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You are your Viking OC's dragons that were stolen by a lonely Bewilderbeast. After the black-out has ended, they find themselves far away from their homes and the archipelago and a mysterious large island known as the home of the massive bewilderbeast. The dragon treats them with kindness, but won't let them leave the island. What will you do to get back to your master?


You can control 2 OCs


Forms and spots are on a separate thread

Post your spot here


The rules will be posted on a DNR post below


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  • Basic RP rules. No cussing, no killing unless if approved by the owner/player, no unnecessary gore, ect...
  • Go easy on the W.I.P or "Find Out"
  • If you are very busy studying, or behind on school work or something, stay away from this Role-Play unless if you promise you can take part of this role-play and not just post once and say you quit because you need work to do
  • The second OC is normally for the small dragons like the terrible terror or something. You are allowed to play a Viking but only at the beginning
  • Violence and romance is allowed but keep it minimized
  • Once the RP starts all spots are permanent and cannot be changed. Though if you are inactive for long and this RP dies and if I tried 3 times to bump, I'll control you characters to the ending

The RP will start Tomorrow afternoon (EST)

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Levi flies across the skies near Berk enjoying the quality time with Alpha Zero. These events only happen rarely and he gets excited when she likes to have her around. "Dive Levi," she said, and the dragon flew right down. He then flies just above the ground in the wilderness, soaring at least high enough to maneuver tree branches in his way. He then shot a large ne standing in front of them, leaving a trail of smoke and ashes of the burning wood. "Nice shot," she said, almost laughing.

Alpha and Levi finally spots Hurricane in the distance, giving them a point to land. The two are eager to make their way and stick the landing with a performance Hurricane has been teaching him to do.

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Skyfog (Smokebreath)

Skyfog laid with her head resting on VexyLu's thigh.

VexyLu was sitting under a tree near Berk, drawing in her notebook.

It was a boring day, with nothing to do.

The pair had been there for about half an hour, just relaxing.






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By FireFlash

By TosiLohi


By TosiLohi

By Bluemoon20523

By Werewolfgirl1253


By BoomBox74


By DuskDayBreak


By the ecliptic eight


By Arrowalker


By FireNightStar



*Backstory will go here*






Sandwraith- Nibbles

Nibbles is my first dragon that I rescued from a cage.

by LayKary


Groncicle- Vexy

I found Vexy on johann's ship. I helped her find her way back to ice storm island.

By ShiroKageFox


Nadder- Lulu

I got Lulu out of the hatchery's collection of eggs. 

 By FloofQueen


Death song- Melody

I rescued Melody from her mum's nest, after she was abandoned by her. 


Armorwing- Armor

I saved Armor from dragon hunters and she bonded with me. 

By FireNightSky


Smokebreath- Smog 

Smog is the second smoke breath I got. I won him in battle. 


Smokebreath- Skyfog

Skyfog is the first smokebreath I got. I also won her in battle.

By Nightfuryatom4


Whispering death- Groundwhisper

I got groundwhisper after finding her egg in the tunnels under Berk. 


Whispering death- Groundquake

I won groundquake in battle. 


Whispering death- Groundshake

I also won Groundshake in battle. 


Whispering death- GroundBurrow

I won GroundBurrow in battle.


•Whispering death- GroundSmasher

I won GroundSmasher in battle.


•Screaming death- Screech

I won Screech in battle. 


•Razorwhip- Cut

I found Cut's egg in an abandoned ship. 


Razorwhip- Snip

I won Snip in battle. 

By Vospader


Hotburple- Grunt

I won Grunt in battle. 


Snafflefang- Fangsnaffle

I won Fangsnaffle in battle. 

by dogloven


Snafflefang- Fangsnaffle Jr

I won fangsnaffle in battle.

By FroztWulf


Flightmare- Frightmare

I won Frightmare in battle. 

by Scarfywings (animated by mrizky)


Moldruffle- Mold

I won Mold in battle.

by Umbreon27


Speed stinger- Sting

I won sting in battle. 

By Okamisusi


Fireworm queen- Helios

I won Helios in battle. 

By Scarfywings


•Shockjaw- Helpfulwarrior

I won Helpful warrior in battle. I named her after one of my friends.


•Hobblegrunt- Wobbles

I won wobbles in battle.


Eruptadon- Flare

I needed help, and didn't have a dragon that could fly into the depths of a volcano, so I got Flare's help.


Singetail- Frizzle

I saved Fizzle from being auctioned by dragon hunters.

by Arrowalker


•Flamewhipper- Firelash

Firelash stowed away on my dragon, after my journey on impossible island.


Snowwraith- Blizzard

Blizzard is my racing dragon.

by TosiLohi


•Typhoomerang- BurntSwirl

I won BurntSwirl in battle.









Hi guys!

The following part of my signature is currently under construction.

I plan on doing a lot more with the art I have drawn for me.

I am currently looking for people to draw my dragons, so if you think you can draw one, please DM me.




*Im working on including names, etc


Scenseredshocked, my Shellfire, by Bluemoon20523


Hibiscus, my Sequin Wing, by Flowercrystal


Amethyst, a FriendFriend draggo, by 1flower


Stormrider, a Stormchaser, by Scarfywings


Sunfly, a Gardendigger, by Scarfywings


Galaxywhip, a Vesupa, by Bavelly


Peach, an Infertide, by Alicornbrodie


DeathSky, a baby nightfury, by Nightfuryatom4


Mysterystripes, a Marshtiger, by themasterplan47


PurpleFuzz, a Woolly Howl, by Wutend Bonfire


GreyShell, a Shelleye, by GoldenWraith


Issie, a Mountain Jackoat, by Scarfywings


Kiki, a Hyeagle owl, by Scarfywings


Ziggy, a Ratagator, by Scarfywings


Keja, a Foxret, by Scarfywings


Eza, an Impatypus, by Scarfywings


Rei, a dingorse, by ScarfyWings


Deathsky, and another nightfury, by Wutend Bonfire


GreySky, a Muddicry, by chameishida


VioletWraith, a White Mamba, by Megaboltphoenix


WinterBreeze, a Svalbard Howl, by Okamisusi


My triple stryke ref, by Wtend Bonfire


Thank you to all the amazing artists who have done art for me!


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Flame Flame was surrounded by


Flame was surrounded by a bunch of other fireworms as he scurried among them. 


"Excuse me! Parton me! Oh I'm sorry if I just stood on your tail! Maybe I should go get help!" Flame turned around and stepped onto someone's else's tail. "Sorry!" He said.


This was all his life had ever been. But he enjoyed his little life. He had a good queen who made them gel, everybody was family. Life was good. And gel didn't actually sound to bad at the moment!


Flame pushed his way across the other fireworms and made his way to the wall. He quickly climbed it and began licking gel off from it.


Welcome to my Siggy! 


These are my siggy guardians,  Mist and Snuggles, made by the awesome Wircherforever! TYSM!

An amazing edit of my dragon Felix by Archery and Dragons! TYSM,

And next I'll do my adoptables. Thank you for all of the arists who made all of the art.



Whirlwind and Einstein. Both by Megabolt  Pheniox. TYSM!


And here's Snappers, my Ratagator, and Spiritwatcher. Both by ScarfyWings!

And I can't forget Johnny! Also made by ScarfyWings!            Another amazing picture ofDeanna by Dragon Hellenist!!


                 And Odin's Whisper by Zikta.                                               Jisty by Bavelly


Riptide by Wutend Bonfire. TYSM!


My mythical whalee, by Wutend Bonfire. TYSM. The left one is Glowspark and the right one Dottie.

My new, and only, night fury oc family I will ever make. Made by the awesome Lunarpride! The mother is Dreamseeker, with her babies, Brain Dead, Lilac, Ginger, Gabriel, and Pillow. Thank you!

These sup cute chibli dragons made by the amazing Vinilla Viking, TYSM! The left one is Deanna and the other Banana!


This is Rootpuller! Made by ScarfyWings!             And this SplishSplash, my Muddicry. Made by chesmiea (sorry I can't spell )


 And this is my Boomerwing by GoldenWraith. THANK YOU! This is my Shelleye, also by GoldenWraith, thank you again!

Another Vespa by Bavelly. This is Xelida!

This is one of my Ocs, Jakill, in his Venpus form. Made by Bavelly, thank you!

My big baby Felix, by Ashia Snowqueen. TYSM!


My two baby dragons I won off of  Dragonist Hellen's survey. If I have time I may color them. But for now,

Toe Taster and Bass!

Awesome gifs I stole off Google!




This is not finished, not even close, but if I do this all now, I'll go insane. Stay turned!

Congratulations! You have officially reached the end of my signature! I have some of my favorite animated characters here to wish you goodbye!

By The Ecliptic Eight, thank you so much!

Rainwing bouncy not by me.     Disney and DreamWorks gifs were found on Google.

Disney and DreamWorks characters are owned by their companies who made them.

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The Flightmare perched himself on top of Gothi's hut, looking out at the vast horizon. He was so high up the air was thin and low, misty clouds surrounded him. Donnie was trying to balance himself on the small roof, staying clear from Banshee's tail since there was barely enough room for both of them. Of course, the dragon hogged the majority of the room. They both knew they weren't suppose to be up here, but did they ever listen? Nope, not at all. Banshee looked at the boy out of the corner of his eye and allowed his crooked smile to show. He used to his tail to swipe Donnie's feet from out under him, watching as he fell off the roof. However, he ended up plummeting towards Berk.
" BANSHEEEEEE!!!" Donnie let out a high pitched scream, flailing his arms like he was a bird, wishing he had wings of his own.
The Flightmare simply rolled his eyes, before leaping off the hut, breaking into a falcon-like dive. Donnie grabbed hold of the dragon's nose horn, holding on for dear life as he continued to scream. Ground was approaching fast. Banshee opened his wings, slowing them down, then decended slowly to a patch of grass, landing gracefully. Donnie fell on the grass while his dragon was busy folding his and making random noises. He glanced over at Donnie and let out a high-pitched laugh.
Donnie looked at his reflection in the lake's surface and frowned. His hair....was a complete mess. Well, it always was. He narrowed his eyes at Banshee. " I hate you." He mumbled.


" We spoke unspoken things, We rode on broken wings "

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He twirled and swooped in the innocent blue skies. Everything under him looked so tiny, from the green blobs of forest, to the white blob of... wait, he hadn't noticed that there was a huge iceberg just next to Berk. Maybe Icestorm Island is melting after all. People should be wary of their carbon footprints. Yaks produce too much of that. Hmm.. speaking of food... maybe I'll have one of those furry brown horned beasts... that sounds tasty... With a G-loop and a dive, he slammed himself on a little yak calf, just as he was about to stab it, 'Halt! What are you trying to do, you cursed Triple Stryke? Go get your own food and stay away from mine!' A huge sleek muscular viking yelled at him at the top of his voice. 'Darky eat. Darky kill!' He shouted in dragonese and swept his tails in an arc, just missing the viking. At that same second, he gobbled up the yak, and soared back into the sky. ']+,>\^<' called the viking...

That same evening, he went to investigate the iceberg. Yup it felt cold, and is slippery, but one thing that he did not understand, was the spikiness of it. Are icebergs all prickly? But I thought they were smooth...



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Triple Stryke Fandom!


Darky the TS.

He hates his rider and almost ate him.

currently a rogue and searching for a nice rider-or dragon Alpha (though he wants to be one himself)


Sahara and the snail

Credit to EmeraldDragon03 for Sahara the Sand Wraith


My cyber deathsong and hacker hunter, Reaper, by the amazing MegaboltPhoenix


Thank you Alpha!



Yes, we are coming at you, hackers!




I am a proud


Dragon Racer




Resistace member




Skreleen of the McNamaras








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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!

(wait! Where are we starting?!)


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My hands have touched the highest clouds. My feet have touched the depths of the ocean. Soaring through the sky, swimming through the sea, dancing through life. But what is it for? 

People wander this earth wanting to be like other people. They sing the same song. 

But my soul sings a song. A different song. I dance to the beat of this song, for this song is what he has given me. This song is a part of me. It follows me as I dance, through rain, through snow, through the hilltop. It cradles me in its warm embrace. This song is my life. And I will sing with, even when the song turns sad... For this song, is who I am. 



No. I don't belong here. But the only place you'll belong is the place where you make yourself belong. 


For all the people waiting patiently for Triple Stryke


By MerricupNightFury^^


Profile pic by Arrowalker. src="https://s2.postimg.org/kub0kekp5/IMG_5911.jpg" style="width: 700px; height: 541px;" />

Star and all her dragons by FireNightStar^^
Name: Star The Navigator
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Star has incredibly long Chestnut brown hair that when in a braid reaches down to her waist. Her skin is a light Carmel color and sure has a few freckles on the bridge if her nose. She has a slight scar across her left eye, but thankfully it does not affect her vision. She has amethyst purple eyes. 
By BrynneBjorrnson^^
By Fireflash^^
By BoomBox74^^
By FireNightStar^^
Designed by Arrowalker, Vanilia Viking and I. Drawn by Arrow
Her shirt is a long sleeve olive green shirt with gold borders. She wears a brown leather chest piece and coyote fur wrapping around her waist. Her boots, wristbands and cape are lined with coyote fur also. Her pants are brown with deep brown buckles and she keeps her messenger style bag with her at all times. 
When summer comes she changes to a green three quarter length sleeve shirt with gold borders. Her wristbands are no longer lined with fur, and so are her boots. She removes the fur from her waist and only wears her cloak on the colder days or when flying. 
Background: Star was 9 years old when she joined the school of dragons. 
Upon joining she made many friends. She Trained many dragons and because of her, Snow Wraiths were welcomed​into the school. But still, something was calling her. 
She went on many journeys​ to find what was calling her, but she never found it. She did find, however​, many different islands. Including, an island with a mountain in the middle. The mountain is hollow and covered in ice. Star decided it was the perfect place for all of her dragon companions.
 During the summer months Star stays on the islands to keep her ice dragons healthy. 
Personality: Star believes in following her heart more than anything. She sees the world at a different angle and because of that has traveled FAR beyond where any Viking has gone before. 
Star has not limited herself to Dragons. She is the proud trainer of a pack of wolves, a bear, a pod of Orcas, several birds and even a family of rabbits​!
As you might have guessed, star does things very differently.
Drawn by Mechfighter^^
Other: Star has a necklace with the chiefs symbol ingraved on it. 
Name: Skyfire
Species: Deadly Nadderhead
Gender: Female
By MajoraTheHyilan^^
By FireNightStar^^
There was some confusion. She's red and not pink. Still an amazing edit!
By Rrepetti^^
By FloofQueen^^
Beautiful edit of Star (When she was younger) and Skyfire by Zitka!^^
Personalize: Skyfire does not tolerate sarcasm in the wrong moment. Nor does she allow games when they are on a mission. Wish she is given a task she will get it done THEN play. Unless of course someone throws something. Yay if her only weakness: Fetch. She cannot resist retrieving things. Which she gets made fun of by Star's other dragons for.
Favorite activity: Fetch
Biggest fear: Eels
Origin: Star received Skyfire as an egg when she first joined the school of dragons. 
Name: Polaris
Species: Snow Wraith
Gender: Male
By BoomBox74^^
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by Zitka^^
By WraithSkrill^^
Polaris was enjoying a fun game of fetch in the snow!
Personality: Polaris is playful as can be. Once you get to know him or he sees that Star trusts you, he is caring as can be. But before you​ gain his trust, he might come off as cold (Pun Intended) He is playfully competitive and will not refuse a competition. 
Favorite activity: Snowball Fight
Biggest fear: Cabbage
Origin: During one of Berk's coldest Winters​ travel to the wilderness was banned due to a report of seeing Snow Wraiths. Star followed her heart and trained one anyway and aided Hiccup in defending the School from dragon hunters. Since then Snow Wraiths have been welcomed into the school. 
Name: Wolf
Species: Woolly Howl
Gender: Male
By ScarfyWings^^
I think Wolf has been dreaming about Dragon Hunters again...
Doodle by Scarfywings animated by Mrizky2121^^
By FireNightStar^^
 By Arrowalker^^
By Laykary^^
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by Zitka^^
Personality: Wolf is very protective of Star and the rest of her dragons. He is undyingly loyal to Star and overly protective. 
Favorite activity: Flying
Biggest fear: Dragon Hunters
Origin: Star found Wolf when she was in captivity in the dragon hunter's base. Wolf was trapped as well and had received a scar across his snout
Name: Journey
Species: Night Fury
Gender: Female
By BoomBox74^^
By EmeraldDragon03^^
Bases by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by Zitka^^
Personality: Journey loves to annoy people more than anything. She will play jokes (that aren't​ really funny) as is sarcastic. 
She is incredibly competitive and (just because is bugs Skyfire) will challenge Polaris to races all the time. However, she will do most anything to save Star.
Favorite activity: Racing 
Biggest fear: Losing everyone she cares about​.
Origin: Star found Journey on one of her trips. This time she flew farther than ever before. After weeks of travel she found a large section of land. It was too big to be a island. Upon exploration she made a surprising discovery, and met Journey. 
                          The Leaders Of Vivvore...
By Boombox74^^
Name: Sonda
Species: Titan Sand Wraith
Gender: Male
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by BrynneBjorrnson^^
Personality: Sonda is short tempered and hot headed. He is stubborn and has a wry sense of humor. 
His firmness is good for some aspects of leading, but he can be to harsh, so he needs some others to help balance his personality.
Favorite activity: Sleeping
Biggest fear: Hurting Star and letting her down. 
Origin: Star met Sonda when he stole Moana the Tide Glider's eggs. Star recused the eggs and in the process befriended the Tide Glider. 
After a long adventure trying to find the answer to why Sonda was stealing her eggs, Star found out that his family died when he was young, and so he was lonely and jealous of Moana. Star invited him to Vivvore, where he grew to in unofficial leadership position. Star saw this and officially​ made him the leader.
Name: Moana 
Species: Tide Glider
Gender: Female
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by BrynneBjorrnson^^
Personality: Moana is compassionate and forgiving. Perfect to contrast Sonda's harshness, although occasionally they will clash. 
Favorite activity: Searching the depths of the ocean for treasures. 
Biggest fear: The dark
Origin: Star met Moana when Sonda stole her eggs. Star rescued the eggs and in the process earned her trust. 
Name: Pompeii
Species: Eruptadon
Gender: Female
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by BrynneBjorrnson^^
Personality: Pompeii is a gentle giant but can also be firm. She does not find Sonda's sense of humor funny and will call him out on it. 
Favorite activity: Watching the hatchlings play
Biggest fear: Swimming
Origin: Star found Pompeii when she needed to fly into the depths of a volcano. None of her dragons could take that kind of heat, so Pompeii helped out.
Home Island
Name: Sivard 
Size: Small 3/10
Inhabitants: Omar, Carlil, Afnan, Lex, Star, Foxtrot, Azariah
Location: Not to far East of Berk
Name: Berk/The School
Size: Medium 7/10
Inhabitants: Too many to list
The School^^
Location: Um, Berk. 
Name: Dragons Edge
Size: Small 5/10
Inhabitants: The Dragon Riders, Star and any other students who have moved in
Location: Outside the Archipelago
Name: Vivvore
Size: Large 9/10
Inhabitants: Star, Skyfire, Wolf, Polaris, Journey, and the rest of Star's dragons
Location: Far South of Berk
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((You are so easily confused are you :p? Your dragon is facing a typical normal day with your Viking and/or friends. This is before the bewilderbeast comes and takes them))

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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!

(okie dokie)

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Saebyn - Woolly Howl

Saebyn chortled with pleasure as he pulled put of a tricky loop, Rogue crouched above his saddle. He tucked into a dive and leveled off when the mountain tops came into view. The cool breeze brushed through his fur, earning another pleasurable pur from him. 

"Let's go for a dip," Rogue suggested, adjusting her knife strapped to her boot. Saebyn dove down farther in answer, grazed the water's surface with his wing. He smoothly turned himself upside down to let Rogue brush her fingertips in the ocean above her. He flipped back over and flew nack to the sea stack they were using as a launch and landing pad. 


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Rogue Wolf by TosiLohi

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Jensi the Notorious Nadder by Lululu6161


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Saebyn by Feenix the Fire


Namica the Vesupa by Bavelly


Yenzi, Lunar Dragon Adoptable by snowflake12298




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Carmen was flying around the

Carmen was flying around the with her Rider busy like any other day. Her annoying "brother" Coal rode on Shamara​'s shoulder bragging about winning the latest race with his friend, Trinket the smothering smokebreath. "Yep everything is the same as always." She muttered.

"What did you say?" Coal asked.

"Nothing." She replied.

He continued chartering nonsense. It was going to be a long day.

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((I'm bored waiting for everyone, so here is some more.))


VexyLu and Skyfog were sitting on a hill, near the entrance of Sven's farm.

VexyLu was still drawing, Skyfog still laying down.

It was quite peaceful.

Normally the pair sat in the wilderness, or somewhere further away, but they hadn't be bothered to travel that far.


Skyfog heard screaming and looked up.

In the distance, over at Berk, there was a small figure, presumably a Viking,falling from the sky.

Following this figure was a larger figure, most likely a dragon.

Just before the Viking hit the ground, the dragon snatched him out of the air, and landed.

Skyfog was glad she and her rider, VexyLu weren't that strange.

VexyLu was unfazed by this strangeness.


Above Berk, there were multiple dragons flying around, performing tricks.

Skyfog knew she and VexyLu could do better than them, not that she was bragging or anything, but the duo were pretty amazing. They spent a lot of their free time performing complex tricks. Their teamwork was amazing, they were so insinc. It was like they could read each other's minds!

The two were inseparable, and spent most of their time together.


If Skyfog wasn't with VexyLu, she was with her best friend, Smog.

Smog and Skyfog met after VexyLu rescued Smog off a outcast ship.

(Smog is also a smokebreath).

The pair became so close because they were both rescued off ships, and they were the same age and species.


VexyLu was still drawing.


Skyfog was getting slightly bored. She was full of energy.

VexyLu was tired, and wanted to draw still.

Skyfog decided to go find Smog.


With a few flaps of her wings, Skyfog flew over Berk, dodging trick performing dragons.

Skyfog looked down. There she saw many Vikings going about their day, as normal.

There were a few dragon riders down there.

Skyfog flew on.


She decided to look in the stables first.

Smog was not there.

Skyfog wondered where he would be.

He could be anywhere!

The world was huge, and Skyfog was not in the mood to search it, to find Smog.

She decided she would fly back to VexyLu, and play with Smog later.

She promptly left the stables and was soon flying over the open ocean.

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Levi soared over the trees and his tail emits in electric sparks. Levi twirls into the sky leaving but a lightning trail wherever he goes. Hurricane watched as Levi makes his daring landing; stationary, spewing lightning bolts from his wings creating 8 bolts in the sky. Then the bolts moves with Levi, like a spider as he dives down to Earth. Levi lands softly and Alpha slowly jumps down.

"So," she said to Hurricane. "You do you think?"

The dragon hybrid murmured, glancing at Alpha and then Levi. "It could be longer," He said. "But other then that, it looks fine."

Levi's face marks his disappointment. "But I've been practicing all day yesturday and today," he complained.

"No, its cool. The problem is, you need a little more spider and you need a little more web. The preformance only lasted at least 10 seconds."

Alpha pats Levi on the shoulder. "I'm sorry," she said. "But Hurricane does have a point. Maybe next time you do the same thing, except make the spider a little more creepy and crawly."

"Okay," Levi stated quietly and softly. Hurricane took a moment and looked around. His head raised quite high as he looks from behind him, amost seemed in distress.

"What is it?" Alpha asked, reading Hurricane's concerned face. Then he looked back at her and shook.

"Probably nothing," he grumbled then he lowered his back to let Alpha ride him. He then called, "Come on Levi, we got some practice to do tonight."

"Coming Hurricane," he responded, taking flight along with him.

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Kate~ Death Song

"Kate, came down and play with me!" the young, gold Death Song said.

Kate growled and turned back to Glory. Why she always bother her?

"Leave her alone Glory, you know that Kate hates to play with you. If you want, I can do that" Firey, the Slithersong said.

"Really? Ok!" Glory said and flew away from their stable.

Kate smiled and stretched in her nest. It was the big nest made with her amber. Firey and Glory got the same nests. In the same cave with Kate. she was wondering why they must share this cave. She wanted to be alone.

Their cave was one of many caves in the large cliff.Their rider, Holly, found them and made stables for dragons here. All caves got entrances leading outside, so their were able to fly in and out at any time.

There were also stables for Holly's sister, Frytha, dragons. One of them came to Kate.

"Hi, what's up?" Blaze, the pinkish Shockjaw said. He was the only dragon that Kate likes.

"Nothing" She said, looking at him. "Glory flew away with Firey, so I am enjoing mine lonelines."

"Don't you want to fly out? The weather is fantastic!" He said, scraching the rock with his talons. "Maybe we will find something interesting?"

"If you want..." Kate said, stretching her wings and fluing out with Blaze.


The day was hot and sunny. Most of the dragons flew away from their stables. Kate saw Peril, the Typhoomerang, with a group of you dragons that were lerning how to fly.

"Hi Peril!" Blaze shouted to her"

"Hello Blaze! Hello Kate!" Peril said.

Kate was wondering what could they do. She then looked down and saw some fishes in the water.

"Blaze, are you hungry?" she asked, flying down to catch some fish.


Kate and Blaze were sitting and eating fish. Kate swallowed big eel.

"How you can eat them? They are horrible!" Blaze said, trying not to even touch the eel.

"I like them, you should really try one." Kate said, looking at Blaze.

"You know what will happen when i will eat it." he said.

Kate tried to say something, but then they saw Valkyrie, the Silver Phantom, flying to them.


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I think I'm going to start too:

Darkbinder looked up, and saw all those happy dragons and humans paying in the sky. He had never had any friends, not dragon, not human. Well, maybe a human at one point, but Ryke was just his rider, they didn't really have a special relationship or anything, he was just a random human boy assigned to him in the dragon training academy. They all kind of avoided him on purpose, as if he were a kind of disease that may destroy their everlasting friendship. Well maybe I am... he sighed.

That night, when he was flying back to his rider's house, he thought that the sky was a bit darker than usual, but that was expected, it was winter all right.

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((got a couple of  questions

((got a couple of  questions is that okay; Is it okay if Gyro has already been 'Kidnapped" prior to the start of this rp? doesn't have to be long maybe just the day before is fine if not and all the dragon have to come to the island at the same time, can I wait until that happen or around that time to post my first post? I just want to keep Gyro's story to the minimum at the start

the second question can anyone rp the lonely alpha or only you will be controlling that character?))


 My fan dragons

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Tahno and Her Dragons, The Drake-seven


 Tahno: The seemingly mute viking who prefer isolation and dragons over human social, She marked a territory in a cave in a forest and live with her dragons. After her traumatic past, she and Manta the thunderdrum then started exploring, away from civilization and get to know more dragons. She's currently an alpha of a pack of dragons known as the drake six, an ellite dragon that with Tahno's lead would protect the area from all viking and human's harm!


      Manta:  Tahno's bestfriend and her main ways of traveling, the Thunderdrum is always seen by her side. Despite being a thunderdrum, Manta does not share the stuborness of his kind and tend to have more of a soft-hearted, loyal and obedience nature but shall protect his rider and willing to do anything for her




      Drain: A Skrill that Tahno saved. As oppose to Manta, Drain tend to be more wild, agreesive and unfriendly towards other, however, he is as loyal and as protective to Tahno as the thunderdrum for their history. The Skrill makes up for Manta lack of hostility and act as their strong arm, willing to do the nasty job for them. The skrill and a thunderdrum also share an unlikely bond and act like they're brothers which make it less worrying for Tahno that they will fight if she chooses to ride one more than the other


     Springfill: Springfill is a wild Scauldron who, consequently, lives near where Tahno and her friends hang out. After sometime The rider and the dragons somehow earn his trust and liking, enough for him to, from coming to play with them himself, to protect them from harms and even let Tahno riding him sometimes.

He has been seen following or stay with Tahno more often but for now he's still the only one in the drake-six who has his place in the ocean and not her place and still part of the ellite


     Snapjaw: Snapjaw, like Springfill, is an older wild dragon. She attacks Tahno one day in the forest but later Tahno gained her trust and like the scauldron and the skrill, they begin to develope trust. However, unlike Springfill, Snapjaw decided to keep her company around the group as she feel guilty about their first meeting. She is hot-headed and get angry easily but also caring.


    Bellblue: Like Root and Manta, Bellblue was found and hatched by Tahno, makes him the second youngest member of the crew. And like most of other Stormcutters, Bellblue tend to be very confident and proudstuck, high on ego, love to taking control but loyal to tahno with no end. Still pretty young, Bellblue is noticable very small compared to fully grown stormcutters.


    Bluejay: Sometime Navyjay or just Jay as Tahno likes to call. They first met during the inccident, where Tahno got seperate form her dragons in the wood. There she met a friendly snafflefang and end up spent a lot of quality time together, by then Bluejay wouldn't leave her side! They share a somewhat besty-like friendship. Personality wise, Bluejay is very similar to Manta, soft-heart, and chill and when it comes to lighten the mood in the group up, he is very good at it!
    Eggplant: The latest addition the the pack, Eggplant's everyone's baby girl. being rescued by Tahno as a baby. Much like Root in her early years, Eggplant's enthusiastic in proving herself and she's done a great job so far. Because of her age however, she mostly being keep out of any serious missions. She's already swift and brave for her age now however.


     Northernlight: The old flightmare that mysteriously appears one day and protects Tahno and the gangs from the territorial changwings. Since then she acts as their guardian and follow Tahno everywhere. Her backstories and whereabout is unknow but it might related to the lost of her child or rider, or that she was a netural alpha and have protective instinct or that she's just kind. She is the oldest and undoubtly the most mature. At the present time her ages weakening her that she's no longer suit to be the alpha or in their ellite, but she still gain respect as always and currently spend the rest of her life resting and happy in Tahno's place

     Root: Root's origin is quite similar to Manta's. Tahno found and hatched her, make her the youngest members to this crew, "baby girl" as what Tahno called her time to time. However, despite her love of dragons, Tahno held somewhat grudge against the whispering death species due to her past and even though she tries to be open-minded, she still unintentionally give Root a hard time. Unfortunately, this result in Root distancing herself from the group. And result in her ruthless nature, however, she still love Tahno dearly even when she's no longer in her pack

    The Queen: previously known as Flamebringer, She's not exactly part of the group but she shared a strong bond with Tahno and her dragons. Like Torch, She was found as a hatchling in a hand of the trappers, Tahno resqued her but mistaked as a normal male fireworm due to the size. After sometime together, Tahno decided it is better to return the fireworm to her nest. They later met again when she became the queen of the nest. At first Tahno didn't recognize her but the queen did and she shown her affectionate as gratitute. Unfortunatly being the queen stopped her from spend times with the viking. However, Tahno still come to visit her every so often and if it's really need, the dragon is willingly to come and help.

  Rivercry: Tahno may like and understand dragons, but this poor sandwraith is the example of her miscommunication. The sandwraith happened to be near where she lived and in every trouble she brought, the sandwraith ended up caught in it most of the time. A lot of her action unintentionally made this sandwraith suffering. He likes to complain and never in a good relationship with the group. Ironically, spending his time these troublemaker kinda made them grow to him a bit, or maybe he got used to them, still he won't admit it easily!


    Crowl: Somehow this Eruptodron were able to survive faraway from the volcano and still have enough strength to scar away Tahno and her friend upon encounter, Tahno however was so amused by this new dragon that she keep wanting to get close, so much she later discovered that no matter how much this young energetic male hide it, he's dying. With some afford, she able to guide the eruptodron to the nearest volcano and thus all the grudge and hatred was dropped. Crowl's greatful enough to let this girl continue to get too excited when she see him and sometime even let her ride on his back.

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((The Bewilderbeast isn't coming to take dragons individually. You must play with one reply that is just a normal day in life and I make the call (You'll know when I call) you can go ahead and post when your dragon gets kidnapped, though it is okay if you make a short reply. And I will control the Bewilderbeast. Normally the rp hosts control these kinds of characters))

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Invincible the Sandwraith

The sand was warm, and compacted nicely against her scales. Some of it was still a bit damp from where the tide had been earlier, but it wasn't at all intolerable.


Above her, the sandwraith could hear the *pfaat pfaat pfaat* noise of her trainer as he trudged along the sand, footsteps muffled by the terrain. She enjoyed this game of hide-and-seek; although he did not share her sentiment. Indeed, he would eventually find another activity to perform until the sea began to come back in, at which point Invincible would have to come out herself. Perhaps she -was- a bit too good at camouflage...


"You know, we don't need to do this!" Bjorn called out, coming closer to where she was hiding. "If you come out now, we can go flying together." 


There was a pause, during which he obviously thought the dragon would appear. However, there was no such luck, and he had to resort to other means.


"I..." he begrudgingly said, his footfalls coming to a sandstill almost above her. "I'll give you a salmon when we get back in. We might even be able to catch some, seeing as it's breeding season."


If he had been paying close attention, he might of seen the sand twitch slightly, before the wraith burst out directly in front of him. Sbe stretched out, shaking her head to get the sand off (and out of) her face. Her trainer recoiled backwards, shielding his eyes with a pair of hands, which he carefully widened out once he heard the movement stop.


"Done?" he asked, a hint of annoyance clear in his voice. Invincible huffed, a noise which always sounded suspiciously like a laugh, as she paced around him, butting her head into his legs. "Okay, okay!" the viking said, carefully getting onto the dragon's back, wincing as he felt the gritty sand underneath him.


As she felt Bjorn adjust himself, she suddenly took off. While not quite as fast as a nightfury, she was considerably swifter than almost all the other dragon species; which was rather odd, considering how lazy sand wraiths could be. 


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(Smog, Skyfog's friend, is easily distracted)


Smog flew through the sky.

He was looking for Skyfog.

He was bored, and wanted to play with her.

He had already looked around the wilderness and training grounds.

Next he would search Berk.


Flying over the open ocean, Smog came across a sea stack.

On the sea stack, there was a butterfly.

Smog saw the butterfly and was instantly distracted by it.

He forgot about Skyfog.


VexyLu was still drawing, under the tree.

She wasn't thinking about Skyfog, as she was focusing on her drawing.

(She was drawing her whispering death)


Skyfog was flying over the sea, by herself.

She was returning to VexyLu.


((I guess she gets kidnapped now???))


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((Some of you managed to pass the patience test. However, now lets get kidnapped))


Alpha, Hurricane, and Levi appear in a small room not far from Berk. The room is what they built themselves out of old twigs and sticks they found laying on the ground around them. "Look," said Alpha. "Its barely getting noon. How long has this day been?"

"Who knows," Says Hurricane. "All you have been doing is eating breakfast and flying with Levi."

"I waited an hour before riding him. I suppose I did nothing in the meantime."

Levi rests in a corner after his salty performance. He knows he needs a lot of rest so he could train. At least that's what Hurricane always tells him. He licked the top of his mouth and noticed that it was quite dry. His throat began to feel funny as he continues to rub the top of his mouth with his tongue.

"I'm thirsty," he mumbled. Alpha then patted him on the nuzzle and responded, "There is some fresh water by the cove. It's a pretty view by the waterfall."

Levi kept quiet as he got up and walked out of the shelter. Their only camping out for a day. Levi flutters over multiple shrubs and trees, making his way closer to the cove. His wings flap gently as he nears the river, leading to the waterfall. He looks back to keep track of where he came from so he won't get lost. His head then bends down and his feet touches the river bed. His tongue licks the howling water, but later realized that it wasn't't the water that was howling. It was moving quite gently and slowly.

Levi looks up and without thinking, he steps closer to where the sound is coming from. His vision blurs a bit and the sounds begin to ring. When he arrives at the cliffs to the ocean, his mind gets flared by red flashes interrupting every thought making him unaware of his actions, his vision become blurry and hears nothing but ringing in his head that sounded like a gorgeous tune. It relaxed his mind when he took to the sky and everything went black.

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Flame Flame licked the wall


Flame licked the wall of gel again and turned his head towards the sound of howling. It was so, calling. Could anyone else hear this? But the noise. He must follow the noise. And no one was going to stop him.


Flame crawled down the wall and reached the floor. He started exiting towards the doorway. He stepped on as many other fireworms as he needed to get to the entrance. Not even caring about anything.


He was almost to the doorway and his queen came over and blocked the entrance. She screeched at him. Flame looked up to her and hissed back at her and crawled over her foot to the doorway. The queen watched him leave but didn't object to it. She just watched him go. 


Flame walked outside and the sun hit his scales. It felt good but the howling. That beautiful howling. Flame crawled forwards some more and saw the sea that surrounded the island. Flame hissed at it, but he fell over and his world went back.

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"Come on Sniperz, get up!" Tricky, Sniper'z rider, said while trying to push the Scauldron. Sniperz only let out a yawn and layed his head on the grass. "You can't sleep here all day." The blue Scauldron only huffed in reply. Tricky sighed. "Fine. I'll let you sleep for today." Defeated, she walked back into her hut to give Sniperz his peace.

Later that day, a faint ringing sound could be heard, waking Sniperz from his slumber. He looked around him, but could not find the source of the sound. The ringing soon got louder and Sniperz's vision started to blur. Without any thought, Sniperz unfolded his wings and took to the skies where his vision fully blacked out. 




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Skyfog (smokebreath)

Flying over the sea, Skyfog almost reached Berk.



That is when she heard the noise.


Ringing filled her head and drowned out all the other noises in the world.

The sound was pulling her away from Berk.

That is where she should go.

She HAD to go.


She was being brainwashed, drawn to the noise.


She barely made it ten meters before everything went black.

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I ate black and threw up green instead

Saebyn landed at Rogue's hut, trotting over to his stable for the usual after flight treatment. As Rogue was brushing him down and giving him plenty of dragon nip, a monotone ringing engulfed his senses. Rogue noticed the change in Saebyn's atmosphere and eyed him closely. That's when Saebyn spread his wings and launched into the sky, leaving saddle and rider behind. 

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Kate~ Death Song

"You should really look at this" Valkyrie said to Kate.


Kate looked at Blaze and flew away with Valkyrie.


Both dragons landed on small cliff at the ocean.

"Kate, do you see that? Do you see those giant waves? Something strange, something... dangerous is coming." Valyrie said, looking at Kate with her gold eyes.

Kate looked in the same direction, and then she heard that.

That sound...

This beautiful, howling sound...

Valirie looked at the ocean too. She heard the sound like Kate.

"What is that sound?" She asked.

Kate narrowed her eyes and then she realized something.

"Valkyrie, fly away, warn all dragons about that, they all MUST hide in their stables! Quick! Before it will hypnotize you!" Kate shouted.

Valkyrie seem not to hear her. It wasn't long when she stretched her wings and flow away.

Kate looked at her and snarled, but then she heard that sound once more. This time she just stretched her wings and flow away behind Valkyrie.

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((Though there are a few who had gone inactive. I was waiting for them to respond if they still had interest in this Role-Play which barely had started. So I'll just go on, otherwise this rp would die.too soon))


Levi stretches his wing, sliding on the dirt he lays his belly on. He opens his eyes and it still blurs and listens to the melody of the "great alpha," until it all stops. As it quiets down, the manipulating thoughts begin to clear and his vision clears up. He felt exhausted all of a sudden, and it was evening, almost twilight in fact. His wings soared like he pulled every muscle. What has he been doing? But the greater question is, "where am I?"

The skrill observes his surroundings, surrounded with an unfamiliar plain in an unfamiliar island. He takes a harder look and realizes that he is not alone, for there are several dragons who seemed to have felt the same. That moment he realized that he may have fell for some kind of trance. A big trance.

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Skyfog felt pain burning in her wings, as she was pulled out of unconsciousness by the sound of movement, coming from a short distance away.

She opened her eyes and slowly got to her feet.

Her head was ringing.

She looked around.

Where was she?

The last thing she could remember was flying over the ocean.

She looked around more.

Around her were multiple different species of dragons, who were still alseep.

To her left was a skrill, who was already awake.

Skyfog looked over to the Skrill wondering if he knew anything.


Where was she?

How did she get here?

Who were these dragons?

How long had they been here?

What day was it?

Where was VexyLu?

What had happened to them?!


Skyfog continued to eye off the skrill........

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Gyro the snafflefang ((my time has come!))

"oh geez, oh golly,  I must have dozed of, dream about sweet geodos, mmm sweet geodos, I didn't know I could sleep walking, or is it sleep flying? Archie would be impressed"

Gyro has been awoken from the trance for a while now, he found himself alone in the unfamiliar place, after looking in daze for a few minutes, Gyro decided to walk off and explored. Rambling and trail off to keep himself company with his own voice.

"or maybe this could be a dream, a mysterious dream, I could found geodos around that would be nice" He cut through bunches with no problem. He caught a glimpse of something and stopped.  It is big, could be a mountain or better; a cave. the snafflefang then decided to change route and heading toward that direction, hoping that he could find  dream geodes there, once he got through the thick bunches however he found himself face to face with something different from what he first thought the rambling came to the stop irruptedly with the comidic high-pitched " Don't mind if I doooooo------!???"  while his mounth open agape only inches away from taking a bite out of what he thought was his favourite snack, which turn out is far from it.



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Darkbinder didn't know what happened in the past few hours when he was asleep safely in his boy's stables, but now, he found himself surrounded by dragons of different species and colours. It was ice, ice and more ice. Well maybe a patch of grass here or there, but mostly ice. where am I? However, he found the answer quite soon- a huge bewilderbeast towered over the ten-or-so dragons and looked at them in a very weird manner, as if he was trying to mind-control them or someone like that. 'Hey, I am Darky, what are your names, and where in the world are we???' He asked, trying to be nice and friendly, as he had been taught, though he knew right at that point that the last part totally ruined his 'nice approach'

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Skyfog (smokebreath)

Skyfog looked around.

She noticed other dragons slowly waking up.

Did they know where they were?

By the confused looks on their faces, Skyfog decided that answer would be a no.

(Skyfog also hates socialising with most people. Until you get to know her she is quiet, but not shy, if you know what I mean. (She likes to figure people/dragons out first, and just observe))

She wondered if the same thing had happened to these dragons, or if these dragons were even nice.

Only one way to find out.......

Skyfog would wait until they talked to her first.

(She has strange, but smart logic)

Skyfog patiently waited for another dragon to notice her.

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Darky looked around, and saw a purple-ish smokebreath (if he can actually see colours anyways) 'Hi teeny smokebreath, I am Darky. What is your name? And you certainly look delicious!' He tried very hard not to say the last sentence out loud but hunger certainly deserves some attention. 'You want to go hunting?' He asked with saliva dripping from his beak/mouth/snout/whatever.

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Levi stood up confused, but also hungry from what seems to be a long flight. He finds the bewilderbeast, towering up on the top of the cliff of ice. He could barely glance at it because of the shadow being casted. The bewilderbeast had something in it's mouth and dropped it. It was a a whale, however it wasn't that big, but it was enough to feed all of them.

"You must be hungry after that trip," said the bewilderbeast. Trip? You dragonnapped up to give us food? Levi's thoughts became more confusing, not just because he's been taken by an alpha, but the bewilderbeast is a female.

"I know its exhausting, my tail fins are cramping. I'll let you sleep early tonight, you deserve it," she finished.

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Kate~Death Song

What I'm doing there?

That was the first thought when Kate woke up. She was looking aroud and saw many other dragons. Some of them were the dragons that she was living with, but others were strangers to her. She felt uncomfortable.

Why I must sit there with all those lizards? She asked herself. And then she saw it.

A giant, massive dragon dropped the whale. It was the Bewilderbeast. The female bewilderbeast who kidnapped them and locked on this island.

Kate feel the rage, but the Alpha seemed nice. She wanted good for them.

But it was strange...

Why this dragon kidnapped them?

What she wants to do?

Kate flew next to the whale with other dragons. She never saw anything like that. The animal was giant, but not as big as Kate was thinking before. She didn't walk over to the food. She didn't want it.


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Flame Flame's head began to


Flame's head began to clear. Flame lifted his and looked around. 'Oh no,' he thought. He was surrounded by a bunch of super large dragons. Flame couldn't tell where he was. All he could see were the dragons he was surrounded by. They were so big and tall....


Flame gave a little squeak and hoped that they heard for then they would recognize that he was there. Then Flame finally came over the shock and yelled, "Please don't step on me!"


Then a booming voice from above said something about coming back from a long trip and that they were probably hungry. Flame didn't know where this voice was coming from. Once again, all he could see were giant dragons, for they bodies acted like a giant eight foot wall around him.


Then the giant dragon shifted her head, and he saw it. She was a bewilderedbeast. Flame once in shock again. He wasn't even as big as that dragon's nostril.

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Saebyn - Woolly Howl

Saebyn sat up and shook himself. He looked around and saw a few other dragons waking up. Then a booming voice spoke, saying food was available and that they could sleep early tonight. Saebyn gazed up at the bewilderbeast in awe. Saebyn felt something brush against his leg and looked down to see a small Fireworm trying to avoid getting crushed. Saebyn crouched down to eye level with the small dragon and quietly offered in a hushed voice, "Need a lift?" 

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Flame - Fireworm


Flame was running backwards trying not to get stepped on and he had brushed up against another dragon's  leg. A black and red wolly howl turned around and faced him. He spoke in a whisper to Flame, "Do you want a lift?"


Flame shook his head very fast.  "Yes please! I would try to set you on fire," he said, crawling onto the dragon head.

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Gyro the snafflefang

It was a dragon, a very big white dragon. It was also part of her smaller coral-like scale that he mistaken for the geodos that he almost bit into, the dragon hasn't notice him however as her attention is elsewhere, talking to someone else.

"Ah! I didn't see you there---I mean I guess I did but I didn't know it was you, hi, hello!" He chirped loudly hoping to get the strange big dragon's attention. He guessed it would be easy for her to miss him with her masssive size and with him being this close to her at her side. he was overshadowed by her quite literally.

"Wowie, I've never seen a dragon this big before, I must have great imagination to be able to come up with this. How can I call you, big dream lady? Are you by chance my subconcious I didn't know I have?"

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Skyfog (smokebreath)

Skyfog glared at the triple styke who had just been talking to her.

Before she could rip his throat out, (don't mess with her), the giant bewilderbeast lowered a whale down, said something about food.

Skyfog went over to the whale like all the other dragons.


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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!

Carmen had woken up with Coal asleep on her head, blocking her vision. She turned her head and dumped him of but the terror stayed fast asleep.

She looked around to see many other dragons including another deathsong.

Deathsong's​ are generally cold to other species however she had met a few who got right in. She stood and with one flap of her wings glided over to the deathsong and asked "What happened?"

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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!

Carmen had woken up with Coal asleep on her head, blocking her vision. She turned her head and dumped him of but the terror stayed fast asleep.

She looked around to see many other dragons including another deathsong.

Deathsong's​ are generally cold to other species however she had met a few who got right in. She stood and with one flap of her wings glided over to the deathsong and asked "What happened?"

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Saebyn - Woolly Howl

The small Fireworm readily climbed onto Saebyn's head, saying something about catching Saebyn on fire. After making sure Flame was safely on his head or back, Saebyn cautiously walked over to the dead whale and sniffed it. 

"Seems legitimately tasty and alright," he commented, eyeing the slightly smelling carcass. 

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Skyfog (smokebreath)

Skyfog sniffed the whale like most of the other dragons.

It didn't smell like it was poisoned or anything.

Skyfog took a bite.

She thought it would be best to eat, to keep her energy up.

Skyfog continued eating.

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Flame After the nice wolly


After the nice wolly howl brought him over to the whale, Flame crawled off his head and back down to the ground. "Thank you," he said. He walked over to the flipper of the whale and took a little nibble of it. "My name is Flame. What's your name?" He asked the wolly howl.

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Skyfog (smokebreath)

Skyfog finished stuffing her face.

She looked over to see a wooly howl, and a tiny, tiny fireworm having a conversation.

Skyfog eavesdropped on them, while pretending to look at the whale.

It appeared as though the pair had never met before.


Skyfog was beginning to think all the dragons were strangers.

Why had the bewilderbeast dragonknapped them?


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Sniperz opened his eyes slowly. How long has he been out? He tried to stand, but his muscles ached as if he has been flying for a while. Other dragons were present and they seemed just as lost as Sniperz. A Bewilderbeast towered above the dragons and dropped a small whale for them to feast on. She must've been the one that brought them here. "Sleep early? How about bringing us back home because I'm pretty sure my rider is worried sick right now." Sniperz spoke up to the Bewilderbeast.

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Invincible the Sand Wraith

She thought she had just opened her eyes. Why was everything so blurry?


As her senses began the register fully, the sand wraith stood up from where she had been lying down. Vaguely, she could make out the forms of other dragons around a large fish... no, that was a -whale-.


How did she get here? She couldn't remember. One moment Invincible was flying with Bjorn, and the next...


The sweet smell of the whale was oh-so tantalising, and her train of thought broke off as she stood up, making her way towards the others. Her body, hide melded against the rock, became visible due to her movement and the pale underbelly that the dragon had. 


Not caring where she stood, Invincible pushed her way towards the whale, eating from it greedily, likely aggravating some of the other dragons.

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Skyfog (smokebreath)

"Hey!" was Skyfog's first word she said after arriving at the strange place.

"Oi, Sandwraith dude, do you mind?" she asked, as she was bumped out of the way by the dragon.

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Because I'm bored....


I can see some friendships forming XD

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fam, that's amazing

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Thanks :)