Dweller of the Deep - The Beginning

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This is the story of Deep Dweller, as she liked to be called. Whose real story did start in the deep.  


      It was the year of the Submarriper, The Shellfire, The Edge. It was an incredible year but the year that followed was catastrophic. Our friend who preferred to be called Deep Dweller, was at the age of sixteen.  

It was the 15th of October, so the sun had disappeared round to the other edge of the flat-earth and the nights were drawing in with a cool chill of a wind passing through every evening.  

"Step right in there, put on the mask and you'll be ready," explained her father, Simon Speaker, history teacher at the School of Dragons. 

She entered the diving bell, sat on the perch and waited to descend to the depths of one of the lagoons at the back of Berk. You see, the reason Deep needed to go to the bottom of the murks was simply because she had lost her keys.  

As she got closer and closer to the ground, she could hear the pressure pushing inwards from the outside world. She gave an almighty tug on a suspended rope that also hung from the boat, ready for emergencies, stops and starts. 

She exited the vessel and paddled closer and closer toward the reefs below where she dropped them, then she sives the sand through her cold, almost numb, hands. While wafting small schools of fish away, she feels the force of water on her back. Looking, she relises that it is nothing and goes back to collect a supply of oxygen. She once again swims to the reefs but she finds nothing. Another feeling of force from behind the girl. This time when Deep, in the deep, looks she sees someone swimming as fast as possible toward her diving bell. She rushes to stop them but instead, the person with flippes and an oxygen tank tugs on the rope and gets pulled up, her father naïve of the fact that she wasn't in there. As her panic systems kick in, she turns her gaze back to the reefs and sees a dark shadow heading her way, getting larger and larger and larger. It hits the young woman who, with the lack of air, faints.   

      Hours later, when she awakes from her slumber, she finds herself looking up at the faces of a man, of whom's face she does not recognize.  

"Chloe?" The man questions, "Are you okay?! What happened?! When we felt the rope tug, we thought it was you but when it came up it was a scoundrel of a lad, he ran away, I'm afraid," he explained. 

"Sorry, but wh-who are you?" Deep asks. 

"Chloe, I'm your father- Simon," he laughs with a worried look on his face. 

"Father? I, I don't remember, I don't remember anything, except that, that thing!" She explained. 

"What do you mean you don't remember me? I'm your dad! I'm the boring old history teacher! You know! Surely," he prayed to the gods. 

She shook her head, solemnly. 

"Mulch, get her to Gothi, as soon as possible!" Simon Speaker demands. 


After a few moments of examining the large swelling on her foreheadGothi shakes her own head. 

"I'm sorry, but she's had a nasty bump and she's lost her platypus," translated Gobber before a smack on the head. "Memory, not platypus. I- I don’t even know what a platypus is!" 

After arguing over what options they had they agreed that they had to just live with it and teach her everything. All over again. 

"Darling," her father said after a few hours of explaining the basics, her dragon the Razorwhip and such, "What was that 'Thing' you were talking about earlier on?" 

"A huge shadow when I was being a deep dweller," she explained. 

"Deep dweller? You mean when you were under the water? I like that, my little deep dweller. Carry on,"  

"It started off small then got bigger and bigger and it had flippers and huge eyes and stuff," the amnesiac explained. 

With that, her father suggested that they take a look at the history books in his classroom to see if they could see the dragon. 


They flicked through pages and pages of manuals and textbooks for hours trying to place the beast. Just before the pair were going to give up, one dragon jumped out to the eyes of Chloe.  

"That one!" She alerted. 

"This one? No it can't be. That dragons called the Carmigalough. The last time it was seen was fifty years ago and that was down near the mainland! It was old then. Interesting fact about the Carmigalough," he butted in on himself, "Six months before its death, the female Carmigalough would lay its one and only egg of its lifetime and when it is born it will swim as far north as possible until it finds a suitable place to live with good nutrients and plenty of rain and hail." 


"Ha, that sounds just like your description of Berk. All rain and hail," she jestered. 

Then the penny dropped. 


After calling Fishlegs, the trio went back down into the deep to find this presumably 'dead' beast.  

"So, where did you see it come from?" They questioned. 

"That way, near the sea stacks," Chloe explained on their way toward their drop off point. 

Just as they were about to set up placement to dive, they see another ship, with a crane which looked as if it used to hold a diving bell of its own but it was torn and ripped apart. As Simon looks through his telescope at ten ship he sees the person of whom he saw very briefly earlier on that day.  

"That's him," he whispered, "The one we thought was you earlier!" 

"I thought you said he was a boy!" Stated Fishlegs who already knew about the story. 

"I did, but he did have mask on," he stood up for himself even though the man seen here was about fifty. 

Simon ordered Fishlegs to go and get Hiccup to search for the Camigalough while Chloe and him went around a sea stack on the beautiful, deep green-y blue of Chloe's Razorwhip. 

Slowly, on the cold, hard back of this almighty being, they approached the man's vessel. 

"HALT," they threatened from the air, " Do not move, or we will fire." 

The dragon descended onto the boat still on guard.  

"I meant no harm to come of it," the man said, obviously knowing what they wanted. 

"Who do you work for, and why are you after the Camigalough?" 

"I work for Nadrig the Dragon Hunter, enough said? My name is Charles- old leader of the Dragon Hunters but now just a simple missionary," he explained. 

"Nadrig, enemy of Estowick? I know you. You will be taken for further questioning and later taken to Outcast Prison under the regulation of almost killing a student and of hunting a rare, and prized dragon under the influence of other Dragon Hunters," he explained. 


As Charles was about to be taken away something happened. 

"Wait," jumped Chloe as Charles escaped into the waters. 

She rushed after him, neither of them in the proper gear. She noticed the fact that he was holding a short, green dagur with a thick handle. He swam up to a small dent in one of the cliffs where he entered and swam upwards. As she swiftly followed, she soon was led into the fact that this was an air pocket with a large underground corridor.  

Our friend let him go. She just looked around at the various items that surrounded her- swords, cages, cogs. He must have had a secret trading system going on up there. He would have the stuff and people would bring their own.  

Charles was gone, but not forever. 

That night she informed the village of her findings and felt a sense of pride. Chloe, being unnaturally taken  to the name, was now known as Deep Dweller, for obvious reasons. And this event was Deep's first memory which would soon be followed by many more- the return of Charles and the finding of the Camigalough. 


Thanks for reading, this is a backstory especially made for Megaboltphoenix . Thanks for reading and please comment your thoughts and constructive criticism, especially since this is an awful piece of writing but it is midnight. 


Thank you. 


Also, please read "Mercury" showing the last hours of my character.



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I like it!




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