Dragons in way to the Hidden World, stories with new dragons by belubel2014

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Name: Belen
                                                      Age: 28
I like: Drawing, sing, cooking
Birthday: April 9th
Languaje: Spanish (but I can understand some of english)
Favourites tvshow and movies: The Secret Saturdays, Pokemon and obviously HTTYD
I like the fiction, fantasy. I love dragons and dinosaurs.
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Here my dragons adopted by artists from here! Thank you!..
My new friend Rainbowcutter, specie made by chameishida. Very thank you very much!!
Some of my drawings of dragons:
(The white dragon with plumage/fur does not belong to me, that dragon is the creation of Quetzy Dinodragon)
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this was made for FLITT. MY BABY!, thank you!!
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I started to create new stories interacting with most of my dragons plus some extra dragons, where they will head towards the Hidden World. Sorry my bad english but translating all this is difficult and as I said .. I speak spanish.
I hope you like it. 
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1rst story
The history of dragons is not yet over, some dragons have not yet reached the Hidden World and the Alpha Night Fury knows this. His name is Toothless, he was shot down and wounded by a young viking who later became his friend. They lived together for years until one day he met a female, a dragon both similar and different at the same time. The dragons decided that they could not coexist in a world still full of evil and took refuge under a great waterfall. The Alpha Night Fury, Toothless has a family; three hybrid offspring of him and his dragon. The Light Fury, Toothless partner, loves her family but knows that Toothless still has a special attachment to the young viking. She does not want to leave her refuge but she knows that Toothless is right, and they must rescue the rest of the dragons that have not crossed to the dragon's home. This is how the first of many adventures of Toothless and her partner begins. The adventure begins with them mainly flying above the clouds observing their surroundings to see if they find more dragons to protect ... when they see a huge island. Stealthily they approach to see that he lived there, with the slightest danger they gave the retreat. On this rather forested island there were some very small dragons, white with wings in the shape of a heart, and later there were more dragons. Many were new species, only recognizing the Terrible terrors. The Light Fury seemed more curious than usual and cautious at the same time. Toothless looked around before leaving. When the alpha Toothless approached the small group that was near a small puddle he asked:
"Why do they live here? - to whom the little ones looking at each other say:" because it is our home, we live here "
Toothless watches them and says: "But they don't have to live here, follow me ... there is a better place, where they are safer, the HIDDEN WORLD offers security and without any danger of being attacked by a human"
The dragons look at each other and say: "We are fine here, we are not at risk"
Toothless says: "Some humans are bad and take advantage of everything they see or touch, if they get here, how do they protect themselves?" - the dragons look at him and say:
"We are not weak you know, plus as long as we have our alpha we are fine."
Toothless raising his wings says "I am the alpha of ALL dragons" to what the little ones say: "You are not the alpha here, but you can talk to our alpha and he will decide the best" - Toothless relaxes and says - "Where's your alpha?"
"You can find him over there on the beach" - says one of the dragons and Toothless nods and takes flight. On the beach there was a huge dragon with more dragons surrounding it, they were more new species, it landed and approached - "mister alpha, I am Toothless the alpha of ALL dragons, I come to ask you to agree to come with us to the Hidden World, a space for ALL dragons where I assure you more protection "- the dragon observes it with curiosity -" how did you become alpha? "- Toothless replied:" I defeated the Alpha Bewilderbeast and that made me an alpha "- the dragon raised his head -" the sBewilderbeats huh ?, because I take you at your word "- Toothless continued -" come with us, the Hidden World is a place where no human can access " - The dragon replied - "Thanks for the offer but we are fine here, we have what we need" - Toothie complained - "but humans could .." - and was interrupted by the great dragon - "I do not doubt that, but we are careful with our environment, we have an excellent sentry "- he said looking up. Toothless did the same and saw a blue dragon circling on the beach. Toothless looked at the alpha of the place and continued:" they would not need that in the Hidden World "- the dragon looked at him and spoke -" I don't doubt it and I didn't want to ero disrespect him but for now we are fine, at the time we will go but not now "- suddenly the blue dragon landed in front of the great dragon -" there is nothing approaching sir "- the dragon nodded and relaxed -" take a break Stains "- Stains, the blue dragon bows and flies to the upper area -" and you also relax alpha, eat some fish and don't worry "- Toothless looks around, he knows he can't stay long there. As they walked around watching the dragons rest on the grass, Toothless remembered their time living there. Part of him wanted to regain that life, while the Light Fury, who approached him, stroked him with his head and then denied it.
"I know you miss him, but we do not belong here, our world is in the Hidden World, we live and belong there" - Toothless under the head, and remembered that he is right, now he lives with her, he has a family and they are safer. Having no choice in how to convince the dragons to follow them, they decided to take flight and return home. When they arrived, Cloudjumper rushed over to them and said, "Sorry but your hatchlings ran away." - it only occurred to Toothless to go back out and look for them but they had no idea where they might have gone. In full flight out of the Hidden World again, the Light Fury suggested if they had attempted to return to Berk but Toothless denied that assumption. They despaired of not knowing this time where they had gone. As they flew, they asked each little dragon that passed by, describing them as three hatchlings similar to them, being two black and one white. No one reported seeing them and as they flew higher, they recognized a certain dragon they had seen previously. When the dragon stopped in front of them, Toothless asked: "Are you that dragon from the island from a while ago? What are you doing here?" - The dragon without changing his expression said to them - "I am flying where I want" - Toothless continued - "What do you think if we guide you to the Hidden World? That place you can be safer" - the grumbling dragon and said - "I'm perfect here thanks" - Toothless again tried to convince him but the dragon replied more annoyed - "Who told you that our home is under a great waterfall? We have the same right as humans and I'm not going anywhere if I don't want "- Toothless was not going to discuss anything at that time since he was more worried about his young and asked him -" Didn't you see three young like us pass by here? They are two blacks and one white "- the grumbling dragon and He denied having seen them. Toothless shouted to heaven and was answered with a sharper scream. Behind the blue dragon a white dragon like a bird approached and the blue dragon brushed her with his head - "who is she?" - asked Toothless and the dragon replied - "she is my female and I know she is squeaky" - suddenly more sharp cries were heard behind them, they were three small dragons similar to the blue dragon but with the plumage of the white dragon. Toothless approached and sniffed them and one of them bit him lightly with his almost toothless mouth - "Are you raising yours?" - The dragon only answered affirmatively. Toothless asked if anyone could help them find their young, the blue dragon suggested separating and searching. The blue dragon suggested waiting because they should shelter the young and then search. Toothless worried because too much time passed and they didn't know if a hunter already had them. The blue dragon suggested a nearby island to leave their young and the less time they took, the faster they would search. Toothless and Light Fury had no choice, they were also parents so they followed them. On a small island, there were a couple of dragons and the blue dragon approached to ask for help. After a small conversation, the dragons agreed to take care of their young and the blue dragon, its female and more the two Furies went out in search of the young NIGHT LIGHTS. While Toothless and the blue dragon (Stains) separated towards one end, Angel (the dragon pair of Stains) and Light Fury looked for another end, thus covering more ground. They searched all possible islands and across the sea, while on a huge island, a ship was arriving, giving a view of a large castle, two little twins were fighting when their father entered announcing their arrival with a gift. He puts the cage on the ground and ... there were 3 little dragon hatchlings, 2 black and one white. The excited siblings claimed the offspring but since there were only three, who was left with the last ?.
Twin 1: I want both blacks!
Twin 2: Why is he going to have two? I deserve it.
The discussion father decided that the third would belong to him but that he would divide the task between the two to take care of him. The brothers, still annoyed by any of them, stayed with the last one, accepted and put chains on them so that they would not escape. The little dragons were terrified, and their father had warned them to be careful with humans. It was already dark and Toothless and Light Fury were stressed, Stains suggested a single course that was missing but was risky, a large island, inhabited by humans. They did not know what to expect and if they were prepared, but they were willing to do anything for their young. Hours later, some men approached their king and proclaimed their displeasure at the situation:
- "Sir, you can't seriously let them have these things here" - said one of them. The king affirmed that it was not a problem but the man claimed - "but they are dragons, reptiles spit fire" - to which the king replied - "they are babies, they are not a problem, also think about it, if we raised them from this age, adults will serve us to conquer lands "- to which another of the men claimed -" but what if their parents appear? " - the king exclaimed - "we should not worry about that, remember; we are smarter than any other human being and more than those creatures, my plan is infallible" - the men did not agree and decided to leave. It was getting dark and the king asked his children to prepare for a meeting later, so the children chained the dragon babies in their rooms. As the king and his sons enlisted, the baby blue-eyed baby was trying to find a way out, for the first time her white-green-eyed brother was unhappy with what happened to them and blamed her baby blue-eyed sister. She grumbled as her parents approached the island. The dragons knew that they must be cautious, as they did not know how armed these humans were. They managed to spot a huge castle and Stains suggested investigating there, also taking on the role of a sentinel to ensure that humans would not discover them. Walking around the castle to see if there were no humans nearby. Fortunately, the humans were not in the castles as they would all attend a meeting that night. Stains landed on the ceiling and watched. They were more advanced than the vikings and wore armor on their body. Toothless climbing up the ceiling I look for an opening, I enter the castle holding on to the ceiling. He checked around him and then released himself and walked on the ground sniffing. The Light Fury was more direct and flew inward and remained in midair. The young, who were chained in a room, lay down while the blue-eyed black female still thought about what trouble she would get into now if her parents found them. Toothless grazing his nose on the ground sniffing in every space of each door until he felt the familiar scent and let out a slight roar. The young were alerted and felt the scent of their father. Toothless began to rip open the door in an attempt to open it, he gave a slight roar to his female and she sniffed in the small opening as well. Tooth and Light Fury charged their plasma shot and smashed down the door. The young were glad to see them and their parents went straight to them, observed the chains and smelled them. Then with their force of jaws they pulled to unhook them, they had to pull several times to break one of the beams of the bed to break the chain, while Stains who was watching, warned two humans to approach and tried to warn the Furies that there were problems . The humans who were the king and a soldier, plus the two children who returned to the house for having forgotten something and to observe the young, one of the children looked up and pointed to the great golden-winged dragon that was watching them from the ceiling . Stains began to charge his shot, the king alerted more guards and the soldier next to the king stood in front of the children and took out his shield just as the blue dragon fired. When more warriors arrived they began to shoot and the blue dragon (Stains) continued to shoot to give the two Furies time to escape. Some guards plus the king entered the castle only to see how two huge dragons left the castle with the young. The two Furies shot towards these windows breaking the glass. The guards continued firing trying to shoot down the two giants while the blue dragon announced the retreat and took flight with his female. The people watched 4 winged beasts soaring above them while Stains shot to keep them at bay. The king got a little frustrated but they had already warned him and he thought that next time they would arm themselves more and that they would be more anticipated of this. The children complained and cried about losing their pets but the father assured them that it would not happen again. As they left the island, Manchas and his female went the opposite way to the two Furies since they had to retrieve their young. Toothless asked them again if they did not want to follow them into the hidden world and Stains again refused to stay locked up. As they watched them walk away they decided to scold their young, again blamed the blue-eyed black and then returned to the Hidden World.


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2nd story
In a beautiful place, peaceful and full of free dragons, there was a family of dragons that led the place. They were a black dragon with its female equal to him but white and its three hybrid offspring. The two adults started the flight through their home but one of the young refused to fly. Her father noticed that he was not following him and approached her: "What's wrong? Let's fly" - she still with a lowered head said - "I don't want to, I'm bored to be here" - the black dragon, the alpha named Toothless repressed him - "I know it is not a unique life but after what you did yesterday, you will not leave this place and you have to adapt, we all have done it" - the dragon looked away annoyed - "you know what better, it's safer here "- said the Black Fury. The little blue-eyed little dragon turned and the Fury pushed her to make her fly and keep her sight. That night, the little girl was having trouble sleeping and she looked towards the exit of the great waterfall and decided not to stay, so she tried to wake up her brothers. They did not want to leave but the small female insisted and got ready to fly, unfortunately her brothers did not follow her which bothered her a little but without losing an opportunity she decided to leave on her own. This time trying not to let any human see her. She was moving further away until a shadow covered her, she saw behind her and it was a huge dragon with red eyes and she began to flap her wings as much as she could. The dragon was approaching and she decided to fire a shot to camouflage herself; unfortunately it did not last long and when the great dragon looked over it, she saw it and climbed up and grabbed its tail, then threw it after her and with its huge tail wrapped it and began to fly in another direction. The frightened calf tried to get out but couldn't get rid of that sticky tail that was pressing on her. The dragon came to an island and when it landed, he released it. The little dragon caught sight of a very long-necked dragon with two horns and a pouch on its stomach. It generated calm and he felt he did not want to hurt her, soon other baby dragons approached playfully and the little dragon began to become calmer and happier and followed the little ones. And for the first time, she felt the softness of the grass and challenging in the very happy. It was a small island with few dragons and even she did not understand why they did not go to a safer place but she felt free. The dragon with the bag on her belly and with big horns guided her to her boss, the leader of the island and she explained everything: "This is a small refuge, but more than anything we rescue young dragons that have been lost, ¿ where are your parents?" - The little dragon girl replied - "They are in a place under a great waterfall, it is the refuge of ALL the dragons but it is boring and I escape" - the leading dragon was surprised and said even with her soft voice - "You should not do that to your parents little one, even if it is a boring place, you must stay with them, they are your voice of reason, the world is very dangerous out here "- the little dragon interrupted -" but you do not seem to mind being exposed "- the great dragon said with a slight smile - "you are right, but we are adults and we take care of ourselves .." - he paused briefly and continued - "you can stay awhile if you want but if your parents come you have to go with them" - the little dragon under his head and the big dragon with his tail lifted his chin - "you are a brave little dragon, huh? ha; you remind us of some of us here including me, go play and you .." - pointing at the black-eyed dragon red - "attentive to everything, if your parents or a human appears" - the dragon nodded and flew away. The little dragon with curved horns and a bag accompanied the little black and white dragon with blue eyes to tell them about the place - "we consider ourselves a nursery, we save dragons of all kinds but more of the babies since they need more protection and here you can see that there are more of them than adults "- the little dragon wagged her tail and felt the breeze and watched the horizon with the dragon. The young Saverscale and the little dragon quote Nightlight along with a small group of dragons from that island flew out. The dragon with the huge horns showed her her favorite area, where an air current crossed and made them rise. When this stream appeared, they rose without moving upward. The little black-and-white blue-eyed dragon held on as the current stopped and the big-horned dragon tucked its wings in and fell. He calmed the little girl down and repeated it again. The second time, the black dragon came out and the one with the great horns came up and taught her to take advantage of the current.
Young S.S: Calm down, level yourself ..
L.N 1: Ayy, how do I do ?!
Young S.S: First stop shaking you .. open your wings - he explained step by step while she imitated her - straighten your tail and let yourself be dragged.
The little dragon balanced and when the current stopped, she was enjoying herself like never before. Then; The horned dragon carried her over the water, pinking her wings with her splashing a little and they began to play. While Toothless and his female who had realized that he was not there again, went out to look for her.
Toothless: I'm going to wrinkle with these searches, by God what do I do to make her stay still?
The two dragons were still furrowing the water when a friendly Scauldron appeared, the little black dragon climbed over it and they started talking ..
Scaldaron: Hello there, who are you?
N.L 1: I am .. .. daughter of a Night Fury and a Light Fury
Scaldaron: Woe to the names
Young S.S: Yes, well ... it's the only interesting thing that humans have done, that's how we define species.
Scaldaron: What about your parents? Why are you walking away by yourself?
N.L 1: They are under a BIG waterfall, in the Hidden World but I got bored and went out
Scaldaron: You shouldn't scare them like that
N.L 1: You don't understand, it's boring to be there and just fly, I want to feel free not locked up
Scaldaron: Well if they want you there it is for an obvious reason, they want to protect you
N.L 1: But I want to feel free not protected
Young S.S: He still needs to convince her haha
N.L 1: And why didn't you go to the Hidden World?
Scaldaron: I know the way but I still can't decide to go in addition, many of the aquatic dragons are the ones that survive the most
N.L 1: Why?
Scaldaron: Because humans don't breathe underwater
When the horned dragon spotted her friend and told her that she came back from fishing. The Scauldron was encouraged to cooperate and plunged for more fish. While they waited, the horned dragon felt a shadow over her and saw a dragon similar to the small blue-eyed one and when she is also noticing she got scared, Toothless roared angry and the horned dragon asked her to calm down and explained everything. Then he guided them to their island ...
Toothless: Wow woah wah there are many babies
Young S.S: If as you can see, here we rescue many species but most of all you drink them and there you have a Thundering Fire, a censored Picket, a Burning Scale and a Fast Stoker.
Toothless: And who's in charge?
Young S.S: Come, I was waiting for you ..
As the alphas spoke, the little blue-eyed girl smiled nervously at her siblings who were still a little disgusted by what happened a few days ago but then decided to play with the other baby dragons. Back in the Hidden World ..
Toothless: Stop leaving! we want you safe.
N.L 1: Rather they want me to lock myself up and abide by their ridiculous rules, I want to be free dad, I want to feel the air, I want to touch the clouds, feel the grass here there is nothing to do but fly and I get tired of doing it.
Toothless: It is for your good, understand, humans are evil that world no longer belongs to us
N.L 1: So why do the Scauldrons say that the water ones are safer? The one I met said that humans do not breathe underwater so they are safe, why are we not like them?
Toothless: Maybe but they know that the best thing is to come here and many have already come here because they feel safe.
N.L 1: I DO NOT WANT TO BE SURE I WANT TO EXPLORE AND BE FREE! I don't want to talk to you anymore ..
The little girl too annoyed tells him that he will not stay like this because this place was very boring and that the punishment would not improve it, Toothless tried to explain again that it was not for fun but to protect himself but she did not want to listen and walked away. A few days passed, everything seemed calm until when they wanted to make the family flight they discovered that it had disappeared again but the dragon with the great horns approached and tells them that it is at the entrance, Toothless thinks it will run away again but she tells them that is not above the waterfall is still inside.
Toothless: I should talk to her
Young S.E: No no, alpha relax, she's going to be bad if she keeps trying to talk to her, I'll go maybe she just needs a friend
Toothless: And as you related better
The dragon nodded and Toothless asked him to go while he returned to his flight. The dragon goes to the entrance and sits next to the little ...
Young S.S: You are brave little one, but it's nice to be here
N.L 1: Not you too
Young S.S: Hey hey .. I do not change anything, we must not get bad
The little blue eyes blue dragon just under the head
BE young: It is true, although it has been a little strange to be outside but, not everything here is boring ... - I look at her although she still did not say anything - it was .. interesting and very nice to meet you if what they say is true I would like to challenge the race two fast alphas sneakily over there (pointing to the dark area)
N.L 1: No thanks
Young S.S: Come on, let's see who finds the other first
N.L 1: You know we shine there, right?
Young S.S: That is not a problem and does not ruin the challenge, cheer up (putting yourself in flight position)
The little dragon smiled slightly and went to play with her.
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3rd story
Dart was bored again, perched on the large waterfall looking at the horizon, but he was giving up problems but still had a strong instinct to explore, how to do it ?. His parents had not been out for a while, although Toothless wanted to explore and save more dragons. Sometimes Toothless perched next to Dart on the large waterfall and then make it enter again. When a couple of days passed, Toothless convinced Light Fury to continue the search for the rest of the dragons, so they decided to leave, Dart asked excitedly if he could accompany them, Light Fury shook his head and Dart grumbled. Toothless said that if he wanted to come, he should be with them all the time, Light Fury did not like this idea and rebuked him, Toothless was going to give in but she turned her gaze and accepted. Dart jumped up excited and called her brothers who at first did not want because they thought that Dart was going to get them into trouble again but told them that their parents let her accompany them, they looked at each other and Pouncer said that if it was true then if they would go , they approached their parents and Toothless told them that it was true. They looked at him in surprise and accompanied them without saying another growl. When they got out, they rose high and Toothless said that they should be cautious, to which their young did not hesitate at any time. When they reached an island, which was quite high and the leaves were falling, they landed and looked around. Hearing each sound, Dart went side by side with her father imitating her and felt a strange aroma that she thought she ignored but then heard a slight sound, she could not differentiate between a dragon and a wild animal so curiosity was winning her over. She was slowing down this time so she didn't realize they were walking away. He tried to focus to see through the shadows but saw nothing, when he saw that they were already far away he tried to follow them but his curiosity was stronger again and out of sight he followed the sound. Obviously Pouncer noticed but at first he was upset and tired of these situations and he wanted to give problems only to her but then his concern prevented him from continuing with the group and separated in search of Dart. Toothless was still staring straight ahead, not paying attention for a few moments, but as soon as he realized it he was alert, turned around and didn't see Pouncer and asked him why Ruffunner didn't say anything, he just seemed not to have noticed and Then I look at him with concern. Toothless roared as loud as he could calling them. Light Fury rose and tried to look for them from above but it was a very thick forest so Toothless said to see from the sky and told his calf to go with her, and he went into the forest. Dart followed the sound and came to a stream where the roar became louder and more aggressive, this left Dart in the bushes waiting to leave when there was no danger. Pouncer instead became alert because he felt lost and kept looking around. Toothless was calling them and asking for a sign, but because of their fear neither did anything and Dart also thought that if he made a sign the dragon or the animal would probably find it. He tried to leave again after not listening to anything and looked around when he felt something put him up. At first the dragon only focused his attention around him and felt that what was under his leg could be an animal that the other dragons that lived on this island would want to hunt. He growled and when he looked down at a baby dragon and raised his paw, Dart turned to look at him and realized he recognized him.
Dart: Hey, you're the dragon from the other time ..
The dragon looked at her a little confused and then when he looked closer he recognized her.
?: Oh .. you are the child of that Night Fury, that we rescued from humans, what are you doing here? Don't you know what is the island of the Death Grippers?
Dart asked confused. Death Grippers? It seemed her father didn't tell them about her last battle with these dragons. And the dragon explained ...
?: Yes, after what I heard, they decided to find an island of their own ... and I understand that they have a rivalry with your father, if they see you they will kill you.
Dart: Do you think they will hurt me?
?: They are used to eating other dragons so if and more if they find out who your father is.
Dart worried that her father is on this island looking for new dragons to take to the Hidden World and that they do not want to be hurt. The dragon surrounds her with his wing to shelter her and decides to take her with him. While Pouncer was crying and this managed to help Toothless find him, he put his paw around him and then looked in case he happened to find Dart. As the spotted blue dragon led the little girl to a more open area, he made sure that no Death Gripper heard or sensed his presence. Toothless carried Pouncer in his mouth, he rose and looked for Light Fury.
He saw her in the distance and approached, she licked her baby and Toothless released him to stay with his brother and turned to see the area better, it was a huge forest, he was about to go down when something was thrown at him. This surprised Light Fury and her young who rushed to his aid. Toothless landed abruptly on the ground when he looked up and saw that it was a Death Gripper that was looking at him in anger, Toothless roared at him and Light Fury was on top of him but he injected him with his tail. Pouncer and Ruffunner stayed by their mother's side. Toothless fought to escape but it was very difficult for him, the Death Gripper raised his leg ready to hurt him a lot when he received a shot that only made him distract. The blue dragon was in attack position opening its wings. Dart came out from behind him and saw his father, the Death Gripper roared into the sky and soon the rest of his group appeared, the hatchlings wanted to help but they were scared. The blue-spotted dragon lunged at the one above Toothless and shoved him out of it and they fought with each other. The Death Gripper roared for the group to surround them as it pulled the thorn from its tail to strike the spotted dragon. The stained blue dragon began to bite him on the neck and he tried to remove it. Toothless stands up, opens its spines, letting out a blue glow and roars loudly, which attracted the attention of the rest of the Death Gripper who came with the tail of their tail towards Toothless. He (Toothless) growled ..
Toothless: It's over Death Grippers, obey your alpha.
?: I am the alpha now - said the Death Grippers that was still fighting with the blue dragon.
Toothless: Don't you dare answer me, I am the ALPHA of ALL dragons, their evil human no longer exists and they do not have to continue attacking, we came with the intention of taking them to the Hidden World, our refuge so that they have a new opportunity, lower their queues, do not force me to answer.
Several of the Death Grippers lowered their tails, while the one who was fighting told them not to romp, and put his paw on the blue dragon, knocking him down momentarily. Toothless started charging a plasma shot and the Death Gripper returned to their attack mode but with a defiant gaze from Toothless they retreated again. Toothless again addressed the ALPHA of these Death Gripper and snorted at him. He did not like this and got off the blue dragon.
Toothless now with a little more calm: It's over, come on.
The last one, the leader under the tail. Dart approached his father happily but he scolded her. Dart lowered his head, the dragon looked at her for a moment. Once everything calmed down, they flew into the Hidden World, one of the Death Gripper carrying the Light Fury while Pouncer and Ruffunner began to play with the tail of one of these. Toothless scolded them telling him carefully and then he looked at the leader who was flying next to him and then turned back where his young Dart flew sad again next to the blue spotted dragon. When they arrived they started to enter and Dart stopped for a second. The blue dragon looked at her and then at the waterfall and snorted.
?: I see the problem, seriously it is nonsense, I will not go there.
Dart looks at him.
?: You have little courage, you are like me, you do not want to be locked up, I do not see how comfortable it is to be hidden down there .. - I thought for a moment - tell your father that I will not go, it is not the time for me to lock myself up there but that if one day you do not appear it is because you left with me, I will come to visit you and I will show you the rest of this world, okay?
Dart squealed with happiness and flew around him. Toothless peeked out to see why he was waiting for her and did not see her enter. Then see how Dart walked towards him and entered, he looked at the spotted dragon that turned around and left.


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4rt story
Toothless had had a lot of trouble with the DeathGrippers due to his past, they were still trying to feed on other dragons. Toothless was back and forth to stop a fight, he knew he couldn't kick them out as this was his new refuge to prevent humans from hunting them and misusing them. As time passed, the dragons became accustomed to the DeathGrippers, the former leader only rested in a corner, while those who followed paid respect to Toothless and while some paired with the same species, others had other suitors. Dart used to go to the entrance without leaving so that if her father did not scold her, waiting for the blue dragon to visit her and take her to explore, although at the moment it did not happen but she did not lose faith. While Dart waited immaculately, he saw that a shadow loomed above the waterfall, excitedly took flight but just then Toothless was looking for her and when he saw her he growled at her. She looked at him and with just an angry look from her father she knew what he was going to say.
Toothless: Where do you think you were going?
Dart looks at the blue dragon and then says to her father: Easy daddy, do you remember the blue dragon who helped us with the DeathGrippers and who helped you find and rescue us? He told me that I could accompany him to explore, he will take care of me and I will be able to see the world up there and I will come back here before nightfall, please.
Toothless looked at him and saw how he looked at him as if to say "Is this really comfortable for you? This is not freedom, she is like me, I take care of her and I bring her to your confinement safely". Toothless hesitated for a moment and then snorted and asked him to protect her and bring her before nightfall. Dart turned with happiness and went up and went with him. The blue dragon introduced herself as Stains and said that she had a human and that not all humans are bad, Dart told her that her father also had it and that from time to time she came to greet her and check her tail. Stains was surprised by this but they just kept flying, they stopped on an island where feathered young looking like Manchas came out to greet their father, they saw Dart and cautiously approached smelling her all three at the same time. Dart stepped on one of them and started playing. After a while they came out and went to a snowy area where there were two other new dragons and they let them play with them. They slipped, rolled in the snow, and then ate. By the time all this happened it was like hours and Stains returned it, where Toothless was on the waterfall. One of the DeathGrippers these was a revel, and despite the days there, he wanted to go out. Everyone was sleeping at that time and he decided to leave, he flew over the water when he saw a hunting boat. His instinct to kill was still in him and he went straight to attack but they quickly threw a net at him and took him away. With his new dragon ready, the king's hunters who had caught the Night Lights babies, had a plan for this dragon. By abrupt means I teach him to respect him and when I lock him up with a female who had not been tortured before, he forces them to have an army of dragons to get everything he wants. He was rich and he supposed he was in control of everything. A few days had passed no one seemed to notice anything yet, until one of the DeathGripper noticed that one was missing. To which Toothless approached to see what was happening, they told him that one was missing, Toothless searched all over the Hidden World and when he returned he wanted to confirm if they were sure what annoying they said yes, to what he decided to do a search organization . He gathered a group of strong dragons and trackers to search for him. They left while Light Fury was in charge, he did not know how to handle the situation but promised not to disappoint Toothless. Along the way he met up with the blue dragon and asked him if he saw a DeathGripper hanging around. The blue dragon (Stains) laughed and then said no with an annoyed tone. Toothless kept on flying and looking and the blue dragon continued with his. They kept hours and even nothing, until Toothless had a feeling but the dragons were already very tired, he asked them to leave and he would go where he sensed he was. The dragons worried about security but Toothless promised them that he would return as soon as possible to reorganize a plan. They left and Toothless went to that island, everything was already dark and he was careful with his steps. I try to feel its aroma but it was very weak, when I saw the humans approach I do not hesitate to hide but I hear them speak ..
?: The king is crazy, how can someone dominate these beasts?
Toothless watched them stealthily and tried to keep looking for the trail. There was a huge structure and the smell there was stronger because of what he thought was there, but he also felt another aroma so he sensed that there was another dragon there. He didn't have much time and decided to think better of it at home. On the way he started to think and thought about Hiccup, and he had a plan. The next day he left with his usual group plus a couple of other dragons to defend himself and went to the New Berk. When people saw Toothless smile, they came to pet him, Hiccup came out after this scandal and when he saw his old friend, he ran towards him. I wanted to hug him but Toothless was worried about the trapped dragon and tried to let Hiccup know. Although Hiccup did not speak, he deduced that his dragon had a problem and needed his help, Astrid was hugging Storm when she looked at Hiccup, and nodded. They called their group, grabbed some weapons, and mounted their dragons. Toothless took them to a large island more up-to-date than the Berkians and looked at Hiccup roaring at him.
Hiccup: Hey buddy, is there something there?
Astrid: A trapped dragon?
Toothless growled in sadness.
Hiccup: I hope we haven't lost the touch.
Astrid: Let's try talking to them first.
Hiccup nodded and they descended into the forest. They dismounted and asked their dragons to stay until they gave an emergency voice. They approached and tried to mix first so that they would not suspect anything when the king approached them.
?: Who are you?
Hiccup: I introduce myself sir, I am Hiccup Haddock the Third, chief of Berk and she is my wife Astrid, my friends Fishlegs; Snotlout and the twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut.
?: What is your matter? - said one of the guards
Hiccup: Am .. well you see, we wanted to know if they have received any attack by dragons or something?
?: How good are they with the beasts?
Hiccup: Well, we know them very well ..
?: Do you know how to fight? - said a guard
Astrid pulls out the ax.
Astrid: Do you want to test me?
Hiccup laughed lightly.
?: Sounds like an interesting group, okay, let's talk "boss"
The king withdraws Hiccup to speak while the others receive a tour of the place. When they arrive at the large structure the guard tells them that here they are raising two beasts (dragons) for a furious attack and if they were interested in joining. They clearly kindly gave up not to be suspicious and asked if they could be seen. What they were told is not recommended as they are bloodthirsty beasts. To which Astrid said that they were not afraid that they dealt with many dragons. The guard hesitated a bit but told them to stay behind the line. Hiccup was talking to the boss while Toothless was getting impatient. Hiccup even met the king's sons, two twins to what he said: they are the same as Nuffink.
When the group basically entered the place it was dark, but when it was slightly illuminated, they saw some guards, so they supposed that there would be a little noise but they followed the plan until they gave the signal. They approached the cages and saw two chained DeathGripper and a group of eggs, and Astrid tried to train one but growled at her. Astrid insisted even when he tried to bite her. Seeing the sincerity in her eyes she let herself touch and Astrid gave the signal then the group attacked. While Astrid assured them that she would release them soon. I try to hit the cage with the ax a couple of times before softening it, then use it to open it through the small opening. I walk between them and start to trigger them. The alarm was raised and soon more townspeople drew their weapons to fight. Hiccup came out next to the king who looked at him angrily and Hiccup made the call. The dragons took flight and circled over the town and fired to drive them away. Toothless descended and caught Hiccup letting him mount it again. The king ordered him to be shot down but Toothless was very fast and with a direct shot he sent his weapon flying and growled at the king. The king recognized the dragon and looked at him very annoyed.
Hiccup: Ah I see that they know each other, so there is nothing more to say ... except this, leave the dragons alone, they are not killer beasts unless of course, you want them to become one.
The DeathGrippers emerged from the structure carrying some eggs as the group grabbed the rest and ran towards their dragons. The king asked for more attack but saw that they no longer had any weapons. They were ready to go but the DeathGrippers were upset and chased the king for a long time until he was lost in the woods so they could not find him. The dragons roared into the sky and Toothless retreated. They were flying back home to take care of the dragons to take them to the Hidden World but Toothless did not have two trips planned so they turned around and went straight to the great waterfall. It was the first time that the rest saw it so they were amazed and Toothless with a smile said that they had not seen it inside that there was even more and they went down. The place was huge and the dragon scales shone with a neon hue, they approached an area and decided to stop there, to drop the eggs and then carry Berk weightless on top.


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