The Dwarf Death; Bonfire Inspired Species, Adoptables

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Class: Tracker

Size: 6

Bite Force: 17

Fire: 3

Hostility: 4

Air Speed: 12

Ground Speed: 12

Swim Speed: 5


The Dwarf Death is a believed-to-be pygmy cousin of the Great Death that so often rules over dragon nests with iron claws. A much more docile and likable version, it luckily has a few distinct differences from the Great Death, which is helpful for when you don’t want to bring home a baby Great Death instead.

For starters, they only have four eyes- two on each side of the head, rather than the Great’s six. Their teeth are rounded and evenly spaced, there are only two rows of spikes along their back, and the tail club is smaller in proportion.

Another great separation factor is colour; Dwarfs have a more vibrant and diverse palette than Great’s, and the markings are usually quite obvious. The scales are structured differently as well, a mix of squares and circles in contrast to the Greats complete circular shaped scales.

Their typical personality can be compared to that of an old dog. Calm, affectionate, and not one for wild nights or daring tricks. While it isn’t unheard of them to be aggressive, it takes a lot to get them to that point. Hatchlings, on the other hand, have the energy of a Speed Stinger, and the cheek of a young Thunderdrum. Always in clutches of 2 that stick together until maturity, siblings prove to be quite a handful from day 1.

Their fire is shot in large plumes that give off lots of smoke, with a shot limit of 17. It is used only for intimidation and showing off, and is largely useless as an offensive tool for the fire is quite cold. Scarlet in colour, it is usually quite a dim flame

Their lifespan is a surprisingly wild one for such a mellow dragon, taking course over a brief 50 years. The first stage, in the egg, lasts 4 months in a treetop attached to their siblings’ egg by a sticky wax that repels everything else. There are rare cases that one or both of the eggs will be twins, and the siblings will still band together, their higher numbers often able to combat any adverse effects from sharing an egg. After that, they stay together for about 20 years, maturing at around 15, going their own ways for long-term partners, which they track down with calling out, picking up scents, and then fight to test each other’s prowess. If they can last for a few hours, then they know the other can defend themselves properly, and in turn, each other and any future eggs. Parents will take turns watching over the eggs for 2 week shifts over about 3 months, then leave to check on territory. The eggs hatch alone, and the newborns will climb out of the tree in search of food.

They have no known Titan Wing stage, though some think the Great Death to be it, and swim out to sea before passing. If you have a very old Dwarf trained and with you, do not try to stop them if they start to try swimming in deep water- it’s better for the both of you.



  • Max of 3 per person, one per batch
  • Hatchling line-arts will have two dragons as siblings! They cannot be asked for separately
  • Fill out the form completely or no dragon! It’s not that hard
  • Subject line: A Waste of Time
  • The complexity of the dragons is the minimum word count of your story you must have. E.g. one with 3 complexity must have a 300+ word story, and one with 8.4 complexity must have an 840+ word story. Your story is essential and is payment for the art.
  • The gender and basic personality of the dragon will be given, and these must be conformed to in your story. More complex dragons may have additional information.

Factors that may affect the complexity are colours and patterning, pre-set injuries, and special effects (glow, sparkles, etc.)

If you want to know your word-count, just either write it in Word, or copy and paste it into a program with a word counter. I will be allowing some leeway with word-count, so if you’re a little under the minimum and just can’t bring it up, that’s fine









Please wait for the DNR which will contain the dragons before posting!


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Reserves: Default reserve is 3 days. Extended reserves of a week or more will be given to people who I know will complete it and also well. In the case of two people reserving the same, it will be a competition of first to post! The 'loser' will white-listed for an infinite reserve on any one dragon from the next batch

White-list: LunarPride


1: Male, compassionate and easily distracted




2: Male, defensive and prideful 4.2



3: Female, calm and motherly 7

Extended Reserve for Okamisusi- Story is going well! I'll PM you with some advice soon



4: (Green) Male, timid and creative. (Blue) Female, out-going and creative




5: Female, niave and productive





6: Male, curious and cautious 3

Default reserve for HollyLovePi



7: Male, over-confident and vain 3.5



8: (Blue) Male, cheerful and unobservant. (Pink) Male, humble and persistant 2



9: Female, protective and secretive




10: Male, silly and dislikes drama 1.7

Extended reserve for VoSpader



You may now post!



What kind of patterns and colours do you want to see in the next lot?

GREYSCALE: no colours, just the use of different tones

ELEMENTAL: they're on fire! made of stone! a tree! darkness itself!

COSMIC: there's nebula, planets, moons, quasars, galaxies, black holes, stars- well. there's alot of things in space

REALISTIC: designs based off real animals


G: 0

E: 4

C: 1

R: 1

Elemental is currently in the lead

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Do you save spots?

I would like one but wouldn't be able to write the story until tomorrow arvo.

I could fill out the form now though.





WELCOME TO MY SIGNATURE- *signature banner will go here*


My Viking:

*Backstory will go here*

Art of VexyLu by others:


By FireFlash

By TosiLohi


By TosiLohi

By Bluemoon20523

By Werewolfgirl1253


By BoomBox74


By DuskDayBreak


By the ecliptic eight


By Arrowalker


By FireNightStar


By ScarfyWings







Sandwraith- Nibbles

Nibbles is my first dragon.

It was my first day at school of dragons, when Viking hunters were attacking Berk.

With the help of Toothless, and the other riders, we were successfully able to stop them, but not before they captured a few dragons.

With my axe, and brain, I managed to unlock Nibbles from the cage she had been trapped in.

We bonded then, and were set to start our journey at the school, together.

Since then, Nibbles has become a ruby crystal sandwraith.

by LayKary

by Durgonhunter


Groncicle- Vexy

Trader Johann was late for his arrival at Berk one day, so I was sent to look for him.

I found his ship, destroyed and covered in ice, near Berk, in the ocean.

On the shore was Johann, explaining what had happened.- a little dragon had hopped on his ship.

I named her Vexy.

I helped Vexy find her way home, back to her family.

I watched her grow, and as she did we bonded.

By ShiroKageFox


•Groncicle- IceWind

IceWind is Vexy's little sister, who I rescued when Mildew through her, and her other silblings off the edge of a cliff, and into the water.

Vexy and her mother where so thankful, they let me keep one.


Nadder- Lulu

I got Lulu out of the hatchery's collection of eggs. 

 By FloofQueen


Death song- Melody

I rescued Melody from her mum's nest, after she was abandoned by her. 


Armorwing- Armor

I saved Armor from dragon hunters and she bonded with me. 

By FireNightSky


Smokebreath- Smog 

Smog is the second smoke breath I got. I won him in battle. 


Smokebreath- Skyfog

Skyfog is the first smokebreath I got. I also won her in battle.

By Nightfuryatom4


Whispering death- Groundwhisper

I got groundwhisper after finding her egg in the tunnels under Berk. 


Whispering death- Groundquake

I won groundquake in battle. 


Whispering death- Groundshake

I also won Groundshake in battle. 


Whispering death- GroundBurrow

I won GroundBurrow in battle.


•Whispering death- GroundSmasher

I won GroundSmasher in battle.


•Screaming death- Screech

I won Screech in battle. 


•Razorwhip- Cut

I found Cut's egg in an abandoned ship. 


Razorwhip- Snip

I won Snip in battle. 

By Vospader


Hotburple- Grunt

I won Grunt in battle. 


Snafflefang- Fangsnaffle

I won Fangsnaffle in battle. 

by dogloven


Snafflefang- Fangsnaffle Jr

I won fangsnaffle in battle.

By FroztWulf


Flightmare- Frightmare

I won Frightmare in battle. 

by Scarfywings (animated by mrizky)


Moldruffle- Mold

I won Mold in battle.

by Umbreon27


Speed stinger- Sting

I won sting in battle. 

By Okamisusi


•Speed stinger- Goldie

I won Gol hidein battle.


Fireworm queen- Helios

I won Helios in battle. 

By Scarfywings


•Shockjaw- Helpfulwarrior

I won Helpful warrior in battle. I named her after one of my friends.


•Hobblegrunt- Wobbles

I won wobbles in battle.


Eruptadon- Flare

I needed help, and didn't have a dragon that could fly into the depths of a volcano, so I got Flare's help.


Singetail- Frizzle

I saved Fizzle from being auctioned by dragon hunters.

by Arrowalker


•Flamewhipper- Firelash

Firelash stowed away on my dragon, after my journey on impossible island.


Snowwraith- Blizzard

Blizzard is my racing dragon.

by TosiLohi


•Typhoomerang- BurntSwirl

I won BurntSwirl in battle.


Titan Stormcutter- BreezeHopper

BreezeHopper is my fast storm cutter 

By Arrowalker


•Silver Phantom- Soar

Soar is my teen Phantom


•Raincutter- Splash

I won Splash in battle


•Triple stryke- Amethyst 

I was given Amethyst from her mother, for saving her.

By Wutend Bonfire


•Grapple grounder- *currently hatching*



1x Groncicle

1x Sandwraith

1x Triple stryke 











*Im working on including names, etc


Scenseredshocked, my Shellfire, by Bluemoon20523


Hibiscus, my Sequin Wing, by Flowercrystal


Amethyst, a FriendFriend draggo, by 1flower


Stormrider, a Stormchaser, by Scarfywings


Sunfly, a Gardendigger, by Scarfywings


Galaxywhip, a Vesupa, by Bavelly


Peach, an Infertide, by Alicornbrodie


DeathSky, a baby nightfury, by Nightfuryatom4


Mysterystripes, a Marshtiger, by themasterplan47


PurpleFuzz, a Woolly Howl, by Wutend Bonfire


GreyShell, a Shelleye, by GoldenWraith


Issie, a Mountain Jackoat, by Scarfywings


Kiki, a Hyeagle owl, by Scarfywings


Ziggy, a Ratagator, by Scarfywings


Keja, a Foxret, by Scarfywings


Eza, an Impatypus, by Scarfywings


Rei, a dingorse, by ScarfyWings


Deathsky, and another nightfury, by Wutend Bonfire


GreySky, a Muddicry, by chameishida


VioletWraith, a White Mamba, by Megaboltphoenix


WinterBreeze, a Svalbard Howl, by Okamisusi






Thank you to all the amazing artists who have done art for me!


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A waste of time

If you can save them, could you please save me 8?

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A waste of time




Number: 8

Name/s:  Haven't decided

Age: Babies

Story: Started writing


Hi. Would it be possible for you to please give me more time to write the story and think of names?



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Can you save me number 6? I

Can you save me number 6? I need to create a good story.


I'm alive again I guess?

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A Waste of Time


Number: 4

Name/s: Leaf (green, male), Leah (blue, female)

Age: hatchlings

Story: this is 1152 words instead of 250...Oops.... :S I hope it's okay. If not, I'll edit it. :3

Rhaeyne and Nightsky was flying around Berk. She was in a really happy mood. She just finished her newest invetion, and she was just about to test it. ”Look for really big empty place Sky. We don’t know what’s gonna happen.” They landed on a big glade. Rhaeyne set up her creation.

”Okay, so if you shoot it here, this cog will turn, which means this wooden handle will turn, and it will turn on this switch, which will rub these rocks together, which will create a spark that lights up the Zippleback gas in this tank.” She spoke too fast, so Sky just nodded and they ran behind a bush. ”Now buddy!” Sky shot the cord. They could hear how everything worked, and than a big explosion and lot of smoke came up. ”Yes!!” Rhaeyne was jumping. ”It works. It finally works!!” But her happiness turned down, when she spotted a Night Fury coming towards her. She tried to pack up the remainings of her invention, but she wasn’t fast enoght. Hiccup landed on the glade.

”Did I ask you not to do this? We don’t want to get attention from any possible foe. Anyone could spot this smoke from outside the Archipelago!!” Rhaeyne stood there, lowering her head. „I’m sorry…” She tried to hide behind her dragon, who seemed just as guilty. ”You two clean this up, and you’ll be fishing for a week.” He flew away. Rhaeyne turned to Sky. ”This was epic!!” Nightsky blew some sand in her face. ”Okay, okay… we won’t do it again.”

A few days later, she woke up to Hiccup’s angry face. ”Whaa…What’s going on?” ”Rhaeyne Thorston, you promised no more smokey surprise!!” Rhaeyne was trying to figure out what does he mean. ”Go clean it up before someone notices it.” Rhaeyne mounted Nigthsky, and tried to figure out what’s going on.

They flew in the forest, so they couldn’t see the smoke until they were in it. They started caughing and looking for the origin of it. I bet my dear cousins did this. But I got in trouble for it… They searched for an hour when Rhaeyne spotted something on a tree. ”Look at that boy. What’s that?” Sky flew closer and she reached out for it. It was two dragon egg-shell glued together with some sort of thing. ”These are fresh. But where are the hatchlings?” They landed and started to look for them. If they’d fly higher, they could’ve notice that the fire has moved towards the ocean. But they couldn’t. So they kept following on foot.

After a few hours, when they almost gave up, a red fireball shot Sky. ”Oh my Thor, are you okay?” But Sky seemed like he didn’t even notice. ”You got shot by a giant fireball!!” He looked at Rhaeyne like she’s going crazy. But than another red shot hit the tree next to them. An average shot would fire the whole tree, but it just left a black spot. That’s interesting. They went further, and they got on the beach. Two little dragon was there. They looked nothing like Rhaeyne saw before. They were a lot like she imagined the Green Death, but something wasn’t quite right. They had only 4 eyes and they were a lot smaller. The two little dragon was fighting over a fish. Sky went closer, even though Rhaeyne told him not to.

She looked as her dragon barfed up a fish for the green dragon, who seemed to give up. He looked thankful. Rhaeyne carefully stepped out. The dragons started to grin at her, but Sky stopped them. ”Umm… hi…” She took out some dragon nip, and gave it to the dragons. They liked it a lot, so they accepted Rhaeyne. But something was still not right. They were looking at the ocean. They wanted to go in. But based on their appearance, she was highly doubting that they are Tidal Class dragons. So she sent Sky to help them just in case.

All three of them went into the water. Rhaeyne didn’t need a long time to figure out they clearly can’t swim. But they wanted to keep going. Sky rolled out his wings, and the babies hold on them. Rhaeyne saw them going deeper in the water. They were swimming for a few minutes, when she noticed something in the water. A dragon that was a lot like them. Except it was a lot bigger. She couldn’t clearly see what’s happening. All she saw, is that the dragons rub their heads against the big dragon, and they start to swim back to the shore. While the big dragon went deeper in the ocean. Sky seemed tired. so she swim in to help him get out the babies.

”What was that?” But Sky just lowered his head. Rhaeyne understood. ”Ohh….” She looked after the dragon, and felt really sad. But she had no time to feel sad, casue someone was waiting for her on the beach. She looked at herself, carrying a blue baby dragon, while a green one was riding Sky and they all were soaking wet. That’ll go well…

Hiccup started talking. ”Did you clean up your invention? I saw the smoke was getting worse. Rhaeyne please understand that we can’t let anyone find us now. We’re completly defensless.” She decided to try to explain herself. ”I understand, but…” ”Okay, than please keep your smoke for now.” He mounted Toothless, but Rhaeyne burst out. ”It wasn’t me this time. It was these little dragons.” Rhaeyne’s voice scared the blue dragon, so he shot a fireball. When it hit a bush on the shore, and started smoking. Rhaeyne looked at Hiccup with a straight face. He flew back. ”I’m sorry. I see it now.” It’s okay. I wouldn’t believe myself either. Rhaeyne thought. But there was something she had to ask. ”I know they are really smokey, but”… she took a deep breath ”can I try to train them?” The little dragons walked under Sky’s wing. He didn’t like it, but some kind of protective side of him kept him from closing his wings. In this position, they looked pretty frightening, yet worried. ”How could I say no? Do you have any ideas about their names?” Rhaeyne had a smirk. She was thinking of that since she saw the babies. ”Well, the green baby seems to be a bit timid, but nice. He’d like a leaf on a tree. He’ll be Leaf. I had a really great friend on Berkserker Island. She was always up for an adventure and that’s exactly how she looks like. So I’ll name her Leah after Lleahin. So this is Leaf and Leah.” Rhaeyne looked proudly at the siblings. ”Nice names. Just please try to avoid smoke. And I don’t mean just them.” Rhaeyne blushed a bit, but promised to keep it low on fire. They all flew back happily to her stables. ”Welcome home Leaf and Leah.”


Welcome to my short siggy. :D

Rhaeyne and Nightsky drawn by chameishida. :)


My main dragon, Nightsky (M, Sand Wraith) drawn by ScarfyWings. :3


Story time: Rhaeyne's Courage by IrishMexicanViking. ^^


Profile picture was drawn by Fireflash. :3

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yer gud

The word count is just the minimum! That story was very nice and enjoyable, Leaf and Leah are yours!

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Yeppie ^_^

Thank you so much!!! I'll love them forever!! :3

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This is such a waste of time...I love it! :D


Boom!  Robin frowned, then whipped the smoke from her already grease streaked face.  “Yaknogg!  I was sure it would work this time!”  She picked up the now useless pile of junk & threw it across the table.  Cackatoo sniffed it curiously, then cocked her head & blinked her eyes curiously at her rider.  Robin sighed.  She had been working on this invention with her dragon for days, a week by now.  She had tried every which way to make the hunk of junk work, but it had been uncooperative, & just now, had blown up in her face.  “Yeah, I know you wanna try again, but i’m fed up with this thing.  Why don’t we go outside & get some fresh air instead?”  Cackatoo licked her scaly lips & swished her spiny tail back & forth, showing her approval of the idea.  Robin grinned.  “Good.  Then let’s go.”  Robin got up from her chair & pushed the door to her little workshop open.  Outside the room was her sister’s bigger potion brewing area, or what she called it, her laboratory.  Robin wasn’t too sure about her older sister, Abigail, the chief’s favorite daughter, town pretty girl, alchemist, & all around little miss perfect.  Robin never really had a good relationship with her, & this recent argument about their work spaces put her even more on edge.  Abigail had taken over her old workshop, & in return stuffed her in that closet.  They had argued for the past two weeks about it, but Abigail had always won.  Robin found it frustrating when she was given as much respect as a Gronckle.  Cackatoo seemed to know she was thinking.  She curved her spiny head around Robin & nuzzled her cheek.  Robin smiled at her affectionate Hackatoo & hugged her in return.  “Thanks girl, I needed that.  I don’t know what i’d do without you.”
By now they had walked across her entire autumn village & reached the forests of the Summer isles.  Cackatoo instantly brightened up at being surrounded by trees.  Robin smiled.  “Go ahead girl, but just a few.”  Cackatoo instantly let out a roar of happiness & plunged into a large thicket.  Robin giggled at her dragon’s childish behavior.  She knew how much Cackatoo loved the woods.  And why she loved them.  Being the kind of dragon she was, a hackatoo, she loved to cut down trees.  That is, if she didn’t get her shiny axe like snout stuck in it first.  Robin smiled to herself, only to stop at the desperate desperate cry of her dragon.  “Oh no!  Don’t worry Cackatoo, I’m coming!”  She ran through the thicket of trees, through some bramble bushes, then stopped.  She laughed.  Cackatoo had her snout stuck in a particularly large Maple tree.  Her snout was wedged in between the bark of the tree.  She averted her usually cheerful eyes from her rider’s & let out an indignant snort.  Robin laughed even harder.  “Oh Cackatoo, you’re always getting yourself stuck!  Come on, lets get you out.”  She grabbed ahold of her tail & pulled.  Her dragon sunk her claws into the bark & pushed with her.  There was a cracking sound, & Cackatoo & Robin went flying backwards into the bushes.  “Offh!” Robin exclaimed, rubbing her behind.  “Well, I think thats enough excitement for the day.”  Cackatoo shook her exotic blue head clear of the foliage & let out a disappointed sigh.  “Don’t worry girl, i’m sure no one saw you.  This time.  Now, would you mind helping me up?”  Cackatoo smiled sheepishly, then grabbed her rider by the belt & pulled her out, then set her gently down in the soft grass.  “thanks Cackatoo, now lets-“  She stopped when she noticed a gleam of light in the bushes near the damaged tree.  She walked over, stooped down, & reached in-between the arching fronds of a fern.  Her hand grazed something hard.  She reached out, & pulled out a medium sized rainbow egg.
It was hard & calloused, with a thick sticky substance around the side.  A small crack ran down its side, gradually growing bigger.  Robin gasped.  “Oh no!  Cackatoo, we have to help this poor egg!  I think we broke it!”  She ripped off a piece of her clothing & wrapped it around the egg.  Hopefully it would stop it from breaking any further.  Cackatoo looked a bit downcast.  “Its ok girl, I know you didn’t do it on purpose.  Just hurry, before it’s gets worse!”  She climbed up onto Cackatoo’s back & grabbed ahold of the saddle.  And with a mighty roar from Cackatoo, the two took off, carrying the broken egg with them.
Robin threw open the wooden door, bursting into her previous workspace.  “Oh great.”  She thought to herself.  “Abigail is back.”  Indeed she was right, for her pretty raven haired sister stood stirring a wooden spoon in a pot of boiling….something.  She turned as Robin & her Hackatoo came in.  “Robin!  Nice to see you!”  Robin grumbled inwardly.  She didn’t have time to talk to her sister.  Her sister didn’t even notice her annoyance.  “Well, I’m glad your here.  I need you to make dinner tonight.  It seems that my work tonight will take a bit longer then normal, & dad is always hungry when he comes back home.  Would you do that for me?”  Robin nodded & rushed by.  “Okay, sure.”  It wasn’t really okay.  She hated cooking.  All those sharp knives….but she had to help this egg……even if it did mean making carrot soup.  Robin rushed into her workshop, making sure to shut the door behind her & Cackatoo.  She didn’t want anymore annoying discussions with her older sister.  She brushed aside the remains of her project, took an old blanket & wrapped the egg with it.  Then she set it down on the table.  Cackatoo sniffed it curiously, then gave her a look. Robin shrugged.  “What?”  Cackatoo nudged the broken egg, then looked at her again.  Robin smiled sheepishly.  “Uhhh, I don’t exactly know what to do with it.”  Cackatoo gave an exasperated snort.  “What?  I thought i’d know once I got here!  I’m not exactly a dragon master like Pearl or Shielle.”  Suddenly the egg lurched to the side.  It crackled & popped, then collapsed into a pile of egg bits.  Robin gasped.  The egg had hatched!  A tiny, multicolored dragon sat where the full egg had once been, still speckled with egg bits.  It shook them off, then raised its tiny head & looked at Robin & her dragon with four beady red eyes.
Robin reached out to it.  The pretty multi colored dragon sniffed her hand, & cocked its head to the side.  Then, it cooed & rubbed its nose against her hand.  Robin let out a sigh for relief.  “See?  I knew I could handle this.”  Cackatoo didn’t seem to believe her, but didn’t mind anyway.  She bent her long curvy neck down to touch noses with the little colorful dragon.  The baby seemed very perky for just hatching, for she gurgled & latched onto Cackatoo’s nose.  Robin scratched the back of her head while Cackatoo played with the new hatchling.  Okay, she had just hatched a dragon she knew she wasn’t allowed to keep.  Her father, the chef of the Summer isles, was already getting used to the idea of not fighting dragons.  He had barely let her keep Cackatoo, she could only imagine what he’d do if she brought home another, a baby at that.  She had to think logically about what to do with it now.  “Lets see.”  She thought to herself.  “I can’t keep it, & Thor himself couldn’t convince me to give the responsibility of taking care of a baby dragon to one of the villagers.  So what do I do?”  Robin thought & thought.  The noise her sister was making was unbearable.  What could she be doing in their that would make such a ruckus?  She grumbled & massaged her temples.  Maybe this wasn’t the right job for her.  If only she was a dragon expert like her friends, not a rag tag tinkerer…..wait!  That was it!  She jumped to her feet.  She knew just the person to help.
“So, you say you just, found this egg in the bushes?”  Robin nodded.  “Yes, & it was broken.  I-I mean me & Cackatoo thought it was best to bring it back with us.  I didn’t exactly know what to do with it, & since your so good with dragon’s Shielle, I thought i’d bring it to you.”  Her short ginger haired friend blushed.  “Well, I’m not that good, but i’m glad you brought this little one to me.  Did you name her?”  Robin thought for a moment.  “Bismuth.  Thats her name.”  Shielle smiled.  “A lovely name for such a colorful dragon.”  Robin sighed.  She didn’t have time for small chat with her friend, even though it would be better then going back home.  She had to get dinner started soon.  “Do you know what species it is?”  She asked hastily.  Shielle nodded, seeming to get the message.  “Its a dwarf death, a very rare species.  I’m surprised you we able to find one, alone at that.”  Robin shivered.  A dwarf Death?  She was so glad she hadn’t wanted to keep it.  “Shielle, what do you mean alone?”  Shielle tickled the little dragon’s tummy with her finger.  “Dwarf death’s are attached to a sibling in the egg stage, & live with their sibling until they find a mate.  So I’m very surprised you found this little girl out all by herself.”  “So what should I do?”  Shielle handed her the baby Dwarf Death.  “Take the little one back to the tree where you found it.  Chances are its sibling is looking for her.”
“Alright Bismuth, there you go.”  Robin gently set the newly hatched baby dragon down by the very same bush she had found her in.  Bismuth sniffed it, then looked back up at Robin with her beady red eyes.  Robin nudged her with her hand.  “Go ahead Bismuth, its okay.  go find your family.”  Bismuth took one last look at Robin & Cackatoo, then scurried off into the bushes.  Cackatoo let out a disappointed sort of grumble.  Robin stroked her scaly flank.  “Don’t worry girl, she’ll be fine.”  And just as she spoke, two happy roars echoed through the autumn forest.  Robin smiled.  “Well, I guess thats that.  Now why don’t we go cook dinner like i promised to do?”  Cackatoo nodded her narrow blue head, agreeing with her rider.  Robin’s eyes twinkled.  “But i’ve got a quick stop to make first.”
“Robin!  What are you doing here!  You’re supposed to be making dinner!”  Robin brushed past her cranky sister.  “I’ll get started in a minute.  But first, i’ve got a few adjustments to make to my newest invention.”  She ran into her workshop, pulled up a stool, & set to work on the hunk of junk that exploded earlier.  She screwed & hammered & welled, until it was almost done.  “Hand me that rock over there Cackatoo.”  She asked her hackatoo.  Cackatoo reached her long scaly neck over another table, picked up a shiny rainbow rock in her teeth, then set it down infant of her rider.  “Thanks girl.”  Robin scratched her dragon’s neck, then grabbed the shining rock & screwed it into place.  “I think that will do it.  Now the final test.”  She walked over to the blazing fire & held the object up to it.  The tiny room was instantly filled with a colorful display of various colors.  Robin grinned.  “its finished.”
The End
Yay!  I finished!  thanks for the extra time!  Fyi, I vote elemental! :D  Wind, Water & Light!

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Pearl looked inside & gasped.  Sitting there in plain view, was her father's map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hands &amp.  She scanned it, her grip shaking h .  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

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A nice story!

A nice story!

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May the Purple be with you ;)

Thank you!  And thank you for giving me extra time!  It was very generous :)

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Actually I forgot about the

Actually I forgot about the page for a day or two there

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May the Purple be with you ;)

XD  Thats me all the time.  Where'd that page go?  I'm sure its around here somewhere -shuffles through internet-

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Reading is not a Waste of Time

Number: 9

Name/s: Merist

Age: 17

Story: Rogue was flying with Dagro around the Training Grounds on a reconnoitering mission of the strange smoke seen around here. Some Vikings had said they had heard a loud roaring, and seen billows of smoke and signs of another species around the cliffs before, during and after training. This had scared many a weak-hearted Viking and roused caution among the olders, since the strange sights and sounds were coming from an unknown source. Training was constantly interrupted by a sudden and bloodcurdling scream of some animal and then silence. Vikings were no longer very focused, and some made lame excuses to avoid training just so they didn't have to endure the sudden "interruptions", as they called the unusual behavior of Training Ground wildlife. 

Since Rogue and Dagro were renowned for their spying and scouting skills (and their lack of sense, it seemed) Hiccup had sent to find out what was setting the Training Grounds in upheaval. 
"Looks like someone's been here," Rogue observed when she saw the talon prints and the snapped twigs. There were also signs of a struggle here and there, and discarded carcasses hidden under the brush. The smell of de.ath hung in the air, and a sense of replaced the usually chipper feeling of the Training Grounds. 
"Cmon, lets go check around the cliffs," she said, swinging Dagro around. Dagro rumbled deep in his throat. 
"It's alright, boy, we're just reconnoitering," Rogue said, rubbing his neck. She was careful to not rub directly underneath his neck, since that would temporarily paralyze him and then what would happen afterwards wouldn't be the Sand Wraith's fault. 
Dagro, comforted by his rider, flew on, scanning the craggy rocks and listening for any unnatural sounds. He smelled the air. Something didn't seem right. Something smelled... de.ader than ever. Dagro glanced around nervously. By the way Dagro was acting, there must be another, unseen dragon around somewhere, Rogue thouht. She laid a calming hand on his neck. Dagro glanced up at her and gained nerve. 
A pillar of smoke caught dragon amd rider's eye, and they swooped down, circling it once, twice, before landing a safe distance away. Dagro sniffed the air and scanned the surroundinbg terrain. They had landed by the foot of the cliffs, and trees grew and provided sae cover foe anyone needing it, including hungry kil.lers. Rogue dismounted from Dagro and unsheathed her dual swords. Dagro stayed on guard while Rogue appraoched the smoke. Dagro growled and bared his teeth, ready for a fight. Silence engulfed them as Rogue got closer and closer to the billowing smoke. As Rogue was able to get a closer look, she saw a deer in the center, lying still and obviously by the way it was awkwardly positioned. 
Rogue looked back at Dagro, watching his expression closely. He seemed to be listening to something, his head cocked and his ears pricked. Then he suddenly bolted off along the edge of the cliff, slowing down a little bit so Rogue could catch up and mount when she caught up to him a few meters later. Then they were off. The trees above were too dense to take off and fly to wherever he was going, but the ground wasn't cluttered as much, so they stuck with running. 
Rogue hunkered down to avoid getting swiped off Dagro's back by overhanging branches as he ran like the de.vil was after him. Soon they reached a clearing, and in the clearing, a dragon that resembled a mini Green Death was fighting a pack of wolves. Before Rogue could think, much less dismount, Dagro charged into the fray. Catching up with events, Rogue unsheathed her dual swords and waited for an opportunity to get clear of Dagro's back. She didn't need to. A wolf lunged at her, and in a tangle of arms and legs, Rogue and the wolf tumbled from Dagro's back, both snarling and fighting. She finally got Giln, as she had named her right handed sword, into the wolf's stomach. She got up and slid the wolf off her sword blade and started taking out one wolf after another with such ferocity that they began to get wary of her.
Meanwhile, Dagro had charged to the aid of the other dragon, snapping and blasting at any wolf that got within range of his compacted sand bombs and his sharp teeth. The dragon, accepting Dagro as an ally for now, crushed and tore at wolves that got within reach of her legs and jaws. Soon the alpha wolf howled a retreat and Rogue, Dagro, and the mini Great Death dragon were left in the clearing. Rogue studied the dragon while it licked the scratches she got during the skirmish. Her scales were red, with black and yellow blotches here and there. The dragon, Rogue noticed, had only four eyes instead of six like the actual Great Death. Out ofnthe corner of her eye, Rogue saw a discarded carcass of some long animal, probably a deer. 
So that's why they were fighting, Rogue thought. She returned her focus on the wounded dragon. Claw scars on her chest showed this dragon had a restless life, and when the dragon turned its head to the left to lick some blood off her arm, Rogue sucked in her breath. A claw mark replaced an empty eye socket, hindering the dragon's sight enough to be considered easy prey. But apparently her predators had been hugely wrong. Rogue's hand went up to her own right eye, softly touching her blind eye. 
"Maybe we're not so different, you and I," Rogue whispered softly. She sheathed her swords, stepped forward and reached out her hand. 
The dragon sensed movement and stopped tending to its wounds. It looked up and half glared, half eyed Rogue with its remaining three eyes. Then it snorted and stood up, slowly and cautiously approaching Rogue. Dagro came over from examining the now forgotten animal carcass and sidled up to a bonding Rogue and dragon. The dragon was enjoying the soft touc as Rogue stroked her. 
"You need a name," Rogue pondered quietly. 
"What do you think of Merist?" She asked. The dragon purred, whether in agreement or content Rogue didn't know. But from that day on, that's what Rogue called the dwarf Great Death. They flew home, Rogue on Dagro's back and Merist flying next to them, into the sunset. 

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Looking at the forum post

Looking at the forum post times, you won by 8 minutes

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Tracking!!!what size? I know


what size? I know you said 6, but sorry for my ignorance, what does that mean? Rideable or pet-size?



Also, would you do reserves? As in for a long time? You know it takes me forever to write a story :(

If not, I totally understand!


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A bit bigger than a Great

A bit bigger than a Great Dane, so big enough for a child or very small/light person but definetly not a riding dragon. For me the size ranging of 1-20 is like Fireworm to Bewilderbeast.


I think I'll only be doing reserves for people who are actually going to complete things, so I'll do a reserve for you. How does a week sound?

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Thank you, I'll try my

Thank you, I'll try my bestest!


How about #1? His colors are realistic and personality easier to work with.


As far as the next batch - Realistic?


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Definitely NOT a waste of time ...

I have a story!! Its hand-written though (I'm old school like that ...) so will takw a few more days to type up, cuz you know life and I'm slow. Should be ready within the week limit though! Thanks again for that!



Number: #1

Name: SlobberClod

Age: 33-ish

Story: WIP



I'm not quite sure when the week started for me, so I am pasting a part of what I have typed up so far, if that's okay? I'll probably finish typing sometime Friday (if I don't get called in to work).


Story Exerpt:

Barnakarl and Rickety arrived at one of the several fields around Berk that was pretty much all stinging nettle. The plant grew well, all on its own, in a variety of environments, so the villagers didn't bother much with cultivating it. This patch was almost straight nettle, with some dragon nip growing along its edges, which then gave way to grass. In the Spring the shepherds had to keep their sheep away, else they'd eat all the young plants themselves and leave none for the villagers for its various edible and medicinal uses. But it was late Summer now, and the nettle was tall and woody and not terribly edible at this point, but perfect for harvesting its fibers.

Rickety laid down his crate to sit on and put on his gloves. Barnakarl pulled out his knife and put on his gloves, too. The nettle stings didn't horribly bother the old men anymore, but alot could be bothersome. They both had jars of a soothing salve from Gothi tucked away, too.

Barnakarl stretched his slightly bent back and heard a few pops. Then he stooped back over and started slicing the long nettle stalks at the base. He then put his fingers on the shaft at the base and ran them up the stalk, pushing off leaves as he went. This took off the stinging hairs, too - well, most of them. Barnakarl handed the cleaned stalks off to Rickety, who gently mashed them then opened them up and peeled away the inner woody part. The skin of sorts that was left contained the valuable fibers they were after.

The men went on in silence. Barnakarl shooed away a few inquisitive Terrible Terrors that snuffled around him and his belt pouches, which contained - among other things - a bit of food for him to munch on. He still marveled at the old days, the days most of his life took place in, when Berk fought dragons. These days, the days of his elder years, were completely different. He had killed and injured many a dragon in his day, and then, suddenly, he wasn't. Suddenly, dragons helped people, were friendly with people. That is, when they weren't being a nuisance. They were kind of like overgrown scaley dogs, really. Barnakarl had accepted the new reality, but sometimes it was still hard to wrap his old brain around it.

Barnakarl grunted to himself. He stooped lower momentarily and pinched a few sprigs of dragon ip to chew on. The garlicky flavor spiced his tongue. There was so much more to talk about than Dragons. There were sports - like who to root for in the Dragon Races, or the latest new about battles with the Dragon Hunters, or even the latest haul of fish ... which was often aided by Dragons these days.

"Gahh!" Barnakarl muttered irritably as a stalk of nettle poked him on a tender bare spot on his neck. To pre-occupied with thoughts of Dragons. He dabbed a bit of Gothi's salve on the area, and felt a cooling relief that took away much of the sting.

Suddenly, a loud wail emanated from the nettle patch. Barnakarl and Rickety glanced up, not horribly surprised by strange noises. But then Barnakarl did fall backward, as a Dragon reared up out of the vegetation and pawed the air. It roared again piteously and stumbled through the tall nettle stalks like a bull.

Barnakarl slowly flipped himself over on his knees and raised himself up. "What in Thor's name??" he muttered. That dragon wasn't a Gronckle or a Snafflefang or any other species he could place, but it looked terribly familiar. He moved back toward Rickety, as the Dragon tramped forward.

"Red Death! Red Death! I was there! We've got to save Berk!" Rickety shouted, waving his dagger around in front of him.

Red Death. That's why the Dragon looked so familiar. The dragon that caused so much loss and destruction to Berk all because of its insatiable appetite. A massive, dangerous creature vanquished by one wee boy. If a boy could save Berk, then perhaps two old men could, too.

Barnakarl joined Rickety, weilding his knife. The dragon wailed again and stumbled out of the nettle patch. He paused briefly to sniff at the dragon nip and grabbed a mouthful before starting to wail and whimper again. He moved forward a few steps more and sat down. The Dragon nosed at his wings with his four-eyed head.

"Leave Berk alone, you Thor-forsaken beast!" Rickety yelled defiantly.

"Hey," Barnakarl said, punching Rickety in the arm to get his attention. "Aren't they supposed to have six eyes? This one only has four. And be a wee bit bigger, too?" Barnakarl glanced back at the dragon. He was only a bit larger than a wolfhound or maybe a pony. And he looked ... sad. Not like he was about to go on a destructive rampage.

"Four. Six. They have more than two!" Rickety replied. "Maybe its a young one," he said, starting to look a bit doubtful. "The Red Death was colossal."

Barnakarl lowered his knife. The dragon had laid down and started chewing dragon nip, whimpering to himself, unconcerned he was being discussed nearby. "I don't know that we'd be helping Berk by killing a baby dragon."

"Eh? Well he does look rather pathetic ... maybe its a trick?" Rickety said, sounding less and less confident.

"Ahh, what the Helheim," Barnakarl spat and sheathed the knife. Fortunately, he still had decent eyesight. The dragon hung its wings low, nearly dragging the ground.


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I waste time way too much and don't get much done :(

Full story here!:


Word Count: 2001

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Slobberclod is yours!

Slobberclod is yours!

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Oh dear, I haven't touched this in weeks...

Well, consider a picture of Silhouette tripping Gruffnut as an offering for not working on this sig

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Silvertalon the Thunderthief by the amazing Wutend Bonfire!

Swifter the Icecrusher by chameishida!

Legend the Uktena by Canus8!

Bea the Gribtuk by Bavelly!

Moonwish the Night Fury by NeverendingSilver!

Dreamless by the talented Okamisusi!

Svarlsæta by ZestyDragonWing!

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A Waste of Time


Number: 3

Name: Green Ash

Age: 29

Story: The female Dwarf Death stretched and covered her face as the sun shined on her through the forest. It was early morning and the birds were just waking up. The Dwarf Death decided to take a walk through the forest to get to the nearby lake. Even though it would be much faster flying, she wouldn’t need to worry about blinding sunlight or bigger dragons. She remembered seeing Typhoomerang burn marks just the other day.

  Green Ash listened as the birds sang and some critters went by. She loved these calm mornings. They were great for starting the day. Soon she could hear a familiar splashing of water. And not long before she could see a small river making its way through the woods. The female knew that she could just take a drink here but she preferred the lake. So, she just walked along side of the river.


 The sun climbed higher and painted the forest in spots of light. Green Ash could see a patch of white flowers. She could easily recognize them as arctic starflowers as they were her favorite. She would have stopped and spent some time admiring their beauty if it weren’t for her growing thirst. The Dwarf Death knew that the lake wouldn’t be too far away and continued walking. She started looking around and soon saw familiar thicket small distance away. She knew that inside the thicket were a group of Night Terrors sleeping. They were good friends of her and she liked having them around. Even thought they were nocturnal, she often spent time whit them especially from autumn to spring when nights were longer than days. The little guys often made her shape when scaring bigger dragons and it wasn’t unusual for them to help each other out if there was an even bigger threat.


 Green Ash continued walking and it wasn’t long before she reached the lake. The lake sparkled in the sun that had climbed high enough for it to (Green Ash’s fortunate) not reflect directly to eyes. The female Dwarf Death started to drink as she heard loud squawks coming to her way. Soon she could see three young Deadly Nadders landing near her. The Nadders had appeared half a year ago but Green Ash was a quite okay whit them. She liked to watch them play around and do whatever they were doing. Sometimes she would even join them. The Dwarf Death would even be a little bit like a mother to them. Sometimes she would show them how to catch food so they wouldn’t try to steal from others if the food was sparse. Other times she would need to assert authority if the Nadders got too playful.
 She watched for a while as the Nadders played around and then started to wash and groom themselves. Green Ash wondered if she should wash but couldn’t bother. Instead, she started to be hungry. She hadn’t eaten for a day and her last meal was just a mountain hare. She wasn’t too big on spending energy, so it was mostly okay to her. Still, she wanted a bigger catch for today.


 Green Ash traveled through the forest, looking for paths that deer and moose use and any scents that would tell her their whereabouts. Luck was on her side as the wind turned and she could pick a fresh smell of a moose and its calf from the air. The Dwarf Death started to walk confidently towards the scent’s source, trusting that her small size and camouflaging color would keep her at least somewhat hidden. She hadn’t walked for long before she could hear some excited roars. She quickly took off and flew in front of the three Nadders. The three young dragons quiet down immediately. While the female Dwarf Death was sure that the Nadders could easily take down a moose for themselves, she was also sure that thy would only take the other one down and completely eat it while the other could flee. And she wanted to get at least a bite from the calf.
 She continued to fly close to treetops while the Deadly Nadder trio followed her closely. Soon she could see a large glade ahead. She slowed down and could see a small field. In the field near the tree line, there was a moose and its calf. The calf was at least 10 months old and nearly it’s mother’s size. Green Ash started to follow the tree line getting closer to the prey while remaining somewhat hidden. The Nadders behind her got ready to attack as they had hunted together before and thus they knew what was going to happen.


 The Dwarf Death fired her smoky fire between the two moose and the tree line. The moose started running away as she quickly plunged down towards the mother. One of the Nadders came behind her while the other two went for the calf. Green Ash landed on the mothers back and started to bite. Then the Nadder behind her came down on the cow tripping it. Green Ash jumped off the back as the female moose flipped. The Nadder then jumped on top of it, held it down and started ripping off one the legs. The Dwarf Death pounced on the moose’s neck and bit it hard. It wasn't long before she could feel the body go limp. She let go and the Nadder started eating.
 Green Ash looked over to the other two Nadders and the calf. The calf was still alive but it looked like a hedgehog
whit all the nadder spikes in it. The female Dwarf Death continued watching until the calf died and the Nadders started eating. After that, she turned around and started her meal.



Now first of all: sorry. As I probably butchered English completely.

Second of all: I'm not good at endings. All you writers here. Any tips? Or any critique in general.


Sleeping Raptor by Okamisusi

When you are just that tired even though school just started.



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5/7The dragon project (5/7) Vasil Raptor by Okamisusi  3/7The dragon project (3/7) The Amegan desert wandere by Okamisusi

From the clouds by Okamisusi



Work in progress...

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Number: #9

Name/s: Carmine

Age: 28 years and 11 months


"Dragon Island, such a peaceful place. At least, it is now,".
I could see it in Periwinkle's eyes as well as my knowledge of her reactions; she was about to say an outburst, or she wanted to. But this time, she let her eyes do the trick, by shooting me a look, saying: "There's a huge Red Death skeleton, how can it be peaceful?". I opened my mouth to tell her that it is now calm and serene, until I just gave up on the idea. What's the point in arguing? Kasia, my beloved and incredible Skrill, wasn't far behind. She wished to come on this quick mission, I knew she did, however much I love Periwinkle. All of my Dragons actually know she's my favourite, so if they want to tag along with us, they just fly without me on their backs. Sometimes I switch between flying on Periwinkle and the Dragon joining in. Although, I admit it is challenging deciding which one should come, with almost thirty to choose from. I saw the look in both my Dragon's eyes. They wanted to explore. Not in the volcano, not around the island randomly, but inside the skeleton that once commanded their species, that ate them alive if sufficient food was not brought. The Red Death. I almost let out a sigh, until I realised it could be enjoyable. I nodded, to not disturb the almost-awkward silence, and heard the wind rushing past me as we dived, a truly exhilarating and incredible feeling. 
Rather than doing what everyone else would do, and going into the skull, we actually entered the Red Death's remains through the, well, the backside.     
"Isn't this fun, exploring through a Dragon's butt?" said Periwinkle sarcastically. Kasia, however, didn't complain. In fact, she never complains, and I mean it. I truly have never heard her saying anything unappreciative, like, "I hate this." or "This is boring.". She always seems and is grateful for what she has, and she loves every moment of her life. I see her transporting and innocent gaze to my eyes, and she's trying to say, "Sorry about her. This really is fun.". I smile at her, as a thank you, out of Periwinkle's alert eyesight. We continue exploring inside, and it appears as though my Woolly Howl has taken it upon herself to give us the Grand Tour. Or as she calls it, 'Tour De Mysterious Bones'. I feel an exasperated sigh coming up, but in all honesty, and true honesty, she is amusing me quite a bit. 
"And over here," she begins in an accent, "we have the rib cage. We are currently approaching the skull. On the way, why not look at the-" she pauses. We all pause, and stand still. There are no longer sounds of breathing or sounds of a 'Tour De Mysterious Bones'. The only sound is silence. In fact, it's so quiet it's loud. Everything's ringing in my ears, and I want it to end. I want to be sucked up by the ground, into a pit where I can leave this terrible noise, where I can be alone for the rest of my life not disturbed. Why have we stopped? I know why we have stopped, but no one else does. We are alone, abandoned, and soon, we'll be in the hallowed halls of Valhalla, where the brave shall live forev-  It's time to stop exaggerating now. For we are in serious danger, danger where we are putting our lives at risk and we could perish. I don't want to look, I don't want to. I just want to be a child again, and run back to my mum and be cuddled and told, "It's okay, Luna darling. It's gone now, everything's okay.". That won't ever happen. It never did, says the voice inside my head. I take my hands off my eyes, and open my eyelids. How long have I been hiding? My eyes flinch slightly at the feeling of light, but I'm adjusted now. What's that red thing in front of me? Then I remember. The scar-ridden and four-eyed Dragon is looking at all three of us, one ugly eye for each of us. The fourth eye just stares plainly at a rock, or a sea stack. I don't know what the fourth eye is staring at. And, with my lack of a brain, I ask the baby Red Death, 
"What's your fourth eye looking at?". So dumb! What was I thinking? It now diverts attention from everything else, and is looking at me, and my only, just myself, just me, just I and the Dragon. 
It appears it makes some sort of gesture to Periwinkle, and she ducks down, indicating for me to get off her back. I don't want to get off, though, I want to just stay on her back and feel her Woolly Howl scales, warm and high in the skies forever. But now's not the time for daydreaming. The adolescent Red Death (I think) isn't trying to be intimidating, it's trying to be friendly. Out of nowhere, it says,
"Carmine," Under her scales, I think she's blushing, but I can't tell. No one could. 
"LunarPride," I say, "but you can call me Luna, or Pride." 
"Thanks, Pride." Her scars hide secrets, and I know she's good at hiding them, but for now, she's being the opposite of fierce, or ugly. She's being kind. I see Kasia stirring in the background, and she's scared on the outside, but I know inside that she's eager to make a new friend. As predicted, she bursts out. 
"My name's Kasia. What's yours? Oh yeah, Carmine, right? Wanna come home with us? Luna's lovely and her smoked fish are great. Hey, was this Red Death your mother?". Carmine looks at me with a look of plain confusion on her face. She doesn't give much away, and says shortly and briefly,
"I am a Dwarf Death, not a Red Death. Fish sounds nice, and I'll come if you're happy to have me." I can't help a grin crossing my face. Carmine is my very own Dwarf Death.
(If Nav makes it before me, then I'll take #3 if Okamisusi doesn't make it. If Okamisusi does make it, then I'll have the infinite reserve thingy for the next batch.)



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Dragon Count: 46

Viking Name: LunarPride

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Banner by victoriae350

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Lovely drawing of Nyco (Speed Stinger) by my great friend, Zikta. Thank you so much!
Periwinkle (Woolly Howl) also by the amazing Zikta!
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Try, try again.
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Try, try, try AGAIN!


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So, this is a vote in the poll:


(and also tracking :P)







Starlight (Night Fury)



Character Profiles

Currently being revamped!



"I was born here, in the place that would come to be called the old west. But to my kind, the land was ageless.

 It had no beginning and no end- no boundary between earth and sky.

Like the wind in the buffalo grass, we belonged here.

We would always belong here."

-Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron







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Polls aren't a Waste of Time


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Navlyn Fury
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There is no better life than the one I'm living

CAPSLOCKSROCK!!! (AND THIS IS TRUE BCZ IT RHYMES XD) hey if you say caps lock rocks really fast it sounds super funny. 

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Polls for life



Also captcha:

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A Waste Of Time

Can I reserve number 3?

FYI it's green death. Not great:-)


I'm Avalon Azouf, but please call me Ava! My dragon, Sam, and I are just your everyday troublemakers who managed to get themselves kicked out of the School of Dragons for reasons darker then I'd prefer to say here. 

No biggie, right...? 
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I made it Great Death because

I made it Great Death because the names we've seen were for individuals, not for the species as a whole. I just pretty much generalised it.

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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!

That's a good point.

I just realized that I am horribly confused. Can someone help me clear this up?

Pretty much, I would like a purple/grey/blue one like number 3, and a grey/black one. I don't know if this is possible. I have the base of a super and names. If someone can help that would be appreciated. This is my first adoption.

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The idea of an 'adoptable' is

The idea of an 'adoptable' is that someone makes a drawing and puts up recolours of it that others can ask for and base a character around the image. The images go to whoever asks for them first, and only that person.


What I'm getting from you question is that you want one with patterning like 2(3 is the green one with green/orange speckles) but not exactly that?

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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!

Thank you!

Actually I wanted the second one down but then realized I was confused. So yes I want that one and can you make one that is black and gray?

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Okay! I'll try to get

Okay! I'll try to get something like that into the next batch and hopefully you can get to it before anyone else

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VOTE: Realistic for the win!

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A Waste of Time

Number: 6

Name/s: Achilles

Age: Adult

Story: WIP (The previous idea was horrible. I will post it tomorrow, because it is late where I live.)


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This is a waste of time...

Can you save me number 10? I need to think of a really good story....


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Name: Westerna Frank

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Name: Snowburst Convectina

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This is a waste of time...












(This is like 80 words)

Lupus soared through the skies upon the back of her quaken, Basalt. Well it wasn't really soaring but you get it.


Lupus looked down at the little isle of Berk. How had her friends talked her into coming here? She should be back at the Outpost making sure it wasn't taken over by dragon hunters. But somehow she ended up here.


So far of what she could tell, almost everyone was a happy folk and there was a lot of dragons. Kids even had their own dragons. But somehow, everywhere wasn't complete chaos.


But then was felt herself plummeting to the ground. She looked down at her dragon. He was sleeping! How could a dragon fall asleep while he was flying!


Lupus crawled out of her saddle and onto the dragon's face. “Wake up you beast!” she said, punching the dragon as they fell. “Wake up!”


But Basalt ignored her. Lupus watched as they plummeted faster down to the ground. Why wouldn't the beast awaken!


Basalt came in contact with the ground and Lupus flew off the dragon and landed in a tree. She glared down at the dragon, whom was still sleeping. “How could you do this!” She shook herself in the tree and finally fell out of it, landing on the ground on her hands and knees.


She stood back up and stalked over to the dragon, and kicked him in the face. He slowly opened his eyes and looked up at her with the look of HEY I WAS SLEEPING on his face.


Lupus just stood there waiting for him to figure it out on his own. He stared at her slowly figuring out what happened. You could tell that his mind was working, but then he lowered his head and fell asleep again.


“ARE YOU-!” she started. She clenched her fists and walked over to the nearest tree and kicked it. Up us knew that she had some Berserker blood in her, causing her tempers, but she also knew that she had to control it. Her friends brought her to Hiccup to see what he thought but he just told her to kick trees. But that almost never was enough. And that left her hitting the trees until they had a huge gash in it.


As Lupus went to punch the tree again, she heard a cry of a baby dragon. Her fist froze in midair and she brought them back to her sides. She walked towards Basalt but decided to leave him. It would faster finding this baby dragon without him.


Lupus hiked through the forest until her eyes laid on a small green and red dragon in the forest. He had two eyes on each side of his head. What was this?


Lupus pulled out a fish from her satchel and held it out to the dragon. The dragon cocked his head and looked at her. But then the dragon jumped at her and ripped the fish out of her hands and ate it. After the fish was devoured, he looked at her for more.


Lupus didn't know what else to do. She didn't have anymore fish. But maybe….


“Wait here,” she said to the dragon and pulled out her mace and headed off into the woods. Then she spotted it, a deer. Lupus hid behind a tree and waited for the deer to continue eating. Once it was, Lupus charged it and took its life.


Lupus carried the deer back to the baby dragon and held it out for him. The dragon looked at Lupus again before approaching the deer. He slowly took a few bites out of it when a hint of fun flashed in his eyes.


The dragon quickly ripped the antlers off from the deer and ran at Lupus. He pushed Lupus to the ground and stuck the antlers on her head. Then he backed off of her and walked back to the deer carcass.


Lupus pushed herself up from the ground and looked over at the dragon. He seemed to laughing at her. LAUGHING! Then Lupus looked up at the antlers and her head ah began laughing too.


Lupus dove to the ground and picked up some acorns and chucked them at the dragon. He dodged them and chased a squirrel and tossed it at Lupus.


For the rest of the day, the tossed random wilderness items at each other. The fight ended when the dragon went to throw something at her and he tripped and started crying. Lupus quickly rushed over to him and cradled him in her arms.


“Oh don't worry, Jurdanth, let's bring you home and clean those up,” she said. “But first we have to find Basalt.” And the two walked off to find the still sleeping dragon.

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I'll wait for one I really like and also time for a proper story :) 


And I vote elemental ^^


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A Waste of Time

Ahoy there! There's my form:


Number: 2

Name/s: Eldfell

Age: 15


Flying through the hostile and rocky landscape of the Southern expanse, North Sea and I stopped to take some rest.

The day was cold and dark… The winter was about to start… But the hateful volcanoes of those lands never rest, and the deadly lava flowed between the lifeless stones. Any plant or animal was able to live in that cruel island; anything that was able to root in the rough soil was burned immediately by the heartless heat…

The ashes fallen around us… The silence was horrible… The only sound possible to hear was the dark roar that the lava did, digging, cracking out of the rocky surface. But suddenly… Something could be heard… It was not a volcano, neither the wind; it was a desperate roar, a call for help.

 I ran to the sound’s direction as fast as possible.

I ended up on a volcanic cave, and a dragon stood up inside of it. I looked at it and got scared; it really looked like a Red Death! But… It was not red, it was blue, and it had four eyes instead of six… The creature stared at my eyes; it seemed lost and scared… Its tail was probably stuck in a crack… I was apprehensive… Should I jump there and risk my life?

Yes, I should.

It is a life being, a dragon; and as a dragon rider, I must save it.

Before I could touch the ground, a giant lava flow started to fill the cave…

The desperate dragon ran in my direction, breaking the rocks where it’s tail was stuck. It could survive, but I could not…

The creature got closer and covered me with its wings…

It was dark and hot… I don’t remember exactly what happened…

The dragon crossed its legs around me and took flight, taking me away from that little censored…

It threw me on a safe place… The light revealed the great beast… The dragon stood up straight and heroically…  It’s body was covered with blue and green scales… Just… Gorgeous…

“Thank you… ““You saved my life before I could save yours…”

I put my hand in front of its gigantic nose, and the beast touched it…

There was one more bond… One more brotherhood…

“What am I going to call you?” I looked inside the dragon’s eyes…” It has a powerful heart just like a volcano… But it’s kind and protective like the fog…  Eldfell… The sleeping beast…”

He shakes his head, seems like he likes the new name…

Eldfell, the kind rock hearted beast, now flies around the heartless volcanic expanse by my side… 



Hope that's all! keep up the great work!





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