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Howdy, howdy everyone!
Blue is back and with a brand new RP!!!
A HUUUUGE thanks to Hookless and helping me with this.
And my good friend Emily_Echantress for hyping me up to finish it!

(Please excuse any typos from me, I have a hard time keeping track in big blocks of text.)

Welcome to the world of Hyyer. (Hi•air)

Every person who arrives here has amnesia, not remembering a thing. But that's alright because you're starting a new life here.

However, from the moment you arrive, you know some things are off.
The roads are chaotic and thieves are common here. It's clearly not a well-run community.
You aren't particularly keen on dealing with these criminals.
An organization called Earn Your Wings: EYW pulls you aside, away from the chaos.
They are working on a project to overthrow their government.
The reason they want to do so is because they are against Earning wings.
Nobody knows for sure why, but whenever someone earns their wings and the authority gets wind of it, their wings were removed. I'll spare the details for the RP.

You'll meet some friends and foes, and you will have challenges and difficulties.

Earn your wings.

What does that have to do with anything?

Here in Hyyer, it used to be somewhat peaceful, until the "Elemental" communities started bickering among themselves.

There is.
Fire Group
Ice Group
Wind Group
Earth Group
And Void Group.
Each with their own assigned powers.

Fire has the ability to manipulate small bits of fire, making them larger and more powerful.
Ice can summon shards of ice in cold areas as well as freeze some water.
Wind can maneuver more easily in the skies than most of the groups, making them one of the faster groups.
Earth can cause some plants to hyper-grow, and even pull stone from the ground and manipulate it at will.
And Void can do minor shape-shifting, but this is very rare, and they can't do a LOT of shapeshifting without tiring.

OKAY, so this is starting to get a little confusing, right?
I'll lay down the basics.

When you come, you won't remember a thing.
You'll get pulled aside by a member if EYW and discuss the situation.
Eventually, by passing a test you didn't think you would be able to do, you would earn your wings.
They'd be colored as your elemental group, and you'd get a single power from the group!

But the government does not want you to earn them but REMOVE them for unknown reasons.
That's what the EYW group is trying to remove.
That's where the elemental powers come in, they'll help take down the government.

As well as figure out WHY they don't want us to earn them.

Help Hyyer return to the glory days, and dispell the chaos.

Come join us!!



Reboot in progress~
Just need to replace my laptop!

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Rules! Signups! Whoop-dee-doo!

1. Can we keep this at PG-13(maybe even lower) and no higher? That would be great! Some kids could be reading this, we have no idea.

2. Wings are not given until one of my characters say so, and then you get them!
I don't want to seem controlling, but this is how it's gotta go so the plot can move!

3. Short paragraphs are alright! Small descriptions are okay. I have a hard time making things long and not one-liners each time I RP, but try your best not to do like that. As long as you give it effort, it's alright!

4. If you've read the rules all the way, I would like for you to say this: Fly on your own.

5. Four people are the limit!
And there are two character limits as well.

6. Just have fun. I mean it, have fun.

And now for the signup sheet....


Full name:
Elemental group:
Wing appearance:

Catch Phrase: (Optional, just for fun! It really doesn't mean anything)


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I got it to work! Hiya Blue!



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*Flyin on my own since my potat rocket got fixed* XD

..okie...first is done..

Full name: Lucida Galson (Gall-son)
Nickname: Luce, Nova, Star, Bagel (It's her food name)
Gender: female
Age: 17
Personality: When she first meets someone, Lucida is rather shy and quiet. However, she tries to help wherever she can and is a rather sensitive soul. Once you get to know her however, she's a very open, spontaneous girl who will talk endlessly about her passions. Since she is an empath though, it is rather difficult to gain her trust and allow her to open up. She normally feels what people are feeling and why without asking them. She cannot turn this off.

A side that is constantly showing though, is her unconditional love for her twin brother. They two are inseparable and have a tight bond. Beware, these twins share an intense telepathic connection that allows them to see and hear each other's thoughts. They could be having an in-depth discussion and no one would even know. (All thoughts between the two will be written in italics)


Strengths: Empath, good at cheering people up, a good listener, is good with a variety of weapons, animal lover/whisperer (especially dogs, birbs, and reptiles), biology and astronomy lover, excellent artist and can easily explain ideas in a visual manner, fast and balanced on her feet, various obscure knowledge

Weaknesses: Is not physically strong, claustrophobic, cannot deal with deadlines and time restraints, cannot handle creative boundaries, feeling too much from a person and creeping them out (she doesn't have any friends and it's usually hard to make any), her brother in danger, too much mental noise (Since she cannot turn off her empathetic abilities, it's sometimes very difficult for her to focus)


Likes: Dogs, birds, art, photography, dinosaurs/dragons, squishy stress balls, writing, listening to music, stars, staying up late (this girl is practically nocturnal), secret love of superheroes, freedom

Dislikes: restraints, rules, being alone, small places, large crowds, being separated from her twin, adults, ropes, necklaces/bracelets/most jewelry (This is due to past trauma and although she won't remember this, the sensations and intense feelings will still be present)

Elemental group: Wind
Wing appearance:


Full name: Veno (Vee-no) Galson
Nickname: Vee, Loki (yes this is a nickname XD), Puzzler, Looper, Borger (<--foodname)
Gender: male
Age: 17
Personality: If there's one word to describe Veno, that word is Intense. He flings himself into a project headfirst and brain screaming. He doesn't care what the odds are. He'll do it anyway. He's incredibly quick-witted and easily bounces back from issues. He's also a very overprotective brother who takes his duty of keeping his twin sister safe very seriously. You hurt her, and he will haunt you for the rest of your life. Veno is rather the opposite of Luce in the fact that he's much more outspoken and loud than she is. However, he is just as strong in the creative side, and the two are able to endlessly bounce ideas off each other. Veno has a strong desire to help people and will do whatever it takes to keep the people he loves safe. He's also slightly hesitant at trusting though, but is more than his sister. Normally, she relays mental and emotional information to him and since he does have the better social skills, he will often be the first to confront someone.


Strengths: intuitive, excellent at solving puzzles, cunning, witty, fast, spontaneous (can be a strength and a weakness), can live off two hours of sleep, hyper-active, outspoken, courageous and ready to dive into a situation, opposite of his twin and they keep each other in-check, creativity is probably 99.99% of his subconscious...memeonomics...origami

Weaknesses: sometimes impulsive, is a rebel, annoying...a lot..., sometimes too loud, hates math and anything that has to do with school, large crowds (he's also claustrophobic), allergic to cats, boundaries.


Likes: memes, fun, his sister, random things that he builds weird stuff out of, chocolate, pencils, pens, paper, people who are willing to listen to his ideas, no matter how "out-there" they are, dogs, potatoes, chocolate, plushy organs (Like he has a smiley brain, a smiley liver, a smiley kidney, a smiley heart...not at all creepy...ok...maybe a little X'DD)

Dislikes: People who put down his ideas, staying still, being quiet for too long, cats, anyone who tries to hurt his sister, his telepathic connection with her being dampened, close-toed shoes, watches, thick rope, slow loading times, waiting

Elemental group: Void
Wing appearance:

(except the wings glow dark blue)


Sooo, first things first. When I made this account I choose hookless as my username because hookfang and toothless were my two favorites out of the gang's dragons, and I combined their names. I just want to clear that up so people don't take it the wrong way. :)


Siggy header made by awesome AndreaEaston! Thankies :D

SIGGY UNDERGOING EXTREME REVAMP X'D Also...it will be getting shorter...


My Viking! (new account made on 9/20/19 but I'm no noob XD)

Name: Bolt Stormhunt

Gender: Female

Clan: Harbingerz (Go for the gold! :D)

Rank in clan: 28th

Current Trophy Count: 1,312

Favorite activities: Dragon Tactics, Racing, Battle Events, Fishing, hanging out with my friends and chatting (when I don't have a chat ban xD)

Backstory: Pending

Personality: Pending


Current main dragon: T'Challa the Sand Wraith

Birthday: Rescued 9/20/19

Gender: male

Backstory: Pending

Personality: Pending


Secondary dragon: Bork the Thunderdrum

Birthday: Hatched 9/21/19

Gender: male


Bork is like a big, silly puppy. He's extremely playful and will fetch just about anything. He's a precious cinnamon roll and really isn't mean to anyne or anything. You can always find him with his tongue lolling out and his tail wiggling around. He is the welcoming commitee and also acts like a happy big brother to all my dragons (except my Nadder and Sand Wraith, who are my only dragons older than Bork). He also had an obsession with cardboard boxes as a hatchling, and that has since carried over to adulthood. I have lost many boxes due to Bork trying to squish into them.

Here's a wonderful picture of Bork by Soulofthefoxy! Thank you so much!

And here is baby Bork in a cardboard box! Also by Soulofthefoxy! :D Thanks for this wonderful surprise! 8D


Clint the Deadly Nadder

Birthday: Hatched 9/20/19

Gender: male

Personality: Pending


Vanko the Hobblegrunt/Threadtail

Birthday: Hatched 9/22/19

Gender: male


Vanko is a devious little boi. He's always getting into trouble and under everyone's feet. He wants to be recognized and praised for his achievements, no matter how tiny or menial. He is rather snappish and somewhat of a glory-hog, even to me...He's the sort of dragon that claims he's of regal blood and wants to rule over everyone...even though he's not cut out for any sort of work-intensive job..and not very noble at all...He is the personification of the phrase "problem child" (someone please send help...he's such a terror...already trashed my farm twice, almost ate a sheep, and locked the chickens in the fish trap...o_o XD)

A picture of Vanko by the Incredible Izzy! :D Thanks so much! <_< I'd been wondering where that chicken got to...


Johnny the Typhoomerang

Birthday: Hatched 9/23/19

Gender: male

Personality: Pending


SpaceTime the Hideous Zippleback

Birthday: Hatched 9/24/19

Gender: male

Personality: Pending


Caitlin the Shivertooth

Birthday: Hatched 9/25/19

Gender: female

Personality: Pending


Benny the Grunkle

Birthday: Hatched 9/27/19

Gender: male

Personality: Mostly pending but he's a calm, sleepy boi :3


Rhino the Mudraker

Birthday: Hatched 10/2/19

Gender: male

Personality: Pending


Nick Furry the Woolly Howl (yes. The wordplay was irresitable xD)

Birthday: Hatched 10/3/19

Gender: male

Personality: Mostly Pending but he is a commanding leader boi

Beautiful art of Nick by Dragonfly! :D


A few smol things about me...

  • Biggest fandoms: MCU, HTTYD, DBH
  • Other fandoms I'm in (other than HTTYD, the MCU, and DBH): The Maze Runner and Jurassic World
  • I am an arteeeesssssttt....but have never made an actual request thread xD
  • Favorite Youtubers are Infinite Lists and Jacksepticeye
  • Just your local night-owl and enthusiasm junkie...(I'm that weirdo who can stay up til five am on a whim an still function the 'next day')
  • About 99.999% of all things I say are banter, jokes, and not at all serious. It's all in good fun and I rarely am serious about anything here...
  • However, I can be very serious when I want to, and it usually shows, especially if I'm defending friends. Though I don't naturally seek out and/or participate in drama, if I feel the need, I'll add my two-cents then disappear.
  • Loves doggos and reptiles and birbs



I'm a Christian!


~Now. I'd like to say that Matthew West is my favorite artist of this list. His songs have beautiful messages, and you don't have to be a Christian to get the messages. They're songs of hope and joy and life, and they inspire people. And I love that.~


My favorite bands directly relate to that. I love to sing.

~For King & Country~

~Matthew West~

~Evan Craft~

~Casting Crowns!

~Hillsong United~















This one isn't Christian, but his music is inspiring and will always have a special place in my heart <3

The legendary


Rest in peace, Tim Bergling. You will forever be missed, always be loved, and never be forgotten.



My bestest forum buddies:

From the bottom of my heart, I'm grateful that you guys are my friends. I really don't know what I'd do without you. You're sometimes the first ones I say good morning to and always the last I say goodnight to. You've helped me grow so much over the time I've known you. I could be feeling like everything is going downhill, but you guys always make me smile. You're the ones I go to when I need to vent all the emotions inside or when I need to do some high-quality fangirling. You make me a better person.

Internet friendship is such an interesting thing. You get to know that person from the inside. You get to know them through who they really are, not the money they may or may not have, not through appearances. You know their true heart and thinking. You have a shoulder to cry on and someone to celebrate with even if you've never met each other, never seen each other. They know you better than anyone in your reality does, and they accept you for who you are on the inside, not what you look like on the outside. You meet people with the same fandoms, same hobbies, same idealogies, same morals as you do. You relate to these people who you've never met. People you don't even know the names of. People who could live half a world away from you. People who you never would have met otherwise. These people, these friends. They support you no matter what. They understand you. They love you.

It's a beautiful thing, this type of friendship. It's completely backwards from real life, because you never see them. You just know them. "Don't judge a book by its cover." can't even apply. You have no cover to judge. You just get right to the wonderful pages. Everyone who I've met here proves that the internet can be a wonderful thing. And that there are so many good people in this world full of darkness.

You guys are like siblings to me. I love you all 3000 :D

Bluetheraptor | DyliehIdol1214

The Bohemian Critic | Speedyleaf

choraki | TillyO5

Icee Glacier | Sohki

xXkiararararaXx (only in-game)| StellabertGrimborn (only in-game)

Fossilfigalpha | Lady Fighter

toothless0603 | Lissafish

The Dragoness | Flitt

Ginger and Jaxomis | EllaAcadomyofBerk

Anic101 | JediMasterFury



Proud founding member of the Midnight Inklings!






endgame teaser | Tumblr

"The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason you held on for so long." ~Jacksepticeye

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Fly on your own

Full name: Alaska Snowwarden 
Nickname: Ice Princess, Snow Fairy 
Gender: female 
Age: 16

Personality: While she sort of acts like her idol, Queen Elsa with the whole Conceal, Don't feel bit at first, she's actually a kind person who loves to get out in the snow once you get to know her. Winter is her favorite season and her favorite sport is snowboarding. Get her out on the slopes, and she'll show you what a good time is!
Strengths: snowboarding, snow sports, animal care 
Weaknesses: warm weather over 60 to 70 degrees, social situations (she can be a bit awkward at first) 
Likes: snow, cold, animals 
Dislikes: high heat, bullies, people who don't like snow sports 
Elemental group: ice group 
Wing appearance: 

Catch Phrase: (Optional, just for fun! It really doesn't mean anything)


Warning: Long signature of dragon images

List of current dragons in game and fan based (blue = in game dragons, green = fan dragons, orange = dinosaurs, black (default) = Dragon Cave animals, purple = pet based dragons)

Dragon Cave Dragons(Please help these darlings hatch! Feel free to PM me name ideas for my dragon cave buddies when they hatch!)

HTTYD Dragons (Both fan and in game)

  1. Garenth = Deadly Nadder, Male
  2. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  3. Jambu = Changewing, Male
  4. Darksteel = Whispering Death, male
  5. Cliffjumper = Hobblegrunt, Male
  6. Wrecker = Hobblegrunt, male
  7. Penguin = Groncile, male
  8. Phesant = Gronkle, male
  9. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  10. Zephyr = Grapple Grounder, male
  11. Starburst = Speed Stinger, female
  12. Moonracer = Flightmare, female
  13. Violet = Skrill, female
  14. Navi = Stormcutter, female
  15. Elsa = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  16. Topaz = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  17. Toothless = Night Fury, Male (borrowed from Hiccup)
  18. Aurma = Razorwhip, female
  19. Cobalt = Razorwhip, male
  20. Bruiser = Rumblehorn, male
  21. Coen and Broderick = Night Terrors, male
  22. Twister = Typhoomerang, male
  23. Holly and Coral = Seashocker, female (holiday dragon, not yet hatched in game)
  24. Aran = Armorwing, Male
  25. Lyall = Terrible Terror, male
  26. Blue = Terrible Terror, female  
  27. Koyi = Oriental Serpentfang, female
  28. Winter = Frost Fury, female
  29. Astrea = Oceanic Seasong, female
  30. Sky-Strike = Oceanic Seasong, male
  31. Cordula = Noelani, female
  32. Panther = Noelani, male
  33. Daesha = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, female
  34. Dinek = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, male
  35. Storm Chaser = Storm Fury, male
  36. Naritha Moon (Narith) = Storm Fury, female
  37. Saber = Sabertoothed Horntail, male
  38. Aurora = Spike Roller, female
  39. Echo = Screaming Death, female
  40. Makani = Starring Deciever, female
  41. Starchaser = Stingtailed Flamethrower, male
  42. Gamma = Armored Midnight Fear Stalker, male 
  43. Aquamarine = Spotted Mistwalker, female
  44. Moonstone = Spotted Mistwalker, male
  45. Jadewing = Whispering Whisp, female
  46. Chiheru Bronze = Woolly Fury, female
  47. Tiba Emerald = Woolly Fury, female
  48. Spectra Violet = Wooolly Fury, female
  49. Moondancer = Night Fury, female
  50. Skyfighter = Night Fury, female
  51. Swiftwind = Night Fury, female
  52. Anzu Autumn = River Fury, male
  53. Shakka = Prisim Fury, male
  54. Icefall = Cammo Fury, female
  55. Iris = Greater Banded Geckus, female
  56. Thrush = Greater Banded Geckus, male
  57. Delta = Tri-Horned Dragon, female
  58. Charlie = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  59. Nitidus = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  60. Beau = Racing Dragon Gold-Star Class, male (borrowed from Artha Penn in Dragon City)
  61. Goldwing = Racing Dragon Silver-Star Class, female
  62. Jin-hoh = Sand Wraith, male
  63. Melody = Psyche Keeper, female
  64. Argentum (Argen) = Psyche Keeper, male
  65. Fjord = Psyche Keeper, male
  66. Hersche = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  67. Persei/Percy = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  68. Zenith = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  69. Riaryth = Spacial Beauty Dragon, female
  70. Isis = Spacial/Egyptian Beauty Dragon, female
  71. Bluestar = Spacial Beauty, female
  72. Bluebell = Spacial Beauty, female
  73. Avatre = Masked Ridgewing, female
  74. Sky Dancer = Royal Flashbang, female
  75. Heru = Sky Valkerie, male
  76. Hecate = Haunted Hallows, female
  77. Undine = Haunted Hallows, female
  78. Marina  = Wavestroker, Female
  79. Snowfall = Horned Flight Fury, female
  80. August = Horned Flight Fury, male
  81. Artemis = Banded Featherlure, female
  82. Verdentus = ShimmeringSeascale, male
  83. Mesi = Dilowyrm, female
  84. Vetra = Jabberjaw, female
  85. Silver = Light Fury, female
  86. Borealis = Light Fury, male
  87. Flurry = Grapple Fury, male
  88. Gambit = Albino Night Fury, male
  89. Skull Stalker = Skull Screamer, male
  90. Ghost Whisper = Skull Screamer, female
  91. Puru = Ominous Storm Rider, male
  92. Moana = Mystic Wave Rider, female
  93. Serefina = Gallant Flashfire, female
  94. Frey = Forest Wanderer, male
  95. Jinhai = Cursedfire Wyvern, female
  96. Ayano = Skyvern, female
  97. Aqua Rainbow  = Thornridge, female
  98. Thunderwing = Thunderthief, male
  99. Ivinna = Field Sprinter, female
  100. Asia = Velociraptor, female
  101. Artemis = Velociraptor, female
  102. Sniper = Bearded Dragon Fury, female
  103. Abalone = SeaWing, Female (Wings of Fire OC)
  104. Amber = MudWing, female (Wings of Fire OC)
  105. Mariah = gold Fire Lizard, female
  106. Nitidus = Blue fire lizard, male
  107. Garenth = Bronze Pernese dragon, male
  108. Viper = gold and purple ikran, male

My art and adoptables (along with a few special dragons from other artists): 

Flurry The Grapple Fury    Me and Garenth, done by Scorpio Kardia

  Flurry Kimbenoso          Flurry Revamp Nightmarerebuff

Flurry the bouncie Grapple Fury (Nessie)

Coen and Broderick version 2 courtesy of Iron Man 2000

I am a member of the SOD forum Fan Fiction Club!

These guys are available for adoption! Flurry here is my pride and joy! Check them out on my adoption thread "Introducing the Grapple Fury!"

DuskDaybreak's Art

   Veritas the Utahraptor      Asia the Velociraptor         

Me and Chiheru Bronze                                 Tiba says Happy Halloween!

Haunted Hallows

          Hecate                         Undine

Character Furies

        Optimus Prime               Bumblebee               Captain America            Smokescreen 1


        Smokescreen 2                Arcee                White Tiger/Ava Ayala

Other dragons and art (including the new Velociraptor Draconis!)

       Gamma                             Jadewing                 Birthday Raptor            Razor Hunter


Dragon Bouncies

  Speed Stinger   Garenth           Starburst         Wrecker

  Cliffjumper          Naga           Darksteel         Elsa

     Topaz         Moonracer 1       Moonracer 2           Beau

   Beau 2           Goldwing

Pern Art by Mechfighter



Garenth the Bronze Dragon Mariah the Gold Fire-Lizard



Nitidus the Blue Fire Lizard

Other Artists (nothing personal guys, but a lot of my art comes from Duskdaybreak)

Me and Aran at Sunset on Halloween - thanks to ToshiLoshi!


Astrea and Sky-Strike the Oceanic Seasong (Adopto66)


Artemis and Faore the Banded Featherlure (Amberleaf)

Field Sprinter egg (Valoris620)


Ivinna the Field Sprinter hatchling (Valoris620)

Ivinna the Field Sprinter (Valoris620)

Cordula and Panther the Noelani (hootowllighbulb)

Team Mystic Banner Nightfuryatom4

Aqua Rainbow The Thornridge(ladybrasa)

Cliffjumper  and Wrecker the Hobblegrunt (Dorina the Dragon Trainer)

Viper the Ikran/Forest banshee (Kimbenoso)

Jinhai the Cursedfire Wyvern gif (Kimbenoso)


Charizard Gif courtesy of Pyrelyth

Holly and Coral the holiday Seashocker (WingsofValor)

Frey the Forest Wanderer (chimchim24)

Moonracer the Flightmare (Dorina the Dragon Trainer)Makani the Starring Deciever (chimchim24)



Serefina the Gallant Flashfire (Golden Scarlet) Twister the Typhoomerang (Bow Ie)


Abalone the SeaWing (EpicShadows) Amber the MudWing (EpicShadows)


Skull Stalker the Skull Screamer (Golden Scarlet) Ghost Whisper the Skull Screamer (Golden Scarlet)

 Me and my Charizard Charlie (Sky and Ocean)

Dragon License (Nessie)

Toothless and Smidvarg's Gang (courtesy of Dreamworks and Smidvarg)


Crystal the Dewmist (Cerebellum) Puru the Ominous Storm Rider (Golden Scarlet)


 Koyi the Oriental Serpentfang (NightmareRebuff) Harper the Paranoid Sandskitter


 Winter the Frost Fury and Queen Elsa (StellaMontague) Winter the Frost Fury - as an actual Night Fury! (Toothlessnightfury)

Icefall the Camo Fury  and Shakka the Prisim Fury Sniper the bearded dragon lizard as a Night Fury(Toothlessnightfury)

Saber the Sabertoothed Horntail (Fury of the Night)

Moondancer the Night Fury and Saber the Sabertoothed Horntail (Fury of the Night)

Moondancer the Night Fury (LinkWolf)

glitter text done by fury of the night

Clan Banner 1 and 2 Shadow Hunters of Berk (Amerissa)

Pokédex  and Ashley Kashu and Dragonite (Sky and Ocean)

Auruma the Razorwhip (Colress)

Me and Garenth (edit done by the fabulosly talented AniuRavenWolf)


Snowfall and August the Horned Flight Furies (babybrothers3)


Silver, and Borealis the Light Fury (mesaprncss)

Siamese Night Fury (xxHallaxx)Calico Night Fury (xxHallaxx)

 Heru the Sky Valkerie (Scobidous)

Garenth (Beareptilelover)Artemis Beareptilelover)

Bruiser version 1 (Beareptilelover) Bruiser version 2 (Beareptilelover)

  White Tiger bouncie Fury (Twistedclaw)  Wrecker Banner (Autum5467)


Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (Black saphir) Baby Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (Stiger23)

 Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (hrepetti)


Daesha and Dinek the Wolf-Faced Desert Runner and Thundwing the Thunderthief Avatre the Masked Ridgewing (Wutend Bonfire)

Navi the Stormcutter (Slyga) Navi the Stormcutter bouncie (mesaprncss = color,  Xabox-DS-Gameboy = base)

Marina the Wavestroker and Mesi the Dilowyrm and Sky Dancer the Royal/Siren Flashbang (Goldenfury360)


Icefall the Camo Fury, Gambit the Albino Night Fury, Vetra the Jabberjaw (The Ecliptic Eight)


Asia the Velociraptor (Elsa II)


Verdentus the Shimmering Seascale (Coolerthandragons) Violet the Skrill (Zero the Ruthless)

 Glory the Vinenecked JungleClaw (Skyler Smile)

Echo the Screaming Death (Candyblast)


Iris the Greater Banded Geckus  Thrush the Greater Banded Geckus (TheMasterPlan47)


 Aurora the Spike Roller (blackpanther0211)

Starchaser the Stingtailed Flamethrower (dragonlover0204)

Lyall and Blue the Terrible Terrors (Snowflake12298 and Basrolo)

Delta, Charlie and Nitidus the Tri-Horned Dragons (EloraTm)


Skyfighter the Night Fury (Frytha) Swiftwind the Night Fury (Frytha)

Jin-hoh the Sand Wraith (Flaming Husky)


Jewelsong and Moonsong the Deathsong (Stiger23)


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Fly on your own you big doofus



Full name: Kyri Hvitar
Nickname: Kass
Gender: female
Age: 19
Personality: Kass is rambunctious and insanely loyal. But it's hard earned loyalty, and she's very picky with who deserves it. Her interior is prickly, but only because and if you manage to get past her indomitable walls of sarcasm and blatant comments. Kass is the ultimate Queen of Snark. She isn't still for very long, just long enough to appreciate and enjoy the beautiful snowfalls and sunrises that happen daily wherever she goes, or give a snarkism as she passes by. 
Strengths: Won't back down from a fight; very efficient multitasker; her element, ice; collaborating with/bossing others in a team setting; 
Weaknesses: Won't back down from a fight; most of times runs headlong into a fight or danger; fire / extreme elemental heat; being a follower; 
Likes: Snowball fights, watching the sunrise, a plan well executed, using the word "impale" for any kind of situation, honesty (in a blunt way; skip the blabbering explanations and apologies), 
Dislikes: Any goo-ey romance (i'd love for this to be used against her, someone--hooky (☞¬‿¬☞)--can totally take advantage of this once peeps figure it out mwahaha... I'm so mean but eh that's an author for you (¬‿¬); elemental fire; someone's who snarkier than her; long-winded explanations or lectures, 

Elemental group: Ice
Wing appearance: Like so ↓ Those black spots are icy blue instead

Catch Phrase: "Nobody cares!"

Appearance: outfit ref ↓ Her body build is sturdy, and she's taller than average, so she's like a walking ice giant XD 

Facial ref ↓




Full name: Chast Aud

Nickname: Chast
Gender: male
Age: 16
Personality: He is a child after Loki's own evil heart, and I mean evil as in trickster-mischief evil... (¬‿¬). He cares, he's just a master of suave and ingenuity. He's mature for his age, but his pranks oftentimes oppose this fact. He loves doing stuff with other people, whether it's pranking them, pranking with them, or just anything. 
Strengths: Working with others; natural leader; 
Weaknesses: Coming across as nosy when he's only trying to gether information in order to help; is claustrophobic; can run over someone's opinion or emotions in his eagerness for an event or something; 
Likes: Open air, trying new foods or drinks, stargazing, pranking
Dislikes: Heat, having to sit still for longer than 10 minutes, 
Elemental group: Wind
Wing appearance: ↓ Just the wings, nothing else; the color is generally white, the other coloration is wisp red

Catch Phrase: "Down with ye monarchy!"

Appearance: General ref↓


School of Dragons Viking Student Resumé

Been a part of SoD since: August 11, 2016

Joined Forums on: September 17, 2016 (first account was Navlyn Fury)

Previous Clan Families: The Dragon Racers (JbMiler/httyyd),

                                                                         The Messengers (alpha zero/Megaboltphoenix)

                                                                          WARZONE (AlphaSkrillyYT/Trophy Hunter [I, II)

                                                  The Forgotten Racers (Knight of fury)

Current Clan Familites: Harbingerz (me)

                                                                                  The Light Fury Racers (Emerald-


                                                                           Permanent Damage (Janovia)

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Fly in your own and go where no one goes.

Warning: I may not be very good and may disappear for a while occasionally.

I'll just... Sneak around in the shadows and watch y'all XD


Full name: Flitt Ingerman
Nickname: Flittington, KitKat, French Fry and many more.
Gender: female
Age: 15
Personality: can be crazy at times and serious at others, tends to flit in and out and is just... Me, really XD
Strengths: is agile, calm most of the time and protects her friends fiercely.
Weaknesses: can be clumsy and bad at speaking. Not good with people. Sometimes gets angry.
Likes: being alone, eavesdropping, pranking people.
Dislikes: deep water, people, speaking to people.
Elemental group: wind
Wing appearance: and general appearance
Catch Phrase: Yeek!

Discover the Dragonbloods in the links below...

I Am Dragonblood: Fury's Friend {Book One}

I Am Dragonblood: Alpha and Chief {Book Two}

I Am Dragonblood: Secret Uncovered {Book Three}

I Am Dragonblood: The Grim Beast {Book Four}


A Dragonblood's Gift



The Writers' Thread

A place where you can share ideas, find other writers and have some fun :)


Thanks for Aureole, Sohki!


I've signed up to Dragoncave! Please help hatch these little scaly creatures :D


Be warned, parts of this siggy keep getting cut off :-\ 


I am now on YouTube!

SoD: flitt Ingerman

chickens!: The Chickeneer


Find me on Wattpad: FlittIngerman


I am




"Don't be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others" -Unknown






thank you to all who have created the dragons for the Wearle!

Ice Woolly and Heckran by Speedyleaf

Dragonriders Fury for the banners!

LissaFish for Infernace

Flickering and Ka Shayam by  ImDerpySheylaYT




thank you again!


Thank you, Celene!



Clan gifs made by the brilliant Madoka, thank you!

Made by The Bohemian Critic. :D

Made by EmeraldHuntress65. Thanks!I

Banners made by EmeraldHuntress65. Ty!

Ty! Bo!


Art by Speedyleaf


Flightingale the Steaming Stormswallower

Backstory: Flightingale never used to be a dragon. She used to be a farmer's slave, beaten, bruised, toiling away in the heat of midday. One night, she was standing by her window looking out at the moonlit mountains, when she heard a small scratching in her tiny room. She turned to see and sitting on her bed, looking quite pleased with itself, was a baby Stormswallow. Of course she was frightened, but it soon became apparent that it wouldn't hurt her. It leapt down to the floor and ran to the window, glancing from her to the window and back. She opened the window for it but it just stood there, looking at her sadly. She realised it couldn't fly, and in sympathy she picked it up, crept down stairs and quietly let herself out. Putting the dragon down she said; 'go on, young one, be free like I wish I could be.' It  started to scamper off but then it stopped and turned back. She waved it off and began to make her way back to the house, then pain blossomed in her shoulder. The young dragon had scratched her.  but it wasn't a bad pain, it spread through her like fire, kindling a dragons spark in her. That night Flightingale flew free as a dragon.


Ka Ledasio, the skradder, by the amazing Speedyleaf.

Backstory: She is the mysterious leader of the mysterious Whitetalons, a group of dragons who all have the middle claw of their right foot white. She is feared among people, respected among dragons. Like a shadow upon a shadow she soars through the night, like a phantom of fleetness she swoops through the day. Any who meet her bow to get regalness, her strong will, her quick, clever eyes. Like a ghost of a story she flits on the edge of memory, always there, somewhere, yet just out of reach like a dream. She saw Flightingale's first flight, the young Stormswallower grow, Gabryall's loneliness broken. She was there for them all, leading in dreams, thoughts, small whispered words in their ears. Is she real? Or is she just a fantasy? Flying at the edge of minds. Maybe you will meet her, maybe you won't, who know but her and Whitetalons. Maybe, just maybe, she is with you now.

Newt, my flamewhipper

Sath Hansworthy


Flitt and Flickering

Robotic Dragonblood Hiccup :D



Thank you!




Art by AndreaEaston

Gabryall the Catastrophic Sentinel

Clawwyng the Tingecutter

Skye, the curly nadder ↑ and Whppersnap, the deadly claw ↓

Kean ↑ and Adwen ↓

the Screaming Death Seance

The Flarehelm Siblings

Hoverstrike in mad mode

Flickering :D




Flitt in flightmare form. :D


Spooky Unnamed Deathsong

Crike the Pitchagon



Thank you!


Art by ImDerpySheylaYT


Crimson the Giarogia

The grumpy Connwaer

Direhark the Demonic Tailfire

Puffflight the Chichi Mitchy.

Acidian the Acid Death

Firespin the Fire Wraith



Nightingstorm the Light Gripper

Roseblood the Singerflight


Thank you!



Art by Toshi

Prettystryke the Tutugripper






Art by Lissa


Thorn the Desert Thistle

Fearnix the Punda

Fforest the Barrow Pegasus

Gryphinx the Secrai





Arts by others


Vennomm the Poison Dart Fury by LilyStark. Thank you!

Flickering, my flightmare, by SangoMichiko13. Thank you!

Lyulf by the talented ZestyDragonWing. Thank you!

Arianwen my light fury by SangoMachiko13. Thanks!

Shader the Lightning Rod by kasanelover. Thanks!

Irefyre the Ire Igneous by belubel, thank you!

Gale the nightlight by StellaMontague, thanks!

Skelly the Hopefury by WinterSilverCat. Ty!


flittIngerman and Flickering by the most talented Fireflash, tysm!!!!!

These four Whitetalon Phantoms by the most brilliant Madoka. Tysm!!!

Mythyque by SilverNight. Tysm!!!

Skybreaker the razorwhip by Kaydejesus. Ty!!

Newt, by warrior. Ty!

Moonflare by FireNightStar. Thankies!!

Flickering by Izzy. Tysm!! 

Aquasia by HoneyCloudy. Ty!

By Izzy ty!


by Kasanelover. Ty!

moonlit Grimmel. Edit by dil. Ty!

SeaFury by RainbowSkrillStrike. ty!

Dozeer, by kasanelover. Tyyyyyy!

Flickering, edit done by Midnight. Tyyyyyy!

Tiamay by Varku, tyy!

Jinx, by Frugal. Tyyyyy!

Arianwen, edit done by SilverNight. Ty!!!

By the amazing Izzy! Ty!

Frostback by Dragonfly, tyyyy!!!

Skelly the Dragonblood Boneknapper by Foxy. Tysm!!

Blakberri the Harvest Hunter, by Izzy. Ty!!!

Dragonblood Hiccup done by Dyll, ty!!!

Clink the Thistletail, by fossil. Tyyy!

Done by Zesty, tyyyysm!!

Nightreaper, by SilverNight. Tyyyyyyy!!

Galant by SilverNight. Tysm!!

Dragonblood Hiccup. Edit done by SilverHowletteWoods. Ty!

Flitt, drawn by the amazing Snow-wish. Tysm!


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Watch and learn

@Flitt: There's me, hookless, and SkyHunter so far, so I think you're good to go!

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Fly on your own... Unless you have a dragon.

Cool, cool! I love it!!
Okay, so all the spots are filled and there's a spot saved for Emily_Enchantress as well.
And Flitt, yes, you have a spot!

This is gonna be strange, but I'm not going to fill out a form. *Evil laughter*
It's for plot reasons.

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Or if you don't have wings...

Yay! Be warned, I can't be on much for a week because of flippin internet but I'll be back!

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Fig: *flapping vigorously* LOOK! I can FLY ON MY OWN!

Oof looks like I'm too late- I guess I'll track for now :P



Signature in progress!


Welcome to Fossilfigalpha's signature!


   My main OC, Alpha, and avatar, Fossilfigalpha (Also called Fig :) )


Hello!  As you could probably tell, I'm Fossilfigalpha, though you could call me "Fossil", "Fig", or "Alpha".  I'm fine with either :D


Anyway, on with the signature!



                                                           ___                    -----------------------------

                                                         |    |               --                                ___

                                                         |__|             --                                |     |          

                                           ----------------------------                                  |___|


                                    --                        ________

                                    --                        -           -

                                      --                         -__-      





Table of Contents:

1. A bit about me

2. School of Dragons stuff

3. Art :D

4. More flying in soon...



A bit about me


Um... How do you do this?

Well...... ok.... here we go

Interests Thought that was good enough?  Not quite yet.  Translate to numbers, take a step to the left. 

I like a lot of stuff- but here are some of the main things I like:

           Fandoms:  HTTYD, Minecraft, Wings of Fire, and Marvel (Pretty much my top 4 :D )

           Hobbies: Dragon art (usually drawing), playing video games (SoD or Minecraft) or watching YouTube (my favorites are Game Theory, HISHE, Jaiden Animations, and Ryan Higa), looking at memes (*insert Lenny face*) 

           Likes: Memes, dragons, puns, riddles, art :D

           Dislikes: Homework (-_-), awkward social situations 



School of Dragons Stuff

Because... stuff


Main Viking: Fossilfigalpha

     Clan: Aw[e]some Dragon people (very likely that you've never heard of this one...)

     Position in Clan: Elder

     Level: 12 (used to be 44... then dropped down to 8...-_-)

     Trophies: ~150 (I don't race :P)

     Dragons: ~50 (I'll list them eventually...)

          Main Dragons: Rage (Death song), Nightmare (Monstrous Nightmare)

          Favourite Species: Death Songs, Monstrous Nig(h)tmares, Windwalkers

          List Of Dragons: Monstro(u)s Nightmares: Nightmare, Antro, A(k)umu

                                   Razorwhips: Razor, Whip

                                   Snow Wraith: Snow

                                   Death Songs: Rage, Amethyst

                                   Whispering Deaths: Silent, Killer

                                   Hideous Zipplebacks: Innocence and Arrogance, Patience and A(q)uaintance, Creation and                                                                         Imagination

                                    Gronckles: Granite (yea he's level (29)), Andesite, Coquina

                                    Sand Wraith: Sandstorm (I wish he was level (49))

                                    Devilish Dervis(h): Windwalk(e)r

                                    Deadly Nadders: Fastball, Quic(k)claw, Quickstrike

                                    Snafflefangs: Clay and (T)erra

                                    Windwalker: Skywalker

                                    Arm(o)rwing: Irontail

                                    Singetail: Charmeleon

                                    Speedstinger: Obama Chan (wish he was level (40))

                                    Stormcutters: Stormfire, Dusk

                                    Eruptodon: Dinnerbone

                                    T(h)underdrums: Lazulite and Aquamarine

                                    Wooly Howl: Yeti

                                    Raincutter: Kinka(j)ou

                                    Tide Gliders: Coral, Irukanji

                                    (F)lame Whipper: Flare

                                    Boneknapper: (S)kull

                                    Groncicle(s): Snow(f)la(k)e, Snowball

                                    Siliqifier: Bubbles

                                    S(h)ockjaw: Thundershock (not quite level (43))

                                    Fireworm (Q)ueen: Foeslayer

                                    Changewing: Ca(m)o

                                    Triple Strykes: Scorpika, Scoryx (pretty much level (27))

                                    Hobblegrunt: Crest

                                    Hotburple: Bufo

                                    Skrill: (M)aelstrom (a bit over level (40) :D)

                                    Timberjack: Sorceror 

                                    Deathgripper: Cerberus ((y)ea :D)

                                    Dramillion: N(y)chus

                                    Crimson Gorecutter: Snoo(f)lepuff




Secondary Viking: FossilfigalphaII (It works XD)

     Clan: Currently none

     Trophies: Probably zero :P

     Dragons: 2 (I don't really play on this account XD)




Art :D

By me


I make memes!  PM me if you want a custom meme :D

Be warned though- they will be very derpy and cringey.  ;)

And I can't do any actual editing other than memes because of the limitations of the app I use.


I’m on an Instagram account- look for posts with my name under them :D


Request Threads- If the link is open, it's still going on :)


Trick or Treat Dreadfall Adopts!  


Enjoy this potato I made




By others- thank you SO MUCH to those who have done art for me! :D


Citrouille by the incredible IzzyDrawsDragons!  Thank you!


Rage, Whisper (I don’t have her yet...) and Quickclaw by the amazing Andrea Easton!!!  Thank you!



Alpha, also by Andrea!  Thank you again!!!!!! 



An amazing skeleton dragon done by the talented Flitt!!!  TYSM!!!


A winter drawing of Alpha, a Secret Santa gift from the amazing DyleihIdol1214!!!  Thank you for the awesome gift! :D


More flying in soon...


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*reaches out to fellow memelord* Nuuuuu! D'8

Aww... :c *sniffles*

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Wait... I'm officially a memelord??? :D

I'll be cheering for y'all on the side :,D

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You are in my book 8D

*sadly faceplants into a bowl of mashies* :'c It's not the sammmmeeee *voice muffled by mashies*

Squishy:... 3'8

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*doesn't know what to do with new title* 8D

I'll cheer extra hard?  *gives a fresh bowl of mashies and towel to wipe of face mashies*

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*upset, sick brain noises*

*still faceplanted in mashy bowl now overflowing with tears* :'c

Squishy:.....I mean....I have ideas..... ಠ_ಠ

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Hey, so when does this RP go up? And are pets allowed? Because I have some ideas on that. Also, is this world going to be based on Earth with regular animals or are mythical animals going to be involved too? 

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Raptors Assemble!!

I'm still working out the fine details, but I would think no pets.

And this is just another universe, another world of itself.
(If that makes sense.)

Animals MIGHT be added, but I doubt it.

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I just got sick...again. So, please be patient with me ಠ_ಠ

Dude, I still gotta finish my forms ಠ_ಠ Just....chill a little.... :T

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Sorry hookless, just a little excited about this RP 

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to late now i wish i didnt go bowling

ooohhh darn i am tooo late the worst part is i woulda made it if it wasnt for a bowling event i had to atend well i guess im tracking 


ingame Status. Not currently active

Forum status. Not really active but occasionally on


If you want to get a hold of me in any way I suggest doing it through wattpad I'm most active over there reading and writing wise, wattpad name is ANIC101


But before you go here's some things about IRL me!


Gender. Female

Franchisees im into! Marvel, Ninjago, portal, httyd, ace attorney, and yokai watch

Hobbies! Drawing (sometimes), writing, swimming, and video games!

Age. 650 xD

Religion. Christian! ^_^




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*upset sick brain noises*

Nuuuuuu D'8 *sniffling intensifies* :C oh well....

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Raptors Assemble!!

Aww, bummer!
Sorry, there's no more spots left, maybe next time?

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Fly on your own... Unless you have a- [Insert object]

Is everyone's forms done?

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Yes. Start without me, though, I can be back on sorta properly on Friday.

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Time to spread your wings

So when does the RP thread go up? 

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Unless you have a canon!!

When I get confirmation everyone is ready!
Just chill, it'll be up when I'm sure everyone's ready.

Plus I still am working on the intro.

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potat rocket...

*sigh* No...Potats are not ready to take off over in my corner....Came back from flu nap....might work on it... :c

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The Bohemian Critic
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⌐■_■ Unless you have that crazy uncle who flies a private plane

Ready speghetti... 

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Soooo. if all forms are ready, can we start this RP soon? I'm really excited to get this going 

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I'm excited to...but... -_-

*sigh* Dude, I'm doing the best I can to finish my form...Really I am...It's just very difficult to do this when you're sick... :T

I'll probably have it done by tonight...hopefully...maybe...

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The Bohemian Critic
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(¬_¬ )

I know you're eager and all to get this RP going--so am I--but it's unspoken, proper RP etiquette to wait for the RP host/ess to give the go. Just saying. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The Dragoness
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Whaaatt? Who would do such a thing? O.O

Who, me? I would NEVER--I'm an experienced RPer who would NEVER do anything so noobish......>__>
Hmm.....new item on to-do list....track down Rapunzel tears for Hookless...yup, got it. Okay, now that that's written down, I'm excited to read this! I would have loved to make Ness join, if it wasnt for a number of reasons:
1. It Was A Dark And Stormy Night pretty much ruined any chance Ness has of joining a Collision (role-play) ever again. She has a healthy sense of self-preservation that unfortunately I can't override and still stay true to her character.
2. She already has wings. And magic. And that magic would make it hard to take away her memories.
3. Once she realized the government was trying to take AWAY wings, she would immediately leave and never look back. Again, self-preservation. This isnt as much of a game for her as she wishes it could be.
Wow, long explanation, but long story short, this looks cool, can't wait for it to start or to see where it goes!!


*this user is no longer accepting PMs*


Author is prone to excessive fangirling and fits of giddiness. You have been warned.





Oops, sorry, let me try again.

Hi!!! (Oh, much better)

I'm the Dragoness (or Ness, if you prefer. I'm not picky).

First thing you should know about me: I am forever and always a



(also known as Mormons, but we prefer the title above. Long, isn't it? ;)


Second thing you should know about me:


Also, thanks to Dragonriders Fury for indulging my Night Fury obsession with an incredible banner! It's awesome!


Proud member of the Midnight Inklings


Hmmm what else...I love playing/composing music, drawing, and writing...if you can't find me I'm probably messing around with Shadow or in detention with Keefe...yup, that’s about it.

Now, on to business!!


Table of Contents

For your convenience

i. everything you need to know about me

ii. Le Fanfictions

2. Fandoms

2. Art done FOR me






___Fanfictions by Yours Truly___


The Dragoness Backstory: Fanfiction


Unfortunately, these update sporadically. I do what I can with the time I have *shrug* I'll mark them finished when they're done...if that ever happens :P




My vikings belong to the clan The Wildborn. However, since I'm not planning on being particularly active in-game anymore, if anyone would like to assume command of my little clan, just contact me on any of the threads I comment on (NO pms, sorry) and I'll get you set up! :D

(I LOVE this banner. Thanks, EmeraldHuntress!)

(This one was made by The Bohemian Critic--thank you, it's so beautiful!)

(Again by EmeraldHuntress. What, I loved them both!)






Ordered by preference, of course

(used to be top ten, but I have too many things that I love!)


HTTYD books/movies

(obviously, but I HAD to put that in there, it really is my favorite)



         The books were SO GOOD. No swearing, no (extreme) violence (does getting eaten by a lava dragon that dives into a volcano count? Or Grimbeard the Ghastly killing his own son?) Okay, scratch the violence, but it really is pretty awesome. The characters are SO well put together, each with his or her own little quirks that make them unique, and they’re all (mostly) lovable in their own way (Alvin and Exellinor are irredeemable). The little lessons Cressida Cowell teach by inserting them into the plot are truly inspired. Can’t wait for her to write more!!! (Also, I love the quirky way she capitalizes random words to make them a little bit more important. It’s just funny to me.)

I'll leave off mentioning all the characters of the movies, because you guys know them all aready! But you may not know the Heroes who came first...

First (of course), Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.

Rather a longish name for a smallish Viking. Hiccup is a member of the Hairy Hooligan tribe. He has bright red hair and about a million freckles. the series starts when he's ten-and-a-half, and progresses until he is fifteen and King of the Wilderwest. His best (and, for a few books, ONLY friend) is Fishlegs.

Fishlegs is scrawny, allergic to reptiles, pretty much scared of everything, and the only sane one of the group (well, the only sane one when Hiccup is making a Plan). But he's fiercely loyal to Hiccup, and a good deal stronger and braver than he thinks. 

Next is Camicazi, who's a little too brave and fierce.

She's a Bog-Burglar, a member of an all-girls tribe of people who, well, burgle things. She is a very accomplished thief and a master escape artist.




Second in the fandom world is--you guessed it--Narnia. I have loved this world since before even HTTYD, I think. Though I'm not quite ready to meet Alsan, I would love to slip through the wardrobe for a few days--or years.



The Silver Eye

This is an INCREDIBLE webcomic by one Laura Hollingsworth (also the only webcomic/comic I have ever read, BUT STILL). The world is beautiful, the characters are funny and awesome (Apen and Joe are my favorites), and the art is incredible! It uploads a page EVERY FRIDAY and the story is so good!


Keeper of the Lost Cities

"Team Foster-Keefe will always be cooler."--Keefe


Yup, couldn’t have said it better myself. Team Foster-Keefe all the way! Though could Legacy pleasepleasePLEASE be about the actually storyline and not JUST Fitzphie and matchmaking and stuff that doesn’t matter to the rest of the elven world?

(Also--psst! Any Keeper fans who have read Legacy, PLEASE TELL ME EVERYTHING!!! I NEED TO KNOOOWWW!!)




The Magic Thief/The Lost Books/Sarah Prineas in general



I LOVE this series, it ended far too quickly for me (maybe cause I read it all in one day, hmmmmm). Connwaer and the magic and all of it are just so HILARIOUS and EXHILIRATING and FRUSTRATING to read about and STOP BLOWING THINGS UP, CONNWAER!!!


The Lost Books: MORE! MORE! I NEED MORE! (Seriously, when does the next book come out?)

Anyway, it’s about Alex, a librarian, and Kenneret, a queen, and her brother Charlie. Oh, and the books are alive (that’s enough to make any bookworm hyperventilate with happiness, isn’t it? ;D )



Attention to all the dragon-touched: This is a must-read. Go. Read it.




...and birds. And wicked-looking staffs. And cute little blondies called Beastie.

Wasn't a fan of her outfit for like 90% of Maleficent 2 but the rest of it was great! Better than a certain movie I could mention *cough*TheHiddenWorld*cough*.



Wizards of Once




Dwight in Shining Armor

I get a kick out of this every time I hear Dwight's shriek in the intro. BYUTv is the best!...at making things funny, clean, and SUPER awkward. But it's still great.



Brotherband Chronicles/Ranger's Apprentice



Story Thieves

My favorites are actually Kiel and Owen. No girls this time around, which is really unusual for me. But these two are special. Hope they have all the adventures they can imagine...and maybe a few safer ones.


The Ever Afters (EAS)

This series is pretty good. Aurora--excuse me, RORY Landon is so gutsy and flawed and lovable and I love her.


Half Upon a Time

Not James Riley's finest works but still pretty good.


Brave (Merida)

Just gotta say, I LOVE this girl. Best Disney princess ever.


Pete's Dragon

Best song ever



The Map to Everywhere

One word: Unrealities.

Three more words: Future Dragoness fanfiction.



If you reached the end of this fandom section, and you haven't read some of the books, you might have noticed some spoilers. I am an avid lover of spoilers and all insider knowledge, so....sorry for ruining it, I guess? But at the same time....NOT! XD please don't hurt me...








Look! See how pretty!

Okay, just a heads up, I am still collecting art from previous requests, so if you did something for me and it isn't up yet, I promise I haven't forgotten; I love all the art that is done for me!


This was done by the incredibly talented Katarile!




This adorable picture was made for me by Hestia82


THIS is my perfect Night Fury, Shadow, drawn by LissaFish.


Shadow (again) by MajaPercuilum.


Shadow and The Dragoness together (by The Blobfish Queen).

The ever-mischievous Shadow (again, jeez XD) by AndreaEaston!


Shadow (last time I promise! *crossing fingers behind back) by DyliehIdol1214. 






This is my beautiful Bookwyrm, Aldwyn (drawn by Flitt-thank you!)

And THIS is ocean-happy Ashera, also drawn by Flitt.


Russet, my mischievous Kyte. Thanks, LissaFish!




Luster, my proud secrai, drawn by LissaFish!



Okeydokey, I'm 








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1: Heh sorry XDD Hooky and I are slowly but surely RPing our way through Spidder-boi's dark torture and whatnots... the plot soup shall be continued... er... in the future... ??

2: Epic

3: wat ಠ_ಠ


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Veerrrryyyy slowly....It's not my fault xD *screams and flings away*

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ahem yes a rather petulant something has been very not helpful of late ಠ_ಠ

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Since this was the most recent thread I've seen you on....

Friendly reminder that I dont read or answer PMS anymore...:'( however, since I'm assuming it had to do with KotLC, I'd be happy to make a fangirling thread :D

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*screaming loudly*

Ghosty and I do the pm only with each other anyways. The suspense factor you see xD Only we know xD

...what's KotLC? XDDD

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Different PM, hooky XD

GASP! What's....but...you...
Hookington, I have a very special mission for you.
Go to your nearest bookstore or library or audiobook app.
Look up 'Keeper of the Lost Cities' by Shannon Messenger.
And then try not to torture Keefe as much as you do Peter Parker. Poor elf has been through enough >.<

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Oh yeah...I tried reading that. Sorry if you liked that series...The heroine thoroughly irritated me and I thought it was sorta stupid...sorry :P

Don't really care for elfs and fantasy as much as science fiction :T

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Awww...I sorry...

I'm sorry that you will never experience the joy of Team Foster-Keefe :'( And while I agree that Sophie can be extremely irritating (especially in Legacy), Keefe more than makes up for it....if only he showed up more prominently in the first book...anyway, I rarely get upset that people dont like my fandoms. Just sorry for them xD

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*crawls back into my MCU fanburrow*

oof xD Yeah. I got through a bit of the first book and just...never finished X'DD

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