Dreadfall Last Call!

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The end of Dreadfall is nigh, and as such, the Dreadfall-themed Dragon Tactics levels are making their final victory lap! 



... But the Dreadfall-themed Dragon Tactics aren't the only feature on the way out.  Only ONE DAY LEFT to participate in all things Dreadfall before the grace period begins, so don't forget to embark on those Dreadfall-themed missions, earn those candies, and snag the Bonestormer (complete with the Dreadfall-themed skin!) while you can!



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Got them all!

I won all the prizes! Including my Bonestormer, Thailog!


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That's actually a really cool render!

I finally earned the ultimate prize yesterday, so I was just in time!  Thanks for the work you all put into this event, Team! ...Even though the quests were glitchy at best (and completely broken at worst), the Dreadfall Valley racetrack never functioned in multiplayer, and I feel the story of the Boneknapper and Bonestormer was never really satisfactorily wrapped up. 

Still though, I had a lot of fun doing this, and am happy to have participated! :)


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I forgot about the DT levels! Suppose that would be something for me to explore.


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Thank goodness it's concluding. These events need a lot of work if they're going to continue. There were very many bugs, just about as many as I remember from last Dreadfall. Only got up to the Bonestormer shield, but that's all I really wanted. Going to be completely honest, waiting around for these events to end far surpasses any excitement I had for them previously.

The racing needs a big update-

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Please be more honest about when you're ending events

You could have been a bit more clear when you said that you'd be removing the special features. I logged in today hoping to earn some candy only to find that only the Dreadfall pop up and the decorations were still up. Next time, please be honest about when the event ends and just pull everything at the same time. You caused me to become upset when I found out that I'd missed out on the Bonestormer- and I was so close when I'd found out that I did.



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When you tell us "six days of

When you tell us "six days of Dreadfall", I assume you mean six days of Dreadfall left, and I have six more days to gather candy -- bugs you never fixed notwithstanding -- before buying the difference.


The one time I actually want to buy candy chests, there are none.

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Insert Subject Here

That's exactly what I thought. Since this is my very first event (never done one in the past due to not gaining any interest to get back into the game) I thought the event would end when it says it will and the date on the Dreadfall items in the store will end earlier. But no, everything Dreadfall is gone with 6 days left of the event. 
Like what is the point of those extra 6 days if you can't get candies anyway? I saw there was still an option to exchange items but you can't even buy the Dreadfall chests anymore to get those items. Might as well end the event now, pretty pointless of it still existing. 

On the other hand, don't worry if you didn't get the Bonestormer. I know I didn't and I don't really care. Guaranteed it will come back in the store for 1000 gems. Just like all the other supposedly 'exclusive' dragons from previous events have. 



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When you tell us "six days of

Double post, disregard.

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Speaking of Event Dragons...

I've thought of a way/suggestion as to how the Bonestormer might come back as an earnable (if not buyable) dragon in Snoggletog. The Bonestormer is half Boneknapper, and half Stormcutter. The Boneknapper part was highlighted during Dreadfall. During Snoggletog, the devs/admins could highlight the Stormcutter part of the hybrid. They could show off the vain/serious part of the dragons personality and the increased tolerance- or even preferance for an Arctic climate- the Stormcutter seems to be an Arctic/Temperate dragon, and both its description and class (Sharp Class) show it to be a vain dragon with a serious streak. For the Holiday spirit part, they could give the dragon a bit of an... Ebbeniser Scrooge type role- perhaps you can find one in the Snoggletog maze with a sign that reads "Bah Humbug!", or perhaps you can find one in one of the events quests, refusing to take part in the festivities. Ther latter idea might boil down to the Bonestormer seeing the festivities as being beneath its sense of dignity... or it might just boil down to this being the Bonestormer's way of saying "Bah Humbug!"