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Out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in reading a fanfic where Hiccup's evil? I mean, I already have several chapters posted on Wattpad with it, but was wondering if anyone here wanted to read it... If so, I'll post it to this thread...


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i'm interested

i'm interested


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Oohh sounds intriguing. 

I'm not trying to pry or anything but...what's your account name? I'd like to follow you if that's okay :3



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Crystalguitars1214. I think I have a link to it in my signature.

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I think there was only a deviantart link and insta link. I was able to search your name and give you a follow though, I'll probably read A Dragon's Fury there :)

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I thought I did xD


It's a little more mature on my Wattpad than it would be on here

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I'm alright with that, I'd actually probably prefer it  XD

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Aight XD


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Im totally intrested.

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I'll drop the prologue here at least... Enjoy!

Please don't respond directly to these posts.

Thanks :P




The love-induced couple soared through the sky on their usual patrol through the outskirts of their waters. Making affectionate remarks to one another as they thoroughly scouted their borders. Valka smiled at the whistling tune Stoick recited, singing their usual song as they flew close to one another. She only silenced her husband at the sight of a black object standing out among the blue waters, floating along the calm sea on an ice patch. The object grew not much more clearer as they approached it, only getting the faint silhouette of a human with a large build. Cloudjumper gracefully scooped up the person in his talons and rose to the sky in time with his diving. The two attempted to get a better look at the person, but couldn't make out much of his features with the black dragon scaled cape covering their head. The two slowly descended to land on a nearby sea stack to investigate the state of the human, gently resting the figure on the ground and gasping at the sight of Drago. He groaned a few pleading words before passing out once more; causing fear to grow on their faces as they remembered their encounters with the man. Valka scanned the horizon in search of his armada, knitting her brows together as the environment was empty of boats. Stoick caught her attention and was giving her a slightly wide eyed look, opening his mouth to speak, but his unsaid question was answered by his wife.

"We can't bring him back... You know fully well what he has done and can do" Valka scorned, Stoick nodded with understanding, but he went to speak his point of view.

"We at least need to know how he ended up like this. If there is a threat bigger than him, we need to be prepared... and the best way to do that is listen to him... I know, this isn't my idea of fun either, but we must. He doesn't deserve our respect in the least, but we need to know" Stoick spoke firmly yet empathetically. Valka sighed and gave in, tying up the man's arms and legs with straps Stoick had given her from his saddle.

"He stays in a cell" She warned, to which he bellowed in agreement. Cloudjumper grabbed Drago in his claws and the two made their way back to Berk, letting Gothi take a look at him before locking him up. Awaiting his wake, Stoick assigned a large number of warriors to guard the cell room, led by none other than their most trusted warrior, Astrid. She had a lot of questions about him, but never let anyone enter the room, including her mate.

"Awe.. come on, Astrid... I've been allllll ooooovvvvver this world, I at least want to see who it is that causes this much fear in your- our Chief" Eret spoke, hugging Astrid with a devious smile. Astrid chuckled and shook her head returning his smile.

"Nope! I can tell you his name, but I can't let you see him." She chirped while brightening her expression. He shrugged, figuring it was better than nothing.

"Lay it on me, baby," He smirked. With a scoff she spoke.

"Drago Bludvist" She smiled, then grew confused at his sudden fear.

"Drago?...... No no... Stay- very alert.... I-I don't want you to get hurt" Eret quivered with worry. Astrid furrowed her eyebrows but agreed, not that she wasn't already, but she was now increasingly more confused with her mates fear of him. The next few hours were quiet, and the vikings were on edge with their current general, who wouldn't even let anyone blink if she had a say in it. She took her chief's words seriously and her boyfriend's fear encouraged her volition, she made sure no one went in or out of the cell room without her knowing. The villagers were curious of who their chieftain captured that the cells needed to be so heavily guarded, but didn't dare venture near to get answers. Astrid constantly checked on Drago, and sent someone to alert Stoick the second he opened his eyes, she stood by the cell door and stared at him with curiosity, wondering who he was. Drago gave a few coughs and took in many deep breaths before the Chief and his Wife came running in minutes later, watching as Gothi had made her way down and was checking on Drago's wounds.

"What happened?!" Valka demanded in quiet anger. Drago gave the pair a petrified look as he gripped the bars, desperately trying to hold himself up as he coughed, before he weakly looked up at the two.

"You.... You know him... You... You made him!" He croaked out, coughing in between words before falling to the ground and becoming unconscious once more.

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Yessss I love a good villian AU and this was AWESOME! I've always wondered what would make Hiccup go evil so it would fit my own AU better...


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A Dragon&#39;s Trust | Book 1 - Chapter 40 - Wattpad

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Chapter 1


Where Is Home?


Hiccup wandered through the forest path, a basket strapped around his shoulder and a somber expression painted his face. The forest around him was lively in the evening air and the animals all wandered about in search of food. The sight of a doe and it's fawn grazing in the forest brought a smile to Hiccup's face, allowing him to pause and watch the innocent scene, calming his raging thoughts. Only getting knocked out of his trance by an axe flying beside his head and trapping itself in the tree he stood by. A shout of excitement boomed from the woods, scaring the innocent animals away, and causing Hiccup to glare towards the oncoming group of teens. Snotlout talked loudly as he admired the throw Astrid had achieved.


"Hiccup! I didn't know you were out here," Fishlegs smiled as he caught sight of Hiccup standing with narrowed eyes growing in anger as the teens approached. He was agitated by the fact Astrid saw him standing there, and still flung the axe that was wedged in the tree. The twins bounced happily through the path as they saw the new ring leader wandering about.


"Uhh... Hey, guys... What are you.. doing here?" Hiccup asked, dragging out words while taming his anger, lightening his expression in the process. Astrid and Snotlout trailed close behind the others, repeating Hiccup's question with suspicion and more confidence.


"Oh... I'm just.. Going for a walk... You know... nice day and all, so why not?" Hiccup chirped, waving to the surrounding area as the others began admiring the scenery.


"What's with the bag?" Snotlout blurted out, giving a bleak expression to the basket as Hiccup gripped the strap tighter.


"Just... Uh.... Notes? Sketch books...... I like drawing stuff!" He came up with, which intrigued Fishlegs into wanting to see some pieces.


"You come out here almost daily and all of a sudden are a pro in dragon killing..... I wanna know what's going on," Astrid butted in. Everyone gave her a confused look before turning to Hiccup for an answer. He hesitated and stalled his words as he searched for an explanation.


"Are you training with someone, Hiccup?" She pressed, repeating her questions as everyone grew more curious. Hiccup stuttered on words and looked around the surrounding forest for answers, patting his side as he thought up a sentence to put together.


"What? No.... Pff... I just.... Uhh..... Like exploring!" He exclaimed, throwing on a large smile hoping they would buy it. The twins didn't care enough to think it through, and Fishlegs and Snotlout were fairly preoccupied with the surroundings, while Astrid was processing Hiccup's lack of confidence in his words.


"No one just gets as good as you.... Especially you..." Astrid continued, advancing on Hiccup until he was against the tree.


"I mean... it's cool to see and I'm curious on how you do it... But she does have a point, how are you getting this good so fast?" Snotlout joined in, rising questions from the other three as well. Hiccup grew a little uneasy during this interrogation and tried to find something he could use to get out of it.


"Look. I just.... Observe! annnnd..... figure things out fast!... Nothing really special..." He spoke, taking a few steps away from Astrid and trying to slowly walk away.


"I don't normally care what people do, but you're acting weird.... weirder than usual. How did you get this good?" Astrid pressed, taking her axe from the tree and holding the blade up to Hiccup's neck. He dropped his bag and held his hands up, deciding to stick with the same lie.


"I just.... notice things animals do.... and, sometimes, they... have similar... uh.... traits.... to uhh... dragons..... So... I mean, it works" He gave a hesitant smile to finish it off, Astrid lowered her axe as she listened. They all gave a blank stare and Astrid had just about had it.


"What are you talking about? What are you hiding?... What's in the basket, and why are you always out here?!" She exclaimed rapidly, an axe back on Hiccup's skin.


"Why do you want to know so badly?" Hiccup snapped back, everyone stood silently waiting for an answer.


"Because before this, you were nothing... I want to see the real viking who's been taking down those dragons, not you" Astrid spat. Fishlegs went to bud in but was shot down with a single glare given by the icey blue eyes of the blonde. Snotlout hung his head as he watched, and the twins looked in every other way that wasn't towards the aggressive female with an axe. Hiccup narrowed his eyes in the direction of his bag as her words echoed in his ears, taking a step back and letting out a shaky breath.


"You're right.... I was never going to be noticed for my inventions, my determination, or my rank in the tribe. Nobody cared what I did unless it could put a damper on their plans for the day, everyone dreaded hearing my name rise in the conversation and I was always watched.... So sorry to disappoint again but everything in that arena was of my doing. So, thank you, Astrid, for believing in me.... and to think I called you friends," Hiccup bit back, picking up his bag and swung it around his shoulder again.


"I hope you trained well. A Monstrous Nightmare is hard to take down" Hiccup spoke softly, turning his back and walking away.


Astrid held her breath at the words that came from Hiccup's mouth, they didn't hit her like a dagger, they just settled in her ears, and slowly sank in. Snotlout sighed, saying they'd best be on their way home, all beginning to head back to the village, leaving Hiccup on his own path.


Hiccups breathing grew with his anger as he stomped into the cove, alerting the sleek black dragon of his presence. A smile beaming on Toothless's face as he trotted over to his rider, nuzzling his head into him and purring. Hiccup snapped away from his anger and began petting the needy dragons head.


"Hey, Bud.... Yeah, I missed you too," He smiled some more, dropping his basket, laughing as the dragon began licking his face.


"So... what do you say.... How about we go on a vacation?... Forever..." He questioned, whispering the last part. The Night Fury tilted his head and cooed, nudging his head into the boy. Hiccup patted his head and picked up his bag once more, attaching it to the saddle and climbing on Toothless's back. The dragon barked as he looked up at him, waiting for him to speak.


Hiccup thought once more of the island and the memories it held. The happy memorable events that happened here were quickly washed away in the sea of bad experiences. He took in the views of the cove before looking to his dragon.


"Let's go bud," He smiled, opening Toothless's tail as the dragon leaped into the air, letting the wind carry him out of the cove and towards the sky.


Astrid continued to replay Hiccup's words in her head, though they never really hit her like they had the others; even Snotlout felt bad for his behaviour towards his cousin within recent years. She felt pity for Hiccup, but had never wanted to be his friend, mostly for reputation purposes, but also because they had very little in common. She saw herself as a hard working warrior, a dragon killing machine, whereas Hiccup was scrawny and always looked in the wrong place for anything that could be of use to him. So when he started getting better at her prowess than her, she grew angry. She wasn't too fond of the attention he was getting out of this, and was sure he was playing the town for a fool. No way on Thor's green earth would he have gotten so skilled so fast, after being the disappointment of the village for most his whole life. He had to have been training with someone, just who? She couldn't figure it out. No one in Berk had those ideas or moves, and no one had ever gotten that good at taking down dragons in the time frame he had. She shook the thoughts from her head as her mother's voice interrupted them. Astrid happily ate dinner with them and went to bed just as pleased, forgetting about the whole situation.




The arena roared of vikings who gathered to see Hiccups initiation to their tribe. Stoick gave his speech of how proud he was of his son finally becoming one of them, to which the crowd cheered and applauded as they awaited Hiccup's arrival. After several minutes of his absence the people grew confused, Gobber having already been running all over the village in search of the missing boy, but with no luck. He hobbled to Stoick in worry as he explained the situation quietly. Stoick asked a few other people to join in the search as he and Gobber were approached by the five teens. They stated where they last saw Hiccup in the woods and led them to the spot they explained. Villagers had begun searching the forest on order but almost everyone gave up as the sun had begun to set. Stoick trudged into his house, half expecting to see Hiccup sitting by the fire with some food and a confused smile on his face; frowning to see his house empty and eerily silent.


"Well... I'm sure he'll come back. Maybe he got carried away exploring the island?" Gobber suggested, hoping to lighten the mood of his chief, who nodded and slowly made his way to Hiccup's room. After a few crashing sounds and stomping, Stoick had called for his friend to come and see the sight. Gobber, reacting to his distressed friend with lightning fast response, raced up the stairs to see the room bare of Hiccup's belongings. There were no notes on Hiccup's desk, no clothes in the dressers Stoick had ripped out, and the drawings that usually hung on the wall were taken down. The bed looked as if no one had slept in it all night. He grew worried as he started understanding things, patting his Chief's shoulder to see if he would react.


"Where's my son?" Stoick croaked out while checking every crack in the walls, hoping somehow his son would just fit into one of them; hoping somehow that his son was still there.


"Stoick...." Gobber spoke, trying to keep himself composed enough to calm his friend down.


"We'll figure this out... I promise..." He assured, watching his Chief slowly break down in the empty room. His Chief asked him how this happened, and rambled on about how he wished he could have listened to his son more.


"You are a good father. Look, we'll set sail first thing tomorrow morning, we'll find him... Besides, how far do you think he could of gone within the day?" Gobber questioned with a small hesitant smile. Sighing at the lack of positive response from Stoick, then looking around the room as well. Stoick agreed and Gobber went home, stopping by the forge to see if he had missed something the first time around; finding Hiccup's work spot just as empty as his room was. There was not even a single piece of charcoal left behind. He sighed and returned home, getting little sleep as he thought of the whereabouts of his apprentice.




The next morning everyone was shocked at the announcement made by their Chief, they figured Hiccup was hiding in fear of the Nightmare but they never expected him to actually run from this responsibility. The village grew somewhat disappointed in the boy but did as their Chief had asked, to ready their ships and gather the things they needed for long travels. Although, how far could a ninety pound boy go in a row boat?


They all set sail, leaving Gobber with the initiation of Astrid and the other teens, training them some more before the tribe would return. Astrid's anger in Hiccup's disappearance took hold of her. She wasn't sure as to why everything he did angered her lately, she couldn't stand him after he started getting better at what she was always good at, but the fact he would run away from facing a dragon at last minute angered her the most. She didn't like runaways and couldn't wait until they returned with Hiccup to give him a piece of her mind.


The training was extensive and hard for all the teens. The dragons seemed angrier, and more determined to escape than ever before. One almost got away and it would've had Gobber not taken control of the situation. He gave everyone an easier dragon to work with until they were able to work as a team.


The tribe that had gone searching for the missing boy had returned a few weeks later, their ships breaking on the water as the cracked wood threatened to fall apart. Burn marks made themselves very visible on the sides of the boats and the sails were torn from every angle. Gobber questioned what had happened and Stoick explained that they were attacked by a hoard of passing dragons. They had barely found the nest in search of Hiccup, only to find it had been a trap. He explained a Night Fury had led them into the foggy border from afar, he figured he'd try his search for the nest again, and followed, getting trapped in the middle of dragon sentries. The other ships were crowded with people and their ship count was down in numbers. Gobber frowned and gave a sigh of worry, questioning what he was going to do next.


"We keep looking. But we need more people and better ships," he explained, glaring at the wooden boats that creaked in agony. Stoick elaborating that they will search more when they have upgraded their forces. Gobber nodded and said Astrid was near ready to join, with Stoick replying that they were all ready; they were all to become warriors that day. Gobber nodded and gathered everyone to the arena, setting up the teens for their last training session.


Everyone gathered, slightly somber of the failed mission but excited to see their new generation become one of them. The teens spread throughout the arena, awaiting the dragons that would all come out at once. They all said they were ready, and waited in silence as the gates slowly began to open, analyzing their routes, and possible traps. All awaiting for the thrill of spilling the dragons' blood, and all waiting to finally prove their worth to their tribe; that they belonged. Taking immediate action as the dragons shot out of their cells with angry roars and fire.


Hiccup watched the fight from a nearby ledge, using the shadows as coverage for both him and Toothless. Anger boiled up in his blood as he watched the dragons try to flee the sharp metals that pierced their skin. He groaned at every whimpering sound they made at their failed attempts to be free, and wished the death on every viking as more and more wounds were placed on the creatures. Toothless let out a small, quiet rumbling hiss as he witnessed the event as well.


After a few moments, the last dragon fell, breathing heavily as it laid down, too tired from trying to ram through the chains. The teens, much to Hiccup's relief, were too tired to finish off the dragons, all collapsing to the ground in the same manner. He put on his quick makeshift mask, making his way quickly and quietly towards the domes lever. He pulled it and watched as the dragons bolted into the sky with desperation. He then jumped off the edge and onto Toothless's back, gliding just above the sea and skimming the rock walls of the island; staying out of sight as he tried to direct the dragons to safety. Hiccup could hear the shock and confusion as everyone watched the dragons flee, attempting to figure out how the dome had lifted on it's own.


The vikings tried their hardest to catch the fleeing dragons, but lost them over the cliff and watched as they slowly made their way from their view. The teens apologized for failing to kill the dragons like they were supposed to, but were shocked to hear Stoick's next words.


"Today.... these five young teens, have become one of us!" He boomed with rising cheer from the crowd who stayed. The five new warriors were confused as they heard this, unsure as to why they had been accepted so easily when they had failed to kill the dragons. Deciding to save this question for later, they all returned home to rest, sleeping to tomorrow.




Hiccup led the injured dragons to his current base of operation, a little island that was just before the fog-induced border of their archipelago. He and Toothless had been staying there the few weeks he had been free of Berk and its people. The dragons didn't warm up to Hiccup as he had expected, but he let them be after doing his best to heal the dragon's wounds.


Resting on his poorly made makeshift bed and peering up at the stars, he listened to the forest sounds around him, creating a sort of lullaby tone for the two. Toothless slept quietly beside Hiccup and faint sounds of purring emitted from him. Hiccup smiled softly, laying against his friend and soon fell asleep.




Author notes....

Was expecting a lot more censored words out of this... But.. Guess not :T

I also realized now.. That this does seem a little out of character for everyone... Just.. Bare with me here... XD

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Chapter 2

Strange Encounters


The twins' happy yelling began to annoy Astrid, she had already been stuck on the ship with them for longer than she had liked. The other vikings of the crew were also getting pretty irritated by the two mischief's, a few other teens and Snotlout had already planned to push them into the waters, or at least hold them over the edge. Astrid was fine with it, if she'd get a few minutes of silence before the elders started to scold them into retrieving the two blonds, then she'd take it. Astrid checked if the older vikings were watching and nodded to the other teens, who were already waiting for the all clear. She watched as they picked them up, getting a few confused words from the two, and a small gasp from them as they were hung upside down over the edge. The two just stared at the water, and smiled.


"Duuuuude.... I can hear my blood pumping" Tuffnut awed, Ruffnut rolled her eyes before punching his shoulder, she looked up at the teens threatening to drop them.


"Bring us up right now!" She complained, Snotlout smirked and shook his head. Negotiating for them to stay quiet in turn for bringing them up. She crossed her arms before looking to Tuffnut, who was too preoccupied with his own "humorous" thoughts to care enough. She rolled her eyes and agreed, getting pulled up with her brother, she waited until Snotlout turned around for her payback. Pouncing on his back and hitting him multiple times in the head, he screamed and the other surrounding teens laughed. Astrid let a chuckle escape before returning to looking out for other ships and dragons, it was foggy, and hard to see anything really, but she continued to try.


Fishlegs yawned as he sat down, dozing into the sky and watching the clouds, letting his mind doze off into the land of wonder. He grew curious about flying, and how it felt. He pictured himself flying in the sea of clouds above them, exploring the world from the air and meeting new people of different cultures. He smiled to himself in this wonderland, but quickly got distracted from a black blob racing in between the breaks of clouds. He stood and stared at the sky a little longer, seeing if he could catch sight of the creature again. A faint sound of ringing began to echo from the sky, but was barely noticeable to most. He hummed and knitted his eyebrows together as he walked over to Astrid, still keeping his eyes on the sky.


"Hey Astrid... You hear that?" Fishlegs asked, coming up beside her, she gave a confused look before following his gaze, training her ears to the sky and catching that small sound of ringing.


"Why... does that sound familiar?" She cooed, scanning the sky for anything that could help answer her question. Fishlegs caught sight of the black blob once more and pointed it out, Astrid just missing it, gripped her axe tighter. Snotlout noted their uneasy mood and went up to see what they were looking for, letting Fishlegs inform him then helping search for the creature.


"Hey guys you hear that?" Ruff butted in as she and her brother approached, the ringing sounded closer now, much closer.


"What is it?" Tuffnut parroted, looking around the area. The sound deepened in tone until it was silent.


"That.... sounds like.. A- No.... it can't be... we haven't seen it for weeks now" Fishlegs rambled, mostly talking to himself as he started pinpointing where the new ringing sound came from.


"Mind filling us in on what you're thinking about?" Astrid spoke, looking towards him with a curious, yet worried expression. The ringing sound grew in volume and sounded as if it was coming towards them. Fishlegs barely had time to speak before another viking screamed at the top of his lungs.




Everyone ducked at the name and the sleek black dragon came flying into view, quickly shooting back up into the foggy clouds to avoid the eyes. Everyone started racing for their weapons, the teens racing for the net shooters, pointing them at the sky and waiting for any sign of the dragon.


Fishlegs caught sight of the dragon once more, moving the net towards where he saw it, noting it was diving through the fog, he narrowed his eyes in confusion as he saw a person falling a few feet in front of the dragon's nose. His first thought was that the dragon tried to kidnap him, but that was quickly erased when the person attached himself to the dragon's back and pulled up. But not before coming close enough for the teen to shoot his net, just missing the dragon and watching as it took refuge in the clouds. He quickly reloaded another net and waited as the sound became known again. The other vikings stood ready if the dragon passed by.


Snotlout called out where it was, shooting towards it, groaning as the dragon spun out of the way of the net, then screaming as a plasma blast came hurtling towards him. Everyone raced around the ship as they tried to wake Snotlout, Fishlegs watched him jump out of the way, but he ended up hitting his head in the process. The dragon seemed to have left from the lack of sound from either it's wings flapping, or it's infamous high speed sound. Fishlegs checked on Snotlout with the others, getting orders from their elders to turn them back to Berk for help.


"That's going to delay us another day though. If we can just make it to Bashem before.... then-" Astrid started, but got cut off from the captain in control of the ship, saying they were too far from their destination and Berk was closer. Astrid sighed and started helping everyone else turn the boat around.

Fishlegs continued to think about the rider, he didn't bother to tell anyone since, so far he was the only one to see it. He was fascinated by it, but was confused.


'Of all things to ride... a Dragon? No... not just any dragon, a Night Fury...' Fishlegs thought, he tried to think of how one could train a dragon, then thought about dragons some more. Getting unbothered from his thoughts the rest of the way home.




"Come on guys.... We've tried this over a thousand times....." Hiccup called from the cliffs edge, watching the dragons bump into each other in the sky. He sighed to Toothless before jumping on his back and catching up to the confused dragons. Coaching them back into the places he trained them in. Then leading them around the determined course once more before breaking off and letting them try on their own again. Seeing some improvements and less accidents, he gave them a break, feeding them a bucket of fish and letting them rest.


Toothless cooed and looked up to the sky, the sun showing it was midday, and large fluffy clouds began to create a land of its own above the water. Sun rays danced and leaped through openings of the large coloured clouds. Hiccup smiled and looked over the cliff view. The island they stayed at was covered with flourishing trees, and a few mountains peaked through the forming clouds above, the water glistened from the sun rays and flowed calmly in the wind. He smiled some more before looking at the dragons he rescued a few weeks before, seeing them sleeping soundly, he jumped on Toothless and they took off into the clouds.


"Come on... show me what you got" Hiccup dared, Toothless smirked and went as fast as he could, climbing into the clouds with a spin, leveling out mid spin and racing above the sea of fluffy white clouds. Toothless flipped upside down before diving, flapping a few times to get more speed then pulling up at sea level and skimming the waters, white mini waves split from behind the two. Toothless shot up into the sky once more, maneuvering through the gaps in the clouds and diving again. Piercing the clouds and spreading his wings at the sight of a ship through the fog, Hiccup ducked behind Toothless's head and pulled up to soar inside the clouds.


Hiccup listened for the people, hearing them scream and order their defense plans. He pulled Toothless a little further away from the sounds, in hopes to avoid them, only for a terrified Nadder to come crashing into them, pushing Hiccup off Toothless's back. The dragons broke apart from each other, the Nadder finding a different path to take, while Toothless's path was straight down, diving to catch up with his rider. Making it just passed the clouds before he caught him and they both shot up into the heavy fog, just missing a net that hurled their way.


Hiccup groaned and glared at the ship they passed, doing a small circle the lead into their dive, spinning out of the way of another net and firing at the contraption that flung it. Hitting it and knocking out a teen he recognized in the process. They darted into the clouds once more, listening as they heard the orders to turn the ship around. Following them for a while to make sure they got out of their waters. Once they did a rotation of their island and making sure that was the only ship that was passing by, they returned home. Training the dragons some more, still keeping an eye out towards the waters, just in case.




The night drew near and the stars began to peek through the black sky, the setting sun shone it's last rays of light for the day and let the moon take its place. The four dragons found their usual resting spot and drifted to sleep. Hiccup and Toothless rested near the cliff again, watching the usual nightly animals come out of hiding. Toothless cooed to his friend, who in turn, petted his head with a smile, standing up and stretching before asking his friend to do one more look around their home. The dragon gave a small bark and a gummy smile. Hiccup chuckled and patted his friend's head once more, climbing onto the saddle and opening the tail, Toothless leaped off the ground with a powerful flap of his wings and took off into the air.


They glided above the trees for a while, then weaved through the sea stacks, looking for ships that may have docked out of sight. Hiccup began talking to his dragon, about what could happen if one were docked near their home.


"Well..... I mean, they don't have much reason to hide their ships.... Right? I mean. As far as they know, we don't exist. So... They don't really have much reason to hide.... But, it would still be nice to check..... You know... Jus...just in case. Right?" He rambled. Toothless barked in agreement before scanning around again. They finished checking the beaches a little while after, their home bare of signs of other people per usual. No dangerous dragon seemed to threaten them either, so they decided to call it a night, returning home. Hiccup stretched as he stumbled off the yawning dragon, they moved their beds into a cave, neither the boy nor the dragons enjoyed sleeping in the rainy whether that occurs periodically. Hiccup smiled and took off Toothless's saddle, yawning as he walked away and rested in the slightly better made bed of leaves, wrapping himself in a wool blanket he had taken and falling asleep soon after. Toothless patted over to his usual spot and lit it up with his low flame, curling up on it and purring himself to sleep.




"What happened!?" Stoick boomed as the vikings rushed Snotlout off of the boat and towards Gothi's home, Astrid raced up behind her elder, backing up the events she stated. Stoick's face became shocked as he heard of the dragons return. Gobber helped Gothi retrieve her things as Snotlout entered her presence, not a second passed before she started treating the teen. Fishlegs explained to the healer of what happened and she nodded in understanding, ruling out the items she needed and things she didn't of the herbs Gobber had brought. The other vikings that had brought the teen were ordered away, taking the remaining teens with them.


"Will he be okay?" Fishlegs questioned, the others shrugged before replying.


"Only time will tell young one" They sighed and went back to their chief, who was already arranging another shipment. Astrid had explained that they still needed to deliver their share of the trade, everyone agreed and started helping reload their ship. Taking a different ship, with more warriors this time in case they ran into their flying opponent again. The night was long for the vikings, they reinforced their ships after listening to the event once more, Stoick wasn't taking any chances with this. Gobber tried to argue to wait until dawn at least.


"The night is the beast's best strength, Stoick.... You go out there now, and you'll get blown out of the water" He argued, the chief grunted and continued loading the ship, earning a long saddened sigh from Gobber. Stoick put down the box he was holding, then walked over to his friend.


"Look.... I don't want to go out there as much as you.... But the Bashem Oiks said they have information of the whereabouts of my son.... and I have to get this stuff to them" He explained, Gobber nodded, then sighed.


"Well.. I'll pack my undies" He spoke with a smile. Stoick sighed once more, about to object before deciding against it as his friend walked on board. The people finished loading the ship and were waiting for everyone to board it, the teens greatly disagreeing with this choice, but didn't speak against it.


"Hey! Wait up!" Snotlout called from the docks as they untied the ship, he quickly jumped on the ramp and made his way on.


"What are you doing here?! you should be resting" Astrid complained as Snotlout approached them, head bandaged and was slightly limping, Gobber backed her up and went to shoo him off, but failed when he stood his ground and spoke his argument.


"I'm taking down that stupid dragon. I almost died because of that beast!" He snapped, Stoick shook his head and said he was already on the ship and they had just left the docks. Everyone had sighed and waved it off, Snotlout smiling in triumph.


This feeling of gifted success Snotlout felt, soon faded as everyone attempted to help him with everything. They didn't allow him to carry heavy boxes around, or help them set up the sails. He sighed and went to sit down near a catapult, keeping his eyes on the sky in search of the black dragon that gave him such a headache. Slowly falling asleep as the silence of the night went undisturbed for several hours.




"Snotlout!" Astrid exclaimed as she shook the sleeping teen awake, and with a scream of anger and surprise, the teen was on his feet and spinning around looking for a dragon that wasn't there. Astrid sighed and slightly punched his arm, rolling her eyes as he calmed down.


It was dawn and they had arrived at the island of Bashem, the tribe they were to trade with. They docked and were greeted with the chief, saying his welcomes and began going over the cargo they agreed on. Large furs that could act as blankets or be turned into coats, some food Berk was able to spare, and herbs that weren't as useful to Gothi as she had first thought.


They began unloading the ship and reloading it with the things they had promised Stoick, some foreign foods they had traded with another tribe for, stronger weapons that were lighter and easier to use, along with some contraptions that could make their lives just a little bit easier. The two chiefs began to walk into the village, talking among themselves as the villagers greeted the Berkians with joy, showing them their discoveries.


"So, my son, you've seen him recently?" Stoick asked with hope, the other chief had nodded.


"He was caught stealing some food not too long ago. We're still trying to figure how he got away, and got on our island in general. No new ships came in, so I would assume he had his own hidden away somewhere. Though food does go missing here and there, so I think he stops by every so often" He explained, leading him to their storage unit, showing him where the food is generally taken from. Stoick nodded, thinking about it for a bit.


"If he comes here often, that must mean he's close by" He pondered, the other chief had nodded, but explained the scouts he sends out to nearby islands always come up empty.


"Mind if we stay a few days? I would like to see if he stops by any time soon, hopefully I can stop him then. Uhm, we can hunt our food during our stay" He spoke, the chief nodded.


"We'd like the company, and no worries! we can throw a feast! we do after all, have more food to go around" He chirped, making his way from the storage and towards the town square, announcing Berks stay and a feast in honour of their new trading partner. Snotlout ran up to some warriors after the crowd had dissipated.


"Heeeeyyy..." He dragged out, catching their attention, they gave a curious look and asked what he wanted.


"I was wondering. Did you...... happen to see... Oh I don't know.. a Night Fury... Fly by here by any chance?" He questioned, they gave confused looks before denying any sight of one. He sighed and asked what they got for dragons in the first place.


"Well, the most of the dragons we had before escaped. But, we got a couple Gronckles still" One spoke, Snotlout groaned and shrugged. The warrior asked if he wanted to see how they trained, to which he agreed and followed them to their arena. It was almost as big as theirs at home, it didn't have a detachable dome like theirs, in fact, theirs was underground. Snotlout awed at the sight for a few seconds, then looked at the variety of weapons they had to choose from, some were common to Snotlout, while others he hadn't exactly seen before. Astrid and the other teens caught up with them and awed at the weapons as well, then went behind the chained fence that separated them from the actual arena. They watched as the warriors worked to take down the dragon, using a variety of distractions and sounds to confuse the beast, before finally knocking it out.


"You guys want to give it a go?" A male had asked, the teens nodded in excitement before racing towards the entrance. They picked out their weapons and waited as the other Gronckle's cage door opened.




"Ah.. we're low on food again. Well, where should we stop by this time? Eh bud?" Hiccup questioned looking at the small amount of food they had. Toothless cooed and nudged his head into his friend. Hiccup thought for a second, thinking of somewhere to get more food.


"I always liked the food from the Bashem Oiks..... Don't you, bud?" Hiccup spoke, Toothless purred and the two walked over to the entrance. Hiccup looked towards the eager dragons he had trained, he thought a little more, then jumped on Toothless, signalling for the dragons to follow. He taught the dragons a few new moves, and worked on them for the day. Keeping the dragons in formation before breaking off the Nightmare and teaching him some new moves and tactics. The remaining dragons stayed in their usual rotation, waiting for the Night Fury to return with their friend, Hiccup continued to repeat this with the other dragons, showing them different routes to take and moves to use. Near late afternoon he had managed to get three of the four dragons to do these new moves on their own. The Zippleback was a harder dragon to train for him, needing to keep both heads focused at once, and all four eyes on him. Eventually, they caught on, and were on par with the others, the sun had begun to set and they had started heading to their destination.

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Chapter 3

First Attempt


The music kept the people on their feet, dancing steps and laughing echoed throughout the village, eventually everyone was clapping to the song and singing along. Some of the inebriated vikings sang their hearts out from the crowd, while the others stumbled all over the floor in attempts to dance. Ruffnut and Tuffnut crept up to the teens hidden on the roof of a building, setting down a keg of stolen mead and they started their own little party with some of the other Bashem teens. Snotlout chuckled here and there but kept most of his attention to the sky, a feeling of danger began creeping up his spine, as if something were going to happen. Tuffnut stumbled into him, slurring his question of what he was doing, resulting in an eye roll from Snotlout, and a push to get him off his arm.


"What's up?" Astrid asked as she walked up to him, subtly directing Tuffnut elsewhere, who ended up getting fascinated by a chicken that wandered into their view. Snotlout took a few chugs of his drink before answering.


"I really hate that stupid dragon" He grumbled, to which Astrid sighed and shook her head, taking the cup from his hand and setting it on the table next to them. She followed his gaze to the black sky, watching the stars that shimmered among the dark canvas of the night, with the moon rising high above the horizon and clouds periodically hiding their view of the stars.


"You really shouldn't be drinking with that head injury of yours, Snotlout" She spoke, ignoring the comment of the dragon and focusing on the sky. She heard him scoff before he rolled his eyes, grabbing another mug of the liquid and chugging it down just to spite her.


"Your funeral...." She spoke with a bleak face, crossing her arms as she watched him chug another down. He finished with a satisfied sigh and smirked at her.


"Sorry what was that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of this wonderful drink going down my throat" He teased, she groaned before taking another cup and chugging it as well, walking away to her newly made friend and leaving Snotlout to his thoughts. Fishlegs became his next distraction, watching the sky with him and putting on a pleased smile. They sat in silence for a few awkward minutes before Snotlout gave a confused, and annoyed look to the boy, then trying to gain his attention. Fishlegs snapped out of his trance and gave him a gentle smile, asking how he was doing. Snotlout let out a long irritated sigh, rolling his eyes in the process.


"I'm fine.... Everything's Fine..... Why does everyone think otherwise?" He complained, Fishlegs looked away briefly during his ramble.


"Because... You... got shot at by a Night Fury....." He bluntly stated, which resulted in Snotlout going into a long rant about killing the beast, and how it made his current life a living disaster. Fishlegs sat quietly, listening to him, not at all intrigued by his words, but figured he'd humour Snotlout for the while.


"Did you happen to get a good look at the dragon?" He asked as Snotlout fell silent. He looked down and seemed deep in thought before shaking his head with a weak no, then questioned Fishlegs about it.


"Well... It's just... I thought I saw something.... on the dragon's back" He spoke, Snotlout gave a confused look before laughing.


"That fog must have really got to you there, because there's no way someone could ride a dragon" He chuckled. Fishlegs smirked before speaking his mind.


"I never said what was on the dragon.... So you must of saw him too!" He exclaimed, Snotlout pulled on a surprised face before taking a long sip of his drink. Fishlegs continued to rant on about it until Snotlout gave in.


"Okay! Yes... I saw something. Not saying it was a human. On the dragon, or anything.... But...... Are you happy now?!" He exclaimed, to which Fishlegs smiled with a nod, then went on theorizing about it, which inevitably got Snotlout intrigued enough to start theorizing it as well.


"If... the dragon has a rider... Then that person ordered the dragon to shoot me!" He explained, Fishlegs agreed with uncertainty.


"Maybe he was just trying to protect the dragon?" He questioned, Snotlout groaned before sighing.


"Maybe.... But he still shot at me!" He countered, slamming his fist on the nearby table. Fishlegs flinched at the sudden movement, but shrugged it off moments after. They fell silent, thinking to themselves of the mystery rider.


Snotlout's mind became blank as he just stared at the stars, the sight calming and he let a small smile make its way onto his lips. A few stars began to disappear for a brief second in a certain line, as if something was blocking it as it passed by. He alerted Fishlegs of it, both seeking for the creature once more.


"Why does this seem familiar?" Snotlout blankly stated. Fishlegs sighed and nodded as he started thinking of the events of their trip again. They continued to watch the sky and try to pinpoint where the star blocking creature was, only to get spooked out of their search by Astrid as she and the others started running around, trying to hide the mead. Gobber came booming in and asked them what they were up to, mixed answers rose from the teens and were eventually caught with the missing mead Gobber had been looking for. He forced them into bringing back the remaining liquid and went with Stoick to retrieve some more food.


On their way to the shed they noted a silhouette of a dragon up ahead, a Monstrous Nightmare Gobber had guessed, Stoick went for his axe and kept his eyes on the silhouette for a while, Gobber focusing on it as well. Only taking their eyes off it when a blast of sound boomed from behind them, the village center they had left was lit with fire, cries and screams echoed from the flames, and battle cries began to make themselves known. Gobber began racing towards the center to aid the others, Stoick followed before stopping in his tracks at the sound of a soft thump from behind him, turning around and seeing a black dragon peering into the shed. He let out a cry, alerting the dragon as he ran towards it, swinging his axe at it's head as it charged at him. The dragon pinned him down and began forming the well known explosive gas in his throat, boiling out of his mouth, ready to ignite it until a screaming "no" stopped him. The dragon bowed his head and looked behind him, jumping off the large viking and towards the one who yelled. Stoick got to his feet with a shaky breath, looking at the lithe boy that was petting the dragon's head, he watched as he strapped a basket to his back and jumped onto the dragon's saddle.


"Hiccup?" Stoick breathed out. The boy stopped moving and stared at the ground, his dragon glaring at Stoick, who tried to get the boys attention once more.


"You wouldn't have accepted this..... If we stayed.... You would of killed him" He spoke softly, looking to Stoick with a hurt, but angry expression. Stoick took in the sight once more, his son on a dragon and stealing food to top it off. He didn't know what to say, he knew he would have probably killed the dragon he's on, but tried to counter it with him being his son, and he'd do anything for him, Stoick was too caught up fighting with himself to notice Hiccup's anger growing. At the lack of an answer from his dad, he opened Toothless's tail and ordered the dragon up, responding immediately, the dragon shot up into the sky.


"Hiccup!" Stoick cried out, chasing after the dragon as it flew towards the other four causing the mayhem to the village center. They alerted the dragons and they followed him up into the smoke cloud that formed above. Snotlout, determined to take out the Night Fury, hitched a ride on the gronckle, causing some worry from the teens who watched him as he dragon hopped until they were out of sight. The dragons got into formation behind the Night Fury, and Snotlout used it to get onto it's back, driving the Nadder he was on over the black dragon and falling on top of it. Resulting in a hiss from the dragon, and a shocked look from it's rider.


"Hiccup?" Snotlout gasped as he saw the guy look back at him.


"What the.... Snotlout?! What are you.. Gahh" Hiccup sighed with some anger, making a few hand gestures to the hissing dragons behind them. Snotlout awed as the four slowed and silenced themselves, still staying in their v formation, he snapped out of the awe and began glaring at Hiccup.


"You shot at me!" He exclaimed, gripping his axe tighter as he waited for a response.


"And you shot at us, so you know... fair is fair" Hiccup countered, keeping his eyes ahead of them.


"But I didn't give you a head injury! Now did I" Snotlout argued, before holding his axe towards Hiccup. Toothless let out a quiet hiss, waiting for his riders approval.


"Maybe not.... But I don't like getting shot out of the sky" He groaned. Snotlout copied before holding the axe to the back of Hiccup's neck.


"Speaking of which.... How-"


"How did I train a dragon? How are we in the sky right now? How are you on my dragon?" Hiccup cut him off with smirk, Toothless let out a grumbling hiss as the end of the tree line came into view.


"Well... yeah...." Snotlout spoke, pulling his axe back to his side, then looked at the fact he was, indeed, standing on a dragon's back and was not getting flung off by it as well. Hiccup explained that dragons aren't as bad as they think, resting his hand on an anxious Toothless head, now passing the treeline.


"Dragons are actually pretty loyal creatures, and will do anything for you...... Unless you shoot at them and their rider" Hiccup spoke darkly, Snotlout gave a shocked, guilty look, with confusion following before Toothless took control and shot higher into the sky. Snotlout dropped down on the dragons back and lost his axe in the process, he let out a terrified scream as he watched the water below slowly expand, and his axe quickly shrink in size as it neared the sea. Toothless flipped upside down before diving with a spin, leaving Snotlout little time to think, and was barely just holding on.


"Okay! Okay! I'm sorry! Just let me off of this thing!" Snotlout cried as they neared the water, to which Hiccup smirked.


"As you wish...... Was nice seeing ya, Snotlout!" He called with a wave of his hand and Toothless spun once more to fling Snotlout off into the water. Snotlout screamed until the water encased him, hitting his head on a rock that laid on the shallow floor. Unlike Hiccup had hoped, the water wasn't as deep as he thought, earning a sigh as he noted the boy floating in the water, guilt flooding him as he looked at the seemingly dead body. But that guilt went just as fast as it came, he circled the spot once more before calling the lingering dragons to his side, and they made their way home.


The vikings took less than an hour to find Snotlout, retrieving him out of the water and rushing him to the healers, helping the clan as much as they could with the injured people the dragons had left them with. Stoick was still shaken by his son's new friend, but tried his best to keep himself composed to help the people. He kept himself busy to avoid thinking about his failed attempt to try and bring Hiccup home. A few hours had passed and all the fires had been put out, everyone was keeping their eye on the sky for the rest of the night. The teens soon fell asleep on whatever they were sitting on, and Stoick continued to think about his encounter.


"Stoick?" Gobber spoke, coming up and sitting by his friend, asking what was on his mind. He told Gobber about why he was late to helping them in the village center, a shocked expression showed on his friends face before one of hurt took its place. He looked towards Snotlout, whose head was wrapped in even more bandages, and was still unconscious from the fall.


"So..... Snotlout..." He started, pausing with a shaky breath.


"Hiccup...." Stoick whispered in response, Gobber took in a breath before thinking.


"Well..... there's no saying he was fully responsible.... Maybe... one of the dragons..." Gobber hoped, trying to think of any other reason that didn't lead to Hiccup harming one of their own.


"The dragons he tamed" Stoick countered, Gobber sighed and held his head.


"A dragon.... No wonder he was so good in the ring" Gobber pondered, Stoick sighed and thought about his son's development during his absence. They sat in silence until the sun rose, the Bashem Chief offered them a few more days to stay, until their party was able to stand straight at least. The two thanked him and started going through the injured people, seeing who was doing better and who wasn't. Snotlout shot up in his bed with a gasp, scaring two twins and a Fishlegs awake in the process. Astrid's face lit up with relief as he looked around, confusion painting his face.


"Where am I? What happened?" Snotlout spoke fast, Astrid explained they were attacked by dragons, and explained his actions during then.


"Annnnd when did we get here?" He asked, one of the healers came over and started asking him questions. After a few quick makeshift tests they came up with, they concluded Snotlout lost his memory of the past day. Stoick was both relieved and saddened by this, because one, he won't remember it was Hiccup who caused this, and two, he won't tell the others about it, but of course he was saddened that he lost part of his memory. He felt slightly embarrassed with his son's little achievements in life, but now that he had trained a dragon, and used it to cause harm against not only their ally, but his own people. He felt shame for that, he didn't think his son would do such a thing, but he guess it didn't surprise him either. At least his actions didn't, the dragon thing still didn't sit well with the man. The Berkians helped get their friends on their feet again, the damage wasn't as bad as usual, but still put a dent in them.




Toothless cooed to his rider as they approached their home, Hiccup pet his friends head as they made their way to land. The dragons who aided them went their ways to the island, finding places to rest and falling asleep not long after. Toothless and Hiccup went around the island, doing a quick scan around the place before heading back to their cave and having some of the new food they got. Hiccup began thinking of the night, of his dad in particular.


"Hey bud... You think they'd let us back in? Maybe we could show them to ride dragons too..." Hiccup questioned, Toothless snorted and shook his head briefly. Hiccup chuckled and agreed with the dragon.


"Yeah... Who am I kidding? they couldn't learn to like you guys even if their lives depended on it" He spoke, Toothless purred and rested his head against Hiccup, they watched the stars for a bit before falling asleep.




The birds chirped as they flew around the cave entrance, the dragons began chasing each other around the sky and doing other random tricks. Hiccup stretched as he walked out of the cave, Toothless tiredly followed and watched the other dragons mess around in the sky. He gave a tired yawn and went to lay down again, Hiccup chuckled and went looking around for something to do, finding plants to study, and other dragons that inhabited the island. He sighed and went back to Toothless, who was sleeping in the same spot Hiccup left him in, he gained the night fury's attention and started telling him about the other dragons he found on the island.


"What do you say we go exploring? eh bud?" Hiccup spoke as Toothless stretched, he cooed and perked up, letting Hiccup put on his saddle and they took off. The other dragons taking note of their departure and following them, Hiccup smiled and they continued a few islands over. An island they came upon was almost similar to their own, but was slightly smaller by the looks of it. They circled it for a little before spotting a place to land, Hiccup let the dragons explore of their own free will, keeping them close and within ear shot for safety measures. They explored a few places, then walked down to the beaches and admired the view.


"Ah... I think it's time we head home... eh guys?" Hiccup spoke looking towards the sleepy dragons, Hiccup got on Toothless and they hovered in the air for a bit, waiting for the tired dragons to follow and they made their way out. Hiccup spotted a boat that was making its way south, he soon recognized it as the merchant traders ship. Toothless hissed towards it before Hiccup patted him.


"He's a friend.... and plus, he's well open minded with everyone... So.. why don't we go meet him" Hiccup spoke, Toothless grumbled in disagreement but listened to his friend, going down and landing on the ship. Johann was startled by the dragons just suddenly landing on his ship, but eased up at the sight of Hiccup.


"Master Hiccup! What a... what a surprise... How.... what" He spoke, confused as he jumped off the night fury and greeted the trader. Johann awed at the well mannered dragons and asked Hiccup of how he achieved such things. Hiccup explained the recent events while leaning against the mast with crossed arms.


"Well, I'll say Hiccup, this is quite remarkable! So, I take it you save dragons now? Instead of kill them?" He questioned, Hiccup nodded and showed the trader Toothless's tail. Toothless eventually warmed up to the man, but still didn't quite like his presence, unlike his rider.


"Well, if you're looking for helping more dragons. I heard there was a certain tribe going on a hunt for dragons not too far from here" Johann spoke, peaking Hiccup's interest. He explained what they were doing, and when. Then gave him a map of where they would be found and how many there were.


"Only three ships? they seem well prepared" Hiccup teased, Johann chuckled at the statement before saying they were merely transporting already captured dragons. Hiccup nodded and thanked Johann for the info, then departed. Johann waved them off and continued on his own path.


The six returned home, Hiccup stayed up fairly late in attempts to figure out a plan for freeing these dragons. Toothless cooed and looked up at his rider from his bed, tilting his head as he looked at the scattered papers and maps.


"We'll figure this out bud....." He spoke, looking at all the papers and rested his hand on his dragon's head.


((Ah, a day late... my bad))

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Chapter 4

Where's My Friend?


Hiccup scanned the cave for anything he may have forgotten, with everything in place he met Toothless at the entrance and climbed on. Alerting the other dragons and taking off into the sky. They followed the map towards their target, spotting three ships exiting a fog cloud. They stayed high in the sky while observing the ship, the insignia wasn't recognizable to Hiccup, and he couldn't see anyone he knew leading the ships. What he could see however was dragons, locked in a cage on the decks. He signaled for the following dragons to get into their positions, responding immediately and splitting up, circling the ships as they slowly made their way closer. The people on the ships had already grown uneasy with the dragons circling, keeping most of their attention on them.


"Okay... come on bud" Hiccup spoke, leaning forwards and putting Toothless into a dive, they neared the ship and the confused vikings had little time to react. A blast left the dragon's mouth and landed in the mast of the ship, splitting it in two and sending screaming vikings to the ground as it fell. The circling dragons dived in at the blast and started firing at the ships at once, confusing the vikings that tried their hardest to stay clear of the blasts and their aftermath. The captain of the ship began screaming orders, the men responding to his yells and racing for nets and catapults.


"Take out that Night Fury!" He screamed, the dragon dived on him, sending a plasma blast his way. He jumped out of the shot and ran towards a net, shooting at the dragon as it dived on the ship beside his. Only for the Zippleback to cross in front of it's path, getting caught in the net and landing harshly on the deck of the other ship. Hiccup screamed as he watched the dragon fall, Toothless let out a worried warble as they climbed higher into the sky. The captain grew confused as he heard the rider, taking a longer look at the dragon to find a person on it's back. He redirected his men to targeting the other dragons, hoping to anger the rider enough to make a mistake, and one by one the dragons fell into the water. He brought them on board and caged them up, moving most of the dragons under the deck.


"Eret! What are we going to do about that Night Fury?!" One of the crew men asked as the dragon dived on them, Toothless climbed up into the sky and Hiccup analyzed who he still had of his dragons. The Nightmare and the Gronckle were still high in the air, just out of reach of the nets.


"Focus on taking out the other two first..... Then we'll worry about the Night Fury" Eret spoke, watching the dragon circle around their ships. The Nightmare went low to shoot at one of the ships, lighting his body aflame as he neared and let a long string of fire escape his mouth. He set the sail into flames and went to climb up to safety before Eret shot him down with a net. He landed in the water and was dragged up, getting thrown into a cage and sent to be with the others. The gronckle, under the impression he was able to take out the chain pulling his friend, went to shoot at it, against Hiccup's orders. He watched as they took down the dragon with ease, groaning and searching for another way to get them out. He grew angry at the captain's teasing remarks, Toothless let out an annoyed hiss and they continued to circle the ships.


"Come on Rider.... I've captured all of your dragons.... Why don't ya come and get em'!" He yelled. His men grew worried at his taunting, asking him if it was such a great idea to do so.


"If he can train the beast..... We can shoot the beast" He spoke, smirking as he noted Hiccup grow angry, then smiled as he saw them diving on him, intent on shooting him off his ship but was trapped in a net instead. The two landed vigorously on the deck with a harsh roll, Hiccup weakly got to his feet as he was surrounded by the men. Another few jumping on his dragon to keep him from helping his rider. Eret smiled as he skipped his way down to the trapped boy, gloating as he approached them.


"A Night Fury.... Now, I thought they'd all gone extinct..." He spoke admiring the black dragon now in chains. He questioned Hiccup why he was attacking his ships, getting no response, he questioned other things, such as his name and where he came from. Still, no response, only glares and grunts from the boy.


"Silent type eh? Well... no matter. Lock him up..." Eret ordered, the men started walking off with Hiccup and his dragon, pushing them in separate cages and standing guard of them. Hiccup began to beat himself up about the battle, thinking of the dragons he trained and how he knew they weren't ready. He sighed after a few minutes, then began thinking of ways to get out, looking at every possible escape route, and calculating every possible issue he could encounter.


After three failed attempts to get free he grew tired, and hungry. They stopped opening his cell door since his first attempt got him out with that trick, the only words they heard from him were lies of wanting to talk. Using that as another way to get free, but they were still trying to figure out how he managed to sneak a key into his cage the one time. Eret grew annoyed with his constant escape attempts, they placed his dragon on another ship to prevent his escape from getting airborne had he managed another way out.


"No... we're not keeping the dragon in that cage... The reason we can even recapture him is because he has to keep finding them.... Just... move the dragons already" Eret ordered, slightly angry from his men's visible fear. They ended up keeping two guards in the same room as Hiccup, constantly checking on him to make sure he's still there. Several hours had passed and so far, no escaping prisoner or no passing dragons. Eret finally decided to call it a night and go to sleep, resting in his bed and closing his eyes, letting the sound of silence encase him and the swaying of the ship soothe him. A few screams echoed from outside with a crashing sound of glass to follow. Eret groaned as one of his men came banging on his door, yelling for his name. He slid off his bed and opened the door with an angry expression embedded on his face.


"Let me guess.... The rider" He groaned out, to which the man nodded and pointed to the auburn haired male swinging a small sword around.


"Should of killed him when we first captured him..." Eret sighed out as he took out his own sword and stomped over to him.


"You're really starting to get on my nerves, Rider..." He growled, kicking out Hiccup's legs and holding the blade to his neck. He picked the male up and tied his hands behind him, dragging him back to his cell and throwing him in.


"This time.... Make sure he doesn't get out" Eret exclaimed, storming out of the room.


"Who skimped on the meat of his sandwich?" Hiccup smirked as the men groaned with annoyance. He sighed out his smile and rested against the wall, thinking of other ways to get out. He sighed again as no ideas came to mind.


"You guys will be happy to know... I'm officially out of ideas.... For now" He spoke, staring at the ceiling, perhaps another plan was wedged in between the cracks, and all he had to do was find it. Out of boredom, he began talking to the guards, about random things mostly, even going as far as bringing up topics the Twins had at points in his life. The guards didn't respond much at all, more growing irritated by this new talkative Hiccup.


"I liked you better when you didn't speak" One of the men growled out.


"Well, glad to know someone enjoyed my company" Hiccup smiled, watching the guard stand up from his seat in frustration. Saying he was switching shifts with someone else, then stomped out of the room.


"So, guess it's just you and me then, eh?" Hiccup smirked looking to the remaining guard, who groaned and glared at Hiccup with death rooted in his pupils. He pulled off some fabric from his tunic and opened the cell door, walking in and wrapping it around his mouth.


'Just what I was waiting for' Hiccup thought to himself as the guy began turning around. Hiccup body chucked the male into the wall, racing out of the cell and towards the room's door. Getting cut off by the replacement guard as he turned the corner, groaning as he was shoved back into the cell and glaring at the new guard.


"I think.... this was the easiest recapturing attempt we've had with the kid..." The other stated as he rubbed his head, the two began talking among themselves, leaving Hiccup to think of other ways out.




Eret walked in and looked through the bars, seeing Hiccup leaning on the wall passed out. He smiled and sighed in relief as he saw he was asleep.


"Finally the rider's asleep.... Get.. get him out, we're here" He spoke tiredly and led the way out and towards the island they docked at. Hiccup woke up as they got off the ship, getting pushed through the market and village. The place was filled with dragon traders and hunters, the stands that closed them in were littered with reminisces of dragon bones or scales, weapons drenched in poison, and bizarre foods and gems. Eret walked passed all the stands and went for the buildings that laid ahead, walking up to a large, hall-like building and greeting the man that exited with other armed men.


"Father! Long time no see... How've you been?" He cheered, hugging the elder man with a smile, he returned it and gave a vague explanation of his life. Then peered to the boy tied up and surrounded by ten guards.


"What do we have here?" He questioned, walking up to Hiccup and inspecting him. Eret explained his trip and glared at the boy, who in turn, glared back. His father chuckled at the story and nodded.


"Now I see why the caution.... A dragon trainer eh? never heard of such insanity before....." He pondered, Eret agreed before continuing his staring contest of glares with Hiccup. His father broke the intensifying anger by bringing Hiccup to the clans chief, asking what they should do with him.


"A dragon rider you say? Where's his dragon?" The chieftess asked, Eret gestured outside and they walked towards the doors, meeting the sunlight with squinted eyes, which was soon followed by shock as they saw the Night Fury chained in a portable cage. The chieftess awed at the dragon, then stared at the boy who was filled to the brim with worry as he looked over his friend.


Toothless looked up and saw his rider, standing up and letting out angry, muffled roars through his muzzle. Trying all possible ways to escape the chains that held him captive, Hiccup groaned before stealing a dagger off one of the guards and cutting his binds, slipping out from the distracted guard's sight and racing to help his friend. Managing to take off the strap around Toothless's head and now trying to free him of the chains, Toothless continued to pull at the chains while firing at the nearing vikings. The chieftess watched the event with awe and began cooking up a plan in her head, sending all her men after the angry two and thinking of her victory if her plan succeeds.


Eret ran straight for Hiccup, unsheathing his sword as the dragon was preoccupied with the other guards, tripping the smaller boy as he was trying to undo the chains, then trapped him in his arms with a sword against his neck. Hiccup let out a painful cry as he was grabbed, alerting the dragon and angering it further.


"Call your dragon off or we kill both you and him" The chieftess demanded to the struggling Hiccup, who in turn grunted then made a hand gesture to the dragon. Toothless lowered his head with a hiss in response, the chieftess smiled before the dragon let out a plasma blast in her direction, she dodged it and glared at the boy as he tried to break free of Eret's grasp.


"I WILL NOT repeat myself" She demanded, Eret tightened his grip on the boy and held the blade closer to him, slightly piercing skin as he tried to run. He grunted and sighed, calling his friend off and watching with worry as the vikings tightened the chains on his dragon.


"Smart choice..... Now..... Let's talk" She spoke, motioning for Eret to take him to her quarters. Eret threw the tired boy into her room and left with his father as their chief entered, staring at a map that hung above a desk. Hiccup followed her gaze, holding a hand to the new cut that rested on his neck, examining the map with suspicion before questioning her motives.


"There's a certain group of vikings that have become sort of a nuisance to me. I figure..... If we were to take them out.... it would be easier to do from the sky...... Wouldn't you agree?" She spoke, staring at a certain island on her map, Hiccup stared at her in confusion. He questioned her again, making sure he's understanding her statement properly.


"I'll offer you this. You help us train dragons, I'll let you and your dragon live. Of course, for safety measures...... You wouldn't be allowed him back until you have proven yourself..... well one. Actually useful, and two... Trustworthy" She explained, keeping eye contact with the boy as he thought of the offer.


"How do I know if Toothless will still be alive" He countered, crossing his arms as he considered it. She sighed and thought for a moment.


"I will allow you periodic visits, of course, in closed in areas, and surrounded with guards. After seeing your efforts to escape at the sight of the creature. I will be taking extra precautions here" She straightened her back and asked if he would take her deal. Hiccup thought for a minute, then gave a slight glare.


"And my other dragons?" He spoke, slight confusion crossed on her face before replacing it with an emotionless stare.


"They will have the same conditions as your Night Fury. Although, please. Point out your... other dragons" She spoke, gesturing for him to follow her out of the room. He followed her to the cell room, seeing a hall of caged dragons as he entered. They went down the hall and Hiccup found all his dragons, the chief ordering them to be placed with the Night Fury. Upon the orders given, the men began working immediately to move them.


"Now since that is settled, I will let you get some rest. When you wake, you shall start showing my men how to ride a dragon" She spoke as they came to a room, she opened the door to show an empty room with nothing but a bed, a desk, and a chair.


"I'll have my men check on you every so often, if you need anything, just let them know" She smiled as she waved him into the room, Hiccup nodded with a hesitant smile as he walked in. The door shut behind him and the sound of it locking echoed through the room.


"Oooof Course" Hiccup sang, checking the door to see if it would open. With no success he laid on the bed and thought about her offer some more, although he hadn't exactly agreed to it he wasn't sure he had much of a choice. His original idea was to use his freedom to get his dragons out and run, but the more he thought about it, the more it hurt his head. The hours were long and his eyes grew heavy, slowly letting them fall as his mind began to shut down, and into a deep sleep he went.

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Chapter 5

A New View


"GET HIM!" A viking called to the crowd, people grew confused until they saw someone race for the docks, they found every way to evade the bulky vikings trying to recapture him. Weaving in alleyways and small channels to escape his captors, finally coming into view of the docks with an unattended ship ready for departure. He smirked as he raced out of the buildings safety, giving himself a small chuckle of joy before screaming at the sight of a Monstrous Nightmare landing in front of him and trapping the man in his claws. Hiccup jumped off the Nightmares back and signaled to the dragon, who picked up the man in his jaws and made his way to the approaching vikings.


"I think... You lost someone" He spoke with agitation and a glare to the guards who were supposed to be watching him. Eret sighed and glared back as he waved them off with the dragon, maintaining his usual glaring contest with Hiccup as he walked passed.


"Well done Dragon Rider... Keep that up and you'll be able to have your precious dragon by your side instead of our warriors' dragons" The chieftess spoke as she saw the dragon throw the man to the guards, which tied him up and returned him to his cell.


"Although, I'm surprised. You two seemed to have been getting along so well.... Can't imagine that man wants to be your friend now" She spoke walking up to the boy, he sighed and looked away from her eyes, crossing his arms as he thought about what to say.


"He murdered one of your council members. He doesn't deserve freedom" He spoke in a monotone voice, thinking it as the most appropriate answer to her statement. She chuckled then laughed ending with a nod of joy as she continued to rant on about his development with them. Eret who stood barely a few feet away, began to grow with anger as she praised the younger teen. He couldn't exactly pinpoint which trait about the boy irritated him the most, the fact that he trained dragons? or maybe it was the fact he was able to escape just as easily as the murderer he had just captured, or perhaps it was the fact that he continued to steal his Chiefs attention from Eret. He has only been in their lives for no more than a few weeks and he already trained most, if not all, of the dragons they had, and barely gave their men the right orders to keep the dragons under control. He sighed with visible annoyance and walked away, leaving the two to their own.


Hiccup envied Eret's freedom to walk away at this current moment, he had mentally sighed as he listened to the Chief go on about him helping them ride dragons to go to war. He began to make subtle gestures to walk, Freydis caught onto the movements and began leading him to their hall, still ranting on about his success in training the dragons for her men. She led him to the doors he had come to enjoy seeing, and nodded for his request to be excused from the conversation, she smiled softly as she watched him descend into the dimly lit staircase.


Hiccup walked to the area where his friend resides, going through the halls of storage rooms to find his friend's current home. Seeing a few guards resting outside the familiar doors, he sighed, then sauntered up to them, giving the same answers he had been giving for the days previous, to the same questions he was always asked of. After the small and annoying interrogation, they unlocked the doors, letting the boy in as they lit up a few torches to light the dark room. The black sleeping dragon lifted his head and gave a gummy smile as he saw his rider enter, jumping to his feet and racing to pin him down and drench his hair in slobber. Laughing rose from the teen as he began to play with his dragon, the other dragons that were housed with Toothless rose to their feet as well, greeting the boy with joyful roars and warbles. Hiccup greeted them all with a smile and a scratch on their favourite spots. He gave them a few hand signals and waited to see if they'd remember, seeing they still do, he smiled and gave them all some fish, resting beside Toothless and talking to them about his days. The dragons circled around him after eating, resting down and listened to his voice as they slowly fell back asleep. Toothless curled his tail around his friend as he heard his voice crack, and a yawn made its way out of Hiccup. He continued to talk as he rested his head against his friend, slowly forgetting about his story and falling silent, eyes closing and breathing becoming steady.


Hours had passed and the guards heard no frequent talking or excited dragons, one had sighed and stood up to check it out, opening the door a slight bit and found the fires had died a fair bit. He peaked in some more and noted the cluster of dragons sleeping, but he couldn't exactly see the boy they let in a few hours before. Eret came down and questioned what he was doing, the other guard went up to help his friend search for Hiccup, finding him encased in Toothless's grip.


He sighed and stalked up to the dragons, alerting the black dragon of his presence. Toothless rose his head and met the man with slit pupils and pulled back his lips to reveal his white, pearly teeth. A warning hiss leaving his throat as he watched the man approach, hand on his sword. Not entirely thinking through the body language, the guard continued to approach them, Toothless let out a louder hiss and lit the gas that built in his throat. Not letting it leave his mouth just yet, more just leaving it to light the area in front of him. The guard took a slow step forwards, a little more cautious of his next, he slowly reached for the boy, although not entirely in arms length, he still tried to get to him. Toothless let out one more warning hiss for the man to reconsider, but let the built up fire shoot towards him as he still continued on his path. The other dragons shot up with a jolt then aimed all their anger on the guard trying to run for his life. The other three that waited at the door raced in to try and get them under control, the tricks the rider taught them were fairly useless against these raging dragons, Eret looked through the door with confusion, the boy the dragons were raging over had woken up with the same feeling as he took in the event. One of the guards had managed to sneak past the flaming Nightmare and grab him, racing for the entrance as all five dragons raced after them. The other guards made it to the door before hand and were waiting with their hands on the locks for the two to pass, slamming the door as they reached the hall and locking it as the dragons cried from the other side. Hiccup rose to his feet and began yelling at them, banging on the locked doors and calling for his dragon.


"You tried to escape!" The guard who grabbed him yelled, Hiccup grew confused as he listened to the men throw around false stories about the event that just took place. Hiccup tried his hardest to counter them, but every word that left his mouth was shot down with another ridiculous story.


"You can't just walk in like that! These dragons aren't the same as the ones I trained for you guys! You have to understand their body language and know when to step off! You can't just walk in like you own the place, and most definitely not when I'm sleeping!" Hiccup shouted, thankfully was able to speak the whole statement without one of the other three men interrupting. One of which grabbed his arms and started dragging him away.


"Yeah sure, tell that to the Chief and then explain why you tried to run away" He spoke, Hiccup groaned and tried to struggle out of his grasp. Eret watched the whole ordeal and tried to process what was happening, seeing Hiccup being dragged off while explaining everything, didn't quite sit well with him. He followed them to the Chieftess's quarters, watching as the ignorant guard banged on her door until she answered, questioning what was going on. He explained the story his way, making Hiccup look like a "traitor" to their tribe. How she bought it was a mystery to both Eret and Hiccup, she glared the boy down before ordering he be placed in a cell with a watch, and off to the cells he went. Eret sighed and went home, thinking of the situation until he fell asleep.




The cage door opened with a creak and the guard waited at the entrance for Hiccup to react, the boy rested against the wall and stared at the one parallel to him, he sighed as the guard yelled at him to stand. Slowly doing as ordered and following him to stand before the Chieftess, hearing her recite the usual words before asking him if he was trustworthy or not. He caught sight of the guard who put him in that cell, holding back a glare and a grunt, he looked to the tall shieldmaiden that stood before him.


Nodding with a hoarse yes before speaking the words he's been rehearsing in his head for the past few weeks, hoping they were enough to please her, and let him wonder throughout town once more.


Freydis took a moment of thought after his words faded, then looked the boy over again, setting him up with the same conditions he had when he first got there. The guards took off the cuffs and led him back to his room. Dust lightly coated his art and blueprints now, but despite his presence in the room for a month, it was still as plain as when it was first given to him. He sighed and sat down on his desk, looking over his pictures before playing with a charcoal pencil, pushing it up his desk and letting it roll back down.


'Back at stage one.... Great' He thought, watching the charcoal pencil roll back to him. He took in a deep breath and let it out as he laid on his bed, thinking of the guard that made up lies to try to redeem himself of the mistake he made. He grew angry at the man, thinking of ways to repay his actions. A plan began brewing in his mind and he started writing it down, burying it in the papers of blueprints and art, looking back at it every so often to not forget it.


'This should land him a spot right in my jail cell for longer than a year' Hiccup thought to himself, hiding the papers of his plan in the pile and laying in bed, falling asleep not long after.




Hiccup walked into the arena where a small handful of people stood lined up, the dragons just exiting out of their cages, sending evil glares to the vikings parallel to them. Hiccup made a few hand gestures to get them to focus, he grew irritated as the dragons didn't respond to his commands until he used his voice. Setting the vikings up with their paired dragons and getting them to do a few drills, nothing too exciting to them anymore. It was more to get the dragons under control again, Hiccup figured they stopped training them when he was jailed. He closed his eyes with a sigh as the dragons began to bump into each other and purposely start fights with one another, flinging vikings off into the walls and completely ignoring their riders orders. He looked over the chaos of the arena and shouted for everyone to return to their spots, getting the dragons under control himself. Hilde walked up to him as he finished getting the dragons in line, slightly punching him on the shoulder to gain his attention.


"You know... You can just say hi....." He spoke, rubbing his arm and keeping his eye on the Nadder in front of him, Hilde sighed and looked at the dragon as well.


"What's going on with them? They've never acted like this before. Not even when we trained them from feral" He spoke, Hiccup sighed as he watched him pet the Nadders nose. The dragon calmed himself to his touch, resting his spines and nudging into the man's hand.


"You guys haven't been working with them while I was gone. Like I had asked" He spoke, giving a small glare to the man who caused his disappearance. Hilde gave one in return along with a weak apology.


"When you see my dragon giving you hisses and lighting his fire. You walk away. You don't continue on, or it will result in your death" Hiccup spoke, taking a small step in front of the Nadder. Hilde let out a deathly glare, accidentally gripping the Nadders horn and causing it to yelp and spike up it's tail, about to let one fly towards the man until Hiccup pinched a spot just behind it's head. It fell to the ground with a sleepy grin, Hilde gave a noticeable annoyed sound and went to speak before Hiccup beat him to it.


"Now, before you start chewing me out. What did you do before the dragon attacked?" He questioned, petting the Nadder until it rose to its feet again. Hilde gave an annoyed sigh before explaining his actions and then was sent to stand beside his colleagues. Hiccup took a deep breath and began giving one word orders to the dragons, some of which were reluctant to comply. Hiccup let the obedient dragons fly in circles as he tried working with the resisting ones, getting most to follow his orders and others to barely listen. One in particular looked a completely different way from Hiccup to ignore him, annoyed she'd be neglected for so long. Hiccup sighed and gave her a few gentle strokes on her nose, after a while she gave in and nudged into Hiccup for more pets, then let him mount her as the other dragons landed. The rider ordered the other vikings to mount theirs, doing as asked and climbing onto the now compliant dragons, and followed the female Nadder into the sky. Doing a circle around the arena before taking off into their usual course, going through the village and surveying the place quickly. With the dragons seeming to stay acquiescent to their riders, they took off towards the sea stacks. Weaving through them at slow paces before speeding up towards the larger gaped stacks, Hiccup leading them through it. The dragons seemed to do well going through them, but their riders forgot their orders and how much to lean when in a turn. Hiccup sighed as he slowed to them, giving them pointers on the things they should already know by now. Most of the men complained that they were doing what they were supposed to, and that it was dragons who were throwing them off. Hiccup humphed and continued to order them to do what he asks, getting glares and a few back lashing words in return, until finally, they complied. Getting better within the minute they took his advise. Hiccup shook his head slightly then returned to leading them through the sea stacks, taking a few practice shots at the land as they weaved through them.


The morning became late afternoon and they began to head back, landing in the arena and sending their dragons back to their cages and carrying on with their day. Hiccup was led to a building he knew all too well, being given a mop and a bucket and was sent inside. He sighed as he started cleaning the floors of the cell house, getting glared down by a man sitting in the corner of a cage. Hiccup let out a quiet groan as he continued cleaning, only for the man to gain his attention, bringing up the event of his capture.


"Look, I'm sorry. But what was I supposed to do? Let you go and take your place?" Hiccup spoke as the man continued to rant. He silenced himself briefly, before answering.


"Yes, because that's what friends do" He spoke, Hiccup sighed and held his head in his hand, pinching the bridge of his nose as he leaned on the mop slightly.


"So what? They could shoot you out of the water with catapults? You're lucky they didn't kill you as soon as my dragon handed you over" Hiccup countered, the man thought a little bit before telling him of his next plan of escape. Hiccup thought of it as he explained, still cleaning as he listened, then pointed out every way it could go wrong. Presenting him with his plan instead, first vaguely explaining the idea to entice the prisoner, then going into more depth as he agreed, then finally requesting a piece of fabric torn from his shirt.


"So... you want me to take out this.... Hilde guy, and in turn, you let me go?" He questioned, Hiccup gave a semi nod as he explained it some more, then repeated his request. The man nodded again and handed over a piece of the cloth, the boy thanked him before carrying on with his chores. Hiccup occasionally stopping to show the man some hand signals he needed to learn.


Hiccup had finished cleaning the place and waved to the man as he left, then was being escorted to his room, but was stopped by Eret who took him out of the men's watch and brought him to the armory. The man asked the boy to pick a weapon, Hiccup became confused by his request, picking up a small sword as he questioned his motives. He let it briefly fall to the ground as he took it off the wall, getting no response from Eret as he led him back to the arena. Eret picked up a sword and started ordering Hiccup to attack him, the boy was confused, but didn't pass up the chance to get him. Running at the guy as he lifted the sword to swing at him, watching as the older teen dodged him and hit him on the back. Hiccup spun on his heel as he tried another swing at Eret, getting blocked in the process and a blade on his throat.


"Try again" Eret spoke, letting him go and giving him some tips on what to do, Hiccup listened to his advice and began getting faster at his attacks. Still unable to land a hit at the man, but was getting closer to it.


The night began to creep into the sky and the two were still practicing with their swords, Hiccup dropped his blade and fell to his knees with a heavy breath, with only a yawn from Eret as he rested the sword on his shoulder.


"Had enough yet, lad?" He questioned the tired male, who gave a huff and rose to his feet, making a weak attempt at the man. He blocked the blow and tripped the boy, holding a blade to his skin as Hiccup let out an annoyed sigh.


"Alright, I think it's time to go to sleep now" He spoke, helping Hiccup off the ground and walked him back to his room. Hiccup sighed and yawned as he was locked in, he fell on his bed and let his eyes fall, going into a deep sleep within moments.

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Chapter 6

Our End Game?


Shots of fire had hit the wall of the arena, each time hitting the red dot that was painted in the center of the target circle. Hiccup held up his hand to the Nadder and let her sniff the cloth that was wrapped around his palm which formed a makeshift fingerless glove. She sniffed it, and purred as she nuzzled it, he took his hand back and made another signal with it. The dragon stared at it for only a moment before responding with a battle stance. Her tail high above her body with her spines standing tall. Her wings spread and head lowered to appear bigger, and narrowed eyes with raised lips to reveal teeth to Hiccup. The boy took a few steps back, keeping his hand up and placing an apple on his head, changing his hand signal by circling his pointer finger beside his head. Feeling a slight wind pass his hair and hearing the apple crack on its way to the wall. He smiled and gave the dragon a fish as she returned her stance to normal.


"Training the dragons well I see" The female voice cut through the air, causing the boy to tense up as her footsteps sounded. He turns to her with a gentle expression and nods, petting the dragon with the cloth covered hand.


"From what I've seen of this dragon alone, I think we'll have no issues taking out the traitors that fled my grasp" Freydis spoke with a cold tone, her hardened face softened as she pet the dragon. Her mind being filled with the sight of fire engulfed houses, caused by the very dragon she's petting, screams echoed in her mind as she thought of the vikings slowly burning by her hand. The thought of her finally teaching the traitors a lesson for what they had done brought a gleaming smile to her lips.

Hiccup eyed the chieftess with uneasiness, trying hard to keep his glare contained as she thought of the dragons ordered destruction. He gave a small cough to gain her attention, catching her eye and gave a questioning look.


"I want to ride a dragon" She blurted out, Hiccup gave a confused gaze, but didn't deny it, and with a nod and a few steps he spoke.


"What would you like to ride?" He gestured to the other dragons exiting their cages.


"What would bring fear into my enemies at first sight?" She asked, following him through the cages.


"Ah, now that... would best be done with a Monstrous Nightmare" He sang, opening the door to the male nightmare with deep purple and brown patterns. The dragon let out a small hiss before making his way to the boy, sniffing his hand without the cloth and bowing his head. Hiccup gestured to the dragon, taking Freydis's hand and setting it on the dragon, it took in her scent before cooing and bowing his head slightly to her. Hiccup smiled and began teaching her how to ride a dragon.




A wet mop swished around the floor, soap suds growing in the path behind it. The happy prisoner chirping away stories about his past life events. Hiccup smiled as he listened, continuing to clean until the wood sparkled.


"So... When do you think the dragon's ready?" The man asked through the bars in a hushed tone. Hiccup looked to him as he finished packing up the cleaning supplies.


"Tomorrow" He chirped, then walked out. Meeting Eret at the arena and picking up the usual sword, sauntering over to the older teen.


"So, what are we doing today?" He questioned, Eret smiled in turn and explained his criteria for the lesson, slowly circling the boy before lunging at him with an axe above his head. Hiccup raised the sword above him, blocking the older boy's axe and receiving a laugh from him. Eret continued to attack the boy as he spoke, being pleased as he dodged every punch he tossed, and blocked all attempts he gave with his axe.


"See! You're learning! Way better than a week ago" He exclaimed, Hiccup smiled as he blocked another blow.


"You sure you don't need the training now?" He teased, knocking out Erets legs. About to pin him before the man weaved his legs through Hiccup's and kicked one up, sending him to the ground.


"Nope... I'm pretty sure I'm good" He smiled with the axe to Hiccup's neck. The boy sighed and dropped his head down gently on the cold stone floor. He gave a small laugh as Eret helped him to his feet, and listened as Eret started giving pointers. Helping the boy with his stance and posture some more.


"Trust me lad... If you're up against someone twice your size... You're going to want to know this trick" Eret spoke, showing him the move again. Hiccup studied it and copied it, sending a dagger flying at a target box and hitting it with his sword seconds after. Eret shook his head.


"You have to be faster, don't give them a chance to think" He spoke, taking the weapons from him and showing it again. Going far faster than Toothless could fly, he saw what he meant by leaving no time to think. The way Eret moved made it look smooth, leaving not a second to pass before his sword jabbed the target dummy. Hiccup looked at the fallen dagger, then gave a confused look.


"Ya don't have to gut em' with the dagger, it's more just a shiny distraction from your sword" He spoke, handing the blade back to Hiccup. He nodded then looked at the rusty, dented blade.


"I could make these weapons stronger... Your blacksmith isn't the best at making weapons" He cooed looking to Eret, who gave a hum then shrugged. Bringing him to the shop and showing him around, Hiccup smiled and started pulling together some metal pieces. Putting them in an oven and waiting as he saw it melt, then placed it in a sword shaped mold to create it.




A few hours had passed, and the sun had moved far along the sky. Hiccup yawned and stretched his arms in the air. Taking the nearly finished second sword he made and sharpening it. He rolled his head as he placed the silver longsword on the wall next to it's twin before walking towards the arena. Hiccup pulled the leveler holding the scarlet red and cream white Nadder, clicking his tongue to gain the creature's attention.


"So, what's going on tomorrow?" Hilde asked as he leaned on the neighboring wall with crossed arms. Hiccup sighed and looked to the man with tired eyes.


"What do you mean?" He spoke with mild agitation, Hilde narrowed his eyes as he walked up to him.


"I meeeaan. What are you and that assassin doing tomorrow? I hear what you talk about. I stand outside the door as a guard..." He pointed out, Hiccup held back a chuckle and gave a fake confused face instead.


"Sorry, did we confuse you? I was telling him he might be executed tomorrow" He spoke, lifting the corner of his lip ever so slightly.


"I'll figure out what you guys are planning sooner or later" He growled, walking to his spot as the other men piled in, taking out their dragons and saddling them up. Hiccup smirked and saddled up the Nadder continuing to let her sniff the cloth that was given to him. They mounted their dragons and took off to do drills, being accompanied by their chief, who rode beside Hiccup on the Monstrous Nightmare.


She followed the rider's advice and kept control of her dragon, having no issues as the dragon listened to the commands he became accustomed to. Hiccup looked back and noted Hilde trying too hard to control his dragon, which caused it to lash out and purposely run into sea stacks to get him off. He growled before pulling the Nadder back to his side, telling him what to do, only for Hilde to glare and disobey. Leaning forwards instead and causing the dragon to dive. Hiccup let out an angry sigh diving after the dragon, pulling up at sea level and soaring beside the other Nadder.


"You have to pull your dragon back, he doesn't trust you enough to do this" Hiccup called out to him.


"Oh and I'm sure that dragon is well bonded to you. You can do this no problem!" He called back, racing through the sea stacks on an angry Nadder. Hiccup groaned and caught up to him, weaving through the sea stacks before flying side by side with him.


"No! Neither of them are trained enough to do something this trusting. We haven't bonded with these dragons! If we jumped off them now they would return to the wild and pretend we never existed! So, I'm telling you now. Slow. Down." Hiccup demanded, Hilde ignored his words and continued going faster.


"Seems to be doing just fine to me" He smirked to himself, leaning forwards to dive with a devious smile on his face. The Nadder let out a small chirp, flapping faster and spreading his wings. Hilde, not ready for the instant brake, slammed his head into the dragon's back. The dragon made a few more noises before shooting into the air, going as fast as his wings could take him. Shaking his body as he leveled out, trying to throw the man off his back. Hilde flopped to his side as the dragon moved, just barely holding onto the saddle, Hiccup continued to fly beside them, calling the dragon down before racing in front of it to cut it off. The nadder slowed to a stop in front of Hiccup, ready to light it's flame before the scarlet dragon beat him to it. A warning shot leaving her mouth and grazing over the others head. A startled chirp echoed out of the Nadder and it retreated to the group of dragons. Hiccup glided down to them and restated his commands to have a dragon.


"You will not have a dragon if you try to control it as Hilde just demonstrated. You listen to not only me, but your dragon as well, if they start getting finicky, you back off and let them lead. They'll follow the leading dragon. In other words, Scarlet, and Villi" He spoke, pointing to the Nadder he's on and the Nightmare Freydis rode. Everyone nodded their heads in silent fear and followed every order given the rest of the day. Hilde still giving the boy a glare.




Toothless cooed and jumped around his rider as he entered the room, the dragons copying his actions. Hiccup laughed and greeted all the dragons, but dropped his smile at the sight of Freydis at the entrance.


"Do you need something?" He asked in a soft tone, the woman sauntered in and let a dragon sniff her hand. She admired the dragons that surrounded the boy, all staring at her with uneasiness, she then gave a gentle smile.


"Eret informed me that you had made some swords at our blacksmith shop today... I stopped by and the smith was more than impressed with your work" She started, keeping her distance from the black dragon that gave a noticeable glare, wrapping his body around the auburn haired boy and eyeing the female. Hiccup stood silently, listening as he was trying to uncover the chieftess' point in this conversation. She sighed, scratching the Nightmares chin, earning a small purr and a coo from him. She gave some more thought to her plan and looked at the boy.


"I believe you have proven yourself Rider, since your release, you have demonstrated loyalty... I will allow you to pick one of your dragons to be released by your side" She spoke, retracting her hand to rest behind her back.


"But be warned. You mess up even once, and I'll take that dragon from you so fast, you wouldn't be able to say it's name" She warned, Hiccup nodded in turn and looked to Toothless.


"I chose Toothless" He spoke, the dragon rose his head ever so slightly, still maintaining a soft glare to the chieftess. She nodded and left the room, Hiccup gave the sleek dragon a pet on his head with a smile. Toothless returned it with a purr and pushed his head into the boy.


The hours passed and Hiccup stood from his spot, petting the dragons as he walked out and waved Toothless to his side. Stepping out of the large room followed by his dragon, turning back as the others began to copy Toothless's steps.


"No... Not yet... I promise I'll get the rest of you out" Hiccup spoke as he raised his hands to stop them, a few saddened warbles left the dragons as the doors closed. Toothless let out a small coo, as he darted his head between Hiccup and the doors. Hiccup sighed and led him out with a somber expression, only to glare at the people who gave fearful looks to the black reptile that stayed at his side. The dragon purred and stretched out his wings as they exited the hall, giving Hiccup a gummy smile while bouncing around him in excitement. Toothless stared at the stars that cluttered the night sky, the moon reflecting in his eyes and a periodic cloud masked the stars shine for a certain amount of moments.


Hiccup chuckled and continued to walk back to his room, his dragon trotting after him. Steps away from the door and a blast of fire echoed from the arena, catching the attention of the boy and his dragon. A smirk painted itself on Hiccup's face before entering the room at the sound of a scream.


"We'll be okay Toothless. We'll leave here soon" He spoke, closing the door behind his dragon as people raced to the arena.




Didn't know this chapter was this short... :T Soo.. Yeah.. 


Enjoying the story so far??

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Chapter 7

ACK! When did it become Sunday?? I feel like I just uploaded this recently... Okay then.... Uhhm. This is the last chapter I have currently posted, so not quite sure when Chapter 8 will actually be out...  So... Yeah. Chapter 8 is an extremely loooong chapter, so it may be a bit before you see it on both here and Wattpad. And, yeah I'm aware the earlier chapters were pretty... Straight to the point and bleak, but they should start getting better as of now or the next chapter....


Uhmm... yeah, tell me what you think so far :) I'll probably start posting some art of this sometimes too...  So... Be on the look out for that :D


Uh.. Yeah.... Anyways, onto the story!





The chilling breeze pierced Hilde's skin as he staggered into the arena, doing his usual routine for the dragons. He opened the door to one cage, tossing in some fish and closing it as the dragon snatched up the food. About to open the next when he noticed a stable a few rooms down was open. Wasn't too noticeable at first glance, just cracked opened enough for a small person to fit through. He narrowed his eyes and crept over to the door, peaking inside and seeing nothing past the black shadows. Although hearing small sounds of soothing tones to the dragon who inhabited the room.


"Scarlet" Hilde called to the dragon, an alerting chirp echoed and the Nadder took a few steps into the light. Narrowing her eyes to the guard and letting out an annoyed grumble as she figured out who he was. Hilde sighed and turned to go grab her fish, only for the dragon push him out of the door. Catching himself and taking a few large steps back before getting his balance and glaring at the dragon who was now exiting the cage.


"Hey... Hey!" He called out, going to coax her back in but noted another person standing in her shadow. Knitting his eyebrows together and calling out names to see who it was.


"Chalice? Neff? Dane?" After no responses, he called out one last person.


"Rider?" He spoke, taking small steps to try and get a better look at the guy. The hidden man made a hand signal to the dragon who responded with sending her spines towards Hilde's feet. Resulting in an angry yell from him while reaching for his sword and holding it in their direction.


"Who are you!?" He demanded. The guy jumped on the dragon's back and smirked at him, his brown eyes staring coldly at the guard.


"How'd you get out!" Hilde yelled, raising his sword once again. The prisoner chuckled and swung a ring of keys around his pointer finger.


"You should really keep an eye on your keys.... Never know when they'll.... Go missing" He sang, clicking his tongue to get the dragon's attention. She rose her head and crown, devoting her ears to her new rider, still keeping a glare on Hilde.


"Fire" His order echoed to her brain, which she responded with a stream of flames shooting from her mouth and towards Hilde.


The two wasted no time in fleeing the scene, taking to the skies before the other guards could reach the arena. They rose to the clouds and skimmed it's surface until they were between the sea of clouds and the starry night. Diving and coming to a stop near the water, the man pulled out some papers from his pockets and dropped them in the water. Pointing to them and sighing as the dragon sent a ball of fire at the word cluttered papers Hiccup had gave him.


After watching the miscellaneous papers become drenched in the sea, he pulled the dragon off towards a nearby island. Landing at the coast and walking the dragon towards his home, getting fearful looks from the people who lived there before he came across his old friend. Explaining what happened and what they should expect to come.




The door threw itself open to Hiccups room, startling a sleeping Toothless awake and emitting a hiss from him. Hiccup shot up from his bed at the demanding Chieftess, racing after her as she explained the assassin had escaped.


"He took a dragon in the process and fired at Hilde who was feeding the dragons at the time" She explained, coming to the arena. Hiccup put on a surprised face, knowing who was shot before the name was given.


"Lucky enough for him, he dodged last second. Knocked himself out, but he's alive" Freydis spoke with noticeable relief. Hiccup narrowed his eyes before retreating to a pleased expression.


"That's good, at least he's alive" He spoke with the same tone as the chieftess, masking his hatred for the man's life. Freydis lead Hiccup and his dragon to Hilde, who was rested against the wall near the entrance. A healer who was treating him informed that he has no major injuries and is trying to wake him. With a few more taps and name calling, the limp man took in a sharp breath and started reaching for his sword with a string of swears spilling from his mouth. His chieftess did her best to calm him down, quieting her voice with soothing tones and words, until he could think straight. He then looked at Hiccup with notable annoyance.


"You! You let him out!" He claimed, Hiccup shot his hands up with wide eyes. Hilde's sword raising to him, stopping himself at the hissing Night Fury by Hiccup's side.


"Yeah... I wouldn't do that if I were you" Hiccup spoke, crossing his arms with now a bleak expression falling on his face. Hilde groaned before trying to tell his Chief of the event.


"He must of gave him my keys, or... or or taught him how to ride that dragon! You and I both know that dragon would only listen to the Rider and only him!" He exclaimed, Freydis thought his words through before shaking her head.


"I don't see how he could have done this when I was with him" Freydis spoke, Hilde's anger depleted to shock, glaring Hiccup down before speaking once more.


"We need to go after him" He spoke, more composed than before. Freydis nodded her head and collected her most experienced riders.


"Take your dragon and find the prisoner before he gets back to the others!" She demanded, upon order the men had raced for their dragons, saddling them up as fast as they could. Freydis had sent someone to retrieve Toothless's saddle, handing it Hiccup as it entered the arena.


"You succeed in this, and you'll have all your dragons at your side" She spoke, Hiccup parted his mouth at the words. Nodding as he began strapping the saddle on Toothless, the men had already made their way to the edge of the cliff, waiting on Hiccup to lead. Toothless let out a warbling roar before taking to sky. Hovering in front of the small group of dragons and waiting for them to follow. Hilde caught up to them on another Nadder, for once listening to Hiccups advice on riding a dragon.


"Shouldn't you be resting?" Hiccup called to him as he neared his side.


"I'm here to make sure you don't do something Freydis wouldn't like" Hilde growled to him, Hiccup sighed and started thinking of where his friend would have gone. He hummed before heading down to skim the sea, still heading in the direction Hilde said he went, assuming he listened to Hiccups instructions and went the other way after getting in the clouds. They shouldn't run into him in this direction what so ever.

But to Hiccups dismay, they had caught up to the scarlet coloured Nadder. A silent sigh left his mouth before he ordered the others to fly ahead and try to circle him.


"What's he doing?" Hilde questioned, watching the dragon shoot fire into the sea. Hiccup narrowed his eyes before shrugging and catching up to the others. The nadder took a few seconds of break before continuing on, skimming the water towards an island. Hiccup rose in altitude, seeing Freydis's men in place, he dove. Gaining on the nadder with ease, Hiccup's fear had slightly grown, afraid his friend wouldn't look back.


'Look back... Look back!' He thought as he got closer and closer, groaning as the man on the scarlet Nadder failed to notice them. He sighed, Toothless opening his mouth to reveal green gas building up. However, snapping his jaw shut with a growl and racing towards the tsunami of clouds that neared them.


"Toothless! What're you doing?" Hiccup spoke, looking back to their target, still flying off in their own direction. The other riders rose to his side in confusion, their dragons soon following the cricketing sound that grew as they flew deeper into the fog.


"What's going on?!" Hilde spoke, trying to get his dragon to go after the escaping assassin. Hiccup shook his head and gave a confused look to him as their dragons brought them further in. Wild dragons began to surround the group, most having a vary in food in their claws.


"Get down" Hiccup alerted, the riders fell low to their dragons backs as he said so. They became full of awe and fear as they came in sight of the dark mountain that towered above them, Hiccup looked back to the group.


"Stay close" He spoke, the dragons followed the mass into the cracks, maneuvering through the zig-zagging cavern. Despite what many of the riders thought, it wasn't dark inside, they glided into the center of the volcano with glowing red fog lighting their view of the nest. They saw dragons resting on the ledges of the walls, some trying to stay in their spot, others sleeping or playing with one another, while most were watching the fog with wide dead eyes. The entering dragons dropped the prey into the fog, flying to their companions sides, and waiting for the rest of the hunting party to pile in.


The group split from the dragons and found refuge in a covered ledge, huddling against the wall as they waited for the wild dragons to land. Hilde lead the group out as he saw no more dragons leaving the entrance they came through. Gliding down to it with the others following and barely navigating through the dark exit. Hiccup stayed behind a few minutes to get a better look of the place, awing at the home the dragons built for themselves.


The riders halted and froze as a lagging Gronckle entered the sanctuary, continuing on as it left their view and getting closer to the exit. Hiccup watched as the dragon hovered over the fog and regurgitated a small fish. Seeming happy with himself, scratching the back of his ear with a hind leg in slight enjoyment. Only to stop at the sound of a deep grumble, depression falling on the dragon and about to fly off before the head of a large beast rose from the fog and snatched the Gronckle in it's jaws. Hiccup's eyes widen at the creature, placing his hand on Toothless's head as the colossal dragon sniffed the environment.


"Okay, come on bud get us out of here" He cautiously spoke, Toothless responded with a wary warble, jumping off the ledge and skimming the wall. Just barely making it out of the Red Death's bite. The surrounding dragons all circled out of the volcano in fear, Toothless taking advantage and flying out with them, sending a staggering Zippleback to their demise in turn of them.


Hiccup leaned forward as he caught sight of the group gliding over the water, causing Toothless to dive to their side and lead them out.


"What took you so long!" Hilde called out to Hiccup, he shook his head and kept quiet, not entirely sure what to say. After a long failed search of the escaped prisoner, Hilde lead them home. Freydis had been waiting patiently on the edge for her dragon riders, narrowing her eyes as she saw no Scarlet Nadder, and no assassin.


"What happened" She demanded, Hiccup's mouth parted to speak, only for Hilde's words to cut through and overpower his voice.


"Our dragons got distracted and lead us to a nest... There was hundreds of dragons there.... Enough to build an army" He spoke, almost singing the last part with glee to peak her interest. She turned to Hiccup and asked if it was true, with not only his words but the rest of the party to back up the event.


"Then let's go get some new dragons" She spoke, walking back to the arena to ready her dragon. Hiccup jumped off Toothless's back and raced after her, shaking his head and raising his hands to stop her in her step.


"No no no no.... Freydis.... You can't go after them.... there's.. Something else on their island...." He began.


"A new dragon? I want it" She spoke, now a gleaming expression filling her face. Hiccup ran a hand through his hair as he tried to gather the words.


"I promise you, you can't win this! It's like nothing you've ever seen... Please" He begged, Freydis ignored all words, calling all her warriors. Getting most to ready ships, weapons over taking the food as it was only a few hour boat ride to the nest.


"Don't worry my warriors! Soon enough... You will have your own dragons! Each and every one of you will have a beast of destruction at your command! With the help of our dragon trainer, we will be feared!" Freydis yelled to her people, her dragon letting out a bloodcurdling roar before she mounted him.


"I'm telling you... This is a mistake" Hiccup warned. Freydis ignored his words, instead nodding to one of her men behind him. Hiccup looked back and watched as the doors opened to the great hall. The four dragons came racing out and towards him and Toothless, standing alert as they witnessed the cheering crowed waving their weapons in the air.


"You failed to catch the assassin, but you did find something better. A dragon for all of my people. With that discovery, you gain your dragons back. You can keep them, if you help capture the nest of dragons" Freydis bargained. Hiccup thought for a second, looking around and seeing the weapon filled hands, and war ready warriors at their feet. Fighting back now wasn't the best option, even if his dragons were any better at combat.


But they're not.


He didn't train them to kill on order like he had Freydis's dragons. He trained them to protect if a small hunting party were to stumble across them. If he were to order them to attack, it would only result in not only them, but himself being killed. He sighed, not okay with that outcome, and reluctantly agreed, leading them back to the nest, although taking significantly longer to get there than before. Having to wait for ships to catch up wasn't making it easy, but it did give them time to scout and plan their attack. He still warned Freydis of the dragon, although not finding the correct words to describe the dragon he saw. So Freydis continued to shrug off his warnings. He sighed, taking another party to scout the nest, leaving Hilde to lead the ships through the foggy maze as they entered. Freydis smiled as she came across the volcano, staring up at the large structure as her ship crashed into the shore. The humming cricketing sound silenced itself almost instantly as her feet touched their pebble floor. She smiled and began setting up her weapons. Hiccup flew around the area, nervous as he stared down at the volcano. Toothless gave a worried warble, darting his eyes around as if looking for trouble.


"I know Bud... I know" Hiccup spoke with worry, patting his head. The riderless dragons followed behind in a V formation, with the other riders tailing the end of it.


They glided over a break in the fog, showing the developments of Freydis's attack. Boulders flung at the wall of the volcano, soon breaking in a cave. Hiccup let out a worried gasp, circling over head to view the actions.


A viking had went in and stood at the entrance, a Gronckle sent a ball of flames down the cave. The male widened his eyes at the sight, stone could not be seen through the wall of dragons that coated them. He swallowed his fear and let it out in a war cry, racing into the cave and coaxing the dragons out. The trained dragons hovered outside with a net, catching as many dragons as they could. Freydis stared in bewilderment as she witnessed the dragons flee from the volcano as if it were to erupt.


"Freydis! We need to catch them before they escape!" Hilde called from his dragon, Freydis raised a hand to silence him. A roar blew the docked ships away from the shore, along with almost knocking some dragons out of the air.


"What is that" Freydis hissed, trying to get a better view of the creature who let out such a sound. Listening to the crackling of the earth, the cave they created had split into a larger entrance, the blue beast with red scales had pushed her way out through the rock and let out another ear piercing roar.


"What is that!" She screamed, their dragons all distanced themselves from the colossal creature, giving fearful cries as they tried to escape the scene. Their riders almost giving into their dragons demands, if their Chief would give an order. She froze, the sight of the dragon had paralyzed her in fear, all rational thought had left her mind. As a matter of fact, all thought in general had escaped, she was unable to think, and could only stare at the dragons eyes. She felt like a deer to a hunter, she knew her fate if she didn't move, but was unable to even blink.


A gasp left her mouth as a blast of fire distracted the queen from Freydis. A Nightmare had soared by the dragon's eyes, it's followers circling around the Queen's head to confuse her. Freydis took in many deep breaths before ordering her warriors to a safer distance. The scouts Hiccup lead racing to their side, leaving Hiccup and his dragons to deal with the rest. The remainder of her men had retreated to the boats and most had already began their trip out of the fog. Hiccup circled around the beast, calling his dragons away from the Queen, watching as they retreated to Freydis's side.


"Oh Gods..." Hiccup spoke, watching as the Queen opened her jaws, expecting fire to spill from her mouth, he called his Nadder away. But watched as the air became harder to fly through, the blue Nadder now being pulled into the dragons clutch. Hiccup screamed at the dragon before diving in on her, Toothless readying a blast and that infamous Night Fury sound echoed. An explosion of flames on the Queen's head caused her to snap her jaw shut and focus on the black dragon that flew around her. The Nadder diving and retreating to it's friends side.


Toothless dove out of her bite, climbing higher in the air to get a better look at the situation. All aspects of the dragon seemed over powering, and he couldn't currently think of a way to take her down.


"I don't think we can do this bud" He whispered out and pulled Toothless away, meeting Freydis on a sea stack and begging they retreat. Finally taking his word for it and blowing a horn to send her people home, all wasting no time in racing out of the fog and towards freedom.


They had made it to their home, and all groaned with exhaustion. The dragons from the nest had fled with them and began making a new home out of the village. Though immediately regretted it as the few vikings started wrangling them into cages.


"We'll start training them come dawn tomorrow" Freydis spoke, watching as the creatures lessened in the air and fields. Hiccup groaned and glared as the empty cages began to fill, the previously trained dragons stayed with their trainers and directed the new ones into their former homes. Hiccup's expression began to jump between angry and sad as he listened to several screeches and pleading roars of the dragons. Toothless whimpered at the sight of the last dragons being thrown in an cage. All the while Freydis' grin only grew, walking up to the still boy with a near laugh.


"You've done us well!" She sang, eyes full of joy as she stared at all the filled cells in the hall of dragons. Hiccup held back biting words and remained silent, glaring at the golden orange lit hall way.


"We will be unstoppable now" She continued, her voice seeming to calm itself. The lithe boy managed a nod, before bowing his head. Signalling his other dragons into their new stables and closing the door after them, a few tired yawns and cooes wishing him goodnight as they settled down.


"I should retire to sleep.." He cooed, Toothless already making his steps away from his former room. Freydis nodded wildly, another gleeful smile filling her face.


"Yes yes! We have a long day tomorrow!" She cheered, waving off the boy and returning to admiring the new additions to her army. Hiccup let out a quiet sigh and quickly left the area with Toothless close to his side.


The room was a comforting sight to see when they returned, Hiccup's worried breathing caused his shaky hands to lock the door behind him as Toothless trotted in. He sighed running a hand through his messy hair and flopping into his bed with a worried gaze to the ceiling. The Night Fury cooed and went to nudge his head under his friend's hand, earning a slight pet in return.


"It's okay... We'll figure this out... Somehow" Hiccup responded, staying up the rest of the night in thought of the new events.





Aight, chapter 8 coming.... Eventually.... >.> Hope you guys enjoy it so far :P

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Uh.... Some Art.....

Chapter 8 is..... Not ready... It's.... Half way done... 8T


Same as this piece, but I'm gonna share it anyways.

(Just have to Squish everything don't you forum image platforms or whatever, don't you)


So, this is a redraw of the cover art for this story, since that art is about... 2 years old now.. And, frankly, it's not that great. As you can see... So, redoing it, and when the new version's done, it's going to be the new cover art for it :P

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Hope you guys can except this in place of a chapter.... XD I'll try to have that done either... next weekend, or the weekend after.... I'm not sure yet XD Hope you guys are enjoying the story so far though, let me know what you think of it and all that stuff :P

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Freydis Elison

Aight.... Still..... Have an incomplete chapter 8 to finish... but I figure, instead of letting this sit unattended longer.... I'm just gonna post another art piece. Of Freydis this time, as she's going to be absent from the story relatively soon, here's a mini tribute to the angry, war driven Chieftess. Although.... She looks a little... Serene in this piece...


I'm going to go actually try and finish that next chapter.... Be warned though... Chapter 8... is...... Extremely long....

Full Piece

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Chapter 8
I decided to cut up the chapter a bit, so the last quarter of this chapter will be in the next instead. So,
made it out quicker, and shortened it a bit so life's made easy on both you, and me, so I then when I go through this another five times to edit and revise, I'm not dying of annoyance XD But since it's still Sunday, and it is completed... Here's Chapter 8... Finally...
Freydis groaned as she attempted to calm another raging dragon, three more of her men racing to her side as she failed in wrangling it to it's cage. Her angry battle cry stunned the dragon for a mere moment, enough for the other warriors to sling ropes around the dragons long neck. Pulling harshly on the creature until finally it was trapped in a stable. Freydis glared at the dragon, then noticed a few others attempting to flee in anger, more of her men racing over to contain them.
"Get the Rider" Her voice stung and bit into the man as they quickly turned to retrieve the lithe male.
The sound of metal clanging together created a calming tune to Hiccup's ears, Toothless snoring lightly outside the smithy as his rider created another weapon for Freydis. The relaxing free time cut short as the exhausted man came racing in, Hiccup's alias barely escaping his lips before he waved frantically to follow. The boy and his dragon rushed quickly to the scene, his eyebrows knitting together as he watched the dragon's distress and anger, and witnessed the struggle the warriors had in containing them.
"Rider! What's going on?! These dragons are harder to train than our first group, why!" Freydis demanded, Hiccup continued to look over the dragon's actions from afar, all forms of confusion molding his face before he gave a subtle shake of his head.
"I'm... not sure.... Maybe they're still... Adjusting.. Or-or... Scared" he stuttered, Freydis glossed over the dragons that were being returned to their new homes, quickly ordering they stay there until they can figure out more. Turning to Hiccup with a glare and flared nostrils.
"Figure out what's wrong. I don't want to have to waste these precious beings" She hissed, walking away to her own dragon and letting it take her out of the stables. Hiccup's head drooped to Toothless's head tilt with a somber glance, they then proceeded to walk down the cages of dragons and observe their behaviour.
Freydis' anger had began escaping her throat in grunts and growls, bringing her dragon down to the docks where they were just unloading a trading ship. A few deep breaths had left her and she calmed down, helping the arrivals with their supplies.
"Mother?" A voice called as it exited the boat, alerting the red haired Chieftess, her annoyed expression instantly lighting up into a relieved joy. Walking towards the platform and embracing the young girl in her arms.
"Freya! I'm so happy you're home. How was your trip?" The Chieftess spoke, joy lifting her words with a motherly tone. The smaller ginger gave a gentle smile as she broke away from her mother, explaining her adventures in detail as they walked through the village. The appearance of saddled dragons had captivated Freya's attention, bright blue eyes wide as she saw the dragons being ridden by humans.
"How did you manage tamed dragons?" She asked, eyes still fixated to a passing Gronckle. Her mother hummed with a smile, beginning to speak her own adventures. Her own dragon coming up behind the two, making curious sounds.
"Eret and his team had picked up a boy and his dragons during a trading trip, he has been helping us control these beasts" She mused, Freya's eyes narrowed and a sly smile curved the corner of her lips.
"Eret is leading capture parties now? He's barely older than me" She countered, forgetting about the dragons for a moment, but still didn't pass up the chance to pet the needy Nightmare's head. Freydis hummed and rolled her eyes in turn.
"He is a strong warrior, being nearly seventeen does not change that fact... I'm sure he'll make a fine husband one day" She mused, making eye contact with the dragon as she sang the last part. Her daughter sent a confused glare to the taller ginger.
"I hope you're not implying that I get that luxury of experiencing" She bit back, her shoulders pulled back and head held high. Her mother returning a look of knowing.
"Just because our clans are already united doesn't mean we can't seal that" She returned, her dragon closing it's eyes and nudging his head into the woman's hands as she continued to scratch his chin. Freya let out an annoyed sigh, still petting the dragon gently.
"So, this rider... What dragons did he tame?" She spoke up.
"A Nadder, a Monstrous Nightmare, Gronckle, Zippleback, and a-" Freydis explained, being cut off by a raging Nightmare flying out into the sky from where the stables are, skin lit ablaze and vikings calling out in fear and running after it.
Freya watched with confusion as several others jumped on the back of their dragons and flew up to it. But fear started to overtake her as the odd ringing sound of a dangerous dragon began to echo into the air.
"Ah, there's our dragon trainer" Freydis announced to her when the sleek black dragon raced after the runaway Nightmare. Quickly catching up to it and diverting it back to the ground with blasts of plasma and a few aerial maneuvers to coax it down.
"Come my dear" Freydis ordered, walking away towards where the two dragons landed, several others following to contain the dragon. The Chieftess and her daughter approached the scene, watching as the lithe auburn haired boy began to curse at an older man. The sight brought a smirk to Freya's lips, while confusion crept onto her mother's.
"Still causing trouble Hilde?" Freya called out upon coming closer, but slowed her steps as the Night Fury sent a glare her way, which was mirrored by it's rider.
"Freya! It's been a while! How was your travels?" Hilde exclaimed excitedly, going to embrace the girl in a friendly hug. They shared a short exchange before the older ginger took over the scene.
"So, exactly what happened here?" Hiccup opened his mouth to explain but Hilde piped up before any words could escape.
"The Rider said he wanted to see the Nightmare, so I opened the door to let him. He had some interactions with it before it stormed out. He didn't chase it after it until it was practically out of the stables" He growled, earning a small glare from Freydis.
"Wha- What? I didn't even have anything to do with this!" Hiccup bit back, Freydis about to explain the terms of their agreement again before Eret came up with an annoyed sigh.
"Hilde's lying. Rider and I were looking at a Deadly Nadder that was injured when capturing him. While Hilde here, was dealing with the Nightmares at the time" he explained, the words softening Freydis' face and angering Hilde's. Hiccup let out a sigh of relief and just barely let a smile pull at the corners of his lips. Freya hummed and gave Hilde a smirk, shaking her head as her face shifted into a devious smile.
"Oh Hilde.. I see your lies have only gotten better" She spoke, sarcasm dripping off each syllable. Hilde returned it with an annoyed scowl as Freydis waves him and Eret away, but Eret simply took a few steps back. She turned to the dark purple and black Monstrous Nightmare in curiosity, then looked to her own daughter.
"Freya, come here my dear" She spoke, waving her arm to her side and holding it up in waiting. Freya swooping in to stand under her mother's arm in a comforting half hug.
"What do you think of this dragon?" She sang, Freya looked over the creature carefully, the black underside blended perfectly with the wine coloured markings that splotched his wings, and top half, with dark blue accents scattered about his skin. Bright yellow eyes pierced hers and a look of mixed determination and instilling fear, be it from it's own fear and pure desire to simply fly free, or to scare any creature away from itself. It's attempt to scare the people around did little to nothing however, as the young red head simply stared at him with a gleeful smile, and had eyes that reflected his own.
"I like him, I think he would make a fine addition to your army" She sang, her devious smile pasting on to her mother's as she turned to the lithe boy that stood by the Night Fury.
"Rider! Please, train this dragon for my daughter. I have no doubt she will be a fine dragon rider" the Chieftess boomed, earning some shock on Freya's and Eret's face, but only annoyance showed on Hiccup's. Agreeing to show her what to do, motioning for the vikings to bring the dragon back to the stables. Hiccup then mounted Toothless and took off to the sky, returning back to the stable within mere seconds of flight. Working the rest of the day, and most of the night, on trying to tame the dragons with the new recruits, Freya included and Eret simply watched from the sidelines.
"Are you sure you want to train a dragon?" Eret cooed, arms crossed and body leaning against the fence of the cliff. Freya scoffed and rolled her eyes, staring off into the endless ocean in front of them.
"Are you sure you don't want to train a dragon?" She retorted, a sly smile on her face as Eret huffed and stood straight, the sleek black dragon coming into view of them and flying on ahead. The two watched as the dragon took several shots at a sea stack, the dragon's following their leader and doing their own sets of attacks to the land mass.
"It's just.... Strange. Almost unnatural. They're beasts of terror, not rideable pets" Freya giggled at the comment as she paid attention the personal training the Rider dealt out to his dragons. Studying every hand single the small boy gave to the dragon's and then watched what they did in response. Some slowing down, some speeding up, others doing full on aerial tricks to keep up with the boy and his dragon.
"Come now, look at the sight! Vikings on the backs of dragons! Now I've traveled, oh have I traveled! I've seen different models of ships to make them go faster, or become more accessible to smaller areas. I've seen towns full of inventions to simplify life, I've seen cultures that only some could imagine. But, never have I seen a person train a dragon. And not just any dragon. A Night Fury" She sang, eyes full wonder and pinned to the dragons in front of her. Eret sighed and watched the show in curiosity, taking in every word of his old friend.
"With this new... New... Ability- Technique! We can go further and faster than before, we can win wars before they even begin. We'll have the world under our feet and there would be nothing anyone could do about it" She mused, a sinister tone peaking through her voice that caused Eret's eye brows to furrow, and the small hairs on the back of his neck to shiver into a stance.
"You sound like your mother" He mused, watching the Night Fury do several barrel rolls and send different sized shots of plasma to the very beat up sea stack. Another scoff came from the girl beside him, waving her arm in front of him dismissively. The two sat in silence a little longer, watching the five dragon's make different shapes from their formations, breaking off in different ways to surround the terrified slab of rock they have been bulling for the while. The Zippleback gliding in first and circling it in the flammable green gas, allowing room for the Nightmare to zoom in with fire coated skin and light the gas ablaze, quickly spinning out of the way for the Nadder to shoot several barbs through the cloud of fire and land on the rock on fire. The Gronckle and Night Fury circling above, Hiccup called his dragon's back to his side and they circled the scene for a few moments as they waited for the smoke to clear.
"Do you think he's good?" Freya blurted out, amazed by the small demonstration. Once again Eret furrowed his brows, glancing towards her in confusion.
"Good... in what way?"
"You know..."
"I don't think that's what your mother wants for you" Eret bleakly spoke, face falling into mocking disappointment, the ginger dramatically rolling her eyes.
"Oh please, you and I both know that we couldn't marry in years to come... Would just feel weird, you're like a brother to me" Eret let out a bellowing laugh and nodded along.
"Oh yes! Freya, you are very much correct... However, Rider just doesn't strike me as your type" He cheerily spoke, causing Freya to tilt her head to the boy in playful confusion.
"And what do you think is my type?" the girl spoke, positioning herself into a sassy stance, with a hand on her hip and her head tilted up, while the devious smile slid onto her lips.
"Oh I don't know... Hilde perhaps?" Eret smiled, his own mischievous smile molding on his features. A loud disbelieving laugh came from Freya, needing to lean onto the fence to keep her standing.
"Oh please, he's such an old man!" She teased, Eret laughing and shaking his head.
"What are you talking about? He's only twenty-five!"
"Only? Only he says! That's like, nine years older than me!" She exclaimed, causing Eret to shake his head and laugh uncontrollably.
"I'm just messing with you... I could never see that happening" He chuckled, returning his gaze to watch the training session, but found there was no dragon's to watch. He grew slightly fearful, glancing at Freya to see her just as confused, only for the two dark green Zippleback heads to emerge from the edge of the cliff. Walking up it to cause it's head to grow in height as they gurgled in curiosity to the two teens, climbing onto the platform with them and sniffing them. The sleek black dragon came up behind the other dragons and landed sloppily beside the others, the rest of the dragons hovering around.
"Sorry about that, I'm still having troubles training them to focus" Hiccup spoke jumping off Toothless' back and shooing the Zippleback away a bit, earning a giggle from Freya and an eye roll from Eret.
"Thought you were the great dragon trainer!" Eret teased, lightly punching Hiccup's arm and earning a hesitant laugh from the smaller boy.
"Well... It's harder to train a dragon when it has two heads that are constantly distracted by different things" Hiccup explained, making a few hand movements and getting the dragon's attention. The two stared at Hiccup for a short moment before jumping into the air to hover with the rest of their friends. Hiccup smiled and looked back to the other two teens in wonder.
"Did you guys wanna go for a ride?" He cooed, Freya frantically nodding her head in excitement while Eret shot his hands up with quick nope.
"C'mon Eret! live a little!" Freya laughed, watching as the Nightmare started dropping down to them. Eret continuously shook his head, stepping away from the Nightmare and more towards the fence. Freya smirked as an idea ran through her head, making eye contact with the green eyes of the lithe male, watching as an eye brow rose on his face before she walked up to Eret and dropped down. Quickly grabbing his ankles with her hands and pulling herself up in one swift move. Sending the tall, confused male over the edge and towards the sea below. Hiccup quickly sent the blue Nadder after him, watching as she excitedly chased him down the cliff side and catching him in her talons with ease. Freya jumped on the Monstrous Nightmare and waited for Hiccup to lead them off, not wasting a second to jump on Toothless and catch up to the playful Nadder carrying the screaming teen away.
"Awe, look at Mr. Idon'twanttoridedragons riding a dragon" Freya teased as Eret cautiously climbed onto the Nadder's back, holding on to anything he could to ensure he would stay on the dragon.
"Rider! Bring me back to stable ground!" Eret cried, Freya cutting off Hiccup with a laugh.
"He will do no such thing! Until we fly a little out there" She bargained, getting an annoyed scream from Eret. Freya ended up taking the lead further out to sea, the island shrinking in size as they continued on.
"He- hey.. Uhm.. Frey- Freya? Maybe we should, oh I don't know... Head back? I feel like we're getting too far out" Hiccup called out to the ginger, Eret frantically agreeing and trying to figure out how to steer the dragon around. Freya rolled her eyes and looked back with her devious smile, causing Hiccup and Eret to share a look.
"Come on, just a little longer! it's nice out here!" she mused, Hiccup heard groaning echo out of Eret from beside him. The three continuing on into the late night, the stars blanketed the night sky, mirroring onto the ocean underneath them. Freya smiled gleefully and pulled the Nightmare's horns to fly up, responding accordingly by flapping his wings to increase in altitude. The others flying closely behind, some worried noises escaping Eret as they continued up brought a chuckle out of Hiccup. Some clouds formed above them, the group skimming the bottom of the gas formations before Freya giggled and brought them through the midnight blue clouds. The sight getting instantly brighter as the full moon cast them with white light, stars of many different sizes and colours flickered above them, while the green and blue lights of the aurora borealis danced around the group. The sight captivated Eret's attention long enough for him to forget he was a thousand feet in the air on a flying reptile. Freya's smile grew as she took in the surroundings, framing each sight in her head, and letting a small laugh escape her. Hiccup's face settled into a relaxed smile as he looked at both the other teens, the calmness of the whole scene making him forget of everything the last few weeks tested him with.
"See! I told you something was wrong!" A male yelled from behind them, all three heads snapping towards the owner of the voice. Freya's eyes immediately burned with fury, her glare slicing through Hilde as he rose up to their sides. Eret simply rolled his eyes to the man, several thoughts crossing his mind, but it all still landed on the single word of 'childish', which was the word he's come to brand Hilde with as of lately.
"And exactly what's wrong now?" Hiccup bleakly questioned, the Chieftess and one other rider rising out of the clouds and began looking over the group.
"Hilde has informed me you've been turning people against me" The older ginger spoke, earning confused faces from the teens as they looked at each other with questioning gazes. Hiccup was quick to counter it, although his tone harsh and expression angry.
"Well clearly it's true as you three seem to be sneaking off" She snapped, three voices of confused anger roared back at her. The arguing humans overpowered the growls and hisses that echoed out from the dragons they rode, the tensions growing in the air around them until finally, the Chieftess screamed to silence everyone.
"This is enough! I will not tolerate a recalcitrant. Your actions return you and your dragons into a cell. You will not be trainin-"
"Why would I be trying to take your people?! They're nothing to me. If I wanted do something you didn't like, I would of just left. So, I might as well do that now since we're so far out anyways" Hiccup's snappy comment cut off the Chieftess, a fury filled stare burning holes into the woman across from him.
"And how do you think you will pull that off?" Freydis dared, mirroring the rider's glare. Hiccup simply softened his expressions, a slight smirk spreading over his lips with a quiet chortle emitting from him.
"Well, I'm sure you care about your people. Hopefully enough to catch them" He bluntly spoke, letting a sharp whistle echo out to the dragons. His smirk dropping into a focus state as his dragons quickly raced ahead and began knocking off the other teens. The blue Nadder going into a dive, spinning into a few barrel rolls to eloquently fling off the screaming Eret. The Nightmare simply speeding forwards and thrashing his head around until the weight he carried was no longer felt. The rest of the dragons fanned out and found refuge in the clouds, waiting for the sounds from the Night Fury and it's rider to order their next move. An angry cry came from Freydis as she dived after her free falling daughter, the other rider catching up to Eret.
Hilde, however, decided to pursue after Hiccup, yelling orders to his dragon to take out the other rider. Nadder barbs sending themselves flying towards their target, all expertly dodged by the Night Fury. Hilde's anger grew with each failed attempt, stopping the dragon from their aerial attacks and began focusing more on gaining on the other dragon. The gap between slowly closing as the nadder caught up, Hilde let out a short low click of his tongue, the heat of the dragon's lit fire blew back and began to warm up Hilde's legs.
"Ooohh Riiider!" The brunet sang, a wicked smile growing on his face as they neared, Hiccup glanced back, the hand signal he started slowly fell and his green eyes widened. Hilde's smile couldn't have gotten any wider, the fire of his Nadder had grown blindingly bright, waiting to be let lose in a ball of disaster. Hilde's order had barely made it past his lips before a brown blob of scales came crashing into him, sending the dark coloured nadder into a uncontrollable spin and Hilde barely hanging on. The ball of white flame caused Toothless to snap his wings close to him and lean out of the way, continuing the motion into a dive and turning around, flapping his wings a little to level himself out. Hiccup let out a whistling call to his dragons, watching as they all quickly emerged out of the clouds and got into their usual formation, following their leader away from the scene.
Freya's scream echoed to her mother as she neared, the dark coloured Nightmare wasting no time in scooping the slim girl out of the sky, allowing her to quickly scramble to his back before he turned towards the gronckle carrying the other two humans.
"Are you okay?" Freydis worryingly looked over her child, her emotions jumping between fear, relief, and anger in a matter of milliseconds. Large breaths quickly exited the younger ginger, quickly controlling her breathing and grounding herself, now pinning a glare on her mother.
"Why must you ruin everything?! And since when do you listen to Hilde of all people?! I was the one that brought us out here! We were fine" She snapped, a small wave of shock washed over the older woman, her small sigh slouching her shoulders. She turned around and calmly looked to the other two, quickly glancing over the other teen before she turned her dragon towards the approaching Nadder.
"He went west" Hilde announced, narrowed eyes pinned to him from the teens. The Chieftess let a small debate play in her head before she hardened her stare and looked at the male.
"Show me" She ordered, Freya's glare redirected to the back of her mother's head, a firm no came from her with a few arguing sentences before the older ginger snapped once more. Silencing any attempt to reason.
This... Took a very long time. It's 3,962 words long... so, I cut it up... Because it's just too flippin long XD I've been trying to get more descriptive in my work, and I hope that's working out, so chapters are going to be longer from here on out. I can't guarantee that Chapter 9 will come out anytime soon.... Anyways, hope you're enjoying the story, let me know what you think so far.


The way it was placed out was bothering me XD Let me know if there's anything with the layout of any chapters, they don't seem to paste well sometimes :T

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Hi!  I read your story, and have been really enjoying it!


(By the amazing EmeraldGemHuntress65)



Here's my Siggy,  which consists of a lot of wonderful art done by a bunch of awesome people.


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Story Cover

Okay.... Chapter 9 is taking a while XD So, here be art instead...


I've already showed this before, but I figured for the story cover itself, I'd actually do a flat muted cover for it. Idk, for some reason I just really like this flat version instead of the creep out of the darkness version.. What you think??


Full Version


What you think is going to happen in the next chapter?

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That's a cool cover!  I like the white on black.  As for what happens in the next chapter...  Maybe Hiccup gets mad and attacks the tribe, which prompts Eret to be a dragon-wrangler?  IDK  XD

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Chapter 9

The Demise of the Queens


The fog began to encase the five dragons, a few wary warbles leaving Toothless as he squinted his eyes to see better. But found it was a fruitless venture, so opted to listen for anything unusual, as did the others. The buzzing cricket sound slowly increasing in volume began to put the dragons on edge as they continued further.


"C'mon... I'm.. Sure it wouldn't mind if we just hang out on one of the sea stacks" Hiccup assured, patting Toothless' head to try and calm him, earning a small anxious bark in return.


"If we're just quiet, we'll be fine" Hiccup breathed. The fog continued to thicken, causing the dragons to swerve around the rock formations last minute. Boats hung high above the water level puzzled Hiccup's mind as he tried to figure out how it got there, quickly forgetting about it and pulling Toothless towards a short sea stack, covered by several others to provide more cover. The dragons landed gently and quietly, cautiously looking around as if something was going to pounce out at them. Hiccup remained on Toothless' back for a long moment, peering around as well, but held more composer. Slowly slipping off the Night Fury's back and walking around his other dragons, inspecting them for any vital wounds, but found they were unscathed. He let a breath of air brush pass his teeth in relief, turning his attention to the sky as he search for any potential followers. The fog was thick however and kept his vision short sighted, which brought on a mix of worry and calmness to the boy, maintaining the thought process of 'if I can't see them, they can't see me'.


"We'll just hide out here for a little bit. How does that sound, gang?" Hiccup cooed, the dragons chirping and barking back in agreement. The next several moments brought only anxious feelings to everything on the sea stack, making it a troublesome task for Hiccup to keep the dragon's by his side. Worried noises began emitting from them as they darted their heads back and forth between Hiccup and a specific direction, leading the boy to believe that's where the nest was. He took a shaky breath, following the gazes of his chattering dragons, thoughts of the mountain with wings began to claw at his mind.




The dragons gurgled and hissed as they glided through the fog, their riders tightly holding the saddles and weapons as they looked around. Anticipating an attack from the Night Fury and its accomplices. The young red head still bit at her mother with venom dipped words, while the older ginger simply gave her a cold shoulder. Eret had his arms crossed and lazily looked around, thinking their search was pointless in the fog, and frankly, he wished they wouldn't find him. He would be glad to see him go, as for one they'd stop training dragons, and two, the rider would stop getting thrown in a cell under false pretense. A side glance was tossed in Hilde's direction, the tall male was eagerly looking through the air, an almost gleeful gaze in his eyes. Eret figured he's been wanting to do a hunt like this for a while now. A soft sigh came from him, another glance around and a sound of a few echoing chirps of a Nadder had caught his attention. Slowly, he narrowed his eyes and focused in the direction it came from, catching a glimpse of the blue scales of the Nadder that brought him here. He tensed up his body, preparing for an possible ambush, cautiously looking around for any other recognizable dragon, and listened for that infamous high speed ringing from the only dragon with a true rider.


But it never came. Making Eret wonder if his mind was playing tricks on him, letting a sigh escape as the scene grew quiet. Only for the ringing sound he feared to echo into his ears. Everyone around him tensed up as well, staring at the one spot it appeared to be coming from. However, the sound never grew closer, instead it simply came in and out of focus, and only faint echos of the purple blasts could be heard.


'Is he.. Firing at something?' Eret questioned to himself, their Chieftess rushed everyone over and continued to dodge sea stacks, until the dragon they've been searching for was right in front of them. All of his dragons were circling the head of the giant dragon they fled a few weeks before. Eret had nearly forgotten how much fear the creature had given him, nearly causing him to panic as he looked around the others, finding that Hilde seemingly held no fear as he spoke.


"He's trying to take out the Queen, to control your dragons!" He barked, making Eret wonder if his hate for Rider was more powerful than his fear of the dragon said Rider is battling. But, of course, much to Eret's surprise, Freydis believed him. Rolling his eyes as the group continued closer. Freydis had a look of thought on her face, one Eret had come all too accustomed to, questioning what plan was she was cooking up now. He decided to focus on her thought process, trying to ignore the blatant death that laid ahead of them.


"Let him" Freydis announced. Narrowing the eyes of both Eret and Freya, another uproar about to fill her ears, but the diving Night Fury's large blast knocking over the Queen silenced them. Everyone and everything stopped and watched as the large wings of the blue and red scaled Queen stretched out and angrily took to the skies. Following the little black dragon that could barely keep their distance from her jaws. Instead, the two shot straight up into the sky where the dark clouds resided. Several long moments of flashing, ringing, and roaring filled the sky soon after, keeping the audience silent as they waited for one to glide down in victory, while the other fell to their death. Expecting that victor to be the Queen. Although, to the surprise of everyone, both fell out of the sky in a dive, the little black dot in front of the large queen had smoke flying from its tail, leading Eret to believe he didn't have much choice to but to come down. Another long second filled the air as the giant jaws opened and filled with gas, expecting it to light and engulf the smaller dragon. Eyes on the scene as the impending wave of flames was about to depart from its owner. But with a dot of purple light, the wave that was suppose to come from the Queen's jaws was halted, burning its way down the dragon's throat and slowly dissolving the creature from the inside out. The scene lit up and the little black dragon disappeared in the explosion the Queen caused once it impacted the ground.


Their small group glided around the scene, waiting for the area to calm before landing. The Rider's dragons had ended up circling around with them in search of the boy. Eret's attention glossed over the winter land of ash before catching the Rider's five dragons begin to circle down over a particular pile of rubble, the others noticing as well and following them down. The Rider's dragon glared and hissed as they approached, but didn't attack when the younger ginger wandered over. Eret sighed and followed suit with the Chieftess, leaving Hilde and the other riders further away.


"He's injured but he's alive" Freya announced quietly to her mother, the Chieftess immediately began barking orders. The Rider's dragons barking back in uproar and hovering over their friends as they witnessed the small commotion, leading Freya and Eret to try and calm them. Taking the Rider instead of letting the others, trying to gain the trust of the dragons once again. Eret gave a few confident scratches under the Nadder's chin, placing the Rider on the dragon first before jumping on after. Freya of course climbed onto the Nightmare shortly after, and pointed at the exhausted Night Fury staring back up at them, without a second thought, he picked up his friend and took off. The trip home was quiet and the silence filled their heads when they finally landed, the Rider's dragons were shoved back in their previous cage, and the healer took the Rider from Eret.


"So, what do you plan to do with him?" Hilde asked his Chieftess, she spared him a short glance before looking over the caged dragons again. They all seemed calmer, and over all easier to train.


"He trains the rest of the dragons. Then we have no more use for him after that" She spoke, watching the small group of healers disappear into a hut with the boy in question. Hilde's lips curved into a sadistic smirk, while Freya's jaw slightly dropped with her head. Eret sighed and briefly shook his own head, hiding away until the dragon rider awoke.




Eret lined up the tip of the arrow with the target, taking in a deep breath as he pulled the string back, one second of thought went by before his fingers uncurled and sent the arrow flying away. Freya gave a slow clap as she watched the wood split apart and hold the arrow in place, then jumped off the table holding more arrows, and daggers.


"You think he's going to be okay?" Freya cooed, taking the bow from Eret and hooking on an arrow. He shrugged and leaned against a box, watching the target while Freya lined up her own shot.


"He took down a dragon the size of a mountain... I think he'll be fine..." He sang, although worry did seep into his head. He's been sleeping for a few days now, yet the healers repeat the same "he's alright, just tired and recovering" statement, making him wonder if he was actually okay.


"I'm more worried about what Hilde will do" She continued, sending the arrow to land next to her friend's. The two switched places once more as Eret thought up a reply.


"Why? You don't think he would try anything, do you?" Freya stared at the ground for a moment, arms crossed and brows furrowed.


"I'm not sure. I'm sure he wants to... You know how he feels about Rider" She answered, earning an agreeing nod from the taller boy. He sent a quick shot towards the battered target and watched it land in the second ring.


"I don't think Freydis will let anything happen until her dragons are trained" He assured, passing the bow back. Freya paused for a moment, holding the bow in front of her as she thought some more.


"And when he's done with the dragons?" Eret now looked down, crossing his arms and thinking of all the possible things that could happen when he's done. Eret took in a long deep breath, parting his mouth to speak only for a high bark of a husky man to turn their heads.


"The Rider's awake!" He called, Freya dropped the bow and began speed walking over, Eret on her heels. They were led to the great hall, where Freya's mother sat on her overly dressed up throne, the Rider on his knees in front glaring up at her. Eret sighed and crossed his arms, Freya took her place at her mother's side.


"I'm sure you can guess why you're here" Freydis spoke, the Rider continued to glare, letting it gloss over everyone so that they may have a share of his anger. Hilde of course, returned the boy's anger with a gleeful smile, leaving the Rider's stare to linger on him longer. But he never spoke, instead waiting for the Chieftess to finish speaking.


"You will train the rest of my dragons. And once again, if you comply to my tribe's terms, then you will be allowed to stay in peace. If you do not. You will be executed" She spoke, the Rider's anger continued to deepen as she spoke, nearly sending a chill up Eret's spine. The dragons that surrounded them began to quietly chatter, making small steps towards their riders and their wings began to open. The Night Fury they had also brought in began letting out loud hisses until the men that held its chains started trembling. Because, even they knew, you couldn't hold the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself with simple chains. The court fell silent for a short moment, waiting for the Rider to agree to the terms, Freya sighed and looked away, the smile on Hilde's face grew, and Eret sent confused gazes towards the dragons still advancing. As if their riders had ordered them to slink up behind them for an added fear effect. But they didn't, they discreetly glanced back at their dragons with as much confusion as Eret had. His eyes glided over all the dragons, following their gazes to what caught their attention, and eventually the chain of said attention had all led back to the Night Fury Rider. There the small boy sat on his knees, keeping most of his weight off the wooden peg that replaced his missing left foot, the boy's head hung low in silence, but his stare was loud with fury, yet subtle to anyone who was barely looking. He hasn't looked around since Freydis spoke, he barely blinked since they asked for his agreement, and yet, Eret could see that he knew about the dragons' behaviour. The way he slowly climbed to his foot began to put the taller male on the fence, and when the boy finally brought his eyes back to the red haired Chieftess, Eret saw nothing but fury.


The fury could be akin to that of a dragon, the way he stared at Eret's Chieftess began to make him see the Rider as a dragon himself. Sending the black haired male back onto the island of rocks, pebbles, and the giant dragon that exploded in flames. Eret saw himself standing in front of this dragon, its six eyes glaring at him, its skin on fire, it was calculating the best way to devour him, until finally, it pulled its jaws apart and snapped them on the small human.


"Here's the thing" Hiccup began, lifting his head as his attention was nailed to the blue eyes of the older female.


"I trained these dragons" He continued, the dragons that had been creeping up finally rose their wings to the fullest and began slowly sidestepping to place themselves behind the auburn haired male.


"I freed them from a tyrannical Queen" He spoke, his voice started dropping into a dark tone. The trembling men who held onto the sleek black dragon's chains immediately dropped them and stepped away as fast as possible. Letting him stalk up to his rider's side, mirroring the boy's glare, and also let it glide over the crowd, a long nightmare fueling hiss echoing out of him.


"So, why should I listen to you, when I have an army of dragons on my side" He finally finished. Freya's lips curved up, her facial features lighting and a smug look was sent towards her mother before she slowly walked over to Hiccup's side. Untying his wrists and watching the men around them began to shake and sweat. Freydis' glare began to darken, standing and staring at all the dragons that bit the air and growled in protest at her.


"And what are you to do with this army?" She spoke. Hiccup let the corner of his lip pull up into a small smirk.


"That depends. Do you want to live?" He slyly spoke, widening his smile as Freydis' composure slightly faltered. Her gaze morphed into slight fear as she took one last glance around the dragons.


"So what? You're going to kill me? Kill anyone who gets in your way? Then what?" She quickly spoke and attempted to suppress her fear.


"I won't have to kill anyone if they don't get in my way" Hiccup cooed, his composure and evil look didn't change, his stiff body made him look like a painting in front of Freydis as she struggled to get a hold of herself.


"Oh, so little time, so little options... What ever will you do?" Hiccup cheekily spoke, tilting his head to the side and letting his smile grow as the shoulders began to rise more frequently on the older ginger. Hilde let out an angry groan, pulling his blade from its place on his belt and taking a few steps ahead.


"You don't have the guts to kill" He hissed, his steps became quicker and his target was mere moments away. The surrounding people called his name a few times in worry, but the room silenced as the smaller boy called out a name, and a plasma blast found itself on Hilde's chest. Knocking him onto the ground where he laid unmoving.


Freydis stared, staring at the boy and the glaring dragon, her daughter's shock slowly hardened into the same anger as the Rider. Eret stood silent for a long moment, staring at the man he had grown to hate over the last few months. He found himself scared, but not sorry for the one that lost his life. Most certainly not for the red haired woman standing at her throne. Fear crept over his body as his attention floated up to the boy he trained, and the girl he grew up with. He couldn't find anything in his memories that would hold back the Rider from taking his life, and saw that there was no refuge with the woman he once called a Chieftess. So, he let his legs bring him to the Rider's side. He hardened his gaze and directed it towards Freydis, whose fear was visible now, blue eyes wide and in shock, bottom lip quivering and hanging, and goosebumps shivered down her arms. The fear only grew as one by one, each of her men began walking to the young boy's side, their dragons standing beside them as if they didn't just try to double-cross them.


"So. What are you gonna do?" Hiccup cooed again, finding entertainment in Freydis' fear, although it soon morphed into confusion as her eyes narrowed.


"Freya" She spoke, her head slightly turning to the younger ginger, hoping she would be her lifesaver, but her fear began to slither back as her daughter remained emotionless.


"There was a reason why I left" She spoke, crossing her arms and straightening her back.


"You're not a viking, or a great Chieftess" She continued, a step towards the older woman.


"You're not my mother" Freydis' fear consumed her, making her stumble a step back before she turned her attention back to the Rider. Anger meshed into her fear, causing her to pick up the blade in Hilde's hand and race up to the younger male, causing Hiccup to sigh and shake his head. Without a word, the purple blast had fired and tossed the woman into her throne, her posture falling into a slack sitting position, and blade still hanging in her hand. Freya's breath hitched, but let it out in a deep breath and continued to keep her hardened gaze.


"Let this be a warning to anyone who dares to cross him" She spoke, her attention peeling away from her mother and towards the crowd that laid behind her. Hiccup's eyes glanced down for a second of thought, then he brought them back up, which straightened his back and rose his head in time to watch the crowd nod and bow their heads. Toothless' ears perked up ever so slightly, his head rose while he broadened his stance, the dragons chirping and chattering joyously in response. Eret continued to stare at the boy and his dragon, playing through his head what could possibly happen next, and didn't like any of the outcomes that came with it. But he remained silent with his arms crossed and back straight, just as he did with the previous Chief.




"We're leaving" Eret barked, throwing things in his bags and running around the room for things of importance. Freya leaned her thin frame against the wall as she watched him panic, arms crossed and a look of annoyance washed over her face.


"Why? We have a powerful leader on our side for once, and as long as we don't mess with him, then we'll be fine" She explained, the words stopped Eret in his tracks and he turned to her with a glare.


"And how long until he wants war with everyone? I've seen it happen with your mother, it's going to happen the same way with him too" He bit back, the girl sighed and rolled her eyes.


"He isn't my mother"


"How do you know? You've only known him for what? three days? four days? Right, that's all the time in the world to know exactly how he's going to be. Not like you didn't lose your mother or anything to him... No not at all" Eret spat, his movements became dramatic and angry, Freya pushed herself off the wall and walked up to the taller male.


"I lost my mother yesterday, and still, I stood by his side, and let him do it. So, I will make sure he doesn't turn into her" She snapped, angry eyes pinned to Eret as he just shook his head.


"Then stay for all I care. I'm leaving" He spoke, closing up his bags and throwing them over his shoulder. The night air welcomed him and the others that he recruited followed him to the docks. Freya simply watched from the village as they readied their ship, arms crossed and blue eyes mirroring her mother's glare down on them. Eret sighed and shook his head, pulling the boat away from the docks and heading out into sea. The waters were as calm as could be and the wind was strong, taking them away quickly and out of the sight of the island now inhabited by dragons and dragon riders.


The island slowly shrank and disappeared from view, putting everyone on the ship at ease as they continued on. Eventually calming down entirely as they got out of their waters. Eret sighed and let someone else take control of the ship, wandering away, he found himself staring at the stars for a possible place to go. The stars provided a small comfort to him, even letting a smile seep into his face, the white dots flickered and the constellations they created caused Eret to play through the story of how they came to be. Gods and their antics ran through his mind as he identified the corresponding star, the proper action was set to each constellation and each blinking star. Eret furrowed his brows for a moment, not remembering ever seeing stars blacking out like they just did, a path of stars was disappearing from sight for a short period of time before they came back. Several thoughts raced through his head but eventually he landed on Night Fury, his face paled, and fear had washed over him as the high speed ringing echoed towards him, and the camouflaged dragon glided into view. Its rider giving Eret a confused look as the two landed gently on the deck beside him.


"Leaving?" Hiccup asked, genuine confusion on his face and in his voice, several other dragon riders had began circling the ship, one Eret recognized as the assassin that escaped a while before. Eret's men came racing up, but stopped in their tracks at the sight of the black dragon, Eret expected they came to ask him what to do. He looked back to the Night Fury rider and hardened his expression, taking in a breath and puffing out his chest.


"Yes. I don't like where this is going" He spoke, watching as the Rider blinked a few times and glanced down, trying to find a sentence to reply with.


"You know it's faster to get places with a dragon" he landed on, his tone was normal, as if they were just chatting like friends. Eret's head shook and he pointed at Toothless.


"I don't trust them. I don't trust any of this" Hiccup's mouth parted open for a second, before he nodded his head slightly.


"Alright... The border ends at Breakneck Bog now, it's quicker to go that way" Hiccup casually spoke, pointing off in a different direction. Eret now blinked a few times, a little confused, and concerned the Rider was up to something as he watched the boy start to pull his dragon away.


"Eret" Hiccup spoke, glancing back at the older boy, who still held his ground.


"Don't get in my way, and I won't get in your way. Deal?" He spoke, Eret could hear a barely noticeable tone shift in the Rider, darker, but it didn't compare to what happened in the Great Hall. He glanced down for split second before staring back at the auburn haired boy, nodding his head once in agreement. Hiccup then opened Toothless' new tail and let the dragon take him to the air, leading the new dragon riders away. Eret watched them fly off into the distance, then ordered to take the direction the Rider suggested. 


The next few weeks were long and tedious, their food supplies ran low, and the wind had only carried them so far. Now, they were just waiting for a current to bring them to any island. The sun was scorching and the air was humid, but they tried their best to keep their ship moving in any possible direction.


"Eret! Ship ahead!" One of his men announced, causing the male to run to the edge of the deck and peer over to where this other ship was.


"Flag them over!" He ordered, grabbing a spyglass and looking at the colours the ship's sails had. It wasn't one he's seen before, and he doubted it would of been the Rider's, as he was a dragon riding clan now, so he had little fear about it. The ship responded with a flag as well and began making its way over, allowing cheers of joy to erupt from Eret's crew. Shortly the ship anchored beside theirs, a joining plank allowed their captain to walk over with ease. The man's green eyes held concern in them as he looked over the crew of this ship. The man's physique was still intimidating even with concern showing through the thick braided beard. With broad shoulders carrying metal shoulder pads, and a large horned helmet resting on bright red hair, along with a large fur cloak draped over his back reminding Eret of the winter months approaching.


"Thank you for coming, we've been traveling for weeks now and just ran out of food. You wouldn't happen to have any to spare by chance?" Eret spoke, pleading eyes looking at the large man in front of him.


"Ay, we should have something, where are you from?" He spoke, waving his hand to his friend on his ship, the blond hobbled over with a few small baskets of food and started giving them out to Eret's men. He noticed this other burly man has one peg leg and one peg hand, both opposite to one another, and had a very messily braided mustache.


"We were fleeing, our home became unsafe and overrun with dragons. We haven't entirely found a place to go yet" Eret explained, the red haired man nodded and glanced back to his friend, who simply shrugged and hobbled back over to his ship.


"Our home's not too far from here, you're welcome to stay there for the winter" He explained, accent heavy and voice deep. Eret smiled and glanced over to his crew, who were all chowing down on the gifted food. Eret agreed and the man smiled, resting his fists on his hips.


"Well that settles it, what's your name lad?" He asked, Eret weakly smiled again and stated his name, along with a few men he trusted the most.


"Nice to meet ya, I'm Stoick the Vast, Chief of Berk" he spoke, shaking the young man's hand gently, at least in the burly man's mind it was. He then turned back to his own ship and led Eret's back to Berk.

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Oooh....  Hikke is eeeeeeevvviiiiil >8D

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Chapter 10

And Still, We Search


"You trained her well" Hiccup cooed as he watched the barbs from the scarlet Nadder's tail fly into the requested targets. The dark eyed male smiled in the boy's direction, another short command leaving his lips, his dragon wasted little time to obey, another round of spikes flying from behind her and towards another target. Toothless barked before trotting up to the taller dragon, his playful curiosity apparent in his round pupils, enticing the red wyvern to chase him around with happy chirps and barks in turn.


"Wouldn't have done it without you, since you were more than thorough in your instructions" The man smiled, his attention followed the running dragons around the arena, a small chuckle bringing it back to smaller boy.


"Better safe than sorry, right?" The two shared a small chortle before walking out of the arena, simply talking about other ways to train the dragons. Their conversation carried them all the way to the great hall, the playful dragons tackling each other every other step before finally calming down at the entrance to the large building.


"Dorian! It's been a while, where have you been?" Freya smiled, waving the two males over to the table where several dishes of food was laid out for the taking. The dark haired male smiled in turn, plopping himself beside the red head and pulling together a plate of food, then throwing a leg of chicken towards his dragon.


"Well, first, I was in jail, thanks to your mother. Then I spent the last few weeks a few islands out to hide from your mother, and now I'm here, because your mother is no longer around" He explained in a chirpy tone, taking a spoon full of soup while Freya stared annoyed.


"Anything else about my Mother?" she grumbled.


"Naaah... Oh wait! Your Mother's a-"


"Alright, so Rider" Freya barked, cutting off the other male, who simply held back a chuckle, but let his smug smirk shine in the dimly lit hall. Hiccup looked up from his food and stared confused to the ginger whose mouth was open to speak.


"You know my name isn't Rider, right?" He spoke before the girl's words could escape her, she tilted her head and mouthed her question slowly, expecting Hiccup to tell her on his own. Both the occupants of the table stared waiting at the auburn haired male, making him slightly uncomfortable, now debating if he should of said anything at all. However, the commotion of the Great Hall's entrance had saved him some time in this decision, turning heads towards the scene. Hiccup had stood and stalked over to the entrance where loud voices made themselves known, a particular voice that joyously spoke in pompous words began to tug at his memories. Struggling to place the name and face of the voice that it belonged to. Hiccup pushed himself through the people until he came up to the door, the red hair and smug eyes he was met with allowed a name to scream in his head.


"Dagur?" Hiccup breathed, gaining the attention of the green eyed male who gave a large smile and strode up to the boy, locking his large arms around the smaller ones neck and started "playfully" pulling him in a circle.


"Hiccup! What are you doing all the way out here?" Dagur viciously let go of Hiccup, smiling as he stumbled back and started rubbing his neck in hopes to relieve the now painful aches.


"Could ask you the same" he groaned, rolling his head, Freya darted her side glance from Hiccup to Dorian as Dagur went on in a long story about his travels.


"Hi- Hiccup?" Freya started with a small laugh, the dark haired man joining in soon after. Hiccup rolled his eyes and let out a long sigh.


"Yes. Hiccup."


Dagur crossed his arms and stared bleakly at the two giggling about a name, raising an eyebrow to the smaller boy.


"So, brother. What happened to you?" The ginger asked, wrapping his arm him again and pulling him outside of the building. Hiccup sighed and gently tried to separate himself from the other male, but the arm wouldn't budge.


"Ah.. Dragons" He gave a wary smile, another bleak stare pinned on him from the ginger.


"What you mean?" Dagur's bleak stare didn't faulter, arms pulled away from Hiccup's body and intertwining across his chest. Hiccup made a few wary sounds as he searched for a proper sentence to explain what he meant, his hands waved around as if trying to weave together a proper explanation for him, but, much to Hiccup's relief, the alerting call from the passing crowd did the work for him.


"Night Fury! Get down!" One called, Dagur's eyes lit up in joy as his attention shot up to the sky, only for it to get dragged back down at the sleek black dragon's approach. The dark dragon jumped from head to shoulder, taking down anyone he used as a path way over to his rider, a few warbles and purrs greeting the lithe male.


"Yes uh... So, this is Toothless" Hiccup smiled to the stunned Dagur staring wide eyed at the dragon sitting nicely beside the small male.


"How- What?" Dagur barked, eyes darting from Hiccup to the dragon holding a gummy smile. Hiccup soon smiled after and pats the muscular male on the shoulder.


"So, let me tell you my story" He chirped, leading Dagur back into the Great Hall for a lengthy discussion.




Every bowl of soup that was placed down was eaten in mere moments, each spoon full barely being chewed before the men swallowed, draining each cup of liquid that was near them. Eret shook his head as he looked at his men's manners, pinching the bridge of his nose at the hungry noises that echoed out of them. Fishlegs and Snotlout stared at the table in astonishment, sharing a small glance with each other before seating themselves across from Eret.


"So, how long were you guys out there for?" Fishlegs asked, pushing another bowl towards one of the men, watching as he took it without a second thought.


"A few weeks, maybe a month" Eret spoke, eating his food with a little more composer.


"Where were you guys headed?" Snotlout continued, gripping his drink in his hands and keeping it close to him as not to have it stolen by the hungry crew members. Eret shrugged and took a few scoops of food before speaking.


"Anywhere really" Fishlegs and Snotlout exchanged another look before tilting their heads to Eret.


"Where are you from?" Astrid's voice startled the three, coming up behind Eret and placing herself beside him. Eret hesitated for a moment, his men slowly stopped eating and turned towards them, giving each other slightly worried glances.


"A ways up north, our home isn't really safe anymore" Eret answered, stuffing his face to avoid letting anything else escape.


"Why'd you leave?" Snotlout blurted out, in no way catching any of the hints, his eyes slightly widened and grew confused as he caught Astrid's look of anger.


"Our home was taken over by dragons" One man spoke, copying Eret's actions and inhaling several spoon fulls of food shortly after.


"Our Chieftess was killed, and her daughter was no better" Another man spoke, mirroring the expression of Snotlout's as his friends all glared him down. The three teens tilted their head in confusion, passing glances around before they began choosing what questions to ask next.


"What happened to your Chieftess?" Fishlegs cooed, worried eyes boring into Eret, who took in a hesitant breath and pushed his empty bowl away.


"A story for another time! I think we should all go get some sleep, we had a very long trip" He chirped, standing and leading his men off to their new rooms. The three teens watched in confusion as they all walked away, several ideas of what happened to the new comers played through their heads.


"You think they killed their Chieftess?" Snotlout tilted his head to the door the group vanished behind. Astrid, once again, sent a glare of daggers towards the raven haired male.


"I'm sure that's not the case" She snapped, rolling her eyes to try and pull back her annoyance.


"Not to mention, I'm sure they wouldn't want you going around telling people that. That's seems really rude since we just let them into our home" Fishlegs protested, Snotlout dipped his head with a slightly embarrassed expression morphing his face.


"But what if-"


"No what if's! We're not assuming what happened" Astrid bit, Snotlout clamped his mouth shut and widened his eyes in worry yet again. The three remained silent for a short moment, bringing their thought process back to the new comers.


"You think they ran into Hiccup during any of their travels?" Fishlegs cooed, cocking the heads of the other two.


"Maybe" Astrid breathed out, she hummed and stood up, crossing her arms in wonder as she thought.


"Maybe we'll ask about it tomorrow. It's late, we should go to get some rest" She suggested, getting nods from the other teens before parting and finding her way home. The thought of Hiccup had been glued to her mind for months, everything she knew about him didn't add up in his disappearance. As far as she knew, the teen didn't know how to man a small ship by himself, plus none of the ships had disappeared, so he couldn't get off the island that way. Any nearby island's they visited hadn't saw or heard from him since he left, and no row boat would be able to take him far enough without starving or dying from dehydration. Leaving Astrid to think he was still on the island, just hidden in a cave or high on a mountain. The memory of the entire village scouring the island crossed her mind again, if it was true he was still on the island, where would he be, and how did he avoid everyone? Not to mention, she thought he would of returned by now if that was the case. So, the question still remained in her head, loud and obnoxious.


Where is Hiccup?




"You sure we should've left those kids in charge of those new comers?" Gobber croaked, eyebrow raised and a questioning gaze boring a hole into Stoick. The ginger Chief remaining emotionless as he stared at the darkening sky, keeping a keen eye out for disappearing stars that may indicate a particular dragon he was searching for.


"They'll be fine, Gobber. They don't seem like bad folk" He answered, wandering around the ship, eyes still pinned to the sky. The blond hobbled after his friend, his voice struggled to pull together a proper sentence in a rebuttal.


"Stoick, you know your people need you, you can't just keep going on expeditions in search of Hiccup like this" he finally spoke, the words stopped the larger male in his tracks, green eyes pierced through blue with tamed anger.


"I will keep searching until I find him and bring him home" Was all he said, returning to searching the skies, leaving a sighing Gobber to hobble away to find himself something to do in the meantime.


The blond noticed many of the other vikings keeping their attention to the water, still looking for the same person they had been for the past four months. Gobber had contemplated telling them that they one they were seeking wasn't in a boat, but in the air. But he knew how stubborn they were about dragons, and if they were told that they would have to accept Hiccup along with a dragon, a deadly one at that. They'd give up searching entirely. Gobber himself was even taken a back by the news when he first heard it, still was. Throughout the boys entire life, all he ever talked about was killing a dragon, to be one them, going above and beyond for the opportunity to prove himself worthy. Gobber often wondered if Stoick was simply seeing things, or placing a narrative to something he wished he never saw, perhaps Hiccup didn't get on the dragon and ride away, but was taken by the dragon like his mother. But, that would mean their search is pointless, as the boy would be certainly dead by now and he didn't want to have to address that topic unless it was absolutely necessary. So, still, they searched.


The thought that maybe Hiccup was actually kidnapped by a dragon brought the blond to remember the similar events of the Chief's wife. The night she was taken was devastating for the people, despite her strange views on dragons, she was well appraised by the village. Similar events took place after, the endless voyages in search of her and the dissociating habit. Gobber couldn't blame him for the desperation to search for both of his family members, he would of done the same thing if it was his family. But, just like with the lost Chieftess, the ginger man had to come to the saddening conclusion himself. The surrounding vikings started repositioning themselves, all reaching for any form of weapon and wary eyes were pinned to the sky. Following their caution, Gobber noticed a small group of dragons high above them, all species he couldn't recognize from their distance. But, the leading one had caught his eye the most, just due it's sheer size over the others. It's beige coloured body stood out among the blue sky, and it's long tail reached the nose of the following dragon, despite it being a fair distance ahead of it's companions. The dragon's wings had an odd pattern when flapping, as if something was moving inside of it's large wings, leading Gobber to question if it had more than one pair of wings. His attempt to see more was lost when the clouds hid the dragons from their view. A few moments longer of uneasiness, and the vikings let out the tense breath they held in, carrying on with what they were doing before hand.


The evening started to darken even more and the air started to grow colder, nearly matching that of a winter breeze, fog had began rolling in and floating ice had started grazing the sides of their ship. The new environment had began to make Stoick question if they should anchor and wait out the night, walking up to the head of the ship and stationing himself there for a few moments longer. Looking for anything else that could aid them in their current situation. The thickening fog gave no answer, the sea simply gave them more ice, and the air breathed down on them with a bitter cold touch to it, but still Stoick searched. Steady green eyes glided through the mist, until they landed on a faint silhouette of a land mass, it's full size unknown to the man as the fog obscured it, but it didn't hide the small grey shore from him. Quick orders left his mouth to sail for the land, the ship's direction changed to aim for the beach.


The viking's vision began to slightly clear up as they moved closer, allowing him to see the land mass covered in large spiked up rocks that reached high into the clouds. The odd blue colour to it made Stoick question the sight, now realizing they weren't rocks, but ice. The ship crept onto the sand, causing the vikings to re-balance themselves by a step or two, everyone took a moment to admire the ice structure they found themselves on, then quickly went to preparing themselves for the night.


The night had come out quicker than previously thought, and the fires could barely keep themselves alive, the freshly cooked food and abundance of furs wrapped around the vikings were the best source of warmth at the moment. The cave they found themselves in only seemed to block out the growing aggression of the wind, but the ice that made up the back wall provided no escape to warmth. Pushing the people closer to the fires, and pulling out every blanket and cloak to maintain any kind of heat.


"You think we should explore the place tomorrow?" Gobber asked, Stoick hadn't noticed the questioning gaze the blond was giving him as his attention was focused on the dancing flames that laid in front of him.


"We need to keep looking for Hiccup" he said, thoughts still on his son that he was determined to find. He wasn't too sure if Gobber had believed his words of Hiccup riding a dragon away, the ginger wasn't even sure if he believed his eyes, but one thing he was absolutely positive on, was that his boy was still alive.


"Sure, but what if he's here? You said, we should search every island we come across" Gobber pointed out, getting an annoyed look from his Chief, who eventually sighed in defeat and went back to staring at flames.


"Very well, let's try to get some rest then" Stoick agreed. Everyone nodded and made themselves as comfy as can be and tried their best to fall asleep.




Author words


Three weeks later... And it's finally out XD And look who makes an appearance :D


Can you guess what's going to happen in the next chapter? Or better yet, who's going to show up next?

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Interesting story!
Are they on Valkas island?


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Enjoying it so far? 

Perhaps, they are...

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Yup! Wasn't sure at first, but I'm getting into it

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That's awesome :) hope you enjoy the rest of it! when it comes out XD 

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Yay, Dagur's here!  My favorite Httyd character!  And Berk found their way to Valka's Island...  I wonder, is Hiccup gonna help Drago?

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Chapter 11 is taking forever.... took me three weeks to get.... A paragraph done pretty much... So.. yeah, it taking a bit. But, I'm still working on it! Don't worry, hopefully should be done... in perhaps this week or the next? Not too sure yet...


Have some art in the mean time.


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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

That's beautiful!

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It's half term in a day and I need something dragony to read :) tracking!



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Chapter 11

There Are Many Like It, But This Is My Dragon.


The small group of vikings had ventured into the maze of tunnels, the frequent echoes of roars putting them on edge, their weapons firmly held in their hands, alert for any approaching dragon. The one legged blond was unusually quiet, even going as far as to keep his steps light.


"Perhaps I was a little ahead of myself last night" Gobber whispered, snapping his jaw shut as another roar echoed through out the caves. Stoick glanced back at the blond with a disappointed hum.


"C'mon, sounds like we're walking into a death trap" Gobber continued, the two other vikings behind them wasting no time to agree and give quiet pleadings to flee. The ginger Chief carried on, ignoring their words with a humph.


"Stoick, I don't think he's here" Gobber's voice sounded strained as he stopped with the rest of the vikings. The Chief's confident steps had slowed to a halt, his shoulders rose and fell and turned around with a somber face.


"You're right, Gobber..." Stoick breathed with a solemn gaze, turning around and placing a hand on the other's shoulder.


"Let's get back to the ship" He announced, leading the others back through the way they came. The sounds of echoing roars had started stressing out the group less and less as they moved back towards the beach. Their journey out seeming shorter than their venture in, the sight of their wrapped up camp brought a smile to their face as they approached it. A breath of fresh air exiting their mouths in a pale cloud, only to suck it back in at the sight of large heavily armored scaled dragon, simply sniffing the snuffed out fireplace. The vikings froze as the green coloured dragon investigated, its red head slowly turning towards the still people. Stoick took steady, quiet steps, raising his axe as the dragon finally noticed them. A low rumble had built up into a full war cry while its feet carried it towards the vikings in a charge, scattering the four large folk, the ginger and blond staggering behind to give the other two a higher chance of escape. Slipping by the large beetle like dragon with ease, while their Chief continued to lead the beast off, of course with a hobbling Gobber chasing after.


The ginger took many turns and climbed several rocky walls to avoid the large beast, its large wings brought it around the nest with ease, and kept it on the Chief's ankles. A bright light momentarily blinded the man, deciding to run towards it in hopes that he may escape the large fortress. His feet carrying him out of the dark cave and onto a large spike of ice where he needed to skid to a stop to keep himself from falling off the edge. A sheer drop into spiked icicles laid below it. The large Chief spun on his heel to stare at the slowly approaching dragon, low grumbling echoing of it as he stalked the human. Stoick gripped his axe tighter as he stood his ground, waiting for the inevitable charge to push him off the edge. A growing battle cry sounded from behind the dragon, before the large blond leaped onto the beast. Using his bludgeoned arm to repeatedly hit the creature's head. The metal simply bounced off the green armour of the dragon, making it more an annoyance to it, than any actual threatening danger. Gobber held onto the dragon as best he could as it bucked and spun, only letting go when the dragon started charging into a wall. Giving both him and the ginger enough room to race back into the tunnels, taking a smaller path way in hopes to lose the dragon for a while.


The smaller tunnels became more troublesome to get through, needing to squeeze their larger builds through openings half their size while still keeping a lookout for more dragons. More echoing roars sent shivers down their spines as the caves bounced the sound all around them, making them pick up their pace even more. The roars seeming to get louder and louder as they traveled, the uncertainty of where they were going only shot their nerves even more. Their feet felt heavy on the stone flooring as they took them through small crevice after small crevice until they finally got to a large cave opening. The back wall was made of a maze of ice that the sun light from outside somehow navigated to dimly light up the tunnel. Roars still echoed through the tunnels, but they all but stopped as Stoick's eyes landed on the figure standing in the middle of the blue glow.


His axe felt too heavy to hold, letting it fall to the ground without any care, his heavy feet then took him slowly up to her without his consent. The blue eyes of the woman appeared stern, but held slight fear in them, her armour rose and fell in worry as he came closer to her.


"I know what you're going to say, Stoick" She announced, her voice shaky and her body language hesitant.


"How could have I done this to you? Stayed away all of these years" The woman spoke, her eyes constantly fell to the ground, needing to use all her will power to bring them back to the ginger Chief.


"And why didn't I come back to you?" Her voice got more stern, trying to hide the shaky emotions that built up inside her.


"What sign did I have that you could change, Stoick? That anyone on Berk could? I pleaded so many times to stop the fighting, to find another answer, but did any of you listen?" Her voice started to quiver, pulling several dragons to emerge from behind the ice pillars to hold back any danger from their friend. Stoick barely noticed the creatures crowding around the lady, his feet still carrying him to her. The woman's eyes darted around the cavern as the man still approached, causing her steps to bring her back to the wall.


"Oh, stop being so stoic, Stoick. Go on! Shout, scream! Say something!" She pleaded, her wide eyes and hesitant breaths showed her anxiety, but the man paid no mind, stilling the lady as he cupped her head in his hand, taking in every feature of the woman.


"You're as beautiful as the day I lost you" he crooned, placing a small kiss on her lips. The woman relaxed, loosening her grip on the strange staff in her hands. The dragons that crept into the scene hadn't pulled back, one such dragon, a beige and red plated beast with what appeared to be four wings stayed extra close to the two.


"I know, I left you to raise Hiccup alone... I thought that he would be better off without me" Her voice sounded strained, and her eyes threatened to release tears, making Stoick's heart clench at the sight. His gaze saddened at the mention of their son, a somber sigh creeping out of his nose. Opening and closing his mouth several times to explain why he was even there, but every time no sound escaped.


"Valka" He breathed, her eyebrows wrinkled her forehead as she tried to piece together his demeanor.


"Hiccup..." He continued, her expression continuing into confusion.


"Hiccup's missing" Gobber finished, a sad gaze painted on his face. Valka's attention snapped to the ginger, her own facial features screaming the thousand questions that ran through her mind. Stoick took in a deep breath, finally acknowledging the giant dragon that hovered above them, taking a long moment to just study it.


"He tamed a dragon" He finally said. The shock slowly seeped onto the woman's face, her own gaze finding its way to her dragon.


"Valka" Stoick regained the lady's attention, a few different emotions of confusion and anger flashed across her features.


"I messed up" the words barely passed through his lips, a tear dared to roll down his cheek.


"Help me find him... Help me find our son" he pleaded. Valka gaze searched through the man's eyes, unsure of what she was looking for. Maybe a sign that he had changed. She hoped he would. Perhaps this was the time to test that theory.


"Alright, I'll help. But, we do it the my way" She answered.




Dragons flew around the village, some playfully terrorized the people inhabiting it, while others simply chattered and laid around. It was an odd sight to see for the ginger, dragons in a village and no people charging at them with battle axes, or even so much as have an objection. The sleek black dragon had taken off with a group of other riders for their usual training and patrol, leaving Dagur alone with his thoughts on the whole ordeal.


The story the boy shared was so obscene that he questioned the validity of it, but the puppy like Night Fury that attached itself to his hips begged a differ. Dagur always remembered Hiccup as a scrawny boy who always found himself in the wrong places at the wrong times. But, somehow he managed to not only shoot down the most illusive dragon known to vikings, but tame it too. And tame it well. Dagur still shuddered at the sight of Hiccup threatening him with a hissing dragon ready to light its flame if he made even the slightest wrong move. Dagur didn't think much of his actions at first, ready to behead the dragon and take the broken tribe for his own. He just didn't expect the lithe male to be so dark in his words. So dark, that Dagur believed it when the auburn haired boy said he'd let his dragon light him up if he attacked. The stories that continued after the boy retired for the night made Hiccup feel even more unknown to Dagur. Taking over this tribe, training the other dragons he sees, taking out the Red Death. He truly didn't know this boy anymore. But, he rather liked this Hiccup better than the Hiccup of Berk.


The alliance that was offered would be more beneficial than a war against him. Even Dagur saw that. The dragons he watched fly drills around were enough to see he would fail in an battle, or perhaps he was giving Hiccup too much credit. Besides, how much does this boy honestly know about fighting wars? Dagur has spent many years of his life training for such events, despite his deranged demeanor, he's intelligence in the art of war was impeccable. Perhaps he could take out this tribe if they had to battle it out. Dagur found himself fighting between what if's about the idea, however he landed on the conclusion that this alliance would be good for them. He gives Hiccup dragons, and Hiccup gives him military. Plus, the added resources and shared territory, but he more cared about the army. The boy even offered to train his men how to ride the dragons. Berserker's on the backs of dragons. The Chief scoffed, his attention bringing him to the sea where his armada was anchored in waiting. More thoughts and ideas about the matter raced through the ginger's head, his feet bringing him through the village to witness the dragon's behaviour with the vikings. Once he found himself at the docks, he was gleaming.


'Berserker's on the backs of dragons. Why didn't I think of that?' Dagur thought to himself. Ready to turn back to the great hall to accept the treaty, but the sail of a familiar trader ship had docked in one of the slots of the deck. Hiccup wouldn't be back for a bit, perhaps he can get himself a new sword while he waited.


"Johann!" Dagur chimed, arms open wide as he harshly trapped the man in an aggressive embrace. Johann's weaseling voice welcomed him onto the ship where he started spewing off different treasures he's obtained.


"I see you found Master Hiccup's new home. What do you think of the dragons?" Johann sang, watching as Dagur looked through a box of weapons.


"It's interesting. Hiccup being this, kinda okay, fear bringing warrior, that is. The dragon riding is also cool" Dagur cooed, pulling out several different weapons and examining them.


"Who have thought! Hiccup took over this tribe? Before me of all people" He continued, now examining a different axe. Johann listened carefully as the Berserker Chief rambled about the stories. The Trader's interest was piqued when Dagur started going into how the boy trained the dragon. Only to be cut off by the person of topic landing on the dock with several other riders, greeting the trader as he boarded the ship.


"Ah! Hiccup! I've decided. An alliance would be great" Dagur cheered, wrapping an arm around the boy. Hiccup gave a few disbelieving statements but ended up waving the Berserker Chief to the great hall to sign the treaty.


"Ah, an alliance? How splendid!" Johann cheered, stopping the two before they left the ship.


"I suppose a good way to completely seal that treaty is a mission, right?" He crooned, tilting the heads of the Chief's.


"I saw a large group of dragons getting snatched out of the sky by some rather nasty folk west of here. I'm assuming you would be the best to free those dragons" Johann explained, focusing his attention more to Hiccup than the ginger Chief.


"Dragon hunters?" Hiccup questioned, getting a shrug of shoulders from the Trader and a smug smile.


"Oh yes, a dragon fighting arena not too far from here, lots of dragons" Johann assured. Hiccup hummed before leading Dagur off, the treaty signing going smoothly in Dagur's eyes. The boy then asked him to help free the dragons Johann spoke of, which, as much as he didn't want to, he accepted. About to turn to his fleet when Hiccup then suggested they fly. A quick glance to the gathered dragons nearly turned his stomach, he didn't think they'd get to that stage that quick. But, he did just sign a treaty that stated they'd learn to how to fly dragons. So, he supposed now was a better time than ever to start learning.




"I can't believe you talked me into this" Eret called out, the waters violent underneath the weathered ship. Astrid laughed as Snotlout and one of Eret's men raced around the deck trying to ease the ship into their control.


"Why did I follow you guys onto this ship?!" Fishlegs cried, holding onto a railing to keep his balance.


"C'mon! You said you'd show us the ropes!" Astrid sang, quickly maneuvering her way through the deck to help Snotlout with the sails. Eret chased her down and took control over the turning speed with ease.


"Yes, but I thought maybe on a calmer day!" Eret shouted, the wind taking most of his volume away. A pair of his men had been chasing the blond look-a-likes around the ship, making sure they wouldn't cause any detrimental issues to their transport. They stayed with the Berkains long enough to know that these twins could be an issue if they weren't careful.


"Come on! This is the best time to learn!" Astrid sang, copying Eret's action on the other side of the mast to close the second sail. The ship began to slow and now they were just simply rocking back and forth. Their little escapade had taken them a day or two away from Berk, much to the gang's delight. They didn't have to worry about searching for a missing heir, and they didn't have to scramble around in a dragon pit. Gobber may have been a strange teacher, but Spitlout somehow topped the insanity when the blacksmith left with the Chief weeks before. So, anything they could do to escape the madness that is Berk, they'd do, and learning how to navigate the waters on a foreign ship was a great way to bide their time with. Even if it was longer than a two day venture. Eret didn't seem to mind the other teens, he began to thoroughly enjoy their company. People more his age, rather than the older adults of his crew, that he could relate to. He'd find himself around the fire with them, sharing stories of his travels, while they shared theirs in turn. Keeping his home completely out of the picture, which they respected enough not to pry into.


"Fair enough" Eret smiled, keeping his attention on the blonde in blue as she quickly caught on to his teachings. The group continued on to learn about the ship from the crew, the day beginning to darken as they chatted away.


"So, how are we going to explain to my dad that we went on a four day adventure?" Snotlout chirped, earning confused gazes from the other teens. The group searched for answers in the ships build, in the waters they floated on, in the sky that held an endless sea of clouds.


"How about we tell them we went out capturing more dragons?" Tuffnut suggested, his grey eyes pinned to something in the clouds. Snotlout rolled his eyes and pulled on a bored expression.


"And where are we getting these dragons?" he sighed, Tuff's face morphed into his signature smile as he pointed to the sky.


"With the ones that are coming straight for us" He announced. The group jumped to their feet, staring at the dragons diving down from the skies. All of them raced to nets, and bolas, and other weapons, ready for the beasts to dive in.


"You sure you can handle this?" Eret called to the blue eyed blonde, her snarky smile and twirl of her axe assured him she'd be fine. The dragons lashed out at the ship, using mostly their claws to gash through the sides and mast. Getting deterred by the swinging axes and flying ropes, making it almost too easy for the vikings to keep them off their ship. That was, until a group of dragons with riders dove in on them. One of which Fishlegs recognized as the deranged ginger of the Berserker Tribe.


"When did Dagur start riding dragons?!" Ruffnut screamed, ducking out of the way of a Zippleback. No answers came from the group, the crew only knew the viking by word of mouth, never have they actually come across him or his armada. Thankfully for them, that giant fleet of rumor seemed to have been just that. Rumor. As it was no where in sight. Eret ended up aiming his nets to the ginger on the green Gronckle, wondering if he could take him off the dragon. His shot aimed up and ready to be set loose when a scarlet Nadder stole his attention. His gaze was occupied by the dragon, working their way up to the rider on its back. Memories of the dragon and rider landing on his ship a month before stilled him, his eyes pinned to the Nadder rider, wide with fear. The black dragon and its scrawny rider that helped train the scarlet Nadder began to creep into his mind, causing him to quiver in his skin. Causing his eyes to float around the sky in search of his current worst fear.


"We need to get out of here" He announced, his crew wasting no time in trying to get themselves out of that situation, knowing fully well what the Scarlet Rider brings with him.


"Not a chance! We can take them out!" Astrid shouted, already planting herself on a bola launcher.


"No no... You don't get it... We need to go. NOW!" Eret cried, racing up to the blonde and trying to get her away from the edge of the ship. Words had began to leave her mouth, but they never finished as the forgotten ringing sound of that nightmare fueling dragon had echoed into their ears. All eyes shot up into the sky before dropping to the deck. The sleek black dragon with it's masked rider dived towards the ship, letting a small blast land onto the empty deck before it climbed back into the sky. Eret feared it would come falling back down with a more violent blast, but the dragon seemed confined to the sky for the time being. Instead the small group of riderless dragons continued their assault. 


"Astrid, we need to get out of here!" He called, the blonde already on her feet and at the net, ready to take down any dragon that dared too close. One such Nadder did, aiming straight for the shield-maiden.


"Not without at least one dragon" She answered, firing the net before the dragon even ignited its flame. The dragon let out a surprised yelp as the net clasped a wing to her side, using the free one to flap rapidly in a vain attempt to stay airborne. Instead, crashing into the sea, Astrid quickly pulling her onto the deck. 


Eret continued to plea to take their leave, but none of the others listened, his own crew struggling to get through the attacking dragons and viking teens. The short raven haired male raced over to a net and aimed it at a dragon, an anger filled cry bellowing out of him.


"I'm not leaving without getting payback on that Night Fury rider!" Snotlout growled as Eret tried to move around him. A Zippleback had began flying straight for him, regardless how much the short teen didn't want to waste a net, he was running out of options as the dragon neared. Firing and entangling the dragon in rope, he brought it on board. Fishlegs rushed around to try and contain the dragons, they didn't have very many cages, so he only hoped that they wouldn't knock out all the dragons in the sky, or else they'd have no idea where to place them. Not to mention he wasn't too fond of the Berserker that gleefully fired at their ship. He just hoped they wouldn't have to deal with him if it came to that.


Two more dragons were shot out of the sky, now getting pulled onto the deck, the older crew having to take over for the infuriated Nightmare that ignited itself as it got to it's feet. A few dragons still circled the sky, the Berserker and Assassin keeping the dragons out of reach of the ship's projectiles. Eret had to stare at the group in the air, finding it bizarre that the Rider only attacked once and remained absent for the rest of the battle. Especially when it came to his personal four dragons getting captured by his new found friends. Another still moment had passed between the rivals, only for the Scarlet Rider to dive on the ship once more, fury filled in both dragon and viking as they neared. Eret rushed to a net, hoping to catch the rider before he caused any major damage to his ship. Well, more damage, the ship already creaked in agony as it was slowly torn apart. The teens stared at the approaching dragon, the rest of its flock diving in after them. Fishlegs was sure this was the end for them. The Twins fighting over a launcher were no help to them, and Snotlout was still desperately searching for the black dragon that caused him minor episodes of memory loss. Astrid still held her aim on the dragons as well, in no way letting herself go out without a fight. The Scarlet Nadder built up gas in her throat, ready to ignite it and send it flying to the ship holding her friends when a dark, near red coloured fire ball darted across her vision. Spreading her wings and pulling her other friends back up to the sky with her.


"Stoick?!" Astrid called, her attention staring at the large Chief on the back of a green and red beetle like dragon, now chasing the assaulting riders away. Gobber came flying behind the Chief cheering, gifting the Berserker and the Scarlet Rider nasty remarks and balls of flame. The new group of dragons had forcibly chased the others away, fleeing to the clouds where Eret assumed they raced home. Or raced to tell the Rider. He still feared the outcome of what would happen if he showed back up, Berkian riders or not. But he never did. This only caused the fear to mix with confusion to bake anxiety for the teen. Keeping his eyes pinned to the sky as the green dragon landed on their ship, asking the usual "are you okay?" questions before sending them back home. Keeping with the ship the whole way back to their island. Eventually a dragon he had only seen in the distance, had joined them, a woman on the back of this four winged beast. The Chief and this new rider had exchanged words before the woman pulled her dragon back, dropping off its tail and landing gently on the deck of their ship. She asked the tall raven haired teen where the dragons they caught were, bringing her to cages that were hidden in the back of his ship. He watched carefully as she opened each cage and soothed each dragon, calming each and every one of them down almost similar to how the Rider did. The rest of the teens had come to study the behaviour as well, curiosity bubbling onto their faces as they named each viking on the backs of the dragons escorting them. The auburn haired woman eyed the teens, her attention bouncing from dragon to person as she wandered slowly up to them. The way she approached them reminded Eret of a dragon if they were turned human, making him wonder exactly where she's from that caused her to act more dragon-like than viking.


"Come" She requested, holding a hand out to Astrid. The blonde hesitantly took it and was calmly lead to the blue Nadder. Who has somehow not ventured out of the open cage the woman left it in. Astrid's hand was positioned to hover just above the snout of the dragon, a moment of tension passed before the dragon closed that gap of air between them. Fear and confusion painted on the girl's face, as the woman took her hands off the girl and dragon at the same time. A small smile morphed the woman's features as she looked on to the scene.


"Train her" she said simply, gesturing to the equally confused Nadder as Astrid stared quizzically to the lady. Astrid took a look around the flying dragons once more, particularly lingering on the ginger Chief that lead them home. Returning her gaze to the Nadder who's nose was still pressed against her palm.


'What's going on?' she thought, giving the dragon a weak smile, unsure what to make of the sudden change. First she was fighting dragon riders, more than just the Night Fury rider that nearly tore apart an alley tribe. Then she was saved by her own people, riding dragons, and now this mystery woman is coaxing her into training a dragon. Her eyes scanned over the blue scales of the Nadder, its yellow eyes studying her own form, as if contemplating Astrid the same way she was it. The two simply stared at each others eyes, searching through each others souls and holding a silent conversation that Astrid didn't yet understand. Or so she thought, her emotions fell from fear and settled into something akin to comfort, her weak smile shifted into genuine happiness. Although confusion still pulled at her thoughts, snaking into her mind and pulling her hand back, unsure of what to make with the entirety of this situation. She looked to the other dragons, that now have the other teens in front of them, no doubt coaxed by the woman she didn't notice escape her presence. Another searching gaze fell upon the blue Nadder, such an odd feeling of guilt and protectiveness began to overwhelm her, perhaps this wasn't such a bad thing to try. If her Chief could do it, so can she.




Author words :D

What... A month later? Two months? I'm sorry.. >.> I really struggled with this.. XD Mostly struggled with Stoick and Valka's scene... Cause I didn't know if the movie scene was a good enough place... but, I was also blanking out on what to replace it with.. so. Yeah. I also actually finished the majority of this chapter last night.. So, sorry if it's not that great...

I hope I wrote Dagur's character well enough too....

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Great chapter! Aah, Johann's still up to no good. I just hope Hiccup realises Berk can change.