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Dreadfall is the celebration of the conquering of the Flightmare. A dragon that every ten years would attack the citizens of Berk as it flew on its migration after the algae water that was its food source. One year after the Defeat of the red death, Astrid Hofferson and Hiccup Haddock set out to stop it, alongside their dragons, and a friend, Fishlegs Ingreman.

However the beast has returned! For some strange reason, the dragon has returned, abandoning its ritual path, and again on its way to Berk, to attack.

Descovered in the midst of preparations for Dreadfall, the Students of the Berk Dragon Training Academy must set out to stop this fearsome dragon, before it ruins their holiday celebration in the most awful way possible.


Who am I? I'm Rheithebrave!




Please do not steal any of my art, if you would like art done by me then you can PM me and request some. Do not reuse images or information, or characters in my siggy!!!! Or I will have all of my over 100 dragons hunt you down and tickle you!!!!



Art Dump

Don't have a FAQ yet!

My HTTYD Fan Artists Discord Server


Proud supporter of #CollegeofDragons


So I am currently remaking my OCS

Main OC: Rheileen Tomahona

Other OCs: Alakan, Feaflena, Breeze

Minority Backspace OCs: Thane and Yashia, Irishakan and Tilancian


Modern OC's: Stacy Byrns


I have four vikings In Game







(Glitch Character) xXxBreezeWavemakerxXx 


Main Viking? xRheileenx


What dragons do I have? Most of them!








Completed Expansions


Icestorm Island


Return of the Deathsong


Battle for the Edge


Return to Dragon Island


Secret of the Leviathan


Rise of Stormheart


Wrath of Stormheart



Favorite Dragons: Nightfury, Woolly


Howl, Sandwraith, Skrill, TriplStrike




My girl Rhei

by me



Name Rheileen
(Include Photo/Screenshot)
Rhei has dark copper blonde hair, that in certian lights may appear to be brown, it hangs down slightly over her aqua eyes, the left of which has three scars running over it from an incident with a skrill when she was a child. Her body and face were scarred during multiple stages of her younger life, so she tends to cover up, and wears a long sleeved black dress/tunic, leggings, gloves/bracers, boots, and a red face scarf. Rhei also loves hoodies, and will most likely be seen wearing a black nightfury hood. Lastly, when she flys at high speeds, Rhei tends to wear a pair of goggles, which otherwise, may either danfgel around her neck, alongside her family medalion, or sit in the pouch she has on her belt.
She carries twin sabres as her weapon of choice.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Rhei is a hardworker, and rather mature for her age, this doesn't stop her from loving to kick back and goof off however, and she loves hanging out with people like herself, or even new groups. She works best in a classroom, or team enviorment. Whule she loves free time, she can never truely relax, because her brain is always racing a mile a minute. Rhei loves reading, and enjoys seeking out the parallels between the real world, and that of books. Including finding her role in each story, and trying to pinpoint the major characters, she may or may not talk about this.
While Rhei is typically peacefull and doesn't like picking fights, she will 100% stand up in a fight, and finds it hard to back down, she has a rather quick temper, and as such, won't leave a fight till she has managed to make the other guy remember to not try that sort of thing again. She is also highly protective of her friends and dragons.
Skills: She is highly trained in most forms of sword-fighting, and knows some acrobatics and martial arts, she is a relatively good cook, and an up and coming healer. So while her healing skills aren't the best, she can manage in a pinch, and keep you alive until a real healer is around. Also, she is an up and coming master of speaking Dragonese.
Weaknesses: Rhei has a strong fear of falling, and therefor of heights. If however she is on her dragon, the fear will subside, and she can manage. She is a poor swimmer, and can get anxious if grabbed in a dragons claws, this is mostly due however to her time fighting and fearing dragons as a child.
Other: Rhei is not native of Berk, and actually comes from a French settlement further south. Fortunately, she learned Norse from visiting traders, so this means she is skilled in speaking French as well as Norse.



Yashia (Also by me)


Form pending.


I also have more art done by me! It will be awhile in the

comming however, as I need to finish it still. (I tend to put

that off I am afraid.











Thank you for reading/veiwing my siggy

(Zifinia bouncy made by RedHoodJason)



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                                All Role players must be respectful of those around them, this is not saying                                              that your character must always be polite. But please, insure that if they are not to notify other players

to this fact.

No Godmoding: Godmoding is the act of taking over another players characters by either controlling

them, or not gigging them a chance to respond. If you godmode we will pause the

roleplay and ask you to fix it. 

Of you are godmoded please do not reply directly to the post so that the other person can fix it, 

And please, be kind how you say it, we understand it is stressful, but please

do not be hurtful

No swearing or inappropriate content, thank you.

Limit of four dragons.

No impossible dragons please. E.g. nightfuries, leviathins, or fireworms.

(I will later create a few roleplays just for these dragons, but until then please refrain from the usage of them)

Canon characters are allowed to be used on the sidelines, but please, keep them in character.

If you have read ththe rules put Phantom Fury as your subject.f

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Le Form







Skills (all are welcome!):




Dragons Name:

Stage of Maturity (e.g. hatchling, short wing, broad wing, titan):






Limited spots!

1.Rheithebrave (me)

2. Fairy of Dragons

3. Wulf and Star

4. Shamara30




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                                Gender: Female

                                Appearance: Long black hair in a tight braid, Standard outfit(the begining of the game)

                                Weapons: Double-sided axe

                                 Skills:  Very skillful with her axe. She can toss it from a far distance and still land on the mark.

                                Personality: She is very secretive and doesn't talk much. She isn't very fast to trustto       She only trusts her dragons and maybe one other person.

                                 Backstory: She grew up on Berk, but at the age of 11 she wanted to explore outside of the archipeligo. Of course, her parents and Stoick objected. She then procceded to have a terrible idea. She was going to sneak away. She gathered up everything.....her axe, dragons, and satchel. She flew out to sea and kept flying. Until......they were caught in a serious thunderstorm. They flew out of control until they crashed on a sea stack. They stayed there to wait out the storm. They fell asleep and were rudely awaken in the morning to see four stone-like dragons standing above them. Senitals, she thought.

                                       WILL BE UPDATED SOON




                                Dragons Name: Saharii

                                Breed: Rumblehorn

                                Stage: Broad wing

                                Appearance: Silvery puple skin and silvery green patterns

                                Gear: None


                                Dragons Name: Zeena

                                Breed:  Monstrous Nightmare

                                Stage: Short wing

                                Appearance: Navy blue skin with black patterns 

                                Gear: None                                                         


Меня зовут вала. Я пришел из страны полуночного солнца. Моя миссия-стать актрисой. Я всегда любил животных и хочу подружиться много. У меня очень грустное и удручающее время. Надеясь, что это изменится. Я также хочу распространить Евангелие Иисуса Христа всем и всем людям!!


 Decipher this and you will get my mission in life.


Îmi place să-mi fac prieteni noi, dar sunt introvertit.



This Siggy will be stripped of its words and put back up with a COMPLETELY new look!



(if you want to know more about the real me and some funny things...scroll down)


Art Gallery

(By amazing people)


(BY THE AWESOME dogloven)


Hina by BrynneBjornsson ~TYSM~






  Eurus by the amazingly talented, RedHoodJason (THANK YOU SO MUCH!)


Eurus by the Amazing *trumpet sounds* TosiLohi!!!


​Before we go any further....



My name is Valasari, Viking from the Isle of Vanaheim. Home to the sick and elderly dragons who make their final pilgrimage to this sacred land. Not many Vikings have made it past the unblinking Sentinel gaurdians, who have stone-like statue appearances and have the element of surprise upon unsuspecting Vikings. They are actually blind, therefore rely on their hearing & smell. They have better hearing than most dragons because of their blindness.


Before you ask...YES I know that this is a Signature....buuut you know......





Saharii--Adult Rumblehorn

Zeena--Teen Monstrous Nightmare



Role Plays I am In:

I know...I need to get a life.


Messengers of Light


Between Two Worlds


Unsuspected Changes

The SweetWraith


The Elven''s Hope


Kalelians in Milldrany


A Fusion's Will To Live


Dragon Evolution: Rise of the Hybrids


Dragon Evolution: The Treaty


The Enhanced


The Fall of the Elementals


Dark Future 


Modern Riding








I come from the Isle of Vanaheim. So far, the Sentinels have trusted me enough to live among the poor old dragons on this sacred Island. Of course, my Dragons are with me. They had to prove that they were trustworthy, as well as loyal. I have sadly moved away from Vanheim to live in the School. My goal is to become an Ultimate Dragon Trainer and then go back to Vanaheim!! I wish to see the Sentinels again....someday, after I have achieve my goal.




I saved Saharii from a devastating situation. Dragon Hunters had caged him, but Hiccup and I rescued him just in time.

Now, Zeena, on the other talon, has a wonderful life, I am making sure of it. I wish to befriend more dragons. I hatched her from an egg and raised her. With some help from Saharii.


Join me in my quest to save dragons from scum like the Dragon Hunters and Viggo. And as far as dragons are concerned...I wouldn't trade them for anything.....Would You?






​0.The Avengers!--DUH! They are amazing!!

1. SilverWeed San--She is my favorite Youtuber!

2.Dragons!--WHO ON LOKI ISLAND doesn't LOVE dragons.

3.Horses--Beautiful animals

4.Razorwhips--my favourite dragons

5.My animals...'cause...well...just 'cause.

6.Reptiles--Who dosn't like scaly creatures?

7.Lord of the Rings--Obviously 'cause Gandolf is AWESOME and Legalos too

8.School of Dragons--Uh...I don't know what to say but I wish I could play it MORE!



​Favorite Books

Wings of Fire  Tui.T. Sutherland

Pegasus Kate O'hearn

Narnia C.S.Lewis

Shadow Horse Alison Heart

​A Horse of Her Own Annie Wedekind

Menagerie Tui T. Sutherland

Buddy H. M. Herlong

(That's not all....but all my wittle brain could think of)




Funny things


I'm NOT clumsy. It's just that the floor hates me. The tables and chairs are bullies and the Wall Gets In The WAY!!



When someone told me I was in a fantasy, I fell off my Unicorn.


Friend: Did you fall?

Me: No, I attacked the floor.

Friend: Backwards?

Me: I'm freakin' talented!!!!!

The morale of this story. Just believe the cold truth that you're a Klutz. 'Cause I sure am.


If a robber broke into our house to search for money....I would laugh and search with him.


I hate it when people text me and it says "call me". One day I am going to call someone and say "text me".


I can't dance to save my life, but when I step in dog poo, I can moondance better than Michael Jackson. =)




Dad jokes:


 Dad lookes at me....."You know hon, I couldn't find a single shoe shop today". I breathe in a sigh of relief, knowing that he won't make a bad joke. Dad: "They only sold them in pairs". I bang my head on the wall.


Dad dances around in front of the ATM machine. Me: what are you doing? Dad: Just checking my balance. Me: *walks away to the car*


Dad in the morning: You know I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went....then it dawned on me.


Dad: Yesterday I ate a clock..it was very time consuming...especially when I went back for seconds!!


Dad: What's the difference between a piano, a tuna, and a pot of glue? Me: I don't know. Dad: You can tuna piano, but you can't piano a tuna. Me: What about the pot of glue? Dad: I knew that you would get stuck on that! Me: OHHHHHHHHHH


Dad: Did you hear about the guy in KC who was addicted to brake fluid? Me: No..... Dad: Good news! He can stop at any time.


Dad and I were at the store and he picks up the velcro: I wouldn't buy anything with velcro....it's a total rip-off.


Mom asks dad at Thanksgiving: How does the turkey smell? Dad: Through its nose, I guess. Me: I'm going to bed.


Dad after a nice hot shower: You know..... Me: Here it comes. Dad: Singing in the shower while washing your hair is all good 'till you get soap in your mouth.....it then it just becomes a soap opera....


That's All Folks!!

for now.....(evil laugh)




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Save spot please! 

Viking forum


Age: 19

Name: Lily Stark

Weapons: Her dragon, a small knife, and her smarts.

Personality: Clever, sly, can be a bit hyper at times. Loves to joke around on other vikings simply for the fun of it. Is intelligent, and works for various parties( yes, she has worked for Drago Bloodvist before) You cant always trust her, for she may be working for the enemy.

Appearance: Pictures down below. She usualy has one or more trick up her sleeve. Her left arm(tho not in the pitures) is always wrapped up because she says it was hurt in a fire( which it wasnt< she wont tell anyone why she keeps her arm hidden)




Dragon forum:


Dragon name: Hulk
Broadwing Thunderpede

Saddle, gear: Wears a leather saddle






                                                                  StormHeart says hi...




Mah dragon and I / professional TRR racers   (drawn by me)



                                                                 Elder of the           




ALL banners, gifs, and pictures made by me except for adoptables ( please give credit when you use) Also do not steal my artwork or art done by others.




          A little bit about my viking......

She spends most of her time in TRR. But when she has free time, she looks like this


          When she is not racing she likes to:

Watch the chat box  and listen to interesting conversations


Hang out on Immpossible Island 


                                       RACING OUTFIT



                                                            Alpha Toothless Armour: 



Extra: Wears two belts, one with a nightfury batarang attached to it. Wings light up when her surroundings turn dark.



                                                              By Katarile ( TY ^^)



                                                          A D O P T A B L E S




Tarka the miscolored but cuddly Nightfury-By the talented artist Wyndbain adopted from AntroTyree’s Nightfury breeding center




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Phantom Fury

This sounds fun, can you please save a spot for me? It's really late and I have to get some sleep.....



Name: Elsa Sharim

Age: 17

Gender: female 

Appearance: Elsa has amber to golden color hair, green eyes, but a very pale face. From first sight you think she is very delicate, but it isn't like that at all. She wears long skirts and long coats, often with white fur on them. A sort of mysterious aura surrounds her. 

Personality: Elsa seems mysterious and dark. Her eyes twinkle with icy thoughts. She isn't very social, often sands in the side and watches from a distance. She spends many hours a day training with her weapons and dragons. Very fierce in the battlefield. 

She hates working with others, but if you get to know her she is pretty nice and loyal and willing to do anything for you. Pretty bossy as well. 

Weapons: Pretty much anything she can get her hands on. Elsa had a long, wickedly sharp sword in a sheath by her side, and can pull it out in the blink of an eye. An unusual bow, with several arrows. The arrows are often dipped in sleeping potion that make the enemy fall to sleep like dragon hunter arrows work for dragons. 

Skills (all are welcome!): Elsa is good at hiding and camouflaging, as well as hunting. She is good at gymnastics and an amazing fighter. She is very quick and lean, and strikes fast and hard. Her weapons are wielded with excellence. 

Also an amazing dragon rider. People say she is fast as the winter wind on them, and they understand her perfectly with little words.  

A minor knowledge of herbs, but she can survive in the wild and catch something with just a pocket knife and string. And an okay cook. 

Good at running and swimming. 

Best at making sleeping potion, and carries several vials of it with her, as well as herbs to make it. 

She needs no warmth but her cloak. It is thick with fur, and even in freezing water she is able to keep warm. 

Extra: After losing her twin sister when she was ten, Elsa never was the same. She has a scar over her right eye for that reason. She isn't completely blinded, but that eye needs a little time to adjust. 




Dragons Name: Twilight

Stage of Maturity (e.g. hatchling, short wing, broad wing, titan): Titan 

Species: Woolly Howl

Apearance: Silver scales and wool on back, white underbelly. He loves going on flights at twilight, which make his scales seem brighter. He has a connection with Elsa and would do anything for her. He feels her in his mind, he connects with her through dreams. 

Saddle/Gear: A sleek leather saddle lined with silver. 




Dragons Name: Snowfluff

Species: Snow Wraith

Stage of Maturity (e.g. hatchling, short wing, broad wing, titan): Titan

Apearance: Blue and white all over. A white underbelly, blue under her wings, blue tail, white rest of her body. 

Saddle/Gear: a specially designed leather saddle just for her comfort, also lined with silver. 




Dragons Name: Sparkles

Species: Shivertooth

Stage of Maturity (e.g. hatchling, short wing, broad wing, titan): broad wing

Apearance: light blue, frosty skin color

Saddle/Gear: a leather saddle, lined with silver




Dragons Name: Glacier

Species: Groncicle

Stage of Maturity (e.g. hatchling, short wing, broad wing, titan): He is a broad wing, but he is as small as a hatchling. He fits on Elsa's shoulder. Some growth deficiency hormone. 

Apearance: Blue and white, like most of the other dragons. White underbelly and tail, blue everything else. 

Saddle/Gear: A sleek leather saddle lined with silver. 

Extra: he is used by Elsa to send mail across long distances, because he is tougher than he looks. 









Welcome to:


Fairyofdragon's boring signature!


(Sorry no refunds) 
























My Art (at least so far):









Amazing edit of my monstrous nightmare Fira by Zitka. Thank you so much!








Amazing edit of my Deadly Nadder Lightningsky by Zitka. I love it!!!!!!!







My Night Fury oc, Moonglow, by the amazing Cocopuppy, thank you!!!!!



About me:

Personality: lazy, picky, shy, nosy

Favorite dragon: Tide Glider, Sand Wraith, and Flightmare

My hobbies: I am a pretty good drawer, I love reading, and, most of all, love playing SoD and other dragon games.

Main dragons: Sundance the Tide Glider, Moonrise the Sand Wraith, Stormbolt the Skrill.

Favorite place in game: Berk Docks

Weapon(s) of choice for oc: Metal axe like Heathers, bows and arrows

I love to role play - pm me if you want to role play together or something. I'm always open to new ideas :)

Favorite place to visit: my couch 






Dragon 1. Female Deadly Nadder named Lightningsky (titan)

Dragon 2. Female Whispering Death named Golden mist (adult)

Dragon 3. Male Monstrous Nightmare named Firestorm (adult)

Dragon 4. Male Hideos Zippleback named Sparkle Spike (adult)

Dragon 5. Male Gronckle Named Silver Stone (adult)

Dragon 6. Female Devilish Dervish named Ragestorm (adult)

Dragon 7. Female Gronckle named Rocklette (adult)

Dragon 8. Female Stormcutter named Stormblaze (adult)

Dragon 9. Male Thunderdrum named Thunderglory (adult)

Dragon 10. Male Groncicle named Icicle (adult)

Dragon 11. Male Razorwhip named Hurricane (adult)

Dragon 12. Female Razorwhip named Wintershield (adult)(expansion pack was glitch gave me two razorwhips instead of one but I don't care)

Dragon 13. Female Deathsong named Melody (adult)

Dragon 14. Male Armorwing named Armor Kelp (adult)

Dragon 15. Male Whispering Death named Razorcrusher (adult)

Dragon 16. Male Thunderdrum named Thunder Wave (adult)

Dragon 17. Female Single Tail named Diamond Wind (adult)

Dragon 18. Female Eruptodon named Sparkrystal (adult)

Dragon 19. Male thunderdrum named Thunderash (adult)

Dragon 20. Female Snow Wraith named Snowfluff (adult)

Dragon 21. Female Quaken named Air Crumble (adult)

Dragon 22. Male Sweet Death named Sugarrush (adult)

Dragon 23. Male Screaming Death named Firescream (adult)

Dragon 24. Female Hideos Zippleback named Bow and Arrow (titan)

Dragon 25. Male Prickleboggle named Cucumber (adult)

Dragon 26. Male Hobblegrunt named Airdew (adult)

Dragon 27. Female Raincutter named Aireign (adult)

Dragon 28. Female Monstrous Nightmare named Darkfyre (adult)

Dragon 29. Female Tide Glider named Sundance (adult)

Dragon 30. Female Thunderpede named Lavacrash (teen)

Dragon 31. Male Deathsong named Harmony (teen)

Dragon 32. Male Thunderpede named Blackice (baby)

Dragon 33. Male Sand Wraith named Moonrise (adult)

Dragon 34. Female Skrill named Stormbolt (teen)

Dragon 35. Male Mudraker named Earthlake (teen)

Dragon 36. Male Moldruffle named Mudslide (teen)

Dragon 37. Female Shivertooth named Sparkle light (teen)

Dragon 38. Male Sliquifier named Seadance (teen)




One thing to make clear: I REALLY LOVE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My background story for my main OC

Backstory: Sonora was a very exciting girl. She was just a toddler when she learned of Dragon Fighting. She was five, and didn't understand anything. But she went along with it. Soon, a terrible storm hit, her parents were putting her and her two year old sister into the cellar to stay safe, when a huge wave of flood from the ocean threw down the door and washed away the house, as well as the crate where she, her sister Elira, and all the supplies in their (an axe, food for a week, fresh water, rope, swords, bow and arrow, other Viking stuff, spare change of clothes for everyone in the family, blankets, flint and steel, and a yak hair tent) were washed away to sea. Her parents most likely drowned, and although they couldn't swim, Sonora turned out to be a natural. Soon lulled to sleep by the waves, she curled her sister toward herself and slept. In the morning, as the sun shined into the crate, Sablie saw a remote island not far away. She jumped out of the box, this being a mistake for she didn't expect the ocean water, grabbed the side of the box, and kicked her legs with all her might, holding on for dear life. She paddled in the direction of the island, and got to the shore. Slowly placing the tent far up the shore like her parents taught her, she made quite a cozy home. Starting a fire with flint and steel and driftwood, she took some meat she found in the crate, and cooked it, and mashed up part of it for Elira, who was now crying. Cradling her and feeding her the meat, Elira slowly went to sleep. What she didn't realize is that the crying had attracted a dragon. When she heard a roar, she ran outside with a lightweight sword to defend herself and sister. When she got outside, she saw a rare Sand Wraith. It stood outside, cocking its head at the tent. Sablie dropped her sword as she was shaking terribly. The dragon looked at her, and nuzzled his nose to her. Looking the dragon in full eyes, she didn't see evilness. She just saw warmness. Reaching out her hand, the dragon touched it with his nose. Hugging the dragon and crying, she fell asleep under his wing. She woke up around noon, and found no sign of the dragon. Thinking it was a dream, she gathered the rest of the supplies and took them into the tent when she heard the beating of wings behind her. It wasn't a dream after all! The dragon slowly dropped what he had in his claws, which were fish! Food! Sonora smiled and hugged the dragon. The dragon bent down and extended his wing for her. Un surely, she climbed onto his back, and he took OF on a calm flight around the island. She returned to find her sister crying again, and shushed her gently. After cooking the fish, she mashed more for her sister and gave the dragon his share too. That night the dragon didn't leave the tent, and slept next to it, keeping it warm. After a few days, they moved to a clearing near a spring, with lots of saplings. Using the axe, Sablie cut a big wood pile by the house. Every day at the rise of the moon she went flying with the Sand Wraith, and that is why she named him Moonrise.
When she was seven and her sister was four, she was scouting in the wilderness for any deer she could hunt, when she stumbled against a d.ead Razorwhip and four eggs. She kneeled down and felt each of the eggs, and she couldnt feel a heart beat in the first three. In the fourth one though, she could feel a faint heart beat. She took all four eggs home anyway, and when she came to the tent where Elira was rolling in the sand with Moonrise and cooking lunch, she felt an egg shake. Calling her sister over, she set the egg down in front of her sister, and the egg completely split apart. A baby Razorwhip fell out, and Elira immediately fell in love with her. Naming the baby Razwhipway, the two haven't been seperated since. The rest of the eggs never hatched, though Sablie didn't give it up until a week later, when she broke them in half to use as bowls.     (I included this part of the story because it means a lot to me, and helps understand the ending better)
Sonora was ten and Elira was seven, when a bad storm hit. The next morning, Sonora steeped out of the wooden shack she built to find her beach much destroyed. Calling her sister and Razwhipway (who was now a broad wing) to help clean up when she saw a peculiar sight. A shiny pink body was laying on the beach. It was a Tide Glider. She was a beauty. Calling Moonrise to help her, she pulled the Tide Glider into the yard (which was pretty much beach). When the poor dragon woke up, she looked around, then finally, deciding we weren't a threat, spit at herself. Everyone started in shock at the dragon. She whipped around and looked at us. Her wounds were gone, and we couldn't stop staring (even Moonrise and Razwhipway). Sonora slowly approached her with a sea bass. Not taking her eyes of Sablie, the dragon ate, and accepted a green plant dragons seem to like. After that, she stared at Sablie, and slowly reached out to touch her hand. Sundance was named for the way she danced in the sun, in the mornings. There were now three dragons living with them.
It had been a year since peace was brought to Berk from the dragons, although Sonora didn't know it. She was fourteen years old, and now even Razwhipway could fly. They used hand made saddles from deer skin and boar tusks with wild dyes. Sablie was flying Moonrise around the islands, when she noticed a black dragon that she had never seen before. She of course, knew most of the dragons on her island, and this was one she had never seen. Munching on an apple, she decided to make friends and find out the full look. This dragon was faster than Moonrise, which was a surprise since he was the only Sand Wraith and fastest dragon on the island. She landed where she saw the black dragon land, but was shocked! There was a rider standing next to the dragon saying "This is a new island bud. Do you sense any trouble?" The black dragon snorted, and turned in her direction, where she was concealed behind the trees. The Dragon walked over to the trees now, and pushed Sablie over so she fell in the riders view. He looked as shocked as her. He looked at her and said "Hello, we are friends and don't want to hurt you,". Sablie was scared as she was the time she saw Moonrise for the first time. "Who are you," she managed to say "What do you want from my island," The stranger looked at her and said " My name is Hiccup, and we are not going to take anything from this island. We will help you if you want us to",. Feeling she could trust him, she told him her story, and about Moonrise, who was happily playing with the Black dragon, who looked surprisingly like Moonrise. Afterward she brought him to the shack, where he met Elira, Razwhipway and Sundance, and he told them about Berk. "I think we used to live on Berk, at least that is what mommy said," said Sablie, "But how? I thought Berk fought dragons,". So Hiccup told her about the peace, and Toothless. Finding that they did want to go back to Berk, Hiccup stayed the night, then helped them to Berk, and helping them build a good big Viking hut with stables and get fresher weapons. They had lived peacefully at Berk ever since.


My viking, Sablie, by mangopopcorn. Thank you sooooooooo much!













My favorite dragon pics. Not by me. Enjoy :)



















My main dragons: 


Racing : Moonrise, my award winning Sand Wraith (if Vikings do have any awards)





Adventuring: Sundance, my intelligent Tide Glider 





Battle: Cucumber, my very aggressive Prickleboggle 


















I love dogs!!!








My sister really annoyed me today......




I have a perscription.....

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Le form

Le Form


Name: Rheileen Tomahona

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Thin and fit, with long copper blonde hair, green blue eyes, the left of which has three dragon claw scars running over it. Rhei always wears a red mask over heart lower face, a long black tunic, black pants, tall black leather boots and matching gloves. A thin belt, and either a red or black cloak, with an Assassin's Creed style hood.

Weapons: Her wrist bracers are a weapon, being designed with small chambers within that when opened, allow a thin stream of gasses to come out, which upon hitting the air burst into flames above her gloved palms.

Rhei also carries a set of matching twin sabres, designed quite intricately, and are centuries old, but none the less solid, they have a leather binding on the handles, but there is a hold on both handles. She has also added to them so that she can contect the ends to form a double sword.

Skills (all are welcome!): Speaks fluent dragonese, knows karate and judo, fights extremely well with any blade and his a dead shot with a bow and arrows. If you watched Big Man On Berk, she can do the same things with her hands that Thor Bonecrusher can, knock you out by tweaking your neck, or just paralyze you for a short time. Also has a strange ability to befriend almost any dragon she meets.

Extra: Wears a strange medallion that she hides in her robes, only taking it out for special moments.



Dragons Name: Storm, skrill

Stage of Maturity (e.g. hatchling, short wing, broad wing, titan): in the process oif becoming a titan

Apearance: blue and black with purple and silver markings

Saddle/Gear: wears a specially designed leather saddle.

Extra: has a very hot temper and strong protective instinct.


Dragons Name: Stryker, triple strke

Stage of Maturity (e.g. hatchling, short wing, broad wing, titan): titan

Apearance: Black with blue stripes and a butter yellow underbelly. Has very part wings.

Saddle/Gear: only saddlebags when nessisary

Extra: is a Beta dragon in the pack, has arguably the strongest bnond with Rhei


Dragons Name: Zifinia, wholly howl

Stage of Maturity (e.g. hatchling, short wing, broad wing, titan): broad wing

Apearance: eggshell white scales, and blue green fur, violate eyes

Saddle/Gear: only saddle bags when jeeded

Extra: very sweet tempered but still protective


Dragons Name: Sanda, sand wraith

Stage of Maturity (e.g. hatchling, short wing, broad wing, titan): broadwing

Apearance: typical sandwraith appearance but witweapon eyes


Extra: is lame in her left foreleg, and is afraid of everything, extremely clingy



Extra characters


Name: Yashia

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short whitefish blonde hair, ice blue eyes and pale skin. Short but extremely fit. Wears a grey sleepless tunic with ice blue shirt, black pants and tall leather brown boots

Weapons: any kind of weapon, but usually carrys a old broad sword

Skills (all are welcome!): Is a dead shot with all weapons, can manage very well with all weapons. 

Extra: Tough, unforgiving, callus



Dragons Name: Stoneflames, screaming death

Stage of Maturity (e.g. hatchling, short wing, broad wing, titan): (all screaming tpdeaths are titan)

Apearance: Typical screaming death

Saddle/Gear: leather saddle

Extra: no




Name: Feaflena

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: long strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, average sized, wears a blue dress, and tall furry boots, along with wrist bandlike Astrid's in the first movie 

Weapons: her knowledge of plants, and in a fight she might hit you with a book, but only if she's cornered.

Skills (all are welcome!): Cooking, healing, cleaning, organizing, reading.

Extra: is rather shy and prefers to simply sit in a corner and read



Dragons Name: Storm, nadder

Stage of Maturity (e.g. hatchling, short wing, broad wing, titan): broadwing

Apearance: Blue and butter yellow, with red details

Saddle/Gear: leather saddle with a storage compartment for food and books

Extra: is older and more tame then most other dragons


Feel free to ppost now!



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DNRD to ANY post!

(pls remember to useuse the assigned subject for your post)

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Phantom Fury

Save me a spot!

I want to try out a  character, I'll see how much I like her and maybe I'll add her to my repertorie

Name: November

Age: 9

Gender: Female



She has sharp metal disks in the shape of fall leaves that look like decoration but are actually throwing disks. (She doesn't use them too well. Whoops.))


Skills (all are welcome!):

-Making you love her. 

-Being optimistic



November is the embodiment of innocence. She can be so guileless that it becomes difficult not to love her. However, she knows and understands more than she let's on. November or Nove for short (pronounce the 'e' like a 'y') functions as the support beam of any group. She always keeps everyone's spirits up with her optomission. She loves all sorts of animals (especially if they are furry) and will likely wander away to go pet them. Novy execists in her own world, with a costant dream gaze into her Amber eyes. She flits about and floats for so than walks. She is like an autumn breeze, always changing, never staying. November has ADHD and therefore needs constant entertainment. The things she says sound strange but usually make a lot of sense if actually paid attention to. November is small for her age and probably would not be the one people listen to in her group, she'd need a strong viking to be her mouthpeice. Someone to listen to her and then parrot to everyone else her ideas. She can be very creative if given the chance.



-She hates her name.

-November was raised with her mother and father on Berk. Her father was a Trader and would go out on long quests buying g and selling goods and making her family quite a profit. He would always come home on Holidays and November's birthday. It made Nove so happy, she would eat essentric foods from lands far away. However, one day, he never returned. Her mother grew obsessed with finding him and abandoned her responsibilities as a mother to search for him. So, November became a chore amongst the women of Berk, taking care of them. Then Dawnbreak came along and filled the roll as mother.




Dragons Name: Dawnbreak


Stage of Maturity: Broad Wing




I don't have a drawing, well I do, but it is owned by someone and to copy it would be rude so I'll just use it as inspiration to design my own...

The saddle itself is this, litely bedded with a small, golden saddle horn. To supply more comfort for the dragon, the saddle is placed on a blanket of sorts, make of fur. There is a medium sized satchel on one side of the saddle. Feathers and fur are beaded together and hung from the saddle. An orange pendent is attached to a ring and drops down from the base of the saddle horn.




Dawnbreak's eggs were cracked when the hunters came for her. She was an expectant mother living her life in the desert. However, scales and talons of Desert Wraiths are wildly popular on the Southern. Market due to the belief that Desert Wraith charms bring to you true love. Her mothering instinct was at it's peak and she probably would of died of greif from losing her eggs, had she not found November who was in need of a mother.



Dawnbreak is kind and tender. Her loves her rider so dearly and would do anything to protect her. Dawnbreak is very nuturing and motherly, she can sense November's needs and provide (even force her to eat her veggies. Heh.) 



Welcome To My Signature

"If you live among wolves, you have to act like a wolf" -Khrushchev

In Game Name (IGN): WolfandStar

Friend Code: Not Accepting


(By Arrow)






 Art was done by Fireflash

Wolf is my in-game character. Her full name is 'Wolf and Star'. She takes on my own personality, which is quite similar to that of Lynx. During quests, Wolf loves to muck around and try to break the system by utilizing glitches- just for laughs, but she always produces reliable results. She is a fair Viking and she never uses glitches for her own personal gain. Some of my profile info will be listed below:.............


In Game Name:  Wolf and Star..............

Friend Code: Not Accepting...................

Clan: The Phantom Lords......................

Trophy Count (About): 7,600...............



















 Art was done by DuskDayBreak

Lynx is bold and loud. She is like Luna Lovegood in the sense that she is rather... odd. Loud, shameless and weird. She is more animal-like than human. Lynx enjoys being flashy, showing off her skills. Once she sets her mind to something, she is naturally good at it. The problem is that she loses focus easy and doesn't like setting herself to standards. She craves adventure and can grow bored easily. She is particularly fast on her feet but has low stamina levels. She is strong and tall for her age. Lynx is stubborn and laid-back most of the time. She does not like to follow orders. Some of her skills include: being double jointed, the ability to be able to climb almost any surface, very good at mimicking animal sounds and is EXTREMELY good at sneaking around. However, there is a side to Lynx that she does not show very often. She is very lazy and selfish at times, mainly because she lacks compassion towards humankind, caring more about dragons and animals more so than humans. This tendency causes her to be merciless in the face of battle.




 .....................Art was done by Marg The Loony and Chameishida

Lyra is very sheltered and shy. She suppressed her emotion and looks down on those who do are emotional. Lyra can be rudely sarcastic at times and accidentally offend someone. Don't expect a public display of remorse. This does not mean she is feelingless though, she feels emotion, but, she is just very insecure about it. She does not like showing weakness or personal attachment, more insecurity, and less sociopathy. Though in fights, she doesn't appear to have a sense of honor and isn't afraid to fight dirty. Lyra is willing to do anything to ensure her well being, and the well being of her mother. Which could be a weakness. She values her self-preservation. She usually has her hood masking her pale delicate face, which sunburns easily and long hair.





 Art was done by DuskDayBreak

One of Nyx's most defining traits is her brash and sarcastic attitude towards everything that breathes. She is the type of girl who does not have to do much to stand apart from the crowd. However, Nyx is no way an extrovert, the reason why she puts herself in social situations is purely one of two reasons, the first one being is that she wants to go people watching. Where she sits in some corner and watches people, how they react and their social cues. She just observes them, untangles their motives and finds their interests. The second reason is that she wants to show up the competition, along with being stubborn, Nyx is a show-off. The problem is, natural talent can only get you so far. Because of her years from people watching, she has become very keen on observations. Smarter than the average person, she is able to look at any given Viking and deduce a thing or two about them. Sort of like Sherlock Holmes but not nearly as skilled. With her great intelligence, comes social anxiety. Nyx buried this under layers of brashness but, this insecurity can be sorted out by the way she avoids social and emotional get-togethers. Due to her inability to express her social anxiety, Nyx finds herself at a lack of friends. She usually plays this off as her not wanting any friends but sometimes, when a dragon is your only friend, you can get lonely. The result, she makes a lot of enemies. Usually because of her showoff-ness and Brash attitude, and sarcasm. In reality, Nyx wants some friends, but she sees this as a weakness and as part of her insecurities which she buries deep inside of her and does not let anyone see. She's not edgy, she's just misguided.








Aeryn Nyght

 Art was done by Tosilohi

Aeryn also has a sense of show-off-ness, an over-the-top, dramatic character. She takes any given situation, brandishes it with a flare of sarcasm and performs, drawing attention to herself all the while managing to act edgy or sweet, or however she wanted to be perceived. This need of hers to put on a show made her invaluable to the man while she was on his side. Like the theatre kid she should be, Aeryn has expertly crafted this skill of taking on different personas, and she isn't afraid to add in some cliche drama to her dialogue and actions. Constantly referencing pop-culture, Aeryn is interesting, but the tiring person to be around. The problem with her extroverted, boldness is that few get to witness the actual Aeryn, not one of her many characters. In a sense, it is quite similar to the multifaceted personality disorder, only, Aeryn recognizes her many personas. She chooses not to show anyone her true colors due to some insecurities. These different personalities are the shields she has put up for emotional protection. With Aeryn, you never know if her reactions are genuine or just part of the show.





















Gail Cyrek

 Art was done by Katarile

Gail is very softspoken. She does not like attracting much attention as people have a tendency to stare. She is very insecure about her face and does her best to conceal it. She gets very annoyed if someone asks about it. However, with this silence comes the ability to listen. She observes the world around her and is able to spot even the tiniest of details. This silent brilliance has made her a stellar judge of character. She reads body language very well and has a certain flare of stubbornness about her. Still, she is very dark. Generally, when she speaks, most people cannot hear what she says, which is probably a good thing because what she does say is usually pretty dark or gory. She often says random and slightly disturbing things and speaks extremely softly anyone can barely hear her. Gail seems to be pretty timid but is generally ruthless. She is a bit of a pyromaniac and will do almost anything to get her way.














...............................................................................................................................Edits were done by Rebell and Cocopuppy








......................................................................................................................Edits were done by Archer and Zikta.................  ..................................................................................




 Art was done by Tosilohi

Aeryn also has a sense of show-off-ness, an over-the-top, dramatic character. She takes any given situation, brandishes it with a flare of sarcasm and performs, drawing attention to herself all the while managing to act edgy or sweet, or however she wanted to be perceived. This need of hers to put on a show made her invaluable to the man while she was on his side. Like the theatre kid she should be, Aeryn has expertly crafted this skill of taking on different personas, and she isn't afraid to add in some cliche drama to her dialogue and actions. Constantly referencing pop-culture, Aeryn is interesting, but the tiring person to be around. The problem with her extroverted, boldness is that few get to witness the actual Aeryn, not one of her many characters. In a sense, it is quite similar to the multifaceted personality disorder, only, Aeryn recognizes her many personas. She chooses not to show anyone her true colors due to some insecurities. These different personalities are the shields she has put up for emotional protection. With Aeryn, you never know if her reactions are genuine or just part of the show

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The Phantom Fury Draws Near.... *Giggles in excitement*

Oh yeah! And if Lily is here, then two of my best friends are here!

Name: Star The Navigator
Age: 16 (for this Roleplay. FYI this would be shortly after meeting Wolf)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Hazelnut brown hair, kept in a long Braid, and light Carmel colored skin. She has a few freckles, and her scar is still healing and stings every once in awhile. Her eyes are blazing royal purple and sparkle slightly when she's happy or angry.
She has the same cloak, but at this age, her clothes are different.

A purple/indigo tunic with an intricate wide belt. Her tunic has loose sleeves and is three quarter length, so she wears a white (well, it's not white anymore) long sleeve shirt underneath.
She has short leather wristbands.
(almost like a biker's glove) Her tunic is like a long shirt or a short dress. Her pants are plain brown, but are wrapped in brown leather to protect her legs from the cold and in battle.
Her boots are leather and lined with coyote fur.
Weapons: Her staff, but it would be in it's early stages, so it wouldn't work as well.
Skills (all are welcome!): Hmm.... Star is handy with any weapon. She also is a traveler and an explorer, so she knows how to survive alone. She's handled and trained many different dragons, and can even speak Dragonese decently.
Extra: She has a necklace with the Chief's Symbol on it.

Dragons Name: Skyfire
Stage of Maturity (e.g. hatchling, short wing, broad wing, titan): Broadwing, but she's still young.
Apearance: Slate blue with dull red Spines and spikes. Images my signature
Saddle/Gear: A simple saddle. Has small saddle bags and bigger ones that Star can add for longer trips.
Extra: N/A

Dragons name: Polaris
Stage of maturity: Broad wing, but he's also young.
Appearance: White with light ice blue spots for blending in with ice and snow, his natural habitat. Images in Signature.
Saddle/Gear: His saddle is pretty much the same as Sky's, but for a Snow Wraith, and his is white. Or as white as in the Snow Wraith armor. That way he can still blend in with snow.
Extra: N/A

Dragons name: Wolf
Stage of maturity: Broadwing, but...yeah you can probably guess.
Appearance: Typical Woolly Howl. Cream and tan colors, Perfect for blending in with clouds in high mountains. But due to where he was raised, he has a scar across his snout.
Saddle/Gear: Yep. Just like Skyfire's, but with a Woolly Howl.
Extra: Keep in mind that he was only recently rescued from the Dragon Hunters, so he's still unstable, wary of people and a bit scared and Paranoid.










Look who's actually doing something with this again!




Profile pic was done by the fantastic Katarile! TYSM!!!



I just wanna start off by saying, I have no idea what I'm doing. Help me. 


I heard that ya peeps don't like it when people have a ton of pictures because it uses more data, so I put my signature in a Google Document. Plus, it's easier for ms to edit then. 


So just click the link if you actually care.




For the rest of you...

(probably most of you honestly. I've never been the "interesting" type.) 


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The Report

I grinned as I looked down from my pumpkin perch at Hiccup's brown hair strewn with pumpkin seeds, and giggled a little. Since arrival on Berk I had been treated almost as a sister to the the chief, at least, by those closest to him. Even Snotlout had had the respect to not flirt with me, which of course, was huge.

It was Dreadfall, and I was helping Hiccup and Valka in their preparations, Hiccup smiled at me as he stood to his feet, knife in hand and pumpkin guts speed over both. "There, that's the cleanest is gonna get!" I smiled and hopped down, the pumpkin being very large. "Great! Does that mean we carve it now?"

Hiccup nodded and I smiled. "Its your first Dreadfall isn't it?" Hiccup asked as he whipped his hands on a towel. I nodded. "Yeah, isn't it Moms... I mean Valka's first as well?"

He smiled and nodded, just as Talk a walked out, carving knives proffered. "I though the two of you might need these."

I smiled and took one, beginning to carve the pumpkin as Hiccup knelt beside me. Valka chuckled. "Isn't that thing a bit big? Rhei, you could sit inside of it!"

I laughed, "Well, I sat on it." She shook her head and greeted my dragons. Zifinia, otherwise known as Zifi, Stryker, Storm and Sanda where all laying about. Well except Sanda. Ifa sandwraith could blush she would have been. Toothless was only feet away from her and she was nervous and awkward as Hiccup had been around Astrid. I chuckled remembering Gobber's stories.

Before our knives the pumpkin gave way to a design of a snarling flight are.I smiled, it was inaccurate of course, flight mares don't often snarl. But that was the point. A flight are was the whole reason for Dreadfall after all.

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November and Dawnbreak

"Oh my Thor! Dawnbreak! Aren't these pumpkin cutouts so cute!" November squealed, dancing on tipeetoes.

Dawnbreak grunted in reply. November held up the leather cut-outs of pumpkins up to Dawnbreak who licked them. She danced outside if her hut and pasted them just above her door.

"Ta-daah!" She shrieked and clapped her hands in delight.

Dawnbreak squeezed herself through the door and looked up at Nove's decorations. There were 6 sloppily carved jack-o'-lanterns outside of her door, 3 on each side. Fake spider webs were halp-hazardly throne on the roof of the hut. The pumpkin cut-outs were strung across the archway leading into her hut. A fake skeleton, who November named Mr.Jiggles was hung up against the window on the front side of her hut. Flightmare algee was smeared across the door with word 'Boo'.



"This dread fall is gonna be the best dreadfall ever! I can feel it." November grinned.

Dawnbreak nuzzled her rider. The Sweet Wraith, leaned down and licked Nove's hair, causing saliva to drip down her cheeks. November giggled.

"Let's go see what the other riders out up!" November exclaimed. 

The young girl mounted Dawnbreak who took off, flying low to the ground. November saw Rheileen, Hiccup and Valka helping decorate the Great Hall with spoopy Flightmare pumpkins.

"Hello Rhei! Can I help you? Please! Please! Pleeeeeease!" November shouted.

She leapt off Dawnbreak and jogged twoards the older viking.

"I wanna help!" She gasped as she saw the huge pumpkin they were working on.

"Oh! Wow! Look at it! That pumpkin is huge! Wooow!"

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"What you get isn't your choice,what you do with it, is"

I smiled as one of the Berkian girls flew over on her sweet wraith, "Sure! All we have done so far is these pumpkins," I gestured at the two we had in front of the door. Looking at the village most vikings had really gone all out. In btruth, Hiccup was holding back on account of Valka and I being unused to the stuff. Hiccup grinned. "Hey Nove! Sure, grab a knife, but be carefully, these ones are gronkle iron."

I smiled and gently touched the knife. "Wow, you Berkian and descovery, this metal was once one of the greatest secrets of blacksmiths, and you discovered it oin accident."

Hiccup smiled. "Actually Fishlegs did, but yeah, it is pretty cool!" I smiled and offered a knife to the girl, Nove. She looked young, sweet and had an air of innocence around her as she stood before me, I couldn't help but smile. "Here,this is a good one." I said,offering her the knife.

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"Okayyy.... i think that

"Okayyy.... i think that turned out-umm-ok" Lily had just got done with sewing a giant spider made out of straw. She studied it closer, and realized it looked more like ball with red- painted spikes sticking out of it. "Hulk, destroy" Immediatly the Thunderpede was upon the "so-called spider" and ripped it to pieces. "Well, their goes test subject number 4" She picked up a sewing needle and scissors. "Time for test subject number 5!" Although all of her previous "test subjects" had all turned out looking like purple rags with legs attached, her 4th one actualy looked like a spider.

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Elsa never had understood the meaning of Dreadfall. Silly kiddy costumes, pumpkins, and scaring. 

Elsa walked out of her hut with Twilight, her Woolly Howl, and out into the world beyond. The village was making preparations, pumpkins here and there. 

Dragons were flying around and helping bring things over to the Great Hall and Viking homes. 

Suddenly, Elsa felt something on her back. A spider, a silly kids one. The kid who had thrown it looked terrified.

"Hey! You threw it at the girl-without-a-face!" A girl whispered next to him. He nodded and ran out of sight. Elsa felt a little bad about this. All the kids called her names because the expression of her face never changed. Or almost, Elsa didn't want others to know her emotions. 

No, she was a warrior, she couldn't give way to emotions!

It made her feel bad, but only slightly. She would show them she was important. Her sword was in her sheath by her side, but she also had a sharp axe with her today, in case she felt like hacking at some pumpkins. 

Twilight led her to the Great Hall. She wanted some business to settle with Hiccup. She wanted to know if she could establish an outpost a little north, where she could live alone in peace. Right now Berk was the best option for her, because of the freedom and dragon riders. But Elsa wanted her own island, where she made the rules. 

Elsa walked in to see a huge pumpkin, with Hiccup, Valka, a girl she had seen before whose name was Rhei, and another small girl she had no idea who she was. 

Elsa walked over to Hiccup, but before she could get to him, she slipped and landed in a puddle of pumpkin guts.

"Ugh! Why do you have such things on the floor of the Great Hall? This is not acceptable! The Great Hall should be clean and nice for all Vikings who wish to come in," Elsa snapped. She dusted of her clothing, and scooped the goop of. How annoying! Most people didn't have discipline. Maybe Berk wasn't such a good place to stay after all. 

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November and Dawnbreak

"Actually Fishlegs did, but yeah, it is pretty cool!" Rheileen smiled at November. "Here,this is a good one." 

she handed the girl a knife. November gasped with joy, so rarely did anyone let her use a knife! So, she set to work, scooping out pumpkin innards and throwing some of them on the ground and some at Hiccup or Valka or Rhei. She wasnt strong enough to crave the pumpkin on her own but she did use a charcoal pencil to draw faces on them for Hiccup to carve out!



November did not know another viking had entered until she heard a squelshing noise and a 'thump'! November turned around and giggled at the sight before her. A viking, who looked very upset, was sprawled out on the floor of the Great Hall, covered in pumpkin seeds.

"Ugh. Why do you have to leave such things on the floor of the great Hall, this is unacceptable! The floor of great Hall should be clean!"

Nove's giggles turned into hysterical laughing. 

"Hello!" She squeaked between laughing fits.

November bounced over to the girl, Elsa was her name. She usually scared most children off but November knew she could make friends with everybody. 

"My name is November! You appear to have pumpkin seeds in your hair miss!" She smiled at Elsa. "Would you like some help with that?"

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Queen of Ice and Snow

I chuckled as we continued carving 

Pumpkins, Nove kept throwing the guts at Hiccup, Valka and I, and dare is at, even the chief seemed to enjoy it and tossed a few back at her.

We where almost done with the last pumpkin when a girl with pale hair, skin, and eyes, walked into the hall and slipped onthemess of pumpkin innards. Nove started squealing in laughter, I stooped down at helped the girl up, helping her brush out the seeds. "I am so sorry!" I apologised, standing back a little from her scowl.

Hiccup however seemed unfazed, he smiled at the girl,but quickly apologised food the seeds. "I'm sorry about the mess Elsa, the villagers are just working ng on the pumpkin decorations and we decided to keep it confined to one location, the great Hall seemed the best choice...."

He trailed off as the door slammed open, two girls slipped and slid across the floor towards us, my friends Yashia and Feaflena. "Hiccup! Big problem!!!!!!" Yash yelled. I ran to help her across the floor, but she waved me off and pointed to Fea,who was having trouble standing amidst all the pumpkin guts around her. I ran to help her and we walked back to Hiccup.

"What's wrong girls?" Hiccup went from playful Dragon riding Leader to Chief of Berk. Yash was panting to catcher breath, which was enough tyo cause concern for me. She could run for miles without panting. Fish legs suddenly appeared in the door. "Its the Flightmare Hiccup! Its coming back to Berk!!!!!!"

The crowd of villagers carving pumpkins erupted in a sea of panic.

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Oh how I love Flying in Autumn!

"Ready guys?" Star asked her dragons. Polaris and Skyfire nodded, but Wolf seemed nervous.
"It's okay Wolf, we're just going to practice flying with an addition to out group." She reached forward and scratched Wolf's forehead playfully.

Wolf was new to the group, and still getting used to life on Berk. The Dreadfall decorations confused him. Why would you put pumpkins everywhere? But Star had a feeling he would enjoy Dreadfall.

"Okay, let's go!" She signaled to her dragons to dive.
The group has flown up to Gothi's house, one of Star's favorite places, to get a start before they practiced plain flying. Plus, who doesn't love dropping several hundred feet?

Wolf took the signal like he had been doing this for years and tucked his wings in. The group began plummeting towards the ground. Wolf spun in the air a few times, tongue hanging out to feel the the wind.

Skyfire simply rolled her eyes, Wolf was new and not really used to the freedom of flying. Whenever he flew he would have the excitement of a hatchling, just learning to fly.

Polaris thought that Wolf was great fun, and enjoyed playing with him.

The four approached the village below with blazing speed.

"Okay, ready?" Star asked as they grew closer.
In sync, all three dragons spread their wings, keeping them from falling. They were soaring on the wind now.

Wolf let his tongue hang out as Star stood up on his back.
She carefully stood, and slowly, but swiftly, she walked across his wings and jumped onto Skyfire's wings. She giggled as she made it to Polaris, and finally, back to Wolf.

The group landed near the Great Hall and walked inside. They were going to carve a pumpkin today.

In one part of the hall she saw Hiccup, her friend Rheileen, November, and a girl who didn't seem to happy. Couldn't really blame her. Star wouldn't be too happy if she was covered in pumpkin guts either.

"Hey guys!" She greeted.

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Test subject number 5 had

Test subject number 5 had failed miserably. "Ok you know wha- i am done!! Yep, yep- I have tried SOOO hard to make a life for you guys!!!!" Lily was now staring at the shreaded pieces of straw and fabric that were once(or were supposed to be) fake spiders. "Im mean come on, what did i ever do to you guys, huh??" The limb forums of the "spiders" just sat there and did not answer. "Thats it your grounded-ALL OF YOU!!" She screamed. "Especially you test subject number 5!!!! I was expecting so much from you!!" At this she stormed out of Gober's blacksmith shack, kicking a tin bucket from her path as she did so. Hulk followed his rider siliently, hoping that she might give him more straw spiders to chew up.

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Elsa quietly looked at the girl who was laughing. She was young and bright, and didn't know of hardships to come. But it was rude and it made anger boil up inside her. 

"Hello! My name is November! You appear to have pumpkin seeds in your hair miss! Would you like some help with that," she squeaked happily. Elsa turned and stared. This was not the way to talk to her right after she horribly humiliated herself in front of the whole village!

"Maybe we could actually be friends if your name was December. Cold and hard like the hearts of Vikings. You need to learn discipline if you want people to actually like you," Elsa said coldly. She turned to Hiccup, who calmly apologized. She combed the seeds or of her hair and cleaned the last of the pumpkin guts of with her fingers. 

"Im sure it was unintended. I came to talk to you about my idea, the -," Elsa was cut of by shrieking from the doorway. It was a girl, Elsa thought she knew her name. Yashia, that was what it was! And another girl, one that Elsa had forgotten, was with her. 

"Hiccup, big problem!" Yashia yelled. Hiccup immediately went to see what was wrong.

"It's the Flightmare Hiccup! It's coming back to Berk!" Fishlegs cried. He had just walked in. 

Elsa had seen the Flightmare before once. It didn't look too scary, and she wondered if she could do something to the Flightmare and make it her own dragon.  

The villagers gasped. Elsa kept her face straight. 

"Well, I'm sure the Flightmare will have no reason to attack Berk. Maybe I should go check it out," she told Hiccup. She could prove she could take care of an outpost if she stopped the Flightmare, and redeemed her place in the village after slipping in silly pumpkin guts. 

While most homes in the village were decorated, Elsa's stood alone. It had delicate carvings on it, and an icy aura, like the person living in there herself. 

Elsa remembered the days before she lost her twin. Fira and her were best friends. Then one day a ship came and enslaved her village. Fira escaped for the main part, but Elsa was taken aboard. She later saw Fira floating in the sea from a distance. Fira was gone. All she had in remembrance was a silver locket with their initials in it and their special sign the village elder gave to a child when born. 

Elsa rubbed Twilights back, who had sat down next to her. Glacier flew in and sat on her shoulder as Elsa leaned across Twilights back for balance. 

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November and Dawnbreak

"Maybe we could actually be friends if your name was December. Cold and hard like the hearts of Vikings. You need to learn discipline if you want people to actually like you." Elsa snapped.

Dawnbreak growled at Elsa, the dragon seemed to be saying,

'She's only a little girl!'

November did not seem to get the jab.

"Oh but fall is so much prettier! The leaves are is so many colors, it cchilly outside and ah! You get to see to first snow! I love snow! And leaves!"

She talked through Hiccups apology. November stopped talking when two panicked vikings burst into the the great Hall. 

"Hiccup, big problem!" 

"It's the Flightmare Hiccup! It's coming back to Berk!" Fishlegs hollered.



"Oh my Thor!" 

November smiled and jumped up and down.

"Flightmares! They are tthe Ines that glow right? Oh they are sooooo pretty! Can we train it? Please Hiccup! Please! Please! Pleeeeaaaassseee!"

"Well, I'm sure the Flightmare will have no reason to attack Berk. Maybe I should go check it out." Elsa stood up.

Once again the aduktsadults were ignoring her. November jumped in front of Hiccup, waving her arms.

"Hello?" She hollered. "HHellooo! Hiccup.."

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The "What to do"

I watched the girl, Elsa, with concern,to those who hadn't seen the hardships of the world outside Berk it would seems he was having ng trouble regaining her balance, but to one who had seen those hardships, and the pain that came with it, it seemed she was having one of those memory bursts. I had them pretty often, but usually at night.

For a moment she leaned against her dragon. Hiccup meanwhile seemed unfazed by November's excitement and turned instantly from casual dragon rider to Chief of Berk. Together he and Fishlegs retreated to the back of the hall, Astrid, from the other side of the room, joined them, with Valka hurrying after.

I wanted to go too, but I felt I should stay here, though what I could do to help ease Elsa'seitger discomfort or pain was unclear.

Yashia to!led her eyes, herbreathback now, "Seriously, the Flightmare is dangerous, but its nothing to faint over." I gave her a look and she returned it. "Come on rhei even you don't do that. Even when you start falling or someone grabs you with a dragon."

I winced a little, those where, in truth, the two big things that made me freak out, but she didn't need to go after Elsa. Feaflena stood nearby, concerned. As a healer in training she was always willing to help others, but her shyness made her unsure whether to approach this girl which none of us knew. 

Yashia frowned and walked away. "I have knuckleheads to track down." She muttered. That at least was true, her two brothers where probably driving some other rider nuts, either by flirting or pranks.

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Oh how I love Flying in Autumn!

Star listened intently. She wasn't worried, she never worries, but she did know the damage that the Flightmare may cause, so she was more than ready.

"It could be coming for many different reasons. Let's not jump to conclusions."

Wolf had noticed the spreading panic and had taken a place near Star. He warbled softly and nuzzled up against her shoulder.

"Hey boy. It's okay." She hugged his head tightly and he calmed down some.

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A skinny guy ran right in

A skinny guy ran right in front her path, " THE FLIGHTMARE IS COMING!!!!!!!" Lily made a disgusted face at the boy and then preteneded to give a half-smile at him. " Whatever kid, get out of my way" she advanced past him and started to walk-run. Hulk caught up with her and nudged her head. She was still angry-until she had got an idea. " K you know what?!! Where going to get Hiccup some "real" spiders. Spiders that can actualy scare people!!!" At this she got onto Hulk's back and flew off towards a hidden whispering death hole that only she knew of. Lily had been in a gloomy mood all day because she hadnt slept in 2 days.  She was worried over the things of her past-and future. Her left arm, which was always wrapped up, had started to sting and itch again. It bothered her greatly

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November and Dawnbreak

Hiccup ignored her... As usual. No one ever listened to her suggestions. He turned and began walking away with Astrid, Valka and Fishleg's.

"Hiccup!" November tried to run after him but was stopped by Dawnbreak.

Dawnbreak herding the girl to Rhei and butted her. November stared at Dawnbreak, then looked over to Rheileen then back to her dragon. She finally seemed to understand the message.



"Rhei! Rhei! The Flightmare is gonna scare Berk again!" She whined and embraced the older Viking's leg. 

"That's why, we should train it! Wouldn't that be so cool? Can we train it? Huh? Huh? Huh?" She begged bouncing up and down. Dawnbreak gave an approving snort and sat down. The Sweet Wraith curled her tail over her talons and cocked her head, fixing Rhei with a curious stare.

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I stared in surprise at the young viking clutching my leg. It had never happened to me before, and never had someone younger then myself looked to me in this way before. It was actually a bit oddand uncomfortable.

"Well, that is a good idea, but I think Hiccup and Fishlegs are..."

"Talking about alge." Yashia interrupted. I frowned. Was that all that was happening?

"Well..." I glanced first at Nove clinging to my leg, then to Elsa learn ng against her dragon, then back at Yashia. "What can you tell us Yash?"

She frowned and crossed her arms. "Fish legs wanted to check out some island, where we found a Flightmare, Fea and Fish wanted to study it, so we stopped, and whoop we doo, it started flying towards that old path it used to take. Fish legs worked out that it is coming back toBerk, I mean, it's past its usual boundaries already, and Berk is next up.

We may have taken the direct route here. But the Flightmare isn't, its taking the old path."

She frowned. "All I can tell ya Rhei."

I gave Fea a questioning look and she shrugged. "That's what happened Rhei. And we can't figure it out either. Its not the alge either. We checked on that. Yet its still headed here." She shivered. "And who knows what it will do when it gets here. I remember those old attacks years ago..." She wrapped herself inner arms, a hugged her a little. "Okay so I guess yes."

Yash grinned. "Don't tell anyone. If Hiccy finds out we're ded." I frowned but nodded. "Yes, Fea, how long does the route usually take? From the point you saw?"

Fea did a quick calculation. "One week."

"Okay, so we have one week to stop this thing, or it will arrive on Dreadfall night." I started fiddling with my hair, now I wanted to do more. 

"Leave tonight when they won't see." Yash suggested. "I'll watch on things here while you guys get out there. And Rhei, you might want to grab your Escapee friends. They're in the plaza somewhere. Though I think I saw the redhead head towards some tunnels on my way in."

I nodded, then turned to the others. "Get your things together and meet at the catapults at dusk." 

I smiled at Nove, "And maybe we actually will be able to train it." Before running out to Find Star and Lily.

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Oh how I love Flying in Autumn!

"Wait, so we're going behind Hiccup's back?" Star asked. She wasn't really expecting an answer, because it was clear.
"Sounds like this is right up my alley." She grinned. "We'll be there." She nodded firmly.

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Elsa thought of what she could do with the Flightmare. Her special darts could easily put it to sleep. But it wasn't fun without a fight. And apparently it was powerful and agile, which would make it hard to hit. 

"Seriously, the Flightmare is dangerous, but it's nothing to faint over," Yashia said. Elsa turned to face her. Anger boiled up inside her. She wasn't afraid of a silly Flightmare! How ridiculous!

Elsa reached down to get her sword, but stopped herself and pulled her hand away from the sheath. 

"Come on Rhei, even you don't do that. Even when you start falling or someone grabs you with a dragon," she continued. 

Elsa rubbed her lips together, feeling humiliated.

"Look, it's none of your business to look into what other Vikings are doing and feeling. And about the Flightmare, you dare me to take it down and I will. It's foolish to be afraid of those little things," Elsa said coldly to Yashia. 

She turned and started listening to Hiccup talking at the end of the Great Hall. She heard only bits of the conversation, but it was better than sitting around with the others. 

The girl November was rude, and too excited. Nobody could be that excited. Rheileen was more polite, but too fond of kiddy things and getting dirty. 

Now Elsa noticed another girl, watching what was happening.  

She didn't look worried, but deep in thought. 

Elsa walked over to Silver and stroked him, and checked on the darts in the saddle bags. Dark, poisonous, lethal, every type of dart ready to take on a Flightmare. 

Then she noticed Rheileen talking to the two other Viking girls behind her. Something about stopping the Flightmare. 

They were planning to fly out in the middle of the night to stop the Flightmare. This would be perfect for her. If she could prove she could stop a Flightmare, she could get an outpost. 

Elsa pretended she wasn't listening to their conversation, but started writing down on a note what she would need.  

And it would be better than sitting around at home watching everyone trying to scare each other. 

When she was done thinking it through, Elsa figured out, that she wouldn't let the others know she was coming along. They would show her the way, that she didn't know, and when everyone was asleep she would go slay the Flightmare and bring it to Hiccup. That would definitely scare everyone in the village. Maybe not slay though, maybe just put it to sleep and carry it to him. 

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{{R u guys waiting for me to

{{R u guys waiting for me to reply??}}

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((Is it still possible to join the roleplay? I'm kind of interested, and if I can join, then I hope it's fine if I could save the spot and get the form up for my character during the weekend.

PS: Finally, I have been searching all over but I have FINALLY found another person with a Desert Wraith OC! *does a victory dance*))


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An average day (so far)

****Question. Wouldn't it be nighttime if the Flightmare is out?****


Eek hung up his saddle on the line to dry. Ever since he had trained that Scauldron it would dunk itself - and Eek into the water when they would fly. "It's not Seawalker's fault, she's a Scauldron anyway." Eek thought to himself. As he hung the soaking wet saddle, he looked around at the decorations of the village. It was dreadfall alright. Eek has never really gotten "into" dreadfall, but he knew that if the Flightmare didn't scare them anymore, we needed to scare ourselves instead. We are vikings after all, and if we don't have something to do, it can turn violent quick. 


Ballista nuzzled his snout into Eek's chest. Eek started scratching his dragon behind his ear - his favorite spot. Ballista started involuntarily twitching his hind leg. This dragon trainer-dragon bonding session ended abruptly as Eek heard Fishlegs shout, "It's the Flightmare Hiccup! It's coming back to Berk!" Eek had no idea what to think of this situation. He knew that the Flightmare was a dangerous dragon, that should be taken seriously. However, he also knew that the Flightmare is not as misunderstood as it had once been. Eek ran toward the great hall, as Ballista followed him. 


When he came in, he saw vikings panicking, Hiccup and several others talking, and he saw a group of young vikings and their dragons. He only recognized one, Star. He called out, "Hey Star! What's going on? I heard Fishlegs yelling something about the Flightmare?"

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Oh how I love Flying in Autumn!

Star looked up when she heard her name.

"Hey Eek! Hey Ballista! Yeah, apparantly the Flightmare is back on it's old path, and Berk is on it." She explained.
She sent a silent question to Rhei, asking if they should tell him what they planned on doing.

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Wolf and Star
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November and Dawnbreak

"Maybe we will train it." Rhei cooned at her.

NOvemeber griined and jumped to her feet. THen, the riders filed out... and she was left... again. NOve sighed placed two hands on her dragon, Dawnbreak. She jumped, but did not quite make it onto the saddle. She tried again, and again, failing each time. Dawnbreak chuckled and nosed her rider up onto her back. November managed to scramble up onto the saddle, where she perched herself.

"FOLLOW THAT RIDER! AND STEP ON IT!" NOvember shouted, giddily.

Dawnbreak purred and then crouched and leapt into the air, winging after Rhei.

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I caught Star's glance and turned to the lad, apparently a friend of hers. "Like Star said, the Flightmare is coming back and..." I hesitated a second and glanced at Yashia, she rolled her eyes and walked away. I could practically read her thoughts, "The last thing we need isaboy on our team." 

Of course I disagreed, but then again she was the one who had two brothers, triplets they where,and she had to manage them sun up to sundown. I was the youngest in my family, so I didn't know what she did. All the same, I thought it might be nice to have another team member amongst us.

I looked to Stryker, the way he reacted to this new rider would decide. He greeted the other Triple Stryke happily, and turned to me.

//Safe. They are well intentioned.// I smiled and turned to Eek. "We where thinking if going off to stop the Flightmare, maybe try and tame it. You can join us if you like, but only if you promise not to tell," I whispered, "I respect Hiccup's opinion and all, but in some ways he's a lot like his dad, especially on the protective scale, and he might not approve of us doing this."

I winced and watched helm, how would he react?

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"Okay little bugs, were going

"Okay little bugs, were going for a ride." Lily and her dragon had successfully caught some spiders and were flying back to the center of Berk. Then she spotted some girl on a Desert Wraith-she decided to follow it.

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Oh how I love Flying in Autumn!

Star saw Rhei cringe slightly, but Star wasn't worried. She doubted Eek would tell Hiccup. If anything, he would probably join them.
Eek is a very adventurous Viking.

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Elsa fumbled with her dragons saddle and continued to listen to the conversation. They were planning to sneak out in the middle of the night and find and stop the Flightmare. She could follow them, as they knew where they were going. But Elsa would have to do the main part herself. The world was made to be challenging. You had to provide for yourself and care for no one else. Or else you wouldn't survive. 

Everyone seemed to be leaving to catch the Flightmare, or at least get supplies. Elsa would stop by her hit before she went. 

Of course she could hear everything they were talking about, but she pretended she didn't as she walked out, and tried to absorb as much information as possible. 

Twilight nudged her and they made their way out. 

Elsa flew like lightning to her hut. She leaped of Twilight perfectly and called all her dragons to her. Elsa smirked. She bet none of those other Vikings had the training and proper equipment as she to take down a Flightmare. Amateurs, and she was going to show them how to do it. 

Elsa gathered a tent, food and supplies for a week (well, a week for most Vikings but more like three for Elsa. She could live on very little food). She also got her sharpest weapons and two best crossbows in case one broke. Several arrows and darts of sleeping potion, herbs, and rope, in case anything happened that required rope. 

It was barely twenty minutes Elsa took up getting her things together, and she walked out her front door to search for the shining of departing dragons. 


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Phantom Fury

Oh well, please save me a spot. I'm already too intrigued in this.


EDIT: I got the form here!



Age: Arynaquata Ravenstone, Aryna for short

Gender: Female


I haven't finished the drawing, but for now all you need to know is that her eye and hair color matches the ones the woman in this picture has

(I don't own this picture)

Weapons: Two daggers hanging on both sides of her belt, and a recurve bow with dragon figures carved into it, and a quiver full of all sorts of different arrows.

Skills (all are welcome!): Is experienced in making and handling glass, specifically glassblowing and flameworking. She has a basic understanding of dragons and knows pretty much everything that is known about dragon species, although she is more knowledgable of Sand Wraiths and Desert Wraiths.

Extra: She and her dragon Sandslash originate from a far away island in the south that was mostly covered in deserts, where her family made and worked with glass that was then sold on the market with high prices.

Also, Aryna HATES the cold.



Dragons Name: Sandslash

Stage of Maturity: Broad Wing


Saddle/Gear: A custom saddle with saddlebags and handles to hold on to.

Extra: Sandslash first met Aryna when she found her egg after all of her other siblings had already hatched and adventured off and left her in the nest, and after she hatched she was taken in by Aryna. After staying with her for a few months, she learned how to heat up the sand she ate so much that it melted into glass, and so her family wasn't as reluctant on keeping her in their home.


Dragon Name: Hushwing

Stage of maturity: Tinytooth

Appearence: Just the regular baby Death Song appearence, only that his orange tone is the slightest more of a darker orange than normal

Extra: Hushwing is a mute Death Song. He is unable to produce any kind of sound with his vocal cords, and therefor was almost k.illed by his parents when he hatched. If it weren't for Aryna and Sandslash finding him, he would have been doomed.

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Flightmare? Danger? Risk? Count me in!

Eek realized that they were doing something secret. Something risky perhaps? Maybe even a bit crazy. Eek liked that idea, but he needed to know what it was.

One of the girls turned to him and said, "Like Star said, the Flightmare is coming back and..." she hesitated. Eek waited for a response. His dragon became uneasy. He sensed the danger that was coming. Then, another Triple Stryke came over to greet him. Ballista already had other Stryke friends, but this was a new one. He sniffed in the direction of the other dragon.

Finally, the viking whispered to him, "We where thinking if going off to stop the Flightmare, maybe try and tame it. You can join us if you like, but only if you promise not to tell.I respect Hiccup's opinion and all, but in some ways he's a lot like his dad, especially on the protective scale, and he might not approve of us doing this."

Eek was instantly in. He never really kept a secret from Hiccup, even before he was cheif, but he didn't really tell Hiccup EVERY time he went off into the unknown. He only remembered one time he made an effort NOT to tell Hiccup something. He went and attacked a hunter camp with his younger sister, Smashlly. 

"Okay, I'm in. I actually own a Flightmare, so I have an idea on how to deal with it." He said, "It might not be the best idea to bring him along, though. Flightmares are VERY territorial, the wild one might not like him. My name's Eek, by the way. This is Ballista, we're ready to take this thing on. Is this everyone who's coming?"

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Hiccup's Decision

I smiled at our new teammate. "Actually, its Star, November, who I no longer know the location of, Yashia, and myself. I don't know if Feaflena is joining us yet, or Elsa, and I still have to ask another friend." Stryker nudged me and I turned. Hiccup was walking over to us, he looked serious enough, but that wasn't always a good thing, I silently prayed that he hadn't heard our plan.

"I see Eek has joined us." He smiled a small smile in greeting to the other student, lifting his hand in a wave before turning to those of us left in the ghall. Yashia, Feaflena, Star, Eek and myself. "OK, since you guys already know about the problem, I'm gonna tell you what we are doing, so you don't worry. The Flightmare looks like it will be coming back to Berk, just like if used to. Only sooner. Weve already found out that we can't stop it,because we have already tried diverting its alge many times, and aparently it doesn't work. So we will have to do what we used to. Stay inside Dreadfall night until it passes. We can leave some food out by the docks so it will leave the villagers alone.

"I know you guys won't like that but its all we can do right now."

I frowned. "But Hiccup what about the little ones? They will have to grow up scared of dragons again,thinking g theirs might turn on them. If we just let his dragon freak us all out people will grow to fear dragons again."

Hiccup shook his head."I know, but sometimes its best to just let nature do what it does. Let this dragon pass by us, as long as we are carefully, we will be fine."

I stood firm, "Since when do you let nature do its thing all the time Hiccup? Stopping the Red Death, The Bewilderbeast. That wasn't letting nature do its thing. And just like then, we could be in danger. Flightmares caneat people, and plus, some of us have already trained some!"

Hiccup shook his head. "But they raised those ones from babies, and taught them not to harm people, the Hoffersons Bane is different."

I frowned, "But I've made friends with wild, adult Flightmare, and I'm still alive. Granted she was over a hundred, and kinda old for a dragon, but still!"

Valka approached smiling. "The two of you are too alike to settle this reasonably! Youbnoth love taking and training dragons, defending your home, and your friends, but Rhei, sometimes we have to back down. Sometimes for the good of others, we have to let nature run its path. This dragon, I saw it when I was a girl, saw it after I left Berk, its not a dragon to be trifled with. Unlike the others we have faced, its not a threat as much as a creature on a journey, we just are in its way. As long as we leave it alone. It will treat us the same."

I frowned and looked at the floor. In some ways, I knew they where right, but in others, they weren't. There had to be a good reason, and an answer. And even if Hiccup was just goin g to leave thjingsbe, I wanted to find them.

"Do you understand dear?" Valka asked gently. I nodded and walked away, out of the Hall and up Tony favorite of Berk's mountain peaks. I sat down to think for a moment. Stryker came up and nosed at me.

Sighing I turned to him."You know what I'm taking about right? Berk doesn't deserve this! Hiccup is doing what he sees best. And he's right! But stopping the Flightmare is right too!" Stryker whined softly, dislikingmy frustration, and I began to pet him to help him calm. "I know what it is to fear dragons! I was raised to love you guys, but life showed me tyo fear as well." The feeling of my mask against the scars on my face made we wince, but I continued to vent my feelings. I just had too! I needed too! "Dragons are like Hiccup says, kind and wonderful creatures that can bring people together. All of them should have a chance of that! But this one, every one is to scared of it!" I flopped back, and Stryker nosed at me, //Are you alright?//

I nodded, "Yeah, I just wish Xanadu was here. Shed have an answer for me." I sighed quietly. Wishing for my old mentor and counselor. Wiser then even my grandfather had been.

Storm walked over to us, withZifi and Sand any her side. The wholly howl quickly came over and Nuzzled me softly. //Don't worry Dragon Heart, we have seen worse then this plenty of times. And I believe in you.// Sanda echoed her softly, licking my check with her rough tongue. Stormjsut stood there, //Well, are we still flygoing? Because when i dont like this nest, any winged one who attacks this nest needs to be stopped.//

I nodded and from amidst the heads of my faithful friends. "Yes, we are still going. Dark tonight."

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Aryna, Sandslash and Hushwing~

"C'monnnnnn, this is ssooooooo haaaaaaaarddddddd" complained the brunette laying on the ground completely sprawled out, with spider webs and pumpkin guts all over her face, hair, and arms. Beside her was a even messier and Thor knows how a glowing Desert Wraith about to burst into hysterical laughter, and a rather dumbfound looking baby Death Song just staring at the scene in front of it. Aryna had decided that hey, this is her and her dragons first Dreadfall ever, might as well try and do the stuff everyone else seems to be doing right now. Like, decorating your house with spoopy glowy algae, or putting spider webs all over your house, or carving a few dozen or so pumpkins until all you can do is drop d.ead on the ground in pure exhaustion and newfound hatred for this strange, strange holiday.

Soooouuuu, naturally what happened was that Aryna had decided to go along with what everyone else was doing, and decided to first get some glowing algae to paint stuff on with. But, of course, just like always, Sandslash got curious at the strange blue slimey goo that was sitting in a few of the buckets her human companion and sister in crime had brought, and her first thought was; "Hey, why not eat this strange probably poisonous substance I have never come across my entire life and have no knowledge of without first making sure it's alright with the person who does know more about it and leave it a complete secret for everyone else". And, when Aryna came back with a few pumpkins in her arms, not only did she get a sore foot from dropping all of the veggies out of pure shock, but she also got to see a flippin' glowing Desert Wraith showing off her shine to nearby kids who were not only incredibly adorable in their costumes, but they were also scaring the living lights out of Hushwing who was clinging for his dear life on a nearby leafless tree helplessly.

And after Aryna was able to shoo away the kids in their dragon costumes and get Hushwing out of the tree and calm him down, did she decide to scratch the algae idea and instead invest on getting some spider webs and spiders on her house's walls. So, hopping onto her mighty flying reptile and leaving her smaller and more cuter (no offense Sandslash) reptile to rest inside, they left off towards the spider silk farm.

After finally deciding on a good price she and Sandslash came flying back towards their hut with a good bundle of spider webs and some spiders in a container that they could decorate the walls with, and definitely scare some of the arachnophobiatic people of the village. So, when Aryna got to the first and biggest wall of her house, she was feeling pretty confident in her skills and really did feel like she could do this. And, she probably would have succeeded at putting the webs all over her house, if it wasn't for the fact that she forgot how strong and sticky spider web actually is. So, first wall. Aryna takes out the first bag of web. The webs had been packed into special non-stick bags that were layered so that the webs wouldn't stick to ach other. Aryna had specifically bought webs that hadn't been treated yet, so that it would add to the effect of it looking really authentic. Opening the bag, she immediately realized that getting the webs to stick to the walls was going to be a challenge. But hey, no matter. She can handle this. Folding out the bag completely, she grabs the two upper corners, and calls Sandslash over to help. But no, Sandslash doesn't help, because she's too busy showing off her glowing body to other people again. Traitor. Simply huffing in frustration, she decides that she can do it anyway. So, reaching out for the corners, she tries patting the corners of the webs onto the walls so that they would stick. She does it with the two lower corners as well, and after a few minutes of patting and slowly pulling off the protective fabric, she looks at her handywork. Huh. Not too shabby, it actually holds. Shrugging and giving it one last stare to make sure it really does holds, she makes an approving noise and turns around to upen the container and put a spider on the web. And just at that moment, as if on cue, the web falters and falls elegantly onto it's finest and final victim, Aryna.


So, spider webs are out. As if screaming in terror and being covered in a net of spider silk while multiple people were watching wans't embarrasing enough, the spiders she had just bought escaped into the darkness that seemingly welcomed them eagerly and her very own dragon, her sister in crime, didn't even bother to help her out over all of her dragony laughter that resembeled more like a d.ying birds final screeches in Arynas ears right about there and then.What ended up happening was that Aryna somehow managed to clean herself off of most of the webs, except for those on her face and hair, those strands just outright refused to get off. So in a final effort to redeem herself, she decided to carve the greatest pumpkin Berk had ever seen during all of it's Dreadfalls. Feeling overambitious, she retreated into her lair filled with glass and amber objects to her drawing board, where she drew a great design to the pumpkin. It was an illustration of the dreaded Flightmare flying over Berk, terrorizing even the mightiest of viking warriors on it's path. Satisfied, she left off to get the best pumpkin Berk had to offer with whatever energy she had left, and after a few hours of going about, she finally found it. Well, technically it was the second greatest pumpkin Berk had to offer since Hiccup, Valka and Nove were carving the greatest pumpkin inside the Great Hall, but she didn't know that. So when she got home, she placed the pumpkin in front of her house, and took out all of the equipment she would need in order to create the masterpiece of her dreams. And, the beginning seemed to go pretty well, actually. She had opened the top, and had drawn her design on the pumpkins vivid orange skin. Although pulling out the guts proved to be a bit of a bigger challenge than she had expected. By now her entire arms were covered in guts and seeds. Deciding to take a small break, she went inside her hut and after a moment she came outside with a more energized Hushwing, who when put down on the ground, immediately ran off towards the pumpkin.

While the carving project had taken off a good start, immediately when Aryna started working on the pumpkin again did things start to go downhill. In her exhaustion she forgot that the pumpkin was still filled up with guts and seeds, she started cutting out the shapes of the outside of the pumpkin, which ended up becoming a disaster. A few Terrible Terrors had caught on the smell of pumpkin, and started assaulting Aryna in a battle for the guts and seeds. Sandslash did end up chasing them away soom enough though. And when Aryna turned around to see what was going on with Hushwing for one second, Sandslash decided to get her paws messy and stuck her head into the pumpkin to taste the guts, which only ended in a big mess. And when Aryna had finally reached her point of breaking, Sandslash accidentally pushed her so that her head went right into the open hole on the pumpkin. So, after a moment of silence, Aryna's head emerged from the pumpkin, and she was completely covered in guts. Sandslash was barely containing it, and Hushwing just looked at Aryna weirdly. And so, she just collapsed dramatically on the ground, arms and legs sprawled out, and she groaned out; "C'monnnnnn, this is ssooooooo haaaaaaaarddddddd".

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Oh how I love Flying in Autumn!



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"Actually, its Star, November, who I no longer know the location of, Yashia, and myself. I don't know if Feaflena is joining us yet, or Elsa, and I still have to ask another friend." the girl replied. Eek hardly knew any of these people, except for Star of course, but he figured that he would find out.

"I see Eek has joined us," Eek heard a voice behind him. It was Hiccup. Hiccup raised his hand to wave at Eek. Eek smiled and waved back. Hiccup then turned to the other students, when he told everyone the plan.

"That's it?!" Eek thought to himself, "Says the same guy who wouldn't give up on Scauldy, who wasn't going to let Bing, Bam, and Boom the Thunderdrums be left for dead. This hardly sounds like you Hiccup." Eek wanted to say this but he didn't want to disrespect the new cheif, however long he had known him. Then Valka came over and backed Hiccup in his argument. 

The viking who had been arguing with Hiccup suddenly walked out of the hall and took off flying on her Stryke. Ballista watched as his potential new friend left. He twitched his ear as a fly pestered him. Eek wasn't sure what to do. Should he listen to the chief, or should he try to protect Berk? Eek started remembering things about the Flightmare, about how his family was basically shamed by that dragon, and how his uncle had been killed by it. He knew that his cousin, Astrid had went after it with Hiccup, and they redirected the flow of algea, so that....so that....wait a second.

Eek decided to calm everyone down. "Hey guys, you know that Hiccup, Astrid and Fishlegs redirected the path of glowing algea to the ocean instead of flowing to the village? Well, the Flightmare would follow the stream of algea, minding its own business, until the stream let it to the village. When it got to the village, the Flightmare saw us as a threat to its food source, so it attacked. When the Dragon Riders diverted the stream, it never got rid of the Flightmare for good, the Flightmare still comes every ten years, but it will now follow the algae to the sea instead of to us." Eek paused, "So it was bound to come back anyway, we just don't have to worry about it hurting us anymore. So the real question is not 'how are we going to deal with it?' The question is, 'why is it here after only 5 years instead of 10?' What made it come back after only half of the time it should?"


****I am not making this informaton up, that is actually the reason why the Flightmare attacked them in the show. I figured I would say just in case someone hasn't seen the episode or just doesn't remember.****

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Someone has uncovered a clue!!!!! Yay!!!

I saw all of the episodes, and yes, I do remember that one. But the whole things, why? Why is it coming back, three years early? When the alge is clearly diverted? This my comrades is the reason of this roleplay!

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Oh how I love Flying in Autumn!

Star sighed and left her position leaning on the wall.

"Dreadfall is the celebration of the fact that we don't have to live in fear if the Flightmare any more. But this year, there will be no celebrating, for we are in fear once more." She said firmly.

Star walked away saying, "Oh, and here's a bright idea. How about we tell people not to decorate their houses with the Flightmare's food source?"

Star left the Great Hall, clearly showing her disagreement in the matter, but not arguing further. She needed to get ready for a trip.

She mounted Wolf and the group took off.

She arrived at the home that she shared with her sister, Lex, and got to work. Packing dried fruits, bread, water, extra clothes (because you never know what could happen. Especially with the Flightmare and glowing algae) blankets, dried fish for her dragons (just in case they couldn't find any to catch)

She thought she was all ready, but then she was reminded that she always let's her dragons pick one small thing to bring.

Polaris brought her a leather ball, Skyfire brought a bottle of oil that she liked using to polish her horn, and Wolf just seemed confused.

"It's a tradition of ours. Every time we go on a trip, everybody gets to bring one thing to remind them of home." Star said, sitting next to him.

He nuzzled up against her, asking the question, "What do you bring?"

Star smiled down at him. "I don't need anything to remind me of home. I'm always home if I'm with you." She hugged his head tightly.

Wolf stood and started looking for something to bring, but never found anything.
Or maybe he did.

He walked up to Star and nudged her.

"You want to bring me?" She asked.

Wolf smiled widely.

"Okay." She smiled back.

Finally finished packing, she attached the now full saddle bags to her dragon's saddles.

"Okay guys. Now we just wait for dark."

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Eek pondered the question,

Eek pondered the question, "What made the Flightmare come back after only half of the time?" He thought to himself. But his thoughts were interrupted by Ballista nudging is arm. "Ballista, what's wrong?" The dragon looked out the doors of the Great Hall. Eek walked out of the hall and outside. It was starting to get dark. Eek was confused on what was wrong with Ballista, when the Triple Stryke started nudging him again. Eek looked around, and saw a green and yellow Changewing sitting on the roof of a house, a very messy-looking house. The dragon was staring down over the house. Almost as if it was stalking something - or someone. Eek knew that the dragon was his and he immediately started running toward the house. When he was almost at the house it was too late. The stealthy predator focused on its prey and dove off of the house.

The Changewing jumped down next to a Desert Wraith - that was glowing for some reason. The Changewing roared, and ate a smashed pumpkin that was on the ground. The house came into Eek's view. There were pumpkin guts and spiderwebs everywhere. Eek saw a viking laying on the ground. He gasped. He never thought that his trained dragon would ever do such a thing as attack a villager! He shouted at the dragon, "Hypnowing, you are in big trouble! What did you do?!" Eek was afraid that the Desert Wraith would then attack his dragon for attacking its owner, and Eek didn't know what to do.

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You walked into it Eek....

"Hello mister obvious." Yashia shook her head giving the newcomer a disapproving scowl. "We know that the Flightmare last came five years ago. We know that the alge has been redirected, Hec, some of us watched it. Not that Hiccup knows that or anything, ask him and it was just him and Astrid." She shrugged."But that's beside the point. What is the point his that we are stopping it. No matter what Chief Hicci says."

Yashia frowned and stomped off, followed by her non to happy screaming death. Feaflena approached Eek I little more gently. "Forgive her, she doesn't like boys. She has brothers, so..." She shrugged. "Anyway, glad you are gonna join us." She bit her lip and looked at Hiccup, "Even if they are mostly right. But still, we should do what's right and...well, I guess breaking the rules counts this time." She reddened a bit and bwaved before running off with her Zippleback following, doubtless to get ready for the trip. Feaflena was coming.



I frowned and walked down to the stables. They whereby far from the cliff I sat on, being inside the mountain and just behind the cliff. This was where I made my Berk home. Never separated long from my winged friends.

The internet was that Boca cave, with shorings and supports, and different smaller caves for each dragon. My space was tucked nearly beside the door, on a small dais. A soft framed bed and chair, a  desk, dresser, and small table, occupied bthe space that wasn't full of barrels and crates of my hodge podge of collectibles. I smiled and walked over to bthe bed tugging out my well worn haversack and sorting through it. //Can't bring this hold thing anymore, at least not until I get the seams fixed again.// I whispered in dragonese. I opened the sack and let my things fall to the floor. These where all that had had when Star Lily and I had escaped from the hunters base a couple years back.

A small box emblazoned with the seal of the Defenders of the Wing, holding a bolas, tiny grappling hook, and my lock picks. My trusty wrist guards, their tiny compartments full with different chemicals, and extra lockpick sealed in place alongside my sling shot. My medallion, rarely worn now, after the incidents I had had with it before. Its strange metal still lustrous and smooth. The chord was old and wearing, but I wouldn't change it for a new one. 

Then their where my journals, the collections of everything that I had seen and done non the past five years, or was it six?

And lastly, my knives. Including the first I had ever owned. The first of my father, and grandfather, and lastly the one my brother had given me when I turned twelve. I smiled and softly touched their glistening hilts. Like everything in the bag, they where old and worn, but still dutifully cared for.

Gently setting them inside a new bag, in a small inside pocket for ready access, I moved on to the tack at hand. Each one of my four main dragons could carry two bags. Four would hold food for the trip, that was already taken care of, as there where four bags ready packed hanging on a nail. But the last four might he a touch harder. This was a mission, and I needed to pack light, but still carry all the things I might need. Thank Ghod for the experiences I had had before, to remind me of what I needed. A tent carefully waterproofed and patched as well as some pegs and a lightweight hammer.

In the second I set a healers kit, And some carefully corked bottles, each filled with a different substance, not limited to Flightmare gas, nightmare gell and nightfury siliva. 

Lastly I packed a foldable fishing rod and small net, a long, thin, and extremely durable rope, an extra cloak and tunic, and my personal memoirs of home; my old collection.

I laid the sacks out on the floor, which was about dragon head level, and turned to my friends. //Is that everything?//

Each sniffed the bags, bnosing through if they felt like it, before responding.

//You have your human blades, and food, that's all we need.// was Storm's reaction, before she walked away to keep watch over the entrance. Stryker snorted at her and sniffed at the bags. //Yes, you have brought all the things for survival.//

Zifinia seconded him, but Sanda gave me a sorrowfully look. I started and nodded. "Of course." I opened a drawer and pulled out a second mask, this would double as a blindfold for her when she got to scared, and amber ear plugs, to block out the noises. Many times people had teased me about Sanda's high sensitivity to sound and sights. Dreadfall decorations alone could scare her. But I never listened, Sanda and I where alike in so many ways. Like me, she had seen some of the worst of the world, and all the hate and horror it had to offer. Never would I decline her the chance to block out her fears.

Settling Sanda's things in the side pouch with my own, as well as a bit of the dragon nip I so rarely used, I connected the bags to their straps, and Storm's saddle. Later tonight I would settle them over the backs of my dragons, but for now, they would be free of their weight. 

I sat cross legged at the edge of my rooms platform floor, my dragons all gathering around. //Okay everyone, early sleptime. Who gets to tell stories tonight?// Hatheort, my singetail nest friend was happy to speak up.

While we waited for the sun to crest the hills, to hide nits face behind the mountains, we listened to a tale of the hidden jungles not Impossible island, their mazes and the secret passages in the buildings of the Defenders of the Wing.

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****Oops. I guess I skipped

****Oops. I guess I skipped forward a bit too much. Time to rewind!****



Eek was surprised as the viking girl basically scolded him. "Forgive her, she doesn't like boys. She has brothers, so... Anyway, glad you are gonna join us. Even if they are mostly right. But still, we should do what's right and...well, I guess breaking the rules counts this time." The girl said to Eek. He replied, "It's alright. My point was that we shouldn't be surprised that it's here, but we should figure out why it's here NOW. But it's okay. It's a time of uneasiness for most so I'll give her some slack." Eek had to figure it out for himself too.

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