Dusk Fury Design (for sale on my DA)

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I assume anything we have for sale is okay to post here?


I wanted to do a Fury design, while not keeping to the lighter colours of a Light Fury or the night based colours of a Night Fury... so I present to you the Dusk Fury. Creative name, I know. I imagine NFs being nocturnal/night hunters, LFs are diurnal/day hunters and I imagine these guys being crepscular/dusk and dawn hunters.


Night Fury by BlueWolf0907I NEED TO CLARIFY: THE LINEART IS NOT MINE. I WANTED TO DO A QUICK DESIGN, THIS WAS A FREE BASE. IT WAS BY https://www.deviantart.com/ariaangelwing
I was wondering, are these something people would be interested in? Fury designs like this one (or light/night fury designs. probably nightlights too). Based on how long this took me (and my night fury design here: https://toyhou.se/3867293.guild#13179515 also took quite a while) they probably wouldn't be free permanently. Perhaps the first week is free as a promotion/deal and from then on they cost DA points.


OH, and the deisgn above IS FOR SALE on my deviantart, right here! https://www.deviantart.com/bluewolf0907/art/Dusk-Fury-OTA-793752033?ga_submit_new=10%3A1555261141


So yeah, let me know if anyone would be interested in a custom design (on these lines) or adopts in the future.


a l w a y s willing to draw art for membership! examples on my deviantart and toyhou.se

PM me about it c:


Yes, all my dragons are blue.


My Dragons

(these aren't their in game names. Their in game names are several years old from my warrior cats phase and I'm working on getting enough gems to change ALL of their names, except Khaligi and Sacres. These are temporary names as I think of decent ones.)


Malen | M | Adult | Monstrous Nightmare

Rharven | M | Adult | Whispering Death

Guild | M | Adult | Woolly Howl [Main Dragon]

Ren | M | Adult | Razorwhip

Radius | M | Adult | Shockjaw

Andros | M | Adult | Singetail

Kudus | M | Adult | Eruptodon

Fiction | F | Adult | Death Song

Drift | M | Adult | Groncicle

Cheat | M | Adult | Devilish Dervish

Alloy | M | Adult | Armorwing

Khaligi and Sacres | M | Juvenile | Hideous Zippleback

Rapier | M | Juvenile | Speed Stinger

Agate | F | Juvenile | Whispering Death

Gyard | M || Juvenile | Rumblehorn

Opalescent | F | Baby | Changewing

Inferno | M | Baby | Hobblegrunt

Houndier | M | Baby | Mudraker

Komoto | F | Baby | Eruptodon

No, I don't know why they're all dudes? I just kinda accidentally made them all male ig.


Dragons I'm Getting Soon

Dragons I'll get. Someday. Yes, these are in order.


Guild | M | Stormcutter

Ultimatum | M | Crimson Goregutter

Ouija | F | Silver Phantom


I'll add something actually important here soon.