to be nervous as they raced far too swiftly to meet Eslig.

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((Rue- I'm not really sure for what purpose we're meeting, I suppose we could begin the journey to Eira's Island, but I'd like to wait and see how pending a completed character form in Eira's recruitment thread. If the Rper is still interested, we could run into him on the way to the island- he mentioned his character would be found unconscious on an island, although I don't think it should be Eira's island))


"Gah!" Eslig woke up violently, sitting up in his bed. Already, streaks of sunlight were filtering into the house, and Eslig's heart sank as he realized that the sun was already peeking above the horizon.


"Oh, nononononono!" he said, each word rising slightly in both volume and pitch as he raced around his small room, doing chores while getting ready for the day.


Baby dragons fed and watered? Check.

Pants on? One leg, at least.

Collect chicken eggs? Check (Only dropped one)


"Where is my other boot?" Eslig said to the room as Ambolt watched him from the corner. The Nadder, as expected, didn't reply, merely chuffing in amusement as Eslig tripped over the very boot he was looking for.


Satisfied that he was ready to face the day, Eslig raced towards the door. "Come on Ambolt, let's-- whoah!"


Eslig bounced off Ambolt's wing and down onto the floor. "What was that for?" Eslig asked indignantly.


Ambolt merely nudged over the small Gronkle Iron mirror Eslig had traded for last fall. Eslig stared balefully at his dragon, unconsciously running a hand through his hair. "What? I look fine".


The Nadder merely nudged the mirror again, and Eslig had to agree that he, in fact, did not look "fine". Unwilling to concede the argument that easily, he directed a parting shot as he returned to the small washroom with a change of clothes. "Alright, alright. But if we're late I'm blaming you".


A few minutes later Eslig emerged, wearing dark brown pants and a brown tunic a few shades lighter. The tunic went down just past his hips and gave way to a lighter cream garment underneath. There were belts both around his waist and slung over his left shoulder, like a bandolier. The tunic was sleeveless, but Eslig wore his usual bracers and had fashioned a sleeve out of faded green fabric to cover the scars on his left arm from a racing accident months ago.


He had made an attempt at fixing his unruly red hair, finally settling on a band tied just above his hairline to keep it from falling into his eyes. "Satisfied?" he asked his dragon.


Ambolt looked over his rider skeptically until he was convinced that Eslig had put enough effort into his appearance, sealing his approval with a fond lick that left Eslig's hair sticking up and knocked off the band on Eslig's head.


"Ambolt!" Eslig cried, dancing away from the dragon drool. "You know that doesn't wash out!"


The Nadder merely chuffed again before following his excited rider out into the yard. Eslig grabbed Ambolt's saddle, doing his best to tighten the buckles with his suddenly trembling hands. A few minutes later they were off into the morning air, on their way to meet Eira.

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((I got the sense that that's

((I got the sense that that's not what they were meeting for but I could be wrong. Maybe just to figure out their next move, But if we all want to head to the island right away, then we can do that.))

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((Alright. Actually, not

((Alright. Actually, not going to Eira's island immediately feels better for me as well. I changed my post a little so that it fits :-) ))

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Meet and greet

((Rue- due to interest from a couple others (in the Earthguard recruitment thread Eira made), it might be best if we wait a little bit before heading out to Eira's Island, although I think the other RPers should be joining us soon (I hope). Thanks for being flexible with your post.))


As Ambolt soared down to the sign next to Sven's Farm, he was surprised to see that he had beaten Eira there. It seemed as though his late start to the day hadn't hurt him this time. He didn't notice when a red Night Terror lifted off from the sign and flapped off.


After landing and dismounting Ambolt, Eslig scanned the skies for any sign of Driftwood and Eira, unconsciously running a hand through his unruly hair in an attempt to tame it. He paced back and forth, worry gnawing in his stomach.


"It's OK" he said, reaching out a hand and resting it on Ambolt. "She'll be here any minute, don't you worry". The Nadder paused mid-preen to eye his rider questioningly. "Who, me?" Eslig responded. "I'm not worried at all. In fact-- aah, there she is, Ambolt!"


Shielding his eyes against the morning sun, Eslig peered into the sky, watching Driftwood soar majestically through the air on his way towards them. Eslig fidgeted with his bracers all the while, his heart suddenly hammering in his chest.


"Hi there, Eslig!"


The voice from behind him made Eslig jump in surprise. He turned around to see Rue approaching on Donni, her purple Thunderdrum. The Titan dragon bared it's many teeth in an imitation of the smile lighting up Rue's face. Rue waved again, and Eslig waved in return before turning around to where Driftwood had landed.


Eira's appearance surprised him, but not for the reasons it usually did. Gone was the face paint and the leaves in her hair, and she was wearing new pants and a yak fur skirt that Eslig hadn't seen her wear before. Eira's eyes, however, were as striking as ever, and Eslig could see a storm brewing in them as Eira took in the scene. 


Eslig clasped his hands together nervously. "Um... well... hi Rue. Hi Eira. Glad you, uhh... both, um, could make it" he said, wanting nothing more than to be swallowed up in a Whispering Death tunnel right then and there.


Eslig turned and hurried over to where Ambolt was waiting patiently. "Should we, um, go see if anyone's signed up? Good work on the posters, Rue. And Eira." he finished lamely, suddenly finding an interesting lump of melting snow to look at.

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As Driftwood drew nearer and

As Driftwood drew nearer and nearer to the meeting spot, the knot in Eira's stomach grew tighter and tighter. "Mm... maybe we shouldn't..." she sat low over Driftwood's neck, knuckles white as she clutched on tightly. Drift swung his head back to look at her, a gentle purr rumbling in his chest. They circled Berk a few times while Eira tried to get a hold of her nerves, nearly calling the whole thing off again, but her dragon wouldn't let her as he continued to warble soothing encouragement.


Finally, they rounded the great mead hall and came in sight of Sven's farm sign. Eira's breath hitched at the sight of Ambolt's bright pink scales and her heart leapt into her throat. Again, she almost pulled Driftwood away, but the timberjack swooped down before she could second guess herself a third time, alighting on the cliff edge. Eira froze in the saddle, but not for the reasons she would have thought. For behind Eslig came Rue and Donnerhall, her titan wing thunderdrum, and her heart dropped into the pit of her gut. For a brief moment, a storm began to brew in her eyes at Eslig's words. Both? Glad you both could make it?! She had been stupid, so stupid! for thinking that message was for her and her alone. To think Eslig actually liked her. Her! Of all people.... Why had she even thought that? It was silly. Silly and stupid. For a long moment, Eira just stared blankly at the two of them as the embarrassment set in deeper. The storm dissipated, defeated, as her brow crinkled around her pained eyes and she quickly averted them. Heat flushed her cheeks, chasing away the otherwise chilly morning air. She focused on Driftwood's saddle, as if there was some strap or another she was having to work at and sort out.


"Yeah... we should do that..." For a fleeting moment, the thought that they had been playing a cruel joke on her crossed her mind and memories of past ridicule flashed by. It was just the briefest of moments, and she knew it couldn't be true, but it had still been there, marring the ever crumbling facade of her self assurance. Eira shrunk inward a little as she fidgeted with an end of a braid and another wave of embarrassment washed over her. Her hair! Her appearance! What if they noticed.... Oh she was so stupid! All she wanted to do in that moment was rip out her braids and fly off. But she didn't. Instead she sat there, pretending like nothing was wrong.

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Awkward meeting

((Yikes, this is awkward. I didn't mean for Rue to crash Eslig and Eira's rendezvous, actually. I just finished up Rue's morning so that I can pause the RP for a few days while I was gone on a trip away from home and so that I could jump in again after Eira's and Eslig's morning flight. Well, I guess, I could have told you that :-D Anyway, I kind of like the plottwist that we have now. So let's deal with this mess... :-) ))


With only three powerful beats of his wide wings Donni carried Rue over to the sign to Sven's farm. Eslig was already there, watching Eira and Driftwood coming in from the sky.

"Hi there, Eslig!"

Her friend turned around, a surprised, maybe even shocked look on his face. Rue stopped Donni for a second and wondered if Eslig was okay. But before she could ask, they both got distracted by Eira landing next to them. She looked different than usual. Her hair was tamed by some braids and she was wearing new clothes. Rue was surprised how pretty she looked all of a sudden.

Rue swallowed the compliment that she had been about to make and looked at Eira's troubled face in surprise. It even seemed like something had not only upset but also hurt her.

"Um... well... hi Rue. Hi Eira. Glad you, uhh... both, um, could make it. Should we, um, go see if anyone's signed up? Good work on the posters, Rue. And Eira."

"Yeah... we should do that..."


The frown on Rue's face became deeper. Her friends were behaving weeeiiird today...

Eira was fiddling with Drift's saddle first, then with her braids. And Eslig was staring at some lump of snow as if, all of a sudden, this lump had developed legs. Something was off...

"Um... Is everything alright?"

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"Everything's fine!" Eira

"Everything's fine!" Eira pipped up cheerily, perhaps a little too forceful and quick. "Why wouldn't it be? We're meeting like we planned to, right?" She turned Driftwood back towards the cliff edge, preparing to take off. "You guys coming or what?"


With that, Driftwood leapt off and took flight, propelling himself back towards the school with great gusts of his wings. As they flew, Eira hung back from the others, hunched low over Drift's neck. She pulled angrily at her braids, freeing her hair from their captivity and letting it run wild and rampant once again. Driftwood looked back at her sadly with a gentle warble. Orvar climbed out of his pouch and wrapped himself comfortingly around her shoulders, purring rapidly as she petted him.


((Haha, no worries Rue! Figured that's what you had in mind, but we thought this would be more fun. :P Plus it makes sense that Redvark would see them meeting for their rendezvouz and assume they were coming for the clan meeting.))

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Michael, Albatross and Scuttles

(I can’t wait to join you guys!)




Name: Mychael (pronounced Michael)


Nicknames/Title: WIP


Gender: Male


Age: 19


Residence: With Earthguard 


PersonalityMichael is always thinking logically and doesn’t understand jokes. He is smart enough to understand them but always takes things literally. For example “Mercy then replied “Hey look Michael’s back!” Not understanding Michael asked “What! What’s on my back?”. Michael prefers to be alone and hates being the center of attention. He is always serious and doesn’t understand why Vikings socialize. Michael isn’t quick to trust people but once you gain his trust he will risk his life to save them. He is very intelligent and thinks outside the box. Not many people want to be his friend because he is so odd. Even though he likes to be alone that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel sad about it. In fact often he is often depressed that he doesn’t have any friends. Michael is brave though his main weakness is that he has low self esteem. All Michael really needs is a friend he can trust. Michael loves to learn new things and to explore new places. He is more interested in dragons than spending time with Vikings. Michael hates to make speeches and presentations. He loves to teach others and dreams of teaching young Vikings the history of Berk. He is a know it all and often is bullied because of that. Michael keeps a journal of all the dragons he knows about and their stats and it is his most prized possession.


History: Mychael was taken from his village at a young age and forced to be a hunter, they gave him the name Mychael (angel who stayed dragons). He hated hurting dragons but could never explain why. He tried every now and then to free some dragons but he was always fought and punished severely. One day he found a small cage holding a tiny Terrible Terror baby, the lock was easy to pick and he freed the dragon. To his surprise it didn’t want to leave as he thought of Mychael as his parent. From then on Mychael secretly raised the baby dragon and their bond grew. Years passed and Mychael finally decided that the next time they set sail to hunt dragons, he would escape. The day came and while no one was looking he took Scuttles to a small side bout and set off. A hunter saw him and shot a large rock at the boat causing it to break and Mychael and Scuttles to be thrown into the ocean. Mychael never learned how to swim and thus sank. He suffered from Hypoxia and was saved by a strange Tidal Class dragon who took the unconscious boy to a near by shore.


Likesdragons, heights, cold, flying, swimming, exploring, learning, teaching, being near people he trusts 


Dislikes:  Making speeches, being the center of attention, crazy people, huge dragons, chains, blood, people or dragons hurt, dragon hunters


Do you want to reserve a color for your Viking? If Yes, what color? How about Dark Cyan




Name: Albatross


Gender: Male


Species: Shockjaw


Age: Broadwing


Residence: With Mychael 


PersonalityAlbatross is aggressive to anyone he doesn’t trust. Also he loves competition and hates to lose.  Hates taking orders from other dragons or Vikings. Albatross is easily annoyed and super protective. In fact if anyone lays a finger (or Talon) on someone he loves, Albatross will attack to kill. His past was rough and hates most humans. Being easily aggravated many people call him a monster though he is only doing what he was taught. He has a secret soft side under his scales that he only let’s very few see. Albatross Tries to look tough and the leader though he often fails when Scuttles tries to play.


HistoryThe day Albatross hatched he was born into captivity. His parents had been killed by hunters and he was a runt and very weak since he had no one to teach him how to fight. He was immediately sent to work in the Arena and was bullied by the bigger dragons. In the arena he was forced to battle against Vikings to train them. After only a few days Albatross learned he had to fend for himself and only worry about himself. As he grew older he became stronger and soon everyone feared him (other dragons in the arena I mean) On night he finally broke free and escaped. As he flew out many dragons roared for him to free them too but he didn’t for Albatross only cared for himself. Knowing the hunters were capturing and killing many dragons a day he set out to seek his revenge by attacking all the other villages not stopping until every Dragon feared him. Though one day when attacking Berk he was injured by their weapons and for years was stranded. Then one day a group of Vikings stumbled apron him and... (will be descided in the RP)


Likes: Flying, being alone, Rue, Mychael, being in charge, fighting 


Dislikes: Young dragons, hyperness, having others help him, Drift, most dragons and Vikings, chains




(Without armor)

(With Armor)




Name: Scuttles


Gender: Male


Species: Terrible Terror 


Age: Teen


Residence: With Mychael 


Personality: Scuttles is very playful and has a ton of energy. Even with that said, Scuttles still can be calm when needed. He loves to explore new places and meet new dragons. He isn’t very found of people, except for Michael who this little dragon thinks of as his brother. Him and Michael share a close bond even though both of them lost their memories and don’t know why. Scuttles doesn’t have nightmares of his past like his “brother” but still knows his past was awful. He is easily scared but feels safe around larger dragons and Michael. Even though We is easily scared doesn’t mean he will back down on a fight, instead Scuttles loves to fight. Now what Scuttles calls Fighting is more like playing violently or in other words horse playing. He acts like an energetic wolf cub and is loyal like one too. Scuttles will protect those he cares for (even though he might not be able to help that much) even is it means risking his life.


HistoryScuttles doesn't remember his past, all he knows is one day he awoke on the shore with a human. Even though neither can remember anything they still feel a deep connection with each other.


Likes: Playing, having fun, being around Mychael, being around larger dragons


Dislikes: Storms, bossiness, obeying selfish people, being cold


So... yeah- XD 
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((Welcome aboard, piggyxl!

((Welcome aboard, piggyxl! Don't forget to read over the rules, summary of season 1, and what's happened here so far, if you haven't already.


It's occured to me that I may have made some assumptions about your character. When you described him as washing up on shore with no memory, I was assuming you wanted to start out with him waking up on a shore somewhere. But I realize that might not have been what you meant. If you wanted him to be already living at Berk and/or the school, feel free to have him run into us there.))