Dragons leave stables whenever I log out/Tidal stable icon missing

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I always place my dragons in a stables they would feel best in such as the thunderdrum in the tidal stable (Which still has the buy in the store icon. I got all stables from events except for the basic one) and the whispering death in the boulder stable. Once I placed all my dragons, I sended them away to do quests and log off. However whenever I join back, I have to move them in again and lose the quest progress because there are no dragons in the stables except for my starter dragon. Is this a bug and if so can it be fixed asap please? I can never get titan stones if I can't do quests :(

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Sorry to hear that

Its happened once to me too. I have three characters and logged in to one, I had dragons on quests, but had to put them back into the stables.

About the icon still being in the store, it should be. You should be able to bu multiple of the stables, so the icon stays there. Unlike clothing and expansions, you can get more then one of a kind of stables, just like with dragons.

All I can sugest on the other problem is to shut down the program and then start it up again. Then, if it still happens, log into a different charcter (if you have one) and then try the faulty character again, that solved my problem, but it's only happened once with me.


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