DragonsTale ends before it even started

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Hey guys! Am I posting too much today? I hope not! Anyway, you guys probably didn't know, but a year or so ago, I had started an animation called 'Dragons aren't bad'. Wow. Sheesh why me? Anyway, after working on it for a short while, I cancelled it cause the story sucked. Much to the disappointment of some people. Then last year I decided to continue it with a better story! Hooray everyone's happy! I released a teaser on YouTube with its new, less terrible name, DragonsTale!

Ever wonder why DragonsTale is taking so long? (minis no access to my animation program) Well... I've been thinking and thinking but I can't fix it... the story sucks. Still. Instead, I will be working my School of Dragons animated series! So the DragonsTale animations are gone for now. Maybe one day I'll revive it when I think of a better story. As for the School of Dragons one, that will tell Aunrey's story with Flier, her Monstrous Nightmare! Yeah thats right, I'll be animating humans! (Thank you Arrow for coming to my rescue btw. My humans are coming along nicely. :'D) It'll go the same way as the game but... different. Ya know? Like how a story is told differently animated than in-game. For example, she will meet Flier instead of hatching him, there isn't really any quests but more 'How to, by dragon nerds', and there will be other little adventures inside! And to make you and I both excited, I will also animate the expansions! Again, just a bit different. I even have perfect music for them! Some HTTYD, a bit of mystery dungeon,  and of course, The Last Guardian. A downside though, is that I am nowhere ready to work with people to give voices to the characters. So there will be sound effects, music, but no voices. There will be text to tell what everyone is saying, MAYBE some lip syncing I don't know yet. It could be terrible.

Oh... yes.... at the end of one of the expansions, probably the one after 'Brave the Storm', I will have something else much more original in the works for the series. It gon bee epic. What do you guys think?



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