Dragonmaster:The Legend of Garth of Izar ~Chapter 4: Orphan Girl~

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Chapter 4: The Orphan Girl

Soon school was finished so Val and I snuck over to the dragon stables on Iskyn with two barrels of fish, a pipe, and an empty barrel. It didn’t take us long to find who we were looking for. We approached the two cautiously since we didn't want an explosion like the last time.


“Here Ayre”, I called to one of the Zippleback heads as Val approached the other head named Dance. Yup, today we were going to try getting gas from Kaya’s Zippleback for the 15th time this month. The other 14 times ended with an explosion or the time we accidentally put eels in their food, they ended up sick and started spewing gas and sparks everywhere. The two heads began to chow down on the fish and Ayre started to breathe gas. I used a tube that I built into the barrel to siphon gas into another barrel. After I filled the empty barrel with gas I waited for the explosion... there was none, Val and I had successfully got the gas.


“I’m going to go try my hand at a new game Fortran setup in the arena”,said Val excitedly, “it involves axes, maces, swords, crossbows, wild boars and catapults. It really sounds like fun!”

“Don’t get hurt! If you break a leg you won’t be able to continue dragon training!” I yelled back as she ran off with an axe in one hand and a shield in the other. I rounded the corner of the stable with a barrel full of Zippleback gas and I bumped into Saga sleeping in a dragon stall, she woke up.

“Sorry I was just taking a nap Lyra” she yawned. I looked around the stall and saw a tent, a fire pit, some fish, a desk, a washbasin, a clothesline, a Terrible Terror sleeping in a barrel, and two zippleback heads peeking over from the other stable trying to get at the fish.

“GARTH!” Saga screamed as she opened her eyes, “I-I-I wasn’t expecting you, sorry” she gasped.

“I wasn’t expecting you to live here” I replied, “if you told me you didn’t have a place to live, I would’ve asked you to stay at my place. Would you like to?”

“I can’t, besides I can’t abandon Ayre and Dance” She said gingerly petting and feeding the two heads.

“Come on, pack your stuff, the zippleback that’s salivating over your fish is my sister’s. He has a stall at home but stays here during the day. Kaya will even cook you something to eat. We can visit the market on the way and get you some new clothes, I heard Trader Johann just arrived, and we can ride Ayre and Dance all the way.”


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Monstrous Nightmare: Sunbreaker (M) (Broadwing)


The first dragon I come across on berk, goes around doing his own thing most of the time. Likes taking care of baby dragons so he stays in the stables alot. Though he will come out to play fireball frenzy. He loves showing off and as he always shoots fire at the sun at least once a day hoping to finally catch that light. 


Deadly Nadder: Whirlwind (F) (Broadwing)

Fast and agile Whirlwind is one of my racing dragons. She is often the one trusted to lead the herd when Sunbreaker is away. She loves mirrors and shiny objects. She also preens alot. 


Thunderdrum: SONAR (M) (Broadwing)

A blind thunderdrum, uses sound to navigate. Really loud and loves singing (not everyone else enjoys it though).


Scauldron: Wavedancer (F) (Broadwing)

Boiling water and a knack for mischief, this scauldron often plays pranks on fishing boatsby stealing their catch and doubling it. 


Tide Glider: Riptide (F) (Broadwing)

My main riding dragon, she is shy around new people but will never back down from a fight. She is the first dragon I tamed while on Izar, and my main dragon for fun stuff in the game.


Skrill: Teslan (F) (Broadwing)

Often charges my electrical lab equipment and is my main racing dragon.


Raincutter: Drizzle (F) (Broadwing)

Likes rain, helps me out at the forge and in the lab 


Stormcutter: Chinook (M) (Broadwing)

This stormcutter was found riding the chinooks as a baby he likes warm winds and long flights in the mountains.


Zippleback: Ayre & Dance (M) (Broadwing)

One head sleeps while the other one searches for food. Two headed efficiency at its finest.


Sand Wraith: Luna (F) (Broadwing)

Found on the Onyx beach, this sand wraith looks like the surface of the moon


Changewing: Glass (F) (Broadwing)

Loves hide and seek, and likes turning invisible and scaring vikings into thinking there is a ghost. 


Woolly Howl: Athabasca (F) (Broadwing)

Named after the Princess, Glacier, River and Lake bearing the same name she like cold weather and enjoys dragon nip tea


Shivertooth: Blizzard (M) (Broadwing)

Found on Icestorm Island harrasing groncicles, has a grudge with Yellowknife


Flightmare: Aurora (F) (Broadwing)

Likes flying around Icestorm Island


Speed Stinger:Scramjet (F) (Broadwing)

Always moves with her mouth open reminded me of a scramjet


Typhoomerang: Scorch (F) (Broadwing)

Likes scorching eels, hates eating them


Hobblegrunt: Tlaloc (M) (Broadwing)

Named after the Aztec god of rain Tlaloc likes splashing in puddles


Sweet Death: Ambrosia (M) (Shortwing)

sits around all day bothering the bees


Shockjaw: Ion (F) (Broadwing)

Ion likes swimming in saltwater and plasma


Fireworm Queen: Fusion (F) (Shortwing)

Very protective even as a baby


Fireworm Queen2: Pulsar (F) (Shortwing)

Very adventurous even as a baby is blue for some reason


Smothering Smokebreath: Charla (F) (Shortwing)

Loves eating charcoal


Groncicle: Yellowknife (M) (Broadwing)

named after the capital of the Northwest Territories and found on Icestorm Island


Rumblehorn: Shieldbreaker (M) (Broadwing)

Guess what his favorite hobby is?


Scuttleclaw: Ammolite (F) (Shortwing)


Moldruffle: Fel (M) (Baby)

Mudraker: Mudkip (M) (Baby)

Grapple Grounder 1: Yin (M) (Shortwing)

Grapple Grounder 2: Yang (F) (Shortwing)

Snow Wraith: Frostbite (M) (Shortwing)

Prickleboggle: Nightingale (F) (Baby)

Sliquifier: Sedna (F) (Baby)
Razorwhip 1: Tomahawk (M) (Baby)
Razorwhip 2:  Katara (F) (Baby)
Deathsong: Harbinger (F) (Broadwing)
Snaptrapper: Mistletoe (F) (Baby)
After rescuing a freezing egg on Snoggletog's eve this Snaptrapper was born the next day in the middle of winter. 
Thunderpede: Magnitude (M) (Baby)
Timberjack: Maple (F) (Baby)


Slithering Fluoroscale by Nightmarerebuff: Silica

Found when flying around Berk eating elderberries off the bushes, hates raspberries.


(Former Clan: Order of the White Lotus)


Current Clan: The Dragon Racers


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Yay! I've been waiting for

Yay! I've been waiting for the next chapter!! XD


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Thank you

Thank you

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A list of species native to

A list of species native to the Izar Region 

-Night Fury

-Monstrous Nightmare

-Deadly Nadder

-Hideous Zippleback

-Terrible Terror

-Tide Glider

-Smothering Smokebreath



-Wooly Howl

-Whispering Death








-Ghastly Horror





-Sand Wraith




Species not native to the Izar Region (ones the Vikings of Izar haven't discovered yet or have rarely seen) 

expect species in this list to not be mentioned or when mentioned dismissed as myth.


-Grapple Grounder

-Red Death

-Sweet Death

-Screaming Death




-Skrill (only one case observed believed by the vikings of Izar to be the last of it's kind)

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