Dreadfall Season Is Here!

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Spiderwebs, pumpkins, and candies – oh my! Dreadfall has arrived at campus and has brought a long list of new features, rewards, and items!



The spookiest season of the year is finally here and Hiccup and the rest of the Dragon Trainers cannot wait for Vikings to see everything that it has brought to campus, including:

  • New hybrid – Bonestormer
  • Bonestormer Dreadfall skin
  • Bonestormer weapons
  • 2 Dreadfall themed racetracks
  • 8 Dreadfall themed Dragon Tactics levels
  • 4 Dreadfall missions
  • 24 daily quests
  • Dreadfall themed stable quests
  • Dreadfall maze
  • & more!

Along with these items, the twins have set up the Dreadfall event where Vikings can collect candies to earn time-limited rewards! The top prize being the chilling Bonestormer, a hybrid between the Boneknapper and the Stormcutter.

Vikings can earn candies by completing races, Dragon Tactics levels, quests and more! The more candies          


Vikings earn the better the rewards they can collect. Those ready to take part of the seasonal festivities can start making their way to campus for this bone-chilling adventure!




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So y'all really did decide to do an event... Bold move in light of your history as of late. But now I'm genuinely curious as to how many people you think will take this event seriously. You give us absolutely no reason to. So...I hope you're not expecting a huge spike in profits like your previous events. 

Lol watch there be a Bonestormer SALE when it's in store, I'm willing to bet there will be one.


Hit them in their wallet! FORCE THE DEVS TO LISTEN!!!



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1. Please Fix Multiplayer

1. Please Fix Multiplayer Thunder Run Racing! It's broken since the Dreadfall update arrived, same case as TRR back in Thawfest, difference is this time players can't play multiplayer racing at all. Everyone's been excited to get to race with other racers on new Dreadfall tracks again, so SoD devs please Don't let the same mistake happen again! 


2. Please Fix the NEW "Long Night Flight" gem chests reward from Long Night Flight and Bright Light Flight stable quest! We can't click and open it in our inventory!


Thank you!


(made by Sigyn)


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(made by SilverWillowWing)


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I don't have it yet but the skins are broken on mobile.


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What do you mean? 

What do you mean? 


Banner made by DrakeTheDragon 



Gif made by Aussie the Second        

Stormcutter BannerNight Fury Banner  

I love how Toothless is around Cloudjumper. He's probably thinking, "Big  brother, big brothe… | How train your dragon, How to train dragon, How to  train your dragon

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Also the prizes for LNF and BLF are signifigantly less



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Like how much less?

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Can you open the chest?

Can you open the chest?

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No but it is not a hoard of gems anymore and the chest is labeled "Long Night Flight Rewards" so I can only assume that it is candies for the event or more likely significantly less gems. It looks more like a chest of gems than a hoard of gems. I don't remember exactly but I think that a chest of gems has 50 - 400 in it? I may be wrong.

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

YAY! THANK YOU! I AM SO EXCITED!  And I'm gonna get a cool dragon months before the people who chose to wait...  Mwa-ha-ha can't wait to show it off XD


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is the dreadfall d tactics de levaling still a thing??



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I am waiting for bone skins!!


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Can I ask when the SoD staff is going to listen to players? As long as these events keep happening that means we're not going to get anymore expansions. There's been a vast amount of players state that they miss expansions and want them back. How much of a profit does the SoD staff really think they're going to get with these events now since we know the dragon will be put in the store in a few months? The only people who will pay money for events now/really spend a lot of time on the event are A)new players who don't know the dragon will be in the store in a few months or B)people who don't want to wait/really enjoy events. I really don't think you all are going to get the profits you think you are. I really feel like a lot of people are just going to wait until the Bonestormer is released in the store and then they'll get it. I honestly think you'd get more money from releasing expansions. It's just disappointing that the players are not being listened to. We would like expansions as well as the other gem stable quests back.

(Note: This is not aimed at Brynjolf personally, however, since he's the mediator between the devs and players I had to post this on one of his threads. Just wanted to make that clear.)


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They will start listening when people stop paying for their product, I'd assume.

The events are very profitable.


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Ya- wait- yay? Yes, yay! But also-

Mhh, mixed emotions yet again. Am I excited for an event? Yes. As someone who's still quarentining for reasons that should be obvious I am excited for something to focus on, don't get me wrong. However, I do miss expansions like the majority of players. They're on their way to doing better, the producer videos are a good start, but the question is are they reading youtube comments more than the forum? Maybe we just need to redirect our very long-winded irritations (which are all justified) at their youtube/twitter/facebook as well as the forums. I can see how one out of four outlets can be over-looked, but if we all start messaging all four with what we're enjoying and what we want, we have a better chance of being seen and a better chance of being listened to. 


Either way, I'm very happy personally for the event (even if I don't plan to spend any money on it, I'm still gonna enjoy it regardless of how far I get) and the Bonestormer doesn't look too bad at all. It's clear they have a new designer, so the newest dragons are all a little bit alike, but I like this hybrid so I'm alright with the looks of it. 


But yeah, I suggest we just basically overwhelm them with comments, compliments about what we are enjoying, and complaints of what we don't like everywhere we can to maximize our chances of not being overlooked. With enough persistance they'll have to see someone and take a comment that's repeated ten times over and think "maybe we should read this". lol 


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Fool Me Once, Shame on You; Fool Me twice, Shame on Me


I mean, don't get me wrong; I was more than lucky to have fully completed last year's Dreadfall and managed to get the dragons at the time with no problems (besides the constant glitches and bugs); however, this year with every other hybrids now being released to everyone in the store I'll just wait this one out and spend 1000 gems on the dragon instead.
I'll still participate in the event and collect the other prizes available, but the dragon I'll just wait until you guys (the devs and other staff of SOD) just turn around and release it in store like you'll do anyway.

So, good health to all,
and Happy Halloween!



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Cool but I wish you guys would test your content before releasing it....

It's very unsurprising, I know, but half of the event appears to be broken. Yet again.

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Oh, so it’s all become clear now

Well, we're all here now, so I guess you won't mind listening to be ramble/rant.

SoD is a great game. I have got people totally hooked. It's fun, with lots to do. But there's a bit of a problem.



They're everywhere.

After an improvement, however great dreadfall is, it certainly scuppered me and my brother's race to 2000 trophies, since we can't race. I got a Long Night Floght chest just before, got 300 gems, was very proud of myself. No I have got one waiting in my inventory unable to be opened. Yay. The admins don't seem to be listening, but being positive, I hope that they will soon realise that 'Huh. We aren't getting money any more. Why?' And they shall look in the forums and find their answers, and hopefully, act upon them. Otherwise, this game will plummet like the new Light Fury flight suit, and I don't want that. More expansions, yes! Yes! I love them, and is almost the sole reason I keep playing, knowing/ hoping a new expansion shall be out soon. The events, maybe just keep the deco, but not the actuall team stuff leachy thing. Honestly, I could go on for hours, but (for now) I'm going to leave it there as no-one likes a mile long message that takes an hour to read.




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Hi, I'm Frost Shards. I'm mainly in the training grounds or Thunder Run Racing. Strike here *pats him* is currently recovering from a nasty hit from Dragon Tactics from a Scauldron. Pouncer here *pats him* is just resting after a day of racing.*gets bowled over by Pouncer's tail* as you can see, Pouncer loves to play *gets back on feet* there we go *gets knocked over again* awww Pouncer, can we take this up later? I'm talking to people here. As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted- *dodges tail trying to knock me over* hah! Didn't get me that time, did you? *tail swishes back and smacks me on the head* owwwwwww. Yeah yeah, you win. Geez. *Pouncer snuggles up to sleep* ah finally! *Strike bowls me over* not you too!? You're supposed to be resting boy. Anyway, that's about it!

Viking name: FrostShards

Trophy Count: 2000+

Clan: Savage Racers Reborn

Hobbies: Irl reading, writing. In game flying around and battling ships like a pro (or at least I think I do it well)

Age: nearly teen

Rank: Jarl, Forager, Wilderness Explorer, Viking Warrior, Dragon Trainer, Drott

Art by me:

Pink Death Song Edit

Zodiac the Stormcutter Edit

I don't know how I made her glow, she just did XD. Attagirl, Fallen Star


A random Night Light Night called Fleck I did 

Pm me for your very own drgaon edit!(or art I do both)

More Coming Soon!


Art by others:


Indigo the Sand Wraith by the amazing AMAZIEing! (See what I did there? Ok...no)



Flash the Titan Skrill by slargvarg!


Lark the Death Song for Dreadfall Secret Santa by the super-talented Flitt!


Kaya my Light Fury by Flitt! Thanks so much!


Flash my Titan Skrill by (you guessed it) Flitt! She looks awesome!


Light Fury Kaya banner made by the Dragonriders Fury! Tysm!


My Titan StarStruck called Nym by Chameishida! He looks so good!


My Night Terror Alpha by Chameishida! Doesn't he looks adorable?


A Night Fury Wind Singer by Chameishida! Thanks a million!


Tiggy my Light Night Light OC by the insane DyliehIdol1214 Snoggeltog Secret Sanata 2020! Thanks so much! Also my profile pic <3


Congrats! You've reached the end of my boring siggy. The reward is:

You can pm me for an art request, I draw digitally and I have a customisable monstrous nightmare template, or any other dragon but mainly strike class and I can't to boulder class... I also do edit requests, but if you want one you will need to supply a base image! :)

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Wasted: Energy, Time, Potential, BUDGET

SoD just keeps releasing updates / events that aren't ready to be released, in other words: Full of bugs and glitches, ABSOLUTELY BROKEN and dysfunctional. 


It's such a shame,  because updates / events like this are suppose to be good, and would actually be good and fun if only it would WORK and aren't broken. Updates / events like this are suppose be attracting players to stay and retired players to return and give the game another chance, but instead of updates making improvements towards the game, SoD just gets more and more broken after every update, the overwhelming bugs and glitches are overshadowing all the new features, convincing the players to give up and quit the game more and more, time and time again.  Sure SoD may be getting some money, but this is seriously hurting the game's longevity!


Ya'll just watch SoD loose more and more players, servers in-game get emptier and emptier after this embarrasment of an update, exactly like what happened with all the other past events (first Dreadfall, Snoggletog, Thawfest).


It's just beyond disgusting and disrespectful how multiple events/updates like this have passed, and SoD still just keeps making the same mistakes over and over, this Dreadfall is just as broken as Thawfest if not worse! as the same bugs/glitches are occuring (like, Thunder Run Racing is still broken with the new racetracks, exactly like Cold Winds in Thawfest, it's literally just a useless update that's just there to break TRR for Dreadfall, how INCREDIBLY STUPID is that)  That's when you know well they don't listen, respect or take accountability of their players/supporters' feedback!


Wasted: Energy, Time, Potential, and Budget... all because SoD devs don't take their jobs seriously and professionally.

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So broken

I love Halloween, so I love Dreafall too. But..it's so BROKEN. Everything is broken, the racing, the quests...But I like the atmosphere at least.


Edit: I can't talk to Gobber in New Berk about his mission. So...Can I find him anywhere else?


Gothic dragon tamer from the North


SoD code if you want to be friend with me: GQH902

About my SoD character;


Name: Darcarion Wolfblood

Gender: Male

Age: In his twenties

Hair: Dark blue
Eyes: Dark blue

Main dragons:
- Rattlesnake (Triple Strike, male)

- Nightwing (Monsterous Nightmare, male)

- Scorpion (Death Gripper, male)

Shortly about him: A headstrong and fiery young warrior, grade A nightmare-tamer. Loud, proud and mostly in there where the magic happens. He can be a bit of a muttonhead in time-to-time, but his heart is always in a right place. He's a nice balance between raw power and brain (mostly power though). Born and raised outside of Berk, he's from the clan of Wolves, so loyalty and the family are both everything to him. He's the son of the hunters, but the passion about dragons made him to search Berk. He's pretty flexible with his attitude and can get along with everyone, most of the time, but he has some sort of bond with Dagur and Snotlout. Maybe it's the same dragons.

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Don't mind me. I just needed a place to put down my thoughts on all the bug report threads I'm seeing pop up and since I've already commented on this thread I decided to do it here. lol.


I saw this coming. I knew there would be a bunch of bug report threads pop up when this event was released. Every event has had bugs, some of them never even acknowledged, let alone fixed before the event ended. Anybody remember Thawfest? The Cold Winds racetrack was broken in multiplayer and some people couldn't get medals from the daily quests. Neither bug was fixed. The Cold Winds bug was never even acknowledged. The issue that some people had with the daily quests was acknowledged(I remember someone said support emailed them and the email said they were aware of the situation and were working to fix it)but a fix never came and the people affected were never compensated.(So just a heads up to everyone, if Thawfest is any indication, racing and the daily quests issues won't be fixed this time either) Every. Single. Event. has massive bugs that come along with it. I'm honestly wondering why people even bother taking the events seriously anymore. It seems like much less of a headache to just wait until the dragon is released in the store in a few months and get it then. It's just so frustrating that they're not listening to us players. They're continuing to release buggy events despite the feedback from players. Honestly, they should just go back to releasing expansions and if they want to have some kind of event, have a mini event like the Night Light one. They could even put in the daily quests if they wanted.


Yeah, sorry for the rant. This is coming from someone who isn't even participating. XD I'm just frustrated with what I'm seeing lately.

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I love this game, and I normally do not complain . . .

I love this game, and I normally do not complain . . . but there are problems.


The main problem is the Daily Quests. I love questing and the only time we have had new quests in the last year, has been at the Event such as Dreadfall, etc. So that's why, I play these events. In 3 days, I've should have been able to play 6 quests to earn Candies, and to play 3 other quests for additional experience points, etc. Quests allow my Dragons to earn experience points, which is the main reason quests are needed so much in the game.

However, I've only been able to complete 3 quests out of the 9 possible quests that I should have been able to complete in the last three days. Why have I completed only 3 out of 9 possible quests? 

Day 1:

Completed: 1. In a Prickle-Quest from Fishlegs, involing Prickleboggle dragon and Fishleg's dragon cards (corrected entry) 2. Death Race-a Ruffnut joke quest;

Glitched/Bug Report issued:  3. Patrolling the Archipelogo from Astrid.

Day 2:

Completed: 1. Lookout Quest from the Biologist;

Glitched/Bug Reports issued: 2. Patrolling the Archipelogo from Astrid, 3. Tis so Dreadful-from Mulch and includes running, The Dreadfall Maze. 

Day 3.

Completed: 1. None; Don't even remember the name of the third quest that was posted. I spent all my time dealing with the other two quests. . . 

Glitched/Bug Reports issued: 2. Tis so Dreadful-from Mulch and includes running, the Dreadfall Maze, 3. The Angry Chieftain from Dagur.

Day 4 (today): I have the same two glitched quests from Day 2 and Day 3. I've completed the only quest that was left: Death Race-a Ruffnut joke quest. 

At this point I cannot win any Daily Quest Candies, since I am only able to complete 1 quest a day. Two quests need to be completed daily to earn the candies. This is a serious problem for any and all players in the game. I hope I'm the only player that is experiencing this problem . . . . 


Other problems:

Maze. . . This is a good, yet still difficult maze, and it's the first one I actually like. Trying not to get run down/killed by rolling pumpkins is cute, but not easy. I would do this maze daily if I could be sure of getting the daily reward of candies, for both the Daily Quest: Tis so Dreadful and for the Daily Maze run. However, since the maze is linked to a Quest that is seriously glitched. I can't be sure that I'm receiving the Daily Maze Reward, at all. And, I cannot received a Daily Quest reward if the quest is not completed. This is a see-saw that does not work.

Daily Login Rewards. . . I'm not even sure that I'm receiving the daily reward for logging into the game each day. 


Okay enough said . . . I do love this game and will continue to play. 


CB (this posted has been updated)

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Oops, sorry for double post.

Oops, sorry for double post.



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Maybe if a lot of members (say 20-50) got togeather they could pressure the SOD team to fix watever bugs by treatining to cansle there memberships

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*runs around in circles screaming* XD

I love events. I don't know why. Therefore I am extremely excited for this. The dragon looks sweet, there's a frikkin CROSSBOW in the event rewards, and I'm having fun. Sure, last Dreadfall it took me 75% of the event to figure out how to actually get maximum candies from my gems, and last Snoggletog stressed me out because I'd promised myself that I was going to get Pouncer (huge Pouncer fan :D), but Thawfest was kinda fun because by the time it rolled around I ACTUALLY KNEW WHAT I WAS FRIKKIN DOING, and I am excited to have something to do.

I'm not gonna lie, though it would be great if expansion packs could start coming out again. . . 


Credit goes to Aussie the second



credit for these two goes to Lady fighter


gif by WoollyHowlEra




and now that that's out of the way. . . 



Hey all, and welcome to my








Blackfyre, my Signature Guardian (and Night Fury OC), drawn by AMAZIEing




[more] banners by Lady fighter :) thank you so much!



gif of Hurricane the baby Seashocker, made by the utterly amazing Sohki!! TYSM!!!!



So. . . where to start? Why my username is what it is? Okay. I can safely say that it was inspired by Hookless's name (Hookfang + Toothless) ----- as in, Stormfly + Windshear (along with my second-favorite number, 57).

This is a little random, but a song that I love is The Dark Before the Dawn, by Andrew Peterson. A lyric video for that can be found by clicking/tapping on this link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jfE9A3kqNww


I am a teenage girl, a HUGE Loki fan, a bit of a Tom Hiddleston fan, ProLife, and Christian. I have two rabbits, and am a little. . . *clears throat* . . . obsessed with dragons. I enjoy creative writing and a little bit of drawing in my spare time. I have accounts on FanFiction.net, Wattpad, FictionPress, and MessagInk under the same username as here, but so far, all I've posted on any of them is my Wings of War fanfic trilogy on my FanFiction.net. Considering putting it on Wattpad as well. . . idk


My main movie fandoms are HTTYD (obviously), LOTR, Star Trek (remakes), and Marvel. My main book fandoms are The Green Ember Series, by S. D. Smith, and The Ashtown Burials, by N. D. Wilson, although The Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson, is also good.






Lucy (left) and Hazel (right), my siggy's resident rabbits, adoptables done by Moonfyre. The art section, what with its combination of a rather diverse amount of animals, can get a little crazy at times, so these two are here instead.


Tahoe, my siggy's resident puppy, an adoptable done by Silver Phantom



SoD Account Info




Viking Username: Hilankanayla


Viking Level: 50


Main Mount: Pouncer, Ruffrunner, Merciful (my Sand Wraith), and various other dragons


Mount Level: Pouncer and Merciful are 50, Ruffrunner is 8


Friend Code: GF12G6 (I accept all requests I get)


Clan: Permanent Damage


Where I'm Usually At: Thunder Run Racing



Favorite Videos


Turns out, I like random [usually] music videos. Here are my favorites. I'll narrow it down to just one video one of these days. . . 


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z9rnm9ZvXk (HTTYD --- The Flight of the Silverbird)


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pp0G8MxC014 (Loki ---- I Won't Be Silenced [Speechless])


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5OqiOBQfnNM (Marvel --- Unstoppable)


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zQQNq3WtSv0 (LOTR --- This Is War)


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1SktUhGeMNo (Thor: Ragnarok Humor)



Art by AMAZIEing


Loki as a rabbit


Lash, my Deadly Razortail OC


Emberstone, my Lycanwing OC


Leaper, Night Light OC


Winter Wildflower, Night Light OC, Leaper's sister


Ocean Dawn, Night Light OC, Leaper's other sister


Art by Others


Myria the Manticore, by the very skilled Speedyleaf :) I love her!


Speckle the Night Light, made by the amazing AndreaEaston :D she's brilliant!


Stormkeeper the Blight Fury, by ZestyDragonWing :D thank you so much!



Davion the Deathly Singflyer(top) and Skyfire the Piercing Shriekscale (bottom) by Chameishida :) TYSM!!!


Stormcloud the Alpine Squaller, by Featheronfire :D she looks great!


Hilan and Leaper, made by TosiLohi :D TYSM!!!!!!


Moon Raider, my Light Fury OC (top), and Flaming Honesty, my first Night Light OC (bottom), both drawn beautifully by Iamthesenate! They're awesome!!




Ocean Dawn drawn by the amazing InkyDigiWing!! she looks amazing!!


Ocean Dawn, Leaper, and Winter Wildflower, drawn by Tigerli1y!! tysm!


Reisu the Sand Wraith, by the amazing Madoka Miyazono!!



Hilan, my main OC, in her Lycanwing form (top), and Amaroq the Aleution (bottom), both drawn by the amazing Dylieh!! TYSM!!!


Hilan in her farm at Dreadfall, drawn by the amazing Silver Phantom!! tysm!!!

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Your players are not stupid.





alias: Ashe







> Certified Skrill Lady. Cats are overrated. :)

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Wow, I just won a Dreadfall stable in a DF Mystery box.

Wow, I just won a Dreadfall stable in a DF Mystery box. I'm usually not that lucky with mystery boxes. The stable is incredible.


I've not yet found any reward, but it's a place that make you want to climb over every cliff and wall. If you fall off it spirals you back onto the entry path. I've not yet seen any treasure, but the view is great! Enormous rocky cliffs and caves surrounded by the lots of sea and sky. 



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Happy Dreadfall!


I know that the events have a ton a glitches but the SOD team really did a lot of improvements compared to their previous events. 

First of all the event is for 41 days, so we have more time to earn candies (an average of 425 candies per day). Compared to the previous events I participated in, this one was a big improvement.

Second, the ship glitches in the battle event are very rare compared to the previous events held.

Daily reward glitch was still an issue just like the previous events but they had it fixed within a week. 

Same goes to the daily quests, though some are still glitched.  The wrong candy color issue was solved within a week as well.

Race track glitches remain unsolved.

The maze got a makeover, it had some new features like climbing and the rolling pumpkins which made it stand different from the previous events.  

But overall guys I think that this year’s dreadfall is the best event which has been held so far.

















My Dragons

Sharpy spiky crink tuff tuffer driller thunderwing chiller nighthawk steel amberos sparkshot bludger moodcolor moody zolt blaze burpburn barvin belvin gyser aqua aquacurrent sonic sparktail boom frosty slam sneak drizzle graveller scream earthmover guillotine armadilus glower smokey whirlwind hail strike toothless healer inferno  frostsrike ninjask toxictail snappy aciderous swampy aquamedicus grounder earthshaker brickbreaker taurus hound devilasaur speedy melody phantom loki scorpius relmin grim flash spark lightfury titanos taurus absol dart pouncer ruffrunner


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Lightning thought the subject was trying to attack me... RIP

The racing is showing signs of being worked on too. Currently the only glitch I know of (with Dreafall as it's cause, of course) is the Dreadfall Valley one, but even that has improved. Currently whenever you enter a lobby with it you can actually get into the track now. The timer isn't glitched, and you can see that it's Dreafall Valley instead of just saying 'Track'. The only issue now is that the other players don't load in; you just sit there waiting endlessly for others to join you.


Something I made specifically for SoD. Meet Lightning, the SoD Night Fury (Sand Wraith) And Ariane Silverleaf! My SoD character looks nothing like her... But I wish she did!


Lightning the night fury, done by Dragonriders Fury! (#386, pg. 8)



I use https://paste.pics/ to upload pictures. If any of you are having trouble uploading pictures of your own, just go there and browse for your file. Once it loads, look under the link. It should say 'More'. Click on that and copy the 'Image URL'

For GIFs, I use https://giphy.com/


Of course we're all salty. We're all the salt of the earth, placed on the world to give love and to be good and kind to man, animal, and the land itself.


My boat raid motto: "Lets burn this ship!" (Looks like "LetsBurnThisShip!" in game bcs I'm being careful of the filter)


Old armor stats can be found on this chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SYDaQSqZv8RjQnB7kiywOpMyZCBcP1be3PngaxfVnq4/edit#gid=0


And locations of video chests for mobile players can be found here:

Ads Chests in the Wilderness | School of Dragons | How to Train Your Dragon Games


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This is an update and apology for my previous post in this

This is an update and apology for my previous post in this thread.


I do love this game, and I normally do not complain . . . But, I've updated my original post and I want to apologize!
My apology goes to all players and all the people who attempt daily to keep this game running as smoothly as possible. Truth be told, I was complaining, when I posted in my earlier thread, and I knew it. I've now removed any portion of the post that did not pertain to my specific Dreadfall problems, and I removed any personal sarcasm that I slipped into my post. These things have nothing to do with my Dreadfall Quest problems, at that time or now. Yes, we all know a lot can go wrong on SOD, but for me, when its the QUESTS in the game, I can seriously go Crazy. Sorry!


 I'm Sorry! I do apologize to everyone!!  


And for those who have posted here OR elsewhere on the forum, Yes, you are right, this has so far been the best Event, I've seen. My special favorite this time is the Maze, but unfortunately, I still cannot run it! Since my accumulative problems with the Dreadfall Daily Quests are preventing me from receiving Daily Quests and Daily Login rewards, and possibly the Dreadfall maze rewards. I'm just not willing to take a chance on the maze for now, maybe later.
Two of the problems quests I have, were said to have be fixed. I've tried them out, and now I have more problems than before. Not sure, why? And, I sure hope it is not my computer. I'm just ignoring them . . . , I can do other things, for now.