The Dragons Racers Recruitment 2017 (redesigned)

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The Dragon Racers are now open for applications.


Anyone can sign up. Since we are nearing the maximum of our clan, we need to be careful in deciding who is the best applicant for our clan. The clan rules and member requirements are found in the adjoining form HERE


Be active. Whether it is seasonal, every few months, weekends/weekdays, every other day or every day, as long as you are actively earning trophies and continue to add trophies to the clan, you can stay.

Be loyal. The only way to make a strong clan and to continue to move upwards in the Clan Leader Boards is to have loyal members. If you leave our clan by your own choice, you may or may not be able to rejoin. Now, there are cases before where members either accidentally left or got glitched out; both of these cases can be brought to TDR's leader, JbMiler (httyyd on the forums) and explained. If it was an accident, then you may rejoin. If you leave again and it isn't an accident, then even less likely to rejoin. Basically, if you are thinking of joining TDR, TDR will be your home.

Be friendly and respect others. This should be common sense. If you want to be treated well, then you must treat others with the same actions. Respecting others in TDR -and- any other player in the game, even if they are a hacker, is one the most important rules in TDR. Yes, hackers shouldn't deserve respect, but if you disrespect them, are you any better than them? If you find a hacker or are disrespected, you can always handle it in a good way. Calm, cool, and collected. If you feel you would do something in the heat of the moment, just don't say anything. If it starts to get to you, just leave and come back later. Report hackers on our message boards and the Elders or the Leader will report them to the administration. If you have a forum account, you can either PM the Leader/Elders or report the hackers to Brynjolf or Justin Prate yourself.

One big thing is being able to change your name. Because we can now do so with the cost of a few gems, having members in a clan change their name (especially if they do it often) makes it very difficult to keep track of everyone. We might think someone was glitched out and someone else glitched in. If someone keeps changing their name, it might suggest they have something to hide. Now, if you want to change your in-game username, you can, just let the Elders and Leader now by mentioning on the Clan Message Boards. This way we can make the name change in our documents so we can keep track of our members. This is also important in the case of Clan Tournaments. Those in charge want to be able to award you with the increase of trophies you in fact earned. If you change your name without telling someone, you may not get credit for those trophies. It would be a great help to tell the clan if/when you change your name.

Earn trophies. To be a top clan, we must continually earn trophies. Most clans in the Top 10 even Top 15 require their members to earn a certain number of trophies every day, week, or month. TDR is not like that. We want you to do the best you can every day. If 30 trophies is the best you can do one day, that's fine. If the next day you earn 300, that is fine. As long as you continue to earn trophies every time you log on, you will make the clan better.


if you have any further questions, please PM me, Dusty, first elder @ clarebear7

you may also contact, Drums, our leader @ httyyd

Shadow, our head elder @ glorybringer or

Star, our second elder @ StarDust022


or simply leave a message on the last part of the form. Thank you.




and of course



wishing you ALL good racing


the TDR leader and elders


Dusty Torhild (Dusty)                                     Silver Foxie (Foxy)


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message from our leader, Drums

How would you like to join The Dragon Racers?


We are a Top 10 clan, currently in 8th place.


The Dragon Racers are a family and we treat each other so.  We are always looking for new members to replace our inactive members.  Granted we do have inactive members, but through recruiting and by replacing inactive members with active members, we are slowly becoming a very active clan.


We all love the competition that racing presents itself, hence the name of the clan.


We have occasional clan meetings and hangouts.  We have had contests for various things.  Also, we have a clan tournament every four months or so; first prize would include Eldership as well as other forum signature prizes.


Because TDR is a family, we respect everyone inside and outside our clan.  Trophies are good and one of the main reasons why we play this game.  But the most important thing is family.  Online and off.  At the end of the day, if the game shuts down, we will always have our friends.  Loyalty is a big thing for this clan.


We do not require our members to get a daily, weekly, or monthly trophy count.  We all realize real life schedules can get in the way of playing the game.  Family, school, work, etc. is more important than a game.


If you are a full-time racer, part-time racer, or seasonal racer, we want you to join our clan.  We have all different kinds of players full, part, or seasonal, but we all work as a team clan to continue to move up on the boards.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.


Our Head Elder, Shadow, who can be reached @ glorybringer, has made a Google form for any new forum recruits for our clan.  the link can be found above.  The form can further help you decide if The Dragon Racers are the clan for you.




Drums, The Leader of The Dragon Racers.